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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 23, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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when you were in new york, i didn't get the dipper, back in new york, still never set up the dinner. do you know what? i don't care. don't want it. i'm good. dvr the show, tucker carlson's up neck. i'm watters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if there is one thing your average liberal understands perfect low well, there is safety in numbers. don't go out alone, bring 80,000,000 people with you, it's safer that way. there is a reason, a fundamental reason the democrats are natural joiners and organizers and petition signers, their highest virtue is conformity. they know as long as they are all wearing the same uniform they will
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probably be okay. this is why you will see one person in brookline or bethesda raise a ukrainian flag in the yard, the next day everybody in the street will have one, too. suddenly it's an entire neighborhood of foreign policy experts all specializing in eastern european border disputes. it's amazing. just last year very same people were all eminent veer ol gists with passionate views on pandemic management. this is in other words not a movement of rugged individuals. this is a party based on the idea of the group, the bureaucracy, the blob. it's the party of weak fearful people who are huddled together for collective power. when the democratic party speaks, it is always with one voice, often in a north korean accent. one thing the party often speaks about is gun control. no american has the right to own an effective firearm. a firearm that does what firearms are supposed to
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do, they'll tell you this at length. having a gun like is too much autonomy for you. believing you are a free citizen, we can't allow that and we won't. joe biden for instance, makes this point regularly. watch. >> we are living in a country, i can't wash we ons war. >> i got it done once, do it again. >> eliminate assault weapon. >> it's time to ban these weapons. >> right to bear arms is not an absolute right to dominate all others. >> you don't need an ar-15. >> ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> tucker: you don't need an ar-15 or whatever they call it. that's the head of the democratic party speaking clearly that the party's position on guns, if we don't control them you can't have them. every democrat thinks this as part of the catechism. so, you can imagine our surprise, we'll driving through cambridge
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in the hybrid subaru, listening to national public radio, the voice of menopausal liberalism. as we're listening we hear this. we are going to play it for you, see if you can understand our total shock. >> mass shootings targeting lgbtq spaces, anti-trans rhetoric, queer people to take up arms, joined a monthly gathering of a gun group that sees firearms as key to their own self-defense. >> . this story does include the sound of gun fire. the parking lot of state park in southeastern new hampshire is filling up with hikers, there is a different crew packing up warm clothes and weapons. >> thank you for coming to rainbow reload. >> tucker: your anti-trans rhetoric makes the trans community carry guns. they are packing heat, appendix carrying in more ways than one, watch
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out. wait a second, we thought. this is npr? national public radio? suddenly telling you that actually guns are good, they are valuable tools of self-defense really against you so, there are times when guns are gad, says npr. we thought wait a second we've been listening to npr since click and crack the brothers. for example, the u.s. has more guns than any other country be the world. this is the same npr that in between updates on the latest trans dinosaur emojis, we've been following those carefully, calling for more gun control, an not subtle ones like the segment he titled many gun owners support gun control so why don't they speak out? a lot of gun owners for gun control, of course they do. yet here is that same national public radio state radio, state media, controlling
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the biden administration, encouraging people to go to the gun store immediately. but not all people. just trans people. guns are bad except in the hands of trans people. wow. here is more. >> groups like rainbow reload exist around the country often called pink pistol clubs, experts in the gun curious to practice and improve their shooting. this goes beyond hobby, there is a goal here to prepare and protect themselves. >> if the world is dangerous, then you have to be dangerous back. and that very much has pushed me into where i am now. >> tucker: the gun curious. well you know when npr describes something as curious, it's a gun thing. the pedophile curious. now the gun curious. the world is dangerous you have to be dangerous back. now is that a quote from fbi indict from the proud boys, no it's an npr
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segment. at this point it's hard to tell the difference in the lip smacking npr reporters are saying without any self awareness at all. what's go going on here, npr decided guns are bad except when the enforces ideology have guns, you can't have guns but faithful servants of the democratic party can, that makes sense because like all totalitarians they want a monopoly on force, right? so, debate ends at that point when one side has all the firearms, you don't have to argue, you say well you can't change your sex. shut up, bigot. bang bang. what's interesting, this is not just one npr segment, the social justice reporter from npr station knkx in seattle, a reporter called little lee ann fowler. the suicide of a
