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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  February 14, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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ask your gastro about rinvoq. and learn how abbvie could help you save. [applause] >> ha ha! >> thank you greg. good evening everyone, welcome to fox news at night. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles breaking tonight you know those three flying objects shots down in the past four days lawmakers have been given a classified briefing and they are telling us what they learn although the president has yet to address the mystery and now even democrats are asking for transparency. white house correspondent kevin cork is live with more. >> evening freeways. capitol hill swirling with intrigue over the four foreign objects the u.s. military shot
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down in recent days and how or whether they may be part after larger chinese surveillance program. just a few questions that congressional lawmakers are considering tonight, earlier senators leaving a classified briefing on the hill with you said it more questions than answers, despite learning that these aerial objects are not believed to be alien in nature. still the who what and the when remains unclear. >> i think the american people deserve to hear more from the president on all these issues. >> there is a lot of information presented to us this morning that could be told the american people without any harm. >> there are things to consider not the least of which is the potential risk. so i think most republicans that feel could have been shot down sooner. yes president biden as mentioned still has not addressed the nation about how the u.s. is
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going to continue to respond to this apparently growing threat. white house petersen secretary jean pierre tells fox news that quote the president has nothing to share at this time. meanwhile former secretary of state mike pompeo says the handling of the spy balloon was and enormous mistake, saying. he also added that the delay in responding to china gave that country and enormous political advantage and while the white house is saying the object could be in the hundreds of thousands it may be used wait for it, it could be used car balloons! but not likely of extra treasurer travel origin. i think i've heard just about everything, trace. go see cal!
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>> go see cal worthington and his dog spot. >> breaking a deadly truck crash in arizona has led to hazmat situation in tucson with authorities issuing evacuation and shelter in place orders as well as road closures expected to last to wednesday. safety officials say a wreck on highway 10 led to tractor-trailer rolling and leaking nitric acid and the truck driver was killed in that about wreck. meantime plenty of questions about the biden administration response and the ongoing threats posted by the aftermath of that train derailment in ohio leaving a massive has does material situation. marianne rafferty is live. these people are desperate for answers. >> yes, you're talking toxic fumes still spewing into the
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air, ten cars including dangerous vinyl chloride. transportation sect buttigieg spoke at a conference on the lack of diversity, among construction workers >> we have heard way too and stories from generations past of infrastructure where i got a neighborhood of color that sees a project come to them but everyone in the hard hats on that project doing the good paying jobs don't look like they came from any where near neighborhood. >> critics say buttigieg sugar doing for east palestine residents who report symptoms lining coughing and burning eyes, animals and fish dying in creeks, and ilhan omar twe tweeting:buttigieg addressed the
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derailment saying the d.o.t. has been helping from day one, epa saying no levels of concern detected but people on the ground say they're scared about what's in the air and possibly in the water. >> i might be a little bit scared. marianne back to you if breaking news comes up. we have identified objects from the sky and unknown has does materials. let's bring in national security institute director jamill and american institutions policy mark lauder. you saw the sound bite that marianne played there with pete buttigieg at the national association of counties the conference and talking about racial disparity but says nothing about the train derailment and tries to play catch up. seems so out of sync. your thoughts. >> really not out of karng terry for secretary pete buttigieg.
