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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 29, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm shepard smith. bill, are you ready? bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i want more unregulated speculation. bill: i know what you want but you are insane. >> you have this belief that oil kind of sprouts out of the ground at the union 76 station. they are still buying it, bill. bill: you don't have to buy it, jonathan. a stunning turn around by the federal government now says speculators did fix the oil market hurting all americans we'll have a full report. >> to go for it to do the americorps pledge. i think you have to be dressed like this. bill: why is this man wearing later hosen. what exactly is later hosen.
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glenn beck will dance in to explain. >> my fellow americans. bill: great american culture quiz the ronald reagan edition. >> win one for the gipper. >> how much do you know about the former president. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. once again, the federal government does not protect us. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. here is the front page headline in the "wall street journal" today. traders blamed for oil spike. the government now admitting that greedy speculators are artificially drove up the price of oil, hurting all americans and lighting the fuse for the intense recession we have now speculators drove the price of oil from $55 a barrel to $145.
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along the weighed as i told you the oil companies raise their prices to us in concert with that. now, there was no supply and demand issue. there was no refining issue. it was all a big con. the government agency overseeing the commodities market allowed it to happen and then denied it happened but today admitted it happened. you may remember that i was the first broadcast journalist to report it back in 2006. >> some are expecting to pay $3 a gallon thanks to the oil speculators and oil companies who love that kind of speculation so they can raise prices accordingly. subsequently i did a number of reports on the oil corruption because it was hurting all of us. i knew it was a bad situation but i never thought it would ignite a worldwide recession. you may also remember that just about every financial journalist told me i was nuts. so did most politicians. so did karl rove who is our
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first guest tonight. i'm not gloating. i am proud that for 13 years the factor has looked out for you and has been right 95% of the time. but the bigger question is: the federal government. it simply cannot or will not control corruption. look, we are all suffering right now partially because billions of dollars taken out of the american economy and put in the pockets of the oil companies and speck -- speculators that led directly to the economic collapse. president bush apparently had no clue. now president obama wants the government to run the financial system and the health care industry. my opinion, that will lead to disaster for the country. quite simply, the federal government cannot run the economy. health care, or assure your personal happiness. the president obama continues down the big government road of social engineering, you will see massive, and i mean massive corruption. might left of center see the u.s.a. go into bankruptcy and dollar crash. already speculators are betting
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against the dollar which is troubling because all of our savings and earnings are based on a viable american dollar. the federal government's primary job is to protect us from bad people. whether they are terrorists, corrupt speculators, or health care charlotte tans. this oil speculation deal should be enormous wakeup call for all of us. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in fox news analyst karl rove from washington. so, mr. rove, what say you? >> i want to see the whole report. what we saw in the "wall street journal" today was a leak of a report. i frankly do not think our current economic circumstances are traceable to oil speculation. i think the role of two government chartered enterprises, fannie mae and freddie mac in buying and enabling lots of bad actors in the real estate market to mortgages to hermine owho didn't deserve to have them much bigger problem. bill: you are much like me in this regard you are a linear a,
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b, c, d, guy. if you shock the american economy by raising gas prices to $2 to $4 a gallon in a short period of time, which is what happened, and people, working class people have to take money that they spent on other things and put it in their gas tank, in order to heat their homes, you take the money out of the overall economy. you soften it up, ok that's exactly what happened here. >> i'm not certain that's exactly what happened. bill: speculators did it. >> it is not beyond a reasonable doubt. look, last summer, when this was all happening, we had record high demand worldwide which has now since softened. the chinese were big every bit of oil production coming on the market. bill: then why would the government their report today? >> let me finish. bill: why did they say it? >> they didn't issue the report today. one commissioner leaked to the "wall street journal" what he may hope is written in the report in august. we also had supply disruptions last summer, including problems in my gearia, one of the largest
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supplier to the u.s. you take all of those things and that drives up oil prices. now, we're speculators playing on the margins you? bet they were. i don't think speculators drove. this supply and demand did. bill: i don't think so. >> proof positive is this year when economic demand is down. oil prices remain stable during the summer even as demand slightly rose because there was enough pliability in the world markets. we have government to be careful. i'm all for getting rid of speculators. i don't like wall street. you are in new york. i'm in texas. texas don't like wall streeters. they will buy you or sell you depending on which day of the week it is. we have got to be careful how we regulate. this it's a world market. not a national market. we want these people trading in public. we don't want to drive them into trading in the black market which is where they really will be able to membership -- manipulate the prices. bill: usually you andry sympathetico. "wall street journal" is not an irresponsible newspaper.
