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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 4, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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[. [ laughter ] bret they have a shot. that's it for "special report" this time. the only place they will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into you're home tonight. we will see you right back here tomorrow. laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> if we pass health insurance reform, we will look back many years from now and say this is the moment we summoned what's best in each of us. laura: the white house pulls out all the stops for a post labor day health care push. we will tell you why this is a high risk strategy for the president. >> the white polluters and the white environmentalists are steering poison in the people of colored community because they don't have a racial justice frame. laura: more shocking comments from obama's green jobs czar. why is he injecting race into the environmental debate. >> i think that's a very excellent proposal as we -- as i
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am sure you have heard,. laura: congressional approval ratings are way down. so could the queen of the san francisco progressives soon find herself out of a job? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. democrats in peril. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with yet another national poll showing support for democrats cratering. one would think that party leaders would do something dramatic to stop the bleeding. yet, top democrats, such as house speaker nancy pelosi keep throwing salt on the party's political wounds. case in point, her handling of tax cheat and overall ethical embarrassment representative charlie rangel.
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rangel, a long time democrat com from new york is the chairman of the house ways and means committee and, thus, responsible for writing our nation's tax laws. he is currently the subject of a wide ranging investigation by the house ethics committee. they're examining, among other things, his sweetheart deal with a developer who lesioned him four, count them four rent controlled apartments. his condo sale in the dominican republic, and his lobbyists-paid trips. and just days ago we found out that in financial disclosure forms, he neglected to mention accounts totaling several hundred thousands of dollars. but that's not all. wcbstv in new york is now reporting that since the ethics probes began last year rangel has given campaign donation to three of the five democrats on the house ethics committee that is supposed to be investigating him. yet, despite all of this, house speaker pelosi refuses to do the right thing and relieve mr. rangel of his coveted chairmanship. officially she says she won't
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take any action or make any decision until the ethics investigations conclude. that is simply outrageous, especially for a house speaker who promised a new era of accountability in washington by draining the swamp. >> drain the swamp means to turn this congress into the most honest and open congress in history. that is my pledge, that is what i intend to do. laura: she is not only not draining the swamp, she is polluting it by protecting rangel at every disgraceful turn. he should have to resign his seat, let alone his chairmanship or are the tax laws just for the little people? madam speaker in the american people are waiting for an answer. and that's the memo. we have a report on the speaker's abysmal poll numbers later this hour. but, first, our top story tonight. the white house set to shift into high gear to try to sell its health care vision to the nation. with a massive number of americans revolting now against obama care, will the president's
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speech to congress's planned next week change any minds? joining us from new york is conservative writer andrea tantaros and here in washington is democratic strategist kiki mcclain. great to see you. >> glad to be here. laura: kiki, i see this as a bit of a hail mary pass late in the game. august has been a total disaster for democrats. i don't care if you are a liberal, conservative, it's not been a good one for the democrats. so the president goes out there, joint session of congress. a lot of build up. a lot of drama. high of stakes? >> high stakes but this is a big problem that requires high stakes. august is a tough month no matter who is in charge. for some reason there is this great history to the month of august in politics. here what is happening. we are 80% of the way. we have got bills in work out of the four of the five committees necessary. the reality is leadership is high stakes. it takes a lot to get completely across the line. to make the touchdown and that's
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what a president has got to do. that's really what he is stepping up to the plate to do. laura: some people are out there, including ohio just mentioned in talking points memo charlie rangel trying to argue that the reason the health care debate is where it is today is partly because of people's comfort with having a black man in the white house. we have the sound bite. lead much listen. >> some americans have not gotten over the fact that obama is president of the united states. they go to sleep wondering how did this happen? you know there is just a misunderstanding, a bias, a prejudice, and emotional feeling that we have to move forward -- laura: andrea, i mean, if charlie rangel weren't in enough trouble with awful this ethics investigations now injucketting race into the health care debate. i'm really at my whit's end here. i can't make heads or tails of. this yeah. this is the worst thing that can happen bringing race into this debate. this has nothing to do with health care. if anything, people don't care
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that he is black. they care that he is green. they say what is this guy doing? and to your point about this being a hail mary, yes, i think obama had no other options. i think from a political perspective, he is still personally popular people still want to eat and go on bike rides with him. he wants to take this back. nannies pelosi has taken ownership of this. he doesn't want this to be a pelosi bill or waxman bill. look, lauer, we have seen his face all summer. most polls think he is overexposed. he spoke to the ama, he did a white house press conference on this. he has got to come out and not only prove his points, he has to disprove all of the concerns and then promise the american people and answer that fundamental question, what's in it for me? and he still hasn't done that and i doubt he is going to be able to do it in this speech. >> i actually think there is two things going on here. number one, he did his job in august when there was a lot of misinformation out there. he stepped up to the plate.
