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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  February 19, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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i'm not trying to be pessimistic, i'm trying to be realistic if we're not realistic, we can't fix it. we need politicians who understand what is going on. not go along types, i will see you next time, on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ good evening welcome to next reef avenuelus -- revolution, there is a theme, and aw awound accountability, there is a lot going on. we also see it, this is where we start. with a appalling government created environmental past
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catastrophe in east palestine, ohio. who should be held accountable? i know pete buttigieg, he inspires zero confident he has any grip. this case, after waiting over a week to say anything at all, his main contribution seems to have been to tell us nothing too see here because there are a thousand train derailments a year, is that meant to reassure us? is it good or terrible. how many have toxic chemicals, don't ask me said pete. what is going on with the train company, they had other derail ams in the past few months. after poisoning the area, they put all of a townhall. then the ceo, paid 4 half million a year to declare he
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will be reimbursing the residents affected by the derailment. when you do the math, it worked ought about 200 dollars a person. now they say, they will offer a thousand dollar inconvenience checks. it is run by aoc and be bernie sanders, on the other end, government agents, they are secretly run by crazied lib libertarians, taking a break. to engage in patronizing elitism with a dash of incompetence. head of federal epa said if he was there he would say in his home, drink the water and give it to his children, he did not do that he got
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the human hell out of there leaving head of ohio state epa and to admit that contamination made its way to the ohio river, it is okay, he is confident that they are not getting into the customer's water. pretty confident, that is good enough. get it t to your kids. don't worry there is no problem with the air, people of east pal palestine will not believe the burning lungs and eyes and rashes are they getting it is okay. so, first, not about the train derailment, but insane mushroom cloud they created after, who'll believe a word they say when they refuse to publish the result results of the test. you know what is fishy about
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risk aversion and then maddening and pompous announcements for your own safety out of an abundance of caution. in abundance of caution? where is the caution now? they all turned into demented don't be the year or worry about their dead fish are the lifeless chickens just bear your face in that good ohio dirt now gloriously enraged by ethylene cloak glycol honestly in any other situation there is the tiniest thing wrong
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they will start shut you down in california they will not lead to your card list you pay but now they are super chill about chemicals burning in an open ditch in a toxic mushroom cloud and all of this after years of being told we have to walk around with masks on to block virus particles in the air and that brings us to the man who really needs to face accountability for this fiasco the man who in the pandemic kicked children out of school now is pushing them into a place where the risks are massive and obvious to anyone with the slightest common sense the governor of ohio this happened in his state to his people instead of standing up for them this bumbling mr. magoo has gone along with whatever he has been told here
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he was on npr with the decision of releasing the chemicals to set fire. >> my decision was to evacuate people in the area to make sure we had the right modeling and that took place. >> we noticed that we also noticed how he fails to take responsibility one local news articles says the wind ordered norfolk southern to release the hazardous chemicals but another said he approved the operation. so who was in charge? the elected governor or the unelected railroad company? around 40000 norfolk southern and named a good government signed on —- find because he's
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so into good government gave a good government find that gave over $14000 in one year. would you believe it? alan shore's wife was into good government and she gave a good government find $2000 over two separate donations are now it's easier to understand why why his donor the trade company said sure. that for decades of experience has never ever exceeding anything like it. >> never once and 39 years have ever heard of them dumping the chemicals into a trench and lighting them on fire when you laid them on fire you created in danger and hydrogen chloride. >> did he order inadequate evacuation and precautions?
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it looks pretty uncontrolled to me can what they did really be best practice when they take they contain contaminated soil away? mike the wind is acting like a bystander he is supposed to be a participant not a commentator he has been pushed around he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> . >> the controlled release and burn that just disappeared in the atmosphere. >> we don't know what is in regard to that. >> with the local residents reporting other elite on —- ailments that is the common
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flu. imagine how he would have reacted if you said that during the pandemic? he never should have been reelected but now after the disgraceful performance he should resign or be impeached we asked him to come on to explain himself but they declined and directed us to a press release. tell us what you think about mike don't whine on the new free twitter and here with reaction is florida congressman great to see you. we were going to talk about ukraine and we will get to that but just as someone in the national legislature what you make of the situation? >> this is a failure on two parts it is a failure of leadership and and i can tell
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you has a commander of 27 years of military experience as a former business owner if you have a crisis and then you are sharing we should and see that president and the transportation secretary involved greedy on —- breathing the same air drinking the same water and staying in the same hotels. visiting people's homes and if you will convince them it is safe for them then go ahead and share and ingest that all yourself. and if this is the failure i don't think enough people are
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talking about a lot of this should be a pipeline. and then the real lobby and the truck lobby and those may be fine. but there needs to be a balance and we all know that biden administration has been at war to the pipelines shutting down and from a policy standpoint that deserves another look from congress. >> and one of those hidden things that president trump is into end of sex with. >> and when when biden was waging this war.