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in fact, i think they are the most responsible newspaper in the country. they were on your side, they said exactly what you said, ok? but even now when they got this information they said it but, we will wait. the overall goes from president bush to president obama who know wants a massive new government program to pretty much run the health care industry and part of the financial industry. and i'm saying to myself this this is going to lead to disaster. i'm not in the middle anymore. i'm saying armageddon coming down the track. and you say? >> i say the last week has been deeply disturbing for anybody who paid attention. we had that news conference wednesday night when the president of the united states gratuitously slurred everybody in the pharmaceutical industry and every medical professional in the country by saying doctors routinely give you the red pill which is twice as expensive as the equally effective blue pill
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and they're ripping the tonsils out of kids probably without the benefit of anesthesiologists standing by just simply to fatten wallets and pay for the next golfing trip. his comments wednesday night were terrible. and then on the weekend, and it was on the weekend, saturday and sunday, two tornados were torpedos were dispatched into the team of obama team by the congressional budget office which what president obama trying to sell us turned out not to be true. and not only that they said on tuesday night, last tuesday, the administration made a big deal about how it had made a proposal to bring the blue dogs along and said we are going to set up an independent commission that will recommend cuts in medicare spending. and this is going to help us pay for the cost of health care. on saturday, the cbo issued a letter in response to inquiry from members of congress that said over the course of the next 10 years it might have $2 billion worth of savings while we add $1 trillion to
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the -- bill: this is like the speculators which we disagree on. you and i agree on this. >> government can't do. this this is. bill: it's very dangerous to the u.s. dollar. >> right. bill: finally sotomayor, the judge, confirmed easily today in the senate committee. will be cob firmed in the entire senate. i don't think it really matters, taking suitor's case. i don't think she will be mod moderate than him. what do you say. >> i think she will be less effective than him. she is going to be -- you make decisions in courts like, this appellate courts is in the conference where the judges make their arguments to each other. that was not a very impressive performance in front of the judiciary committee. it did give me a sense that she is going to be a particularly strong power house in the supreme court conference room. bill: it won't matter. she will vote with the liberal wing. >> she will be liberal. bill: that's what it's going to be. >> there may be a couple issues she is slightly more
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conservative than suitor and some more little than south. she gave us no idea whether she was sotomayor who made incendiary or sotomayor constitutional law. bill: do you know why she did that. >> to get approved. bill: a wise latino woman. a wise latina woman would not give that away. >> she will make a smarter decision every time than an old white guy like you. bill: i'm right on the speculators. rundown chris dodd and kent conrad two democrats knew they were getting big breaks from countrywide financial. is it legal has been investigating. then after our shocking report last week that children were working as strippers in rhode island bars. politicians have taken action. those reports moments a a a a aa the great taste
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bill: busy day with four important topics. we begin with testimony by a former countrywide financial executive in front of the senate ethics committee. robert fineberg says that democratic senators chris dodd from connecticut and kent conrad from north dakota took money from countrywide in the form of mortgage breaks and they knew they were getting special deals. the question is is it legal? here now attorney and fox news analyst lis wiehl author of the big best seller "the face of betrayal" good beach read and fox news anchor megyn kelly. look, maybe this isn't illegal what these guys did, but it should be. >> well, it's against the ethics rules if it's true. that's the problem that they have to deal with first and foremost because senators are not allowed to get deals that the rest of us can't get. they are not allowed to get special treatment. bill: they got these deals. >> and they deny that they say we didn't get it listen, chris dodd says i did not get any favorable deal. and if i did i didn't know about it conrad has given back 10 grand to charities.