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laura: polls have gone down. how can you say did he his job in it was a disaster. >> he did his job. laura: polls aren't showing results. >> you live by polls. i live by results. laura: i live by what the people are saying. >> what i'm trying to tell you now when we are 80% of the way there people at the table who have never come to the payable before. laura: like who? >> change doesn't come with litmus test on either end. this is on both sides, right? you don't make big change happen when litmus change. laura: what if people don't want this, kiki? >> i think you will find a president who looks up and reminds us. the majority of americans do want health care -- >> i think what we are taking about is what a lot of people have defined the reform to be. i think what we are going to hear from the president is where you take the different pieces of these different ideas and where we move forward. this is high stakes. this is big change. big change does not come with a litmus test. laura: is the talking point we are going to get. >> from either my team or your team.
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laura: don't you see looking back at the summer the whole trip to europe and the middle east and the grand speeches. >> he has got a lot of work to do. laura: this was the centerpiece of his presidency. health care reform. >> domestic issues does not take away our place in the world, laura. laura: he lost this debate because this wasn't framed by him in the. >> we can monday morning quarterback but this is thursday morning quarterbacking. laura: this is a reality. is this a tough summer for the president. >> i think it's been a tough summer. laura: a terrible summer. >> a tough year for this president because we have got tough problems in the country. >> i disagree with kiki. laura: it's tough but you are trying to take over a big chunk of the economy. >> no. we are not trying to take over. make a big chunk of the economy work in the right way for most persons. laura: most americans like their health care. >> most measures want better health care. laura: even when w. an absence of republican leadership. tom coal burn is out there and
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senator from wyoming. >> there is a real absence here. >> republicans don't have one lehr. yet, the republicans are smoking the democrats on this issue. isn't that interesting? the absence of any of republican leadership, president obama can't hold the stage and convince the people. that's amazing for someone as talented as president obama is. >> yeah. but leave it to democrats to hang themselves on their own. i mean, laura, kiki just said barack obama is going to real mind the american people of where we are. i don't think he wants to remind us where we are. we know where we are, and we are not happy with it that's wife he asked to address a bunch of school children. people who believe what he is saying because they were born yesterday. this is about one thing. this isn't about the american economy or american people anymore. this bill is about democratic majorities in 2000 10 and 2012. they are trying to save their own hide with this speech with this bill, and i predict, look, republicans barely have a role in this because we were not asked to the table. barack obama is going to come out and give this speech. the real question is is the pelosi on his side going to
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battle him on this and create a democratic civil war. >> in relation, this is about the future that happens to america's families and children and health care. >> no one believes it. it doesn't help them. >> i think it's about the people and making progress. >> appreciate the both of you. new cheney attack ad drudges up ancient history. hillary clinton orders investigation into shocking party pictures of security guards in afghanistan. guards in afghanistan. so are american lives beieieieip
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laura: former vice president dick cheney must be russelling some feathers by speaking out or the national security stance. the dnc is hitting back with an ad that reargues the iraq war.