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self-described trans person called usi, he's eucy. here is how that reporter described the suicide of eucy. spoke to rache etch, the about hard resident who died by suicide being evicted by king county sheriff deputies, her friend tried to get help in paying rent, but exhausted all options. that sounds awful. so, here is a person who has fallen on hard times like so many americans are getting bounced out of her apartment and kills herself out of desperation. anyone hearing or reading that dispatch from npr reporter, lily anna fowler would feel bad for the person who killed him or herself, politics aside, completely. npr didn't tell the entire story. what npr left out was eucy shot a sheriff's deputy prior to killing himself. in fact, eucy
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put that sheriff deputy in the hospital where he remains tonight after undergoing emergency surgery, that wasn't of any interest whatsoever to npr social justice team, what they wanted you to know eucy was part of the trans community and eucy died, mattering much more than anyone's including the copy shot, certainly more than yours so, what underlies all of this. this is not about trans rights, of course, do you think joe biden and faithful vice president care about trans right as soon as not one bit. about as much as they care about the daily suffering in selma, alabama. not at all. selma, alabama is a desperate place, they show up to relive the civil rights movement and they leave. that's how much they care. precisely how much they care about the trans community, the trans community is a vehicle for something else and always the same thing which is political power. and political power made possible by political violence. they want to be able to commit it and they. you defenseless so
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you can't fight back. a lot of people in this country want it, not just npr listeners, when people were holding a press conference, the shooting of a police officer by a trans identifying individual called eucy, activists heckled the police spokeswoman. as the cop was in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery, why? because they said the spokeswoman miss gendered the shooter. watch this. >> lead to believe that your 29 year old man is actually a transgender person. is there any truth to that? >> i have no idea. >> i actually knew the person, they are trans and i asked they -- thank you. >> tucker: yeah. okay. so, obviously this country has reached peak frivolity, the officer is in the hospital fighting for his life but the debate is whether we're dead naming someone who shot him.
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so, the people in that frame and a lot of people actually who listen to npr care more about pronouns than human life. and npr don't want you to know this, jason rance don't take any money from taxpayers and new the details. running the numbers of violence and genocide against the trans community. here is what he found having done actual research. there is no genocide of trans people in the u.s. or anywhere in the west. in fact, an explosive of trans identifying people which research suggests is a social contagion spread by social media fads and pressure. killed in america each year are murdered by black men and prostitution activities. so, we believe that that is factually true, none gets mentioned, what does get mentioned? well the neo-nazis of course, they are the real
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threat, everyone is targeting rainbow reload militia. >> one of the members transitioned. >> and i went from concealed carry every once in awhile when i was sort of feeling it to every single day. because reading the news having a few experiences realizing i've gone from old cis male write-up pyramid he will class really -- middle class really with no fears about anything to there are people just looking at me will want to hurt me. >> there is that individual fear, fear what may happen existing in public. for some, there is also a more organized and ominous threat including a neo-nazi group in new england targeting trans people. >> tucker: the neo-nazi group active in new england. the least right-wing region in america. every state is blue. but there is a neo-nazi group that is
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terrifying everybody. to be clear, we are not against people, american citizens carrying firearms, we support it including trans people, it's fine. but what you're watching here is not the exercise of the second amendment, what you're watching here is political hysteria, fear beginned up on purpose with maximum dishonesty in order to get people in a state of agitation, armed people in a state of agitation, whatever they are trans or not, whatever that is. it's the same template always. scare the crap out of your voters, tell them that their lives are at risk, encourage them to get guns, how do you think that ends? is it by the way, if we're l ting the knowledge i can here and why not, that's in short supply in this country. have you to kind of wonder like what's the limit to this? so if trans people are in fear for their lives, and every region of the country including new england which is crawling with nazis now, why wouldn't we be arming them as we
