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tv   America Reports  FOX News  February 20, 2023 10:00am-11:01am PST

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into a different direction. i want to help those kids who might never make it out of that path without art. experience that light too. just one day can make a lifetime of difference. i'm so grateful to have met j.o., see him shining his light to those kids and giving back to their community in this way. we need so many more people like j.o. >> amen. >> thank you all. don't forget to dvr the show. here is "america reports." >> we have had headaches, we have had dizziness upon returning from home. >> we get smells all the time, they'll just pop up and sometimes they are really toxic smelling, chemical, sometimes a burn smell. >> bigger concern, is it going to be continually tested. because maybe it's ok today, but is it going to be ok long-term? >> all fair questions now, ohio residents growing incredibly frightened over their health and
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the future of their community after the toxic train derailment. it has up ended life in the quiet town of east palestine. >> as health workers scramble to open medical clinics to help those affected by the disaster, biden administration is facing growing backlash for a response critics say too little too late. whether it's a growing pattern of the administration ignoring concerns of middle america and mollie hemingway with sound off. >> the scene a lot of americans woke up to, "america reports" with president biden making a dramatic visit to ukraine's capital city before that country marks one year since putin invaded. good afternoon from new york city, on this president's day, i'm bill hemmer and jacqui, good
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to be with you. >> good to be with you, too, bill. john and sandra have the day off. the president's risky trip to the war zone was in secret due to security services. air raid sirens sounded above, his meeting with president zelenskyy to show continued support. >> bill: it comes as russia gets ready to launch a major spring offense. and secretary of state antony blinken suggests china will support russia with lethal aid from beijing. chief international correspondent, steve, it is nightfall in kyiv. how dangerous was this trip for the president? >> bill, this city is still part of an active war zone, air raid silence go off, things explode,
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buildings get hit and people get killed here. this morning when we saw president biden and zelenskyy walking in the monastery behind me and the air raid sirens went off, it was unsettling. no sign of any destruction, but unlike previous u.s. presidential visits to war zones like iraq and afghanistan, u.s. does not have troops on the ground, control of the sky, so i think the risk was real there. and keep in mind, the white house says they did inform russia about this visit several hours before it happened. and president biden after meeting with zelenskyy announced another $500 million worth of military aid for ukraine, including a lot of artillery and radar systems as well. no talk about jets as of yet. president biden also took some credit for accurately predicting russia would attack, and marshal
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forces around the world to help ukraine in the past year. >> i asked you what is there, mr. president, what can i do for you, how can i be of help. and i don't know if you remember what you said to me, but you said, and i quote, gather the leaders of the world, ask them to support ukraine. >> president zelenskyy said this visit by biden comes really at a critical time when russia is just trying to launch a major offensive in the east. so far they have been throwing everything at it, thousands of troops, including those just released from prison, as well as artillery, but so far the gains have just been incremental, and it comes as there have been repeated warnings from u.s. officials about china, perhaps supplying lethal aid to russia. here is the secretary of state. >> this would be a real problem
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for china and relationships with other countries, not just the united states. so, we hope and expect that they will forebear from going down that road. >> and there are real fears that china begins to supply russia with arms, with ammunition, this war, which is already so deadly and has no clear end in sight, could only lengthen. bill, back to you. >> expert analysis coming up, too. thank you, steve, in kyiv. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg has finally taken action, wrote a letter to norfolk southern railroad, demanding the families affected in the disaster area, but three weeks since it happened and he
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has yet to visit east palestine, sparking calls from critics. more on the political fallout, but first lucas tomlinson is live in east palestine, ohio, and lucas, residents are reporting headaches and also other symptoms. >> that's right, jacqui. just a wide range of emotions here on the ground in east palestine as you can imagine. many people don't trust what the government and norfolk southern is telling them. kayla miller lives three miles south of her. >> we are not getting any of the help and honestly, it's not even the financial part, that's not going to fix this. but it's kind of the principle of it. some of us have closer addresses than some of them with the same zip code. >> norfolk southern has been handing out thousand dollars checks, but only in the zip code. clean-up efforts continue in
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town after the massive derailment less than a mile from where i'm standing two weeks ago. some residents from appreciated what norfolk southern is doing, others are angry. not everyone in the small town of 4700 is scared or even feeling sick. we spoke to the head of the youth basketball program here in town, he had to cancel a basketball tournament here over the weekend, robbing kids of a chance to compete, kids back in school in person for a week now. >> our sports program in east palestine has had a series of cancellations that have drastically affected our sports program. a series of tournaments that bring in a ton of revenue for our district. >> how much? >> about $40,000, that was canceled because of the hysteria because no teams wanted to come to east palestine. >> the state of ohio and h.h.s. are opening up a free medical clinic, that opens tomorrow. jacqui. >> a lot of questions about the
