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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 10, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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gretchen: we have you have a fantastic thursday morning. it's september 10, 2009. thanks for sharing your time. outrage over government-run health care. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. [crowd booing] gretchen: a congressman shouting out, "you lie" during the president's speech. did he cross the line? we'll report and you can decide. steve: they tried to get their congressman to answer their questions. no dice. did the president do any better? we're going to talk to three attendees at town hall as cross the country. brian: he looks like osama bin laden but he's not. we'll tell you who this is and why this new look could inspire more terror attacks. this is "fox & friends." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- --
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brian: you watch, 47 minutes. gretchen still technically on vacation. refusing to watch until you had to come to work today. gretchen: i'm very happy to be back. when you're on vacation, you have to stay breast of the news. i did check it out. it was 47 minutes. think there were 47 bursts of applause. steve: first time i had ever seen a joint session of congress where somebody heckled the president. that is part of our top story. gretchen: president obama promised he would give specifics on his health care plan. mike, was he specific? >> well, yes, gretchen. welcome back. obviously the moment that people are talking about a lot this morning is the outburst by representative joe wilson of south carolina. the president making his case for health care reform in the country and then as he talked about saying that illegal immigrants would not be covered by health insurance reform, well, that was too much for joe wilson from south carolina.
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let's take a listen. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie! [booing] >> congressman wilson issued an apology later saying his emotions got the better of him. also expressed his apologies to the chief of staff. steve: i like the way nancy pelosi -- >> would have to be self-sufficient and rely on the premiums it collects. steve: there you go. brian: didn't mean to interrupt the president, did you, steve? it won't happen again. did rahm emmanuel accept the apology? >> that's a good question. he basically was walking around the house floor asking for democratic members who heckled the president? was outraged by it. said that no president has ever been treated like that before, so he was asking for names. he got the phone call. we have not heard his reaction
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to getting the phone call. again, a written statement was issued saying that his emotions got the best of him. he wanted to apom jiez to the president -- apologize to the president of the united states and did pick up the phone to call the chief of staff. steve: what about the public option thing, the government-run health care plan. was that brought up? >> absolutely. the president addressed that issue. there was question about whether he was going to go for it or not ex-says he believes -- he says that he believes in it. he feels it should only be an option for people who do not have insurance. he also said that it would not cover illegal immigrants, as you heard him try it make the case when the interruption happened. he tried to assure the american public that it would not be excessively expensive but felt it was an important option for those who could not afford other insurance. gretchen: no doubt we will continue to talk about this for the next three hours, at least, of "fox & friends." we'll touch base again with you in just a matter of moments. thanks very much, mike.
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>> thanks very much. steve: meantime, many people could not get their answers -- their questione -- questions answered at town halls did president obama do any better? joining us now are three people who attended town halls. john, here's the question you asked in new hampshire. >> what happens when you're running health insurance? how easy are you going to get ahold of when a have a problem? steve: that's the question you asked of your representative. john, did the president answer your question last night? because he was all about details, the white house said. >> no. i actually thought the president's speech had huge details missing. i didn't hear how the money was going to be spent. i was actually astonished that he's saying they're going to save hundreds of billions of dollars and didn't even begin to address where the hundreds of
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billions of dollars are going to be spent. if we could look back at, you know, the bailout program that the government did for g.m. under the guise of stimulus, i just don't hear it. steve: it doesn't sound like he changed your mind last night. next up, david went to washington congressman brian baird's town hall. here's his comment. >> you're going to let us keep our health insurance. well, thank you. it's not your right to decide whether or not i keep my insurance. it's my decision. steve: what about last night's performance by the president. did he answer your questions, address your issues? >> no, he didn't address my issues. steve: not even close? what did you want to hear from him? >> well, i wanted -- one of the things i wanted to hear is how he intended to fund this. it's unconstitutional, in the first place. his suggestion to me that it's going to be self-funding, that
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somehow this is going to fund itself and they're going to put a rule in place to make sure it funds itself. if you're going to violate the constitution just to pass this, do you honestly expect us to believe that you're going to live by some rule you put in place if you disobey the supreme law in the land to pass this in the first place? steve: and our third town haller is small business owner katherine bragg. she went to the town hall in the los angeles area. >> the political aisle have tried to put rep makes on health care for years and nobody has done anything until today. and now it's being rammed down our throats. steve: katherine, there you are, very passionate at the town hall in california. did the president address your issues last night? >> good morning, everybody. i'd like to say -- i'm from northern california, too, not l.a. but, no, the president did not address my points that i brought
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up in the town hall. my issue around tort reform is that it's an evident solution, i think, to much of the health care problems that we're experiencing in terms of cost. and for some reason, whether it's because the democrats really are in bed with insurance companies -- i'm sorry, the attorneys. for some reason this was just thrown on the table as a little bone to the g.o.p. last night. so for me it was not addressed at least sincerely addressed. i thought it was more of a sound bs indict, more of a gimme. and the other thing i had brought up in the town hall meeting was in regards to being able to buy insurances across state lines. and what president obama doesn't admit to is that when he was in the senate, he was one that voted in opposition to a bill that would have given small businesses that ability. so, again, i saw and i heard nothing but rhetoric last night from our president. i saw no solutions.
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i saw nothing concrete. and all it did was further discourage me. steve: let's just go around the horn one time. find out how each of you feel. john, do you think he changed any minds last night? >> you know, i think that people expected obama to give a good speech. and i think he did until the end when it really got down to the point where he needed to deliver details. and honestly, i thought he was rambling. i was surprised at how bad he was. and i think -- again to my point earlier, he hasn't really defined what he calls health insurance. and i don't think our politicians have the backbone to stand up to lobbyists. so is health care a furnace filter for somebody that has breathing problems? we all get that when it's somebody that's elderly, that's on limited income, they need their heart medication. but what else does that cover?
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in canada the debate is we don't cover eye care but yet we'll cover sex change operations. i think for most americans they need to define it better. steve: john, thank you very much. david what do you think? >> i think that looking at this -- one of two things has to be true. i studied economics. even with the basic understanding of economics 101 can tell you either that he's economically illiterate or that he's lying because you can't force insurers -- they have to cover everyone. they can't drop anyone. they have to cover preexisting conditions. they have to cover immediate care for all issues. all of these drive costs up. to suggest that somehow he's going to contain costs by doing this, makes no sense at all. i can't believe that this president had the arrogance to look the teleprompter in the eye and tell the american people that he's actually going to drive down costs by doing this stuff. we are not that stupid.
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steve: all right. katherine? >> for me, what i heard last night were all of the key issues that were brought up consistently across the country this last month. and what he did in his team was simply take that information, regurgitate it and throw it back out to the public as if we're stupid enough now to believe that this same bill that i think he said last night, there was no point in throwing it away, is actually going to be kept on the table. and if we're not careful, we really, really will deserve this if we do not pay tension. steve: it doesn't sound like he changed any of your minds. we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: all right. brian: good job, steve. did he take ownership of it. he did say for the first time this is his plan, not their plan. steve: and did he talk about tort reform. nobody saw that coming. gretchen: exactly right. let's get to a couple of the headlines. we're learning about the
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religious fanatic who hijacked the flight from cancun, threatening to blow it up. the 34-year-old used a juice can to hijack the flight. he told investigators he had a devine revelation and that yesterday's date 9-9-09 was the satanic number 6-6-6, upside down. he ordered the pilot to circle the city and asked the president to warn him about an impending earthquake. all the passengers and crew eventually released unharmed when gunmen stormed the plane. take a look that the new photo. it's not osama bin laden. you're looking at the terrorist ca leak shake mohammed. experts say the pictures are being used to inspire more attacks against the united states. they have appeared on al qaeda websites in the last few days, often with supporting messages. the red cross took the pictures of him for his family. mohammed arrested in pakistan six years ago. another hero's welcome for the recently released lockerbie
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bomber where he's being treated for prostate cancer. about 40 delegates of the african union, including its speaker, applauded al meg raf hi -- al-megrahi. the speaker said megrahi was the victim of international injustice. he was released on compassionate grounds after seven years in a scottish prison. a big crowd was on hand at new york's lincoln center for a tribute to walter cronkite, the first person to be called an anchorman, died in july at age 92. former president bill clinton remembered a gesture at martha's vineyard during the lewinsky scandal. >> you and hillary and chelsea will just go out and sail around. he said, "somebody might take a picture of it, but so what." i'll never forget that. at the time i could have done with a picture with walter cronkite. gretchen: president obama also
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spoke noting he was the most trusted man in america. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. a lot going on. straight ahead, they're trying to keep our country safe but an activist group is exposing c.i.a. operatives' identities by showing their picture to terrorists. >> you're showing pictures of c.i.a. agents to al qaeda terrorists. that's just despicable. what are you doing then? what is the john adams project? >> why are you following me around into a drug store? brian: that's exactly what they're doing. we're going to hear from a former operative next about how they affects their safety of the c.i.a. steve: and health care reform could affect them most. why a group of doctors are marching on washington. that's straight ahead on "fox & friends." >> ♪ i said baby, baby, baby you're out of time ♪ rg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman.
