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tv   Sunday Morning Futures  FOX News  March 19, 2023 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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will: they've been warming up every commercial break. joey: i didn't know that was in store though. i heard you during sound check, you've got to start letting me know. you come to georgia, i want to know. >> travis greene., the v is my web site -- rachel: bye, everybody. will: have a good sunday. ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. today, two standards of justice. president trump says he is expecting to be arrested this tuesday, just days after bank records revealed a biden family partner received millions of collars from communist china then contributed part of the money to the bidens. when asked, joe biden denies he's been doing deals with foreign governments and pocking the cash.
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pocketing the cash. [inaudible] >> hunter biden's business associate turned over a million collars to three of your -- dollars to three of your family members -- >> that the's not true. maria: he's shocked. coming up, trump's potential arrest and biden's influence peddling with oversight committee chairman james comer on his investigation into what exactly the ccp was paying for. constitutional law professor jon hand the turley on the two standards of justice today in america. and former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe on the impacts of politics driving policy. then, adversaries pounce on america's weakness. arkansas senator tom cotton on the national security implications of corruption in america as china's xi jinping gets ready to meet with russia's vladimir putin tomorrow.
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then panic on wall street. sticker shock on main street. emergency negotiations over the weekend on what bank could be next to fail as a new study says 200 u.s. banks could be vulnerable, and the crisis moves to europe with regulators trying to save credit suisse in a takeover by competitor ubs expected to be announced later today. florida congressman and house financial services committee member byron donalds on why biden's economic plans are failing. plus, now china is also exploiting america's wide open border. florida senator rick scott on the death and destruction at the border or and why the number of chinese nationals entering illegally is up almost 1,000% in the last year. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with two very different applications of the law.
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news the morning of a possible indictment of former president donald trump by progressive manhattan d.a. alvin bragg over claims of so-called hush money payments made seven years ago, in 2016. on the truth social social media app this weekend, president trump indicating he he will be arrested this tuesday. the happening just days after blockbuster new details of suspicious bank transactions involving the biden family and communist china. on thursday house oversight committee chairman kentucky congressman james comer, revealed that in march of 2017 a firm affiliated with cefc china energy transferred $3 million to the an entity associated with the biden family partner, rob walker. then in the following three months, more than $1 million of that money was distributed to members of the biden family in small increments including to hunter biden, the president's brother james biden and his
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daughter-in-law, hallie biden, all receiving payouts. questions are also arising this morning over the identity of one account labeled simply biden which received a total of $70,000 in four installments during the that i'm. in a statement to fox news, a spokesperson for hunter biden's legal team played it all down saying in part the accounts so dramatically listed by representative the comber belong to the his hunter, his uncle and to the hallie, nobody else. for more on the investigation into the biden family business dealings is the house oversight committee chairman, congressman james comer. congressman, thanks very much for being here this morning. >> morning. maria: do you have any comment about trump potentially being indicted on tuesday? >> well, it's very odd that this would come out just the very next day after i revealed bank records which showed that the biden family, the president in particular, hasn't been truthful
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with respect to his family receiving payments directly from the chinese communist party. so it almost looks like it's an effort to detract. but at very least, it's another example of a two-tiered system of justice. look, we've been looking into these classified documents. we saw the fbi raided mar-a-lago for one set of supposedly mishandled classified documents, but yet joe biden's had at least five different locations of misplaced document, and they give him day days and days to clean up. so another example of two-tiered system of justice at the doj. maria: congressman, let's go through some of those bank records. this is really the first batch you were able to get because they've been stonewalling you. are there more? >> there are many more, maria. this is one deal, and we think there are as many as 11 more deals. now, we don't know what those deals are. with the bidens -- in the
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beginning, the white house denied having any knowledge or the fact that their family was involved in any sort of way, shape or form with the ccp, but now we have bank records that reveal otherwise. we don't know what the bidens did in return for the money. the lawyer said that it was seed capital for a business. we haven't been able to find a business, maria. we're going to have an opportunity to ask people about that that were closely aligned with the biden family. we've talked to them privately. i'm not going to reveal what they say privately, but very soon they'll either be talking to everyone in the form of a deposition or, even better, in a committee hearing. but right now it looks like the biden family just pocketed this money. this is one deal, we have 11 more to go, and i'm pretty. confident we'll be getting more bank records very soon. maria: all right. so $1 million distributed to the bidens on one deal, and you say there are 11 others. let's talk about what possibly the ccp could have been paying