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thousand dollars checks, does it preclude them from suing in the future, come with conditions. >> we have been told it doesn't. >> bill: thank you, lucas. sir, i want to get -- republicans are going after the administration because the president has not been there, secretary buttigieg has not been there. listen to the trio first. >> secretary of transportation needs to focus on real problems, not fake problems and until he does, people are going to wonder whether he's doing his job. >> i don't know what the guy needs do to get fired. asleep at the switch, no pun intended. >> if you can't step up, it's time to step down. >> bill: going into this week three of this, sir, was it a mistake not to go there? >> i think we need to step back a few steps here. this is a problem caused by
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norfolk southern. they created this problem, their train system broke down, they destroyed a large part of this town, and they have contaminated a large part of this town. it is their responsibility. outfederal government does have a role in this. people have said fema is late. fema does not come in until the state government declares a disaster declaration, a whole series of steps and when the governor finally did that, then fema did step forward. with regard to buttigieg, what is he going to bring by arriving in the town that he cannot do outside of that town? the fact of the matter is that the problem here lies with the congress of the united states and the republicans back in the trump administration that stopped the safety rules that were supposed to go into place for the railroad systems across this country. now, we need to go forward. buttigieg needs to get in gear
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and the safety regulations. yes, it would be nice for him to go there, what would that solve? >> bill: the c.e.o. of norfolk southern went there over the weekend. but a signal to the town that washington has their back. >> well, washington does have their back. it does indeed. and now that fema declaration has been put forward by the government, fema is there as are the clinics that you just describe. those things are happening. but we need to be really cognizant here that yes, the c.e.o. arrived, talked to maybe a half dozen people, then left town because according to what the news reports are, he was concerned for his safety. well, i'm sorry about his safety but it is the safety of those citizens that his train company caused. and i would be very, very cautious before i took $1,000 check from the company, probably
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signing away my rights to any additional support. >> bill: we have heard about the warnings to be careful. can i ask about you china. antony blinken talked to his counterpart, they called the spy balloon hysterical, and the u.s. is not qualified to give orders to china, never accept u.s. criticism, even coercion and pressure on china and beijing looks like it may power up the war in ukraine, and looks like the relationship is in the wrong direction. how do you read it? >> certainly we have problems with china. taiwan and the other pacific area, big problem, no doubt. but china better be very, very careful who they get in bed with. they are getting in bed with an ultimate loser. russia is isolated in the world community. isolated in europe.
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the european union, nato and others are all strongly unified and supported against russia. not just in ukraine, but also with sanctions. similarly, china could find itself in a similar situation, where they are isolated. we are already seeing this across the western pacific that the countries in the western pacific are very, very concerned about china's increasing aggressiveness in that area, so china, yeah, it was their balloon, yes, there was hysteria here in america for sure and the president ultimately is pushing back very strongly on that, as he should and as he must. you can debate whether that balloon should have shot down sooner or later. but the reality is we gained a lot of information and china is on notice about its balloons or any other espionage. >> bill: it appears the majority would have liked to have seen it sooner rather than later. thank you, sir.
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jacqui, over the weekend with regard to the other three balloons, some suggest we are not going to know the truth where they were, who they belong to or whether they will find them. >> might not know much more than the bottle cap balloon brigade told us last week. and there was some concern the meeting would not happen because of the rhetoric from both sides, will we see the call between biden and xi. >> bill: he did talk about that last week. we will try to get more answers where it's headed momentarily. stay tuned for that coming up here. jacqui. >> fox news alert, another massive earthquake has struck southern turkey as recovery crews are there still searching through the rubble for victims of the historic earthquakes that devastated that region two weeks ago, killing nearly 45,000
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people. rescue officials now scavenging through newly collapsed buildings for survivors, and warning of more aftershocks being possible. more than a million people remain homeless as turkish leaders struggled to help those in need. >> bill: the border crisis is going beyond mexico and to the nation's coasts. more migrants looking to enter the u.s. by sea, stacking small rafts and boats overwhelming agents in the florida keys. we'll take you there life and how officials are stepping up their own efforts to intercept the makeshift vessels. >> florida governor desantis rallying law enforcement in deep blue cities as rumors of a run for president continue to swirl. will backing the blue be a pivotal issue in the 2024 campaign. byron york on that coming up. >> police officers and police
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>> bill: we were watching this earlier today, that's a wild scene over the weekend in austin, texas. street racers taking over a major intersection, cars doing donuts as people shoot off fireworks. they had it all going on. one police officer injured, several squad cars damaged. it happened while the city's police and 911 system deals with what they are calling an unprecedented staffing shortage. it doesn't help.
