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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 12, 2023 7:00am-8:00am PST

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nearest jean jacket just for you. they told me it's not blue, so that's a problem. brian: very impressive. will: i'm going jean jacket and chiefs today. rachel: all right. brian: nice. rachel: all right, guys, make sure you watch the game at 6:30 p.m. eastern on fox and go to church, everybody. bye, have a great sunday. brian: back here on monday. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. today, america under attack. sovereignty the breached in the air and on the ground with three objects, three objects shot down over north america within a week. one of them, that we know of, a communist chinese spy craft. >> it calls into question why china, the prc, feel that it's the okay to violate sovereign
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air space of nations in a way that is inappropriate and unacceptable. maria: coming up, wisconsin senator ron johnson on the ccp's attacks and joe biden's response. then the chinese communist party was able to record images and audio from major nuclear installations in america for a week. the chairman of the u.s. foreign affairs committee, texas congressman michael mccaul, on the impact and on the u.s. components used to build that spy flight. plus, indiana congressman jim banks, member of the house armed services and the select committee on china with the changes to america's trade with china to come. plus, covering up for the biden family influence peddling. where are the democrats on these dangerous provocations from communist china? the house kicks off its hearing on the weaponization of government, and democrats mock it this week, refusing to investigate biden's influence
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peddling with america's number one adversary. >> it's just an abuse of public resources, an abuse of public time. we could be talking about health care, we could be talking about bringing down the cost of prescription drugs, we could be talking about abortion rights, civil right, voting rights, but instead we're talking about hunter biden's half-baked laptop temperature story. i mean or, this is an embarrassment. maria: who else is making money on china, and why won't the democrats investigate potential influence peddling crimes? stephen miller on biden's soft response to communist china and his creative state of the union address to america. plus, super bowl sunday has arrived, and this is the happening amid new questions about the relationship between america's sports leagues and communist china. former nfl sideline reporter michele tafoya on sports and a conflicted corporate america. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures."
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♪ ♪ maria: and we begin in this sunday morning with new information on the communist party of china's surveillance on america and the resulting u.s. air space shutdown over a portion of montana last night. two more objects believed to be chinese surveillance aircraft or balloons were shot down over the weekend just days after last week's episode. on saturday the north american aerospace defense command, or norad, reported that it shot down an unidentified object in canadian air space con confirmed by prime minister justin trudeau following a similar takedown in the u.s. on friday. the pentagon confirming that the u.s. shot down what it described as an object roughly the size of a small flying -- a small car flying at an altitude of around 40,000 feet off the coast of alaska, posing a danger to civilian flights. all of this just days after the
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much larger chinese spy flight floated across america, an unprecedented situation, and above u.s. nuclear installations for a week before getting shot down over the atlantic ocean last saturday. the payload to that spy flight big with enough to fit 2-3 buses inside of it has been found in the waters off the coast of south carolina, and we are waiting for details on its recovery. the pentagon briefed members of congress thursday that the spy craft had western-made components with english language written on it and that it snapped images of our military sites and sent those images back to communist china. john ratcliffe joined me last week about the potential capabilities of the spy craft. >> we know from public reporting without getting into anything classified that china for at least six years has been successfully deploying payloads including drones from stratospheric balloons, everything from cicada drones to
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the very small electronic listening quites that could run on solar power -- devices that could transmit data back interminably. all of those are possibilities. maria: despite these two breaches on op of beijing's hand in creating covid-19 then covering up the origins in the wuhan lab among other soft attacks on america, president biden still appears on his heels, defending the u.s. doing business with communist china, claiming in an interview this week that the u.s. relationship with communist china has not changed at all. >> have relations now between the u.s. and china taken a big hit -- >> no. no. >> how do you know? >> i know. i talk to them. >> you've talked to -- >> xi jinping before and our team talks to their people.