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for. do you have any indication whether it be from the laptop, from your investigation that gives us any information about what specifically china was paying the biden family for? >> well, we know that when the president was vice president in the obama administration, he made several trips to china, brought his son and system of these associates with him -- some of these associates with him. they met in different places with some of these this people that the president claimed he never met with. so we know the president hasn't been truthful about his involvement when he was vice president. but from talking to former associates that were involved with hunter biden, we know the biden family had agreed ecothe help china -- to help china get their foot in the door of the american energy industry, purchase interests in drillers for natural gas as well as try to do things like help china buy farmland. this is something every
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american's outraged over. there's bipartisan support in congress to try to block china from coming in and taking over various interests of our american economy, and now we learn that the biden family was directly involved with helping china navigate the federal bureaucracy and the sanctions involved with the u.s. government. so this is very concerning, and this is why we're going to continue this investigation of joe biden. and, remember, it's an investigation of joe biden. maria: that's right, yes. and i've been saying that from day one, that it's an investigation of joe biden, not hunter biden, because they were paying for joe biden. i mean, they were paying for time or, you know, influence, whatevers the, from a sitting vice president. but there was something on the laptop that was also informative where hunter biden is talking to a colleague, somebody who was representing the china partnership, right? >> yes. there was a message that hunter was very frustrated with one of these business partners many if
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china that he had done every blanking thing they had ever asked of him. and, of course, this would have been when joe biden was vice president. and he reminded them that they had never done anything in return for him. and then a few weeks later this $3 million wire appears in the walker account, and the very next day they distributed money to hunter biden and then at least who the other family members and possibly three family members. so so there's evidence in the laptop that shows that hunter biden was communicating with them and had had interactions and cone things for them while -- done things for them while his father was vice president. so this is very concerning. the white house hasn't been truthful about this from day one. i don't think the white house ever dreamed we would get bank records. this is just the beginning. we're going to get a lot more bank records, and they're going to have to continue to back pedal and come up with some type of reason why the biden family's received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries.
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maria: this is so incredibly dangerous, and it feels sinister. the chinese communist party wants to overtake the number one superpower, take america down, and they've been coming at us at all ends, the surveillance balloon. we even have chinese nationals coming into the wide open southern border. the apprehension numbers are up 1,000% year-over-year, and yet you've got joe biden, you know, doing these keels with china while -- deals with china while he was vice president, and now real soft on china. there was no response to the surveillance balloon, there was no response to covid-19 leaking from the lab. i don't even think he's ever raised it with xi jinping. how much cothey have on joe biden? -- do they have on joe biden? >> that's what we're going to find out. that's what this investigation's all about. it sure seems joe biden makes strange decisions that often times put america last and china first. we want to know if he's compromised because of the millions and millions of dollars that his family has taken from
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china. we're going to continue with this investigation, and i think over the last two weeks we've already presented a lot of evidence as to why this investigation is of the utmost importance. maria: and when will you be putting out subpoenas? >> well, we did subpoena, we've subpoenaed a bank. more to come, maria. i think that the american people are going to see this is a very calculated, very credible investigation. we're taking skips -- steps, i've been transparent from day one, we're going to follow the money. we knew there was a money trail. we've spoken to enough people that were involved in these shady business schemes all around the world. everything that we've subpoenaed thus far was accurate from what our whistleblowers were telling us, and we have a whole lot more information. again, this was just the first deal, and we have many more to come. maria: wow. all right, mr. chairman, we'll be watching for those additional 11 deals and whether there was money transferred. thanks very much for your time and your work, house oversight committee chairman congressman
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james comer. thank you, sir. and we want to bring -- look at this further and bring in constitutional law attorney jonathan turley. he's also a law professor at george washington university and, of course, a fox news contributor. jonathan, thanks very much for being here this morning and weighing in. your reaction to this. >> thank you, maria. i think that what most people can objectively say about this potential indictment is that it's based on very little law and a lot of politics. you know, there's that old joke of a doctor telling his patient you're not paranoid because people really are out to get you. the same can't be true in the sense of donald trump's complaints about the politicization or weaponization of the criminal justice system. this is a political prosecution, in my view. and you don't have to really venture very far to the reach that conclusion. if you look at how this case came about, it's it's rather obviously political, you know?
