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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  March 18, 2023 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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he was one of the speakers today so he may be running for the white house, we'll see. arthel and i are back tomorrow noon eastern, a big day former president richard nixon's son-in-law duly elected chairman of the new york gop will be here to react to president jones saying he will be arrested next week and stormy daniels hush money case. twelve noon tomorrow. ♪ >> i am julie along with guy benson and tomi lauren and jimmy failla and welcome to big saturday show. it is 5:00 so you are in the right place at the right time. big story starts right now. former president trump posting on truth social this morning, he expects to be arrested tuesday in connection with manhattan district attorney investigation. nate foy joins us with the latest on this story breaking today. what you got? >> manhattan da office declining
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to comment but it appears they are basing this case on an untested legal theory president trump is criticizing the theory as well as da alvin bragg hours after posting this on truth social. the former president wrote in part, with no crime being able to be proven and based on an old fully debunked by numerous other prosecutors fairytale, the republican candidate and former president of united states of america will be arrested on tuesday of next week if this case centers around one 30,000 dollars hush money payment to adult film actress stormy daniels on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. president trumps lawyer at the time michael cohen we did guilty to his role in the payment in a federal case and claims it was meant to keep daniels quiet about alleged affair trump the nice. federal prosecutors claimed the former president and his business reimbursed infer that payment but the questions are, how to trump financial record
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the payment and can prosecutors prove he to paid daniels solely with the election in mind? here's jonathan turley who has his doubts. >> one would say he's outside of his lane but in this case is on completely different highway. this is effort by a state official to effectively prosecute a federal crime, a crime the department of justice decided not to prosecute. >> here's how it breaks down, trump is expected to be charged with falsifying business records for labeling his reimbursement of covid under legal expenses but to make it a felony, bragg's prosecutors will have to prove trump did that to conceal another crime which in this case, maybe improper donation to his 2016 campaign in violation of election law. this is untested combination for prosecutorial strategy congressman jeff jackson thinks the evidence may implicate the
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former president. >> the trick your case will be improving the felony, you have to prove consent to conceal and the fact that it was structured may indicate the intent to conceal trumps knew what he was doing was wrong and trying to hide it. >> kevin mccarthy tweeted today quote here we go again, outrageous abuse of power by radical da who left violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against president trump. i'm directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy. former vice president mike pence weyden saying it reeks of political prosecution. president trump denies any wrongdoing, he's twice called on supporters to protest today but even if charged and convicted, legal experts tell fox news the constitution would not prohibit him from running for or serving
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as president of the united states. back to you, julie. >> thank you very much. joining us to discuss, alex little, criminal defense and litigation attorney as well as former assistant u.s. attorney and panel here. alex, first of all, how hard is it to prove number one for them to say this was a political stunt, alleged affair took place in 2006, the money allegedly exchanged hands between michael cohen and stormy daniels to cover up the truth which would be the equivalent of nda you could say. in 2016 which obviously happened before the election in the midst of this election but the question is, how do you prove it was to hide information before an election? that must be hard to prove. >> it can be, it's been done before, a casing in federal court similar facts about hiding alleged affair and you do it by showing information came out would have been detrimental to the campaign and people within the campaign thought so. i think when the news leaked the way the former president reacted denying the information suggested they would have
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thought it would be detrimental so i do think it's as big a hurdle legal theories they will have to get over to get the conviction. >> i think it sounds speculative the president knows he's being arrested because typically you don't tell somebody they are about to be arrested or indicted before it happens, no? >> that basically doesn't happen as a rule, don't tell a target they will be indicted, you may tell their lawyers is coming, you want your guy to turn himself in, that may be the information but there's no suggestion from his lawyer's they believe that is necessarily correct. it may happen next week or in two weeks or never. >> i will turn with my panel now, a lot of people are saying this is a political witchhunt, the president is saying so and many have said so as well. let's put up the headlines from an op-ed trumps legal peril in manhattan new york, the son indicted trump would be targeted justice, washington times writing weaponization of legal system reaches a new level so
