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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 18, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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will: good morning live from daytona, florida, for the daytona 500 tomorrow. 2:30 eastern time on fox. "fox & friends" live from the track and pete hegseth, will and rachel c cam pose-duffy with you here this morning. pete: 65th running of the daytona 500 and they ran on the beach before that. when it comes to nascar, daytona is front and center all the time and it's their super bowl. it's fun to be there with them. rachel: you're right, it's so
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pat i can't tell ick here -- patriotic here it feels like super bowl. will: pete has done this and i've done this, if you've gone up with the air force and taken a ride. let me tell you something, when you do te away incredibly impressed with america's fighters. rachel: yes. will: it is a hupabling experience that -- humbling experience that rachel got to participate in yesterday. you went up with the thunder birds and did over 9gs. you didn't black out our throw up and you're here to brag this morning. rachel: i aim. am. i'm here to brag. it happened in the morning on thursday. it took me all day friday to just sort of process it all because it was like, i was overstimulated by the entire experience and it was amazing and it did make me really proud of the military. it wanted me and made me want to invest in this kind of stuff and this kind of professionalism and
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not just the pilots that are amazing and incredibly talented and the crew, the kind of pride and you see them buffing those planes and just how they care for it. pete: you had your name on the plane? will: i've never had my name on the plane. i got a call sign. know what it was? rachel: what was it? will: right wing. rachel: not bad. my call sign because i did 9gs and have nine kids was mamacita9 squared. pete: reporting live from daytona 500mamacita9 squared. good on you and the air force and that's impressive. will: we'll have a live look or package where rachel had that experience with that ride along a bit later in the show. now to a major update on the toxic train de--- toxic train derailment in ohio.
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fema gets crews on the ground two weeks. pete: the move comes after the white house initially turned down the state's request for disaster assistance. rachel: unbelievable. todd piro is live with all the details. good morning, todd. >> good morning to all of you it. is a story and a read i should have had two weeks ago when the incident happened but here we are and the white house announcing it's sending troops to east palestine two weeks after the collapse. cdc, toxicologists and medical staffers are expected to arrive in east palestine today and fema providing personnel, despite concern that the disaster does not technically qualify for fema assistance. again, that's what fema is saying. governor mike dewine and fema releasing a joint statement last night saying "fema will supplement federal efforts by deploying a senior response official along with regional management assistance team to
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support ongoing operations including incident coordination and ongoing acespedesments of potential -- assessments of potential long term recovery needs". fema said the norfolk railway company agreed to cover the cost of all necessary cleanup and epa chief is assuring ohio residents that air and water is safe promising that officials are on top of it. >> i am asking that they trust the government and that's hard. we know there's a lack of trust, which is why the state and the federal government have pledged to be very transparent. >> skeptical east palestine residents say trust has to be built. >> we can taste it and smell it. >> we get smells that pop up and sometimes they're really toxic smelling, chemical smelling and sometimes it's a burn smell. >> i've been to my shop a few
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times. each time i go in and put on an n95 mask and goggles and they don't do good because i can smell it. the smell was overpowering and i couldn't stay in there more than a few minutes without my eyes watering and coughing. the same thing is going on right now. >> in cincinnati, a whopping 300 miles from the site of the derailment and officials will not be taking in any water from the ohio river using reserves instead. they say the city is doing this out of an abundance of caution and have not detected any levels of chemicals in river water so far. coming up this morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern, east palestine mayor trent conway will join us live to discuss the latest recovery efforts and federal government's response. rachel, pete, will, back to you. rachel: thank you, todd. there's so much in there that it just infuriates me and hope you don't mind i'm going to vent because it makes me so darn mad. i see that small businesswoman,
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i mean, she's running her business just like all the other residents living in the town and this train derails and her whole life is up ended. her business is gone and think about the property values in that town. what's going to want to move to that town after this and after knoknowing that no one dealt wih it earlier but i'll say this as well. the -- we've all seen the gift and like the hypocrisy on the climate change agenda when you see people flying in jet so we've known there's a level of hypocrisy, but now you can see that climate change for these people on the left is about making money. if there are no windmills and money to be made off of that or, you know, off of all the other solar panels and everything else that everybody is getting rich off of, they don't care about the environment and they don't care about water or air pollution or any of that stuff. they care about things that make money for them. that's my opinion as i look at their horrible reaction to this. pete: what do they also care