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>> curl this? >> yeah -- during this. >> yeah. after, i haven't talked to them during in the. maria: joining me now on all of this is wisconsin senator ron johnson who sits on the homeland security committee, also a member of the senate budget and finance committees. senator, thanks very much for being here this morning. >> morning, maria. maria: i know you were briefed on the situation, and without asking you to break any secrets in terms of what you know, can you give us your sense of why the chinese communist party has sent this spy flight and was able to float throughout the continental united states over such important military the installations? >> because with they see -- because they see as well as sense weakness in america right now. i mean, the clip you with just played of president biden, he's detached from reality. he's delusional. he denies that our southern border is open. he says that it's, you know, that we have control over it. we don't. and the fact that he doesn't acknowledge the fact that what is happening here is alarming
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and puts our nation in peril, it is the itself alarming. you know, we don't exactly have the a-team in place right now which is also more than unfortunate. one of the things i've been warning -- and, again, i don't want to the alarm your audience here -- but it certainly doesn't seem like these unmanned craft, you know, whatever these objects are, i mean, we saw the up one balloon, i don't know what these last two objects are, they're not easy to detect. and i've been warning for years about the risk of a high altitude nuclear blast that could create an electromagnetic pulse that could wipe our electronics. even a geomagnetic disturbance could do the same thing, and we haven't prepared for it. we don't buy the large power transformers that we could, you know, put in place if the other ones are knocked out. these things are basically irreplaceable in the short term. we are not prepared for this, and we've got, you know, to the say the b-team probably isn't accurate. we do not have the a-team on the
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field right now, and,ed the alarm americans. maria: you have also been warning about the influence-peddling operation underway in the biden family. you have attacked the fbi for having the biden laptop all the way from the end of 2019, and yet we still see hunter biden walking around, no accountability whatsoever for accepting money from the chinese communist party, and the republicans on, in the senate have also gotten in the way of your reporting on this subject, isn't that right? >> well, when we were doing our investigation of hunter biden, i did not have the support of some members on my committee, so i couldn't issue the subpoena. we were also trying to investigate during covid, which was not easy. but the fact that the fbi had hunter's laptop since 2019, they leave the shop and say it's the our experience that people don't talk about these things don't get many trouble, that was the
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opening salvo in their 10-month setup to sabotage any revelation that that laptop existed, and they did it in multiple ways. probably the most effective effort of sabotage was the 351 -- 51 intelligence officials who said that the laptop had all the earmarks of a russian information to operation. that letter they sent was an information operation itself and impacted and interfered in our election to a far greater extent tan anything russia could have ever hoped to have accomplished. so the house has to call those 51 intelligence with officials before the house, be interviewed, tie and find out who masterminded that interference operation letter. maria: we're looking at a picture of the diamond that you also reported about that was given to hunter biden by a chinese official. why would a chinese official tied to the chinese communist party give son of then the vice president and before that the son of a leading senator on
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foreign affairs a three-plus carat diamond? >> they were trying to buy influence, information they might have gleaned from him. we see from that 22-point memo that hunter sent out to def devon -- devon archer. always entanglements that they had prior to the election, but the media suppressedded it, they censored it, and america was unaware of the type of compromised president they had put in place if they elected joe biden, but we did elect him. i didn't, but the rest of the american public did, and now we have a compromisedded president that is just, again, detached from reality as it relates to china. and is that because he's compromised? it's hard to say. maria: well, giving diamonds to people, we know that money laundering is done in terms of giving diamonds and jewels.
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was that money laundering? >> well, it's one of the hallmarks of money laundering. we know that hunter biden was paid a million dollars to represent patrick ho who was convicted of money laundering, so it's pretty easy to put two and two together. chuck grassley and i did it for the american public but, again, the media ignored it. maria: i'm just, i'm wondering if, in fact, this is one of the reasons that the ccp feels empowered to be able to send spy flights across america to take pictures of our military installations and why this president allowed that spy flight to get all the way in the middle of the country, all the way up to south carolina. your thoughts on where this is going and whether or not joe biden -- they have so much on joe biden that they don't care, they're not expecting any repercussions. how much more could communist
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china do to america with no repercussions? >> there's so many reasons that our adversaries would be emboldened right now. you take a look at how president biden is treating the military. they're just concerned about woke politic. in the military. the embarrassing surrender in afghanistan exuded weakness. our growing, our massive deficit spending, inflation. i mean, everything that this president has done, driving up energy prices, a completely open border. every action the president's taken has weakened the country. and, again, i don't know all of the ways that joe biden is compromised in terms of his foreign financial entanglements, but the chinese communist government knows, russia knows, iran knows, and that's why we need to get to the bottom of this. i completely reject the democrats' criticism of the house investigation. these are incredibly important investigations. the american public deserves to know the truth. maria: yeah. and real quick, the president went to wisconsin the other day, and you say he lied about you.