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he's been behind on the train derailment southwest airlines problems over christmas over the faa computer malfunction teen railroad strike. this goes to show what happens when the mayor of the fourth largest city in indiana who can barely fill potholes is now in charge of our entire infrastructure system and it's a failure. >> you even have the former ohio state senator turner sent out this tweet because even she's fed up with mayor pete quoting here. he jokes about balloons while ignoring east palestine, ohio. we deserve better than this. it really does seem like the democrats are fed up as well. >> well it is obviously deeply troubling trace what's going on there in ohio. we really need to get on top of this thing and make sure that secretary of transportation and the white house are talking about what's going on making
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clear to the american people that weird under real threat from in derail-minute and the fumes coming out of this train. >> yes and stand by for a second because we brought dr. mark siegel on to talk about other topics but dr. mark while i've got you i want to play this from east palestine, ohio residents. listen to this and we will get your response very quickly. >> i got up and it smelled like really strong paint thinner and then his eyes turned blood shobt and he was coughing and i said we are leaving. >> normalcy. that's what i want, normalcy and nothing in the future, that my kids are good from this crap. >> good from this stuff. that's the whole thing dr. mark. this stuff appears to be dangerous. >> yes, there are several levels of danger here. the strienl chloride i worry about reproduction by the way fertility and long-term cancer
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risk if you continue to be exposed to it liver kidney lungs brain blood cancer associated with exposure. this is dangerous stuff and it breaks down when you burn it and you have hydrogen clear own and phosgene gas and then five of the other calls another chemical that causes your eyes to burn and your skin to burn and headaches and that's what they're experiencing so clearly there's toxic chemicals around here and no doubt geting into the water which will have a longer term risk. >> it's a big risk and big concern dr. mark. now dr. lauder i want to move to the balloons if we. this is one of those things you're like well now you have john kirby saying they could be benign. they could be corporate. they could be from some organization. your thoughts. >> well you could tell, it's very telling when senators from
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both sides of the aisle come out of the briefings say we didn't learn much that we didn't already know and this is another case i think of lack of transparency. come on, joe biden. this is not the campaign. you got to come out of your basement come out of the white house and tell the american people what's going on. it's not alien. what a peeshs to be alien transparency with this entire administration into the "new york times" is also venting a bit jamill they write, the following in part. there are two questions around the episode. what are your thoughts on that? >> trace, you can't make this stuff up. the idea that the head of norad is saying to the american people he's not sure if they're ufo's or not andtive witt not being clear what exactly these things
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are about what they're doing in our airspace and the president hasn't said anything. the fact that members of congress can't gather information about what's actually taking place and the american people no nothing even though we are taking three shoot downs over american-canadian territory sun assemble. >> the classified briefing they walked out and they were like we learned nothing. jamill lauder thank you. >> good to see you. >> whoopy goldberg has offered advice after the former ambassador launched heard 2024. watch. >> so you're not saying anything new. [applause] >> and you of all people should know better because you used to actually have some sanity and knew right from wrong. >> yes. >> and then you lost your mind and went in some new direction. so don't do that. >> hmm.
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haley seemed to relish it, saying it makes the liberal heads explode. story breaking last night one of america's greatest college towns in mourning after three students killed five others seriously injured by a gunman on the campus of michigan state university. chief correspondent jonathan hunt was live with us last night and joins us again with the latest. a lot of things they're trying to figure out. >> yes, chief among those is the motive. police still don't know what drove the gunman who had no known connection to michigan state university to kill three injure five and bring terror to thousands of students on the huge smu campus. >> really quietly as we could shut off every light. it happened very suddenly. >> i felt like a hostage in my own home looking out the window, ducking, turning off the lights,
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scared when a car drove by because the campus was on lockdown. >> the toughest thing is not knowing. i didn't know what was true or what valid information i was getting and i was definitely terrified. >> police were on scene within minutes of the first 911 calls monday night but it was more than 3 hours legislationer before they had found the gunman some 5 miles off campus. police say 43 antony mccrae seen in these camera pictures was confronted by officers and that that point he shot and killed himself. now mccrae was apparently arrested on a weapons charge in 2019 and completed 18 months of probation. the three victims who died on monday were all students, brian forecaster ariel anderson.
