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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 17, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and get out of california. kevin , thank you so much. you know, i don't forget to check out the welcome podcast. pasqual loves it. we just had a fascinating conversation about svp and fauci x today. you can listen to the will cain podcast at apple. spotify or at fox news podcast. that doelis it for us tonight. be back. >> every night, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthinhtk. >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity". i'm jason chaffetz. .in for sean.egin wit and tonight we begin with a st.c patrick's day message from the president of the united states . you're singing, even though i've never lived in ireland,andk i just kept thinking ofth the places that i did live with . my grandparents in scrantongr and scranton died, not died when scrantoandpn everything wet south in scranton, i moved to claim i just is amazing.
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>> what what what what song does? song while biden babbles incoherently, there is aere's massive scandal unfolding in plain sight. according to the house oversight committee, at least four membersrding to of his famy raked in a combined overenergy $1 million from a chinese. so million from a chinese. energy company. hiergy company. took place just two monthss after biden left his posposttsit as vice president in 2017, while other payments occurred when joe was still the vice president . >> watch this. the president said he had noowl knowledge of his son's business dealings, but in fact, many ofe these people who were these people who were the money from china to the shell companies were people that joe biden, in fact, met with , he met with while he was vice president . i don't think anyone in americas would believe that joe bideniden didn't open doors for theseha people, that that hunter biden somehow got these business deals set up in just a 60 dayy i
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period after joe biden left v the vice presidency. this is something thats joe biden was actively involvedg in throughout the last year. houtlastof his vice presidency.e we've had several people com he in and say that, in fact, even some of the transfers to that robinson walker company on walkehappened during twenty , fifteen and twenty sixteen at a time when joe bidewhen jn wasg much vice president of the united states . and i've got some bad news forv the white house. this is justng the beginning. w and we've been meetingwing with people that have been blowing the whistle on this influence peddling scheme for for several months now. >> now, you called these accusations public corruption, bribery, access, peddling oreddn pay to play. pay th play. but the mainstream media, they won't call it anything.blet they don't see a problem with ac biden family raking ina' cash from america's biggest geopolitical foes. look at they won't even look at the bank records. theyt potentials. crimes. they don't seem to care why
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a chinese energy company paid'te hunter biden a crackheadm six hundred and ten thousand dollars, or james joe's brother. three hundred and sixty thousand dollars, or beau biden's widow, hally, a schoolr, counselor. thirty five thousand dollars. so what's going on here?r wake and will the media mob everd as wake up and ask a question? joining us now with reaction,, co-host of the traves and buck sexton show, buck sexton along with fox news contributor tammy bruce. bruce. atami. h you. i want to start with youuriate because this infuriates me. there is no intellectual curiosity by the national media, no inquirhe natioy. and this is in black and white bank records, emails. they have got the goods colmer as chairman of the oversight committee, which i used to chair, he's doing a pretty go chair, he's doing a pretty good job oodf laying out the cat ,but nobody's asking any questions. >> what's fascinating, jason ,
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is that this was you could findr this. it wasight right there in blackd white. if you had any ounce o ounceff curiosity. is, the osity. is, would the democrats not be curious about it? i mean, we can disagree with democrats on policy issues ,but, my goodness, this is about the safety of the country. it'scountry. it's about life and death when it comes to our military members and our service members and the nature of our ability to live our lives here in our own country. and the democrats haven had so much power. how we have to presume thatthey they knew an element of this and they didn't care. bac it also tells you, of course,bec the weakness of their backbench that this iss is what they haveo to accept as they move forward to try to take the white house . so i think that there's a lot of you mentioned it could be called bribery. it could be money laundering. it could be a whole host of things. lebut the fact is , in just a fw months that the republicans thi kind of are looking at it.nd
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this is what they found.s and , of course, this is just what we know of at this point. this is the thing that that imp they were this kind of implies because it was done so sloppilya that this may have been goingn on for an extended period of time. and of course, w e know the the corruption in general of the establishment maybe goes beyond the bidens. cuyond the bidens. jason has really been curious about it. buck, >> i but it's it's just the classic follow the money, see what it tells you, see where it's flowing and is i chairman colmer has pointed outm chairman colmer has pointed outm one bankan and there's at leastw 10 , if not more , banks thaint were flowing money through to the vice. look, we know that it was a massive web of influence peddling and that this is corrupt at a minimum. but i think you also havee to look at where the moneyomin is coming from. isn't it interesting? it's a big world out there. and yet the bidens were getting money from ukraine and china, the chinese communist party,