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the predecessor to bragg did not pursue this case, the department of justice did not pursue the underlying federal election violation, the chairman of the ftc, election experts have all said this is an exceptionally weak theory. and yet bragg, who threw a flag on this case, decided to go forward after his prosecutors resigned. and one of them wrote what i thought was a very unprofessional book detailing the case existence an individual who -- against an individual who hasn't been charged, let alone convicted. maria: just extraordinary. so two questionsment what does this mean for president trump and, number two, what are we going to do about these two standards of justice? >> well, maria, ironically if donald trump had to choose which of these cases would come first, this would be that case. the, this case so overtly political and really fulfills
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the narrative that many have raised in this campaign season. so in some ways, this is a fortunate decision for trump. bragg gave donald trump what i think is a credible evidence of the politicization of the criminal justice system. there might be more difficult time doing that with something like mar-a-lago. so the question is, what happens to the case. you could not have picked a better jurisdiction to to prosecute donald trump. you know, this is the worst possible jury pool for him. for some judges in new york to kiss the misses a case like this would border on self-imlation. so it's the possible -- immolation. but it's going to have serious problems on appeal. i'm not convinced that bragg's not run out of time. i think there are some very significant questions whether the statute of limitations has already run on these claims. maria: because the statute of limitations is, what, five
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years? >> well, it's two years on the misdemeanor. what he's trying to do is to fold in the federal violation to kick this up to a felony and get that 5-year period. that linkage itself could be challenged. but i'm not even sure he's moving within five years. this occurred seven years ago. maria: that's exactly right. jonathan, it's great to get your insight, constitutional law attorney jonathan turley with us. thank you, sir. quick break and then a weekend of panic emergency moves from the united states to europe as regulators zero in on the potential for another bank to fail. house financial services committee member, florida congressman byron donalds on how biden's economic policies having a devastating impact on the prices of everyday necessities while stoking fears about the safe of concern safety of our banks now all ahead of another federal reserve meeting next week. that's next. ♪ starting at just $79.95?
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>> if i were advising them, i'd say they've indicated that inflation is their primary goal, to bring that back down. if they go forward, i'd say they should raise their rates 25 basis points and reassure the markets of the liquidity. but there are, i'm afraid there
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are other banks that are going to have to be looked at. maria: and that was the former federal fdic vp and kansas city federal reserve president thomas hoenig advising the federal reserve aode head of this week's 2-day fed meeting on tuesday and wednesday where we are expecting another quarter-point interest rate hike after panic was avested this past -- averted this past week when the federal reserve and fdic moved to the secure deposits and 11 other banks sent $30 billion to first republic to try to shore up its cash. the banks' stress shifting to europe this weekend with talks of a potential acquisition or bailout of credit suisse by ubs. that's expected to be announced later today. the new worries capping a rate of in-- a year of rate increases which, of course, caused sticker shock at the grocery store. this as democrats spent
7:21 am
trillions borrowing $5 trillion plus in two years and sending the nation's debt breaching its ceiling, now at $31.6 trillion. that ceiling will have on the raised horsily. joining me right now -- shortly. joining me now is congressman byron donalds who sits on the house financial services committee. thanks very much for being here. your thoughts on president trump about to be arrested on tuesday. >> i think this is one of the worst uses of the justice system we've ever seen. this kind of two-tier prosecution, this gotcha mentality with the criminal justice system is flat out wrong. and, maria, met me also say this: there has been in the past uses of the criminal justice the system in america that have been wrong. it's been about targeting, it's been wrong. two wrongs don't make a right. just going after your political adversary in president trump isn't going to pick you some till lahr of virtue. it's going to descend all of america into further chaos, not what we need at all.
