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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 28, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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are going to win a championship? [cheers and applause] final hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> there is not a consensus about exactly how covid started. speak with a permanent energy partnered with the fbi both came back with a lab leak. >> what did joe biden and the democrats do? they called you a racist, xenophobic. >> finally putting an end to corporate kingdom by self-governing power being revoked. >> it is a new day of accountability and central florida. speak with the judge agreed the jury was at the crime scene. the accused killer's brother cleaning up the remains of his nephew. >> mother, father, uncle, you should never have to see and do what i did that day. >> many chicagoans head to the polls because it is time to cast their vote for the next mayor's election. >> it looks like there will be a runoff.
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speak with the issues we discuss first and foremost on most votes minds. >> 2024 who was pumped up for the election? [cheers and applause] >> my man donald trump. >> nikki haley! governor desantis, but what about president desantis? >> i like it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> lawrence: you are looking at jacksonville, florida, where the sun is coming up already. one end of the slushy mess mess, ainsley. brian is having breakfast with friends. >> ainsley: is not too far away. [cheers and applause] at a diner called the metro diner. and he used to live there his wife right down the street, hey, brian.
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[chanting: usa] >> film xp when they are pumped up and they love the country. when the sun came up, these guys are hitting their peak. by lunch time, they should be out of control but i'm keeping them somewhat under wraps but big final hour and of course we have governor desantis and tom cotton. for people here when you mention leonard skinner jacksonville, johnny van zant here, that is like the messiah coming down. so he will be here shortly. that is going to be great. and of course, we will be talking diner's and the living 40 miles north of the border thk about what's going on with the election and everything else biggest story in florida is central florida and what's going on with disney, lawrence? >> lawrence: that is exactly right, governor desantis really made the case on why he took on disney.
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some conservatives say you shouldn't get involved. he told us exactly why he got involved, watch. >> is it free-market economics to have a corporation run its own government and be exempt from laws and be treated better than all of its competitors? of course not! that is corporate welfare. this is something that had been embedded in florida's dna because disney was very powerful for many, many decades that nobody questioned this. disney ran the show in the state for a long time until i became governor. we said, you know we will decide the people of florida. we will not kowtow to a woke company and california but make no mistake about it, lawrence. we have a more competitive market today than when they were operating their own government and enjoying the special privileges. >> lawrence: i guess this is my big question into you brian, to you as well why would they get a cup when other florida businesses have to make it on
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their own que? >> ainsley: they felt like we are disney, the powerhouse and we come to florida for the spirit and he is saying "no more." if you are going to be political, you will jump into our schools and tell us what we can and can't do we will not support u.s. much either. that is what started this all. instead of stepping down from disney, bob eichinger, he said, ron desantis in his book, actually had a conversation, i'm feeling so much pressure, pressure like i've never felt before. here is a new ron desantis ad put out by the friends of ron desantis pack and it is making people wonder, is he really going to run for president? watches latest ad. >> one of the things that struck us in florida is floridians are pessimistic about the country's direction, about the biden administration, but yet, majority of them were very satisfied and encouraged by florida's direction. you think about it, normally if
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things are going back naturally, people will feel bad across the board of cured people recognize florida has actually done it right. we stood for the right principles and we are ready to fight these fights when it's not easy. we stood up for a lot of people and lifted them up. that is why the state has succeeded. we have people visiting here, moving here like never before. i think the video is more about telling that story. so come i would say it's more about that than any type of campaign. >> that was him reacting to the ad with fox news poll has him above donald trump 43%, ron desantis 28%. if they ran against each other and those are the two leaders, trump put his name in the hat to run for president but desantis has not. what are people there sing about it? what is your feel? >> brian: walking through here it is very much trump country and home edge to the congressman, now governor who
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could be president desantis. they really love him. this is the area that he represented as congressman. i used to work down to the metro diner and so he knows what it's like to come back here and write his first book. a couple of things, if you look at what ron desantis has done, it is not just disney. we know what he did for central florida. a place to go to. no one is minimizing their impact. if you think about ron desantis on "60 minutes" he took on nbc who mischaracterized and they kind of apologized. i'm going to go on that channel again. he took on the riots, the florida riots and the cop specifically. he took on the teachers unions. he has taken on crt, the ap forces. these are all things that are not manufactured. one thing he prizes himself on he has not taken a poll for anything he has done. this is what i do.