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two countries where obviously there's a lot of corruptioyist a lot of us foreign policy interests at stake, a lot oferes soterests at stake, a lot oferes at stake beyond that.ney. and they thought they weree no buying something with this biying something with this they were not buying hunter biden's legal expertise. and that then also brings me to what about the two tiereded justice system that we have in this country? e ini mean, as we sit here righe now, we're talking about yet real we're talking about yet they can say, oh, this is allr i legal and fine, really, becauset biden admitted not paying taxes. there's a money laundering investigation into him along y lastigation into him along with a bunch of other crimes. ci we're sitting here talking about more evidence of what the bidens were up to here getting paid off by inind' the case, the chinese communist party, our most important global opponent and yet donald y trump may be arrested next week for hush money payments. we're being told that's being reported all over the place. i mean, yonymou couldn'tre see l more clearly. e biden can do whatever he wants, break whatever laws he wants. no. one ever even thinkst he's going to get charged realistically. and donald trump hasd donald has 15 investigations against him, all of which are bogus o
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and nonsensical. >> and yetho he's actually the one who might get arrested. .>> >> yeah, to buck's point t, tami ,this whole idea, why did they get this money? what was t ihet that they were s doing? >> becauset you're right, ifot wasn't for his legal expertise . >> and this money is flowing from all over the world. it was coming out of china. it was coming from the middle east. it came out of romania viaddle s louis freeh. a hundred thousand dollars go to joe biden's grandkids. i wonder what the grandkids were doing to help the biden family enrich themselves. but why aren't they asking the question of what was the money for mr. president ? >> we'll see.f what and that's that's the answer wee know what the money is fory its influence. it's the nature of, well, yoit'r know, you let a chinese communist party balloon traverse the entire country before youe shoot it down over the atlantic ocean. you send it, you leavent billios of dollars of militaryf do equipment in afghanistan. you uslls ofe promise and send
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billions of dollars of supportsr to to ukraine. t uwhile at the same time realy making ourselves too weak in a way to respond and assistsist taiwan if taiwan needs help. i mean, you see the dynamic here. and i think the american people, what they got usedc to with trump, like him or not, is that there was finally some transparency in bucks point is that it's that kind oft transparency and commitment to the countryo th outside of wt the establishment does that is so threatening, only peopleul terrified would createhe the cartoon ish persecution ofeo donald trump while looking awayg at the nature of something soviu obvious to regular people using our country like their own atmat . and it's almost as thougs thh te was a an organized crime framework that was global, that was affecting the nature of the american government. none of that is acceptable governme. n ths acceptable and i think the american people are going to have a few
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statements about this inelection the upcoming elections. >> let's hope so. yeah.le and buckt's ho k,, you know, it's interesting, i read through the statements that the thet representatives for the biden family come out with and guess what? if i you read it carefully, they don't actually deny it. they don't actually deny tha this money is going into the biden bank accounts. and again, den no questions, no curiosity, no reporting, certainly not going to being in on the front page oftoba newspapers. >>nk it's fascinating. they also no longer really deny that the laptop that lays all this out and is the reason why we know 10% for the big guy and all the rest of it.ppe the laptop that came from that computer repair store, hunter biden is now suing i that guy fr invasion of privacy that came out today as well. so you look at what we've been told about this all along. oh, it'se a witch hunt.s, there's nothing there. no, actually , everything that has been said so far about it, hunter biden and more importantly, the biden family, this is nt about a wayward
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crackhead who is having lots of problems and doing stupid thingss and taking photos of himself with ebola in his tidy whities that is a part of it. and we have all seen this. this is really about the efforty to try to buy access to the guys who is now the president of the united states . and , yomeu know, i come from ae intelligence background right ine the intelligence world , y give people money, you try to get them on the take from you so that you can leverage that later down the line. to tammy's point, they were making investments here, certainly in the immediate access they could get after the biden after biden was noiden longer vice president .no rea but there's noso reasoncces to believe that the access entirely is gone. one aor that any of the possibe compromised or compromising informatioe coinformn they may e gotten access to from these interactions wouldn't accebe leverage for foreign poly adversaries or a whole host of bad guys down the line. leveraged fon the line. we have a compromisede president . they lied about russia, collusion with trump when you see what's going on with the biden family, it's like everything they said trump was doing, biden was was actually doing. and that's the world we're supposed to live in now.
