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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 17, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the irish prime minister is not in ireland, he's here in the united states to meet with the president and the vice president. so, he is not there enjoying the celebration. he'll hoist a pint or two. >> sandra: the guinness looked delicious, john. >> john: nothing like a fresh guinness. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. sandra smith. >> john: >> martha: thanks very much. i'm martha maccallum in new york at fox news headquarters. new revelations in the hunter biden saga as the president's son sues for invading his privacy by copying and sharing what was on a laptop while still trying to thread the needle to not admit that the laptop is his. biden's newish more aggressive legal team led by abby lowell
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now turning the tables as we learn new leads on the biden family money trail. zero in on the remaining unknown biden who appears to have received $70,000 from the chinese electric company in a deal with the parent ties to the biden family enterprise. jonathan turley and joe concha standing by. first, we go to david spent who gist us the latest this afternoon on a friday from there on this case. hi, david. >> hi, martha. you mentioned aggressive. it's clear hunter biden's team has upped the ante. this counterclaim today -- it's a counter suit against this computer repair shop owner makes interesting observations and questions including questioning of who owned the laptop. i want to read this specific part. it's a foot note. it says this is not an admission by mr. biden that mack isaac, the shop owners or others possessed any real laptop
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containing data belonging to mr. biden. mr. biden says at some point matt isaac obtained electronically stored data some of which belongs to mr. biden. the counter suit alleged john paul mack isaac improperly took his information, made copies, distributed them to multiple people. mack isaac says he's never retrieved his laptop and he's done nothing wrong. today is merely a respond after another suit. according to the lawsuit filed by hunter, no matter how they came into his initial position, mack isaac improperly accessed files that he admitted were none of his business even though he was never given permission to access or review any data of mack isaac. mack isaac should have none the data contained private and confidential information in content including sensitive and private paragraphs and video of mr. biden and mr. biden had a reasonable expectation of
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privacy in this data. mack isaac's conduct would expose mr. biden's personal life in egregious violation to privacy. it says that mack isaac has continued the invasion of privacy by printing a book. i'm at the department of justice. the d.a. has been investigating hunter biden for two years. there's no word if charges will happen but perhaps there will be new information over the coming weeks and months. martha? >> martha: thanks very much. with that, we bring in jonathan turley, a george washington law professor and fox news contributor. good to have you here. i want to get to the big picture. a quick thought on this. does this lawsuit by hunter biden's team pro that a, this is
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indeed his material and, you know, what else are we learning from this entire thing from mack isaac? >> it's like alice in wonder land. it guess curiouser and curiouser. this is a weird filing. he's telling the court this may or may not be my laptop, and these files may or may not be my files, but i'm injured by the invasion of my privacy. it's very hard to follow this chain of logic in this filing in the absence of saying yes, i dropped off the laptop, did not pick it up. it contained authentic e-mails. so they're trying very hard to make out a case without the key elements in my view. this is like complaining that someone may or may not have stolen my car. the police will say, well, could you pin that down a bit?
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is your car missing? that's what is so weird about this. now, they may be trying this type of equivocation because he is being criminally investigated and they don't want to admit these files are clearly his. but it's getting a bit long to be playing sort of hamlet in all of these filings of debating whether it is or is not his laptop. >> martha: yeah, it's interesting. because they claim that 90 -- mcisaac says i tried to get in touch with him for 90 days. biden's side is saying that there's a one-year clause in delaware. personal property can't be given away to someone else or exploited in any way for one year. how does that hold up to you, jonathan? >> yeah, that is itself a little bit as a wicked turn to it. the delaware law that i looked at after the filing talks about
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someone having a year to claim their property. he still is not claiming the property. he's still equivocating whether this is his property or not. i think a court is going to be somewhat curious as to what the status, not just of hunter biden is in this case but the computer itself. i mean, it's going on almost two years. the other thing, this is not the only laptop that he says might have gone missing. you know, some of these files contain an exchange where he says he thought russian intelligence agents took an earlier laptop off one of his all-night party things. so i suppose the russians are also being warned that they could be injuring his privacy by stealing his laptop if that's true. >> martha: before i let you go a quick thought on this. let's put up this money trail that is basically the argument that james comer is making on the oversight committee this shows that $3 million went from this chinese company, cefc and
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went through a couple of steps and ended up in the pockets of at least three members of the biden family and another who is an unknown got $70,000, unknown so far. i want to remind everybody, james gillier in the middle of this chart, he is the one who wrote the e-mail that outlined a number of individuals, including hunter, and it said, plus ten held for the big guy. so raises the question is the big guy joe biden and is the big guy the unknown biden on this chart? i want to pull up this hunter biden text to his daughter, naomi. he says i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. it's really hard. but don't worry. unlike pop, i won't make you give me half your salary. so from a legal perspective, jonathan, all of this looks bad.
