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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 22, 2023 9:00am-10:00am PST

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♪ >> hello. this is outnumber and i am harris faulkner. director of the heritage foundation, the policy center. carles frederick former nba player it is going to be good. we begin with president biden now hitting warsaw poland where he just wrongly boldly defended
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ito territory and at the same time iran and china are now cozying up to russia. china's top diplomat today mate face-to-face with russia dictator vladimir putin and the wall street journal is reportin xi jinping is planning to visit moscow and meet with putin. fund they are. we are also learning that china may be on the brink of providin lethal aid to russia. to beat back in ukraine because they're not winning that war that they started. just yesterday putin pulled out of the new start training that was actually the last one in th u.s. and that country if contro agreement between the two largest nuclear armed powers an signaled the era of formal arms-control may be over a. raising some questions about whether we could be facing a ne nuclear arms race very national security council spokesperson
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spelled out what is at stake. with these alarming developments . >> we are already concerned about the invasion they haven't enforced sanctions against mr. hooton holding him accountable, so we need assurances. we have seen these that they might be considering some kind of lethal assistance, and obviously a burgeoning and deepening defense relationship with these two countries, that would have very bad ramifications. we have seen exchanges of information between china and
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russia for years and years and years, so this to me is that china aspect. it's not just a data point considering delivering lethal aid to russia. that is going to create and something i don't think people talk about often. he hasn't ruled out the people' republic of china to contributing to ukraine's reconstruction. we know china is looking all over the world, they have venezuela come africa as well. >> just wrote quickly, are you saying that china can play both sides here? that they could give the russians weaponry to beat down ukraine again, zelenskyy hasn't i don't trust the ccp. we have seen surveillance of th chinese spy balloon, we've seen this over in over again.
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we need to be careful that ther has to be an endgame in ukraine. we've talked about this before, but i hugged my father on the a campylobacter and afghanistan vets to generations deployed to the same war, i don't want my daughter to have to face anothe conflict like this, so let's have proper oversight and accountability ends support the freedom, but make sure that we are doing it properly as the united states. >> that is a really important nomenclature there because puti doesn't call this a war, he calls it a conflict, but whatever it is, it is a war. we don't want another protracted . >> every indicator and it seems to be forevermore zelenskyy per adhesive indicated he wants to take back crimea, that would make this an endless war and on that was more protracted.
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we do have an interest here to make sure that russia does not become a world power. there is that. i think with the weaponry, beyond that, if you look at russia, it's a its annexes of china i want to talk about let' have, by diplomat. from the spy balloon. and then he even said there is conflict if you provide the weaponry to russia to which jos rogan and the washington post says that officials the officials won't say whether china has already crossed that line. now that you have left the nba
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because of their incestuous at times relationship. it is the western divide of nato . it's not a lender, the diplomac and soft talk never worked with these tater ship so i feel that they need concrete actions. you mentioned my colleagues, money and business over their morals and principles. >> i am just curious, do you think they even know? i don't want to put anybody dow for not having read history or any of that. but i am wondering how curious the players our to know the horrible nature of doing business with our enemies.
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our enemies very china is an enemy. they just fight on us with something that our president le across our country. >> the first time we were saying , it is being made to go out there and by slave kids. everybody knows about the switc up freight and what we're talking about it, the genocide is happening. i don't want to say i want to educate my teammates. >> why not? >> i'm sure they know about it. there is no way that they did not know anything about it. but when i had a conversation with them they said we love you but we cannot support you because we have endorsement deals, we have jersey sales, we want that new contract. if you go against the chinese government they would be cut from the nba. at s them one single question fit for yourself and your shoes if your mother coming your sister, your daughter are
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getting tortured and raped every day would you still build business without? they turn around and they leave the room. >> they don't answer? >> how can you answer? >> you have taken such a strong stand for freedom which has cos you a lot. there is more hesitancy as we move towards full-scale war. there doesn't seem to be enough in the media. and i keep hearing things but what does winning look like? how much human suffering, how much money, how much time, and the same people were telling us we need to get the ukrainians ukrainians what they need to win . we spent 20 years or so i have lot of concerns about what is going on, and i think we need t
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be clear about zelenskyy as well . you look at things like the fac that he lied to us about those missiles, the rockets that ende up killing two individuals in poland. he blamed it on a russia it was an accident, but he was trying to welcome in a world war. additionally, he's an actor. further, he also used emergency powers and martial law to suppress opposition parties in his country per that is something for somebody who has believed in freedom, we need to be absolutely clear right and honest as i know as we are on the couch and as a station, but we need to be completely clear when we are talking about a potential world war with a nuclear power. >> in think we have an interest of keeping russia at bay. we can't signal to china hey, you can take taiwan, but you're right, what is the end result, are we taking crimea are keepin russia at bay from eight think the former is the answer.