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bill: too late. >> listen. i'm just telling you there is a factual dispute at least by chris dodd about whether did he get a favorable deal. this guy fineberg has come out and said yes, he did. bill: that's what the numbers show. the mortgage rates show their homes are financed below what regular folks would get. >> chris dodd points to independent report that says he didn't get favorable deal but he was the one that hired that agency. bill: i don't get. this we cut through the fog here. the best available evidence these guys did it let's advance it. they didn't do anything illegal. they can't be prosecuted, correct. >> i don't see anything illegal here. >> they didn't lie under oath. perjury, something like that. bill: county ethics committee do to them. >> cren sure or expel them if it's that bad. dodd's father himself was censured for conduct unbecoming a senator it kind of runs in the family, i guess. they are north going to do the expulsion. he is probably not going to get reelected. facing a tough fight. talking out both sides of the
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mouth. he says i didn't get any favorable deals and then he doesn't say i wasn't in the v.i.p. treatment. bill: i don't even want to debate that anymore. he got it they both got it. but we can't prosecute. >> he is not admitting it have you got to tell that part of the story. he doesn't admit it. he says. bill: we told it the evidence i have seen is overwhelming. >> that's fine. but don't try to shut me down when i tell you that he denies it. he denies it. he denied. >> with the denial. going forward, if they go in front of the ethics committee and they testify under oath and they lie under oath then, then you are looking -- bill: hasn't been in front of the ethics committee yet. it's ridiculous. this is the worst part of our system. in florida this is much more minor thing. mayor down in florida. he marries a porn star; is that right. >> city manager. bill: what town? >> st. fort meyers beach florida. >> nice town. he marries this performer. >> performer, yes. >> actress.
5:16 am
bill: fort meyers, florida city council boots him, right? kicks him out. >> council says boots him, guess why? it's going to be so disruptive now that he has married this woman. married almost a year. raising teenage kids together. bill: why would it be disruptive. >> wasn't. nobody complained until the mayor himself complained and got this council together and had emergency meeting and ousted him. bill: somebody found out about. this the mayor did. bill: the mayor found out about it what's disruptive about it? >> i think the mayor was maybe watching some moses and said hey, i know her. no just kidding. i don't think that's actually happened. i think the press got wind of it and started calling and then the people on the council were saying what? his wife does what? bill: move the guy out of his job by saying that his spouse is going to be disruptive. i don't get the disruption. >> of course now they have dialed back on that. we did dial him back because of the spouse. it's clear they fired him because of the spouse. i think while he has a lawsuit potentially on paper for them interfering with his freedom of
5:17 am
speech and separation rights i think is he going to lose. this kind of speech pornography is the least protected. even so he could sue his speech is his ability to be with his wife shut down because of his wife's profession. bill: i'm not understanding. this the guy. >> his wife to associate with his wife is allegedly being shut down under the first amendment of our constitution because is he getting fired because of his wife's activity. bill: is he losing his job because he married someone who is in that profession. you can make an argument that they are punishing this guy for being married. >> you can make an argument, absolutely. they are making the argument. >> i would love to get this to a jury. are you kidding? bill: you think the guy could win the lawsuit. >> absolutely. wrongful. business maybe we -- legal, cause nothing problems. this guy is a city manager. bill: is there any allegation that there were problems? >> no. >> quite the contrary. bill: you are still saying he wouldn't win.