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>> my believe is we will in fact be greeted as liberators. >> baghdad's calm ended today when three car bombs exploded in quick succession. >> there is no doubt that saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction. >> there were no stocks of weapons of mass destruction. >> the enhanced interrogation techniques were absolutely essential. >> i think the interrogations were in violation of the geneva convention and the geneva convention against torture. >> the democratic national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. laura: with us now attorney and democratic strategist keith waters. keith, this is like the golden oldies, you are going back to cheney and the old bush cheney trough here. is that the best the dnc can do? >> who has thought of this? cheney is on the television shows every week bashing the obama administration from day one so, i think at some point it has to be addressed. >> well, i think what dick cheney has done is respond to a number of things being said by
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president obama and his minions, namely that these enhanced interrogation techniques weren't right and in effects weren't successful and made our country more dangerous. is he standing up and saying wait a second. you can think i was wrong about what i said. can you argue with me about the iraq war and that's the historical fight that's going to continue. on this issue, interrogating the worse of the worse. we are talking about a handful of people. the american people are on his side on that issue. maybe not on the iraq war but certainly that issue. >> i think you have a point. but you have to remember. he is using the classic ends justify the means argument. we're a nation of laws. we have to apply them legally and thinkly to all people who come into our custody. and if i believe in due process, laura. and i don't believe in enhanced interrogation methods which is another word for torture. laura: how many people could be sacrificed in this utopian idea. this ivory tower approach to interrogations that they have to
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be done in a certain way. even people like khalid sheik mohammed who we knew had operational information about al qaeda? this isn't about iraq. this is ksm. this is a man who is responsible as a master mind of 9/11 where 3,000 americans were killed. what is permissible to do with him and who would want to work for the cia when they think they are going to be prosecuted, keith? >> lawyer remarks we have to take things one step at a time. if someone has broken the law, they should be held accountable. laura: this is not breaking the law. evidence murdered americans in giving material assistance to the 9/11 hijackers. >> if someone has broken the law and murdered. laura: you didn't consider that an act of war. >> i want to get back to your other point. the experts have told us these enhanced interrogation methods don't work. laura: i don't care hot experts are, the facts are the facts. >> do you want to go back to village i have vigilantism?
5:16 am
>> laura: i'm talking about getting to a point with some of the most hardened terrorists and get information that protect's americans lives. >> your hypothetical assumes that we get the information. laura: we did. the "the washington post" piece this week revealed that, in fact, we got enormous information out of ksm only after he was waterboarded that is a fact. that is not a conservative conspiracy theory. that's a thacket fact. your point is though, look, we don't know what would have been gleaned from some of these other terrorists if they weren't treated with these enhanced interrogation techniques. that's right. the fact is we were successful? >> are you concerned at all about the people who were tortured? are you concerned about them at all? laura: am i concerned about can a lead sheik mohammed. >> the black sites? what about the wrong guy was tortured? laura: i think if you and civil rights lawyers like you went back to dresden, you would want to prosecute some the actions
5:17 am
that we took in world war it 2. i think a loot of things happen in war that are unsavory that are very difficult for the civilian population to understand and frankly stomach. and is it pretty? no, it's not. i'm much more worried about the safety and security of this country. if we lose that, this whole debate that we are having, this is going to be seeming very academic to people. >> if a country doesn't have principles. laura: you don't think this country has principles because we waterboarded three or or four people. >> we come very close to tarnishing our image around the world. we used to be the democratic leader now we are looked at with scorn. laura: president obama is the president of the united states we can't get scotland not to release lockerbie bomber. soft power and the world was supposed to love us. the world is not giving us anything in afghanistan more than they were when bush was president and we have seen what's happening with iran and north korea. the world is a dangerous place. it's a dangerous, dangerous place. >> a lot of those problems were inherited and the president is trying to put us on the right
5:18 am
path. laura: you today would say you would work for the cia and be in interrogator and work for the special interagency task force and interrogate knowing that you could be prosecuted years from now. >> i would be proud to work for the government of the united states as long as the guidelines were followed were legal and ethical. laura: they thought the guidelines were legal and ethical. >> that's going to be a different question. i think that goes to mitigation of punishment, certainly. even a military person can't disobey -- can't advocate following an order that's illegal. laura: all right, keith. we appreciate it thanks so much. directly ahead, obama's green job czar rails against white polluters. what does race have to do with it? we have a report. a celebrity propaganda video is shown to elementary school students? utah. you cannot believe. this welcome to the world of obama
