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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 27, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PST

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piece of cake baby! >> todd: a fox news alert, president heading to virginia to talk about healthcare and avoids the toxic chemical spill in ohio. you are watching "fox and friends first" on monday morning, i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, in for carley shimkus. fears of contamination spread beyond east palestine and locals say they need help right now. >> i have family in the area and they are pretty much, what is happening to me has been giving me ris pir tory issues. >> stop, it is not safe, people are getting sick, do your job.
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do not puff out your chest and say we're going to make norfolk southern pay, we get that, help us now. >> ashley: alexandria hoff has more, good morning. >> alexandria: there is no plan for the president to visit east palestine. the trip to virginia, glenn youngkin says it is time for leaders to lead and his state does not need the appearance. >> joe biden has been to ukraine and now virginia, he has yet to go to ohio. go where people have health concerns driving them to worry about not just the day-to-day impact of this horrific train issue c, but the long-term impact with cancer threats, etcetera. >> alexandria: latest poll shows 33% of voters approve of president biden's handling of
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the derailment. the impact is still being felt. hazardous chemicals were released and one man told a strange, heartbreaking story. he says since the explosion, his voice sounds like he inhaled helium. there is no one in town to run toxicology to find out which they are, my voice sounds like mickey mouse. my chest hurts so much at night, i feel like i'm drowning. i lost my job because the doctor won't release me to go to work. residents with start scheduling appointments at a new health clinic and starting today, shipments will resume. >> we are continuing to work with the railroad and our state partners to identify other solid
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waste disposal locations and if they have the capacity to accept what we anticipate will be liquid and solid waste from the cleanup. >> alexandria: the epa is handling the shipments, it had been up to norfolk southern. ashley and todd. >> todd: the sneakiness of all this. ohio's bill talking about what a visit from president biden would mean. >> it would have made a difference. had this happened in los angeles or chicago, new york, new orleans, some big, blue democrat-controlled city, the president and the entire cabinet would have turned out.
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i think the transportation secretary announced 1000 derailments occur every year, that is 2000 plus on his watch in the first two plus years of the biden administration, i think he should have showed up earlier and i shared that with him. i think bringing focus to it and letting people know the federal government cares. >> todd: now look at this, understand thises of criminals pour into el salvador over the weekend. 2000 gang members, including some from ms-13 and bario-18 will call the prison home. the 40,000 person prison opened last month, one of the largest in latin america, featuring 38 cell towers and eight cell blocks, officials say are
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impossible to escape. >> ashley: border patrol car chase in south texas turned fatal when border officials crashed into a fence and hitting a light pole, this accident occurred early saturday morning in rio bravo. four people hurt are still in critical condition this morning. >> todd: a first for me on "fox and friends first," a boxing highlight. pro boxer jake fury handing a loss to jake. >> [announcer speaking] -- fury. >> todd: a sign he won. fury is undefeated and paul is 6 1. he can challenge fury to another
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fight. >> ashley: i'm a rocky fan, i only think rocky when i think boxing. >> todd: you didn't vote for mr. t's character. we've shown chaos in austin, texas as street racers leave authorities overwhelmed, look at this, things could get worse. >> ashley: and austin pd is looking at a crisis, we're talking about the president of the union about what comes next. research shows people remember ads with a catchy song. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a little number you'll never forget. did you know that liberty mutual custo— ♪ liberty mutual. ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ ♪ custom home insurance created for you all. ♪
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>> todd: tornado sirens wailing across oklahoma city as multiple twisters were sighted. four tornados, luckily no report of serious injuries. residents reporting major damage. this is a car, not supposed to be there. gusts of wind reached 114 miles. >> ashley: blanketing the streets of southern california and heading east.