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are saying ukraine's trans army and famously trans people in ukraine, they are very very proud of that. why stop with ar-15s, why not f-35s or tanks? you know, that's a question for our highest ranking trans admiral, richard lavigne, here is richard laugh even in july of 2020 describing the threat. >> the most vulnerable among us continue to suffer including lgbtq individuals of color. lgbtq youth. lgbtq seniors. and lgbtq immigrants. >> tucker: so, none of that is factually true as we just told you, in fact some of the people he is describing are not the most oppressed in our society, the most entitled and privileged. the biden administration hired a kid to
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oversee nuclear waste disposal whose only qualification was his sexual fetishes, there is no genocide going on, there is affirmative action going on. if you listen to npr you wouldn't know that and that kind of talk might scare the heck out of you, if they encourage you to get a gun and arm yourself because nazis are taking over vermont, they might do it. but this seems like an in citement. jason ranc e-pass sigfigs northwest and by the way the man who filled in the blanks on that incredibly misleading npr story, thank you so much for coming on. passionate about the second amendment as you can be, multiple gun owner. but this does seem like they are trying to whip people into an unjustified frenzy and tell them to buy guns, that's not reassuring, i don't think. >> it's not, but part of me
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wonders why we didn't all decide to change our first names and identities to a different gender, we've got thousands of them to pick from so we can be celebrated as gun owners or second amendment enthuse years, second amendment enthusiast. and now i should be celebrated. but you are right, of course. the reason why they are doing this it fits into the narrative of oppress sore versus oppressed so you have one group that is marginalized, you have the other group causing all of the anger and angst and the threat and all of a sudden you have the trans transgender community, democrats didn't want to inspire to get armed, but now that's exactly what they're doing to protect themselves against a threat that the democrat party created, a threat that doesn't exist, the good news that the transgender community, you are going to get to protect yourself from the
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criminals that the democrat party has enabled. it's not white supremacists,. >> tucker: that's a really fair and good point i think as a factual matter, the risk you run is not from political violence from the right, it's from armed robbers and opportunists who will grab you on the way to the grocery store. and so maybe there is an upside, i just said hate to see the second amendment, gun ownership politicized, but maybe you are right, we benefit. >> yeah. we do benefit, and look at the end of the day every single right always gets politicized. >> tucker: that's true. >> stands up for the second amendment, convince us to get rid of it, ignore the law that pretend the second amendment doesn't exist. in a lot of ways in arsonist inevitable, okay tt be the right thing for me, i'm going to get trained, i am going
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to be responsible and if they are armed to protect themselves against a threat that doesn't exist, there is no harm that can come from that, only when an actual threat that you are told doesn't exist but actually exists like the threat that the left has created, you are now actually prepared. and maybe this changes minds across the board. >> tucker: it's certainly changed mine. i see gun control correctly as anti-trans hate. and hate has no place in this house i'm going to be clear about that, i hope you agree with me. >> thank you for seeing me and acknowledgingly and my gender identity and my right to bear arms, i do appreciate that. >> tucker: you're the best, thank you. >> good to see you, appreciate it. >> tucker: the fbi hunter biden's laptop for years and never did anything about it despite the blatant evidence of felonies on it which we brought you many times. now we have some sense why. the fbi may have been working directly with hunter
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>> tucker: well as you know if you have been following the
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story, fbi has been in possession of hunter biden's laptop over years now. people who walked in the capital when the case of the president' son, they've done nothing at all, no indictments, as you also know there is evidence of felonies on that laptop. what is this about it's possible the fbi is working with hunter biden, the new york post now reporting that hunter biden had an fbi mole called one eye, this mole tipped off hunter biden's chinese business partners they were under investigation, according to an isreali energy expert arrested in cypress on gun running charges, it looks like he may be. joining us tonight. those are the outlines and i apologize if i misstated them. sum this up, this is an amazing story, it seems like.
5:24 pm
>> look, tucker, it's actually bizarre. i mean, it's another bizarre twist on an already bizarre story about the biden family and the cast of characters involved in their influence peddling scheme around the world, and dr. gal loft is the latest one, isreali energy expert, a professor, he was arrested in cypress as you said, and is still in a cypress jail. he's charged apparently with gun running and violations and various things. he claims that he is innocent and that he is only being arrested to shut him up about what he knows about the biden family business. and, you know, a lot of his story does check out. he is regarded in his -- in washington d.c. as, you know, well regarded, he's a legitimate energy expert. he is a former high ranking officer in the isreali defense force.