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es and reach for the cure. call now or log on to laura: in the personal story segment tonight, more radical comment are emerging from president obama's green jobs czar. a man named van jones. take a listen what he said about the environment last year. >> the environmental justice community said hey, wait a minute, you're regulating but you are not regulating equally and the white polluters and the white environmentalists are
5:22 am
essentially steering poison into the people of color communities because they don't have racial justice frame. laura: white polluters. did you hear that? well, should a guy like this be advising the president of the united states? joining us now from jackson, mississippi, fox news political analyst angela mcglowan and from cleveland, bakari. a senior think tank at the law school. it's not just this comment that van jones made about the white polluters, polluting the minority communities. he also called himself a communist after he got involved with the rodney king riots. and now we find out today that he signed a 9/11 truther pledge, which asked and tried to get to the bottom of what -- the 9/11 truthers believe was the bush administration's encouraging of the 9/11 attacks or creation of the 9/11 attacks against the
5:23 am
united states. how is this guy the green jobs czar with this radical past? >> well, i think that van jones is very serious. is he very accomplished. he has been recognized by the world economic forum. he has been recognized "time" magazine as a global leader. is he a social entrepreneur. he has been an activist that has gotten many young people involved in civic engagement. and so i think that his track record as a -- someone focused on entrepreneurship and creating jobs and his book which he published which was the "new york times" best seller, which offers solution for jobs at a time when the country has lost 7 million, no one else seems to have any answers, i think that makes him a good choice. laura: he thinks that the bush administration could perhaps have had something to do with 9/11. facilitating 9/11, encouraging the actions that took place on 9/11. that is insane. that is literally insane bakari.
5:24 am
i don't care what the world economic forum has said. i don't care what "time" magazine has branded him. i care about the facts. is he a 9/11 truther who describes himself as a communist and apparently you are ok with that. >> well, you say is he a communist. the world economic forum. laura: no, no, i didn't say that he said it he said it? >> he said he was a communist. >> how he is a communist in that regard? i didn't think that he is a communist. laura: he said it? >> i think he is a person who is talking about entrepreneurship and jobs. you should read his book. and lawyer lure i can't wait. >> currently been translated in six languages. was t. was a "new york times" best seller. laura: another thing i don't care about. i don't care that it was a "new york times" best seller. "new york times" best sellers come and go. angela, go ahead. >> there you go. number one, bush protected this country. you have seen an attack on our homeland since bush was president and he has protected this country?
5:25 am
and i think what obama is doing dealing with the cia and letting everything out is putting us at risk. number one, number two, the reason why we have a job problem right now is because of obama's stimulus package where the unemployment has gone up. he said the stimulus package would create jobs but, no, it has gone up. number two, people like this czar goes against the constitution. you have cabinet members that are supposed to report to the president. what are we in russia, having czars? secondly, people like this guy, they use the race card, laura. they use the race card to cause more racial division in this country. let me tell you something. laura: i want to get bakari back in here on this. i'm really, really concerned about bakari is not so much about the international fight of greening america. that's interesting. but in this case of van jones, there seems to be a deep seeded
5:26 am
hatred toward the fundamental values that make up the american way of life. we are a country that is filled with white polluters. trying to infect people of color communities. we stole the land from the american indians. that's another point he raised. and he said this when he was talking on russ belt radio. this was on april 7th, 2008, about a future possible revolution. let's listen. laura: bakari is this about green jobs or revolution in america that will, quote, remake society? >> i think it's about green jobs. i think that people are hearing what they want to hear. he is talking about green jobs. he has been hired for that purpose to work on job creation
5:27 am
and the green economy. and i think that any -- all these other conversations about communism. i mean, this is a manufactured crisis. and i think it's taking away from the point at hand. speaking about the bush administration or the obama administration and job loss. the country had already lost over 5 million jobs by the time barack obama even came into office. >> um-huh, yeah. >> this job loss is an escalation of what already began. >> but obama's only. >> we need jobs -- we need to create jobs. where are the solutions coming from? look at this man's book. he is offering solutions. where are the solutions coming from elsewhere? where are the solutions. laura: what i'm trying to get across, and apparently it's not working. >> you are trying to get across that he is a hater and he hates white people. if you guys would do your research the way you dug up. >> he is an owe preyser. laura: is he a radical leftist. >> hater of white people.