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and now they'r wase going to art and possibly over the stormy daniels not. >> it's crazy if i could >> it's crazy if i could and that's the just justjue sens one thing in the sense that hunter biden, who clearly has and had serious problems, was used in this process, you know, a crackhead, he admits it, drug. addict. and that's the member ofs the family that was used to maneuver all of this.w craven this is how craven this systembr is that the bidens, apparently, including the brothers, were using. and the american people have to know that it's it's we have to think about the nature that,e you know, the moral nature o of the ability to do this and whom they used. >> yeah, and as chairman roemer. has pointed out, isn't it curious that two , the russian oligarchs that didn't get heavy sanctions put on them were doing business with the bidens n as well? thisctions p this story has a l to go. to go. you fothanr joining us tonight
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on "hannity". >> all right. speaking of hunter biden, his dowl count, he is now countersuing john paul mac isaac for invasion of privacy after the computer repair shop owner distributed an abandonedd laptopan. op tha that hunter's legal team is still refusing to validate. t so just to recap, the bidenlida family can apparently sellte.el access to the highest levels of our government and face zero consequenc face. ent tr buumt former president trump might soon fact soone an indictt for a far fetched campaigncampan finance violation over anto a alleged payment seven years ago to a star, a state charge forst a federal crime. how does thacht even a work? lea well, we've got the right legal experts tonight. fotonighx news is reporting that manhattan's district attorney , alvin bragg,manhat has requested a meeting with the secret service ahead of a potentialsect arrest. >> here now with more, fox news legal analyst greg jarret. and author of get trump, harvard law professor
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alan dershowitz. thank you, gentlemen, for joining us to tonight. greg, i want to go to you. i wat yo tu follow the the legal pur pursuit of donald trump as close as anybody i know. what's or what is going down here? because it does look like there might be some action on president trump next week. >> well, it looks like it. next and i must say, this is probably the most koka maybe legal theory i've ever heard of alvin bragg. forget the statute of limitations that expired yeartations that expired he is bringing a case against's trump based on misdemeanor records violation, trying to supachai it into a felony by citing a second crime. all right. what secont d crime o campaign violation, but which it can't be a state campaign violation because it was a federal election and can't be a federal violation because state and local prosequi cans only bring state driven cases. onlyu know, on top of that, he
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would have to prove that trump personally was involved in falsifying records. he would have to prove that trump understood these convoluted campaign finance laws that nobody understands and then intended to violate those very laws. and finally, he's got to getnd around the dual purposeende doctrine. the law says that if you have a secondary purpose, like a personal or commercial reason, for paying somebody money, then it's not a campaign contribution. tand that's been trump's argument all along. so this is a case that i doubt very much is going to getget pa passed a motion to dismiss. >> so, professor dershowitz, the democrats will say, oh, look at all the smoke here. dis they've been saying that forl sa years and years and years. look at all the smokloe theroke must be something wrong with your take on it. >>there there are two systems of justice in the united states iny our justicsteme system is in dep
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trouble. we've created a special system of justice for donald trump.'s w that's why i wrote my book, get trump a document over and over again, how different standards apply to trump, to his lawyers, to hissociates associates, and a system of fair justice can't toleratether that. crim. let's be very, very clear . crime has to be absolutely clear . it was justice jackson who onceo said any prosecutor can rummage through the statute books and find something against virtually anyone. i think frente barria, the head of the kgb, put it more precisely what he said to stalin, show me the man and i'll find you the crime. that's what's going on here. they have targeted trump.eral o the attorney general ofran on new york ran on the campaign t get trump rag essentially did the same thing. they rummaged for years to tryi to find something to give theys. something to give they couldn't find a real statue , so they put statuteses they put statuteses it was thomas together. o said it was thomas jefferson onceimil
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said that for a criminal statute,o be to be valid, it hau to be so clear that you can understand if you read it while running. i'g and i can teach in criminal law for fifty years. i cannot understand this theory. but where i disagree with garrett, i don't thinkink t there'll be a motion to dismiss that succeeds. mow york justice in new york . of course, you can justi indiccm sandwich, but in new york youanc can also convict a ham sandwich because the jury pool will be very much against trump. and the judges will be very much against trump. so if i were him, i would be worried today. he'll probably ultimately win on appeal. he'lppeal. the courage if they run for c election as prosecutors run for election to do something favorable to trump in a city which overwhelmingly despises trump. that's what's wrong with this justice system. that's why bragge shouldn't be asking the question, can i indict? you should be asking the question, should i know?