5:18 am
>> i agree withwith the analysio far. the problem once you get in the court you have to prove that the association, that the thing being protected under the first amendment bears protection. it rises to a level that warrants protection. >> marriage. >> let me finish. this relationship, the pornography that she is involved in is not going to cut it it's not some -- it's not like she came out and making political speech. not like she came out and credit sides the city council. the triple x important is not going to be protected. >> it will be protected. bill: if he were doing it, i would say ok. not her. she is not involved with his job. i'm sorry. >> it will be a tough case but i don't think he wins. >> wiehl is right on that one and kelly is wrong. wiehl was sticking up for dodd. >> he doesn't have a law degree. can i point that out for the record? bill: i don't have a law degree. in a moment, the ladies will be back, perhaps, with that outrageous story in rhode island where some children, children have been stripping in bars and there is new action here. later, why is glenn beck wearing
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bill: last week we reported that a number of children were working as strippers in providence, rhode island bars. the state doesn't have a al law
5:22 am
against that if you can believe it and the age of consent is 16. in a bizarre bit of policy, they said they had to stop stripping by 11:30 on school nights. unbelievable. now some action has been taken. the providence mayor signing an executive order. >> it makes it very clear that liquor licenses cannot be issued to an establishment that, in fact, employs people who are underaged in that establishment or allows people under age to do performances. bill: here again megyn kelly and lis wiehl. did this on a national basis and the people of rhode island, they are good people, you know, we can't have. this the mayor did the right thing. why did it take him so long. >> mayor did the right thing there was a loophole in the law that the mayor didn't know about until it was brought to the attention by the press. he signed an executive order which is ok as a start. it doesn't do much. there are no penalties attached, no fines, no nothing. if a kid walks in and shows you a fake i.d., which you know they can do. the owner accepts that i.d. they signed a voluntary pledge
5:23 am
to not hire minors. the executive order says you can't do that but if we find that you are hiring minors, there is no penalty attached. bill: can't enforce capability on it the owner says don't do it? >> she is 100% right. nice effort, mayor. >> good start. >> it's not even really that. >> city council pass a law tomorrow. >> looking at ordinances one is like the mayor's executive order. no penalties. bill: they will do it. >> no penalties. even the second city ordinance they are looking at that does have penalties guess how much it is, $500 on the first offense, 1,000 on the second. do you know what that is same thing chris dodd and kent conrad are going to get, slap on the wrist. bill you don't think that the state authorities can knock this out. >> no, state law. bill: state law governs who can sell booze and who can't. they can just in a minute. i know you have to speculate now. you will have to leave the law as ms. kelly. >> leave our ivory tower? bill: leave the law and speculate. why don't they care about this?
5:24 am
it's a secular progressive state why don't they care about this. >> that's the problem. they aren't taking it seriously. i don't think they are taking the corruption of a 16-year-old girl dancing in a strip club seriously. bill: bill 30 on a school night. isn't that looking out for the stripper kids? >> the only reap they have to be home by 11:30 is because of the child labor laws. bill: just the child labor laws. >> don't apply it to spas and brothels and other places like that because as you know indoor prostitution is legal in rhode island. >> don't point to me likes a i know. bill: the reason wiehl said that we covered this last week i know you are pregnant and the mind goes a little -- >> whoa. bill: don't bite the hand that feeds you, ok? that's an interesting point. prostitution, if you are 16, inside, you can do it in rhode island. >> we debated this last week and i said no, you are wrong. >> no, absolutely. >> no.
5:25 am
if it's lewd behavior inside these clubs, then they can still do something about it and the problem with stripping is it's not lewd but prostitution would be considered lewd. >> behavior can happen in the places, the stripping places young girls can say hey, come on over to my place. >> then that crosses into the lewd category. bill: rhode island needs to revamp all of these minor laws. in arizona, kelly, a library beern family family raped by a bunch of 14-year-old kids. they catch the rapists and what happens to the little girl? >> the girl has now been taken away from her parents. why her parents, you may ask? because the police say the parents basically blamed her for the rape ask the authorities to take the child away because they were ashamed of her. bill: now the father denies it? >> now the father denies it. that's what the police say. who do you believe? listen, it's a cultural thing in
5:26 am
liberia, rape was not even criminalized until 2006. it was legal before that that's the culture this man grew up. in that's why he has the feelings he has. bill: is there muslim component to, this wiehl. >> not that we know of. all we know they came to the father's house. why would the police make this up. the father said i'm ashamed of her. he didn't blame her. i'm ashamed of her. i don't want her anymore. cps came in and got the little girl for 90 days. bill: 8-year-old. >> 90 days while they decide what to do and whether the patients will be glarged the parents were blaming the 8-year-old girl. >> this little girl is going to have to -- assuming these guys don't take pleas. this little girl will have to testify from even one to four trials. she needs support. bill: of course. >> the parents are in no condition to give it to her bringing their upbringing and their bias. of the authors are totally right to take a child away. bill: are these legal citizens. >> i don't know. i didn't see that question at all by anybody. the authorities did the right thing. you have got to get the girl out of the house.