5:28 am
and on the bush. laura: we're going to end this right now. >> excuse me one second. 30 seconds just to say this. that's all i want my friend because have you been given a monologue. obama's own department of labor says since the passage of the stimulus package since we are talking about job creations, we have lost 1.5 million jobs. and this gentleman, this czar, he is an oppress sore and victimhood vendor. he puts race in everything, my friend. and if he is going to create jobs, that's one thing. but to talk about white polluters? and to talk about the fact that they are polluting minority communities? my friend, there are more poor white people than black people out there. so at the end of the day, let's not make it about a race thing. let's make it about color and green and jobs. laura: i want to reiterate that i'm not bringing communism into anything. he called himself a communist. >> he did.
5:29 am
laura: after the rodney king riot. >> you guys are distorting the record. >> we're not distorting the record. we are telling the truth. >> you are distorting the record. >> sometimes don't want to hear the truth. >> environmental racism. it has everything to do. you can't talk about the environment. >> thank you, laura. laura: we are not talking about white polluters. this is insane. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. after intense pressure from the factor more sex crimes indictment force a predator in oklahoma. watch out nancy pelosi, your pathetic approval rating could put your leadership position in jeopardy. we hope you stay tunedlp
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laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight. a victory for the good guys. the factor has reported extensively on the case of a 65-year-old convicted child rapist david earls who is scheduled to be released from jail in two weeks after being sentenced to one year in jail with seven months knocked off for time served for raping a 4-year-old girl. unbelievable. well now, after our series of investigations, the state attorney general has stepped in to bring new molestation charges against erls. is he being held on $400,000 bond until a new trial. joining us now from tulsa, radio talk show host pat campbell, who has been covering this story. >> hi, laura. laura: pat, i think people across this country are
5:33 am
breathing a bit of a sigh of relief here thinking we can't have yet another freak rapist released who shouldn't be released into the population at large. tell us the latest. >> well, it's an outrageous case and you know, we have got to give kudos to bill o'reilly and geraldo rivera. if it hadn't been for them and the national attention they brought to this case, this guy would have been released. he would have been walking the streets september 24th he would have had the chance to destroy yet one more child's life. but because bill o'reilly was so adamant about going after this case and putting david earles picture on fox news. we started to have people coming out who had been abused by him in the past. including his daughter, denise earls and people who lived in other states for that matter. i had a woman by the name of lori foster. her mother was married to david earls and he molested her and her two sisters when they lived in oklahoma city tell the.
5:34 am
we were able to establish a pattern this was not an isolated incidence. is he a serial medicine file with a -- pedophile with a history going back 30, 35 years. last person we need back on the streets. jim bob miller in mcallister and the judge involved bartheld really dropped the ball in dhassments the case, there was little or no physical evidence. and they were concerned that the children, there was a brother involved too would make unreliable witnesses in the courtroom. so, rather than risk acquittal, they decided to go for a plea bargain and they figured that something was better than nothing. the something they settled for was a 20 year sentence. one year in jail and county jail, not even the state penitentiary. and then a 19-year suspended sentence. which was an absolute joke. now bill o'reilly and geraldo got all over. this geraldo came here, tried to speak with the judge. the district attorney. and these clowns actually hid from geraldo, which only -- was like pouring gasoline on the
5:35 am
fire. laura: i loved that. >> bill wanted to get the judge removed from the bench. wanted to get him impeached and wanted to get the district attorney removed. that's where i got involved and got some local legislators, including dr. michael ritz, who is a state representative and state senator randy brogdon involved. they got the legislative ball rolling. the legislature in the united states has the power to actually impeach a sitting judge. what's interesting here, bill activated the, you know, the o'reilly viewers, some 5 million, and people started calling our governor, brad henry. and the attorney general, drew edmundson. they weren't doing anything. what's interesting the last time i was on with bill, drew edmundson the very next day announces that he wants to be the governor of the great state of oklahoma. i got news for mr. edmond son there is no way you will be elected if you are perceived to be soft on pedophiles. laura: last fast forward, we are almost out of time. let's fast forward to the new charges being brought now
5:36 am
against mr. earls. another charge that involves this -- the brother of this 5-year-old, now 5-year-old girl. tell us. >> edmondson convened a grand jury. again, he is the attorney general. and they have come up with additional charges against the same two children, the girl and the boy. these charges happened on a different date. so it's not a double jeopardy thing. these are charges that weren't made in the past. now with all of these other witnesses who are coming forward, it's going to be easy for them to establish a pattern. look, this is an ongoing problem. the attorney general himself -- laura: you know what we know now? we know that after the phillip garrido, heinous, heinous situation, what he did to jaycee dugard, we know that lives are ruined by rape. these people never get over it. i don't know what's going to happen to this poor little girl. my heart breaks for her. but this simply cannot happen. i'm glad the district attorney and this particular judge are not involved in this new case.