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you could say it's a political witchhunt but there are those saying this federal money possibly being spent on this investigation which leaves me scratching my head. >> speaker mccarthy did speak to that so it remains to be seen, account on house republicans to make sure that's not the case but going back to the motivation behind all of this, listen to it sounds have a flimsy case at best, not the level of handcuffing a former president and the leading contender for 2024 so what it feels like to me is what they have done to this man over and over and over again is not necessarily legal ramifications legally, it's more the perception. there are still americans who watch other networks who think trump is a russian agent so when you levy the accusations, they stick whether it ends up coming to fruition or not, is six but what it's going to do is fire up the maga crowd, maybe those people possibly leaning more toward ron desantis, now they go
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here we go again, another witchhunt against our guy on the standing firm with donald trump and i think it's motivation of the left, they would rather have trump supporters galvanize behind trump because i think they know trump is easier to beat than ron desantis. >> before we started to show, chris christie was on your show that he had nothing good to say about blonde is the majority of former prosecutor so asking about is that i have no idea but is heading toward indictment, this is how the facts will play out so it seems like everyone is expecting indictment and interest. i have a question for alex on the legal side, i was reading this piece how pointed this out, they said the case against the former president hinges on untested risky. involving the complex interplay of laws, all the mountain to a
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lower level. what does that sound right to get wrecked for what happened, prosecutors do not across the country every day with people less important than the former president. prosecutors are not known for their discretion when taking it easy on people to the got the theory they think is viable and will pursue it but it's important to remember president trump is a victim. if he alleges out, do something you shouldn't be doing it to the present whether or not is legal is what will be tested will have to figure out if the course let him. >> da and prosecutors are known for going easy on people. one exception might be this guy who goes easy on balance a lot of the time so it's a relevant piece. >> i'm glad you brought that up because nevermind terminals on the streets killing people daily, the stories of crime and democratic cities in the country
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are clearly to blame district attorneys, liberal district attorneys letting it happen but jimmy, fox news poll comes out with this 2024 republican nominee president, i don't know if the numbers might scare the left a little bit but could this have something to do with this investigation at 43%, ron desantis 28%? that means trump is actually up. >> he is and that's before you got the greatest reelection slogan of all time which is arrested, freddie. pretty good. will play off the old one. my heart right now, it breaks for the country because we are in a dangerous place, we could potentially be 48 to 72 hours away from a former president in handcuffs. it's never happened in 246 year history of the country, it would be powerful, divisive and it's a banana republic type of move for people on the right and this reads as so brazenly political
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by alvin bragg what it reads like an active self preservation because he's wildly unpopular, crime spiking in new york and a storied history of taking something like a misdemeanor. excuse me, a felony and ground downgrading to a misdemeanor and he's taking a misdemeanor and upgrading it to a felony and if you live in new york, you know trump has a better chance of going in front of a trained somehow which doesn't make sense but that's the new york we are living in in new york looks like gotham city before batman i can't come because is not vaccinated. nobody in new york right now fearing for their life walking the street is like if only we ran up and asked resident for paying off a stripper. their priorities are not the priorities -- >> will you defend that behavior? >> no, -- alex, i can't condone the behavior but i can tell you as a new yorker we are watching such a brazen disregard for the
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well-being of women stabbed and raped and thrown in front of trains it feels like a misappropriation of justice. how it plays out in the legal system in trump, we can do two things at once but i would ask you, there's so much talk about potential charges for trump in georgia, is there any concern in georgia this being a more leisurely precarious case in terms of hinging on an untested legal theory, prosecutors want to win the first case, is a concern in georgia if the case fails, it taints their motives in georgia in the eyes of the court of public opinion? >> i don't think so, the cases will take a long time, a good chance the case and never go to trial before the next presidential election but the real issue around the different investigations and there are three of them, in georgia and the federal investigation with the special counsel what it says to each of the prosecutors about the behavior of the individual. the department of justice did not charge the crime and michael cohen indictment they said the
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facts at issue happened and decided not to charge, alvin bragg made a different decision in part of it may have to do with the continued unlawful behavior the president and other circumstances. when you are a prosecutor, you look at the entire body, evaluating teams getting into the ncaa tournament, what is the entire body of work? do they deserve prosecution? pull out the other cases, i think it does lend context to what's happening here. >> really great discussion. i wish we had more time but good points on all fronts. thank you alex little for joining us on our discussion. thank you and coming up, the biden family under intense scrutiny once again after new reports have been revealed. they show they allegedly received over a million dollars from china but the president says, it's simply just not true. >> hundred biden sent over $1 million to family members.