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i collect as much information as i can. i make my decision and i asked my staff to implement it and call a press conference. let the chips fall where they may. you can ask where did the chips fall? 19-point win in the next election. the last time he won by 40,000 votes or something like that. so, it shows performance matters. had do you do once you got the job? that is what his book is about. what went into the decision with the ramifications and if you could put up with the attacks and walk through it, you will be successful. >> lawrence: brian it is interesting because i push the governor, you just wrote this book about what works, right? why don't you put a plan out and not run for president. by the way, i think he will run for president but he pushed back and have a brilliant answer. the reason why he did this, he is making a case for the states to have the power. not so much the centralized government where the president
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is making all the decisions. but the book was almost a book for governors. >> brian: absolutely. he is a guy in charge. the question people have is can you take the florida blue print and bring it to illinois where it is blue? can you take the blueprint to california? guys come i have to ask the metro diner some questions, campo florida blueprint, which is our red state, can it work in a blue state? show of hands? will it get an opportunity to work in a blue state? you don't think so? so why is that, sir? why don't you think governor desantis policies work outside of florida? >> well, governor desantis is a governor of his own. he's done tremendous things for the state of florida. i don't think the democratic mayors are abrasive enough like for change.
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>> brian: it is interesting because a democrat they came out and defend a governor of desantis when telling him he's only giving vaccines to the peoe who voted for him. it was the democrat that said that is not the case at all but we teamed with another supermarket chain who wanted to help out. that was kind of true peer they are listening to the show on the app, get the fox news app. listen to it. what is your name, sir? >> nick. >> brian: do you think though florida blueprint can work somewhere else? >> it is a tough one. it could, it couldn't, probably not. it might but it would take a lot of teamwork, formation across the board. >> brian: a lot of people think when it comes to woke policies, governor sununu, successful in new hampshire come i don't get involved in local politics. i'm against woke but that's not my job as governor. what is your name? >> joann. do you think governor sununu's right to not get involved in woke politics? as governor i have to get
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involved. >> governor desantis is always right. [applause] listen, we will talk to the diners and the metro manager too appear to be kind of took over today. this is the worst nightmare for a owner, we sit for three and a half hours. tipped good, everybody. back to the studio, we will be back shortly. [cheers and applause] >> ainsley: thanks so much, brian p returning to the race for mayor chicago's race lori lightfoot, to decide her political future. >> lawrence: nine candidates in the race in april runoff, almost guarantee jeff flock is with joining us live from the windy city. hey. >> hey, lawrence, it is great thing about america we can go to florida and think come to chicago where people think differently. it won't be a republican mayor, i can tell you in chicago anytime soon.
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all of the nine candidates that you see in this race are all democrats. people think differently in this town. the nine candidates ensure, making it pretty sure that we will not see anybody win tonight. you have to have 50% so probably a runoff pier at the top for coal mayor lori lightfoot as you point out who had a rough four years and crime has skyrocketed on her watch and whither we blame her, we will decide tonight, and paul vallas the closest you will get to in this race. but he said he's a lifelong democrat but the handcuffs need to come off of the police in chicago. and he said he's more republican than democrat. now, a lifelong democrat. jesus garcia lost to rahm emanuel and brandon johnson got the attention of the business community not in a good way because he wants to tax the
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wealthy, 3.5% tax and everybody making $100,000 and also wants to tax trades cme and hotel tax and in a tax on the wealthy in chicago or any area frequented by chicago. crime is his number one come i think, issue here. take a look, even in the last year, crime skyrocketed, robbery, theft, shootings and murders slightly down. we talked to folks in the business community who say, crime is really jeopardizing the cities economic. >> people say i want to go to work but we work every day seven days a week and crime is all over the country and has been around for 50 years in the southwest side of chicago. and now it's in our neigh neighborhood. >> what is the solution to crime? you heard from chicago and we