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i cannot believe, this is in california. the storms are expected to hit wisconsin, michigan and illinois. janice dean is here. i had to take a double take. >> janice: really incredible. we have a lot to of coer. threat of severe storms, tornado warnings for texas through oklahoma up toward kansas last 24 hours. potential for hail, damaging wind and tornado for the ohio valley today, severe thunderstorm warning west of the st. louis area. there is severe storm threat today for illinois, indiana, ohio, possibility for tornados, as well. cold part of this storm, cold air being pulled southward, that means measurable snow for the
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northeast, especially new england. winter storm warnings for parts of pennsylvania, upstate new york, new jersey, connecticut, up toward massachusetts and new england, through tuesday evening. look at snow totals. a lot of folks are like, are we going to get the big winter storm we've been expecting for february and march? some areas, yes, could see a foot of snow and we haven't seen a lot of snow. look at departures here, should have close to two feet of no for new york city area, we could get .4 of an inch. burlington and syracuse, 54% deficit, incredible winter so far. rain forecast, note the upper great lakes and toward the northeast. the snow, some areas could get a
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foot of snow. this is today and into overnight tuesday. across the west, blizzard warnings in effect, this is our next storm system, rain for california and mountain snow, ongoing tuesday and wednesday. here is snow still to come, incredible for the mountains, sirera, nevada, still winter for folks across the west and rain forecast, it should be good news situation, they have so much rain this is going to lead to flash flooding, mud slides, rock flows, all of that. as you can see, we have a lot going on. >> todd: in the commercial breaks, ashley and i demand you give us each personalized weather forecasts. >> janice: a lot of people are traveling overnight and we have to know where the snow is going to come and are the roads going
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to be bad. you have my cell phone -- >> todd: everybody else has the fox weather app. >> janice: >> ashley: austin police department is on virge of collapse and 150 officers are discussing retirement options. dennis ferris, president of the retired officers association joins me now. my first question is to you, do you have any idea where the contract negotiations stand with the city and the austin police department? >> well, the contract negotiation between the city and austin police association are nowhere, because the city, the city council decided the four-year contract they had agreed to, they were not going to vote on and they decided to try to get a one-year contract
2:15 am
and the board of the austin city police department said we are not going to do that. >> ashley: is that legal? can they do that? >> no, well, yes and no, it has to be mutually agreed and the police association view on this is they have a contract that needs to be voted on, contract agreed to by the city negotiators and bargaining team for the police association. they need to vote it up or down before they do anything else. >> ashley: limbo state the contract is in for officers, is this what is causing the officers to leave? 40 officers filed for retirement paperwork, is that the reason or a plethora of both? >> it is combination of things, one, uncertainty of the working conditions and the city council passed ordinance the other day
2:16 am
to secure their pay, soft pay and checks they get when they retire. it is not only about the money, it is about the respect and lack of respect they are getting from this city council less one council member. the police department is in dire straights, there are shifts going out everyday understaffed, ones just one officer and sometimes just the sergeant showing up. there are huge sections of the city unpoliced on a regular basis. >> ashley: we're showing this video, i think from last week, that street racing going on in austin. i believe one of the people involved said that the officer, they were sorry he got hurt, but should have stayed in his lane. is this the disrespect they see on a daily basis? >> yeah, not only from criminals who feel embolden because look, when your political leaders don't support the police
2:17 am
department, criminals understand that. if the city is not going to back them, do what they want and what is the police officer's lane? it's securing the streets of austin and this guy, i'm sorry he got hurt, he needs to stay in his lane. the lane is law enforcement and they were in violation and something needed to be done. >> ashley: i couldn't believe they had the oddacity to say this. the 40 officers, are they people eligible for retirement for a while or are they vesting out and going somewhere else? >> no, the officers putting in for retirement are eligible for retirement. one, you can do a full 23 years and you are vested and can retire. if you get to 20 years, you can buy time and retire. there are 310 officers at the austin police department
2:18 am
eligible to retire by having 23 years or 20 years where they can buy four. of officers that put in i were pawork, six of high rank, lieutenant or more. we're fixing to see void of seniority, which causes problems down the road. >> ashley: you think you have a problem with not enough officers, imagine when you don't have enough officers who have people to give them direction, it could be bad if they don't get something figured out. dennis farris, thank you, we appreciate it. a maine sixth grader and his dad have a message after the student found an inappropriate book in the school library, they join us next. >> todd: in florida -- >> when this issue came up in florida we think that is inappropriate, republican,
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democrat, independent, agree with us. >> todd: governor ron desantis defending their policy that has people flocking to the state, that next. smiley seniors golfing, hiking... don't forget antiquing. that's why i chose humana. they see me, not a stereotypical senior. i'm pre-diabetic, so i talked one-on-one with a humana health educator who really helped me. now i'm taking free cooking and meditation classes. not aqua-aerobics? better care begins with listening. humana. a more human way to healthcare. [coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry.