10:20 am
a city councilmember reported being on hold with 911 about 30 minutes before finally getting through in austin, texas. >> the reason why you have what you have in some of these other jurisdictions is because they are putting woke ideology ahead of your safety as new yorkers, or people from illinois or wherever you have this type of policy taking place. >> jacqui: ron desantis slamming new york's soft on crime bail laws as he meets with law enforcement officers in deep blue cities who feel they are unsupported by local officials. the tour comes amid rumors he's gearing up for a presidential campaign in the coming weeks. will it help him gain support among republican primary voters. byron york, fox news contributor, thank you for being with us. >> good to be here.
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>> jacqui: this is not iowa, new hampshire, but clear he's laying the ground work. >> looks like a way to run for president without officially running for president. there is no doubt about it. smart to go to blue states, he's not going to iowa, he's not going to new hampshire, not going to south carolina where it would be clear to everybody that he's actually campaigning, but go to blue states and hit on an issue that has sky high support, which is support for police, sky high support among republicans. >> i want to bring up a recent poll to show what you are talking about here. crime is an issue of high importance to all voters, i think it was 80% of voters ranking it as extremely or very concerning as an issue, following just after inflation and high prices as a top concern. but we are talking about a presidential run potentially, and biden's been pretty vocal in
10:22 am
trying to distinguish himself from other democrats in his support for police. is it smart for desantis to begin this tour on an issue where, you know, maybe he could have gone after biden harder than, for instance, state and local officials who are to blame for these bail laws? >> probably smart to do this because democrats as a whole have had a hard time completely distancing themselves from the whole defund the police movement. many of them did not embrace it at the time, but some did, and a lot did support reducing resources for police departments and moving them into social services or other city expenditures. so there was a lot of support for this, and it has coincided with an increase in crime in a lot of places and crime is one of the issues, when it's a problem, when it's a big problem, it's almost the only problem. if you are in a high crime area
10:23 am
you are very worried about it, and if you don't have it, you are worried it's coming to your place. it's a winner for almost any republican candidate. >> jacqui: desantis is trying to show florida as an example how he would lead. is starting out in democratic-run states and cities at all risky when you have, for instance, i think it was in new york, you had people protesting his presence, calling up, you know, issues and legislation that they have a problem with, calling, i think the governor of illinois called him homophobic ahead of his trip to chicago. does this come with as many risks as it does benefits? >> well, i think in some cases desantis has, for a republican, he has some of the right enemies. so if he has democrats screaming about the "don't say gay" thing, then that's probably not bad for him. also he's going now to new york, pennsylvania, and illinois.