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about? spending tons of money far flung across the globe on other priorities. in fact, i would argue in this case the democrats care a lot more about palestine, the west bank, than they do currently about east palestine in ohio. the amount of focus -- the delays reaction and denials and everything is okay and drink the water and i'd never drink the water. don't worry and go about your life and everyone showing up is wearing a hazmat suit and chemicals are bubbling up out of the river. rachel: and the animals are dead. pete: but everything will be fine and don't worry about the long-term effects and it's staggering to see the double speak and really how offensive it is to regular citizens that pay taxes and go about their lives and expect the government to keep them safe and when a disaster occurs, they're abandoned. will: you brought up priorities far flung across the globe instead of taking care of problems here at home. that's what monica crowley, former assistant treasury secretary had to say when talking about what happened in
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ohio. >> we've got america last and that means americans last. i mean at the same time that we have this ecological catastrophe in the heart lands of america, where our fellow americans are really suffering in terms of air quality water quality and can't live their lives, take a shower, use the water or drink from the tap, this ecological it is astes disas terrific is going on and the white house is asking for more money for ukraine. they hate the regime and the american people that don't vote for them or support their agenda. will: there you go, monica crowley on priorities. meanwhile back here in daytona florida, joey jones, fox news contributor and retired marine bomb technician joining us this morning. >> good morning, guys. it's like dayton, ohio. it's so cold.
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minnesota and wisconsin is freezing to death and i'm from georgia and don't know what i'm doing here. listen, right wing, non-squared. last time i flew with the air force, know what my call sign was? rachel: yes. >> foot loose. rachel: that fits. i like it. pete: makes sense. we love having you. one of our resident nascar experts and we'll get to you in a moment on that. what you expect from the big race as to why we're here, but we want -- we're talking about east palestine and talking about china. still ultimately, you know, the china balloon we shot down over the coast of south carolina and three other octobers shot down and the government now telling us yesterday we can't find those objects that we shot down. we don't know what they were. what do you make of that and the fact that at this point, they're telling us nothing to see here? >> listen, i actually believe they probably can't find them because i believe they weren't trying to ever find them to begin with. i think they know what they were shooting down and that's why we've seen no pictures or real good description of what they
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were. it was biden trying to show he could do more than let a balloon fly across the country. every time they explain one it nenegates the explanation of one prior. we shot the balloons down because we didn't know what they were or what they were capable of so let's shoot them down. this was a spy balloon. we knew what it was from the get go and we let it traverse across the country. rachel: make no sense. >> it try to use the simplest explanation on this and simplest is this is the tail wags the dog and the president and administration is trying really hard to catch up between what they want to do in the narrative that's sweeping the country and i don't think they anticipate very much at all when it comes to what we as americans react with and here is where we are. we're in a place where we don't know if you're going to shoot down the hun hobby balloon or la fly across and take pictures. rachel: joey, what's the reason they've been reluctant and talk about the balloon that came across and they knew it was a spy balloon and wanted to have meetings with the chinese and
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they, you know, pretended like it wasn't happening till we all figured out it was happening. what is the reason? is it that they want to have a good relationship with china because they're so obsessed with the climate change agenda and they think they can stay in talk withs the chinese and that's so important. or is it that joe biden is compromised and he can't actually, you know, be as tough as he should. you saw the comments from kamala harris saying it's not helpful they're putting the balloons up in the sky. it's not helpful for our relationship. they seem like they really want this nice relationship with china more than they want to protect us. >> you said something earlier on the show and talking about veep and i have a friend that worked on the hill and she said the politicians are veep. some of the house might be house of cards and strategic looking decades ahead and if joe biden is compromised in any specific way and doesn't trickle down to a full administration and no group of politicians is that organized but what i will tell
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you is why are they reacting in way because they're scared to death of having to respond to anything major. i mean, if you can botch pull troops out of a place you've been 20 years and had 20 years to figure out how to leave, you can botch any top relationship with taiwan or major cyber attack or any type of major attack on our country whether it's cultural infrastructure or actual hot war we get brought into, you're scared to death of how to respond and you'd rather not respond and hope people don't notice. rachel: it's more strategic than you'd think. pete: speaking of responses it's china's ministry of affairs and chief propagandas and explaining recent events, speaking of deflecting said the chinese, can the u.s. tell us why it is able to see the balloon 1800 meters above the ground but seems to have been behind to the toxic mushroom cloud of vinyl chloride over ohio. usually we try as hard as we can