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brian: a group called the john adams project is hard at work taking photos, but it's who they're sharing the photos with that has everybody concerned. here's what's happened when a fox news producer caught up with someone from the john adams group. >> you hired research to follow c.i.a. agents around all over the place and then showed them to al qaeda terrorists, the same people who organized september 11. that is despicable. >> that is not true and what you're doing is despicable. brian: so why are they showing pictures of c.i.a. agents to terrorists? that is true. gretchen: we're joined by a former c.i.a. operative, wayne simmons. hopefully he can shed some light on this. good morning, wayne. >> good morning. gretchen: that was a producer for "the o'reilly factor" basically saying, hey, why are you showing pictures of what could be covert, secret c.i.a. faces to prisoners down at guantanamo bay? why would somebody do that in your mind, wayne?
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>> well, look, o'reilly's crew did a great job on this, as they do on most things. but this just points out to the american people another example of not only has the white house this administration, attacked the c.i.a., the justice department is, in my opinion, attacking the c.i.a. and now i suggest to you that they will stand idly by and allow this illegal outing of potentially covert c.i.a. operatives who are, as we all know, the number one single point of protection for the united states, americans, and national security interests outside of the united states. brian: here's the thing. it's illegal. you can't do this. so the white house, the administration, should move against this john adams project, against the people in the aclu doing this. >> yeah, brian. they should move on these people so fast. anyone who's part of this, the john adams project, those that
6:19 am
came up with this idea. they should dismantle the program and put these people in jail. you've got to understand the ramifications. this is a real situation where they are actually taking this information about american agents and they are sitting down with the enemy. with the enemy! and showing them who these people are. gretchen: what is the motive? why would they do that? >> i guess you'd have to ask them. this is just another example, gretchen, of some very, very sick, very twisted, anti-american, america's always wrong groups. and these people, that's all they understand. and they justify it. and it's wrong. brian: and the c.i.a. takes it on the chin again. >> absolutely. always a pleasure. brian: see you soon. straight ahead a group of doctors are marching on washington today over the health care debate. we're going to hear from the organizer next, the white coats. gretchen: and we all know that paula abdul is out on "american
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>> our overall efforts have been supported by an unprecedented coalition of doctors and nurses, hospitals, seniors groups, and even drug companies. many of whom opposed reform in the past. and there is agreement in this chamber on about 80% of what needs to be done. gretchen: well, president obama and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle fried to hash out the health care solution. a group of doctors are are banning together to have their voices heard. the grassroots group doctors for patient care holding a rally today in washington. the group's president and one of
6:24 am
its members join me from our d.c. bureau this morning. and in atlanta is a doctor also part of the physicians group. good morning. in that particular clip that we heard from the president last night he said that there was an unprecedented coalition of all of these groups coming together, including doctors. if you listen to the speech on its face, you would think that president obama is saying that all or most doctors agree with his plan. your thoughts? >> well, first of all, most doctors don't agree this plan. perhaps the a.m.a. does, but the a.m.a. only accounts for 17% of the practicing doctors in this country. so that means over 80% of the doctors are not onboard with this. so i think that it's important for the american public to understand that doctors have not been part of this dialogue up until now. not to have doctors involved in this is like asking housewives to design a transportation
6:25 am
system because they have flown on a plane. so i think we need to stop, slow down, get doctors involved, people who take care of people every day and really know what the issues are. gretchen: i like the analogy. dr. barber, let me ask you about the rally then because your group is going to come together today for a rally on capitol hill. and a lot of people throughout this process have said we want to hear from the doctors. now they finally will. what will happen today? >> well, gretchen, thanks for having us on. basically what we're going to do is we're going to march on the capitol today, we're going to talk to the congress, help them understand what the issues are and what we know about medicine, that government is not the answer. we've had experience with government-run health care in the form of the veterans administration. and we know that the bureaucracy does not work for patients. it limits access to care. and it's not something that we want to do. from 5:00 to 7:00 this afternoon we're going to have a rally with doctors. most doctors know it's difficult to get us to do anything, and we're going to have a lot of
6:26 am
them there in washington, d.c., speaking loud and clearly. gretchen: i like that admission. doctor, one of the things that some are saying was left out of the puzzle last night by president obama was talking about who the she can going to pay for all of -- who the heck is going to pay for all of this. your thoughts on that and how it affects you as a physician? >> great question. the main thing we want to say is that the problem with this plan is it's going to rob you of your ability to make your own decisions about your own health care. that's the primary issue here. gretchen, i know you spent time in england. you know what a government-sponsored health care plan can be like. i don't think the american public wants that. the problem that the president made last night is he said he was going to get most of this money out of the medicare system. if there's that much fraud and abuse in the medicare system now, why isn't it already out? i think there's questions as to how he's going to pay for this. gretchen: let's listen to what you did like about his speech.
6:27 am
>> many in this chamber, particularly on the republican side of the aisle have long insisted that reforming our medical malpractice laws can help bring down the costs of health care. i don't believe malpractice reform is a silver bullet, but i've talked to enough doctors to know that defensive medicine may be countering to unnecessary costs. gretchen: were you surprised that the president admitted to talking about tort reform and seemed to be opened to the idea of suggestions about it? >> well, gretchen, i'm not sure that he's open to suggestions. but i was surprised that he brought it up because he's biting the hand that feeds them, the trial lawyers. it's no surprise that they are his largest contributor to campaigns. but the fact that malpractice or liability reform is needed is beyond question. $200 billion a year are spent on defensive medicine alone. and another $200 billion are spent on malpractice premiums between doctors and hospitals so
6:28 am
we can't save all of that $400 billion, but if you can even take half of that money and put it into the health care system, you wouldn't need taxes, you wouldn't need anything else to pay for some of the things that we really do need that president obama and we do agree on. gretchen: right. well, maybe you should just pound right on the white house door today when you go to that rally because the president said he's open to listening to that suggestion. thank you so much for being my guests this morning. >> thank you. gretchen: let's go out to the greenroom. got some coffee brewing? i could use hazel nut. brian: steve is playing "guitar hero." chris everett, jimmie johnson. besides that, we're in the greenroom. take a look at these amazing images. they're from the hubble telescope. can you see that? steve: yes. and take a listen to bernie madoff caught coaching witnesses to fool s.e.c. lawyers. >> obviously, first of all, this
6:29 am
conversation never took place. brian: i'm starting to think madoff is corrupt. guess who's here. chris everett is here. >> i'm here. brian: yes, you are. >> the musician, chris everett. steve: chris everett on the drums. "beatles rock star" that came out yesterday. brian: i feel like the guy in school who didn't take an instrument. chris is here to tell us thousand stay healthy and talk tennis. happy birthday to my only real freend ryan phillippe. he is 35 today ex-looks 34. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body,
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duracell. trusted everywhere. gretchen: half past the hour. welcome back. hope you're vague fabulous day so far. a couple of quick headlines. andrew card, the former chief of staff for president bush, says he's seriously considering a run for the massachusetts senate seat held by the late ted kennedy. >> i would like very much to run, but i don't know how to be more candid with you. the personal challenges are not easy to address. i will address them. and i will address them quickly. gretchen: well mr. card who lives in virginia, haze home -- has a home in massachusetts.
6:34 am
republican state senator scott brown says he will back off if andy card decides to run. stay tuned to that one. brian: interesting. new audiotapes of bernie madoff reveal how the ponzi king coached potential witnesses on how to outsmart the s.e.c. take a listen as madoff advises one witness on why written documents are considered a bad thing. brian: this, says officials, should have been discovered years ago. steve: meanwhile -- thank you very much, brian. you have to check this out. this is a picture of a new butterfly-shaped galaxy snapped by the hubble telescope. the picture's new. the galaxy's been there for eons. brian: looks like summer there. steve: these are the first deep space photos since it was repaired in may. they are sharper than any images
6:35 am
ever seen by man. this as the shuttle discovery's landing scheduled for today could be scrubbed because of rain showers in florida. gretchen: here it is, everyone. the verdict is in. no joke here. comedian ellen degeneres is joining the judges' table on "american idol." the self-proclaimed fan made the announcement on her show saying she'll speak for the people. >> looking at it as a person who's going to buy the music and who's going to relate to that person. so i'm hopefully going to be that voice of what we're all doing at home. [cheers and applause] gretchen: degeneres fills paula abdul's seat who left over salary disputes. randy jackson will join us live this morning on "fox & friends" with his thoughts on the degeneres big announcement. brian: good booking on your part, gretchen. good timing. the u.s. open, roger federer looking to add another grand stloom his record 15 titles. no problem. he wins in four sets, 6-0, 6-3,
6:36 am
6-7, 7-6. it's his 22nd semifinal in grand slam. and she's the youngest tennis player in a decade to reach the quarterfinals at the u.s. open and many are even comparing her to chris everett? could melanie oudin move closer to taking it on? alec baldwin is on hand. you're about to see him in a second. but it was not enough. later we'll see him in action. sometimes standing shots from below are better than seeing the tennis match. she did lose, did oudin. her magical run is now over. but look who's on set, gretchen. greg: she exploded on -- gretchen: she exploded on the tennis scene some years back. how many grand slams? >> 18. gretchen: so great to have you. watching this young 17-year-old
6:37 am
from georgia, even my young kids were so inspired. they say, mommy, we like the girl who wears the white outfits. what has she done for american tennis? >> well, we certainly needed a shot in the arm. ever since the williams' sisters came up, we haven't had that much excitement i love the fact that i think she's like 5'6". gretchen: i like that one, too. >> that's my kind of woman. girl. teenager. brian: what is it about your sport that can you have so much success at a young age? remember boris becker on the scene, and tracy austin. why could a 16-year-olden so effective against 25-year-olds in your sport? gretchen: one reason, there's no pressure. i tried to remember so long ago how i felt at 16, 17, going in there. there's no pressure. you have nothing to lose when you go out there. and these girls -- when i saw melanie play shar shar, they were the tight ones. they were the ones making 60 errors, spraying balls all over
6:38 am
the place. but melanie, she's got great composure for somebody that wrong. brian: but first day centre court, she had over 40 unforced errors. would you say the pressure got to the kid? >> well, i think it was remarkable that she had three huge wins in a row. one huge win is enough. but to keep coming back mentally and not having a letdown for somebody that young, i really admire her. she's got a great career coming up. brian: so tell us what brings you here today. >> well, i'm here for health. i'm here basically for health. i've gotten together with hood milk. i am a spokesperson for simply smart milk. i'm a milk drinker. i don't know if you guys are. brian: after 8 years old, they say stop having milk, you don't need it that's not true. gretchen: women need the cal is i yum for sure, right? >> and the protein. it's good for bones. it's good for, you know, over 50 when you start to maybe ge
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osteoporosis. you can drink it. isn't it creamy? brian: i'm enjoying this. >> no fat. it's still creamy. it tastes good. i throw it in my cereal, with milk and cookies. my kids drink it. health. gretchen: it's so great to see you. maybe we'll see you at the open over the weekend. i'm sure you're going to be there. >> yeah. brenda: i met greg norman in the kitchen. wonderful guy. >> it's a great guy. you should have him on your show sometime. gretchen: we would love to. congratulations on that as well. up next, two lawmakers will tell us what needs to change before they support any health care bill. brian: and a high school football coach on trial over the death of one of his students. but should he be held responsible? former cowboys head coach and dolphins head coach and oklahoma coach and miami coach is here with his take. tools are uncomplicated?