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will see how it goes. the great thing about america people disagree, back to you guys. >> ainsley: thank you, jeff. ashley. >> hey, guys, the border crisis i.c.e. agents arresting a brazilian fugitive in boston who spent two years running from murder charges in his home country. this is not his first time in u.s. custody. the border patrol arrested in california 2021 for illegally entering the country but they let him out pending court proceedings. meanwhile in orange county, agents with the massive fentanyl bust using 230 pounds of drug during a traffic stop. officials say that is enough to kill 50 million people. now to a fox weather alert from a messy commute this morning for people in massachusetts and really across the northeast s the region gets hit by the biggest snowstorm so far this year. first responders and upstate new york are warning drivers to take it slow after responding to
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this 18 car crash caused by black ice yesterday morning. and yet another's snowstorm slamming the west coast. near lake tahoe, white out conditions. meanwhile, michigan, the governor gretchen whitmer getting heat for apparently having a gnomic 150,000 people in her state still without power nearly one week after a major ie storm. more on this story and you can download the fox weather app or stream fox weather on your favorite connected tv device. the biden administration out facing bipartisan pushback as lawmakers accuse the white house of politicizing americans retirement accounts. a new rule allows retirement miniatures to factor esg climate and social issues into investment decisions pay accounts commit and ibarra wants to roll back the controversial rule. listen to this. americans don't want their politics as part of their
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retirement portfolio. they want financial performance. they want investment returns whether republican or democrat most americans don't want politics to be a factor in our capital in determining whether or not they will have a secure retirement. >> 25 states are suing the white house over the recent climate change initiative. major league soccer picking up the season by smashing attendance records. both charlotte and atlanta united hosted sixtieths out to mike [boos] 60,000 fans and that is more than the average crowd of 13 games and world cup champion final messy the best men's playr the seventh time but long-term rival was left off of his team of the year the first time since 2007. those are your headlines, guys, back to you. >> thank you so much, ashley. we are live outside of the courthouse where double murder
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trial of alex murdaugh of resumes in less than an hour. >> lawrence: but first the energy department concludes covid came from a lab leak. we are talking the lives blatantly impacted next. alabama, here on our family farm. then we partner with family owned mills from maine to mississippi to manufacture our cotton into quality american made fabrics that become our heirloom inspired bedding, towels, blankets and apparel. experience our 100% american made luxury linens for yourself. go to red line cotton dot com and receive 15% off your order with code fox news.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: a new report revealing the u.s. energy department believes covid-19 originated from a lab leak in china. the spread of the coronavirus sent america into a locked down as you know causing many schools to close their doors for months at a time. but out of the schools shut down and impact america's children? a panel of parents to discuss.
5:21 am
good morning to all of you all. thank you for being here. dave, i will start with you. you used to live in the city and you moved 22 miles outside of the city to nyack. how did it affect you? your daughter who is six was three at the time. >> with a lockdown cheese started preschool my wife and i were busy with full-time jobs. and two bedroom apartments, she could do anything but it got to be difficult for us. i'm a larger and started doing zoom stuff, all the court stuff online. she interrupted one time sheet it was very interesting. these situations, it was so difficult time for all of us. it was very stressful and stressful for her, even though hopefully thankfully doesn't remember a lot. >> ainsley: daniel you have your two precious boys, five in the middle and tennis who is nine.
5:22 am
i wonder how it affected you and how important for us to find out the origins because the energy department, the fbi said it is a lab leak and the others are disagreeing with them but we don't want to go back to where we were back then and have these situations. so, how important is it to know where the origin is? >> i think it is important because we really need to know the impact on children is disproportionate and the fact covid, i could go to the gym and my son at school, he stayed on zoom not learning and not having anything but facebook. am i a little and was massed for a long time and the worst decision to mask the little ones and have so many language delays. we are seeing unprecedented learning loss to impact our economy for a very long time. >> ainsley: what about max and tennis? how did it affect them during that year?