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>> that's not true. >> the house oversight committee says differently. we are going to explain coming up next. ♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. president biden flat out denied reports his family received a million dollars from china by way of hundred biden's associates. >> without the family -- [inaudible] >> families -- [inaudible] >> hundred biden's business associate sent a million dollars to family members. >> that's not true. >> likely story but house oversight committee chairman james, drop that revelation and told fox or is coming. >> i got bad news for the white house, this is just the beginning. we've been meeting with people blowing the whistle on this influence peddling scheme for several months now. thank records prove that at least three, if not for of his family members received direct payment from a chinese entity
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directly linked to the chinese communist party. >> bad news there, the biden family. died, want to go to you because the beginning of the show we are talking about donald trump once again to which hoods continue. now we are talking about story of the rest of the media doesn't want to cover with real information about the biden family but you got our president bilotta denying this happened even though people involved his son saying and his lawyers are saying is a private citizen, he can make money from a chinese firm, that's fine, it brings into question the president credibility or maybe his awareness in general which is not surprising about anything going on anywhere at any time. >> flat denial, not true is what he said. when he said that, i couldn't help but think back to a few other things he's asserted the last couple of years.
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the campaign trail when he is a candidate he told our colleague peter doocy had no knowledge whatsoever of any of hunter's overseas business dealings. we have strong evidence that was a lie. tony bobulinski credibly testified in those other ones as well. in the hunter biden laptop story, joe biden campaign said it's russian disinformation. that also was a life so forgive me when president biden now set a reporter and says that's not true, his credibility attached to the statement is exactly zero. >> the media allows him to get away with it. i want to go to the laptop but first, some of these payments. we learned the new biden that's uncovered to receive the payments is a guidance counselor getting money from a chinese firm wired to her and they tried to say it was because she was dating hunter but then we see it's a direct wire to her so it doesn't make sense they are sharing money in a friendly dating kind away but i have to ask you, what does it guidance counselors need $35000 from a chinese energy firm? >> by guidance counselor probably for liquor because she
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had a lot to do with, i don't know, go to the carnival i don't know who's going to hire you, kid, i don't know. the shocking revelation from the video is joe biden took a question from a reporter. they've hid this guy at every turn and this is why. they can't speak to the specifics of this and this has been going on since the moment the laptop came out. the pushback has ever been in specificity, it's always about the right big maga, white supremacy, russia disinformation, big box terms but when you boil it down, there's no reason someone with her background should get a payment from a chinese energy firm and hunter biden the same but amish people know more about energy and electricity than hunter biden, there's no world, none. >> i want to go to the laptop, a strange revelation because hunter is not claiming the laptop is his but personal items that might be his or may not be but we are not taking credit, listen to mike davis about that
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lawsuit. >> we are -- it's weird legally and politically because to have a reasonable expectation of privacy and your properties, it has to be your property and not as many, hunter biden is going to open up the biggest can of worms on discovery because he will have to show how he was damaged so if he can get past the motion to dismiss, he has to prove damages. how was he damaged, how is his reputation damaged by this supposed invasion of privacy? >> i love this. >> it's confusing but he left the laptop which is allegedly his laptop but he says you can't go through it and said you can't go to my personal property, have to give it a year, it's weird. >> that is not mine. [laughter] >> somebody's laptop in del delaware. >> and i'm offended because i
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have nothing to do with it. hunter biden's attorneys are filing a counter lawsuit, delaware computer company that basically turned over his laptop but he did say it wasn't his laptop so the question is, which is it? why do you care what's on the laptop? if it is yours, there's damning evidence on the laptop but that's the story he doesn't want to get out so now he's caught with his tail in between his legs which we've seen before from the biden kat. >> listen -- any more conjuring up any image we seen on the laptop is unpleasant. >> we've seen worse. i want to talk about this, here's what is important for me and ramifications for the american people whether the laptop itself, is the fact that the payments have been made over the span of nearly a decade so i want to promise you from the big guy access in whatever foreign entity didn't get the access, they would stop sending payments but the payments continued so we have to know what were they doing for the payments to