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and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. >> ashley: florida governor ron desantis speaking out against woke ideology in the sunshine state during an exclusive interview with mark levine. >> if i can win by 5.1 million votes and the left can still impose their agenda if i'm not looking afterfighting esg and what is going on in schools. when the issue came up with sexualization of the curriculum, of course we think that is inappropriate. republican, democrat, independent parents agree with us.
2:24 am
disney mistakenly got involved with that. >> ashley: desantis has been sparring with disney over stance of parental rights in schools. it is a public feud with the state. >> todd: a sixth grade student and his father calling out their school after finding profane and sexually explicit books. the book "nick and charlie," i rented it out and the librarian asked if i wanted more and a graphic novel version, to show his father. both are with me now, thanks for joining me now. how did you come across this book in the first place? >> i walked into the library, i was doing a project, i think it was. i walked in, i was looking around and on a stand i saw this
2:25 am
b book. i was really confused because i could tell something wasn't right with it. i checked out the first page and it was talking about getting drunk off parent's wine. i knew it did not belong in school. >> todd: this is as far as we can go, we will not read the graphic passages from this graphic book here. something about the librarian, what did the librarian tell you about the book when you raised concerns to her? >> i rented it out, actually -- offered me a graphic novel i told her i'm going to tell my dad about the book and her whole face went red and she started stuttering and then she finally said -- books we have in the
2:26 am
library? i said, yeah. she -- definitely thought i caught her, i think and then she -- really messed up. >> todd: got it. adam, it is tough to hear knox, what goes through a parent's mind when you hear what your son just said? >> it drove me wild. we were at the school board meeting and he wasn't even planning on talking, i was surprised when he got up and started speaking at the podium. i didn't know exactly what i was going to say and by the time he finished, i was so enraged by the whole thing, the librarian was wearing a mask and it was even so clear to him what was going on even through her mask,
2:27 am
how nervous she was when he mentioned he was bringing it home to me. the graphic nature of the book even for my 11 year old was mind-blowing. this needs to be removed from our schools immediately, the sexual content. >> todd: unbelievable, big board meeting coming up on wednesday night, we will check back in with you. thank you so much, a little trouble hearing them. law includes exception if material is provided to children in schools. why do schools in maine and across the country seem hell bent on sexualizing our children? >> ashley: one thing that stood out, the little boy said the librarian's face turned red, i'm
2:28 am
sure she was not expecting someone as young as him to say something to her like that. this is just another point of why parents are so concerned with what is being taught in schools, because it is teaching them things maybe the parents aren't comfortable with. you might be comfortable at home, another parent may not be comfortable and this is why there needs to be oversight from parents in schools. a lot of teachers will tell you, what we teach, the parents have nothing to about it. >> todd: this little boy should be focused on sports and science experiments, not getting a how-to sexual manual in his library. >> ashley: he needs to be doing little kid stuff, he doesn't need to be pushed into adulthood so early and that is what they
2:29 am
are trying to do. let them have a childhood. the bulldog, oh -- >> todd: cute bulldog. top story of the day, u.s. energy department says covid-19 likely came from a chinese lab election. >> ashley: republicans like tom cotton been saying this all along, but the media dismissed it, will the outlets correct the record? joe concha is here next. every day, millions of things need to get to where they're going. and at chevron, we're working to help reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels that keep things moving. today, we're producing renewable diesel that can be used in existing diesel tanks. and we're committed to increasing our renewable fuels production. because as we work toward a lower carbon future, it's only human to keep moving forward.