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>> it's happening far to be often in this country. while we gather more information one thing we know to be true, we have to do something to stop gun violence ripping apart our communities. >> the gunman was also apparently carrying a note, threatening schools in ewing township, new jersey where he lived. schools there were closed today. classes at michigan state meantime trace are canceled until monday. >> rough time for that city. jonathan thank you. well the fox news at night common sense department was watching today as president biden and other democratic lawmakers used the michigan state shooting as a way to bring up gun control. not one of them brought up the possibility of increasing or enforcing penalties for gun crimes which common sense finds unusual because the michigan state shooter 43 anthony mccrae
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a good example why gun crimes should be prosecuted. he was charged with a gun felony but in 2019 he was allowed to plead down to misdemeanor. some argue that even with the mandatory sentencing guidelines it's unlikely mccrae would have served five years but common sense says that's not the point because being convicted after felony would have prevented mccrae from owning a firearm when his sentence was up. in 2019 the michigan d.a. said that sentencing enhancements led to dramatic racial inequity and did not keep people safe. common sense believes the families of eight michigan state students might beg to differ. first up in tonight's crime round up one person was killed 8
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injured including a police officer when a 62-year-old u-haul driver went on rampage in new york city monday morning. police believe the suspect had a mental health crisis and didn't take his medication. that driver has been charged with murder. a woman accused of murdering and dismembering a man last year attacked her attorney in court during hearing. the judge decided to delay her trial when she jumped up and ran toward her own lawyer. deputies wrestled her down and cleared the courtroom. she's pled not guilty to the charges by reason of mental disease or defect. >> gunshots. i looked out my window and saw a man shooting into the driver side of a white vehicle. three times, he left on foot. he ran into one of the hallways on foot and a white car just drove up and crashed into two cars that the person and that
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driver sidecar is probably not alive. >> that is newly released 911 call from the shooting death of a new jersey councilwoman who was killed two weeks ago. authorities release nine 911 calls from that night from witnesses month heard or saw the shooting. there is still no suspect in custody. a man accused of murdering microsoft executive appeared in court and pled not guilty to second degree murder. the authorities believe henry plotted with one other accomplice to ambush and gun down the father of 4 in front of his then two-year-old daughter. his widow pleaded with tenant to help end the nightmare and give justice sooner than later. brian coing berger who has been charged with stabbing students to death was fired from his teaching position at washington university weeks later according to a report from the "new york
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times" because of unprofessional behavior he was also investigated for reports he made women feel uncomfortable though the university did not find him guilty of doing anything wrong. well it appears the defense could soon rest in the double murder trial of south carolina attorney alec murdaugh but not presenting emotional and technical evidence to sway the jury. >> maggie murdaugh's only sister at times breaking down in tears testified about the fatal shooting that claimed her life. >> it's still hard to face. >> marianne proctor recalled confronting alex murdaugh about the murder of his wife. >> i asked him alec do you have any idea who done this? i said we've got to find out who could do this. and he said he did not know who it was but he felt like whoever
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did it had thought it a real yig long time. >> proctor testified that following the murder's alec's reaction what different from the rest of the family. >> i think everybody was afraid an and alec didn't seem to be afraid. >> the prosecution questioned murdaugh's seeming disinterest in finding out who killed his wife and son. >> i thoughts his focus should be on who killed mag i and paul. >> how do you know that wasn't a priority? >> we never talked about it. we never talked about finding the person who could have done it. >> adding to the courtroom drama
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when the trial resumes on wednesday the judge has ordered covid tests for the jury. two members on monday tested positive and have replaced with alternates. trace. >> david lee thank you. >> coming up, we are being told that mask mandates don't work and teenage girl are depressed and a law says menstrual products must be in boy's bathrooms in schools and administration officials won't tell us what's flying over head. if they're not from a different universe are they from china, from russia? let us know on social media instagram and twitter. we will show you the results and read the best responses in the nightcap. i love the confidence. i love that i can blast this beautiful smile
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>> these numbers show the fed has work to do to slow the economy. >> i like to stay optimistic because we had this discussion about talking ourselves into recession. >> this is just an economy that can't be tamped down. >> the consumer price index showed 6.4 percent year over year increase from january confirming inflation causing financial problems for americans but leading conservative media watchdog study shows networks are shielding president biden from blame for high inflation. for the record it looked at news coverage from may 2022 to january 2023. let's bring media president