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>> well, they keep bringing out this, you know, canard about the republicans want to enor cut or put on the chopping block social security. nothing could be further from the truth. we want to save social security, and we're just pointing out that the greatest threat to it is the massive deficit spending undertaken by president biden. maria: all right. we will leave it there. the committee for a responsible budget says that the social security trust fund will go insolvent by 20 the 35. senator, thanks very much for being here this morning. ron johnson in wisconsin. >> have a good day. maria: we'll take a break. when we come back, president biden's claims of no new taxes on people making under $400,000 blow up this week when news emerges that the irs is considering taxing waiter and waitresses' tip money. yes, your tips. indiana congressman jim banks is here on how biden is targeting hard working americans. that's next. ♪i'm ♪ sprinkler on.
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>> let me be crystal clear, i said at the very beginning under my plans as long as i'm president, nobody earning less than $400,000 will pay an additional penny in taxes. maria: well, that was president biden delivering his state of the union address on tuesday night, once again promising not to to the raise taxes on anybody with income under $400,000. but now fox news has learned exclusively that biden's irs has proposed a plan to increase scrutiny on tips that workers in the service industry receive stating its goal is to, quote, improve the tip reporting compliance. many service industry workers rely on tips as a large part of their income since they typically earn less than minimum wage. joining me right now is indiana congressman jim banks, member of the house select committee on china. congressman, thanks very much for being here. >> thank you. good to be here. maria: before i get to the tips and the axes, i want to get
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concern and the taxes, i want to get your ache the on these three objects, the spy balloon or spy flight that was shot down. you are on the select committee on china, and i'm i'd -- i'd like to know what you're planning on doing about this now that we know the commerce department named six chinese enterprises as the maker of the equipment, and we also know that china has most favored trade us with america. look at all of the money that china is making on trade selling its goods to america, and the deficit when it compares to what we try to sell to the china. are you going to change that in any way? >> yes, maria. it's long past time to begin treating the chinese communist party as an enemy. while joe biden wants to play footsie with chairman xi, republicans understand that china and the chinese communist party is the biggest threat to america, to our american way of life that currently exists odd. look at fentanyl is now the
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leading cause of death of americans my age, of working age. and almost all of the fentanyl that comes into the country is manufactured in china. you have the spy balloon withs coming into our air space, you have an increase of 800% of chinese nationals who are being apprehended at the southern border, and you have an administration that's not doing anything about it. we just with set up the new select committee on chinese communist party. we're going to be looking at strategies to decouple our economy from china and look for ways to hold china accountable for what heavy done to the give us covid, how they've destroyeded our economy and for many of the actions they've taken over the last several weeks. maria: what about all these american companies that are seemingly funding the expansion of communist china? you look at the thrift fund and is how it opened up to investment of chinese companies, these companies that were just put on the entity the list may very well be some of the companies that u.s. investors have invested in.
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>> absolute insanity. you're exactly right. i've introduced bills in the past, i know the republicans have as well, to stop our federal pension program and state pension funds from investing in chinese communist party companies that build up the enemy of our -- our enemy's military. we have to find ways to do that. that's what the select committee on the chinese communist party is going to dive into. we're just getting started. we just had our first meeting this last week, but i guarantee you this will be a prime example of type of work that's going to come out of that important committee. maria: we also see that the number of chinese nationals is increasing at the southern border. now, i was told that the ccp already abuses the student visa program in america, sending people into academia to spy and send information back to the ccp, so why would they need to send chinese nationals into the southern border? >> well, remember, if almost all
7:21 am
of the fentanyl that is coming into our country is manufactured in china to begin with, you can only begin to understand the complexity of the strategy of the chinese communist party to interrupt and really destroy america in a significant way. so 800% increase in the number of chinese nationals apprehended at the border. how many more then are actually entering our border illegally? so this is just with, it's symbolic of how awful the biden administration truly is when it comes to holding china accountable and stopping the madness of what they're getting away with. they're not doing nearly enough. this is only going to get worse, it's not going to get better. maria: well, look, you're an elected official. i'm asking you what you're going to do about it, because i think the threat is pretty clear. i'd like to know that. i'd also like to know how you're going to stop joe biden from continuing to break all promises. now he wants to tax waiters'
7:22 am
tips? >> yes. after he promised in the beginning that the increase of 87,000 new irs agents and the increased funding to the irs wouldn't be used to go after working, working class, low and middle income american, and now we're finding out true to form with joe biden who is one of the biggest liars in american history that that's exactly what they're going to do. remember, there was an amendment in the senate that would have stopped that from happening, and every single democrat voted against it. and now the irs is going after waitresses, waiters, restaurants, mechanics, working class americans. it's absolutely shame isful. maria: wow. congressman, thanks very much. jim banks joining us this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ your heart is the beat of life. if you have heart failure, entrust your heart to entresto, a medicine specifically made for heart failure.