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>> ashley: the energy department concluding covid-19 likely electioned from a chinese lab three years after the start of the pandemic that claimed the lives of millions around the world. >> todd: brooke singman has the latest. >> brooke: republicans are demanding answers from the biden administration. "wall street journal" publishing exclusive report saying the department changed assessment based on new intelligence. a spokesperson says the department continues to support the thorough, careful and objective work of intelligence professionals and investigating origins of covid-19 as the president directed despite the energy department finding, top national security advisor jake sullivan says there is no definitive answer. >> there is variety of views in
2:34 am
the intelligence community, some have reached conclusion on one side, some other on other, some are not sure. if we gain insider information, we will share with congress and the american people, there is not a definitive answer that emerged on this question. >> brooke: the media slammed tom cotton for pushing the so-called fringe lab election theory including "washington post," "new york times" and cnn. what matters is holding the chinese communist party responsible. and dr. nicole saphier's response three years later. >> most pandemics do happen from natural spillover in the wild,
2:35 am
to doubt they have not found a similar virus to covid-19 in the environment. there were rumors that scientists got sick and had to be hospitalized, that is the reason i couldn't refute or reject -- >> brooke: the energy department was involved because president biden wants to use every available resource to determine what started the pandemic. >> todd: brooke singman, thank you. "washington post" saying earlier versions of the story inaccurately characterized comments by tom cotton, debunked has been removed because then as now, there is no determination about the origin of the virus. >> ashley: joe concha joins us now, good morning, joe, how you doing? >> joe: doing all right. i was out for a couple days guys, this mark on my face was
2:36 am
bigger over the weekend. i had a leesion on my face that had to be frozen off. psa, go to a dermatology and get checked out, if they see anything that looks weird, it can be taken care of easily, if you let it sit there, it can become worse to deal with. so everybody at home, what is that thing, we know what it is and what we can do to take care of things before they become worse, there you go. >> ashley: we missed you, it is a good time to get checked out by the dermatologist. let's get into the segment, today's "new york post" reads, it had to be with you. when you come off of what brooke singman spoke about, we talked to jonathan fahey in the 4 a.m., my issue, why were people
2:37 am
labeled racist, conspiracy theorists, why is it not okay to ask questions. what is it about this, they are being cancelled, censored, you can't just ask questions and be curious these days. >> joe: exactly, it happened to our own dr. nicole saphier. there wasn't a hint of curiosity about the lab election theory when presented by senator tom cotton, it was dismissed as crazy conspiracy theory and any talk of entertaining this idea had to be shut down and we had to believe the chinese government, instead. they are always on the up and up and jon stewart had the best perspective on this, he told shocked stephen colbert, my god,
2:38 am
there has been an outbreak of chocolately goodness near hershey, pennsylvania. maybe it is the chocolate factory, maybe that's it. if there was chocolate outbreak in hershey, pennsylvania, it probably came from pennsylvania. if a virus breaks out and there is a lab that studies viruses, there is a good idea it came from there, too. will dr. fauci concede he may have been wrong here? and will president biden confront xi jinping in terms of how this was unleashed on the world? i have a feeling no is the answer to both questions, todd. >> todd: i see your no's and raise you two more nos, i'm done giving predictions. another prediction from you. lori lightfoot lagging in polls one day out from the mayoral
2:39 am
election, she is in third place behind guy with 32 and a guy with 18. my question for you, joe, what do you do in this situation? you play the race card, lightfoot telling the new yorker, i'm a black woman, certain folks don't support us in leadership roles. seems like a desperate hail mary, joe, do you think she is winning? >> joe: hail marys are rarely answered, this is result of crime. it has been bad in chicago and now spilled over to areas supposed to be good parts of the city and everybody has had enough of lori lightfoot and when you play the race card from the bottom of the deck, that is what we're seeing a hail mary here. if in san francisco the district attorney could be removed, then in chicago, deep blue city could remove an ineffective mayor
2:40 am
where crime has gone out of control under her watch and she seems to have no solution around it, this upon has, elections have consequences. lori lightfoot will be gone when we're talking on wednesday. >> todd: another prediction. >> ashley: the second today, we'll find out in a couple days. >> joe: we will, thank you for having me and what i have known about predictions in politics, maybe don't be definitive, i think she will probably be gone. >> ashley: we know what happened when you predicted the chiefs were going to lose the super bowl. >> joe: i knew it. >> todd: stro is ruthful today. >> ashley: we are glad you are back. thanks, joe. >> joe: end zone dancer, congrates to mahomes and the chiefs again. >> ashley: new york mayor of los angeles has a plan to being tael out of control crime, including lowering standard for new police
2:41 am
recruit, rooting out right-wing extremists in the l.a. pd. >> todd: democratic extras could cost extra, we will explain it. proposing a yankee tatax to deal with influx of people fleeing from blue states. cheryl casone, i see her, she's there, she will break it down for us next. detect this: living with hiv, i learned i can stay undetectable with fewer medicines. that's why i switched to dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. detect this: no other complete hiv pill uses fewer medicines to help keep you undetectable than dovato. detect this: most hiv pills contain
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ask your doctor about switching to dovato.