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>> and then the bureaucrats are risk reverse on —- risk-averse and then it's all for your own safety but it is so relaxed what explains all of this? >> we have a politicized bureaucracy in washington and so what was the failure of the part of the transportation administration and the epa it seems to be a laws a fair attitude it's not fair of the people love if they should
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have left is to be dealt with in another we ways then we need the objective technocratic bureaucracy to do so not one that is overly influence. >> good to see on this and we will see you later but let's bring in our fox news contributor. >> . >> and there is nothing like being at ground zero and in the backyard at the epicenter of their derailment. and then you talk about the vinyl chloride and the suppose it controlled burn and there are moments in the lady that was interviewing you can smell
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the chemicals in the air. her son was with her there were children in the neighborhood there was so much confusion they were told to go away and then you can only others were told one day you are my other half out you don't need to evacuate and i can see the photographs they took up the plumage look like a small atomic plan. and then we were walking along. and then maybe about 1 mile or 2 miles from the epicenter where they had derailed there were fish and dead frogs and other dead creatures and crawfish internet stream about 2 miles up of 170. so you have to wonder the
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water toward the wells that communities that was a big concern for a lot of the residence there. >> and that the wells in our community were susceptible because there was not enough clear on —- not enough play between the well in the ground. i first were not days my children have them drink the water out of the wells. steve: this is the guy that kept kids out of school. and now what do they think about how he handles this?
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>> let me tell you. and that was discussed it with how the governor handle that situation and i handle dozens of people they were very frustrated and abandoned. and the governor did not even comprehend their concerns as citizens they were saying they didn't even want to live in their homes anymore. when they don't just the government at all. steve: he has to be held accountable great to see you. >> i'm not trying to weigh in on every twist and turn of the presidential primary for those failures that when you hear something like this.
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>> we were faced with a worse pandemic and 100 years. >> know you didn't it wasn't under the pandemic and i'm sick of this attempt trying to rewrite history all that money was spent with a lockdown like the virus itself if you believe the evidence and entirely avoidable then to run around talk about a natural disaster is offensive he is a total fraud with his endless fathering bothering her he can run it has basically already started. he should be given the time of day we will be right back.
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steve: welcome back we are all about to be subjected to an orgy of media coverage of the one-year anniversary of russia invasion of ukraine. now with everything you see to hold the right people accountable there's more than 100,000 ukrainian troops
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civilians have been lost in those military humanitarian and military assistance from the american and taxpayer. seen in everything from gas prices to food costs. for unaccountable were trying one —- were crimes and atrocities and murdering pregnant women of tiny babies. it's only ridiculous to blame anybody for putin for puritans were but it's ridiculous to deny the fact he only fell able to wage the war because of the weakness of one man, joe biden. that cause the death and destruction disruption none of this one of happened unless biden was in the white house. and of the pathetic and unprincipled president flying
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to poland and then fighting for their freedom not never let biden forget it is his weakness i gave putin the green night as far back as 2014 that he and charge of ukraine policy totally failed to stand up to put on desperate to —- with putin to crimea and they did nothing the last time he invaded ukraine then came afghanistan. and then who invited putin. and then threatening but never actually implementing sanctions. and then to go through with the plan and then this. and comprehensively they irresponsibility and
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ineptitude. >> and then we end up having a fight about what to do. with a quarter of a million dead but instead of facing accountability. is preening himself of how he valley the west he would not need have saving to have a half decent present in the office and what trump new and then peace through strength instead we have were through weakness. now by? and with the recently proposed peace deals do we have enough to keep the war going but not enough to end it we are stuck in this meyer.