7:22 am
what alvin bragg is doing is wrong. he shouldn't be going after donald trump, period. maria: well, we've seen a lot of chaos over the last two years on joe biden's watch,9 and the administration keeps telling us that our banks are safe is. nobody believes them. look at this op-ed in the "wall street journal" this week. while yellen a assures banks run, she offers more assurances thursday that the banks are safe and sound, and we caught even the treasury secretary believes it, certainly nobody else does. the u.s. banks had to rescue first republic, 15 years to the day since bear stearns collapsed. your thoughts on where things head next as we are expecting more panic this week as negotiations are underway all weekend for credit suisse and other banks in america. >> well, look, a couple things. this is not the best time of news for us as a country. you have massive inflation in our economy brought to us by joe biden and the democrats' reckless spending. you have a federal reserve that has kept rates at 0% for a
7:23 am
decade, frankly, just to keep the entire economy just st. petersburg along with little -- spurring along with little consequence at all to how people allocate capital and how money is spent. and you backstop that with what appears to be regulators who were not minding the store, not paying attention to duration risk. and i want to be specific about the san francisco fed, them not paying attention to this while last year the kansas city fed said that they had serious concerns about duration risks on the balance sheet of banks throughout the country. throughout that section of the country. so this is a confluence of many issues. but where we stand right now is you're going to have to allow for interest rates to continue to rise because this inflation is hurting the consumers all through america, rich, middle income, poor. they're all being hurt by that the. the banking system is going to have to find a way through consolidation and through acquisition to kind of get some of these con say johns out --
7:24 am
contagions out. but the last thing we need are more rampant bank bailouts which are only going to paper over the issues in our economy, it's in the concern it's not going to make the issues go away. maria: a week ago the fdic old the us they are going to the secure all deposits at signature bank, at silicon valley bank. now a number of banks want the same treatment of securing all deposits, but you mentioned mary daly, the president of the san francisco federal reserve. kim strassel at the "wall street journal" writes a great op-ed this week, did esg help sink svb? because from day one this administration has been talking about their climate change agenda, a whole-of-government approach, and maybe she was rewarding svb for policies around esg and around the climate change agenda rather than focusing on the safety of the bank. >> no, i totally agree with that
7:25 am
thought process. mary daly needs to probably come to capitol hill and explain to us what she was hooking at and why. looking at and why. because if you're solely focused on climate change and equity agendas and all that stuff but you're concern you're not concerned with interest rate risks on the balance sheet of a bank, you're not doing the job. and there are serious questions there about what the regulator laters -- regulators were doing and not doing with respect to the soundness of the banking system. but let's not absolve the executives at silicon valley bank. they didn't have a risk officer, apparently, for eight months. the c suite should have known better and done what they needed to do to manage the interest rate risk at the bank going long in treasuries like that and in mortgage-backed securities. but we have to make sure, you can't look at the fed and just give them a pass. in my view, the federal reserve took too long trying to get the inflation out of our economy, and now everybody's bearing the burden of their dithering with
7:26 am
respect to handling inflation. maria: yeah. well, i think it's also important to point out that now regulators are saying, look, it's not the realistic for us to secure all deposits everywhere, but they were sure to protect the deposits of those chinese start-ups that had accounts at silicon valley bank, a number of chinese companies got their deposits secured. so we're going to talk with tom cotton about that. congressman, it's good to see you, thanks very much. bye ron donalds in florida this morning. quick break and then america's adversaries are pouncing on america's weakness as chinese president xi jinping gets set for a 3-day trip to moscow tomorrow to meet with russian president vladimir putin as russia's brutal invasion of ukraine is now in its second year. arkansas senator and armed services committee member tom cotton on that, and also we'll talk about those chinese companies getting a bailout from u.s. regulators. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. chinese president xi jinping is set to travel to moscow tomorrow for a 3-day visit with russian vladimir putin. this just days after a russian fighter jet crashed into a u.s. drone over the black sea. as communist china tries to make a diplomatic presence across the world, recently are acting as a power broker for diplomacy between iran and saudi arabia and hen the hon curious moved to sever ties with taiwan in favor of beijing. meanwhile, president biden has yet to sign a bipartisan bill sitting on his desk which would require the declassification of intelligence related to the origins of covid-19. joining me right now is the first man who alerted the public to the probability that covid escaped from the wuhan lab on this program back in march of 00 the, arkansas senator tom cotton is here. senator, it's always a pleasure. thanks very much for being here. >> thank you, maria, it's good
7:32 am
to be back on with you. maria: do you expect the president to sign that bill to declassify the intelligence around covid-19? >> i do think he'll sign it, maria. i suspect they're trying to get their ducks many in a row on what they will and will not release. what i can tell you is the observations i made on your show now three years ago and ever since then have been based not really on any kind of classified intelligence, but just common sense and the facts in front of our faces. i think any farmer or trucker in arkansas with an ounce of common sense would tell you this virus almost certainly came from if those labs, a large majority of americans believe that as well. the biden administration wants to continue to stress the uncertainty or the lack of correct evidence which we may never have because china has covered it up because they don't want to be forced to take action to hold china accountable for unleashing this plague on the world. maria: right. and the question continues to be why, why not?