9:26 pm
brett. by and large americans say the economy is awful but president biden seems to gets a pass on inflation. now we know why. what did you find? >> well, here are the numbers and they're going to tell the story about a news media that don't want to pin blame on the donkey when it comes to looking at the economy the economic numbers under joe biden. in the last nine months there have been 542 minutes devoted to the number one issue that americans believe in today which is inflation, that 542 minutes is on average one hour a month by the three network's combined but it gets better. just in the pal friday coverage of one hour a month of networks 84 percent of the time that they have spent on inflation they've made no reference whatsoever to joe biden or the biden administration policies. it gets even better than that. of the remaining minutes in the
9:27 pm
16 percent over half of it actually half of them praised joe biden for his efforts to end inflation. bottom line, trairks nine months of coverage of joe biden's policies and inflation from the three networks only 16 minutes and 15 seconds devoted to any criticism of joe biden or his administration for the policies that brought on this raging inflation. >> i'm a little low on time but did they give any excuses? do you call these media outlets on it? did they give you any kind of reasoning for this? >> they're beyond shameless. this is happening on issue after issue after issue, they give this man on a pass on everything and have done it since the moment he arrived on scene. >> brent thank you. great information. >> thanks trace. >> first up in tons real news
9:28 pm
roundup los angeles city officials announcing a new initiative to provide trauma training to community intervention workers part of the city's effort to create a so-called unarmed alternative to policing, program project turn will offer 100 intervention work weathers yoga meditation and healing circles, to in theory reduce the need for officers to engage in homeless neighborhoods. the program will run the city of l.a. about $the tonight 2 million amount report shows which companies have the highest risk of going woke based on how they priorities ideology profit margins including amazon alphabet bank of america mcdonald's and gofundme. amongers to 1792 exchange. the president joined fox and friends over the weekend to explain the principle that the companies follow. >> esg is a set of principles
9:29 pm
that are ill defined which is really the answer, environmental, social and governing principles that ago advices can use to fill and weaponize corporations. >> more than 3,000 household ness cook county including chicago are getting $500 monthly checks as part of the nation's largest tested universal base i can income, the pilot program funded by covid pandemic relief money as part of the american rescue plan in addition to the city of chicago sending $500 monthly for a year to 5,000 windy city residents also using federal pandemic money. produce of the move i rust say it's set to resume this spring despite charges of involuntary salvation army in the death
9:30 pm
ofhelena hunch instance. a review from prominent organization says mask mandates don't work. why are they still all the rage in liberal cities? let's bring in fox news contributor dr. mark siegel, thank you. the headline from the "new york post" reads as follows quoting here the cdc grossly exaggerated the evidence for mask mandates going on to read it found that wearing a mask in public places probably makes little or no difference in the number of infections and you say what dr. mark? >> i agree with that because of one major issue, which is that people, there was no standardization here. people didn't wear masks properly. people wore cloth masks that do almost nothing and people wore then around the chin if you recall and there was no instruction with this, people put them off to eat and put them back on. restaurants you took them off four hours so there was no
9:31 pm
standardization. they never made sense and only time shown to work was on individual basis at a place like massachussetts general hospital where doctors knew how to wear them so we didn't have prospective randomized trials also most important thing i talked to dr. benjamin at duke who looked at schools and he was one proponent who said keep schools open. i said why? he said everything taken together opening a window and number 1 opening a window ventilation keeping kids accept rats, not the mask so they focused on mask as a political tool but it wasn't scientifically proven and that we have known for a long time. >> there were so many mistakes made during the pandemic. i have two daughters and this is very concerning to me, the "wall street journal" headline reads, teen girls experiencing record levels of sadness and suicide risk says the cdc going on in 202157 percent of high school
9:32 pm
girls reported experiencing persistent feelings of andness or hopeness in the past year compared with 36 percent in 2011. 30 percent reported they seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021 up from 19 percent in taco bell -- 2011. >> i've been talking to cdc about this the last few days. i talked to dr. ethier. a lot of this is because teen girls are subject to objective education, swiegd thinking one out of three, social media play a huge role in. this you saw the story in new jersey where a teen was attacked in the hallway and it went viral on social media. i have to say one thing really important here is that she thinks the schools are the key.