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to make sure we don't agree with one inch of what the chinese propaganda says, it seems to point out the disconnect of what's happening in america. >> yeah, not going to give china credit or propagandas for making a fub, little snipy remark but they have the premise wrong. the premise is they can see a mushroom cloud and they did see the balloon. it's how they're responding that we need to criticize. they didn't respond in ohio in my meaningful way. my brother-in-law has been a firearm for 25 years and said listen, it's not pretty but the first few days of response is textbook what a local response would look like. if you don't like it, change the policy. but that's how we would respond if that happened in any small town with a railroad carrying that. the question is why did it derail? why did it spill to begin with? when you look at china, the question isn't why did you let it fly across the country. the question is what was going through your mind when you saw it leave if you truly saw it
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leave china. what was going through your mind before it got here? so this idea they didn't see it or didn't know what -- they have no policy in place and because of that, they're failing at every level. think about what happened just in the transportation hub. i'm not going to just blame pete buttigieg for that because he's got a boss. he's got a boss telling him what direction to take the department of transportation and how to put pressure on any part of our industries that reasoned aren't holding up our area. will: you can't have a policy in place for every foreseeable event in the future and elect leaders with good foresight and judgment and whether that's the balloon and china or whether or not it's what happened in ohio, your iowa h acespedesment is cot and outrebounded -- assessment is correct and a group of people reactionary and not leaders but rather followers after we encounter it. >> you're talking about difference between strategic and tactical. don't have to have a plan for everything that happens and have a policy in place saying when
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the green aliens land in the middle of ohio and the room and people in the room and this much time to react. rachel: if you see a mushroom cloud and they see the mushroom cloud and epa doesn't take ten days and that was the point. po. pete: you can't foresee everybody and you can react and transparent administration ever in their words and just create questions and don't answer. >> i'm going to take it easy on the press secretary because as frustrated as i've been with her and when her boss stands in front of the podium and gives a speech two weeks after all this happened the answer is no questions whatsoever and doesn't offer a morsel of information we didn't already have and contradicts himself all along through that speech and you can't really blame her anymore. at that you know she's not incompetent her boss isn't giving her anymore information than to be incompetent. rachel: one of the biggest problems in washington dc is
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something will, pete, and i have talked about and we know because of what of what my husband did for ten years and it's the job of the leaders, not the staff. too much power invested in the administrative state in these staffers instead of leaders running our country. that's what you see here. pete buttigieg is the leader of transportation and the epa has a leader as well. they were supposed to respond to this and they didn't. the president should have been there and president trump will be there next week and biden should have been there. will: when i saw that, i said that's the instinct of a leader. >> this is frustrating and maybe infuriating as a american citizen and a dad, it's scary and horrifying. rachel: of course. of course. pete: real quick, 30 seconds. predictions on the race. >> sure. i think kyle bush will probably take it. i really do. he reck add car and has to go to a -- recked a car and has to go to a backup and that'll motivate
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him and probably win the race. pete: straight down the mid and will if it was kyle jones, it's joey jones. pete: going for the pit stop. here to help us refuel with race day pizza, our master built founding family members, the maclamore bo boys. >> i think joey could take the race today, i do. right now we're going to show you some pizza. number one thing that you're serving up here at daytona and some wings that we got coming up. we're also doing baked beans and mac and cheese. check it out, guys. >> going to the table and really good cost effective item to make for your family because of the economy and the pizza and just over $200, pizza sauce,
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pepperonis and cheese and cost effective and parmesan and came out with the pizza stone insert and it's the third or fourth i've cooked and phenomenal item and i'll tell you this, later in the show, we're going to be cooking up bloody mary wings to rip the hair off a dog. >> that's it. >> that pizza for $1.50 cost him $700 by the time he got through with my labor. just saying, not cheap. these wings will be great and there's nothing better than bloody mary wings at a daytona race. >> we'll show you the recipe right now. i think joey is coming out to us. that's great. pete: joey was coming your way. will: he's le led headed -- head over there it? pete: yeah. that hair is something else there. blowing blocks. will: thank you, fellas.