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>> i think it's fair to ask all of those questions. at think because our money is o the line and potentially our military is on the line even if it's by proxy, when is that going to end? those are all fair questions an they make people uncomfortable who our in power which is an excellent reason to ask them. we deserve the answers. >> and that's it, i just want the answers. >> it doesn't mean that we don' know our role as of course we don't want that, we don't want them invading other countries, but we can do two things. we can get to the truth and do what is necessary at the same time. we are the greatest country on the planet and yes, he has a choice. >> the theory i have at the end of all of this, russia will end up with the same territory that they have had since 2014. >> no blank checks.
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♪ >> fox news alert transportatio secretary pete buttigieg is finally going to the site of th toxic trained around that. he said he is going to visit east palestine tomorrow it's been nearly three weeks since a-train carrying hazardous materials derailed and release dangerous chemicals into the air . it took him a full ten days to even address the disaster. one reporter questioned him ove why he hasn't yet bothered to
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visit. >> do you have a message for them? >> i'm going to refer you to th comments i made to the press. i'm taking some personal time right now part. >> are you going down there at all? dickey s, i ampyra. >> when are you going? all share that when i'm ready. harris, he said he's on his personal time as he watched casually through dc. the people in east palestine ar worried about their kids coughing up blood if you watch tucker last night. this is the person who wanted t be the president of the united states and that's what we focus on him as much as we do. that's why we reached out to hi communications team and we're talking with him as i walked up the set for "the faulkner focus." the idea that it's not in the transportation department's purview is something that they have statutes that they can show
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. the problem with that is this i the person that was also absent for the supply chain and these we're monster difficulties. we still can't get as much baby tylenol as we need and those ar supply chain issues. those are transportation issues from the pandemic on through to now. i appreciate the fact that he i now going, but he had asked to lead from the top and he could have modeled that because nobod has gone from any other cabinet either. i mean if it's ntsb and they sent their people on the ground why aren't we seeing news conferences. where is the leadership on the ground? it takes a secretary it takes a up person of the president's cabinet to further walk out messaging from the administration. that's why they are different than other employees in our federal government. it is a good thing that he's going, telling the nation
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previously that it happens 1,00 times every year was not true. that anything on this scale happens 1,000 times of year, there is a lot of cleanup on aisle seven that will need to b done. let's see if he can walk that out. at the same time, get give some competence and some heart to those people that are suffering. because care accounts and so does your helfrich again i have not seen to your point, that just hasn't happened. president biden and after my speech today i spoke with epa administrator michael regan he talked about governor schapiro and we saw this picture that doesn't quite build confidence or feel like someone too hard a work on this issue. as he treats her métis on foreign trip. under half of that is going to non-defense spending per. >> i saw this meme yesterday that says ohio declared itself
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part of the ukrainian and hopes of receiving aid from the biden administration. it is funny, but sad. i mean how many people have not visited and the people there ar suffering. they can't even take a shower. i just saw our president was in ukraine a few days ago, and tha raises question, is america really first with this administration? that's why have so many? myself. we have to do whatever we can t take concrete actions for these people. >> the current president, no plans to go to east palestine. but the former president from going there today. >> it seems like president temp declaring he was going to visit. >> pete buttigieg to have the same decision. >> that is a reflection on this
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ministration and they should be cautious about forgetting those same men and women they got before the 2016 presidential election. my heart breaks for these peopl imagine having to trust your lives in the hands of the government. imagine transferring your children in your grandchildren' lives for it. >> you don't have to imagine that, the pandemic. >> harris, michael regan the image data said trust the government, trust the science. we been told this during covid and we were told this after 9/1 by the epa director who has since apologized for that telling everyone that the air was safe to breathe at ground zero after 9/11 pair that did not work out in so many people ended up with illnesses and hav died as a result of that. god bless these people, my hear is with them and i hope they ca get truth and answers and when they tv cameras lave in the government leaves, i hope that they can still get the help the need. >> mayor pete, he wasn't on tha list that biden called, i don't know why.