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the answer to that question justicswer to that question is categorically no.e syst >> hey, i've got to mov. i want to go back mov. i want to move quickly, greg, because i want to go back to this idea that hunter biden is now countersuing the person who released a laptop. >> what's your take on that yeahla, i read the lawsuit. it's silly and frivolous. hunter biden claiming that his laptop was misappropriated and his privacy invaded. but in the same breath in the lawsuit, he said , well, ito might not actually becann my laptop. you cannot sueotue based on a me that's like saying, oh,want t my house was damaged.o i want to ber paid for but actually , it might not really be my house. sill they'd have to amend this silly complaint to go further. but, you know, on top of that, he cites a one year law thatiteo says property is abandoned after a yearthat. well, that's true. unless there is an agreement, a contract. after 90
11:18 pm
and he signed a contract saying it's abandoned after 90 days if i don't come get it. it. but on top of that, throughoutth the contract, he didn't try l to retrieve his own laptop until more tha n a year. the so he didn't even comply h with the law. that he is citing in his lawsuit. so it is silly and frivolous, y but it doesn't surprise me. it's huckerban y. hun >> but the super quickly, doagre you agree with that? >> and you'll you know,with there'll be a lot oft of depositions and there'll be a lot of discovery about thingsis regarding other members of his family. when you bring a civil lawsuitfe ,be careful, beware. >> make sure you have nothing to hide. well, this family, i think,y dos join, this family, i think,y dos to hide. g so, gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us tonight on "hannity". hannitdo appreciate it.e it. all right. coming up, biden's economic> crisis goes from bad to worse with the recent bank collapse. is america heade bad to d for a recession or worse? brian bredberg and steve moore react.
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join our fight, save lives. nity welcome back to this special edition of "hannity". biden's banking crisis. well, it continues today following his story, historic collapse. silicon valley banks parent company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it may not ba bankruptcy, but it may not institution to implode. it mitution to implode. dropped over 30% today, despite a 30 below in dollar infusion deposited from other major banks. no $30w americans are growing increasingly concerned about a loomin g recession. according to a recent survey,suy
11:24 pm
75% are worried that a major dow economic downturn is on the way, whilent 50 5% said they will lose everything if it happe happens herens with reaction,e o co-host of the big moneyne showh on fox business,he brian greenberg, and founder of the committee to unleash prosperity, steve moore. gentlemen, thanks for joining us . brian , let's let', stevs start with you. >> how worried should we be when 30 billion dollars is infused into a bank and the l shares still drop by a major, a major portion? >>s this is this is extraordinary, jason . i mean, there has been so much money thrown first republics way. and the whole point ofepublic'ys to make sure depositors felt abt good about their deposits and investors felt good aboutcon the company and investory.s have said we don't buy it. and if you look at that for loo a second, look at janet yellen up on capitol hill trying to tell people banks aret jane what people are saying is they they deople are saying is they they don't believe the presidenon'tieve thet.
11:25 pm
they don't believe the fed. dont they don't believe the treasuryt secretary. they don't thinkgulators that regulators are on top of this. e loomlators are on top of this. e because a looming example ofu ha svb showed us you had a bank that wasn't minding its business, regulators that weren't paying attention. and because o thos two failures, taxpayers are on the lop, on the hook for all of these deposits now thattr are above two hundred and fifty. thousand threshold come. av the president said thatay taxpayers wouldn't have to pay stevayers wouldn't have to pay >> obviously, that's the truth, steve . moore now, now, come on . what is really concerning about this is the big picture,s the confidence that the markets would have in this. the stock market didn't drop precipitously, buthealth the underlying concern about the health of the banksive on give your perspective on what's going on there. wwell, first of all, brian is exactly right in his analysis. lysis.i just add to that not onr
11:26 pm
average american skeptic, butt you know what? they are extraordinarily angry about what's going on . what we have, once again, reat we have, once again, relationship between big business, big banklas and bigan government.bu and the idea that taxpayerssi aren't goingnessgovernme pay foa laughable claim. it's also a kind of laughable claim that this is only goingist to we're just going to we're t doing this to helphe the middlee baing this to helphe the middlee banks. that'ss. not true.s people jason , how many middle class people have a quarter of milliof a n dollars in a savings account? this is really the irony, of course, is that last week, as remember the the president waso saying, oh, we're going to sock it to the rich and we're going i make the rich pay their fair share. and as a cartoon said in the paper today, which was soakt appropriate, oh, you're going to sock it to the rich and make them pay more taxes. taxe pay more taxes. rich people, because that's exactly what this is here. and people are angry because ang they don't see this as being fair. and there's anotheryse ty