5:37 am
this can't happen again. >> no. they are north going to be involved. laura: pat, we appreciate the update here. this is just one of those things that it's hard to take in. >> o'reilly factor. i can't thank bill and geraldo enough. thank you, laura. i appreciate it. laura: they did great work on this. when we come back, some security guards make the u.s. embassy in kabul like animal house. is thishis there was a time i wouldn't step out of the house without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting spf 30. - oh, come on. - enough! you get half and you get half.
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laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the party's over for some security guards at the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan. after photos surfaced of wild drinking games and hazing rituals, booze has been banned, american personnel are watching the guards. and hillary clinton has ordered an investigation. with all the chaos going on in afghanistan, can we really
5:40 am
afford to have shoddy security in a war zone? with us now fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters peterss who new nofl "the war after armageddon" will be published september 15th. ralph, we don't need more of these photos surfacing, do we? is this helpful? >> no, it's not helpful. when is the state department going to figure it out? they have problems with blackwater. there are mercenaries in iraq killing the incident. that's great diplomacy. thousand you have got these clowns, these perverts, frankly in afghanistan. lawyer remarks the problem is simply this. apart from the state department's infat do youation with big tattooed guys on steroids. those pictures will be circulated and they will be billed as u.s. soldiers. they are not u.s. soldiers. they are thugs. it's going to rebound upon our military. and you can -- you can wage information operations until the cows come home. one set of pictures like this does horrendous damage.
5:41 am
>> it makes it -- you wonder though in a war zone like, this whether you are a contract or in the military, it's hard to blow off steam, right? you are in a pretty difficult circumstances. now, these guys went way crazy, ridiculous, prostitutes coming. in it was just a mess, complete mess. how do you blow off steam in a war zone in what do guys normally do? it's a muslim country. they don't allow for the drinking of alcohol. >> well, if you are a u.s. soldier, marine, or navy korman, you suck it up until you go home to momma or your husband as the case may be these days. discipline matters. the military relies on discipline. these guys, the state department's hired -- are not disciplined. they have no adult supervision. there is just a point where the u.s. government has to say, look, we don't hire mercenaries. it's a lose from start to finish. laura: do the american people want 150,000 troops, more troops in afghanistan though? i mean, what's the ratio to
5:42 am
contractors to troops now? >> ratios contractors to troops two troops to contractor. much higher. laura: in iraq the number is much higher. it's not that the american people necessarily have a stomach for putting more of of our military there. managing these private security forces, you know, thousands of miles away, it is not easy. i mean, it's not an easy situation. i'm -- believe me, i'm not making excuses for any of this. >> the state department needs its own internal security service where they are subject to law, discipline, oversight. federal regulations. it's that simple. laura: george will, big deal this week. george will came out with a column saying it's timing to cut our losses. pull our troops out of iraq -- out of afghanistan, excuse me. he was against the war in iraq. pull our troops out of afghanistan, and we could do tactical bombing strikes, air campaigns and we know that we can hit the enemy, kill the enemy. what's your take? >> well, i think will makes a
5:43 am
lot of good points. i'm with him about 85% of the way. the idea of pulling all our troops out is foolish. you really do need boots on the ground. special forces. and so what i think we need in afghanistan isn't more troops. it's a refocusing. instead of spending american blood and treasure trying to turn afghan flint stones into jetsons, let's get back to focusing on killing america's enemies. now, to do that, we could use a smaller lethal force, ball gram air field. build around other specialized forces. air power, concentrate on the mission. lawyer remarks we forget why we went to afghanistan. think of it as in 2001, 9/11, afghanistan is a terrorist motel. well, we went there and cleaned out the motel. killed some the terrorists. some got away. what should would he be doing now? chasing the terrorists. instead, we're renovating the motel. it just doesn't make sense. laura: the problem is holding
5:44 am