5:27 am
bill: anything like that. can you imagine this little girl going through that trauma and then going home and the parents are -- >> having to look forward to the trial. bill: is it legal, everybody. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. get set for the great american culture quiz. ronald reagan. how much do you know. beck interviews himself. it may be too much. we don't know why. we hope you staou s
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bill: as you may know, president obama's health care vision in deep trouble. simply put, it's chaotic. according to the congressional budget office, very expensive. three questions. what's the best thing about obama care? what's the worst thing? and what the heck happened in massachusetts when they passed universal health care there? with us to answer those questions senator bill frist from ten see it and medical doctor. author of upcoming book a heart to serve which will be released in october. i know you are an expert on this. i want to boil it down. no plan is all bad and all good. let's get the good things about the obama plan. >> it is worth saying because there are some good things in there interest there are more bad than good but some good things it does get a lot of the hard core, uninsured. the people who really don't have access to health care at all. literally can't except going to the emergency room when it comes too late.
5:31 am
is number of stuff that empowers consumers. patients, out there have to have accurate information. how good a doctor is, where to shop. bill: more information so people can make educated choices. >> more good education. good material. that does mean information technology and the obama administration has invested in that. and the third thing is this trend to reward outcomes. rewarding results and just not -- bill: my cold is cured, the doctor gets more money. >> or if a bad doctor is out there basically hurting people that they don't get as much people. it does mean pay for performance. bill: there is a ranking of doctors and their subsidies is based on tharvettle the in' be incentives. not more of everything. x-rays, keep repeating things to basically say what gives you the best value so you are rewarding
5:32 am
value and not just volume of health care. those are good things. ba. bill: bad things. >> bad things are a lot. first one the american people now understand is the $1.6 trillion in cost. bill: too much money. >> too much money coming in that we just can't afford with people going bankrupt every day. number two is what people call the public plan and this public plan is a single pair nationalized plan where decisions have the potential for being taken away and loss of innovation for people looking for cures in the future. we don't know if that's what's going to happen with this so-called public plan. it's an experiment. people are not ready to experiment in this case. bill: you worked in the british healthcare system. >> i spent almost a year as a heart surgeon. >> was it chaos. >> rationed health care. people waited a long long tore see bill frist the heart surgeon. if you went to national lived and socialized system it would have to occur here. it definitely would occur here. bill: that's what i'm worried
5:33 am
about too. the you older people, look, you are 80 we are not going to give you the procedure because we have got give it to those who are 50. you are going to check out soon anyway. >> we don't know that's what would happen. bill: that's what happened in britain. >> if we put a public plan national lifersed single pair. pay doctors less, hospitals less, cheaper plan and therefore the 160 million people out there who have lots of choices today in private health insurance would be dumped into this public plan which would grow and grow and grow. and, if it did that, it would take away choice and take away new technology. bill: romney passed universal health care and it did get most people nashed. right now they are paying $600 million more for health care than they did three years ago in massachusetts and the state is bankrupt. >> little bit the same story. on paper it looked good it did take the number of people insured from 93% to 97%. having some insurance as a doctor is good for the patient. the problem is it's done a
5:34 am
couple of other things. costs instead of going up at 6% predicted, spending has gone up 10%. same sort of thing. bill: on the rocks. >> the state is not in a position to be because of the overall economy. also if you look at massachusetts how long you have to wait for a specialist. it's the worst in the country. in boston massachusetts, that's where i trained. bill: most doctors up there. >> most doctors anywhere in the country per cap attachment wait 50 days for a specialist. where any other city in the country down to 20 days and that's getting worse under this new plan. bill: senator, thanks very much. looking for new book. bill: come right back, hide the kids because glenn beck is wearing lederhosen and interviewing himself. has the beck guy lost it? we'll deal with him as the factor continues all
5:35 am
5:36 am
bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm will o'reilly at your
5:37 am
beck and calling segment tonight. factor now confirmed glenn beck watchers comes on at 5:00 p.m. we can't wait because he does stuff like. this you remember when barack obama was on the campaign trail and said i'm going to have an army of people in america and they will be better financed than, you know, than the military. i thought to myself, what? what? who is he talking about? i think americorps is part of that army. to really go for it you really do the americorps pledge i think you have to be dressed like this. i think -- i think you have to stand up and take your pledge. i will get things done for america to make our people safer and smarter and healthier. i am an americorps member and i will get things done. edelweiss. edelweiss. bill: here now the man with a plan, kind of. glenn beck, the author of the big best seller "common sense."