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you would think the transportation secretary would be among the first. he knows a thing or to about that as he rode his bike into the white house after unloading it from a car and suggesting that he was environmentally friendly. >> that's rich, right? everything is a political calculus. there is a big pattern here. there are chinese guy balloons, the biden administration would not have spoken to the american people about that had a journalist in montana actually spotted it with his naked eye, he wouldn't have gone to the border. it's been two years and he's no even gone to the real border at that. i mean when he needs to remembe biden, buttigieg, bureaucrats, they need to member who they work for it's the american people, it's not to have better optics. >> i want to say one thing quickly. 2 million people watched it by the time it went on the air.
9:22 am
when the transportation secretary asked if he could tak a picture, why do you think he does that? i reached out to his team because it felt like free speec was being killed. i just wanted to hear that it wasn't. so when he's on the ground, i hope he takes every question he possibly can. i would love to sit there and talk to him about a host of issues. transportation and energy are huge right now. honestly, at the end of the day, . >> that was an odd parts at the end of that video. may be he takes a picture of everybody. >> it was the daily caller, right? good for them, that is journalism. putting his hat and the ring fo 2024 comeau what the did entrepreneurs say america needs to do to rediscover its nationa identity in the action he says he will take on day one.
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white house run field. biotech entrepreneur and so-called ceo of anti- woke inc who we have had on their show many times. just announced that his candidacy for the republican presidential nomination. last night he told tucker carlson he wants to lead a national revival of what truly makes than he played out his to priorities. who gets into this country, let's start with that. i think more people like my parents could be a good thing for this country. people whose first act into thi country is a lawbreaking one, w should be a hard know for them. it has been an national cancer one of my top priorities will b to end affirmative action in every sphere of american life. it's not just dean who gets ahead. >> we saw this kind of taking
9:28 am
shape last week. i had asked him on the focus about what freshness and the conversation he thinks he wants to add. he is 37, old enough to run for president viewers have asked me that. >> i got to know him from his book. i am excited to see where his campaign goes. am excited to see where he goes. >> look, i have interviewed him twice for my podcast right he's a brilliant guy and i think he brings a lot of important conversations to light about being woke and achieving in the processes talking about getting read of affirmative accident an diversity equity inclusion to accomplish those goals i think he brings up is he going to be the guy? i don't know. his big challenge is the fact that he's an unknown entity and
9:29 am
it takes a ton of cash to win primaries freight i don't know if he is going to be the guy bu i think he brings up some important conversations. i know the focus of his is america first rate let's take a look. >> that is the courage we need to muster is go after these sacred cows in the form of affirmative action to the new climate who is shackling the american culture. we need to take the sacred cows and take them to the slaughterhouse because that is what it's going to take for thi national revival where we stop fop apologizing for what it means to be american. >> it is interesting. i agree with lisa, his biggest problem is going to beat name identification, but he does remind me a lot of with the businessman turned politician who became an issue based candidate. he even made it onto the state
9:30 am
stage. you know they have that percentage threshold so i could see this catching on bright he' got some novel ideas part one o the things i love is he is ending protections for civil servants. he doesn't talk about the deep state this is civil servants that are protected who sometime spend their entire lives and these jobs who can undermined and elected president, they are in charge of interpreting statues so a lot of times you see that these civil servants that are really implementing th policies for it he had another novel idea. about having where the date, some really smart idea spread. >> talk to me about the protection of the silver surfer and spread. >> they basically have served certain protections were it's extremely difficult to fire people from agencies. he said he would use executive orders to rollback these protections so a president can only serve eight years, why do we let unelected bureaucrats serve into protruding part.
9:31 am
>> having worked in the government for almost a decade you see that, they are clocking in, clocking out, just not necessarily being as effective as they can. my dad was in the marine corps and he'd be like yeah about 5 percent of the people do. >> or undermined the president. but what i find interesting is of course the tech space, he came from biotech. he has this one platform which he publicized on twitter where he's going to go after said central-bank digital currency. fate at the fact that we may be thinking about this, what that would do would be to centralize how americans use their money and look at their money that is helping us walk into chinese social only your carbon emissions were too much, we are going to shut off your credit card. >> i wouldn't be able to shop. >> i love that he is doing this talking about this.
9:32 am
american should talk about it more, that surveillance aspect of where our money goes? >> he's already making a difference freight look at the topics we just talked about. if you look at, trump was a business guy but everybody know him from the apprentice, he was he already had a big name. but, we are having good conversations about it. >> that is interesting to learn about that. >> thank you, and thank you for that. coming up, one msnbc host has worried that rhonda santos can be by how voters see his home state. ♪ to cut hundreds, off your monthly expenses, call newday the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out an average of $70,000. use that low-payment home loan
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♪ >> welcome back. florida governor ron desantis is not in the race for governor yet but that has not stopped th media from attacking him better this time one guest host went a far as to bash my home state of florida just to take a dig at the governor. >> in my view, there are three states that you can't really ru from if you're trying to win across america. new york, your twofer crazy liberal if you're from california you're too crazy liberal and you're trying to make sure i can get plastic straws. if you're from florida it's crystal meth and alligators. i'm not saying that's the case i'm just saying those are kind of the national reputations of those states. when you see ron desantis running and claiming that he is going to do for america what he's done in florida, it seems like that would be a problem.