9:33 pm
i think that the parents and the schools have to work together. i don't think schools listen to parents enough. i think teens have to come forward to their parents who then have to be heard by the schools. >> i'm getting the wrap but i want to ask you the nfl players association medical director says that damar hamlin will definitely play again in the nfl. you think so? >> yes he says definitely and thals what happened to him wasn't structural heart disease meaning he just got hit at the wrong part of the cardiac cycle. he says he's going to play in the nfl again 100 percent. >> amazing. dr. mark thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> great to be with you trace. thank. >> so is it leemu the emu on the move? plus a crazy squirrel not about to be left out of the pizza party but didn't succeed the
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>> first up in tonight viral videos at a resort announce england a sudden explosion rocked the river wang, turned out to be ann exploded world war ii bomb. workers were trying to disarm it when it showeded. the blast was so big the bbc reports people 15 miles away heard and felt it. fortunately nobody got hurt. >> that's a dog over the moon excited to recognize one of his own kind on the tv apparently watching the 19th annual puppy bowl. the dog got up on his hind legs to get closer to the action. rare sight in hawaiian skies a circular rainbow the video taken
9:40 pm
by a helicopter crew for hawaii department of land and natural resources. conditions for something like this really have to be perfect and even when they are it is rare to see it look like this so enjoy and aloha from fox news at night. [screaming] >> for the record, this was not pen rhone i and acorn pizza but a squirrel came in through the door when they opened up for the pizza guy. they caught it and put it outside before the pizza got cold. time laps of the aurora borealis brazilian colors above north dakota after a long bout of clouds and winter weather which made it all the more spectacular. and why did the emu cross the
9:41 pm
road? one massachussetts driver cause this video of a loose emu making a break for it is down the streets of brockton. police today's corral the bird before they took it is home the next town over. maybe it was trying to get auditions for and insurance commercial. if you have a viral video send it to trace gallagher or fox news at night on social media. democratic leaders in california have bragged about their first implementation of green new deal policies but the cost to golden state residents and the growing stress on the power grid is becoming more of a problem. join us is restorm california carl damayo.
9:42 pm
i mean, our gas and electric bill is 70 percent high they are month than it was this time last year. >> that's right and i hope the nation is watching what's going on in california with the high cost for energy gas electricity. what you're finding is that this is just a warning to the rest of the country this is what's in store for you if we implement the green new deal nationally. in california we looked at rates for gut, 67 percent higher rates in california electricity, 30 percent higher for gas but the rates just doubled and triple's for some residents in january they say because of a disruption in gas supplies but our report shows it's driven by climate change mandates. >> california clearly has declared war on fossil fuels but the north american electric reliability corporation wr
9:43 pm
>> quite is plight. when they say increased demand that is because california just banned gas power cars. how are you going to charge the electric vehicles in california when we barely keep the lights on now? and we have to import today one out of three kilowatt hours of energy so a third of our energy we import from other states. remember when we were growing up we used to be taught that environmentalism waste not want not ghurks import energy from another state and transport it you lose a lot of energy. it's incredibly wasteful. >> i put this picture up on the board because this is from a parent that took this picture named phil kendro. here it is, carl. that is a tampon machine above a boy's urinal in a boy's bathroom
9:44 pm
in san diego county in poway district. this is a new law in california called the menstrual aacte for all act of 2021. have we lost our minds? >> we haven't, but the politicians in sacramento have and look, again, i always say that you got to pay attention to what's going on in california because california is the petrie dish for the left. they fry out crazy policies here and very quickly get ex-poured nationwide so you've got these elementary school children going into a boys bathroom terribly confused and this is completely a wasteful exercise. by the way the same beak they introduce these menstrual products in boys bathrooms they
9:45 pm
did their personal pronoun classes. >> by the way the parent who gave us that picture wrote a letter to the school district and they responded, quoting here. i got ten seconds to brap up this. >> can some one stud way the adequate supply in an elementary boy's bathroom is? that should be the question of the night. what is the adequate supply. coming up what do you think of all these unidentified objects flying in north america above us? what are they? where are they from, china, elsewhere? way else where? there's time to weigh in on
9:46 pm
twitter and instagram to trace gallagher. nightcap crew with some answers next. >> kicking off with the west coast things quiet sacramento to l.a., we have a severe threat in through the south out of texas into arkansas, snow for the plains. east coast above average warmth. download the weather app or fox weather to your favorite device. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. hey, man. you could save hundreds for safe driving with liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance.