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>> whether joe biden believes this madness or is simply too weak to resist it, his administration has been completely hijacked by the radical left. the dividing line in america is no longer between right or left. the choice is between normal or crazy. maria: and that was arkansas governor sarah huckabee sanders delivering the republican response to president biden's state of the union address on tuesday night. biden's speech was full of misinformation about his failed foreign and economic policy focusing instead on the progressive priorities of the democrats. the president barely mentioned america's greatest adversary, communist china, just days after a chinese spy craft flew freely over the continental united states sending top secrets from u.s. military installations back to communist china. he barely mentioned the wide open southern border and its impact and kid the not discuss
7:27 am
inflation -- did not discuss inflation that the has been cutting into americans' wages for two years. with reaction, let's bring in former white house senior advisor and the president of america first legal stephen miller, former white house senior adviser. good to see you, stephen miller, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. thank you so much. maria: stephen the, what i keep hearing from my guests this morning whether it be senator ron johnson or congressman jim banks on the select committee is there is a massive lack of transparency out of this white house. and as a result, they actually don't have much more information than we codespite these so-called briefings that they're getting, and it doesn't appear that they have any answers to the fact that we are in a new era of surveillance from the chinese communist party. your thoughts. >> yes. we've had these unidentified objects in recent cays flying over north -- days flying over north american air space that have been violating our sovereign i the, we've had these shootdowns recently after the
7:28 am
president was humiliated by a chinese spy balloon crossing over the entire continental united states, and this administration is refusing to say what is happening. what are these objects, what are these crafts? who is directing them? how are they getting here? what is their mission? the congress can force this administration to provide those answers by, number one, holding public hearings immediately and, number two, making clear if the relevant agencies do not provide answers, that they will lose funding, that their offices will lose funding, that their executive officers will have their jobs wiped out. either answer to congress or go home. the power of the purse is the greatest power to settle these disputes. maria: well, this is a great point that you're making, and i want to get to that because i want to get your take on how the republicans need to be answering the state of the union. but this is very reminiscent of what took place around hillary clinton and her use of her private e-mail. there was no accountability there just like there's no accountability for potential
7:29 am
influence peddling crimes of the biden family. >> yes. well, so many people as you mentioned were stunned at the fact that biden's state of the union barely said a word about our greatest foreign adversary, china. and they've been stunned by the fact that under this administration, contrary to all of biden's bluster about made in america, 2022 saw the largest trade deficit in american history powered by an almost 10% increase in our trade deficit with china, the cancellation of president trump's anti-spying initiatives and the complete failure to enforce president trump's historic trade agreement with china and to put in mace snapback sanctions and tariffs. why? that's the question, why. we know that the penn center received massive amounts -- or the university of pennsylvania received massive amounts of cash after the biden center was opened from communist china. we know that hunter kid enormous business with -- did enormous business with china and 10% for
7:30 am
the big guy, that these funds are being used to subsidize the biden family's lifestyle which which james comer is investigating. is k the oj investigating this? no -- doj -- for the same reason they did not invest why hillary that had a secret server. we all know she had a secret suffer and put classified materials on that illegal server, but why kid she show up at the state department and then go home and create that illegal e-mail storage member snitch presumably, it was to cover up all of the chipton foundation's illegal influence peddling. here again we have a scandal where instead of doj investigating the ws this money being funneled into the biden family, why are classified documents at university of pennsylvania biden's penn center, why are classified documents within short reach of hunter biden as he's dealing with foreign governments? why, why, why? it's because this family is
7:31 am
profiting, profiting off of doing favors for foreign countries. so we have a compromised president, and congress is going to have to use all of its powers and all of its relevant committees to get to the bottom of this, and i have enormous confidence in james comer, in jim jordan, and i have enormous confidence many jason smith at ways and means. maria: you say the appropriations process can be critical here. you've written many state of the union addresses before, you've written many speeches for former leaders and presidents, so tell us your thoughts on the state of the union and what can congress do with that appropriations process. >> yeah. so this state of the union by president biden was a mess. it had no vision, no narrative, no memorable lines. it had no structure to the it at all. it was just a laundry list of progressive policies. and, of course, it talked about resort fees and junk baggage piece more than communist china, open border and crime.