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>> todd: virginia governor glenn youngkin taking on china, he has a plan to keep the ccp from buying sites. >> ashley: cheryl casone is here. >> cheryl: where this land is located is a red flag and why we should be paying attention, here is what governor youngkin told maria yesterday. >> make sure the land is not purchased by the ccp, i will
2:46 am
sign to keep china from buying next to strategical ly -- we wil make sure we keep national strategic assets safe. >> cheryl: the chinese have no problem going over and taking balloons and flying across the country. 14,000 of virginia farmland are owned by chinese ump companies. >> todd: it is important he made that clarification, they should not buy anywhere, virginia is home to pentagon and virginia beach, he's not talking like charlottesville, where dave matthews plays, important clarification there. >> cheryl: lower taxes, warmer weather, yeah, some in south carolina proposing yankee tax, a
2:47 am
$500 fee for new residents, 250 to get a new drivers license and 250 to get your vehicle registered. this came from state senator steven goldfinch, here is what he had to say about it. >> losing their quality of life and people in south carolina say please tax more, not just for legal purposes, for moral purposes, i understand why people are leaving blue states, i totally understand, you can't blame them in a lot of ways. i do not want to stop people from seeking shelter, just pay their fair share when they get here. >> cheryl: south carolina, interesting numbers, in 2000 twenty, 5.2 million, by 2025 5.5 million and 2030 5.8 million. half a million people have moved
2:48 am
to the state. bes bes besides ainsley, it is beautiful. going down to carolina, if you put high taxes and crime and everything we deal with that live here -- >> ashley: he made it clear, it is a fee, not a tax. when you mention those numbers and add up $500 for each, that is a lot of money for bridges and road says. los angeles mayor karen bass is calling to ease requirement to root out officers with ties to right-wing domestic extremist organizations, how do they get to that? >> cheryl: they say they are understaffed, they want to lower the standards for new recruits for the lap d. they are understaffed by 170
2:49 am
sworn officers the mayor says this is an effort to diversify. this has the union worried, lowering physical fitness standards and mental fitness. what gets me, they want to work with a third party, which is other than canning, this is the mayor's office. they want to pull data from the doj to weed out and identify police officers in the lapd that are part of extremist organizations. >> todd: not lieb they have a track record. you know how this is going to slants, horrific situation for the people in lsz who are not going to get protection.
2:50 am
>> ashley: lowering standards, not even touching the mental capabilities, it's a very tough job, that is single worst i think thing they could do in any city. >> todd: gop lawmakers in the house launching northern border security caucus. congressman jeff van drew is here next. >> ashley: p pete hegseth will look at what is coming up. >> great to see you both. get that there. there we go. coming up on "fox and friends," contaminated waste will be cleaned up. with joe biden nowhere in sight, we'll send dr. siegel out to east palestine. plus creator of tiktok will be
2:51 am
on kirby couch, she is teaching it is not okay for authority figures to tell kids to keep secrets from their parents. and piers morgan joins us live and icing on the cake, the dancing grannies are here. recreating rihanna's super bowl performance taking social media by storm. it is coming up on this monday edition of "fox and friends," don't go anywhere. having triplets is... -amazing. -expensive. okay, well that too. so, we switched to bargain detergent, but we ended up using three times as much and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. mhm. they are.
