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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  September 10, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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signing a fake contracts and were held captive for two months. women were told that they could not contact any one. one woman reached out to a family member, that family member called the police. they are safe and sound. jon: that is it for us. see you tomorrow. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: welcome to "the live desk." trace: we are inside of the fox news room because this is where the news begins. there is tim and his team covering america. if you sweep over here, this is the foreign desk. they cover the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news comes along here, the media desk. they wind up in the boxes on the live desk on the top of the screen. on the top, a bold promise, president obama saying that he will sign it a health care reform plan that does not add a
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single dime to the deficit. we will tell you what the president says is a fact. in the middle, we have all seen this picture, khalid sheik mohammed, right? for the first time in eight years a brand new photograph of him is out. we will show it to you and tell you how terrorists are using the photograph. in the bottom, and live look at japan. the japanese are about to launch a rocket to the international space station. blastoff should be at any second. by the way, it is 2:00 in the morning there. that is a very important space launch. what it will do, it is kind of a space truck. it is going to carry 35 tons of supplies to the international space station. this is one vehicle, by the way, that will be used when the space shuttle is retired in
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2010. it will carry needed supplies to the international space station. here is the key, this is a brand new vehicle. a brand new outer space vehicle on an untested rocket. this is all brand new. they have no idea if it will work. you should know, for the first time the international space station will actually grab this out of space, dragging it into the dock, sending this applies it back on its way. thought you might want to see the live shot of this historic space launch. two minutes after 2:00 in the morning by and japan. >> looks like a good space launch. we will see how it goes. martha: where is the money going to come from in the health issue? many people are still concerned about the price tag. the president took the podium again this morning to explain. listen.
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>> the cost of the plan will not add to the deficit. the middle class will be awarded with higher security, not higher taxes. if we are able to slow health- care costs, we will reduce the deficit in the long run. megyn: -- martha: here is what the president said about that last night. >> finally, let me discuss an issue that is of great concern to me and members of this chamber, as well as the public. that is how we pay for this plan. here is what we need to know -- what you need to know. i will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits, now or in the future. martha: how is he going to make that happen? let's get a fact check. jim, that is a firm pledge from the president. when you look at the new cbo deficit numbers for this year,
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$1.60 trillion, a $90 billion plan, where is the savings going to come from in this debt ridden budget already? >> you are right, it was a clear pledge. you saw nancy pelosi jump to her feet in applause. you might have second thoughts. that pledge means that he would have to veto every bill on the table in congress or raise huge amounts of revenue that no member of congress has been able to identify so far. hr 3200 starts collecting revenues in 2011. even so, that plan would start to run deficits two years after that. the bill continues to get much bigger and it would be very hard to make that up. martha: nancy pelosi is office
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talked about how they would pay for the bill, mostly in medicare cuts. hard to understand when you read through all of this where the savings is going to come from and what people might lose from the cuts. >> right. look, you have on the revenue side and a lot of things that are a little fuzzy. but the congressional budget office looks at all of that. they are the official arbiter. if they found that the house bill would run up the benefits -- deficits in three of its five years, from there on out the payout being something that goes up at a much faster rate than the revenue coming in, independent analysis would run up huge deficits in the 2020 years, more than $1 trillion in the following 10 years. saying that none of these bills will run up a deficit is a major complication for lawmakers. some of them will claim that
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eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse will do the trick. that has never worked in the past and is not likely to work in this case. cbo had a heck of a time putting a number of waste, fraud, and abuse. martha: you must have accomplished examples -- you must have some examples of when they have cut the waste out of the budget, but not when they have been able to save as much as this, it would be a good trick. the president has laid down the gauntlet, that he would demand offsetting prices. how is he going to reconcile that? >> there would have to be a provision to have some sort of automatic trigger that would force people to pay higher copayments, reducing reimbursements to doctors and hospitals, changing every part
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of the financing of these bills to keep them from running a deficit. we have tried this in the past. congress has done things over the years to try to have automatic requirements to cut other spending. that sometimes works for a short time, but congress says that they have now waive that requirement. keep in mind, just when this becomes necessary the medicare trust fund is going to start to run deficits up to 38 trillion dollars -- $38 trillion. martha: this logic has not flown well when explained at town halls. seems like people have had it. thank you, jim, for digging into it and helping us to understand the facts. thank you very much.