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continue year after year after year? you got to give up something, people are paying for nothing, it's not paying for his lovely artworks here. >> and that is the key, that's what the republicans need to look into because everyone and democrats say this is about the stuff on the laptop or drug us'y foreign connected government and companies and where it went and why it flowed there, that's what you follow. >> and the one copout, what do they always say? hunter biden doesn't work for the government. the story is not about hunter biden, it's about his father and the fact that hunter biden wouldn't have gotten the money is father wasn't who he was. no one was sitting in ukraine going you know what we need? is a guy who got kicked out in l.a. for doing too much drugs. i think if we got him in the boardroom, electric business would really take off. >> i think just the names, it's what access, it's not just they want biden did, what are you going to get for it and for
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almost a decade? >> really quick, in the e-mail, 19 matters. please don't mention joe by name, only in person. i know you know this but they are paranoid. like if we walk away, shame on us. >> absolutely. next, lego my ankle and everything else on my plate, a new survey shows millennial's hate sharing the shoot but that's not all, a restaurant etiquette refresher is next. ♪ new clinical study showed that centrum silver supports cognitive health in older adults. it's one more step towards taking charge of your health. so every day, you can say... ♪ youuu did it! ♪ with centrum silver.
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welcome back to the big seven show. sharing isn't always caring. >> we were out to dinner getting along having a nice time thinking she was really cool. then out of nowhere. ♪
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♪ [laughter] survey finds 74 millennial new relationships will share dining out with their significant others. the data is people are food, one in five respondents said they need to know someone at least six months before they feel comfortable letting them take food off their plate. jimmy, i think one of the top reasons to be in relationship is to be able to share food at a restaurant when you divide and conquer get as much you can like i'll have a bite of yours, you can try mind, expand the menu a bit and your options but apparently a tiny minority thinking this way. >> i find find this in relationships because when people wait six months to sharpened by, most don't share that long to show that. let me jump in because we are
2:30 pm
food prudes, it's weird. i'm told to share more by my trainer all the time, this is why i am anti- share guidelines and not been married 16 years, she took a pull but here's the deal, people who want to share food in my opinion are bad ordering and want to share because yours looks better and i feel if we encourage sharing, we are not encouraging them to get better at ordering. your nodding, i disagree because if the plan ahead of time i'm good at ordering, you decide you want to eat a little bit of for things instead of just two things on the menu, it's strategy. >> it family-style so my husband is watching, he knows that i'm an only child in a millennial, i cannot share my food, i got what i ordered. if we plan ahead of time and say we are going to divide it, you have half the burger, i will set it on your plate, this is your have in my half and i'll have half your posture, we divided
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out, i don't have some of mine either. i'm very food territorial and i will always be that way because this is what i ordered and he always offers, do you want some of mine? no, i don't, that's why i ordered this. [laughter] >> i don't like to share either. [laughter] tried to pick, i will stab you with my fork. >> 74% agree with you, that is three quarters of the panel, it lines up. >> here's the only problem i think -- when you get into a relationship, one of the many downsides in a relationship, i don't mean to be a debbie downer, you gain weight because it's all you do is eat so in a way for weight control purposes, you should share because less for me, the better and better for my waistline and worse for yours, i look. that's selfish me speaking. >> i get the idea, you get a bunch of things in a family-style but again in a family-style environment, fine
2:32 pm
but one on one, no. i am against it. >> i don't care about family-style. >> i'm not upset. [laughter] >> the show is off the rails. >> got to go to break. [laughter] rude and selfish. we'll be back. coming up, after a shooting in miami beach to bring down the tone, outbreak of violence in mexico, a lot of going on, scary. spring break revelers are wondering, where is it safe to party in the son? will have that conversation straight ahead. ♪
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♪ welcome back to the big saturday show, this year's spring break looking different than ever before. despite warnings from the u.s. state department, skip travel to
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mexico due to certain cartel silence, students are flocking to the beaches party. even spring breakers in the states are safe. last night miami beach shooting left one dead and injured. students are already on edge fentanyl is leading the street across the nation. foxes lawrence jones talk to bring breakers about the fears. >> have you heard about the kids dropping dead because of functional? >> yeah. >> they don't know what it is, they are trying xanax or something and it ends up being budget. >> stayaway. >> you know all about this. [laughter] how do you know? >> it just happens. it's license of. >> kids dropping dead. >> we already know, man. >> is everywhere. >> it's on the news, man. >> it's big.