11:27 pm
r problem here, too, which is you'ref ba actually rewarding a lot of bad behavior by these banks.what's >> you know, it's stunning to me, brian , is you look underi'b the hood. it's not like i'veee beeudyingn studying the silicon valley bank, but he's you startt to read about this. ei their members, r boar their board of directors, had d actual banking experience. n th and then you had the head of the bank who is on the federal reserve boariscod there in san francisco with a major conflict of interest. and so , i mean, how does this type of thing happen? and then all of a sudden yo have this explosion of billions of dollars and people. well, how coul have thd that ha well, maybe you didn't play by the rules. rueected les. democratic connected people with the democratic party gettinpeite g super rich jobs, i on the board, cashing big, big money, going on ski tripson t to davos and notmarket actually paying attention to how the market actually works. i'll tell you, it's real simple. wo>> it's gngthey didn't care about gettg deposits back to people. that was not their priority.r ps
11:28 pm
and their priority was reinventing finance, making it climate change sensitive and dii appropriat e. the last thing they cared aboutn was making sure people who put b money inac the bank got it back. and you can see that now because they ran their businesss ,they didn't care about it, didn't even have a chief risk officer last year. they had somebody for dui. they had a diversity officer . they didn't have anybody with the core responsibility of making sure the loans you made o and the investments you made could pay back depositors. that's the problem. this isn't even a complicated l issue. the problem came dowoan t to interest rates went up. everybody in america knew that was going to happen, but t they didn't rug ton their bank e it would ever happen. and that's why taxpayersing to absolutely ended up on the hook for this. >> yeah. by the way, let me add something to that, iffo i may. go ahead. can i just make one quick point? of course, brian is right, but then the question is , why did interest rates rise so quickly from the federal funds rate of zero pointrom fede five percentn trump was president to almostidn
11:29 pm
four and a half percent today? and , you knowt tot , the answer to that, jason , because we've had this massive six trillion dollar spendin g spree, it all goes back to by this incredibly reckless financial policies and fiscal policies that have l loaded the economy with debte and cheap money. rose andp money. and it was just one domino after another that felte ot the most important thing going forward. the most important thingright now is con to cut trillions of dollars ofsi excessive government spending out of the budget right now. or we're going to faceht a financial peril in this country. >>face a a man, it's what creates inflation. that's what creates this problem. real quickrealor, yes or no, boh you, the people that cashed out ,that put millions of dollarsr k in their pocket that were in these in thesewere companies coi see it ahead of do tit ahead of prosecuted? they're going to be. dihey have td they have to gives money back at all? steve brian , first and then steve ,hn i hold my breath. jason , i hate to sag h y it, bt i'm not holding my breath that they're going to pay, i think, in good conscience they should
11:30 pm
pay it back .hould pay it i do. i think in good conscience they they should pay it back .s tw the idea that they were givingys out bonuses two days before they need a bailout, that smells pretty fishy to me.etty >> yeah, i hope this country holds the president and kamalain harris accountable. no taxpayer funds, but i think's it's impossible for themoining to actually pull that off. gentlemen, thank you for joining us . al bidenl right. coming up, biden's weakness nato on the world stage continues to damage our nationalna securiy as threats from china, russia, iran and now isis are on the rise. joey jones and congressmanjoey michae jl walt react straight ahead. this tax season be more re and rapid receipts. smart organizer. it'scepaperwor the easy way to , digitize and organize your tax documents, receipts, and other paperwork receipts go in the trust goes away when taxto
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the same terror group that killed 13 of our service members during the afghanistan withdrawal, could strike american interests in less thani six months. so if you thought the fallout from biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal was overs ,think again. the terrorists aren't the only american enemies growing bolder. chinese president will reportedly meet vladimir putin in moscow next week to launcht a new era of collaboration between their two nations. this despite betwe the fact that isis despite betwe the fact that the international criminal court has issued a warrant forot his arrest over possible war crimes in ukraine. but thanks to biden's weakness,b america'le ws enemies have nothg to fear. here with reaction , our floridaman mi congressman mike walts and fox news contributor and retiredke marine joey jones. waltz both of you have served in the military. news c we appreciate your service.y jo we thank youne for joining us tonight. congressman, i want to go
11:36 pm