7:33 am
so now we have our adversaries on on the move. xi jinping meeting with putin tomorrow. your thoughts on this meeting. >> well, unfortunately, maria, joe biden has put a kick me sign on uncle sam's back. when america recedes from the world, it creates a void of leadership. and it's the not filled with peace and stability and understanding, it's filled with our adversaries working against our interests. whether it's russia or china or iran or north korea, so many countries are questioning whether america is going to continue to lead the civilized world to protect our own interests and protect international stability and order that gives americans the blessings of safety and freedom and prosperity. uh-uh think what is particularls particularly dangerous in this upcoming meeting is whether china commits to provide weapons to russia to continue its unprovoked war of aggression in
7:34 am
ukraine. and i think the biden administration hasn't been nearly strong must have in outlining to china the consequences of such a serious or action. maria: yeah. and at the same time we've got an economy that is weakening ask weakening fast. byron donalds just told me they are going to hold hearings this week in the house about what the heck happened with silicon valley bank. and i want to get your take on the fdic secures all of the deposits of that bank, including importantly many companies that are based in china that were clients of silicon valley bank. now they're saying, look, we can secure all the -- we can't secure all the deposits everywhere, but they were very fast to come to the rescue of silicon valley bank even with those clients from china. i i wonder if it would have been the same treatment if this was a bank in texas with clients that were oil companies or oil, you know, trading firms? >> well, maria, just to ask the question, i think, is carrying
7:35 am
with it its own answer. i think it's obvious to everyone that joe biden would not have bailed out a bank in midland, texas. the failure of silicon valley bank and the stress it's put on our economy, really is joe biden's failures all the way down. it was reckless spending that created runaway inflation which led to higher interest rates, which put the squeeze on banks like silicon valley bank. and it was joe biden's administration that didn't properly oversee and supervise a bank like silicon valley bank six months ago or a year ago to insure that they were doing proper risk management of the interest rate spreads between their deposits on the one hand and their assets on the other hand. or, for that matter, who last week didn't help arrange for a shot gun wedding merger with a larger bank, with a more stable balance sheet. probably because they're ideologically opposed to any kind of mergers. so what we got instead was the biden bank bailout which will, in fact, be going to the chinese companies because it's well known that silicon valley bank
7:36 am
was an access point for chinese companies to get american money. and when you have one of these bank failures, foreign depositors are supposed to be in line behind american depositors. yet the biden administration confirmed to me on a conference call last week about this situation that they are, in fact, going to make whole chinese depositors probably on the fig leaf that they have a single american co-signer, most likely at the very venture capital firms that were funneling money into these chinese companies in the first place, companies that are almost certainly in most cases aligned with the chinese communist party or the people's liberation army. maria: this is just extraordinary, senator. i mean, truly extraordinary. and we also have some of these companies going public and getting money from individual investors in america. are we not funding the expansion of the ccp who continues to be a rising enemy, an adversary of america? >> well, unfortunately, maria, that's the story of american
7:37 am
policy failures going back 30 years. st been american investors -- it's been american investors, american companies encouraged by our government to help fund the rise of china's economy which, of course, fuels the people's liberation army and their intelligence services. i have a very simple test i'd like to propose. if we wouldn't have done it with russian communists, we shouldn't do it with chinese communists. and none of what we've done in the last 30 years would we have ever done with russia during the cold war. we certainly shouldn't be continuing to do it with china now. maria: yeah. and i want to talk about this potential "forbes" act acquisition by the sun group. the sun group has ties to the russian government and vladimir putin. they want to require "forbes" and their collection rain storing of sensitive data the on millions of americans. you stopped a deal from communist china acquiring "forbes," right? >> i did. last summer it came to our attention that chinese-linked companies were trying to acquire "forbes," a flagship american
7:38 am
media brand. of course they were going to use that for their own propaganda purposes. i and a few other senators pressured the secretary of treasury and the biden administration to block that deal. it fell apart. now would have russia aligned companies trying to buy "forbes" as well. we're going to put the exact same pressure on the biden administration to stop this bill from going forward. as i said, if we wouldn't allow russian communists to do it, we shouldn't allow chinese communists to do it, that works in reverse as well. we would never in a million years during the cold war have allowed pravda to get a foothold in america's media environment. we shouldn't allow russia-aligned investors to buy a flagship american media brand. maria: senator, thank you very much. tom coton. we'll be watching your -- tom cotton. we so appreciate your time, sir. for more on all of this this, we welcome back the former director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe. john, thanks very much for being here. first, assess where we are. president trump says he's going to be arrested on use. your reaction.