5:23 am
>> max is going to a private school but already open. all of the little ones massed. so we had to buy a tutor for him to be able to read properly. and i think it was just being in an apartment trying to learn. we have two parents inside of the home. it was a stressful time and really delayed his learning. speed to dennis, what was that like for you? >> it was like, well, the mask? >> ainsley: not being in school, not seen your friends? >> well, it was harder because they tried to teach us, like, they would do it online. >> ainsley: how do you do that? >> exercise videos. >> ainsley: and shorter right? >> it was just harder. >> ainsley: you would never want to go back to that again,
5:24 am
would you? >> no. [laughter] >> there was a lot of video games. >> ainsley: irene, you are in the back but tell us how that affected your daughter. she is in the second grade but is in the fourth grade now. >> it affected her and everybody else greatly. it was a very difficult time. they had to resort to be on zoom so many hours a day. it had an effect on emotional and physical health. kids need to be around kids. that is the nature of the environment for them. academically, the academics went down dramatically over that. meth. you can see it everywhere else the academics went down at the children have not learned what they should have learned. they spend so much time on social emotional things on school click the favorite color but not the substance of materials they should have covered. speed to christine, what do you
5:25 am
remember about that time? >> it was extremely challenging because we would spend four or five hours every day to stare at a screen and not learn what we need to learn. hopefully, we will never have to go through this again because we should not be locked, the children should not be locked up in our homes not being able to go to school like we normally did. our entire normalcy, stability was erased. hopefully the state test scores will be brought back in middle of high schools because it is an objective way to see where the students all after this learning loss that we went through. >> ainsley: irene, was ordered for you because things are different in school? they were new masts we learn to do mask a different way. it was ordered to work help with homework or assignments? >> absolutely. we had to not only endure watching our children suffer isolation, but we had to now become teachers all of a sudden. most of us are teachers by trade. we have explained methods
5:26 am
because they are different from what we learned. we had to resort to google, youtube videos to figure out how to explain it to them here or there was no one-on-one with the teacher and how they would ordinarily explain the things. >> ainsley: we were getting packets on they would say print out every packet. then we will sit in front of the computer. i had to make sure my computer was charged. i had printer, ink, paper and tried to do that and balance a career, which it is my job. i'm parent. but i was also stressed out that i would forget something or i was not going to do something properly or not have the right sheet. did you go through that stress? >> the stress was absolutely bad on our family. in fact, i i have a very supportive wife which is fantastic. it is a team job and you have to learn to do things differently. you have to be involved. hindsight is always 2020. we didn't know what was going to
5:27 am
happen. we lived close to the hospital and we were seeing the trucks outside. it was a very difficult time, and we didn't know what was going on. you look back at it now and it comes up, wow i can't believe we made it through. >> ainsley: especially knowing the scientific research, we didn't have to go through all that. so that was really just mind-blowing, mind-boggling. thank you all so much. i hope you don't have to go through it again. you all are so cute. thank you for coming on. a high-stakes double murder trial of alex murdaugh set to visit the scene of the crime today as the defense rested its case. fox fox nation nancy grace in south carolina and what we can expect today. brian and our wonderful friends down in florida. hey, brian. >> brian: thank you, ainsley. this is sage, how are things going? the number one thing on the m
5:28 am
menu? and what have you done to fight inflation? we have done everything we can to keep where they are but everything going on it is difficult. >> brian: you guys, the metro diner, do you like it? [cheers and applause] how has inflation affected you? >> we have to watch our expenses. everything is going up, air travel. it affected every part of our business, insurance and things like that for small business. we have to be careful. one thing -- real quick. what about the national deficit? talking about it this morning. >> brian: i would love to save the president tackle it. thank you so much for everything, fantastic. sage, back in a moment, johnny van zant queuing himself up. e minute daily gospel? sure. take a deep breath
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: so the defense team for alex murdaugh floating the same there were two gunmen while resting their case in the double murder trial. today the jury will visit the crime scene where maggie and paul died. fox nation host joins us outside of the court room in south carolina. so nancy, there were two things i found troubling. it was the theory to cogunmen
5:33 am
but also he used his drug addiction as a way to sway the jury. i found it a little effective. what say you? >> first of all, good morning thank you for inviting me. yesterday, we finally see the defense rest after calling multiple witnesses. i have to hand it to him, they ended on a high with murdaugh's brother, john morrison murdaugh on the stand. he was very emotional, and he described cleaning up paul's remains, his blood, his brain matter, human tissue purity broke down crying. he described how another law partner came in and said, please leave. it is very emotional testimony. pure debate behind his emotional testimony, i have to tell you other than watching him every df the whole plan, he's got the most class, very articulate.
5:34 am
and i noticed he was explaining away a lot of inconsistencies in the defense case. very naturally and calmly. i think that was very reversed. here is my problem, you brought up the two shooters theory but the only thing that got is that two guns were used, not impressed. i'm not falling for that. but one of the jurors? may be. now we look at the rebuttal case that could backfire. we think this takes rebuttal case 3-5 witnesses and all brief, but what does that mean when the state says breathe? i don't know and one that may be longer. but here is my problem, we remember when o.j. simpson got a "not guilty" to a double murder a visit to his home orchestrated by my coanchor, god rest his soul johnny cochran? now we have an outing to the ani think it is a bad move for both
5:35 am
parties. >> lawrence: i want to get your account on the prosecution as well. i don't think they've been as effective. when you have the witness on the stand and the suspects say he would never intentionally they didn't jump at the bit at him saying intentionally? what were they thinking? >> i think they left it open so couldn't explain it and they will hammer it on closing arguments. that is what i think they are doing. i hope that's what they are doing. >> lawrence: they should call nancy grace because nobody does it better than nancy. and you can watch live coverage of the murder trial daily on fox nation. still ahead, help us finally come to the people of east palestine almost four weeks after the train wreck with toxic chemicals into the air of pure dr. marc siegel is the ground. and brian having breakfast with friends and florida. >> brian: thanks, lawrence, you say sage runs this place but
5:36 am
you know who runs sage? his mom. grandmother, wow! are you proud of him? >> i love him to death. >> brian: does he give you a discount? >> sort of! >> brian: that means he's not paying. steve livingston has lived in three different countries many different countries and why do you pick ponte vedra beach? >> i've been here 20 years ago and i couldn't live anywhere else. i love the opportunity. i love the freedom, you can't beat the weather and the people are fantastic. >> brian: the governor? >> all of that, all of the above. >> brian: and a brand-new soccer team. more from the metro diner, more from new york city, johnny van zant standing by tuning his guitar. he actually wrote a book, governor desantis and more of that coming back here from ponte vedra beach, florida. don't move.