to you first.a lot of lot of news, a lot of bold o moves on the international stset the st international set the stage for us .ag. explain what's happening and why we should be worried. so >> well, china is continuing to assert its role as in its effort to replace the united not states , not to become a global global superpower, but to become the global superpower. so she is goin g to meet with putin in the coming weeks.. if the chinese unleash arsen their military arsenal to support russia. o biden saying as long as it takes, it's going to takee forever. we need to set a red lines to to that support and it needs to be a trump red line, not an r obama red line. like he said in syria, thatt that everybody walked all over and then on top of that, china just brokered a deal with with
11:37 pm
iran and saudi arabia, where the united states is completely vacated the scene. so china's great weakness dep is its energy dependency. it needs needs oil from the mide east and it's buying gas by the thgallon, by the millions of gallons from russia. gre meanwhile,at our great weakness, i mean, our excuse me, gre our great strength in energ the united states is energy dependance. hependance. he's at war with our with our with our independence. so look, this is this is peopleo seeing a lack of leadership. i this is them seeing weakness ina this white house. ndand our enemies, namelyr our number one enemy, china. is on the march replacings on the united states on the global stage. t >> so, joey, next week you haveh a meeting with these t two leaders. you also have ree reportports or a russian energy company helping with chinese nuclear
11:38 pm
their nuclear program. you have this new relationship w in the middle east with sauditi arabia and iran. i mean, and you have president a president who seems feeble and can't even figure out what's going on on our southern border. seemlet alone on the internatiol and world stage. >> yeah, seems like s president biden's almost the best libertarian candidate at this point becaust e isolationist policies are really starting to work. we're kind of on ariann islandy by ourself anymore. elve but, you know,s. i think republicans in congress are using the term all of government approach when it cog to this.f goach when it if you take an all of government view when it comes to national defense, this isn't just bombs and bullets. it's not the fact that wed t we pulled out of afghanistans ho how we did it.w we it's not the fact that we're hurting our own energy independence. but it's the idea that china controls 90% of our of criticalo minerals in the world. e we're allowing russia to exporta natural gas while we're making ourselves more dependent upon china in order to use renewabl e energy. so you go down the line. we can't control southern borders. now we have mexicaan't control s
11:39 pm
that are equivalent to when it comes to killing americans , isis, taliban and al qaeda put together. and so when yotaliu go dowban the line, when we talk aboute the word weakness, i mean, the office of the presidency isn'isn't ant an easy job, but e thing you can't do is be indecisive or to make decisions that you're not consistent with . and it looks likike e e the dog wagging tail looks like the president is constantly reacting rather than being proactivr the in defending us in some way or making a strategicn offense so that we can havestreg a position of strength. >>th yeah, i mean, you've got a president there that's weakening the standard s in terms of recruitment and then trying to figure out a and spending more time on how to go green and make sureth everybody has a choice to go to whatever bathroom as opposed to fighting and winning wars. congressman, i want to go to what general kuryla, who is the commander of centralth command, one of the mostost important posts in our united states military and what he's telling us is in what hes t testified to is that isis
11:40 pm
is reformed and within six months has the ability the to reach out beyond the borders of afghanistan to strike the united states .n >> what what's your take on this? well, we've seen we've seen this horror movie before, jason . when obama yanked us outiraq o c iraq with no backup plan, wesio had the explosion of isis on the scene three years late in 2014. but at least then when we had to go back to deal with that, we had the kurdsdeal, our alliei on the ground. we had access from the ocean. we had bases in places like jordan and turkey and israel. we had a government to work with in baghdad. in afghanistan, we hav e none of that. we have no bases. we have no government to work with . our allies are being hunted down as we speak. by the taliban. they'll never work with us again. so god help us if we have another san bernardino pulse
11:41 pm
nightclub or god forbid, a 9/11 . we have nothing. this is what me off the most for our future. special operators to go back with work. and that's the go forward. looking back , we just had our first hearing in afghanistan about the afghanistan withdrawal in the congress and listen, gat the sniper that was at abbeye su gate had the suicide bomber in his sights and was denied permission to take him out three times. so we've got to dealpermis with what's coming. but we also need accountabilitya for those gold star familiesbil >> joey, i've only got twenty seconds. what can you add to that? yeah, you know, if you only work with friends that are of pure heart and righteous, then you don't hav e any friends fhav at all. president trump was chastised for saudi arabia and china en you inent tr and china russia and north korea tryinumg to get some type of strategic, r diplomatic communication with some of those countries. and president biden ostracizesg. every attempt at that. but he makes a deal with the taliban that get some of our marines and soldiers and sailors killed. >> so that's where wmae arkee.