5:38 am
or how to vacation in lederhosen. >> have you got to love new york. an hour before i went on the air i said somebody has got to give me some leader hosen. bill: why the german outfit why edelweiss? why? this is americorps, aamerica. what is the alpine thing? >> don't you love the alps? >> i just got back from the alps. >> i think it's about time that we used ridicule in this country. i think who are you ridiculing? the germans? the americorps people. >> partly me. bill: your knees. >> a big part of me. i think this whole idea of americorps, which will eventually, if rahm emanuel gets his way will be required service from 18 to 24-year-olds. bill: like in switzerland got to join the army. >> that's fantastic. i will pledge to change the world i'm americorps member.
5:39 am
bill: just a bunch of kids volunteering to do good things. >> volunteer. good difference between a volunteer and a draft. bill: we don't have that yet. >> yet. thank you. bill: it's always about what's around the corner with you. [ laughter ] bill: just say we don't get it? >> you don't get it. bill: to americorps you volunteer to help your community or another community. did i that in college. i never had a problem with it. >> i have never had a problem with with americorps. never. bill: nobody forced me to wear short pants but i went and it was good. >> i want to know when you are in americorps, are you -- because we are going to make them. do they get little badges this badge i got for harassing a bank. bill: what's wrong with that? what's wrong with a bunch of people signing up to help other people? >> because have you got a community organizer as president of the united states. bill: just because it's his idea you don't like it. >> no. just because we are being infested. this country is having framework built around it there is an exso he skeleton.
5:40 am
bill: does it have lederhosen? >> this is very easy to do. buff i think he is making fun of me. bill: i'm not with you on the americorps. i think it can be a good thing. >> i do. bill: you put on your factor hat -- are you all right? t.f. the factor. and then you interviewed yourself because no other guests will come on your program. >> nobody. >> welcome to the program. a lot of people safe you have lost your mind. >> well, you know, i have lost my mind. you know, but what's the difference between me and you? you know what i mean? i have lost my mind. you are a big fat fatty. >> you are starting to sound nuts. >> i am sounding crazy. >> yeah, you are, just a little bit. >> what a surprise that you would say that i knew you would say that the magic beaten -- bean in my pocket told me you would say that. >> thank you very much. >> get off of my screen. get off of my screen, you
5:41 am
pinhead. bill: now, not many people know this he has a twin brother and that's it. >> um-huh. i told you about the missing brother that i had last week. pills bury doe boy. it's the greatest scam ever. >> making fun of people who are saying you are certifiable. that was mocking them, ridiculing them. >> people are saying that? yes. yes. actually, it was my only image to you. i was wearing my factor hat. the reason why i have a factor hat is because, you know, sometimes i will go into really dangerous areas here in manhattan like grin niche village they take people like you and hang you up buoy by an know wire. they are usually so stupid they don't know i am saying right in your face the factor, pal. is t.f., is that a good school? um-huh. bill: here is is a serious question. you make points on your program that will effect people's lives. you wrote "common sense."