9:38 am
>> crystal meth and alligators, i know that's why you went to florida. >> that is white went to california, crystal meth and alligators. florida number one in domestic migration for a reason because of the governor of ron de santis. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing for the state. florida sees 50 euros low in crime as other states are seein a surge in crime which is why h talked about that and highlight some of those contracts as well. you also look at florida's number one economic freedom for a company businesses are moving down to florida, because it's a great place to do business in rates of family. this guy clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. crystal meth coming, alligators but no crystal meth. >> i went to the everglades recently. >> to add to the list or executive right, number one in new small-business formations, the list goes on, harris.
9:39 am
people go to florida for freedom . >> they flee therefore lots of types of freedom. congresswoman aoc who i think w have a picture of. she was down there partying lik it was 1999. she had a really good time, so if florida is such a bad place, why do democrats go there particularly on the far left? because it's awesome to be in that sunshine, and, if it weren't working, places like arizona and florida would not see that great exodus from california that they're seeing. people are crisscrossing the country. >> to some of these places. >> i was texting with my dad this morning and we were talkin about all the discoverers who have discovered discovered, florida,. my first favorite is don lemon fleeing the morning show. he went to florida. my dad wrote that, we discovered , florida, 107 years ago when your mom's relatives
9:40 am
came there, but all these democrats want to discover it now, but not appreciated. >> especially because florida i the place were woke goes to die according to governor desantis. he is the new muscular conservatives is impaired we talk about small businesses, we need small businesses to thrive like the tech sector is going bananas down there. the home of bitcoin, it's under a little bit of you know, but a the same time, i think that people are really drawn to the entrepreneurship that is thriving there and in addition to that, look at what he's done with disney. this is a big tech problem everyone has, these big oligarchs putting their thumb o the scale of what americans think and what we can say. he took on disney nt one. i think letting smaller businesses thrive that's what w are. we are competition, we are innovators.
9:41 am
i think ron desantis is doing a good job and what should dimer often. >> no vaccine passports, he really gave people a choice. >> the thing that governor desantis has done during covid, post covid and especially durin the horrid hurricane that florida was facing. he has done a lot for the peopl of florida. >> the hurricane, he gets stuff done. but also surfside, the calm dominion collapse. you saw him they are. he put together that group from israel the crews that we're going to search and get in ther and get people out. i mean, he really has the ability to do that. >> unfortunately, i don't think this is the last time we are going to hear nikki haley has
9:42 am
been attacked for her skin color , gender, now floridians being attacked because of desantis. we saw this, republicans being attacked for everything. >> when i hosted fox and friend on monday he said i consider it a positive thinker time doing something right if i'm being attacked by all these people, but i think your point, talking about the hurricane and his response. these kinds of things transcend politics predicates more people on board because they might say i don't like some of this other stuff, but he gets stuff done. and he won miami-dade. well-done. got that done part coming up, the chief inclusion officer at claims she was up multiethnic dissent, but she was just outed by her own mother who says that's not the case at all. she says her daughter is quote as white as snow.
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>> president biden on his way home from europe, but what did he lead behind? what is putin's next move and what about china? we are here to break it all down .
9:47 am
through his hat into the ring joining president trump and nikki haley. is pete buttigieg going to east palestine? is it too late? a few thoughts about that. i am john roberts, we will see you at the top of the hour for "america reports". ♪ >> tricky. a progressive group who claimed to be latin south asian, and arab dissent was just outed by her own mom heard the woman refers to herself as her mother says that her real name is racquel elizabeth seidel perige converted to islam in high school and has for years she ha
9:48 am
presented herself as a person o color. her ethnicity was first questioned in 2013. then last week, her mom told a reporter this quote. i am as white as the driven snow , and so is she. i'm german and british and her father was calabrese italian perigee is chosen to live a lie and i find that very very sad. >> i think this is so insulting she talks about reaching out to marginalized communities and getting into to other races and cultures yet she has lied in this fashion perigee also said in 2007 that she was estranged from her family. it appears so because your mom just outed you as a huge fire. i would love to know more about that. in this woman's family like who gave the and profile. >> so it's okay to identify. i would like to identify as a 3 -year-old woman. can i do that?