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okay? but is the oversight committee doing a good job of actually creating a link between this money and these biden family members? >> i think it is. they're trying very hard to establish whether there was influence pedalling here, which i believe there's ample evidence to show that. the bidens have been long accused of influence pedalling. having hailey biden's name pop up is a concern. but the big -- for the big guy, a witness has said that was clearly joe biden. i think that this circle is tightening around the president. >> martha: thank you, jonathan turley joining us today. have a great weekend. joining me now is joe concha, columnist for the hill and a fox news contributor, of course. joe, i want to play this. james comer, chair of the oversight committee digging into this, was on earlier today on
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fox on america reports. he said that people have come to talk to the oversight committee who are suggesting that some of this happened not only after he was vice president but before. watch this. >> something that joe biden was actively involved in throughout the last year of his vice presidency, we've had several people come in and say that. in fact, even some of the transfers to that robinson walker company happened during 2015 and 2016, a time when joe biden was very much vice president of the united states. >> martha: so joe, what do you make of the newest developments in this today? >> i would think that journalists out there would be asking lot of questions of mr. biden, who isn't very accessible but the press secretary or spokespeople or even democrats. we're seeing either silence on this or whatever coverage is applied to this story. it's a big story. it's mostly to defend the bidens somehow. the questions are obvious. when you look at that breakdown
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of the $3 million that went to rob walker, $610,000 to hunter biden. $360,000 for the president's brother. hailey biden, $325,000. multiple payments. she was a guidance counselor working in delaware at the time and was dating hunter biden. what do those three people have in terms of on their resumes that would warrant that sort of payment regarding a chinese electric company, just like in ukraine and burisma. what qualifications did hunter biden have in terms of receiving the kind of money he did? we're talking seven figures here. we still don't know what services were provided in these situations. >> martha: that's the question. what was the business, what was this functioning business that this money was going to. comer says they're having a hard time figuring that out. it's very difficult to trace money from one place to another place and comer saying it appears the money flowed through this chain that he's watching. this is karine jean-pierre when she was asked why is the
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president not answering questions. there's huge things going on. you have russia taking down our drone, the banking crisis and a lot of questions about this. here's what happened. >> this is coordinated. he's answered questions. >> [question inaudible] >> it's not -- here's -- >> [question inaudible] >> i hear you guys. >> it's the jen psaki playbook. she used to say the president answers questions from reporters all the time. there's very little evidence of that. again, if this was donald trump jr., ivanka trump and jared kushner receiving these sort of mysterious payments, what do you think the media coverage would look like? remember the apocalypse in a certain movie i'm referring to? that's what it would look like. 24/7. instead, silence of the lambs. >> martha: thanks, joe. good to have you here.
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>> happy st. patrick's day. well-dressed. >> martha: you too. president xi jinping is really elevating his role in so many aspects of what is going on around the globe. now he's getting ready for a big meeting with that man, vladimir putin, and it's going to happen monday. what are they going to talk about? what does xi want from him? senator tom cotton standing by. paying off your car loan y and paying off your high rate credit card debt? and still have cash left over to put in the bank? with a newday 100 va cash out loan, you could do it all. take out an average of $70,000 - with no upfront fees. no upfront appraisal fees, termite inspection, or water test fee. because a veteran shouldn't have to come up with money to get money. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the burning, itching. the pain.