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i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) gretchen: keeping you on time, it's 17 minutes before the top of the hour. a few quick headlines. a guide to how much radiation your cell phone may be giving off. there's a new study from the environmental working group. they've come up with the best and worst cell phones. here are the top three worst ones. the motorola moto, t-mobile my touch, and the kyocera jax. the best ones, the samsung impression. you can see how your phone rates aat -- at
6:44 am all right, a group is trying to find more photos and video worldwide, makehistory.national911memorial. org. steve: despite president obama's speech last night many lawmakers are still split on health care reform. and without major changes they won't vote for it. >> i'm not going to vote as it's written, step one. >> i think it will lead to everyone on a nationalized system like in canada, like in england. because with the huge government subsidies that would come with this -- steve: those two lawmakers are joining us right now. democratic congressman eric massa of new york and republican senator of wyoming.
6:45 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: congressman, i know that you have been a big supporter of the public option. and last night the president pretty much walked away from that. he said he'd like it in a perfect world but it doesn't sound like that's going to fly. how does that make you feel? and are you less likely to support the president's bill if there is no public option? >> well, that's not exactly what i heard. let's not call it a public option anymore. let's call at the time congressional option. and let's require every senator and every representative to be subject to whatever provisions of this plan become law. i'd like to take a moment to ask the senator if he would join me, as i have already done. i have forsaken the congressional health care benefits plan because i receive my health care as millions of other veterans do. i'd like to ask the senator and all of my colleagues to do the same. let's make it mandatory for congress and optional for the american people. senator, will you join me in
6:46 am
that? >> sounds like a democrat, just wanted to make something else mandatory. all they ever want to do is make something mandatory. i want to give americans choices. i want them to allow to buy insurance across state lines. i want to deal with the liability issues that former chairman dean says, oh, no, we're afraid to take that on. i think we need to look at this. it sounds like a democrat versus democrat debate in congress. i want to have change but not the things -- the president i think set up a false choice. he said either the status quo or this massive government takeover. i don't think we need that massive government takeover. but the status quo isn't enough. >> senator, you're not answering the question. how can you as a lawmaker receive taxpayer funded health care, a cadillac plan, when tens of millions of americans are being cut out of health insurance by incredibly high profit, private health insurance companies? >> tens of millions of americans ought to have the same insurance policy that members of congress
6:47 am
can. you ought to have those opportunities, those choices to members of the public. >> that's the problem here. rhetoric -- >> i've practiced medicine for 25 years. i've seen it all. steve: congressmen -- >> the senator will talk to the entire -- steve: ground rule. one at a time. >> then call time -- steve: senator, please. >> we have ideas that have to be heard. i asked him a simple question. and he twisted it into partisan politics. that's what we're seeing. steve: i've never seen that happen before. congressman, last night at the conclusion of his address, the president did talk about how, you know, i've heard a lot, we've all heard a lot, that tort reform could actually help in this situation. >> absolutely. steve: he talked about maybe he should look at it. are you for tort reform, essentially? >> personally, not only am i for it and talking about it, dozens
6:48 am
and dozens of town hall meetings, i like what some states have gone to where we have groups of doctors who stand between predatory lawyers and malfeasance insurance company and actually act to get rid of some of these incredible litigious lawsuits that drive up costs and force doctors to practice defensive medicine. it is a true bipartisan hand across the aisle. but as long as the other side stands in the well of the house and shouts and calls the president a liar, we will never find the solutions that we need to help the american people. steve: congressman, i do believe i heard the president last night say it's time to stop the bickering. >> i agree. steve: we all agree. steve: the problem is that early on the president made some deals. he made deals with big pharma, with the hospital group. >> all the lobbyists. all the people he criticizes. there he is, cutting deals, cutting out the american people. it's a disgrace.
6:49 am
steve: so what do we do about it? >> we bring the american people in. we say, what voices did we hear at town hall meetings all around the country? where people said we don't want a government takeover. we want some changes. we want reform. we want more choices. we want to be able to buy insurance across state lines. we don't think we should penalize people who buy their own insurance. but you've got to deal with these massive expenses of medicine and lawsuit abruce abuse. steve: we thank you both for joining us. >> early in the morning. thank you very much. steve: yes, indeed. and the senator from wyoming. thank you, guys. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, reports out this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton hates her job, according to one newspaper, and is ready to quit. what she'd rather be doing may surprise you. and a high school football coach charged with killing one of his players by pushing the team too hard. should he be held responsible? and former cowboys coach jimmy
6:50 am
johnson is here with his take, plus a sneak peek into the nfl season that kicks off tonight. jimmy, you're next. come on. . paying $8 a day for lunch can add up fast. so i'm packing my own lunch now-- for less than $3. thanks to walmart. just two times a week saves my family over $500 a year. save money. live better. walmart.
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brian firefighters in california racing to set backfires. arson caused wildfire. yes, arearson, has been burningr more than two weeks now. and has charred 160,000 acres it also claimed the lives of two firefighters apple chief steve jobs is back. giving a sneak peek at the newest market. i pod nano complete with video camera. i tunes softball and iphone. highly anticipated unveiling
6:54 am
took place at media event yesterday in new york where we are. speaking of new york, look who is here. reckless homicide and endangerment, those are the charges against ex-high school football coach stenson. he is on trial for the death of a player who died from overheating three days after practice. meanwhile stenson faces 10 years in prison if convicted. what impact will this have on coaches in general? let's talk to jimmie johnson nfl head coach and analyst. he is here with us today getting ready for another nfl season. >> the difficult thing today is you know, the size of players, you know, with the nutrition, with all they are doing to try to maximize their performance, you know, there has got to be concerns. i always deferred to the doctors or trainers. i never made a decision whether or not a player went on the field or practiced. i talked to the doctor can he practice and the trainer should he practice?
6:55 am
doctor says it's too hot. we have to make sure we pull back and going to get dehydrated. the doctors and the trainers have got to make those decisions. steve. brian: you would watch in the 60's and 70's no water all summer. >> you must be weak. what do you mean you need some water? get back on the field. but that was the old days. brian: absolutely, jimmy, talk about the old days and season in particular. so much the intrigue, michael vick, going to be back in a couple of weeks. i know you are in support of letting him back. in what kind of impact do you think he will have. >> i don't think he will be a big impact early in the season unless mcnabb goes down to injury. later in the season he might be. the biggest influence that the eagles is going to have right now is teams are going to to defend against the wild cat and what if they see michael vick. they will have donovan mcnabb. mcnabb will be so much better because people won't be working on him in the standard offense. brian: he is the one to ho said
6:56 am
to his unbelievable credit bring michael vick in. even though they will be chaptering his name. proctor and gamble now has official locker room products of the nfl. stuff that's even in your house? >> in my house in every locker room in the nfl. you get up in the morning got the fusion jill let raiser. head and shoulders for the hair. you know i got to take care of my hair. brian: what's going on there? >> splash a little old spice. these football players have got to look good and smell good leaving that locker room. brian: there are things i want to do as a football player but smell like them is not one of them. you smell fine. >> that's why i use febreeze to make sure you smell good. brian: are you clearly the most valuable person on nfl sunday? >> without question. do you think michael bradshaw. brian: absolutely not. >> fox nfl sunday is the best.