7:39 am
on tuesday. your reaction. >> well, it's clearly a political prosecution, and that's underscored by the fact, maria, that you have an alvin bragg, the d.a. involved here, someone who on his very first day in office said we will not prosecute armed robberies in this office, and now he's saying we will prosecute a misdemeanor offense against the opposition political party who happens to be a presidential candidate, former president of the united states despite the fact that is statute of limations has clearly run concern limitations has clearly run on that misdemeanor and the fact that other state and federal prosecutors have passed on that. so, but my take on it, maria, is this is just the latest in sort of the evolution of what the democrats as they have shifted from a party from democrats to progressives which is really kind of a mix of socialists and communists who don't like the american justice system. it's a continuation of an assault on that justice system
7:40 am
and tearing down the all of the pillars that make that system work so well. so just to remind your viewers, when the mueller investigation was going, the first of the pillars to go was the bedrock principle of a presumption of innocence. remember, donald trump didn't have that presumption. he had to conclusively prove his innocence. then quickly it shifted in the ukraine impeachment to the suspension of the principle of due process of law, and donald trump became the first president never to be allowed to have legal representation throughout the house proceedings. more recently with mar-a-lago, the next principle to go was equal protection under the law. and we saw that when the same statute was applied between trump and biden regarding classified documents, trump's home was raided, biden's lawyers were allowed to just casually turn over documents whenever they want. so this latest sort of tortured prosecution that is in the
7:41 am
offing this week by the d.a. in new york is just sort of the latest assault on the american justice system by the democratic party. maria: well, we've been talking about the ramifications. already we see oured is very -- our adversaries pouncing against us. xi meeting with putin tomorrow, and we've got a lawless situation at the southern border. what are we going to do about these two standards of justice? how does that change? >> well, you know, tom coton the's comments -- tom cotton's comments, i agree agree with most of them. i think it's important to point out to your viewers that the rhetoric out of china for the last two decades has been that the united states is a declining power and that china is the ascending world power, and unfortunately that rhetoric seems to be praying out. certainly, a lot of americans and a lot of our allies think that maybe president xi is right. as tom cotton the said we have a kick me sign, i think we've had sandic kicked in our face for
7:42 am
the last two years by our who two top adversaries. think about it, maria, a million americans die from from covid, and the response from the biden administrations is we're not looking for conflict with china. americans die from fentanyl, biden says we're not looking for conflict with china. they fly spy craft across our country, we're not looking for conflict with china. and now the russia sits down a reaper drone, and the response this week was we're not looking for conflict with russia. i mean, very clearly we're not looking for conflict is biden speak for we're not going to stand up and defend america. and, you know, if we don't have a commander in chief that's going to do that, we're going to continue to see our adversaries aggressively move on the map. and we've seen, you know, biden has been in the office, the white house twice. vladimir putin has invaded ukraine twice. russia has gained territory twice. this is not a quince kens. coincidence. maria: this is so incredibly
7:43 am
disturbing. do you think there's a coincidence that as soon as james comer comes out and exposes those bank records that suddenly trump is going on the indicted? i mean, you were just talking about this soft approach from joe biden to china. we're constantly asking why? why not protect america in is it a coincidence now that trump is going to get indicted on tuesday after these bank records were revealed last week? >> well, i don't really believe much in coincidences, and and so i do think that there, you know, i think that it's important what congressman comer is doing, and it's a way for the more than people to really find out -- for the american people to really find out what's happening. and, you know, i hope that effort continues. i think that it will. maria: all right. john, thanks very much for weighing in on all of that. former director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe. thank you, sir. quick break, and then a stunning admission from the chief of the border patrol about biden's border crisis. chief raul ortiz telling congress that the u.s. does not
7:44 am
have optional control of the entire u.s./mexico border. amazing. senator rick scott sits on the senate homeland security committee. he'll join me with reaction. and it's about national security. that's next. ♪ ♪ check. psych! really? dude, that's a foul! and now you're ready to settle the score. and if you don't have the right home insurance coverage, well you could end up paying for all this yourself. so get allstate. we got the house! you did! pods handles the driving. pack at your pace. store your things until you're ready. then we deliver to your new home - across town or across the country. pods, your personal moving and storage team. ♪ this feels so right... ♪