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or pay by the gig. all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> martha: you're watching disturbing scenes. this is a live camera in paris late in the evening. very large protests and vandalism and fire in the streets. this is all happening because emanuel macron has raised the
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retirement age from 62 to 64 because they have similar issues with the funding of these programs and the threat that it could run out. same problems that we have here in many ways. it has caused a lot of unrest in the streets. there was no vote in parliament on this. that is what has outraged these protesters. it was done to prevent tougher actions that might have to be taken to keep these funds fluid. you can see there's clashes with police after sanitation workers went on strike. garbage is piling up. police have arrested hundreds of protesters. we have a live camera on this and interesting actions in the street there. we'll go back to that if there's more breaking news from paris this evening. so china's president, xi jinping fresh off broker ago deal between iran and saudi arabia that moved the u.s. and israel
12:18 pm
to the back burner in the middle east in many ways. now he wants to handle the situation between russia and ukraine. he's got a meeting monday in moscow with vladimir putin. his foreign ministry telling ukraine that beijing is concerned about the war spinning out of control. they have conveyed that to ukraine as well. joining me now, tom cotton, member of the armed services intelligence and judiciary committees and an iraq and afghanistan war veteran. good to have you here today. it's fascinating to watch. why know china is trying to dominate the globe really on the economy, their military and now they also want to be sort of the power broker of diplomacy in the world it appears. >> yeah, i'm afraid that's the case. the last two years, joe biden has put a kick me sign on the back of uncle sam. another lesson when america recedes from the world, we don't
12:19 pm
get peace and tranquillity, we got chaos and war. adversaries acting against our interest. vladimir putin andxi jinping are anti-american dictators. job has given them opportunity to exploit america's receding from the world. you look in china, for instance. joe biden came into office saying china is not a competitor of ours. we get rattling sabers about taiwan or balloons. in russia, spent his first year appeasing him and now we get a war and a downing of a drone over the black sea. these actions provoke and beget more aggression from our adversaries. now you see xi jinping trying to establish himself as a broker of peace among countries. it gets back to the basic affairs. either you run the show or the
12:20 pm
show runs you. we've been used to running it for decades. joe biden has let others run the show and let it run against us. >> martha: that's what henry kissinger said. over the long run, beijing's emergence as a peace maker changes the terms of reference in international diplomacy. the united states is no longer the indy -- indispensable power in the region. a new world order is the way this could be describe. and john kirby was asked if the president was going to speak to xi jinping any time soon. here's the answer. >> there's no call scheduled while the president made it clear, he wants -- looks forward to another opportunity to speak with president xi.
12:21 pm
we're not actively engaged in the logistics of setting that up right now. >> martha: senator? >> yeah, again, this is an example of what happens when you recede from the world. barely two years ago, former president trump brokered peace between israel and the united arab emirates and other nations. we were hoping two years ago that we would get a peace agreement with israel and saudi arabia brokered by the united states. instead, we received a normalization agreement between saudi arabia and iran. all of these countries around the world that prefer to work with america, that have been partners of america like saudi arabia, like bahrain or qatar on jordan or egypt have security needs. they have threats that they face. primarily from iran. those security needs don't go away when america goes away or when the democratic party turns
12:22 pm
it back on longstanding allies because they don't like the fact that these countries oppose president obama's nuclear deal with iran or worked with president trump. the security needs will be filled by other countries like china. >> martha: senator tom cotton, good to see you. thanks very much. so the warning that was sent by silicon valley bank about their work from home policy. they had concerns that it might lead to lower productivity and gee, look what happened? just months before the bank collapsed. shark tank investor kevin o'leary on whether it's a bigger sign of more problems across the sector and the economy to come. >> 44% of our employees now across our venture portfolio work remotely. they ain't coming in to the office, period. whoa. okay. easy does it. we switched to liberty mutual and saved $652. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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♪ kia, movement that inspires. >> martha: silicon valley bank's parent company filing for bankruptcy now as we learn that remote work may have played a role in this historic collapse. the bank itself admitted in their annual report last night that it could face "negative effects of a prolonged work from home arrangement." but the financial times reports when silicon valley bank imploded last week, most of the 8,500 staff were still working
12:27 pm
remotely. some from miami, some to las vegas or a cabin in the woods and did the digital nomad thing. long after wall street ordered their bankers back to the office, the california bank's executive at times worked from hawaii. let's bring in kevin o'leary who you know from "shark tank." great to have you with us today. i'm curious what your thoughts are on this bit of editorial or not editorial but their report from their annual report where they admitted, this might be a problem for productivity. >> it has no merit. it's a bankrupt idea and a falsehood. this bank blew up as a result of a negligent board and i'd management. it's that simple. there's many institutions in 11 sectors of our economy. most of the companies founded up to 40% of their staff are not
12:28 pm
planning to return. doesn't matter what sector you're in, including financial services. the reason is people realize they have a better lifestyle, lower cost. including jobs like accounting, logistics, compliance. these used to be in cubicals in the basement of operations anyway. these employees are enjoying a better lifestyle. so you find that some portion of your staff regardless of what company you're in are effectively working remotely. that's the technology that we have. we've had a whole generation, two cohorts that have never worked in an office before. this excuse for sill von valley bank for lack of a better word -- >> martha: there could be a link between management and being able to oversee your employees and productivity. they said it in their own words, imbalances between work and home life. you say people are seeking balance. they're saying there could be imbalances in this.