11:42 pm
>> gentlemen, again, thank you for your service to our nation w and i got to tell you, it justef feels like we're taking our eye off the ball that we're supposed to be here to protect our homeland and to preventt ata prevent an actual terrorist attack. and it jusit just feels like wee vulnerable right now because we've taken our eye off the ball. that's might tak e ball.might tak e hopefully it never, ever happens. all right.>> coming u> nep nextxt, critics an mocking governor gavin newsom for his latest plan to addressla california's homeless homeless crisis. but you won't believcrisise thi plus, wait until you see the reception kamala harris gott at the nc to a tournament. a we'll show you this is the hannity special continues. gethr some things that go better.. together, like your workplace benefits and retirement savings with poya, considering all with poya, considering all together, help you be better prepared for unexpected events. well planned, well invested,
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11:46 pm
special edition of "hannity". e
11:47 pm
after failing to address california's homeless crisis for years, governor newsom has a brand new plan. has a now he wants to spendd thirty million dollars to build twelve hundred tiny homes for his state's growing homeless population. unfortunately, there are more than one hundred anunfortd sixty thousand homeless people in the state of california. meanhe state of california. up. meanwhile, fellow californiae,n vice president kamala harris just made an appearance atdent m the nc to a tournament betweenta kansas and camilla's almad mater, howard university, where she was reportedly booed by the crowd. her alma mater ended up losing by 20 points. and to make matters worse, 2 howard's players were forced. to endure one of kamila's inspirational pep talkrse, ts a the game. the game. playing hard>> at the very lastd second, you made spice's so youu
11:48 pm
hustle down here. yotheru are.e smart, you are disciplined. you put everything you havean to the game. i mean, literally what you have done is in historic proportion u . joining us now for reaction, f h host of the fox chervin podcast and fox news contributor emily campanello, fox across america, radio host and standup comedian jimmy fallon and fox news contributor leo terrell. h i'm sorry, i just when i havea r kamala harris said , you fightu until the very last second and then you lost like twenty eight points. yeahpoints, i just you know, lef you're from californiaro, so you bring us into this. >> what doin youk think thosetb after losing by twenty eight points, it i'm sure there was a senior on the team who will never play organized
11:49 pm
basketball again and they got to listen to that. >> yeah.. i mean, she thought she wast newt rockne. and listenhose, she went those s were demoralized. she did nothin g to elevaten them. them. to them, talk to them likenothin they were kids. and i'll tel sl yoheu right now, there was nothing that she articulated that inspired these guys after a very, very beating that they took in that game,e might have come out of here, does not have any she doesn't have any charisma to have anyrei credibility. shlity.e is a disaster. and i'll tell you right now, the democratic party knows she's a disaster. jason , but they can't get rid of her, not because they knowe' they know she's incompetent. but because her skin color, her gender , they're stuck with her . and that's their problem right now. whoa, look, it's a good,nder, th reputable school. >>h her. but, you know, for hero out there and say, it wasit was historic, what you did h now, i don't know. i mean, kansasas is an is an awy good basketball team, emily, and they have destroyed teams
11:50 pm
by more than twenty eight points. i don't know what wahat swas ic particularly historiularlyc abot this, but other than her beingts in the locker room, i . i didn't get it. it reminded me of that goldie gi hawn moment in the movie wildcats. i think you all know what i'm talking about. we're basically like you just shouldn't it be that i'm from california, too? there's many things that i'm embarrassed about with that state. she being in the numbe "wildcrvi two spot because no one is gavin newsom, which i know we're getting to in a moment. bund it a problem with her and i agree with leo is that condescension is the last thingl yoast u need to hear.. it doesn't matter what positiont you hold. it doesn't matter if you're the vice president . u holdif what's coming out of your mouth isn't inspiring, you have to earn the respectyour mo. position. and i think i speak fo r a lot of people when i say that would last person i would wantwo in le my locker room after a march madness us . >> all right, jimmy , bring us home on this one . what's your take? whole well, i just love this whole one they, i just love this whole one they have nothing to be proud of. they didn't even coverr th
11:51 pm
the spread. t mone okay, you know how many people like me are out money because of for number two ? okay, she's only in the arena because she had the electoral college going to the final four . she didn't know.'t kno they don't have a team. she's an idiot. and let me just tag with this.i. she doesn't know anything about sports . and you can tell when she's talking, she's like, oh,sn my god, you guys hit a home ru out there on that basketball court. and it was a touchdown for all america. that was embarrassing. it reminded me what she wase whn with those paid actor kids talking to them. you're going to get to seed the moon and you're going you to see things, you know, and it's going away. >> didt you notice they didn't show anyone else in the room in that video but her? they cropped to her because iftw you showed the rest of the room, they would have been looking at their phones, eatingh pizza. they weren't even paying attentiono. she was getting the receptiong that someone gets on the subway asking for moneyth in rush hour.