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maria: welcome back. customs and border protection reporting on thursday that more than 1 million migrants have crossed the southern border illegally so far this fiscal year. by the way, that's just since october. as biden's open border policy continues to have deadly consequences. 71-year-old maria tambunga and her 7-year-old granddaughter amelia were killed last monday in texas when a human smuggler running from law enforcement crashed into their car. border agents have seized more than 11,000 pounds of fentanyl as they try to stop the flow of the deadly drug flowing into america which has already killed tens of thousands of americans. joining me now with more is florida republican senator rick scott. and, senator, it's great to see
7:49 am
you again. thanks very much for being here. your reaction to the border and its consequences. tell me about the national security threat. >> americans should be frustrated, you should be fed up with their federal government right now to have a completely open southern border. we don't know who's coming across the border. we do know that 70,000 americans, 70,000 americans lost their lives last year because of fentanyl. the border's controlled by the cartels but not controlled by america. and so we've got fentanyl killing people. that was moms that lost their kids. why doesn't the biden administration care about that? we know we have criminals coming across, terrorists coming across. we mow who we caught, who can't we catch? so every part of your federal government now, the banks, the border, everything is falling apart. we have such a crappy president, and nothing -- there's no accountability right now in the federal government. it makes me mad. maria: i mean, what about china? what is china and the communist party up to? do you know the apprehensions of
7:50 am
chinese nationals at the border is up 940%? just over the last year? >> wake up, we all need to wake up. maria: -- so that they have people onboard in case there is a conflict? what's going on? they don't need to come through the southern border, but they are. >> look, we know the communist party of china hates our way of life, wants to destroy us, whether it's a spy balloon, whether it's tiktok, whether the chinese drones, now we've got chinese coming across the southern border. we have to assume the worst, and the biden administration sits there. and then we've got xi meeting with putin, we've got putin in ukraine, i mean, the world is falling apart. america's government is falling apart, and we've got to be more active in making sure we get better people in government because i'm fed up right now. maria: well, where are the republicans when it comes to donald trump about to get indicted? we're going to take a break, i want to ask you where the outreach is from your side of the aisle. we're talking with florida republican senator rick scott. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪
7:51 am
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maria: welcome back. we are back now with florida republican senator rick scott. senator, where is the outrage from republicans? trump is going to get indicted on tuesday the, he said, this just days after james comer exposed money coming from communist china contributed to the biden family.
7:55 am
>> i mean, first, there's a lot of -- you know, all the democrats hate trump, there's some republicans who hate trump, so guess what? there's a double standard. you can do anything you want to trump, everybody's okay with that,s or but you can't do it to biden. there's a completely double standard. if you're trump, there's a standard, and it's go all in,ning attack the guy. everybody's okay with that. but if it's biden, oh, we've got to be careful, we've got to follow the law. that's why americans are fed up with doj, with fbi, with so many things in your federal government. they know there's a double standard. this is wrong. maria: how are we going to get out of this? look what this is spurring, it's spurring our adversaries to think that we're weak. they're meeting against us. what are you going another the about it? where are -- going to do about it? where are the republicans saying this isn't true, two saturdays the of justicesome. >> we have got to start standing fun for justice, the same justice it is for everybody, and we've got to stop caving in to democrats. look, we've got to find out what
7:56 am
happened with biden, with all that money. i mean, why wouldn't we want to know this? and trump, you can't do this, you can't say there's a different standard. it just makes you mad. the thing that scares me, people don't trust the doj anymore, they don't rust the fbi anymore. if they don't trust government, what's going to happen to our government? stand up. i don't care whether you like trump or don't like trump, there can't be a different standard. maria: real quick, senator, i'm going to work on this story this week, russian-backed company bids for "forbes" mediasome now russia wants it. >> it can't happen. maria: can't happen? all right. senator, thanks very much for being here. rick scott joining us in florida. we will see you soon. that'll do it for us on "sunday morning futures." i'll see you first thing with maria on fox business. ♪ take 37. cut! i don't actually play tennis. i'm just an actor in a commercial.
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