12:29 pm
i'm not trying to say they're excusing the fundamental things that are out of whack here, their lack of recognition at the interest rate environment had gone against them and they needed help right ha way. but they're sort of i think pointing to something that the other banks are trying to work against, the big banks that are bailing out the other banks. there's more oversight of employees. >> is yourself a question. the ceo of silicon valley bank. did he enter interacted with customers every day? of course not. if he wanted to go in the office and by the way, maybe he should have in his executive staff, might have been useful, but they were incompetent managers. had nothing to do with where they were working. they worked poorly wherever they worked. they were a disaster. look, we'll solve this lu litigation. but the real issue, you have two
12:30 pm
big issues there. should we bail out these banks? first republic? no. it's a zombie bank. it should be allowed to diane orderly death and assets go to other places. it's not a bad thing that poorly-run banks go to zero. the big question being dated now by investors and depositors, do we need regional banks anymore? they started 50 years ago. yes, you did or 100 years ago, yes, you rode your horse to the bank. now everything is online. 95% of transactions are done online. i don't think we need all of these regional banks with idiot managers. it's time to do soul searching. so this is not the reason that silicon valley bank went to zero. they went to zero whether that ceo was in his office or not. didn't matter. he was a very bad manager. >> martha: it's a great point. you know, you have to -- if you don't have capitalism if some
12:31 pm
businesses can't fail or banks can't fail, right? there's no process if everybody gets bailed out. kevin o'leary, thank you very much. great to have you here today. >> take care. thanks. >> martha: you bet. so since we now know the impact of learning from homes, speaking of that, was abysmal, let's lower the standards for proficiency so the kids can meet them better. that's one state's bright idea to cover up the education crisis that kids are receiving because of the lockdowns. why betsy devos says beware. this trend is spreading. td can be caused by some mental health meds. and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. i felt like my movements were in the spotlight. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults
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i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan, for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for you family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no... give us a call. >> martha: low students test scores caused by pandemic-related learning loss will now apparently set a new lower benchmark, a new normal
12:36 pm
for what is passing in new york state. the albany times union reporting that the state's education department is changing what the standard is to achieve proficiency in math and english, language arts tests. the "new york post" pointing out the achievements of kids that just suffered nearly two years of school shutdowns and the joke of remote learning, they write, are all the state bureaucracy will expect for the foreseeable future. with that, we bring in betsy devos. good to have you with us. this is a frightening trend. if you'll allow me to read one more part of this from the albany times union. last year some schools posted shocking results. in schenectady, no eighth grader was proficient in mall. the scored in eighth grade tests were lower in 2022 than in 2019.
12:37 pm
a no doubt a problem because of the pandemic. they basically go on to say the policy now -- there's learning loss between 2019 and 2022. in some ways we don't want to keep going backwards. so for new york, the new baseline becomes 2022. so let's just lowter standards across the board so that maybe we can meet them, betsy. >> yeah, martha, this is the democrat's plan for combatting learning loss. lower expectations, lowter bar, hide it from parents, don't measure anything. you know, just keep on doubling down on the failed policies that they've continued to promote. this is happening not just in new york but my home state of michigan where just last week the democrat legislature and the democrat governor repealed the third great reading law. they're about to go after the f grading for schools. this is their solution. just keep on lowering standards, lowering expectations and, you
12:38 pm
know, i recall how often president bush talked about the soft bigotry of low expectations. this is blatant bigotry. it is blatantly deceptive to all kids involved. >> martha: you know, i want to go back to what you just mentioned. there was a law or a standard in michigan that said you had to be able to read by third grade. it's a very good measure. you don't want a student to go further than that. they'll feel lost if they can't read. so now that they are changing that standard, they're going to allow kids that can't read to advance to fourth grade? how won't that child feel frustrated and more nervous? >> exactly. michigan is among a number of states that have had the law on the books and it's been working well to catch kids before they move to that period of learning where they have to be able to read and learn.