the territory, right? once we go, in we clean out a village, they hang back and just in in after relieve. that's the problem with having the number of troops that we have. i have seen estimates we would need 300,000 troops on the ground in afghanistan to do the job as it needs to be done. we will not be sending any 300,000 troops. i want to get to mccrystal. >> i don't think that's the way it has to be done. laura: let's go to general mccrystal. we have a minute. he has a report going on its way to the president. apparently wants 28,000 more troops. reports that it was censored. he censored himself 28,000 figure out of the report; is that right. >> he was told by the white house you will not ask for more troops. he will be handled in a different venue. that's not the way you do it. look, i don't think we need more troops. but a general on the ground, when you give him mission impossible, don't tell him he can't ask for the resources he thinks are necessary to do the jobs. the worst of both worlds. laura: the politics got in the way of the political -- of the military strategy that would be appropriate in afghanistan in your mind?
5:45 am
of the poll numbers for the president. >> obama doesn't have a strategy. he just have poll numbers. laura: coming up. pro-obama politics in america's classrooms? how you can protect your kids? and nancy pelosi's approval numbers are falling. and fast. the san francisco liberalism going out of style? could it be? no. those reports and when we come back. lp
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5:48 am
laura: the principal of a yaw that elementary school has apologized for showing this video at a school assembly. >> i pledge to be of service to barack obama. >> i pledge. >> to change how i live. >> to be a better person. >> to never stop learning and growing each and every day. >> every day. >> i pledge to commit do my own change before i ask others to change. >> to be the change. >> to be the change. laura: the question is, how worried should parents be that liberal indoctrination of school children is on the rise under the obama administration. that video is unbelievable. joining us now from l.a. high school teacher and author of the book smart kids, bad schools. 3 ways to safe america's future. mr. crosby, let's start with what the education department
5:49 am
had put out in the form of materials, teaching materials. with barack obama's speech. and then we the get to this utah issue. the barack obama speech next week to school children. did you think it was include questions like how does barack obama inspire me? and what can i do to help barack obama? and suggest posters that you could put on the -- you know blackboard with obama quotes on them. do you think that was appropriate? >> i guess you should take down the poster of barack obama from my door, only kidding. i think that president obama wanted to reach out to young people, trying to instill in them how important education is. we have a third of our young people who don't graduate high school still. i think that's very admirable. but when it comes to materials, given to teachers and if teachers are told you have to teach this, that is not ok. i don't care whether it's the president or the principal. teachers are
5:50 am
independent-thinking people. they are very well educated and they know what's best to the curriculum for their own students. laura: all right, let's move on to this utah issue. this was quite controversial. you saw the video. i mean, this was like i pledge support to barack obama and his policies. went way beyond this, you know, do well in school message. what's your take on that? >> well, that was clearly inappropriate. and it's interesting that story the principal evidently said while the video was being shown, oops. i guess i should have previewed this beforehand. and i read that and i thought whoops, you are a principal of a school? and you are about to show all your students some kind of video, whatever it may be and you haven't previewed it? that's like teaching 101. which gets back to the title of my book that it's not the students, it's the bad schools. the people behind it who -- what are they thinking? >> i don't know if they're thinking much of thinking.
5:51 am
>> what i think is happening is this real gulf of mistrust between parents and the go. when it comes to education right now they see instances like utah video and teaching material telling teachers make notable quotes of the president's past education speeches and put them on the blackboard. they are like why are you nosing into our classrooms? i mean, tell the students good luck, study hearted, that's fine. why this other stuff? it's smacks of really underhanded attempt to influence the way these young people think about issues beyond just doing well in school. i think there is a big mistrust out there and i don't think this the way they handled this at the department of education helped. >> it's not just principles. our president is trying to get the message out. teachers being told more and more. they are being given scripts word for word what to say in front of a group of young people. that's awful.