11:52 pm
everybody pretends they're on their headphones and they can't hear them. please. that's right. pl that's to all right, leo, we got switc to switch to tiny homes ina. california. the governor's got a plan.the go he he wants to spend thirty million dollars of your money. >> leo. >> well, emily will help me out on this one as well. gavin is a fraud. he came out with a statement at two thousand eight . he hadout with planned to to ta. of the homeless problem. he's five yeare years late and s plan is a disaster.state of he has done nothing fory the state of california. and honestly, jason ,chec he's already checked out. he's a lamked ae governor .s he dropped to his knees everype day and holds for bad news for joe biden so he could get out of california and destroy the nation. gavin newsom is honestly and truly a a a horrific governor , bad for the for the state of california. and that's what we have people leaving the state. that's why i have to join jimmy , where he lives, because california is a total disaster. >>oin hey, man to that. >> emily, what's your take on this?
11:53 pm
thirty million dollars forn twelve hundred tiny homes. i don't know where they're going to put the tin puty homes but yeah, i was living in sanco francisco when it was mayorn gavin newsom. and remember his care, notne cash program. .that failed miserably at the time. checkinprogg goals that had nothing to do with reality. ironically, justserably. last y, the skyrocketing rate of homeless there in that town that he left was overca twenty thousand. the local nbc paper said it'ss an examplean of an inabilityr ti to counter the rising homelessness in l.a. they spendn eight hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars perd single homeless person. and then gavin newsom had the nerve to boast when he presented this plan that we, meaning californians, have spenint ten billion dollars on the half a million homeless in that state. t foher some reason, he sees the that ratio, the higher t rising cost of investment and the equal highest rising cost of homelessness as something to be proud of. the more money that you throw
11:54 pm
at a problem, the more it's noto working. he, as leo says, yesre money y,o fraud and he's unfortunately crop dusting. every single thing that hep du touches there in that state. the best thing for the state,, the best thing fostate. the homeless, would be for hime. to leave. >> yeah, but you know, this is a guy, jimmy , i swear to you, he wakes up every, i morning. swn the mirror and he says, good morning, president . >>r an that's the guy this is wo is right. there is . there is .presiden well, listen, the bar has been thll, listen, the bar has been i mean, i might throw my hat in the ring if it weren't for. the background check. bulet't let's talk about it for a second. you know, i got to correct wok everybody here on screen. california is a very woke state. you're not supposed to sayle homeless. >> they're called free range people. now, you can't say homeless. >> here's here's what's so absurd. okay what is s, it's twelve hun units. there's over one hundred anda cu sixty thousand people. okay, so you k aboutt you bringing a cup of water to ais forest fire , but this is a cupa of on a sidewalk because it's california. d sh
11:55 pm
but it's disgusting and shame on him because when you subsidize something, you not only get more of it, not less. less, of it, not less. >> this is more ?it's a no, this is a problem. look, it's a serious issue, bute this is not a serious governor . he doesn't hav se a serious plan to actually deal with it. and he's beeonn governor longtht enough now that if i his plan wa so fruitful, if it wass working so well, why did the numberss wh why do they have hundreds of thousands of people leaving the state of california? that that's why the only thing that got i was going to say that's why the only thingso he's going to be president of is u-haul. he has been so goor thd forto mk business. they're about to make him ceo.o i got to go. st. thank you so much for joining us on this. st. patrick'ly ds day. >> really do appreciate it.d bo. stay with pl on your own terms.
11:56 pm
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12:00 am
edition of "hannity". unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for tuning in. thanks to sean for let me sit in his seat . i hope you have a chanceouse, to check out my podcast. jason in the house. just type in jason in the house and you'll find it. sean will bet will be back next week or next week. thanks. have a wonderful st. patrick's day. the ingraham angle is up next. i'm kayleigh mcenany.. >> and for laura ingraham, and this is a special edition of the inaugural incomea "ingraham angle" live from new york city tonight. >> week, the all week, the house oversight chair has beenopping b dropping breadcrumbs tuesdayall after being hit with years of stonewalling. congressman james comber revealed that the treasury department was giving himy repo the first suspicious activity activity report related to hunter bidert