12:39 pm
there's plenty of -- there's been plenty of remedies to catch up. the democrats, their solution is just do away with it and pretend it's not really a problem. we are failing these kids by continuing to move them on and give them a false perception of what they can do and make them more frustrated. it's no wonder that eventually a lot of these kids drop out of school. there's so many tools to actually help them learn to read, starting with giving the parents the opportunity to choose a better venue or a place that is going to help them learn. >> martha: yeah, if they can pull their kid outand get them into another program through choice where they will make sure that they can read. i mean, to have kids in the country not be able to read is such an enormous problem. if you look at arkansas, iowa. the governor is adding tutors to the program for any child that
12:40 pm
can't read. options for them to get extra help. extra help is what they need, not lower standards. bet she devos, thank you. good to see you. >> thanks. good to see you. >> martha: so where president biden stands in a matchup with ron desantis and donald trump. new numbers on this as we head towards 2024. rnc chair ronna mcdaniel weighs in next. who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done. we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're on it with jardiance. join the growing number of people who are on it with the once-daily pill, jardiance. jardiance not only lowers a1c, it goes beyond to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults with type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. and jardiance may help you lose some weight. jardiance may cause serious side effects including ketoacidosis that may be fatal, dehydration,
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>> martha: everybody is fascinated with the polls. they keep coming out. former president trump pulling further ahead of florida governor ron desantis in a potential 2024 showdown. expanding his lead by eight points in the new quinnipiac poll over last month. you can see up there, the next
12:45 pm
closest contenders on this particular poll, nikki haley and mike pence at 5 and 3. they're in single digits as you can see. it is early going here. let's bring in republican national committee chair woman ronna mcdaniel. good to see you. and there's a head-to-head that they did as well. the former president trump at 51%, ron desantis at 40%. these two are now going at each other pretty good. ron desantis isn't even in the race yet. what do you make of the increase for trump polling that we've seen in a couple places this week? >> i think it's march madness, right? we'll get a bunch of polls. this will continue throughout the primary season. i think the numbers that i found interesting from these polls were where they matched them with joe biden. joe biden still isn't breaking 50%. he's unfavorable is at 54%. so we have a very unpopular president, which means whoever our nominee is has a great chance to take back the white
12:46 pm
house, especially as we're seeing banks failing, soaring inflation like you talked about, kids with massive deficits, a fentanyl crisis. republicans have a great shot to take back the white house, and win the senate and keep the house in 2024. >> martha: let's show the polls that you mentioned. these are the head-to-heads between biden and trump. biden at 49. trump at 45. and then biden beats desantis by one point. so these are roughly in the margin of a error here. both sides are under 50% here, ronna. >> yeah, he's a sitting president, martha. so biden controls the agenda, owns the inflation, owns fentanyl and owns what is happening across our country and his negatives are so high. we haven't started making our case. every day he gets to make his case. he has the media on his side. the legacy media. he doesn't talk to the american
12:47 pm
people and he is still under water. so this bodes very well for our republican nominee. what i want to say to everybody is, we want our nominees to make sure that we don't take so many chips out of each other that we can't compete against biden. we have to come out of this primary intact to go against the democrat. i know there's gloves off, but we have to remember the bigger prize here, which is winning the white house. >> martha: you see that scrapping already. president trump going after ron desantis calling him a rino, aligning him in the party with people he feels are not conservative enough. would you tell the former president to pipe down and not shoot within the tent? i don't know if you'll get them to do that. >> listen, there's back and forth. in the end, as long as we unite around the nominee. republicans want us to win and be united. we can't win if we're not united. we need republicans and independents to win the white house. at the end of this process, we
12:48 pm
all need to rally around whoever the voters chose to be our nominee if we're going to beat joe biden. that's what i'm focused on as head of the rnc. >> martha: so do you have anything to share with us about what percentage people would have to be at in order to make it on the stage late simmer? >> yes, i've talked to vivek. we want to make sure what we put out is accurate. we're talking any candidate looking to the white house and talking about the criteria. we're not going to blindside anybody. >> martha: thanks, ronna. i'm sure we'll talk more as we move forward. thanks, ronna. have a great weekend. what better way to start st. patrick's day with jimmy failla and how the holiday
12:49 pm
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and give you the peace of mind that every veteran deserves. >> martha: some say new yorkers are ditching the booze for a sober st. patrick's day with higher demand, for bars and restaurants serving nonalcoholic drinks. one bar owner telling the "new york times," there's hundreds of spirit-free products now. five years ago, none of this existed. we're going to ask jimmy failla about the benefit of those kinds of products in just a moment. first, to madison alworth, live from the a new york city bar. >> the drinks have been pillowing. i will tell you they do stock heineken zero here. i'll crack it here.