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>> ashley: the "new york post" says it's got to be wu after the covid-19 likely originated in the chinese lab. critics are calling out the government and media's criticism of lab leak theory with jonathan turley saying. >> todd: quote for years the media and government allied to treat anyone raising a lab theory as one of three
2:56 am
possibilities. conspiracy theorists or racist or racist conspiracy theorist. media guaranteed that we did not have a full debate over the origins of the virus and attacked those who had the temerity to state the obvious. new jersey congressman jeff van do yous the member of the doctor's caucus and he joins us now. great to have you on the program. the question i still can't figure out why? why did they censors these voices? what was in it for them? >> well, we have a group of people that just don't like to tell the truth, there new year's resolution should have been and we are still in the beginning of the year to start tell the truth and let people who know the truth say it. this is not an amazing revelation. this was a virus. we have never seen anything like before. they claimed it came from a wet meat market and it was a bat and, yet, we have never seen anything that was actually like this.
2:57 am
certainly we should have had a thorough discussion and a president strong enough to speak with china to really tell the world health organization to stop lying to us, to tell big tech not to, you know, -- to let people actually tell the truth and not to repress those that really know what's going on or at least have a vision of what's going on. dr. fauci, i mean, the american people are sick and tired of being lied to, you know, day after day, week after week, year after year. this is another example. people were punished for this. some people lost their job if they had a different opinion than the really wrong within that was being put out there. >> ashley: i know congress once answered but the american want and deserve answers. this uprooted millions of people's lives from the covid origins, the efficacy of masks. the way will the school situation was handled. do you think we will ever get any true answers even though they are coming out this might have been right now but do you
2:58 am
think we are ever going to get the answers we need? >> we will dig n the house of representatives. the house really wants to know true answers. these are some the things we talked about even during the campaign. >> it's enough. people are tired. they want a government that tells them the truth. they want a government that works for them. we don't work for the government. but, this is really, i hate to say it this way. this is sick stuff. you know, remember dr. fauci? it isn't only this issue. it was the mask issue. it was the very issue of covid itself. you didn't need to wear masks in the very beginning, then you needed it. then you needed two masks. then if you got the vaccine you didn't need masks. and you would never have covid again if you had the vaccine. lie after lie. misinformation after misinformation and it's about time we cracked this egg open and really found what is actually going on. do you know what is most hurtful about wuhan? not only did the chinese and we
2:59 am
know the real truth, poison the world and the united states, i mean, let's just tell the truth. hopefully it was an accident. not only did they do this. but they lied about it. and we have an administration that doesn't have the guts to go forward and get the truth out of them. and we paid for it. >> todd: yes, we did. >> we paid for the damn lab. >> todd: ruling class that likes to sponsor speech. you and your fellow house republicans launching a new border caucus. these numbers are insane 46% surge in encounters one area of vermont from this time last year. how worried does every american need to be about the northern border. 30 seconds from you, congressman. >> methamphetamine, ecstasy, more drugs. more people that are dangerous i will make it real simple. you cannot have a strong united states of america without strong borders all around. and, again, this administration is just opening the country up
3:00 am
to the point where we will have no borders at all. >> ashley: scary stuff there. congressman jeff van drew, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> todd: there is a concern going forward? i tried to artie kook late it today what is truth anymore? you chip away at truth. it's scary times. "fox & friends" is going to take it from here. >> ashley: tomorrow president biden heads to virginia to talk about healthcare with east palestine. noticeably missing from his agenda. >> the impact are still being felt in the way of hazardous chemicals released. >> people are still getting sick. >> i would appreciate more attention to the judge in republicans are demanding answers and after the energy department reportedly admitted covid-19 likely originated in a chinese lab based on new intelligence. >> the u.s. needs to lead the way in holding china accountable. >> tornado sirens wailing across oklahoma city as multiple twisters wer


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