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: today the epa administrator to return to east palestine, ohio opening a center for the community to go get help as people living near the site toxic train derailment are developing bronchitis now and other illnesses associated with chemical exposure. >> fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel with a woman having trouble breathing. >> lawrence, ainsley i'm joined by courtney. and you told me that you are having trouble breathing and that you heard there were young children that got toxic burns from the chemical and bronchitis, tell me about that. what happened? >> there was a video and we have a lot of reporters out here. there was a young woman who has five children and she has a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old that
5:42 am
have burns and rashes on skin after having bathed in the water. and horrible, heat burns, like sunburn and suffering, chemical bronchitis coughing up blood. and they don't live as close to the creek as i do. so what is affecting people further out. >> you kept your five and 9-year-old away. you have children but you won't let them come back here. how have you been feeling and how are you trying to cope with this? >> i've been losing my voice off and on and my lungs burn. i feel like i can't catch my breath. and austin air gave me an error purifier and i can breathe easier having using that. but i still won't let my kids anywhere near this town, not even in my house. i won't let my kids come because i'm too afraid of what is happening to everyone else's children let alone i can't
5:43 am
protect my children by having them to stay with their father. when it is my turn during shared custody can my turn the mic take my kids to pittsburgh and stay with my kids. i don't want them anywhere near this town. >> i'm a physician and if you were coming to me, what would you tell me what would you want me to do about it. the epa or anything it doesn't seem like our doing anything. >> i believe the chemicals are going into the systems. everybody needs blood work to see how much this is progressing and how badly it is getting pure they are not drawing any attention to the people that are treating them for what is going on with them. they are still making excuses and saying it is not the chemicals. everything is fine, the water is fine, the air is fine, but it is not, not at all. >> i'm sorry that you are all going through this. lawrence, back to you. >> lawrence: doc, thank you so
5:44 am
much for reporting out there. let's check in with meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. >> hello, good morning come of course our prayers for east palestine and the folks out there. we love you and pray for you. let's take a look at the messy weather here in new york. we were hoping for some snow and my kids are really angry today. it is 33 with just massive slush and yup, no small, snow in new york city in central park 1.8, not good. with that incredible snow deficit north of us where we are getting snow. maybe i need to take a kids for a tour up to albany. those snow totals, some people got over 6 inches on the hudson and hudson valley 6.2 but really nothing in new york city or south of us. the future track of the storm, it will get out of here by tomorrow. we have another storm we will be talking about bringing severe thunderstorms for thursday and friday, for the south sea mirror
5:45 am
is hit by the tornadoes yesterday in oklahoma. the west coast relentless rain and snow for you. it has been all season long for the mountains and the west, winter and snow but no break in the northeast and snow to come. so maybe we head to the mountains across the sea and california to get snow this winter for new york city. >> lawrence: ainsley is upset because she didn't want snow. >> so you are happy. i know, i apologize to all of the young kids hoping for a snow day. >> ainsley: lawrence is from the south and i grow up in the south. never got snow. don't you like it? i need to do a snow angel. i haven't been able to do one this season. i'm so disappointed. >> ainsley: coming up, back to the diner, the metro diner in ponte vedra florida. johnny van zant. >> lawrence: let's check in bill hemmer at the top of the hour. >> good morning, less than an
5:46 am
inch, right? good morning to you guys, but the u.s. supreme court to break down the order coming up here. how much military equipment and we leave behind in afghanistan? it is staggering. chicago boats on a new mayor to rent a city in the lab leak and its gain of function gains momentum. dana and i will see you at the top of the hours, guys 14 minutes from now. (woman) what would the ideal weight loss program look like?