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>> we are back with the nightcap crew. tons topic the makeup unidentified flying objects shots down. what are they? and where are they from? and you know i should have just canceled this because kevin cork and i solved this at the top of the hour. these are used balloons. these are go see cal worthington balloons. >> i'm happy you brought that up because if you lived in los
9:52 pm
angeles in the last 40 years i loved cal worthington and his dog spots. if they're not balloons i cab figure it out will maybe it's reveal balloons people forgot to pop. >> are they balloons at all? there have been questions some look like balloons, some are cylinders, they could be anything. >> i think america needs to ask itself are you missing any amazon dlifies this week they've been piloting this drone program. that's what they're shooting down. if you're short on toilet paper it's because it was shots down by an amazon drone. >> we live in manhattan beach and were watching the water and a couple drones and thoughts it's only a matter of time before you see it get blasted.
9:53 pm
marianne rafferty people are thinking, come on. >> aliens? i don't know. >> i think mark was saying alien is biden's transparency rule. it's foreign to them. we asked the crew and they said the following here, twitter. do you think the ufo's from china, yes. pretty stunning, caleb dixon wrote the following here. not a bad theory carl what do you think? >> first let's also note this is not the first time the biden press secretary stood at a podium and said these are not aliens coming across the border so the first thing you have to understand is they're making sure you know these are not aliens crossing the border but i think it may be elon musk.
9:54 pm
i think we are going to get a tweet and he will say i pulled off this great prank on america and it might be an elon musk thing. >> it's a fair assessment when this administration hasn't been all that forth coming with afghanistan and the border and stuff so when they came out and said these are not aliens i thought uh-oh, we might have an issue on our hands because saturday night i had friends calling me kevin saying hey, this is an issue. what are these things? i'm like why would i know? >> i get the same calls only they're really weird. i called david, the truth is out there. >> christina says it's embarrassing but thing their hours. donna says it's the mother ship taking nancy pelosi home to her native planet. marianne rafferty 15 seconds to wrap up and give your real
9:55 pm
thoughts. >> i think if you're not going to tell people what you think it is, it leaves having open for all of us to guess. so, give us something concrete here. >> i wants it to be aliens. i really wants it is to be aliens. >> you have to choose between the chinese and the aliens it's a good choice carl marianne kevin thanks for watching fox late news. across bipolar depression. unlike some medicines that only treat bipolar i, caplyta treats both bipolar i and bipolar ii depression. and in clinical trials, movement disorders and weight gain were not common. call your doctor about sudden mood changes, behaviors, or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants may increase these risks in young adults.
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anything else i can help you with? like what? visionworks. see the difference. lamarca had the hiccups. i'm watters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. east paalestino, ohio s not a huge place. it's about 5,000 people and east palestine was the place that produced dishes and cups and pitchers for america's hotels and enormous ceramics works there employed much of the town and it's all gone an


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