6:57 am
brian: great seeing you. >> i smell good, too. brian: i say yes for the people at home. i will tell you -- put it on twitter. straight ahead in the next hour of "fox & friends." congressman joe wilson shouted you lie during the president's speech last night. he apologized but our next guest aaron standard there. didn't nancy pelosi call the cia liars? remember the weaningers some went golfing in bermuda. update on where they are going at the top of the hour. employee. we're gonna start using fedex to ship globally-- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football... i just don't understand... i'm sorry dick butkus. (announcer) we understand. you want to grow internationally. fedex express
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gretchen: good morning, everyone. thursday, september 10th, 2009. thank you for sharing your time with us today. let me tell you what is happening right now. a congressional outburst over health care. >> reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. [boos] >> not true.
7:01 am
gretchen: a congressman shouting out you lie during the president's speech last night. was he out of line? we are going to report and let you decide. brian: acorn back at it. what were they caught on camera doing? this time it's shocking to even some of them. steve: meanwhile activist groups showing identities by showing the cia agent pictures to terrorists. >> pictures of cia agents to terrorists, al qaeda terrorists. >> not true. that's not true. >> what are you doing then? what is the john adams project. >> why are you following me around into a drugstore? steve: to ask you the question. why is it happening? we will have the details straight ahead. our slogan this hour comes from chris in iowa. coffee gets my bump apumping watching "fox & friends" let's me learn a little something. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute
7:02 am
brian: one minute amp the top of the hour. gretchen back in and ready to go go. everything is on hyper speed especially after the speech last night to the joint session in congress. gretchen: big speech last night top story. illinois congressman joe wilson shocking washington last night when he yelled out during obama's speech you lie. some democrats now calling for his resignation. steve: but when house speaker nancy pelosi called the cia liars and congress called president bush a liar, was there outrage there? brian: joining us right now from washington, d.c. wilson's fellow congressman aaron shock. congressman. >> good morning. gretchen, brian, and steve good to be with you. brian: especially late last night with the speech and follow up and impact it's made. first off we know congressman wilson said listen, i apologize. called rahm emanuel. you would say there was ill advised to yell that out, correct? >> yes. i definitely think the behavior was not in keeping with the
7:03 am
decorum of the house. but, look, anybody who has watched president bush's state of the union address last eight years would have to admit that the democratic side of the aisle was anything but well-behaved. so, you know, it's certainly not appropriate for members of the house to shout out like that during the president's speech. but for anyone who suggest that a claim that someone is lying is out of bounds in this chamber or in this environment in washington hasn't been paying attention for the last couple of years. steve: or paying attention to what's been going on across the country with all these town halls where people are shouting out at their lawmakers. for people who did miss it, here is the president in the well of the house when congressman wilson barked out you lie. listen. >> there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this, too, is false. [boos] >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are
7:04 am
here illegally. >> you lie. [boos] steve: the speaker's jaw dropped and every head in the place swistled around there. >> well, apparently she doesn't have a problem -- she has a problem with people challenging her leadership and her president but she doesn't have a problem challenging the leadership and the president of the last administration. so i do think there is a double standard there. but, you know, i really think last night the president failed to bring the country together and certainly to bring the congress together on the common growngeted he talked a lot about the 80% that we agree on. why don't we draw up a bill? why don't we pass a bill on that 80%. you saw the house and the senate, both sides rise up in ovation when he talked about regulatory reform in the insurance agency, tort reform. preexisting conditions issues. those are things republicans and democrats agree on. let's move forward on those bipartisan agreement issues and leave things like the public option and these very far left partisan issues to decide.
7:05 am
gretchen: congress, i just want to read the apology that congressman wilson put out last night. gretchen: i think most people would agree this was not the forum for that kind of a statement to be made and i'm sure the congressman, as he stated there feels very badly about it last night and this morning. let me talk to you though about the essence of the speech. because one thing that a lot of people felt was missing last night was specifics and description of how to pay for this health care reform. your thoughts? >> >> well, gretchen, you hit the nail on the head. when we talked about honesty. i thought it was a little duplicitous that the president talked in his speech about confronting those people who spread lies and innuendos and misinformation about his speech at the same time he started out his speech by saying his plan
7:06 am
would add not a single dime to the nation's deficit and would be paid for completely upfront. to even republicans who have health care plans admit their plans cost money and add to the deficit. if the president is not willing to have an honest debate and discussion about what his plan will cost, i don't know how we get any further into the woods in the details of his plans. you are right, his speech last night was, again, more platitudes, more ballot-tested, 30 second sound bites but really failed to come up with a new plan that america can get behind. it was very similar to the ideals expressed in house bill 3200 which was vetted over the month of august in town hall and congressional districts throughout the country and overwhelming opposition to the president's plan. that's why the democrats in this house with a 50-seat majority can't pass their bill because the american people don't support it. we need a new plan last night. not a new speech. >> he was in the well. we watched it at home. so it was great having your
7:07 am
perspective, congressman aaron shrock of illinois. >> great to be with you. steve: just crossing our urgent files bill burton tells fox that wilson's apology has been accepted following the outburst last night. interestingly enough, according to that looks at whether things are true or not they looked at the comment would illegals be able to get health care insurance under that and the bill does specifically mention illegals in affordability credits. they will not be able to get them. affording to the federation of immigration reform they say illegals would be permitted to purchase national health insurance because there is not a mechanism for verifying whether or not you are a citizen. so, under the public option, according to fair, they could get health care.
7:08 am
gretchen: according to the "new york post" this morning, hillary clinton, remember that name? well, she is secretary of state. is she fed up with being the secretary of state? much has been made in recent months about the fact that maybe she has been overshadowed. we all know that barack obama became president. but then many people applauded the fact that he named her as secretary of state. but where has she been recently? and now some are saying, at least the "new york post" this morning that she may want to return to the senate. i believe that she may actually still want to be president of the united states. and i think there could be some interesting fireworks, especially if this health care reform situation doesn't go so well for president obama. will hillary clinton challenge him for president. forget that senator stuff. what about president? been. brian: like carter did. hillary clinton said she is getting very frustrated at the lack of confirmations and lack of staff people that she has working at the state department because the confirmation has been so slow. she also says she has very little control, according to the source at the "new york post"
7:09 am
over the special envoys that have been like richard holbrook that have been put in place and the one in afghanistan and, you know, pakistan, everywhere else has a special envoy. they are not really answering to the secretary of state. steve: you are not the boss of me as they would say on malkin in the middle. brian: which is off the air. steve: it's on in syndication. it's on in re-runs. if you watched the speech last night, and you saw it right here on fox, what did you think? did he change your mind regarding whether or not you think it is a good idea to reform health care? email us right now or twitter us as well? gretchen: that group as well the independents. did it change their mind. most people on the left or right will stay where they are. he said god wanted him to hijack the plane. mexican police say 44-year-old floor he see a bolivian preacher told them he hijacked a flight from cancun to mexico city because god told him to warn mexican president felipe calderon of an upcoming
7:10 am
catastrophic earthquake. the jet luckily safely, no one was hurt. investigators looking for new clues to the jaycee dugard case. they are searching three properties where kidnapped suspect phillip garrido did business. they combed through an home in pittsburgh and auto yard seizing dvds and a computer. homeowners are not suspects but they are angry about all the suspicion. >> i don't understand why they came here like that. because there is no link between us and him. other than business and mine is printing products. >> that couple saw dugard and her two daughters numerous times over a 10-year period. >> three ethnic muslim uighurs held at guantanamo have decided to be relocated to palau. hope the other 10 will follow suit. putting the administration one step closer to closing gitmo. china furious it wants the uighurs sent to them so they can
7:11 am
prosecute the uighurs. they say the uighurs were planning attacks intending to weaken control over providences. congress calling for all czars to have to testify in front of congress. patrick mchenry says the czars have authority to make high level decisions so there needs to be process. van jones was forced to resign over the weekend. he stepped down in light of controversial comments and revelation that he signed that petition alleging that our own government played a role in the 9/11 attacks. the housing market may have bottomed out now. the number of foreclosure filings held steady from july to august at 18% over repossessions actually dropped a little. analysts warn 0 days is not a trend and say recovery could be long and slow. well, jelly fish a weapon? police in florida say yep, they arrested keith edward marriott who started hurling jelly fish
7:12 am
at people on the beach. police charged him with carrying a concealed weapon. he was drunk with jelly fish. brian: maybe it was a man owe war. those are the ones that sting and hurt. 11 minutes after the hour. steve: acorn is back in the spotlight. how will they explain this one? apparently caught on camera, several members of acorn are, teaching people to avoid paying taxes and writing off prostitution as a business expense. we're not making that up. we will show you the tape straight ahead. brian: tomorrow marks the eighth anniversary of 9/11 or as we mark that day. former governor george pataki was there. he is live here to talk about how that tragic day is becoming politicized and more there is the governor and that's our new hall.