9:49 am
>> just beat yourself be part o who you are. also she calls herself itself selfish justice worrier. nobody will respect you or your work. >> you think that's a good thing ? >> she exposed her. >> she did. >> how do you call yourself a self with social justice warrio if your work is alive. >> her mother has the certificate and that baby footprint. >> why should anybody be ashame of who they are. i wonder if our culture has led as to this point. i think this is a sad reflectio of our society. somebody tweeted, if white privilege is pervasive as peopl say it is, why do people like this lie about their minority status for jobs.
9:50 am
we saw this with elizabeth warren as well lying about bein native american when she wasn't so she could advance her career. i would love. >> to a point in society where you can be how god made you and that's a beautiful thing and we celebrate that. that is not what this woman is doing great. >> does anyone remember rachel from washington state, she's looking at this like hey, why was i villain eyes? people are doing this because they accrue attention, they get jobs, they get special treatmen in some cases so they are tryin to like you said not to be who they are. they are leading with their identity. in trying to in some cases lie about them. i think we need to return to an america that frankly is based o merit. we talked about vivek ramaswamy and what his policy is very let's talk about merit, let's talk about confidence.
9:51 am
>> there is sort of an interesting racism way to look at this. for those of us people of color to have people who are not wanting to identify as this, bu actually not wanting to know we or understand that we really want to be known for art merits and our ethnicity, why can't we do both? it's because it's not real for them. i found that really insulting. >> that is a good point. >> okay, we will move on. right after this, more "outnumbered." veteran homeowners: to combat today's rising prices, lower your monthly payments with the 3 c's. pay down your credit cards. pay off your car loan. consolidate your debt with a va home loan from newday. suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?
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>> that was an appropriate song because last but not least, we are taking a look at this day in history, 43 years ago. february 22, 1980, it was the miracle on ice where the u.s. olympic men's hockey team did the impossible. mostly amateur college star squad beat the seemingly invincible soviet union and took home the gold. 4-3 victory in lake placid, new, i don't, more than a hockey game. a symbol of overcoming any obstacle and sheer american patriotism. and what a beautiful moment, the soviets had won i believe four gold medals and no one thought the u.s. could pull it off. >> it was a movie i watched and definitely one of the best sports movie out there, gives me like chills and goose bumps, like hearing about it. i wish i competed, but no, just
9:58 am
seeing this and them beating the soviet union, a lot of honor. >> and we are in the national malaise, an economic crisis, vietnam war, a lot going on when it happened. >> a lot going on right now, and it's not the soviet union, it's russia, and we can better wake up. to keep it to sports, you can never have lived in the state of minnesota, which i did, and not relish this story. it is the state of hockey, and it is so exciting to revisit this 43 years later. watch the movie, and it's really terrific. who is in it? kurt -- >> i'm not going to remember. >> i don't want to call him goldie hawn's husband, that's how i know him. it's great. >> it was great, and the moment al michaels said, five seconds left in the game, do you believe in miracles, perhaps giving the name to the amazing game we watched. >> and when winning matters and
9:59 am
it means something, and i love hockey, basketball is great, too, i grew up going to hockey games and my dad, i love the sport, went to capital games with him, took him to a hockey game for christmas, it's a special thing to me and beautiful to see america come on top. >> i love when the bolts took home the stanley cup, i have to throw that in there. not the same game. >> casually get in there. >> and the bucs beat the chiefs. and the captain of the u.s. men's team says america could use another 1980 right now. >> we need our miracle moment, patriotism, and the shared moral fabric, one scene they are doing like going back and forth, shuttles as we call them in soccer and people are throwing up, people are falling out, people are just basically dying on the ice, and kurt, golden
10:00 am
hawn's husband, and everyone is going to give up and he goes again, again, and they all, they do it again, and that's the tenacity we need to recover as a nation and yeah, we need our miracle moment, let's go. >> i never had -- >> kurt russell. >> that's it. and congratulate you on your chiefs. i was rooting for the kansas city chiefs. >> would not have won if you did not make us better by beating us the year before. >> "america reports" now. >> we forgot all the ways we are the same as americans, bound by a common set of ideals that set this nation into motion 250 years ago. and that's why i'm proud to say tonight i am running for united states president. >> we need new generational leadership. we have to lead the status quo, we have to lead this chaos. >> i am running for president to end the destruction of our country. >> john: fox news alert, the race


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