5:52 am
laura: keep politics out of it brian, we are out of time. >> ok. laura: we appreciate it still to come, you won't believe how many americans disprove of how nancy pelosi's what doct most for headaches. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers.. and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine. tylenol works with your body... in a way other pain relievers don't... so you feel better... knowing doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever.
5:53 am
. laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, speaker of the house nancy pelosi's job approval ratings make president obama's dwindling numbers look rock solid. only 19% of americans give the
5:54 am
speaker positive ranks. 48 give negative and 33% have never heard of her. is this the final death knell for her brand of leadership? joining us now is the former president of the san francisco board of supervisors. angela, i am putting myself in your position. i am imagining right now i am a san francisco liberal, ok? i am seeing these poll numbers for nancy pelosi and i am not talking one poll. i am talking like every poll. they're really bad. >> but you know, laura, first of all, a person in my position in san francisco as a liberal former politician, and we are so proud of nancy pelosi it's not even funny. >> where is she being successful? >> are you kidding? they have given jobs to millions of americans. they are saving young couples from losing their home. >> unemployment is at its highest level it's ever been. >> wait a minute.
5:55 am
11 million children have health care and four out of five committees have reported legislation on the new health care the president with nancy pelosi's leadership is about to have one of the most historic pieces of legislation in history. so polls don't mean anything. >> ok. no -- don't spin me on this. this is -- >> i am not. i in the no spin zone. >> the numbers for her are abysmal, ok? this goes across republican, of course, but independents are fleeing nancy pelosi. you are saying that this has been an unmitigated success because of the children's health insurance and a couple of other things. but the fact of the matter is unemployment is at a disturbing high, the last many years. california especially. we have nancy pelosi being challenged by congressman parker from alabama where he said i am not voting for her for speaker
5:56 am
next time. she's divisive, polarizing and i am not going to vote for her. that doesn't bother you? >> that was an off-the-cuff comment and we will see who he votes for come election time which isn't for another year and a half. >> if it were held today would she win? >> absolutely. she has been a true leader. she has a wonderful relationship with the new president, president obama. but take a look at the numbers of the republican leader. his numbers are much lower than pelosi. >> they're not in charge. don't get me to defend them. you guys are in charge. don't talk over me. nancy pelosi and charlie rangel. she came into power and she said she's going to drain the swamp of the corruption in washington. >> right. >> charlie rangel in today's
5:57 am
"washington post," sorry, charlie, charlie rangel must go. the speak her of the house must release him of his chairmanship duties. he is tax cheat and yet he is responsible for writing the tax laws of the united states of america. i don't care if you are a liberal or conservative. you are not bothered by that? >> no, i am not because nancy pelosi called for an ethics committee investigation of him and as an american, until you are proven guilty, no i am not bothered. >> we are not talking about criminal action. we are talk being the chairmanship of a committee. you don't think that the appearance of impropriety has been so stark when it comes to charlie rangel that this should indicate that he is no longer fit for the office of chairmanship at the very least. you think what he has done is ok? >> i am saying we need to wait for results, to see what -- >> did you think that about tom delay in 2004 because nancy
5:58 am
pelosi thought that tom delay should step down as house majority leader in 2004 when the house ethics committee did nothing except rebuke him. there were no penalties against delay at that point. they just rebuked him -- >> no, i am sorry. i can't tell you what nancy pelosi said four years ago. i can tell you what she's saying today and that is that this needs an investigation and until that investigation says that he should step down, then he should not step down. >> 19% approval rating, 19%. >> and the republicans are even lower, laura. >> that's not true. san francisco values. we appreciate it. that's it for us today. check out my radio show. find a station near you on my website. sign up for the e-blogs there. i am reporting for bill o'reilly. we hope to see you next time.
5:59 am
remember, the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. alisyn: good morning, everybody. he's a self-proclaimed communist. he even thinks 9/11 was the government's doing. and he has the president's ear. did the obama administration even check out green jobs czar van jones before they hired him? peter: and keep your hands off health care. >> stay out of my business. stay out of my health care. >> the whole bill needs to be started over and concentrate on those things that are not going to cost


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