7:32 am
compared to president trump's state of unions which were historically memorable, moving, were engaging, had drama, memorable lines. who canned ever forget when president trump thundered america will never be a socialist country or when he reunited the soldier's family to send a message if about peace, not war? congress has been challenged by president biden because he's lied about them, he lie about republicans, he slammed them on live television the, and he has said to them that we're going to do it my way, we're not going to do it your way. well, guess what? the power of the purse, as i mentioned earlier, the appropriations process, is how this will be settled. every appropriations bill becomes a public referendum on this administration's corrupt and radical policies. the dhs appropriations bill is a referendum on open borders. the education appropriations bill is a referendum on critical race theory and gender theory. hhs on covid tyranny and also gender theory. the department of commerce bill is a referendum on china, and most favored nation status and
7:33 am
our soaring trade deficit and on and on and on. that's how you beat biden and take this country back. maria: that is a great list. stephen, thank you so much. former senior adviser to the white house, stephen miller. we'll be right back, stay with us. >> thank you. ♪
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>> the message i have for corporate america or wall street who want to continue sort of business as usual with china is that we should not be in the business of funding communist genocide, and we certainly
7:37 am
should not be in the business of funding our own destruction by sending money to chinese military affiliated companies. we are going to have to find a way to onshore the production of key goods that we can't afford to depend on china for such as microelectronic, such as rare earths, as well as insure that we are not unwittingly or wittingly funding our own destruction. maria: and that was the chairman of the house select committee on china, congressman mike gallagher, with me last week on this program on corporate america's funding of the expansion of communist china via their investment. in this comes as communist china continues to buy land in the united states. a new government report revealed that chinese investors now own nearly 385,000 acres of land in the united states. that's almost twice the size of new york city alone. despite the cc cp's abuse of the u.s. visa policy odd the, chinese nationals are also coming into america via the wide
7:38 am
open border. it is unknown if they are being directed by the communist party and will report back, but the apprehension of chinese nationals is up 800% for this fiscal year at the southern border. that's just since october. most of those listed as single adults. the number apprehended in just a few months almost as much as the entire number for the year, 1,970 chinese migrants up concern encountered in fiscal 2022. joining me now is congress congressman michael mccaul. mr. chairman, thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thanks, maria. maria: i want to get your take on the capability of these balloons. i know that you can't reveal everything that you've learned in your briefings, but what can you tell the us about the potential dangers here? >> these spy balloons have great capability to gather and collect intelligence. i would argue more so than even satellites in the sense that they're flying at, say,
7:39 am
40-60,000 feet above the earth. the imagery that they can capture and other intelligence data that i can't be specific about can be captured and then transmitted back to the mother ship in beijing. they have control over these balloons. you know, this was an act of espionage in plain sight, plain view of the american people. i know there have been reports of prior ones, but none quite like this. and the reason why this one is so damaging is i do a damage assessment about what really happened in this that day, this balloon went over three of our most sensitive nuclear sites, one being in montana that runs the triad, that's air, land and sea nuclear strikes and counterstrikes, it went over our strategic command in omaha, nebraska, where our biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons exists. it's so sensitive that after 9/11 president bush was actually escorted from the white house to
7:40 am
this strategic command position. and then finally in missouri, the b-2 bomber site, this was not by accident, it was by design. i think the chinese communist party had this air flight pattern already set forth prior to its flight. of course, we're getting a fire alarm now in the building, maria. must be the committee -- chinese communist party trying to disrupt the show. [laughter] maria: wow, this is unbelievable. is in this the preamble to the ccp going into taiwan? what are you expecting in terms of a potential invasion there, and how will the u.s. also be affected, in your view? >> yeah, my job so to analyze and report, message. i think the motivation can and intent's clear here. they want to get imagery, get intelligence on our military capability, particularly nuclear. and they're building quite a nuclear stockpile themselves.