10:24 am
how many people are there in new york, pennsylvania and illinois who have either moved to florida or they have family members or close friends who have moved to florida. their connections between florida and certainly all of the northeast where so many people have moved to florida, is, desantis would say, voting for your feet in favor of florida's governance. >> jacqui: a lot more people will jump in the race in the coming weeks and it's interesting because a lot of strategists will say people at this point in time you think might be at the front, might not end up being at the front but he seems highly supported. >> he does, and he has not come out and said any of this, never said i'm running, as i said before, he really has not been going to iowa, new hampshire or south carolina but does have a book coming out at the end of this month, looks like a classic campaign book, a bit biography, a bit of a description what he's done in florida, making his
10:25 am
case. it's as if he's making his case to the voters of america as a presidential candidate. >> jacqui: we will keep reading the tea leaves until we get the announcement. >> bill: migrant crisis meanwhile not stopping at the southern border. customs and border protection reporting a surge of migrant crossings at the northern border with canada, canada, 56,000 encounters since this fiscal year began back on the 1st of october. officials are asking agents to help from the southern border to help in the north, but now even beyond the land borders. a massive influx of migrants from haiti and cuba trying to get to the u.s. by boat. br br bryan is in the florida keys. what did you see, bryan. >> good afternoon. i found out the extent of the crisis and the dangers people
10:26 am
put themselves through to come to the united states. behind me are three makeshift migrant vessels that have washed ashore. we are told there are hundreds just like them up and down the florida keys. the u.s. coast guard says they have encountered nearly 8,000 haitian and cuban migrants in the last four months, more than every year going back to at least 2017. >> overcrowded homemade boats filled with hundreds of haitians and cubans are intercepted day and night. it's a border crisis best seen from the sky. a coast guard plane patrolling the waters off the coast of florida. >> we have been a lot busier than usual, every other day more vessels, more vessels. >> advanced cameras and radar help the crew spot the vessels. >> we have been able to pick up marine life from even 30 miles away with the camera technology. >> people are often found after drifting for days in the open ocean, dehydrated a
10:27 am
and malnourished. >> waving their shirts or flags to get our attention. >> human traffickers are even leaving migrants stranded on islands. >> we happened to spot s.o.s. in the sand, we were able to circle and they emerged. >> fly as low as 250 feet above the ocean, they can drop life vests, food and water to migrants. >> being rescued is bittersweet for migrants who fall short of reaching the united states, but live to see another day. >> i definitely feel that we are making an impact and helping save lives out here. >> back out here live, you are looking at some sort of car engine that's been gerry rigged on to this makeshift migrant vessel. you can see the clothes left behind.
10:28 am
we are told at least 19 migrants used this vessel to arrive here in the florida keys and this vessel, they used surf boards, styrofoam, paddle boards, and some 95 people have died or are missing this year trying to make the crossing. governor ron desantis has called in the national guard. bill. >> bill: interesting stuff, bryan, really good. thank you. >> jacqui: breaking news on alec baldwin. the actor catching quite a legal break. a live report on why prosecutors are rethinking their case against him following the deadly shooting on his movie set. >> bill: also, jacqui, a deeper dive where the war in ukraine stands as it nears the one year mark since putin invaded. michael allen has the analysis you don't want to miss, next. all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future.
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>> jacqui: fox news alert, actor alec baldwin handed a major win in the case of the deadly movie set shooting. the santa fe county d.a. dropped the original charges after the cinematographer was killed with a gun. he says he did not know it was loaded and didn't know it was his job to check. matt finn is live in los angeles with the breaking details for us. matt. >> jacqui, last month the santa fe district attorney announced the office was going to charge alec baldwin with involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of huctchins. and one firearm enhancement could have landed him in prison up to six and a half years if convicted. but now, the new mexico d.a.'s office confirms to fox news the
10:34 am
firearm enhancement in the second charge against baldwin has been dropped, meaning baldwin could face much less, if any prison time if convicted. in a statement to fox news, the new mexico d.a. office writes in part, in order to avoid further distractions by mr. baldwin and his attorneys, the district attorney and the special prosecutor have removed the firearm enhancement to the involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of halyna hutchins. it's for the process, not big billable hours. earlier this month, they said it was unlawful in baldwin's case. at the time of the fatal shooting, the new mexico law require a suspect display a firearm with the intent to intimidate or injure, but he brandished it for the movie
10:35 am
scene, not to hurt anyone. and the current version of the enhanced gun law was not enacted until seven months after baldwin's shooting. jacqui. >> jacqui: all right. matt, thank you for the breaking details in santa fe, new mexico, thanks, matt. >> sure. >> bill: that was the scene president biden touring the streets of kyiv with president zelenskyy earlier today, he was met with the repeated sounds of air raid sirens, illustrates the dangers of the trip. michael allen, senior director for counter proliferation strategy at the national security council. dana and i were on earlier today with general jack keane and i asked him, are we in this same
10:36 am
place getting ready to talk about the dawn of year three for this war? and his answer was yes, unless something changes. how would you answer that? >> well, there is something to that. i think the biden administration needs to speed up the transfer of weapons to the ukrainians. they are playing it too safe, they are too worried about what vladimir putin might do, and by the way, a war of attrition, something that is grinding and slow, only benefits the russians because the thing that the russians have in excessive quantities is, of course, people. they'll continue to speed soldiers into the system, the ukrainians need to be able to kill them quickly and expeditiously and retake territory so at the end of 2023 they are in a lot better position to begin to think about how to end this war. >> bill: two specific questions here, what i saw earlier today before the sun came up, jake
10:37 am
sullivan said the white house notified moscow of biden's travel to kyiv. is that standard operating procedure to make sure that things don't go sideways? >> yes. i think it was definitely for deconfliction purposes and just to let them know that hey, listen, our head of state is coming into this war zone and you better not do anything that would put our party at risk, so i think it was totally normal and appropriate to do so. >> bill: back to your first answer, to do what you want, you need more american taxpayer dollars and we have contributed a pretty high amount. how do you make the case to the american people that still in the national interest to continue this war, which could go on for several more years if the general is correct, and your observation is right, too. >> well, i hope that we'll double down here in the coming months so that it won't take several more years, but the national interest is clear in at least two respects.