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see you later in the show. >> rachel, i'm so proud of you for yesterday flying. amazing. rachel: thank you, john. pete: we are too. will: you saw the pizza on your set. it's what ragaini which he will is having for -- rachel is having for breakfast like in college. rachel: just like college. pete: later two time nascar series cup champion including last year and 2015 daytona 500 winner joey lagano joining us live onset and he did it last year and will do it again this year. we'll ask him. ♪ i-fi which means your smart home isn't so smart. sprinkler on. and now i'm sending mixed signals... to your garage. but, if you haven't bundled your home and auto,
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rachel: i just had a piece of that cheese pizza from
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guiseppe's and it's a wine bar here in miami. let's talk about the rise in increase of pizza. pizza is like a basic and everyone loves pizza. >> everybody loves pizza. rachel: flour up 20% and cheese up 10% and you serve chicken wings? >> yep, i'm a full service restaurant and 11,000 square foot and italian dinners, subs, salads, pizza and wings. in the last three years things have gone through the roof. the chicken prices. rachel: huge. >> they've gone to $175 a case, the yields -- rachel: what were they before? >> $60. rachel: yeah, that's outrageous. >> unfortunately in our industry, i can't pass off the price day-to-day to my customers so if you came in and saw market price, market price, market price and the next thing you'll see is the door and you're not rolling a dice on having a $700 pizza and wing bill. rachel: of course not. then the problem is you make a
4:26 am
menu based on what you think the price is now and go, okay, i find that here's my menu and, aadrian, the price goes up and it's on your menu and it's no longer profitable. >> absolutely f. you place an order as a restaurant owner or chef and you place the order and the price changes by the time you order to the delivery and if you're not paying attention, it's chaos. rachel: not including labor shortages and price of labor and those who are there. >> insurance going through the roof. >> truck drivers. people don't account for that and that's going into food costs and the guys delivering your goods because wages have gone up, they're offsetting that into your food costs. rachel: what's your message. start you, what's your message to our leaders like what would you as a small business owner and guy that own as restaurant, what do you want from them? >> honestly, i am so disappointed in the fact that
4:27 am
nobody wants to make anybody work nick. anymore. i believe in the american dream and if you work hard you can have nice things. i wouldn't have it tattooed on my knuckles if i didn't believe in hard work. you need to look at people and tell them, listen, you want stuff, work hard, i'll pay you, you're going to get what you want. don't just sit home and collect a check. it literally hurts us because me, my mom and dad, my wife, my kids have to go in there every day all day in and out and nobody else to help me carry that workload. it's my business and i love it. rachel: it's a great point because i've heard so many small business owners say they're competing with the government checks for labor. >> that's absolutely true. think about it, if people don't take a stand on this and backup the american dream like joe joe said, we'll have fast food chain restaurants only. rachel: no nutella, croissant
4:28 am
baked foods like it. >> the slow food movement and things good for us. natural foods. where will that go if we don't put a cap to this? rachel: america has been run by hard working-small business owners like you and you're right, we're killing the american work ethnicity ick and that a-- ethic and affects all of us. i can't thank you enough for coming here today. will you please leave all this food for us? >> it's yours, have it. rachel: the know the chicken wings are expensive these days. >> no, you're fine. rachel: thank you for joining us this morning. god bless. >> god bless. rachel: our next guest covered nascar for years and host of my dream car on fox business. danielle trada joining us next with her race day predictions. you get advice like... try hypnosis... or, quit cold turkey. are you kidding me?
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cole hauser is an award winning actor. beyond his impressive career, he is a proud supporter of the tunnel to towers foundation.