5:25 pm
multiple degrees. and he also talks about this fbi mole that he claims hunter biden used to tip off his chinese partners that there was an fbi investigation into them. and there is some cor rob ration of that from the reporting that we've already done from the laptop. we know hunter biden did have contacts within the fbi. we know he used them to benefit them at least one of his chinese business partners, patrick ho and when patrick ho was arrested at jfk by the fbi, hunter biden then contacted his fbi contacts. and we don't know what they did for him, but that sort of accords with this story that is coming from gal loft. and gal loft worked for three years in washington d.c. with hunter biden's chinese business partners. that checks out, too. so, when he says that those
5:26 pm
business partners told him about what the bidens were up to, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that he knew about that was going to hunter and his uncle jim biden every month, and they are in contact with this fbi mole, it does just bolsters the reporting we've done from the laptop. >> so, quickly, this loft guy, isreali energy expert, he tweeted and said, they are arresting me to shut me up, i have the facts about hunter biden. he is a smart guy, social media is still up, it confirms he is a very smart person. has he had anything else to say from his jail in cypress, do we know? >> look, through his lawyer, which is the only way, to talk to him, he certainly has other allegations but without documents or other evidence to back it up, you know, it's difficult to report those. he did get bail from the superior
5:27 pm
courts. a couple of weeks ago, but that has been vigorously opposed by u.s. authorities and i'm told by gal loft's lawyer the ambassador in cypress is putting a lot of pressure to keep him in jail. they want to extradite him to the u.s., i'm baffled that people in washington who have known gal loft for a long time, they say that is really not in his nature. >> tucker: he doesn't have the profile of a gun own runner. might be worth a trip to cypress. thank you very much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: telling you all week because we think it could happen, that donald trump at any moment is going to be indicted for some made up crime involving stormy daniels from 7 years ago. l the grand jury is not expected to take action on this case this week. apparently. so, what exactly does this mean? has the case fallen apart? how hard is
5:28 pm
it to indict the former republican president in new york city? what is going on. steve stephen miller, founder of america first legal, which does great work. what do you think we're watching here? >> clearly what is happening right now is the radical left prosecutor alvin bragg in manhattan is having a struggle which frankly is unheard of, getting his grand jury across the finish line to achieve the indictment that he has been determined to achieve and that the progressive power structures have been tryin try achieve forn years, documents come out including a letter from michael cohen disi can't vowing and denying all the things that he is now testified to. let's remember, at the heart of this lie of a case is a monstrous perversion of federal law by the imperial prosecutor in manhattan. i worked in washington many years, and drill one thing into your head over
5:29 pm
and over and over again, thousand shalt not use campaign funds for a personal, private, familiar or business matter. you shall not. it is the redline in washington. the imperial prosecutor, i mean people appreciate this, in manhattan his whole case is that donald trump was obligated under federal law to use campaign funds to settle a private dispute. turning all of campaign law for 300,000,000 americans and whole political system on its head. it is such a brazen perversion, violation, sub version of federal law, it's astonishing it's been allowed to go on this far, a local da in manhattan, one primary with 80,000 votes does not have authority to rewrite federal election law for the entire united states of america and now he is saying he is even going to defy the subpoena from jim jordan, james comer and brian style, three committee chair men
5:30 pm
in congress. >> tucker: even if that da went to harvard he still can't do that. >> even if he went to harvard, yale, princeton and stanford. he couldn't do it. let's be very clear what is happening here and you talked about it. we are living in a post constitution, post truth era where progressive, soros backed prosecutors will decide for themselves who is free and who is not. who goes to jail and who doesn't. who can speak freely. who cannot speak freely. who is allowed to exist and do business in this country and who must be crushed into the earth and ultimately destroyed. and if we allow, if we allow our legal system to become weaponized in this way all of our freedom is solely on whichever prosecutor is in charge where we live. >> tucker: i think every worth you said is true. the principles are foundational and have to be defended. thank you so much for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so it's not just your imagination, the country's
5:31 pm
collective iq is dropping, it's measurable. wants you to know it's a good thing. you don't notice. more on that next.
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and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive.
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>> tucker: the term iq stands for intelligence quotient. the idea is controversial, but it's not, a feature of social science and has been for a long time. it's an imperfect measurement but it's the best we have, measuring reasoning and problem solving ants, there is a correlation, this has been shown in research for well again a hundred years between iq and family income, work performance, law a bidingness health habits and moral qualities, who knows why. so, it has never been controversial to think having an iq country, again, it's not a measure of your worth in god's eyes, it is a measure of a lot
5:37 pm
of things. for nearly 80 years the collective iq in the united states has increased every decade, nutrition was one of the reasons people thought that was true. it is no longer true. the opposite is true and all of your suspicions are confirmed, americans are getting dumber and not just sandy cortez, she gets elected for a reason. so, researchers at northwestern university recently found that american iq's are dropping. and they had all kinds of suspected reasons for this and we have no idea if any of them are true. the fact is we are getting dumber, what's interesting is the response to that. now fatherly says it's not bad, in fact, this might not be a bad thing. really? have you noticed how your weaknesses, the things that you personally are ashamed of are being redefined as strengths, super fat over christmas, spend all day looking attic to be, you wake up and do a bong hit. you are supposed to
5:38 pm
be proud of that? that's making you weaker. all of a sudden people in charge tell you no, it's good, it's totally good, fat, drunk and stupid is a way to go through life. why are they telling you that? because fat drunk and stupid people are client, -- complient. based instead of their competence. and the confirmation hearings for these judges are as painful as you would expect they would be. brown jackson said she can't define a woman, she is sitting on the supreme court. another judicial nominee in washington state couldn't explain what article 2 of the constitution is. once we have federal -- wants to be a federal judge. kato cruz, nominee to a federal judgeship, how did he do in the hearings? here is a clip.