7:13 am
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brian: thanks for waking up with us. president obama has strong words for critics of his health care plan during last night's address to a joint session of congress. listen. >> i will not waste time with those that have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan than to improve it i won't stand by while the special interest use the same old tactics to keep things exactly the way they are. if you have misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out. gretchen: is he trying to silence the people that he can't sell the reform ideas to? former new york governor george pataki is our guest on the couch this morning. good morning, governor. >> good morning, gretchen. nice to be with you. gretchen: thank you. i know you got to see the speech after the september 11th event. >> there was a wonderful dinner for the memorial for september 11th and then i saw the speech. gretchen: president obama basically just said i'm going to call you out if i criticize my plan and you say things that are not true about the plan. how did you take that? >> this was supposed to be the big outreach. the effort to reach to both sides of congress and to the
7:17 am
american people in a way that would bring us together, which is what we needed. but here, instead, you just saw in that clip, if you happen to disagree or question elements of the plan, he is going to call you out. now, that's not the way you have an open discussion on a very important issue. i think that's what we need. it's not a question if we have to pass it tomorrow. it's a question of when health care reform is passed we should do it right. brian: when they do that you would think this type of speech, some were saying the tone of that speech, people like senator lynsey graham used to -- he was upset with the rancor he heard. this should have happened in july if you everywhere going to make that type of speech it? >> should have happened in may. one of the points that's been missed i think it's been since may that the republican leaders in congress have been called to the white house to talk about the health care bill. and if you are trying to accomplish something on a bipartisan basis, and that's what should be done, you need to compromise, you need to reach out, you need to understand differences and not say if you happen to disagree with an element of the plan like the
7:18 am
public option, that you are demonizing it or trying to stop it that's not the case. gretchen: president obama did extend the olive branch to republicans last night in a slight way when he was talking about tort reform. he got a standing ovation for quite some time. >> right. gretchen: he encouraged people to come to him to discuss. this i know that you are no longer in public office although you would like to be in this public debate, if you were a senator right now, what would you say to the president. >> i would advance an aggressive tort reform package right now. a number of states have passed them. and i would take a model that has worked in a state, texas has had one. florida has had one. here, it's working in one of our large states. let's incorporate it into the bill and, if, in fact, do you that, then we have a sign that you are acting in good faith. but, you know, it's one thing to say, you know, bring me in an idea. it's another thing when the idea is brought to you to be responsive to it and incorporate it into the bill. when president obama does that, if he does that then i will say ok, there truly is an effort to
7:19 am
reach across the party lines here. brian: 9/11, eighth year, we mark it tomorrow. are you concerned about being remembered? >> i am. i know there was an effort by some on the left to hijack the memory of september 11th with this idea of a national day of service. you know, one of the things that i think about on september 11th, one is the sense of loss, of course, the other is the sense of unit how we came together and everybody put aside their personal interest in the public interest. so, in that sense, remembering september 11th for the unit and commitment to help each other is a positive thing. let's not forget that it was an act of extreme violence that killed almost 3,000 people. and don't be hugging each other and saying let's engage in kum ba yah. let's understand we are engaged in a war against those who have attacked us before and want to attack us again. gretchen: the war on terror remains a debateable topic. even the topic the war on
7:20 am
terror. former governor of new york, george pataki, an honor to have you sit on the couch this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: considering running for senate. get more on that soon. activist group showing pictures of cia agents to terrorists. why are they doing this? should they be put in jail that group is confronted by a bill o'reilly producer. gretchen: amazing pictures just released from hubble telescope. we will show you more of these incredible images. right back. [ moos ] [ man announcing ] if you think about it, this is what makes theladders different from other job search sites. we only want the big jobs. welcome to theladders.
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steve: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. in his speech last night president obama promising to replace acrimony with civility. >> partisan skeptical. scare tactics. bickering, misinformation. bogus claims.
7:24 am
demagoguery. tall tales. we will call you out. steve: so, did he accomplish that mission trying to sell america on health care. peter johnson jr. is here with the prescription for truth today. so they're keeping an eye on people who if you don't tell the truth about it, in his estimation, they are going to call you out. >> you know, i guess so. and i guess people should be afraid of that. what i was hoping and anticipating and praying for yesterday was s. that we would hear four words. i hear you, america. in reference to the people that have spoken out in town halls across the country. steve: right. >> instead, i don't think we received any more details about the plan. the public option remains as part of the president's proposal. on top of that, we were treated not to moral situation. not to moral argument. but really kind of a very partisan attack talking about people who have been lying.
7:25 am
talking about scary tactics. talking about demagoguery. talking about misinformation. about 10 different adjectives or nowns describing the first kind of political shenanigans that he attributes to people objecting to his health care plan. steve: there is a whole political party seated on the right side of the aisle for the most part object to it last night when he said, you know, give me your plan, show me your plan. a whole bunch of them actually had the republican plan and they were holding it up like would you like to read this? we have got a copy, mr. president. >> they were waving it. so, obviously, it was a long, well-crafted speech. but, did it achieve its goal of providing something new on the table? i know when the president goes to a joint session of congress, that shows control. that shows an ownership of the subject matter. but, has the subject matter changed in any fashion? a lot of people on the center and on the right were looking to
7:26 am
see if the president could break loose of the bonds that elected him. the hard left that propelled him in the primaries are saying, listen, you must have the public option. you must stick to your guns on this issue, congressional black caucus, move on, a hard -- a lot of hard left organizations, a lot in congress on the democratic side say we are not going to vote for health care unless you put a government-run health care in to this plan. steve: sure. >> a lot of people are saying, mr. president, break free of that. come to the center and with consensus. he didn't break free. he didn't come to the center. he moved hard left and he continued to attack. steve: he attacked the right. stop with the scary business. listen. >> we have also seen in these last months, same partisan spectacle that only hardens the disdain many americans have
7:27 am
towards their own government. instead of honest debate, we have seen scare tactics. steve: i know, you know, ultimately he probably wanted to bring everybody together but it was a political speech. >> by its nature it's a political speech. there is a dissen an cremplet. if you are going to seek harmony while at the same time sticking to your guns and saying this is my position. there has to be a consistent approach. there can't be one hand you slap and then extend half a hand. entire hand has be extended to american people. has to be an understanding that the plan has not changed. his commitment to it may vin ceased but the plan has not changed. and we will continue to talk about it we will hear more details in the days to come. not too many last night though. steve: all right, peter johnson jr. tomorrow with the prescription for truth. all right. truth, justice, the american way, yes, indeed. there they are. brian and gretchen.
7:28 am
in the green room. >> all right. steve. thanks a lot. check this out. it's not osama bin laden. who this well-known terrorist is and the terrifying theory on why he is changing his appearance now. brian: acorn caught on camera again. undercover video teaching people to avoid paying taxes and write off illegal immigrants. plus. gretchen: we have our hand on the new beatles rock band. show me how to play this thing, do you know? brian: i can't do it but can i try. we are going to teach to you be like the beatles and ringo. paul mccartney had to redo a lot of the tracts. this is not playing? gretchen: that sounds fantastic. gretchen: we will work on it in the break and we'll be rightam back with "fox & friends." and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
7:29 am
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7:32 am
steve: there is a lot of acorn news that we have got today. first of all, there were down in florida in homestead, florida. apparently arrest warrants were issued for 11 people working with acorn. apparently they had falsified some voter registration things, including apparently one person they talked into putting down your name is paul newman, right? brian: who had passed away already. gretchen: i thought they changed the name of acorn. weren't they talking about calling it something else. words that work. people had a negative connotation with the name acorn. imagine that. check out new video coming in to us from baltimore where the person on the tape is speaking
7:33 am
to somebody about how they can sort of hide different things that are illegal and make them legal. like prostitution. brian: and taxes. >> there is a code for. >> a code for prostitution. >> name it something else. >> we can do this. how about if you want to do that, ok, you have got other amusement and recreational services. >> we could probably classify recreational. >> she knows her stuff. she was saying we can classify this not as prostitution. >> exactly. >> but as recreation? >> no, performing arts. >> if anyone asks yous, your business is performing arts. >> performing arts. which you are. ok? so you are not lying. >> i tell do not ever, be proud of it. steve: so you have got this video made by these undercover
7:34 am
filmmakers. one person was pretending that is he an aspiring politician. the other said i'm a prostitute. and there we just heard the person from acorn trying to suggest how to skirt the law, pardon' the pun go ahead, prostitution, put down correct correct -- recreational services. those clothes, i'm sure that's a business deduction as well. brian: that's as bad as it gets, right? steve: no. there is more. brian: did you bring them with you? steve: yes, here they are telling the acorn employees they will be housing underage girls. how do they get around that. listen to this. i want to ask you a question. there is another variable here we should talk to you about complicate our taxes we have got a couple girl girls overseas coming over, you know what i mean? they are very young. we don't want to put them on the books. >> where are they from? >> from el salvador. there is like 13 of them. >> [inaudible] live in your
7:35 am
house under 16. you are taking care of them. so you can use that as a -- >> what if they are making money because they are performing tricks. >> if they are making money and under age shouldn't nobody know anyway. you shouldn't be letting anyone know anyway. [inaudible] reason on your taxes to help lower -- >> with your girls, you tell them, be careful. train them to keep their mouth shut. gretchen: one thing to keep in mind when you are watching this outrageous video that's your taxpayer dollars at work. taxpayer dollars funding acorn to suggest illegal behavior to undercover document you tarrens. i would be intrigues to know how many other snippets. brian: what if i brought girls over here from overseas that are underage. good idea. write them off as dependents and train them to keep their mouths
7:36 am
shut. steve: we should point out that apparently the authorities have not reviewed the tape yet. and no charges so far, if there are any, and can't you imagine there would be some? brian: see the body language of one guy heard it all before. gretchen: to have an answer so quickly is what was stunning to me. it seemed as if the documentarian people come up with outrage just examples prostitution and housing el salvador and girls 16 years old. it's crazy. we will continue to follow this story to you and bring you more. one thing we have learned about is john adams project. have you learned about this yet? apparently in the last couple of weeks we have been telling you about how some of these lawyers going down to their clients at prisoners at guantanamo bay and allegedly showing them pictures of covert cia operatives. that's against the law to be able to do that. well, one producer for "the o'reilly factor" tried to track down this aclu lawyer and ask her why are you doing this?