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will: that's the marching band covering me here in daytona. i have the host of my dream car on fox business danielle tratta here with her forecasted prediction. welcome. >> thank you. will: a lot of familiar names and some on the show today. we have joey lagano and among others. >> well, joey won one of the prelims, the duals on thursday night. and he was out front leading
4:34 am
lapse and his team penske ford is fast and won in 2015 and has a win in the books on thursday and joey looked really, really strong. will: anyone else to look for? >> i like bubba wallace in the toyota and 23 racing and michael jordan is a nascar one and he's finished second in the event and two out of the last three years and come on, bubba, one spot more and bubba wallace here and team penske finished twice in the great american race and he was in the mix and can't leave out the toyota driver, denny hamlin and three time daytona 500 champion and looked fast on thursday night as well and has a great car. will: pete's kids are running around here somewhere. >> i figured they're here. will: he's a big denny hamlin fan. i imagine this story will be met with mixed reviews from the
4:35 am
audience wat watching and nascar fans but the idea that nascar looking at all electric series and evs getting more popular on the road and i don't know how hot it would be on the racetrack. >> a lot of fans are hearing like the roar of the engines and not the buzz of a battery. reacting with a stark and drastic change. you're right about that and nassau county darling stone looking tat and -- nascar is looking at it and auto makers and in all of motor sports around the world and how do you be environmentally responsible but just also realize it's in entertainment industry and sights and sounds is what fans really love and talk with folks at nascar and some of the manufacturers of toyota yesterday and ongoing conversations in the next two or three years and see some kind of battery powered electric series and all battery powered enin and i've heard talk of perhaps an
4:36 am
exhibition-type race and not in one of the top three series of the sport. not in my lifetime or your lifetime we'll see it on the cup cars. will: i love that. the buss of the battery around the speedway. >> it's not the same. will: my dream car is your show on 9:00 p.m. eastern time, prime time. what's coming up? >> back for season two and coming up shortly and we'll debut ten episodes and ten families from all around the country restoring a classic car for someone they love and we surprise them with it and went a little international this season and we have american classics too and we fixed up a 1980 corvette and race it had around a nascar track and surprised the life-long fan and it was blown away and that was cool and international harvester scout. i want one of those and more. will: i want on the show and like a k5 blazer, 70s, early 80s
4:37 am
and cheyenne and early dream car. >> i would love to have you on the show. will: my dream car on fox at 9:00 p.m.. thank you, danielle. good to see you. >> you too. will: the mayor of east palestine, ohio, giving us an update on the train derailment flag his town. trying to slam ron desantis and accidental school choice and we act toed biden update next. ♪ we got the house! you did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team.
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pete: joe biden trying to attack joe desantis saying every child in every state should have every opportunity possible. for some that's not the consensus view as they start drying off the track behind us. rachel: that's right. what joe biden didn't realize is he accidently made the basic argument for school choice. will: the florida attorney general is here onset with us in florida with her reaction. good morning. >> great to be with you.
4:42 am
will: good morning. you heard that and saw the tweet from joe biden. what'd you think? >> everybody from bide ton newsom want to comment on florida all the time even when they don't mean to. we're leading in so many areas, it's hard not to comment on how florida is doing and we're one of the top states for school choice and make sure no matter where you live and your income and family history, go to the best educational institution that your parents wish for you to go to. we want to give parental rights to do that and i'm glad he's recognizing there's so much great school choice and how it's so important for families. rachel: yeah, it is a civil rights issue of our time, isn't it? >> it is amazing how -- we've seen the results here in florida and give them a chance at a good education and parents power to be involved and direct how that education proceeds throughout their lives, there's the opportunity for success for everyone and that's what we want. pete: yeah, florida has been a leader in charter schools for a
4:43 am
long time and there's a bill pending hb1 that would effectively create universal education savings account and every parent can choose any school and the dollars follow them. >> that's so parent because as parents we know and i know -- we talk about this as moms, we know what our kids drinks are, where they might need additional help, what larger school, a smaller school, a specialty school. this will allow every family in florida to make that choice. again, florida leads not only in so many areas, law and order, also in education. will: you brought up florida is the topic of conversation. that is true for almost every democratic poll cigs and now as well -- politician and now as well as most of the mainstream media and that come as lot of mis-characterization and that's objective and fair to say whether or not it's the statement of passing a don't say gay bill or whether or not that's now suggesting that florida wants to do away with
4:44 am
black history. how do you -- how do you explain exactly what it is you are doing here amidst so much mis-characterization. >> i'm aging now but in my prior life it's a federal prosecutor and business and judge and we need to pay attention to what's happening in the lives of our citizens and push on businesses and when it comes to what families are forced to live through in the terms of time and they're extremely involved and when they want to make up a narrative and tell me what you're objecting to in this bill. they'll not come back and they can't and some stuff being pushed on our children and
4:45 am
families is apparent and throwing out misinformation or misguided narrative, what do you object to? they can rarely come back. rachel: i love that. an ap african american studies class sounds like a small minutia little thing for a governor of the giant state and so important because that ap class. >> we have to have childrens to teach young children one day that can abolish this and will never happen and not based in reality but ideology and we're trying to stop that here in florida. >> what democrat haves done for
4:46 am
decades is indefense and will going onto see that in the -- indefenseable and you're here to wave the -- says in the tele prompter and the raise the red flaying on fentanyl. >> the chaos at our boarder and total lack of any security at our border and the states are having to deal with the aftermath of that and that includes not only our police officers coming in contact with fentanyl and overdosing and our canine officers overdosing and our children last year there was a report that showed the fastest growing demographic and overdoses age 5-14 years old. a lot of times kids are taking pills from friends, they're getting it on the internet, they don't know what's in it. so we're warning parents, dea said six out of ten pills they're confiscating has a lethal dose of fentanyl. we enlisted the help of mcgraw the crime dog.