5:39 pm
>> tell me how you analyze a bradymotion. >> how ianalize a brady motion? >> yes. >> senator, in my 4.5 years on the bench i don't believe i have had the occasion to address a brady motion in my career. >> do you know what a brady motion is? >> senator, in my time on the bench i have not had occasion to address that, so it's not coming to mind at the moment what a brady motion is. >> tucker: right. he later gets into gun control because brady got shot, his wife got into gun control. the brady that senator kenny refers to, requires government to turn over exculpatory evidence to the defense that the core of justice system, the rule that doj violated in hundreds of cases of
5:40 pm
january 6th defendant the. this guy had no clue what it was. that's a deal ender right there. no, you can't be a federal judge, sorry. go do something useful with your life, you can't be a judge. he probably will be. north dakota ryan, he joins us tonight, i don't know what is going on, but when he they start, it's fine if you have flaky sociology professors, who cares, airline pilots, heart surgeons, why are we allowing this. >> this is the entire point for progressives, you have a judge that doesn't know article 2 or article 5 of the constitution. this gentleman doesn't know the brady motion, the brady rule. again as you pointed out, hundreds of thousands of americans are being denied this basic right because of their political views. well, there are a couple things going on here, tucker, there are diversity hires, scan or gender, or sexual
5:41 pm
preferences, whoever is actually running it is putting up activists masquerading as judges, rubber stamping the left's social and political agenda. but even more so, tucker, as you think about progressives, they've viewed the constitution and the law as obstacles to be avoided but even more so dismantled so why would you bother knowing about it because you are not going to pay attention to them anyway. the whole point of progressivism of day one is to dismantle the original intent of the constitution, separation of powers and other things put in place by our founders, they don't care about them, they don't want them, you are never going to implement them, suggestions you are trying to avoid. >> here is why, because we don't have the rule of law, an equal application of the law, you don't have civil rights. and i thought they were for civil rights. i don't know why people like lindsey graham vote to confirm judges who don't know anything about the constitution,
5:42 pm
like what is this? >> because from the very beginning progressive statists have been the theyee of basic civil rights, property rights, over the last hundred years, their colors are coming out more and more, it's getting harder and harder to hide that. they have no intention of any of these basic rights, their goal is the administrative state and quite frankly ultimately it's power. authoritarianism, so the constitution and the law are to be disregarded, they will make of them whatever they want them to be to achieve whatever they want. the point is not the original intent of the constitution, the goal is not the rule of law, it's whatever they can make them to be to achieve what they want and here they are. >> we are mesmerized watching them tear down their institutions we don't think about what they are replacing them with. >> authoritarian. >> tucker: thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker.
5:43 pm
>> tucker: you get to be friends with anyone you want, you can have any opinion you want. but that's going away. so, now being friends with roger stone can get you fired from your job. that just happened to a new york city police officer, he joins us next to explain. dude, what're you doing? i'm protecting my car. that's too much work. weathertech is so much easier... laser-measured floorliners up here, seat protector and cargoliner back there... nice! out here, side window deflectors... and mud flaps... and the bumpstep, to keep the bumper dent-free. cool! it's the best protection for your vehicle, new or pre-owned. great. but where do i---? order. sfx: bubblewrap bubble popped sound. america is systemically racist. only the government can save us humans are a parasite on the planet stop! i was a left-wing activist, but thanks to prageru, my mind has changed.