7:41 am
why do they want to do? well, they're preparing -- if they don't win the elections in taiwan next january -- they are preparing for a military conflict. and they're trying to collect information about our military capabilities in the united states in preparation for that conflict. there's no question about it my mind -- in my mind. and that's why that balloon was so dangerous, and it was so dangerous for the president to allow it to go forward once it entered u.s. air space around alaska. it should have been immediately shot down. it was not. and now the damage is severe in terms of compromising national security. he can't secure our borders, but now he can't secure our air space over the united states of america. maria: this is just extraordinary. i know your committee also touches on the hunter biden crimes. you've sent letters working with james comer, but you've sent letters to preserve documents in that regard, but you've also
7:42 am
sent letters to antony blinken about the afghanistan pullout. i want to get your take on what you're going to do about all of this, because what we're learning this morning is that so far congress is being stonewalled. >> well, we have subpoena power. look, we're going to -- can i was a federal prosecutor for many years, i know how to conduct an investigation and a prosecution. that's essentially what we're doing here. you know, we're going to try to get 'em in a cooperative way. if not, we're going to serve subpoenas. on those two issues, i'm very entered in what was going on at the biden center. $30 million in chinese money going in to the university of pennsylvania at the same time the biden center's being stood up. guess who the general managing director was of the biden center? it was now-secretary blinken in charge of the shadow government that was to be incoming with biden had he won, which he kid. i sent a lawyer asking questions about what were in those dock units, what prc officials
7:43 am
visited the center and a whole host of other requests. they're about a week overdue in that request k and we'll see what they provide, but it's very disturbing. hunter biden is another issue. he had access to these classified documents as well in the garage. we know that because his laptop, you know, proves that. and with respect to afghanistan, you know, there are a lot of questions unanswered there. i have, i am doing this not for me or the republican party, i'm doing it for america and our veterans who served so bravely and our gold tar mothers who deserve -- star mothers who deserve answers as to why this went so badly, jeopardizing americans and leaving behind so many american suicides and afghan partners -- citizens. maria: congressman, you have already asked for a specific dissent ising cable that went into the embassy about the policy of the united states. they're not handing that document over to you. can you tell us about that document and why it's so
7:44 am
important? >> well, it's important because it's a very extraordinary measure of relief to have an emergency capable sent from kabul to washington, to the secretary of state and the white house basically saying they dissent with the policy of the united states when it came to the evacuation. i want to know what, what they were can dissenting. i don't care about the names. they can block that out. i want to know why they were dissenting. i think i know why, but why would they refuse to produce a document like that? and if they do refuse, i do have the subpoena power, and i fully intend to exercise it. i also want to know why the taliban was put in charge of the entire evacuation leading to 13 servicemen and women dying. maria: yeah. congressman, real quick before you go, we only have a couple of seconds here, how would you assess joe biden's response to the communist party of china's provocation? >> i think it is, it's betraying the nation. maria: betray thing the nation.
7:45 am
congressman, thank you. michael mccaul joining us this morning. we'll be right back. ♪ muck health insurance commercial. take 1. cut! cut! one more. i got this. cut! take 37. cut! i don't actually play tennis. i'm just an actor in a commercial. most insurance companies don't know me. but humana does. when i was diagnosed with copd, they helped me to manage it and keep my medication costs low. even got me playing harmonica to help my lungs. motorcycle scene. take 1. i can't ride this thing either. better care begins with listening. humana. a more human way to healthcare.