5:42 am
you want the country to be a good country. >> yes. bill: you do a lot of this whacked out stuff the dancing with the leader hosen. do you run a risk that some people are just going to dismiss the serious stuff that you are doing, the important points poise you are trying to make because of the burlesque? >> burlesque? i have never -- bill: not about that. >> all i'm willing to go. bill: i don't think we need to see that. >> maybe next week. bill: overall arch of the performance. >> yes, i do run that risk. you have seen the ratings at 5:00? bill: i have. >> don't get those ratings at 5:00 by being charlie rose. my whole idea is, i mean, my magazine is called fusion. you put entertainment and you put the truth, you fuse them together. people will watch. bill: can it be confusing? >> it's not confusing for you, is it? bill: yes, it's very confusing. >> i should probably take back what i just said.
5:43 am
i know what performance art is here. i do a bit of it here. we don't wear lederhosen unless it's stylish. i think you run the risk of people not knowing what this is all about. particularly not glenn beck radio people. they know you. and the television people. people just kind of cruising by. >> here is the thing i can't do. i made this decision early on my radio show is comedy too. get a lot of complaints people et cetera, et cetera. i can't service the people who don't watch or listen. if you only half watch or half listen, you are going to be offended. you are going to be confused. bill, i do know you've walsh the show like i watch the factor. bill: putting out a narrative that you have to follow every day. >> follow it. bill: not stand alone. it all works. >> lederhosen doesn't work on its own. it's part of a trilogy. a goof ball trilogy. bill: when i saw this in my office number one i thought you were back on the sauce. >> it could happen at any time.
5:44 am
bill: number two, i said to myself, is this the hitler youth thing is he doing? because the hitler youth had the short pants. >> that's leader lederhosen there. bill: you sure it wasn't the americorps. >> that might confuse people. i think they might -- just saying. bill: beck, i think it was the hitler youth thing. >> i don't know what you are talking about bill o'reilly. i am offended by that and confused. bill: all right, glenn beck, everybody. if you have an unusual outfit at home can you send it to him. [ laughter ] >> no. please don't. bill: he may wear it? >> please don't. in a moment, ronald reagan, the only subject tonight of the great american culture quiz. and, later, you will not believe what bill maher, who should be wearing lederhosen said about america on cnn. right back. for dazzling white teeth, give toothpaste the brush off.
5:45 am
you need listerine® whitening vibrant white™ rinse. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter than the leading toothpaste. and kills bad breath germs. listerine® whitening vibrant white™. and added a little fiber? sweet!
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bill: playing leela of indiana. fox news guy steve doocy playing for larry shiply of maryland. get on the quiz action by going to bill o' just sign up. question number one, 1940 the date of doocy's birth, ronald reagan starred in newt rock any all american. >> rock, some day when the team is up against it, breaks are beating the boys, ask him to go in there with all they have got, win just one for the gipper. bill: ok. who was the gipper this in that film? a, a coach, b, a player, c, a priest, d a little kid? who was the gipper? cards up, please. a player.
5:49 am
half back. >> i'm thinking of rocky. bill: i know you all knew that out there. doocy, do you want to lean back? the side of your head is very unattractive. bill: do you want to lean back? we just lost 50,000 viewers. >> win one for the gipper like the coach? bill: no it was a player. george gipper. bill: i will speak slower. question number two in 1951 martha maccallum's birthday, reagan performed with a monkey in bedtime for bonds bon zoe. pretty soon you will grow up to a big strong handsome man like your daddy and you have swedish pancake, too. >> that's outright bribery. >> bonzo. >> bonzo that wasn't a nice thing to do. >> he didn't mean it?