7:37 am
>> you are showing pictures of cia agents to terrorists, al qaeda terrorists that's just despicable. >> that's not true. >> what are you doing, what is the john adams project. >> why are you fog me around in the drugstore. >> ma'am, you hired research to follow cia agents around and take pictures and show them to al qaeda terrorists. the same people who caused september 11th. that is despicable. >> that's not true and what you are doing is despicable. >> take issue 's of cia agents and show them to terrorists. >> that's not what they did. what they did is try to find out hot names and identities of the people who tortured illegally tortured people: the people who took pictures found the information public source information and tried to find out who the torturers were. >> torturers or the people trying to keep us safe? >> sir, you are making me feel threatened. get out of my face.
7:38 am
brian: terrorists and concerned that the cia agents might have their -- per pe trait intense investigations. steve: didn't somebody get in trouble for revealing valerie plame's identification? we should point out that the guy doing that great interview was dan banks of the o'reilly show. he was speaking there in the parking lot of cvs to a woman by the name of nina ginsburg. she is with the john adams organization. -- project. gretchen: brian, kick off. brian: looks like osama bin laden perhaps, it's not. it's khalid sheik mohammed the tubby guy we caught in a t-shirt. lost weight and looks like his idol. experts say al qaeda circulating these pictures on his web sites to encourage new attacks against the u.s. the photo taken by the red cross at gitmo for his family. red cross taking pictures, good. steve: thanks for helping, people. another hero's welcome for the recently released lockerbie
7:39 am
bomber at the libyan hospital where he is being treated for prostrate cancer. 40 del gantz of the african union including its speaker applauded al megrahi. he was the victim of international justice. released on compassionate grounds after seven years in the scottish prison. gretchen: california state assembly man calls it quits after shocking comments caught on camera. the married michael duvall caught makes remarks about women. one was apparently a lobbyist. he apparently didn't realize a nearby microphone was hot during the legislative meeting. steve? steve: take a look at some of those spectacular shots of the universe you are going to see thanks to the newly fixed hubble telescope. nasa says this right here is a new butterfly shaped galaxy. galaxy isn't new the picture is the photos, the first since the hubble was repaired.
7:40 am
they are sharper than any images taken before. as for the space shuttle discovery it is scheduled to land today there are some storms down in florida that could cause a delay. now, in show biz news, gretchen. gretchen: paula abdul left "american idol" over salary disputes. so, drum roll. who is her replacement? right there, comedian ellen degeneres. she made the announcement on daytime talk show saying she will speak for the people from judge's chair. >> who is going to relate to that person. i'm hopefully going to be that voice of what we're all doing at home. [cheers and applause] gretchen: of all the people i would have never guess the ellen degeneres. gretchen: randy jackson live at the top of our hour here to weigh in on the big announcement. gretchen: brian, that was a good booking. brian: i worked hard on it have you ever seen randy jackson not happy. have you ever seen mallory jackson not happy.
7:41 am
outstanding intern from northwestern university who has to say goodbye today. congratulations on a wonderful summer for us and for choosing sports over that really ugly weather thing that you could have done. >> absolutely. brian: have you been unbelievable intern. i want you to go entertain us with the sports. >> she is the youngest tennis player in a decade to reach the quarter finals at the u.s. open. could american tennis teen sensation mellowed move closer to winning it all. alec baldwin on hand to cheer her on but it wasn't enough. here at match point, oudin one of three unforced errors. winning six sets 6-2-622. derrick derek jeter has findly caught the iron horse. all time hit list with lou
7:42 am
gehrig after collecting three hits win over tampa bay. jeter's single hitter matched gehrig's hits in pinstripes. he will go for the record friday night at home against the orioles. brian: that was a cut away of his family. also, we should say both teams actually cheered him. go ahead. >> absolutely. is it possible to keep a secret anymore in the age of twitter? apparently the answer is no. brown's coach, eric mangini finally informing quarterbacks brady quinn and derrick anderson on his decision of who will start the team's opener. mangini wanted to keep the game secret because of the bill's competitive edge. congratulation congratulations brady quinn on winning the job. they face the browns on saturday. brian: unbelievable intern.
7:43 am
>> take a photo. steve: her mom. brian: she is going to post them on her facebook page. good luck. brian: huge bright future. if they want to twitter you. >> mallory l. jackson actually on twitter. brian: tell us what's coming up next. gretchen: congratulations mallory. we know how to prevent swine flu. what happens if you or your kids actually get it. can you say quarantine? dr. manny here to explain five things you need to know as a parent. don't miss this. steve: g.o.p. was the butt of dozens of jabs. how are they reacting? michael steele is here. gretchen: aflac trivia question of the day.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
gretchen: that's what's on the top of so many parents' minds right now, the swine flu. 40 kids have died from the h1n1 virus since spring. with kids now back at school, the chances of swine flu spreading, of course, much higher. steve: what should parents do if their kids get the virus. dr. manny alvarez is the managing editor of fox is he here with the top five things parents need to do if their kids have the swine fluvment number one thing? quarantine. >> isolate the child from other children. isolate the child from other members of the family. remember, this is a very contagious type of flu. look at a quarantine protocol. go to our web site and we will tell you how to do it. basically one of the things is put the child in a room if you can, clean all the surfaces, separate the toiletries different tooth brushes. you don't share anything. if you have to go into the room, when you do is put a mask on the child and gloves so you can go ahead and change everything in
7:48 am
the room. but isolation is really key in not spreading this flu around the family. gretchen: a lot maybe made about this drug called tamiflu and whether or not that's a good thing for kids. it's my understanding that you have to give it almost within the first 48 hours for it to be effective. >> that's the whole key. we are saying if the child gets the diagnosis of the flu. so that if you -- if a child has a fever and he has flu-like symptoms. if you can get tamiflu within 24-4 hours. it will be great. it reduces the length of the severity of the flu. this is the conversation that i would have already with my peed trights. you know, primary care physician so that you know that you have the tamiflu available in your local pharmacy and you have the prescription standing by just in case, especially if there are many outbreaks in your community. steve: also, hydrate and control the fever. this is something we all know about it. dr. manny, is the cut off 101 degrees? >> in children, 101, 102, you start to get worried because you get dehydration.
7:49 am
at the end of the day one of the signs and symptoms of the flu is high fever. you want to make sure that you treat the fever, of course, and, you know, no aspirin. tie ledge or ibuprofen. check with your doctor and keep he can whiching the hydration. fluids and one of the ways to do that is also to monitor how many times the child goes to the bathroom. right? because we drink water, we have to go to the bathroom. if the child is not going to the bathroom on a regular basis, then call the doctor because that might be a sign of dehydration at that point in time. gretchen: also call the dock for if the child looks peal or dusty and the. >> breathing. shallow breathing, fast breathing,. can't catch your breath. a pail color. all of those things telling you maybe something wrong with maybe not breathing correctly. call the doctor, and finally you can go -- you can't go back to school if you are not fever-free for at least 24 to 48 hours. that's the key. even though you might be feeling a little bit better, you have
7:50 am
got to make sure that you stay home for that extra 24 hours. steve: absolutely. you don't want to infect everybody else. dr. manny alvarez goes to fox sir, always a pleasure. >> thank you. cigarettes. gretchen: lots of reaction to the president's big speech speaking on health. up next rnc chair michael steele joins us with his take. top of the hour america's mayor rudy giuliani live. steve: september 10th, 1998, president bill clinton apologized for to his cabinet for the low enski affair and lying about it 1983 maniac from the movie flash dance, number one record in america. . ♪
7:51 am
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7:54 am
brian: in answer to the aflac question of the day, arnold palmer. >> rather than making more on claims about a government takeover of health care, we should work together to address any legitimate concerns you may have. brian: that was president obama asking republicans about his health care concerns. steve: for reaction, we have michael steele from washington, dc. what did you think? >> i thought it was a typical, a presidential speech. saying a lot of stuff, but not given you any real meat to wrap your head around. the one thing that stood up to me was the partisanship that he brought to the discussion. standing in congress, where he needs every vote he can get, to
7:55 am
start throwing out the bush administration, basically, if you disagree with me, i am going to call you out. that is not the way to do this when you want to convince people that they need the government to run health care. brian: he brought up senator kennedy, senator hatch and senator mccain, saying that they used to reach across the aisle and cut deals. how come he did not do this in may? >> exactly. we offered to sit down with the president and house leadership to put together a comprehensive strategy to go forward. they have yet to have that meeting. all of this, we want to work with you, let's all get along, it is typical washington stuff.
7:56 am
it is saying one thing and doing another thing. nancy pelosi and harry reid are running things. and then they are pointing the finger and saying that we are not playing nice with them. we want to move forward, like america does, with a strategy that brings common-sense approaches to solving the overall health care crisis so that people can have confidence in the health-care system. steve: i thought it was interesting the president saying to republicans, i have some ideas and a bunch of people started holding up pieces of paper. >> what is killing me is those members on the republican side, they have offered some 800 amendments and individual pieces of legislation to say, this is our contribution.