10:38 am
one, if we don't put weapons transfers on the ground, we might have to do soldiers later. what do i mean by that, we might, if russia had rolled westward, they might be on the doorstep of nato and we would have had to deploy tens of thousands of troops to ensure this they wouldn't have invaded nato. ukraine is a buffer against this reckless putin regime and that's in our interest. and by the way, russia is our second greatest adversary and the ukrainian military is degrading their forces for much less than we pay annually to deal with russia in another type of situation, so honestly, this is actually a cost effective way to keep the russians in check so we may be able to pivot to china to give it the attention it deserves as a threat to the u.s. >> bill: michael, one last question, think about vladimir putin, tomorrow he will make a substantial speech, and it will
10:39 am
make major headlines. what does he say, what are his aims for, let's say, the next 12 months? >> i think he's going to have a series of aims where he says here is the minimum of what i need. i need four provinces in the south, i need to keep crimea and i need to make substantial gains in the east. we are going to look at that, and say it does not make any sense, too ambitious for russia to achieve, and assure the chinese do not get in this on the side of the russians. >> bill: easier said than done, based on some reporting from beijing, they could be ready to fire up a lot more weapons in russia's direction. last comment, quickly, michael. >> we have to keep them on the sidelines, warn them of sanctions and diplomatic embarrassment. even the cold and calculating chinese need allies. >> bill: michael allen, thank you. talk soon.
10:40 am
>> jacqui: the nation's longest living president, jimmy carter, now in hospice care in his georgia home. more on his legacy. >> bill: and economic expert is warning of a possible no win scenario for the u.s. economy. robert wolf and steve moore have a few ideas on that, on what might happen and what it will mean for your bottom line. >> they are still pushing more spending, pushing, putting 1,000 bucks in people's checks if you are born after 2005. they still want to get rid of the debt, you know, eliminate the debt for student loans. all of those things add to inflation. veteran homeowners: what if you could save a lot of money every month by paying off your car loan and paying off your high rate credit card debt? and still have cash left over to put in the bank? with a newday 100 va cash out loan, you could do it all. take out an average of $70,000 - with no upfront fees. no upfront appraisal fees, termite inspection, or water test fee. because a veteran shouldn't have to
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so it's decided, we'll park even deeper into parking spaces so people think they're open. surprise. [ laughs ] [ horn honks, muffled talking ] -can't hear you, jerry. -sorry. uh, yeah, can we get a system where when someone's bike is in the shop, then we could borrow someone else's? -no! -no! or you can get a quote with america's number-one motorcycle insurer and maybe save some money while you're at it. all in favor of that. [ horn honking ] there's a lot of buttons and knobs in here. >> bill: nice to have you with us on this president's day.
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former president jimmy carter choosing to spend his final days at home, receiving hospice care after a series of recent trips to the hospital. jonathan is in carter's hometown of plains, georgia, getting a lot of focus right now. hello. >> hi there, bill. the carter center says the former president is moving to home hospice care with the full support of his family and his medical staff. he is garnering a huge outpouring of support from everyday americans, world leaders, including president biden who tweeted we admire you for the strength and humility you have shown in difficult times. may you continue your journey with grace and dignity and god grant you peace. as the longest living u.s. president in history, jimmy carter continued to build on his legacy long after leaving office. >> i just hope there's good that
10:46 am
continues, you know, it's like he's my uncle, so you know, i'm real partial to how i feel about how wonderful he is, but we have to keep his legacy going. >> you know, after he left the white house, the former president remained accessible to the public on weekends, tourists would gather at a small baptist church here in plains to listen to him teach sunday school while undergoing cancer treatment back in 2015. he told attendees at that sunday school class that he was at peace with whatever would happen. but back then he made a full recovery and was able to continue serving for many more years. in health, he always tried to remain active and serve his community and the world. bill. >> bill: jonathan, thank you. a lot of people hoping for the best here. jonathan, thanks. >> jacqui: quite the legacy he
10:47 am
had. a new jersey restaurant sparking a food fight after saying no kids allowed. a growing debate as parents are seeking other options and family friendly restaurants are competing for their business. >> bill: good luck with that. woke activists forced a law school to remove the name of a financial donor. great, great grandson is saying if you don't want the name, give back the money. leo terrell and the multi-billion dollar demand. we switched to liberty mutual and saved $652. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. with the money we saved, we thought we'd try electric unicycles. whoa! careful, babe! saving was definitely easier. hey babe, i think i got it! it's actually... whooooa! ok, show-off! help! oh! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ pain was keeping me from being fully present with my family.