5:50 am
>> aggressiveness like that could become aberration. bill: secret service imprisoned bonzo. how many oscar nominations did ronald reagan receive in acting career? bill: the answer is a none. it's a tie with three questions to go. question number three. presidentpresident reagan was at killed by john hinckley. >> president reagan. >> president reagan. [gunfire] >> back up! back up! get him out. get him out. bill: how deep into his term was mr. reagan when he was shot? bill: cards up, please.
5:51 am
the correct answer is b. maccallum scores. just two months. i didn't know that until i made up the question. very interesting. >> i knew that. very new president. maccallum breaks out on top and there is two questions to go. steve: ok. bill: doocy has lost the last two. this could be three in a row. if that happens we have to bring in kilmeade. [ laughter ] bill: question number four in 1987 president reagan experienced black monday. what was that? what was black monday? bill: the answer is d. the 87 stock market crash that. >> was my birthday. bill: maccallum is up by one with one question to go. all right. in 1986, the challenger exploded
5:52 am
killing seven astronauts. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> and liftoff. [cheers and applause] >> go with throttle up. >> flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. obviously a major malfunction. bill: what did president reagan do immediately after the challenger blew up? bill: the answer is he postponed postponed- >> that's what i meant was c. i knew it was that. bill: we can't read your mind. >> i knew it was that it was definitely postpone.
5:53 am
bill: i have to be simon cowell here. >> for you at home this is what i meant. bill: tie breaker question. 30 seconds to go. all right? ronald reagan starred in a television program called what? >> dark something. bill: no. >> general electric theater. bill: that is correct. [ laughter ] >> there is another one death valley. bill: i would have taken any of them. >> death valley days. bill: you are not going to cry are you? because doocy beat you? bill: you look a little shaken. larry shiply westminster, maryland. larry was worried. don't you be gloating. larry was worried. come on. none of that pinheads and patriots is next starring bill
5:54 am
bill: time now for pinheads and
5:55 am
patriots." bulletin, a 22-year-old extreme kayaker from montana breaks a world record. look at this. tyler brad went over palouse falls in washington state, a 186-foot drop. the highest kayak descent in the books. when he landed -- he's in there somewhere -- ebb sank 20 feet but his only injury was a sprained wrist. for his daring if not his smarts, he is a patriot. on the pinhead front, bill maher continues to define america in rath equestionable ways. here while discussing sarah palin. >> do you think she has a future nationally as a presidential candidate? >> i don't know but i would neff put anything past this stupid country. >> people are already complaining that you're calling the united states a stupid country and giving you a chance to clarify. >> i don't need to clarify.
5:56 am
it is. >> obviously this is not a stupid country so wise up, bill and don't be a pinhead. finally, a reminder that premium members are getting double discounts the next few days. bill: we have investigated, madame. we've seen the birth announcements. just yesterday a doctor, the director of the hawaii health department verified the president's birth certificate. bill: that is because you don't want to be convinced, larry. bill: in an view -- interview, the second wife of obama's
5:57 am
paternal grandfather clearly says on the transcript that he was born in america. by the way, both honolulu newspapers carried birth announcements for barack obama in august 1961. so what, did they make up the baby? come on! by the way, i think we're going to have lou dobs on this program tomorrow. that should be interesting. bill: oy. all right.
5:58 am
bill: obviously a brilliant child. no question about it. bill: well, i appreciate that, nancy. "bold fresh" is my best-selling book ever. and that is the factor web site. interesting "talking points" for those who came in late on the oil speculators and all that. and email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. here is the word of the day. do not be a harridan. if a man you can't be. it's only for ladies. that's it for us today.
5:59 am
hannity is next. i am bill o'reilly. we hope to see you again next time. remember the spin stops right >> >> it's wednesday, july 29th, 2009. even though the prompter says 2008. we have made it to 2009. lawmakers want you the taxpayer to pay for health care reform. maybe they should read their own bill. >> i love these members that get up and say read the bill. what good is reading the bill if it's 1,000 pages? gretchen: huh? we want to know how do they even know what's in it if they have never read it? steve: they don't know it that's the problem. mean while hey, you, put down that dr. pepper and order a salad instead of a burger. there is a new proposal out of l


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