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>> doesn't scare you these kids are essentially being poisoned, they think they are just experiments in? >> especially because we are spring breakers that we are the perfect target. >> worklife balance of lawrence jones, watch 10:00 p.m., lawrence jones cross country spring break special and it's here on the fox news channel 10:00 p.m. let me jump in, it's something of good points, he wasn't laying on his side making us jealous of the assignment. died, are we doing an injustice describing these deaths as overdoses? seeing as they are poisoning, you think overdoses doing too many drugs, a lot of the deaths are first-time recreational drug users. >> poisoning is the correct term i would say and a massive problem part of the reason i was furious all week about what the mexican president said saying it's not an issue, an american problem, powerful and stop criticizing him or he will
2:39 pm
meddle in the elections, crazy stuff. it's heartening to hear the kids aware of the issue and maybe you could change your behavior a little bit as you plan spring break, don't go to mexico, stay at an american beach, don't do recreational drugs, just old-school beers or something. there's an awareness that which needs to be. >> if there's ever a year for the strategy, it's spring break, make america beer again. >> i prefer cocktail. >> but again, a cocktail. >> beer on a beach is not pretty if you are in a bikini but i don't how often you get -- >> i'm more of a one-piece gal. >> i would say people need to stay out of mexico and that's what irritates me, you know about the fentanyl crisis, tell the president because he apparently does it and press secretary who thinks we are at
2:40 pm
an all-time low with the fentanyl crisis on the border but it's quite the opposite. the fact that these college kids don't understand the serio seriousness, there's a true danger of traveling to mexico it's pathetic in the reason they don't because the administration is not properly sending the message mexico is dangerous until for americans work recently gone down and now all of a sudden we take it seriously? they've been killing americans for years on the side of the border but it takes somebody being shot and two people to die for you to see that they are terrorists and fentanyl is not an overdose, it's a poisoning, they are killing america. >> i can't make that enough on radio and tv and people need to know. >> stopped giving u.s. dollars. >> drugs in general if there's a kid watching, you don't live in an era where you can recreational take drugs anymore because the potential is everywhere it is sad and breaks my heart is apparent but sadly, you are too familiar with the dangers of mexico. >> i'm glad you brought this up because five years ago one of my friends in california, taylor meyer was in a nice area, resort area on the 30th with a trip,
2:41 pm
he was stabbed to death. the only way they knew it was him and that's a lovely photo of us together, he had a receipt left in his back pocket, they left him on the streets so when i hear people because i hear all the time and i'm sure you do as well, it's okay and mexico at a fancy resort, okay with the large group, please are staying somewhere expensive, it does not matter. not only does it not matter because my friend was killed in a resort area, it doesn't matter and also, there is little the american government can do for you and your family if you choose to go to mexico and something goes wrong. i know it firsthand because i spent a lot of time with his family and they had a difficult time getting his body back, any
2:42 pm
answers whatsoever mexican government was not transparent, they don't want to scare american tourists so they are not being forthright about the dangers of mexico and it's heartbreaking. their beautiful beaches in florida, hawaii is beautiful, you do not need to go to mexico, i don't care what you hear about resorts, it's dangerous and deadly. >> very few violent crimes in mexico over assault if prosecutors let alone convictions secured so another thing there. >> one 100%. >> straight ahead, liberal hypocrisy at its finest, students who named and shamed the federalist society now wishes to remain anonymous. you don't say. ♪
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or live chat at today.