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maria: welcome back. we are just hours away from the kickoff of super bowl lvii in arizona between the kansas city chiefs and philadelphia eagles. you can watch all of the action today exclusively on fox. don't forget to check it out. meanwhile, another milestone in sports was reached this past tuesday night when lebron james broke the nba's all-time scoring record. the action was mixed as james has been an outspoken defender of the nba's business relationship with the chinese communist party. in 2019 james said he believes former houston rockets' general manager daryl maury's tweet in support of hong kong's pro-democracy protest was, quote, either misinformed or not really educated on the
7:49 am
situation. former nba center e necessary free come canter tweeted on james' scoring record: zero morals, zero or values, zero principles, zero empathy. one who bowed down to china. congratulations to king james. joining me right now with the relationship between u.s. professional sports leagues and communist china is the host of sideline sanity podcast, michelle that the foia. michelle, good to see you again. >> you as well, maria. maria: what are your thoughts on this? you saw enos captainer freedom's tweet, you in the face of all that that we have been watching with these spy surveillance mechanisms. >> it's crazy. you know, that moment that you referenced in 0 to the 19, to me, was one of the most pivotal moments in american sports when a man, a general manager of an nba team, spoke in support of hong kong and democracy and was
7:50 am
ripped. he was not supported by his own franchise, by his league. lebron james, the face of the league, came out and criticized him for being not educated, as you mentioned. this guy was not asked to resign but later did, daryl maury. he's now with the philadelphia 76ers, but he was really afraid that he would never work in the nba again. that selling of the soul, that saying to america that you can't say something in support of democracy in the hong kong because we might anger china and, in fact, china did shut down a lot of broadcasts of nba games that that year, that season, and the nba lost some money. this is all about the almighty the dollar, and that's all there is to it. and the fact that the nba sold a little bit of its soul for that money is, to me, was a very telling moment in american sports. maria: and, you know, we all know this is about national security. so corporate america is basically blowing off america's national security so they can
7:51 am
make a buck. in 2021 major league baseball extended its contract with tencent because they broadcast the nba game, they have an audience of more than a billion. >> yeah. i mean, there it is, right? the audience of more than a billion, and now major league baseball wants to be involved, and that is purely a money play. they're partnering to build facilities to help more chinese players. i love the idea of helping chinese players. get 'em out of there, get 'em over here. that is a country with severe human rights violations. i don't know why we continue to support it. maria: i want to ask you about football. where is the nfl in all of this? we'll take a break and come back with former nfl sideline reporter michele tafoya. stay with us. i want to keep it real and talk about some risks. with type 2 diabetes you have up to 4 times greater risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. even at your a1c goal, you're still at risk ...which if ignored could bring you here... ...may put you in one of those...
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maria: welcome back. i am back former nfl reporter and michelle a tafoya. we're talking about the relationship of sports teams with communist china. what about the nfl? >> well, recently, this last week, the nfl announced a streaming agreement for about $100 million a season to all these international countries except china. now, is that because china doesn't like, doesn't want the nfl or the nfl doesn't want china? right now i'd have to say it's china probably cool to the nfl. i think any sports league would want in for those 1.4 billion sets of eyeballs, right, and that additional market. i'm not sure how china feels about the nfl. i would like to recommend to the nfl, if i may be so bold, not to start that relationship because it doesn't look good right now, and they might want to disentangle themselves before they get too involved. and again, what do you have to compromise when you are, again, beholden to that country that count want you saying anything
7:56 am
concern doesn't don't want you saying anything negative about it? maria: disney removed the simpson's episode with forced labor reference in hong kong. obviously, espn and disney has the relationship with disney parks in china as well. your thoughts on, again, corporate america, the walt disney company so entangled with communist china at a time that it's worrisome of our national security. >> it's really disappointing. not only for our national security reasons, although that's probably the primary one, but also because it seems to overlook the human rights violations that are happening every day, every hour in china. and to turn a blind eye to that for, again, the almighty dollar, for the profits, is really disappointing. disney used to be one of those companies you could count on, right? you could depend on them to provide just the most magical place on earth, a place where you could put your kids in front of a film and feel great about it. i don't feel that way anymore about disney, and it's remarkably disappointing to me.
7:57 am
maria: well, they're more likely to criticize ron desantis, the governor of florida, than they are to criticize xi jinping. that we know. michelle, thank you. great to talk with you this morning. michele tafoya. that'll do it for us on "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo, i'll see you tomorrow morning on fox business, "mornings with maria." catch the show again 3 p.m. today here on fox news.
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