4:47 am
a nascar driver is with us and trying to raise the red flag on fentanyl and i hate we have to do this but unfortunately this is the position the president has put us in. will: attorney general ashley moody of florida, thank yous for being with us. starting with sad news from the music world. stunned after the death of country song writer and producer kyle jacobs and he died in a self-inflicted gunshot wound yesterday at his nascar home and shares with his wife former american idol contestant kelly ppickler. she and assistant called 911 after she couldn't enter a locked up stair office space. he was just 49 years old. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is kicking homeless people out of chicago o'hare international airport. the mayor faced heavy criticism this week after photo especially
4:48 am
of homeless sleeping inside the airport were widely shared and yesterday she said "we absolutely fundamentally cannot have people sleeping in our airports who are homeless". reports indicate on cold nights dozens of people could be seen sleeping inside the terminals. surely not past tsa. pete: like in the baggage claim area. will: nascar recruiting college and pro football players to work as pit crew. this is not for promotion this is because they need athletes in the pit. coach phil horton's team placed 55 in the support. it's a great way to look for the athlete and for your career. what are you looking at? you want chris to do it?
4:49 am
will: have you gone down to pitt during the race? they're jacked and so big. pete: if you don't have those kind kind of guys, you don't win. pete: daytona 500 getting i dido start your engines tomorrow. nascar driver and one of the grand marshals of the nascar 500, joey lagano joining us live. first, the apaca. rachel: apaca. pete: apaca high school marching band and joey lagano walking amongst them.
4:50 am
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4:54 am
name on a list of nascar legends like that? >> pretty cool. pete: richard petty and ends with joey lagano and joey jordan and more. >> i'm still a race fan at heart and a race fan before and those were the ones growing up and to have your name on that list to start the daytona 500 i'm in. it's pretty cool. pete: it's because you not only won the daytona 500 in 2015 but you're the champ and reigning champ right now and won last year. >> you have to keep going and can't ever quit or get content with what we did last year. last year was last year and the championship was great but it's last year and we need to move forward and look forward to ways to improve our car and team because our competition is always looking for more. pete: you want to be back-to-back champs now.
4:55 am
that's the goal. >> absolutely. pete: going into the race, you mentioned before we started the segment, there's strategy meetings. what is joey logano's strategy going 200 laps at 200 miles per hour around the track? >> score stages and those continue throughout the whole season and we want those points that go along with that and then you want to survive, get to the end of the 500-mile race and that's hard to do a lot of times and positioning yourself towards the front is the best case scenario. most lickly there'll be a -- likely there'll be a wreck because it's intense and it's the daytona 500 and everyone is racing hard and most likely there'll be a crash and you want to be ahead of it and ups your chance of finishing this thing and if you're there, you're hopefully doing doughnuts at the finish line. pete: psychology to stay out of a wreck to stay in it where there could be another wreck. that's crazy.
4:56 am
daytona 500, 2:30 p.m. eastern time tomorrow and this guy staying gentlemen, start your engines and your own engine and thank you for being with us. >> thank you. pete: still ahead, rachel campos-duffy stakes to the sky withs the thunder birds. we're only at the halfway mark, folks. stay with us. more to come. ♪ i'm a screen addicted tween. and, if i'm not posting on social media, i don't feel seen. oh my god mom, you gotta look... nope. keeping my eyes on the road is paying off with drivewise. bo-ring. get drivewise from allstate and save for avoiding mayhem like me. out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease,
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