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>> brian: from sweet home alabama to florida, lynyrd skynyrd changing the course of music history and no stranger to fox gnomic "fox & friends." i will pose and watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> brian: look at that crowd. and now, celebrating 50th year with a massive tour across america. they start with brandon, mississippi. let's go to brandon. right now let's turn to the metro diner. johnny van zant. how are you?
5:51 am
good to see you. a round of applause for johnny van zant. [cheers and applause] first off, 50 years. i have watched you outside of fox and"fox & friends." you love the audience. >> we love being up there in the traveling not so much these days because we are old. but legging the shows are amazing. the lynyrd skynyrd crowds. [cheers and applause] >> brian: they are very red, white, and blue. when did you realize there is a patriotic string to your audience? >> we came out with a song called "red, white, and blue" years ago. when we wrote that song we thought about what is a lynyrd skynyrd crowd? red, white, and blue and lynyrd skynyrd crowd. when we started doing that -- we are still doing it today. that is when we really, really
5:52 am
new, hey, our crowd of true americans. [cheers and applause] >> brian: you have watched jacksonville grow and hearing the stories of '73. can you describe it? you don't live in the county but can you describe jacksonville is like now? >> oh, my gosh. first of all, we have the jags. [applause] what? and we finally got the team comeaux you started to see the city grow. we have a long ways to go. i do agree with that, especially downtown. i would like to see downtown go a lot more. >> brian: you have four season's end there. but it has all this potential surrounding the water. >> it is a beautiful city. don't you guys agree? [cheers and applause] so a great city here.
5:53 am
>> brian: going out this year the 50th years. >> 50 years. >> brian: when you talk to the guys, what do they say? when you play "free bird" ronnie, does it ever not get emotional for you? >> no, not at all. there's been so much loss, so much loss but so much greatness, too. in the fans are really what keeps the band going. anybody if you look at life in general. if you are happy and love music or if you are sad and listen to music. music has brought us all together. i have to say say high gnomic o the band as well. the one i watch luke bryan go want to introduce the governor. people went crazy and afterwards he got blowback. where are you being political and bring up the republican governor? you wrote a song. how did that come about? >> we love our governor, right?
5:54 am
[cheers and applause] >> brian: i actually got a call from a girl that worked fom and she said, hey, the governor wants to speak to you. i was like, what did i do wrong? [laughter] and actually come i thought it was a joke at first. actually he called me and said, "i want a song sort of like "sweet home alabama." and that may be hard to do but i might be able to write a song for you. so i called up my brother and i said listen, the governor wants us to write a song for his campaign. and man comeaux eroded, boom, it came naturally. what a wonderful guy, his wife, lovely lady. >> brian: he used to live here and come to this diner. he has family. >> wonderful people. >> brian: have you particularly felt blowback for supporting the governor? >> yeah, but we have a thing
5:55 am
called the internet. yeah, there was blowback but i don't care. we live in america and we are free. we are supposed to believe in what we believe, whether it is left or right. [cheers and applause] this is what i believe. i love our governor and i think he's done a great job. everybody wouldn't want to be moving here, right, if it was a bad thing? >> brian: johnny van zant has a gift for me, i believe. >> it is for all of you guys. >> brian: all of them? >> but this is for steve and i know you have got one. this is for you in celebration and we will show for brian, pbs. you guys look for it this year. 50th anniversary of lynyrd skynyrd. and ainsley, the good faith girl, believes in god, boom! >> brian: and i believe, johnny van zant, tickets on
5:56 am
sale. 50 years, thank you so much for being here. appreciated. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c what causes a curve down there? who can treat this? stop typing, and start talking. it could be a medical condition called peyronie's disease, or pd. you're not alone, there is hope. find a specialized urologist who can diagnose and treat pd. visit today.
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6:00 am
tomorrow back in studio. ron desantis on radio in 20 minutes. >> tune in to brian's radio show and my show on saturday and fox nation bible study with ainsley. >> we have such a good time. >> thanks everyone at the metro dining. >> thanks. [cheers and applause] >> see you tomorrow. have a wonderful day. >> bill: thanks, guys. if good morning. the nine justices are about to hear arguments on the president's multi-billion dollar bail out when it comes to executive power in a significant way. we say hello on tuesday. asme owe bill hemmer. good morning at home. >> dana: >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." this is a lawsuit that has been working its way and finally today you have protestors gathering outside the court as justices prepare to hear two te


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