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the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> tucker: if you're the secretary of state right now you have a lot to think about. thanks to your reckless and short sighted and stupid policies, america's two most powerful geo political adversaries, china and russia, guarantee the evaporation of american power. brand new era thanks to the state department and joe biden. but they are not worried about that over at state. tony blinken sent a memo, urgent memo to all diplomats around the world, here is the subject line. call for nominations, first annual secretary of state's award for racial equity and justice champions globally. choke back the vomit gathering in your
5:49 pm
throat. the state department's special representative for wants to honor individuals from marginalized, racial, and indigenous communities, then the document tells you that, "covid permitting" they are terrified of covid, they are sad and erotic. the award ceremony will take person in washington, d.c. it's not just the state department. the world is changing faster than anytime in our lives. united states is being shut out and they are worried about this. the pentagon they are worried about it, too. diversity, equity and inclusion chief is called kalisa wing, a flat out hater, a bigot, antiwhite racist, written statement the, i am exhausted by 9% 9% of the white men in education, and white women. where can i get a break from white nonsense. she would be indicted for that. but she is
5:50 pm
not going to be. so, she goes on to explain that she is so exhausted these white folks who had the caudacity to say black people can be racist, too. where do they get that? is it i hate 99% of a racial group. why are they calling me racist. how is the pentagon handling this? no big deal. kalissa wing will face zero consequences. doctors say children as young as seven can take puberty blockers and hormones. this is really a disaster, why do we keep funding this every year. here is one effect, the pentagon just reported that only 9% of young american adults are willing to serve in the military. okay. i wonder why? does anyone see cause and effect at all anywhere ever? no. no one. so, as we told you the biden
5:51 pm
administration is expanded its january 6th dragnet more than 2 years later, round up another 1200 people. will ray ep ps be among them. we don't know. going after salvador greek could, a 14 year veteran of the nypd, he has 50 medals, no one complained about his service as a police officer. because he knew a man named called roger stone, the nypd fired him, criminal association clause in the nypd, reasonably to be end gauged in, likely to engage in or have engaged in criminal activity. roger stone is not a criminal. he is politically controversial and that was enough. grecc, thank you so much for coming on. i hope we didn't over simplify that. you were fired for knowing
5:52 pm
roger stone? >> that's a correct tucker, thank you for having me tonight. >> tucker: of course. >> i had a 14 year career in the nypd, unblemished record. somebody was irked i had a relationship and friendship with roger stone and that ensued a 19 month witch hunt. they terminated me saying that my relationship with roger stone would be corrosive if i continued employment with the new york city police department, that's why i had to sue the nypd and the city of new york. >> tucker: it's a little bit weird as a standard, they don't want cops consorting with criminals taking bribes, but i know a lot of cops from new york who know a lot of underworld figures, it doesn't mean them they selfs are not-he's not a criminal. how does this make sense? >> well, this rule tucker has been in the books nypd and patrol guide maybe 40 or 50 years i would say. they
5:53 pm
arbitrarily apply this rule depending on who they want to apply it to. as you know, tucker, a few weeks ago the police commissioner or somebody in the new york city police department invited kardib to the police facility, she is a convicted criminal and gang member, being adversarial to the police department. if you invited her to the police academy, there is no exceptions to that rule, that they terminated me on, then how is she allowed to associate and parade around the police academy with numerous officers? if you are saying that the police commissioner didn't approve this, then it's a break down in structure and there should be somebody disciplined to this day no one has been terminated, no one has been disciplined. and mayor adams should step in here and actually terminate the police commissioner stating -- using that very rule that they terminated me for. it can only be one rule and one standard.
5:54 pm
you can't say roger stone is bad but cardi b is good. >> tucker: had been a hot lady rapper with a felony record that you would still have your job? >> i believe, tucker, 100%, not only roger stone, if this didn't have anything to do anyone associated with president trump, that seems to be the mantra here, this would never have happened, i would still be employed. >> tucker: in 10 seconds, don't have you a union? how did they allow this? >> well, the union -- the union member pat lynch is head of the union, he walked away from me when he seen me a couple months back i think that pretty much tells the story of all of this, yeah. >> tucker: speaking of corruption. thank you so much. good to see you tonight. good luck. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: oh, my gosh that was fun. we do not. we hope you have the best time. back tomorrow night, friday night. the shown that is the sworn enemy. we have some good news for fox viewers, sean hannity right now. >> sean: , i have a group of people that have something to say to you. thanks, tucker, great show. welcome to hannity. back with our audience tonight. wow, we've got a rowdy bunch. just a minute the former vice president of the u.s., mike pence right here in studio tonight. we'll also have kristiom


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