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♪♪ >> bill: classic movie there. all right, cancel culture coming for willy wonka and other books by the author, removing words like fat, ugly, crazy and mad. not to mention mother, father, men and female, along with black, white, and weird, all in the name of diversity to avoid defending any readers. i don't know how they strung sentences together after you
10:52 am
took them all out, but that's what's left over, jacqui. >> jacqui: kids are going to hear these words in their lives at some point or another and the message in a lot of the books, how do you deal with it. so, question left now is what are we teaching? how are they dealing with it? >> bill: they did not touch the ever lasting gob stopper. >> jacqui: great, great grandson of a major donor is demanding the university of richmond pay $3.6 billion back after woke activists pushed them to remove the name t.c. williams from the law school because he owned slaves. leo terrell is a civil rights attorney and fox news contributor. thank you for being with us, leo. read you a couple of quotes here first from the letter that this great, great grandson sent to the university president. he says the value of these gifts
10:53 am
is 3.6 billion, he's talking about the money the family donated. so, 150 years plus of compounded returns adds up to the university's endowment, he says, 3.3 b 3.3 billion and says since you and your activists went out of your way to discredit the williams' name and presumably the money is tainted, demonstrate your virtue and give it all back. what do you think is going to happen here, leo? what are the chances that university follows through? >> well, i'll tell you right now, i don't think the university is going to give the money back, jacqui, at all. i think the lawsuit is a novel lawsuit. ethically, the attorney has a good case. it's fraud. they wanted the money from this family, and they basically induced this family to give the money. now they have discredited, disfamed this family, and what it's all about? political correctness, jacqui.
10:54 am
this gentleman is from virginia, and because he was a slave owner they want to strip his name. end game is simple. thomas jefferson was from virginia, he wrote the declaration of independence, they are going after the presidents of the united states, and what i find this is woke and it's important for the lawsuit b to pursued for the purpose of exposing the phoneiness of the so-called trustees. i'm pretty sure they have skeletons in their closets. >> jacqui: interesting to me, keep the money, just rename the school for t.c. williams, jr., the son of t.c. williams and then move on from this. he didn't own any slaves. is that a satisfactory offer? where does that land for you? >> i think it's a great compromise because look, jacqui, this family has had a history of donating money to the school and let's be very clear. blacks, browns, whites, have
10:55 am
benefitted from that money. this school welcomes everyone of all different colors, plus this family hired black people in their companies. so i think it's a great compromise. the university is under political left wing pressure, jacqui, and that is the reason why they made this rule. this family that has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars is being punished and again, jefferson, from the state of virginia had slaves, that's the end game, they are going after every president because this is wokism and extreme. they want to eliminate and wipe out american history, that will never happen and i applaud this attorney for filing this lawsuit, jacqui. >> jacqui: interesting to see if it has an impact on other school's decisions, maybe they are weighing a similar choice and whether the lawsuit changes their approach in some way. we'll keep watching it. thanks so much for being with us.
10:56 am
>> bill: vladimir putin set to address his country after president biden's trip to ukraine. russian forces gearing up for a spring offensive, may be dependent on weapons from china to succeed. rebecca breaks down how the united states should respond with the united states foes joining voices. and "america reports" rolls on next. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no. he's making real-time money moves with merrill. so no matter what the market's doing, he's ready. and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. in a world, where dry eye symptoms... keep... coming... back... inflammation in the eye might be to blame. feel the ache and burn! one man learns the truth... over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes. they may provide temporary relief...
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>> jacqui: big tech has long come under fire for the notorious algorithms accused of getting kids hooked on brain rotting filth. the latest accusations are farther than before. saying the big tech got their loved ones killed by isis. now supreme court is taking up the high stakes case and it could change the face of social
11:01 am
media in a very big way.


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