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welcome back to the big saturday show. woke law students at stanford don't want to face the music after protesting a conservative judge on the campus. here's what happened last week. >> i'm being heckled nonstop i'm just asking -- [inaudible] been a comfortable to say this to you, it's uncomfortable to say many people here your work has caused harm. my job is to create a space of belonging for all people in this institution and this is part of the creation of belonging. many people in this
2:47 pm
administration do believe in free speech. >> now the same protesters are calling on the washington free beacon to remove their info from a story on the incident. this is liberal hypocrisy at its best or worst considering woke lawyers had no issue posting the names and faces of the organizers of the stanford event all over the internet. this is rich even for liberals for the rest. we are going to talk about the protest itself but i have to go first, now they don't want to take credit for their work? it is unwelcome liberal of them because many college campuses are proud of what they've done, they often face no consequences even for my actions, i seen it firsthand but now they are saying bacon, you don't have the right to post even though we did it to the organizers of the event. make that make sense. >> admits is not bliss when it comes to this, this is the average woke idiot who thinks it's okay for them to protest
2:48 pm
and raise hell but don't hold me accountable for my actions and if somebody calls me out like the press and tries to list my name, if you are there, it happened. you've been seen, it's not like you're playing hide and go seek and if you can't see me, i can't see you, we saw you, you were there so on it. snowflake woke mentality you can't own up to your actions when clearly you are giving out photos and information of members of the same people you're protesting against, double standard. >> the entitlement is so rich but going back to the incident itself, how far have we fallen as a society especially elite institutions, law schools where you're supposed to debate opposite sides of an argument by nature of the schools where they supposed to educate the students on a conservative judge can't even come speak in front of the classroom without being heckled they can't even deliver their
2:49 pm
remarks? >> it's embarrassing, it seems sometimes the more elite the institution, the worse the behavior and the videos speak for themselves, the kids, are they going to sue us for not blowing up their basis in the video footage of them at the event? absolutely preposterous and the sense of coddled internal but, lack of accountability is humiliating and should be for them. finally after a huge amount of pushback from conservatives and others, honest minded liberals, the administration at stanford delivered a significant apology to the judge and said there would be accountability, let's make sure that happens because i'm saying the right thing to get people off their back for a little while is different than delivering the promise of the accountability and i will let you know when and what it will look like. >> this happened to me, basically stampeded at the university of mexico speech, state police have been called that was escorted by a swat team and this happened to charlie kirk, tale as old as time but i
2:50 pm
wonder even though as you mentioned, the issue is apology, i wonder the chilling effect for other conservatives who want to speak on the campus or any campus for that matter, will they continue to do it or are liberals going to win? >> thrill seekers will continue to show up that distinction, he was invited to be there, he didn't storm into the classic kool-aid and rollerskate through the wall and was like conservatism, that's not what went on in that is the part embarrassing, it's a clear indictment of the college system they are not teaching kids how to think, they are teaching them what to think. this isn't critical thought, find the bad guy and pointing fingers at them. when i was in college we were not -- didn't have this anxiety, the only thing we worried about was running out of beer and that was it, no other word and i feel this whole generation and i mean this from a comedy background, so backwards because george
2:51 pm
recorded the most iconic comedy, crawling on campus and the whole premise was had to do it out of college because it's the only place you could be so risqué and not worry about blowback. if you did it now, it's called carlin on fire, they would burned on the campus so it's weird to watch this metamorphosis of grievance, it's kind of depressing and weird. >> you brought up catholic culture and going back to the student saying we don't want to be canceled, we tried to cancel an event, entire society that brings in conservative speakers now we are afraid of being canceled, will this from full circle where the catholic culture mob is the ones saying we don't want cancel culture because it's biting us in the behind as well? will we ever get there? >> where are they getting the nonsense from the educators? our teachers are spoiling the minds of america's future and they are believing this but the