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>> we will support ukraine as long as it takes. >> we will stand with ukraine for as long as it takes. >> as long as it takes what does that mean? another 20 year foreign entanglement. how many more billions of dollars will be sent? hearing about encryption where is the accountability? what does this mean for our own defense capacity we are running out of ammo for our ability to determine a big threat to america, china in here to help us with these vital questions member of the house arms services committee along with indiana congressman come i will start with you.
6:27 pm
it seems that putin has a clear strategy of wait everyone out and then in the end he will get his way that biden seems to have no strategy at all. >> steve, i thank you are absolutely right that is biden take that victory lap and patting himself on the back from the one-year anniversary we need to understand that putin apsley launched a brutal and just atrocious for. however we also need to fully recognize that it failed in a massive way leading up to this invasion from the white house from the projected weakness that allowed putin to believe he could get away with it being sanctions on the nordstrom to pipeline and the
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attack on our pipeline that was met with nothing with a summit any handed a piece of paper and said to do this anymore than blatantly stated the troops would be committed so there is no consequences there of course it's all sitting on the 2014 response with the obama biden administration and then got away with it back then and then on top of afghanistan and then putin thought he could get away with this. and then throwing arms and munitions after a whole city had been leveled is the wrong answer in my fear is that this will be applied when it comes to taiwan and rather than on
6:29 pm
the front and we will react on the backend with a month before the war started in all we heard was it was too provocative we can't do anything it is to ask inventory and what did that do? that projected weakness and that was provocative and ask inventory and as long as we have this appeasement mentality in the white house you will continue to see our enemies. >> so what you make of this phrase as long as it takes? >> look. i don't want one —- i want to be clear i don't think we cannot do nothing as long as they are willing to do the fighting and dying and that is in our interest however our strategy cannot be completely
6:30 pm
open-ended and tell zelensky decides he wants to go to the negotiating table because as long as we provide the support he will seek as much advantage as he can to the negotiating table and separately steve, we have decimated the russian army. it is time when it comes to china we take our forces and drive down our forces and send them to the pacific in germany needs to step up and if we paid for the decimation of russian military i think western modern european armies can handle it on their own. >> a quick point of fact but the fact i just looked up this weekend the biggest country after the us contributed is the uk given 4 billion it is
6:31 pm
massive the biggest after us. thank you doing great to see you so now let's bring in the congresswoman talking about the invasion because you were raising these concerns about what is actually happening and demanding oversight and accountability. if i recall they tried to shut you up in washington? >> thank you. because it's important the american people had so much and if those people succeed we have to make sure that the weapons get to the right causes in the right people in the ukrainian people fighting that tough battle with their own corrupt government with
6:32 pm
their leadership we have new leadership and that's when we took advantage of the situation and unfortunately we don't create any deterrence is with a very weak foreign-policy and then we spend a lot of money. >> what is your review? what happens next? we will be there as long as it takes? >> it shouldn't take very long. because it also cost a lot of lives so to get to the table we need to be more proactive so he understands what it will be because those grandiose statements she is see what was delivered and then fighting a
6:33 pm
lot of things. and then he will decide because if he understands he will lose the war he will not let it happen. and then to drag our feet was a lot of talk and no action we have a lot of very weak leaders and unfortunately our president has a lot of people in his administration we can political be did the same when obama was in charge in the same people for foreign-policy. >> you are the first and alone voice speaking up about the accountability question of where our money is going the republican house is moving in behind you we will see where that goes and stay in touch. thank you very much we will be right back. who has more iihs top safety pick plus awards, the highest level of safety you can earn?