12:54 pm
see if i can do this. there we go. cheers. so they stock this drink because it's zero alcohol. the owner says it's really popular during the month of january. but because of this explosion of people that are sober, they say people are buying into this holiday as well. the reality though is a lot of americans are going to be drinking beer this st. patrick's day and spending money as well. $7 billion will be spent celebrating this holiday. i want to bring in the bar owner to talk about some of that money. he's been selling a lot of guinness. kenny, how many kegs did you stock of guinness? >> we stocked ten kegs. i hope we don't run out judging the crowd. it's about 1,600 points today. >> how many pints you normally sell? >> 50 to 60. >> quite a bit of growth. so not only is st. patrick's day also march madness, people spending money on beer, also on
12:55 pm
bets. we're expected to bet $15.5 billion on this holiday. that's up from $3 billion last year. all around just having a good time. i have my friend, john here, who will play us out. goo ahead. there you have it. it's march madness and st. patrick's day. we're drinking nonalcoholic beer. back to you. >> martha: i love the sound of bag pipes. thanks. let's bring in jimmy failla, host of "fox across america." do you have some irish in you? >> a percentage. i'm predominantly polish. we have a little -- >> martha: who was that person? >> still trying to get our name. i don't know. the mailman was transferred after i was born. nobody had blond hair in my house except me. the guy got transferred. happy st. patrick's day. couple of things. your viewers need to know i did ask to be the one reporting from the bar but you didn't trust me. i want her on record. >> martha: we didn't trust you
12:56 pm
to drink the heineken zero. >> two things on that one obviously, i'm not surprised that alcohol has increased at the same time decreasing. it's going up. half the people doing extra drinking are not st. patrick's revellers. the reason for nonalcoholic beer is becoming more popular, they're the ones that film the viral videos that you watch on instagram later. think about that. the reason you go on instagram tonight and see a guy with no pants on is because someone stayed sober. if you're sober, you get likes. 90% of the people drinking nonalcoholic beer are drinking tomorrow. they do it the next day. >> martha: the only time i drank nonalcoholic beer, three times in my life. all three of them i was pregnant for nine month. after that was over, i was like okay, see ya. >> you did better than mom.
12:57 pm
i only drank nonalcoholic beer once. i really wanted to pee. i didn't get drink. you can give me some. i'm not surprised. the whole spirit of st. patrick's day, the communal vibe of st. patrick's day with the parade and everything, starts young. we were going to it in high school. it was like a bender. i love it. such good positive energy. >> martha: i started my day going to mass at st. patrick's. a lot of firemen, police officers, lots of members of the military. lots of bag pipes. a huge irish wolf horse. a beautiful day in new york. this is an amazing day to start st. patrick's day. you know, on my way back, there were a lot of people flooding to the irish pubs. very early in the morning. so one of the things i want to ask you about, apparently there's a trend that is disgusting sounding to me of eating high protein dog food in order to get your protein uptake
12:58 pm
up. i don't like to -- i have two dogs. i don't like to smell their dog food that much. i cannot imagine eating it. what do you think? >> sandra: . >> this is insane. it's like i'm on the keto. on the 100 dalmatians, bro. nobody take it from tik tok. these are broken people or smart people preying on broken people. they introduce this in to the video vernacular. this is idiotic. what are you going to do? eat 600 grams of protein? next time you go to the gym, someone will throw a tennis ball and roll over. you're going to turn into a dog. stop it. >> martha: thanks, jimmy. happy st. patrick's day. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: so on a serious note and really an inspiring note as well, the episode that dropped today of "the untold story" pod cast is really special. it's the conversation that i had
12:59 pm
with fox war correspondent benjamin hall and his wife, alicia. she sat down for the very first time and talked about what this was like for the two of them. what it was like for her and what the impact has been on their marriage and their relationship. it's a really inspiring conversation with two really wonderful people. watch. >> it was lucky. we were like a team. he was so effortlessly positive. that reverberated on to me. as a result, reverberated on to the children. >> we have gone through the worst thing that can happen and we came through with flying colors. we were there together every step of the way. we haven't disagreed on anything. we agreed. we listened to each other, we heard what the other wanted to say and went through it together. >> martha: this is just an amazing story. thank god it had such a positive ending for benjamin and for
1:00 pm
alicia and for their beautiful children. he's also constantly like darling, you're so beautiful. you're so wonderful. just want to say give me some of that. it's all fantastic. don't miss this show. it's sunday night on fox news channel. watch this documentary that evening. happy st. patrick's day, everybody. great to have you with us. i'll see you back here monday. have a great weekend. ♪ >> neil: it seems that everybody is looking for the pot of gold. with st. patrick's day, some say you may need some of it with these banks. the holiday bringing president biden and house speaker kevin mccarthy together for the first time since their debt ceiling talked some seve


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