7:57 am
everything has been rejected. they say we have some ideas. i think at this point, what we are prepared to do, to attend the president up on his offer is to extend opportunity to sit down with him and work on health care. we are ready if they are. brian: thank you, michael steele. steve: more reaction to the president's speech with former presidential candidate rudy giuliani. brian: and caught on tape, bernie madoff trying to fool the sec. so why are federal lawyers apologizing? some big changes also heading to "american idol."
7:58 am
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gretchen: we hope you are having a fabulous morning. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute congress showing emotion during president obama's speech. >> reforms you are opposing would not apply to those here illegally. >> you lie! gretchen: did you catch that? a commerce member accusing the president of being a liar. steve: and should two of america's biggest enemies, muammar al-qaddafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad, be allowed into the united states for a united nations meeting? brian: guess who is the newest
8:02 am
"american idol" judge? randy jackson is here to talk about it. and a man in the kentucky says that we are the best news station. gretchen: good morning, everyone. a big news day because of the health care reform speech last night. someone shaking off the dust is mike emanuel. mike emanuel has the speech and how it all went down. one thing the president said was he was going to give specifics. there was also lot of discussion about the public option. first of all, specifics, did he give them? >> he did go into detail, which is something that everyone said he needed to do. the question is whether or not that moved the american public
8:03 am
in favor of reform, or whether it remains unpopular with many americans. the reality is, he does not have the votes in the senate to get the public option, and suggested he would not go to the mac for it. >> we should remain open to other ideas that accomplished our ultimate goal. to our republican friends, rather than making one claims about a government takeover of health care, we should address any legitimate concerns you might have. ,?ps ñiwhat does the gop feel abe
8:04 am
40-minute speech last night? >> a lot of people felt like it went on too long last night. the suggestion that he was agreeable to tort reform, that may have just been a gesture in the speech and may not be that serious charles boustany, the congressman from indiana, said republicans like reform, too. >> the american gitmo one health care reform, but they won their elected leaders to make it right. most americans wanted the president to tell the congress that it was time to start over on a common-sense, bipartisan plan, focus on lowering the cost of health care while improving quality. >> so his point is we do not
8:05 am
need another big, bloated bureaucracy. steve, thank you. -- steve: thank you. the big moment was when joe wilson felt that that was the moment that she should yell, " you lie" when the president was talking about this health care covering illegal aliens. >> there are also those who claim our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. this, too, is false. >> you lie! steve: if looks could kill. brian: joe wilson later said that he apologized and should
8:06 am
not have said it. he said that she apologized to rahm emanuel and that they accepted his apology. gretchen: no doubt this is how the congressman feels. whether it was the correct place to do is another thing. i am not so sure that this was the right place to yell out, you lie. steve: we did have a congressman on one hour ago. here is his reaction to the outburst. >> i definitely think it was not in keeping of the decorum of the house. anyone who has watched president bush boss state of the union address would have to agree that the democratic side of the aisle was anything but well-behaved. brian: everyone started laughing
8:07 am
also when he said that they needed to work out some details. steve: there could be some fallout for the congressman in south carolina. since he made those comments, his opponent has received 3000 contributions totaling $100,000. gretchen: that happens every time there is a controversy. no doubt some will call it -- contributor to wilson as well. -- contribute to wilson as well. caught on audio tape, bernie madoff coaching potential witnesses on how to evade the sec. take a listen as he talked about the dangers of leaving the paper trail. >> first of all, this conversation never took place.
8:08 am
gretchen: the sec issued an apology and said that agents should have discovered the scam years ago. a congressman calling for all of president obama's czars to testify before congress. patrick mchenry says that they have all kinds of powers to make decisions, so there needs to be a confirmation process. the president's choices have come under fire, including van jones, who stepped down in mind that he had some controversial issues in his background. andrew card, former chief of staff for president bush, says that he is considering running for a senate seat in massachusetts. >> i would like to run. i do not know how to be more candid. these types of things are not easy to address, but they will
8:09 am
be addressed. gretchen: republican state senator scott brown, who announced his candidacy, said that he would back off if card ran. 62 republicans in the south carolina house have written to gov. mark sanford saying that he should lead voluntarily. he continues to refuse to resign. and a big crowd was on hand at the lincoln center for a tribute for walter cronkite. former president bill clinton remembered a gesture that martha's vineyard during the monica lewinsky scandal. >> we will go out. he said, somebody might take a picture of it, but so what. i will never forget that. at the time, i could have done
8:10 am
with a picture with walter cronkite. [laughter] gretchen: and president obama also spoke at the event, noting how walter cronkite downplayed his reputation as the most trusted man in america. he had a busy day yesterday. there in new york, and then back to washington for that speech. brian: there is some big news we are talking about. paula abdul is gone as a judge on "american idol." now it seems that ellen degeneres will be the new replacement. what does she think about it? >> i see myself as someone who relates to the music, so
8:11 am
hopefully, i can be that voice of what we all want to hear at home. brian: randy jackson will be on the judge's bench with ellen. randy jackson is with us. how do you feel about the new judge? >> dude, i love her. i have known her for a long time. she is going to bring a different perspective to the people. it is going to be fun. brian: but she is not a music expert, is that ok? >> she can be the voice of the people amongst us. there is enough musical experts to go around. brian: mayor, do you want to weigh-in?
8:12 am
>> i don't think they want me on the show. brian: a want to talk to you about something, the reason that you three are together. cities for service. randy, you are trying to get people involved in volunteering. mayor bloomberg, how can we get more people to volunteer? >> people want to volunteer and organizations need them, but no one knows how to get together. that is what we can do. if you are great at working with kids, you can be a mentor. if you are great with your hands, you could help plant some trees. if you want to work in your neighborhood, you could go to the senior home and help them with explaining the flu shots. neighborhoods want to get to
8:13 am
getogether. brian: how do people find out how to get involved? some people to not know where to start. >> every city has a unique way to get involved. we have a website that invites people to connect their talents with the needs of the community. of course, the city provides so many safety nets and there are many ways in which we can reduce the burden. i would encourage you to go to your local city website. brian: mr. mayor, thank you. if you want to find out more about what randy jackson gives back to the people of new orleans, look it up.
8:14 am
thank you, everyone. president obama made his push for health care. how did he do? rudy giuliani reacts live. millions of your hard-earned tax dollars washed away. the money was meant to say it beaches. bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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8:17 am
gretchen: the president making his big sales pitch for health care reform last night. he concluded something that through some for a loop. >> many in the chamber, particularly on the republican side, have insisted that reforming malpractice laws can bring down the cost of health care. i do not think this is a silver bullet but i have spoken to in the doctors to no defensive medicine may be contributing to costs.
8:18 am
gretchen: so will the president include tort reform in his reform package? rudy giuliani is with me this morning. i think some were surprised to see the president reached out ostensibly to republicans by acknowledging that tort reform has been expensive. >> it was a good thing to do. he had taken it off the table originally, saying he wanted to work bipartisan day, and now he has put it back on the table. maybe he will do in a couple of states as a demonstration project, but the whole speech was not specific. i know less what he wants to do than i did before. gretchen: wasn't the goal to tell the american public the specifics of the plann? >> we are spending slightly less money, covering more people, but
8:19 am
it will be deficit neutral. that is the biggest question to me. how could it be deficit neutral? you have to tell me what you are going to cut in order to pay for the $900 billion. gretchen: he did not mention that he may have to tax the american people to pay for it. so the cost part of and, if indeliberate, -- of it, is the president being delivered in not mentioning it? >> definitely. taxes will go up on small businesses. the only way to cut costs is to take things away from people. most people getting health care are in the senior citizens category. he does not want to mention that
8:20 am
because there will be a revolution. >> he said 5% of the population would take -- gretchen: he said 5% of the population would take a public option if they could. do you believe that? >> no, i believe it will be greater. if an employer can get a cheaper option by not offering insurance, he will let them go to the government. gretchen: we want to continue with rudy giuliani. americans outraged over the release of lockerbie bomber. should muammar al-qaddafi be allowed on american soil? i know what i think, but what does the former mayor think? and more incredible images from the hubble space telescope.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
brian: that's right, there are coming to america, muammar al- qaddafi and mahmoud ahmadinejad. should we let them in? gretchen: and that is debatable. we are back with rudy giuliani. i know how i feel about this. i know the united nations is here, but why here? >> someone just reminded me that arafat got thrown out of a
8:25 am
concert in 1999 because he did not have a ticket. this would be a good time to make a point with al-qaddafi. not only did he get that guy released, but the celebration that they had, it shows no contrition. the whole idea is that al- qaddafi had changed his ways. gretchen: yeah right. steve: we understand one of them will be staying at the pier. the other at the continental. i remember when they came here, they were so well protected. >> i had to protect everyone. i did not want him at the concert, but i sure as heck did not want to see anything happen to him. brian: since we have the united nations here, we cannot really
8:26 am
decide who comes here. >> but at certain times, the government could deny certain visas. again, the release was very bad -- we do not know the facts -- not the part that gets me is the celebration. gretchen: they said if it was going to be a real celebration, there would have been thousands of people. here is what i do not get. when they come to the united nations, they say terrible things about our country. >> there is not too much we can do about that, unless there is some special thing that you are focusing on, some diplomatic point. the president did a pretty good
8:27 am
job and made up for it, however. brian, charlie rangel forgot to declare about half of his wealth. they have had a year-long investigation on him. you know this guy. what is happening? >> there are two different standards for democrats and republicans. i know that sounds paranoid, but there is a reality -- come on. somebody has to look into this and do something about it. it is an enormous amount of money. steve: the double standard -- you feel that it this was a republican, republican leadership would tell him to step down from his chairmanship until this was resolved. >> i do know that it would be on
8:28 am
the front page of the "new york times" and every democrat would be calling for someone to do something about it. gretchen: instead he is calling for tougher rules for people who do not pay their taxes. hypocrisy at its best. >> i do not know what the president tried to accomplish last night. there was no specifics that emerged from the speech. we have no idea how many people he is going to cover. he is going to do some kind of medical malpractice reform, but no specifics on how. somehow he is not going to raise taxes. steve: and the headline was that someone in the audience called him a liar. gretchen: one thing the president talked about was how the economy was coming back, but
8:29 am
new unemployment numbers were just released. those are coming up next. brian: and your tax money is being used to repair beaches, but it is not working. steve: tim pawlenty is here live and says that democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.