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♪ this feels so right... ♪ adt systems now feature google products like the nest cam with floodlight, with intelligent alerts when a person or familiar face is detected. sam. sophie's not here tonight. so you have a home with no worries. brought to you by adt. steve: so social media has been a social disaster so finally congress is taking seriously asking their real questions how young is too young for kids to be on social media why are they targeting children and what should we do
6:39 pm
about it? we see more evidence of harm being done with the new cdc study showing how devastating social media has been to the mental health and well-being of young girls no question you hurts our kids and for what? what is the benefit of the new addiction? people say it's up to the parents. that is true but parents need help when every other kid is on social media it's hard for every other parent to say no. it's high time the leaders do their jobs to help parents protect children. and then to battle fiercely great to see you. >> i'm not relaxed at all. i know you are in favor to curb some of this traditionally i have been in favor of that with enforcement of that libertarian streak
6:40 pm
does allow me to govern one —- and invite the government in. so as we have had this conversation. i have been a teenage daughter and a son who was a young adult but i'm more concerned from a teenage daughter. and look at those social contagions or how they become contagions through social media. that is a critical issue of our time. but that is the forum for these tricky issues and every parent is like the number one concern in terms of the impact on so many aspects of life. with a specific conversation
6:41 pm
for no social media under 16 and those social media companies who should be responsible for enforcing that? >> i don't know how the law would force that even now instagram has age limits but anybody can my and say how old they are to get on there. that being said i would be in favor of laws or and apparatus which explains to parents how social media companies target young people and how they work their algorithms. i would be in favor of more transparency putting the onus on the social media companies. i know a lot of parents are not aware of all of the shady shifty things that social
6:42 pm
media companies do to target your child with messages but not feel comfortable with them seeing if you knew what they were looking at. you can do a lot to monitor your child social media but you cannot get around the algorithm it is a forest bigger than any of us at this point. >> it is a massive concern and hopefully there will be some progress. >> it's incredibly important of how to be out there with the battle of ideas. really important message. thank you and we will be back after the short break. with flonase, allergies don't have to be scary. spray flonase sensimist daily for non-drowsy, long lasting relief in a scent-free, gentle mist. (psst psst) flonase. all good.
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steve: surprise surprise. a new gallup survey really say americans are much more concerned about the issue of
6:48 pm
immigration and i wonder what that could be? to pull stood out over the last two years there has been a massive rise and those with less immigration and a drop of those who want more. americans are not happy without biden and how he is handling the immigration. the first they should check the facts americans across the both parties have limited in immigration and voted to decrease. it has down becoming extremely and extremely anti- immigration with that inevitable trend the direct result of biden and the democrats open border ideology. look at these two charts side-by-side but for some reason americans are more comfortable between 2016 through 2021. what is going on between then?
6:49 pm
we how that racist president and to put it another way a president who cared about border security and did something about it. is the perfect illustration i have made over and over again. public consent for immigration depends on government control of immigration. i am proud immigration my parents were immigrants from the uk. so when you have uncontrolled immigration it is not fairness but a free-for-all because people cut the line there is chaos when millions who walk across supporter. this is all deliberate and what by did in the democrats wanted.
6:50 pm
>> immediately i believe if we search the border of course we see the impact of borders ideology but the unprecedented numbers of italy with nearly 5 million pounds to kill 100 million seized just this year and that's a fraction of what is getting through. to see the impact we will be
6:51 pm
right back.
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is over our country for eight days was significant and very serious. it was a very serious national security breach. i was in montana. i was in the area where that's by balloon had traversed. there are 150, i c b m nuclear silos there, but i think what the american people should even be more concerned about is the fact that the united states has failed on multiple fronts. with china. we've seen the ongoing proxy. i believe it's a proxy war against us with the chinese as fentanyl pours across our border, killing hundreds of thousands of americans every year. 100,000 americans losing their lives, and now there's poison counterfeit pills all
6:58 pm
over our streets. we see the same issue with chinese companies coming into the united states and placing their technology and our cellular towers like they did in montana around those icbm nuclear sites . we also see how china and using middlemen and strawman have purchased over 200,000 acres of prime agricultural land inside the united states. inside our country and near some of our very sensitive military installations, and i think what was even more interesting to me. i was going over the congressional budget office reporting the fact that we're expanding government and you know, the biden administration just can't help . it wants to be the biggest expansion of government ever. but what was the most important thing was the fact that we reduced our defense spending, so we're looking at a reduction in defense spending. while our adversaries
6:59 pm
>> bidens that given us biggest expansion of government.
7:00 pm
the democratic establishment was desperate to stop bernie sanders, we got the bernie agenda anyway, the biden presidency, is a total fraud. there you are, we said we were try to bring you accountability, we hope we delivered, we'll see you next sunday. trey: good evening thank youjoin for joining us, i am trey gowdy it's sunday night in america, we begin with foxin news alert. former president jimmy carter has enters hospice care. tributes are pouring in for the 98-year-old. he served a single term eventually losing to ronald reagan in 1980.


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