2:52 pm
reason there were protesters when you are a kid. >> yes, i'm sorry. >> basically it's because our parents were teaching us this garbage, we were going to learn about what arithmetic's and learning how to read and now kids are being taught about this woke stuff in school, i don't know what's going to happen to our future, we will never get to retire because we will be supporting our children forever if this is the road they will go down. >> that was a dooming way to end, appreciate the optimism there. >> you need a downer in every conversation. >> big saturday flops our next. ♪
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welcome back to "the big saturday show". it is time now for big saturday flops. our picks for the biggest veils of the week. i will go first netflix sensation joe exotic also known as the tiger king announcing 2024 white house run. even though he is the middle of a 21 year prison sentence, joe exotic running as a libertarian for the odds you are not great. vegas is putting us odds of winning is one in marianne williamson which is not ideal okay. i do not know he will make america great again but he is going to make license plates
2:57 pm
great again from behind bars do not sleep on tiger king. everyone watched tiger king and the pandemic that was to go to show if you remember when we started that 152,800 days to slow the spread. we are watching joe exotic regrets kissing ptsd to see them for that exact same region. we all had to watch that it was a dark time to correct his mullet disney ptsd forgot to do like a good mullet. have you ruled out as his running mate? what's libertarian. i nominate candidate tiger king at kennedy. >> i love this. don't forget you can catch me live april 7 at the tower theatre in oregon. in light at the egyptian theater in boise, idaho. that is not all but look at the great graphic for more upcoming dates, tomi lahren i will throw it to you. >> how to beat that? i will try. loyal university of chicago professor claims a new social media trend of showing off perfectly organize home pantries is rooted in what else?
2:58 pm
racism and sexism and classism. actually. this when i saw this i thought this cannot be real but versatile this exercise was racist and sexist and now having organization. the whole reason they are saying this is because only rich people, rich white people have time to be clean and organized. that is essentially what they are trying to get this too. >> that sounds racist. >> s on racist against the other racist regrets and a very sexist a pantry pouring and they call it what we have photos of your pantry have to explain yourself here because this is very triggering for some people because i'm so sorry to be such a racist by like my curios and might lucky charms separated and labeled containers but i'm especially proud of the left side of the pantry which takes up the entire wall. i have never once onto excellent for themselves whiskey when they think it's vodka. so i am a racist apparently because i like organized pantry. >> i like and think it's beautiful. >> thank you so much. my best friend llerena did that i cannot take any credit.
2:59 pm
>> i can't give you. cookie is a professional organizer. she is the problem. >> dickinson become the second number 16 seed to beat a number one seed in march madness for they defeated the purdue boilermakers 63 -- 581st round match up last night. i am rooting further upset today, democrats beat ucla, >>. >> the candy aisle is under attack apparently california state lawmakers posing a band of additives using several candies including six ghettos, sour patch kids, pez and jelly beans ivana's crab in my house but i don't think some of the state of california to ban it in my pantry but it's not in my pantry, hasn't been there? yes for going to do some is not to be careful he is all the adults trying to flee estate. megan the kids upset? i am telling is a mole for you all. newsom is giving you all kickbacks he must be. but that's going to do it for us. regards >> tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern same time for the big sunday show. you better not let a sound you'll see that fox report with
3:00 pm
molly sgt right now. happy saturday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> former president donald trump said he expects to be arrested on tuesday good evening i am molly line in for jon scott. this is the fox report. the former president made that declaration this morning on his online platform truths social. the manhattan das office is investigating his role in a hush money payment to adult film star stormy daniels. shortly before


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