8:30 am
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8:33 am
steve: tracking your taxes. gretchen: that sounded ominous. bridges to know where, museums about teapots. perhaps the most wasteful spending, money on our beaches. steve: william la jeunesse is on the beach in santa monica, california. the problem is we spend so much money saving a beach like the one behind you, but it does not seem to last. >> steve, that is how ridiculous some of these earmarks have become, when a congressman can spend your money on a tattoo removal system.
8:34 am
here we are paying to move sand, year after year . >> sand replenishment products are with the money. >> congress don't want to $100 million of sand on american beaches every year, only to have been washed away >. all over the nation, coastal communities lobby congress for money. taxpayers are punished one beach in new jersey 10 times. another one, 22 times for $83 million. >> this is part of maintaining a critical asset and the reason that many of us move to the coast in the first place. >> some say it is worth it.
8:35 am
>> when you think about how important it is, quality of life, it is money well spent. >> and the cbo has said that this is ridiculous, it has to stop a senator has introduced an amendment to ban the practice, but it was defeated. congress seems to like it this way. steve: the problem is, when you build multimillion-dollar houses on the beach, those home owners contribute a lot of money. >> it is also commercial development and the money that tourism brings in. the problem is, why should people in texas or illinois, or in kansas, pay for a problem out here? this is a local problem. steve, thank you.
8:36 am
brian: now for your headlines from. unemployment figures just released. there is a big drop, 550,000 new claims filed. this is 30,000 less than a week before. just over 6 million continuing claims. steve: take a look at this picture. kind of looks like usama bin laden, right? actually, that is khalid sheikh mohammed. he is in prison, of course. terrorism experts say that al qaeda is circulating the new pictures on their website to encourage new attacks on the u.s. the photograph, taken at the red cross at guantanamo was taken for his family and had been
8:37 am
leaked for propaganda purposes. gretchen: and an update on chinese uighers held at guantanamo. the island of palau has agreed to take them in. china also says that they want them sent home. brian: this is a fox news alert. eight people dead, 200 people missing after a boat capsized off the coast of sierra leone. we will bring you more information as we get it. steve: more swine flu vaccine tests set to be released for permit women. -- pregnant women. research has been going so well
8:38 am
on patients that they will start to move on to a pregnant women. gretchen: you are looking at a picture of a new galaxy staffed by the rejuvenated humbled tape -- space telescope. that one is gorgeous. this one shows a densely packed star cluster. this is a clash among members of a galaxy quintet. steve: the verdict is in, ellen degeneres is taking paula abdul's seat on "american idol." earlier, randy danson weighed in .
8:39 am
>> we have known her for so long. we are great friends. she is from louisiana as well. we are taking over the panel. steve: he says a big part of her show is about dancing and music, and that should add a unique perspective to the show. now to the u.s. open. brian: who got upset and where are the big names? we are going to get you caught up on all the action. here is kevin frazier. >> good morning. it is a fantastic day at the u.s. open, assuming mother nature does not interfere. let's get your caught up. america's sweetheart, melanie oudin. parts across the nation
8:40 am
shattered as her magical run came to an end, ousted by the danish player. on the men's side, roger federer extend his winning streak to 39. if that is something -- if you think that is something, listen to this, he has reached the semifinals in 22 straight grand slams. and the williams sisters basically unbeatable the best doubles players. they are on their way to their attend the grand title. -- 10th grand slam title. join me tomorrow as we recap all the day's action. after new york. brian: thank you. -- back to you in new york. >> as a beauty, it is a base
8:41 am
hit. >> the yankees all-time hit leader. lou gehrig has company. derek jeter has tied the iron horse. brian: he was the 0-10 and up until then as he tried to get those three hits. 2721 hits as a new york yankee. he will try to break the record friday night against the baltimore orioles. it was great when both sides stood up and cheered. gretchen: in 2 minutes, governor pawlenty reacts to the president's speech. dan sarah palin's latest pop and about the death penalty. steve: the nfl football season kicks off and we have hall of famer troy aikman with us.
8:42 am
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that's happening now with the new mifi from sprint-- the mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing, and people with speech disabilities access steve: president obama's speech last night meant to unite the divided congress and the country, but did he reached out to republicans or accuse them of refuting reform? >> partisan scare tactics, but his claims, distortion, scary stories, we will call you out. gretchen: 10 pawlenty is our guest now for his reaction. good morning. one of the things i remember most from the speech was that last phrase that we played, where president obama's said we will call you out.
8:46 am
was that a threat? how can republicans -- can republicans now go to the president and give him their ideas? >> he invited bipartisan dialogue, and we need to pursue that. his idea is to fix it are bad and are different from what we are offering, so we are hoping to come together with a bipartisan solution. but when he says that he is going to call us out, that is not exactly an open hand. steve: you have been watching the reaction. clearly, he energized the left side of the aisle. but you have to wonder -- ok, they are exuberant, we are going to get something done this time. you wonder if they have a long memory because august was a pretty bad month.
8:47 am
their constituents were saying, why do we have to do this right now, what is the hurry? >> i would encourage president obama to change his slogan to change we can afford. he is leading the country on a pathway to bigger deficits, bigger debts, and potentially bankruptcy. we cannot do what he wants it financially. but the country is pushing back for a reason, not because of made up stuff or hysteria, but because his plans are inconsistent with financial discipline. it is ok for republicans to say that you are wrong. gretchen: in minnesota you appear to have a plan that seemed to be working. what would you share with the president about what seems to be working with health care? >> our system is not perfect,
8:48 am
but there are some things that could be integrated. we do not pay for volumes of procedures by paying for better health care outcomes. right now if you are a provider, you are paid by the number of procedures. that is incorrect. you should be paid on making people better. another thing is if you want to sue a doctor for malpractice, you need another doctor to sign an affidavit up front to say that now practice actually occurred. steve: speaking of fear of lawsuits, at the end of his address, he added -- by the way, i'm hearing a lot of people feel like medical malpractice is a big problem. i am going to start thinking about tort reform. what was that? >> at least he opened the door.
8:49 am
but when it is something that the republicans want, it is a pilot project in a few states. if it is something that he wants, it is a revolutionary change. he should be putting this foley on the table. the reason he does not is because they get tons of money from trial lawyers. gretchen: i thought he put himself out there, having to put it in there now. >> that's right. other than that, there was very little movement. if we are going to start on a bipartisan basis, he needs to go further than that. steve: thank you for joining us. gretchen: he is a three-time super bowl champion, and he is with us today. troy aikman helps us kick off the morning.
8:50 am
stevebill, that is what happenso brian every week. more on what president obama said about health care. we are trying to see what the messages. the republican response last night's was delivered by a republican who is also a heart surgeon. how serious is the white house on for reform? and meet the miracle doctor who says forget surgery. his cure to what ails you, no surgery.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
brian: he is one of that and
8:54 am
that al's greatest quarterback ever. -- nfl's greatest quarterbacks effort. -- ever. gretchen: he is one of the all- time greats. brian: troy aikman, great to see you. the season starts up, are you pumped? >> i want every team to tie. just kidding. gretchen: before we go any further, i need to ask you about brett favre since you brought it up. how do you think he is going to play considering his age, his shoulder? >> i think he will do well. there are a lot of dynamics
8:55 am
there in minnesota, but when you look at his body of work, what he is capable of doing, no doubt, anthey have an upgrade. brian: why not come back and play? he is only two years older. >> i am nine years away from football. maybe i could play if i did not get hit so much. that was the hard part. brian: so america, promised not to tackle him. you are here to talk about soup. >> i am. you are probably like myself, and very active, i have a family, a career in broadcasting, and with that, trying to make some healthy
8:56 am
choices when it comes to eating. chunky soup, campbell's soup has improved the line up with some great food. gretchen: it is the way i get my kids to eat their carrots. so we can win super bowl tickets? how can we do that? brian: >> or go to chunkysoup's web site. how much coffee and did you have this morning? gretchen: too much.
8:57 am
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