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we want to hear what you think about the president's address last night. did it change your mind at all on the way to change health care? logon to and to take part of -- in the poll. an overwhelming amount, 91%, said that the speech did not change their mind. there is good news to tell you about in terms of a wildfire in california. the u.s. forest service got the upper hand on the flames raging over the last couple of weeks. the weather is cooler, giving firefighters an advantage. sadly, the flames have destroyed 82 homes. two firefighters were killed as a result of the station fire. investigators believe that it was started by an arsonist.
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trace: a story that is catching fire? this one will be the battle. brand-new hidden video concerning acorn, that left-wing activist group. the video was taken in their baltimore office. eric has more on that. what does this show? >> is an astounding video made by a young activist film maker, james o'keefe. he is 25. we wanted to find out what went on behind closed doors. he went in with that young woman, claiming that she was a prostitute and that they wanted to get a housing loan from which they could get a house and start a brothel. acorn folks tried to help. in fact, the specialist said that she should classify her occupation as a performance artist. listen.
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>> the type of service you provide, let me make sure that there is a code for it. >> for prostitution? >> i have to have a name and a code number. i am going to look in there and get my list. >> the right tax code, that is wonderful. >> you are a performing artist. that is not a lie. stop saying prostitute. >> they also said that they should keep quiet about the business because loose lips sink ships. trace: you can hear the guy say things like "a code for prostitution." he was shocked. >> there were plans to bring in illegal underage girls that would turn tricks, work as prostitutes. they were told they could claim those young girls are dependents or exchange students.
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here is more of what they've said. >> what if they are making money? >> if they are making money and they are under age, no one would know anyway. it is illegal. >> acorn says that this portrayal is false and defamatory -- inflammatory. the film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed. acorn wants to see the full video before commenting further. stephen king as commenting today, saying that this proves that there should be an investigation into acorn, which he calls a criminal enterprise. democrats benefit from acorn, but they are blocking hearings on capitol hill. if you want to see more tapes, they are on a new web site,
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called the government's -- called martha: an incredible story. coming up, he calls himself the master mind of september 11. cubby jake muhammed. a new picture is making its way around the internet, showing what he looks like now. it is quite a surprise. we will show it to you in a moment. plus a unmarried california lawmaker gets caught talking dirty into an open microphone. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar.
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martha: in the top box, this is the latest picture. nearly 20 people dead after a truck bomb blast in iraq. 30 people were injured. police say that the bomber is amongst the dead. the latest in a string of deadly attacks that appeared to be targeting ethnic minorities. gas prices are falling, the national average is at $2.50 per gallon, down more than 2 cents
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per gallon from last week. in the bottom box we have a live shot of the shuttle discovery. crew members maneuvering to avoid space debris. lots of that around out there, they are now preparing to re- enter the earth's atmosphere as they head home. they are set to land in the kennedy space center in florida tonight. we will be watching that. trace: indeed, we will. take a look at this. khalid sheik mohammed, the red cross took this picture back in july as part of a mission to follow the treatment of gitmo detainee's. this is a picture that he was -- this is the picture we had of him from when he was arrested. this new photograph is making the rounds on the internet. there are concerns that terror groups could use them to inspire
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new attacks. this thing hit the internet on september 10. suddenly these things are appearing on terrorist web site. do they inspired terrorism? >> that is the hope for the al qaeda people. they gave this picture to everybody. i just spoke to the people at gitmo, the officials down there. they said that they are not on alert, that it is business as usual. that they do not control what the red cross does. if they want to give these voters the families, and they will expect the families to decide what to do with them. >> we have not seen a picture of him since his arrest photo, i think he is looking good. counter to what people think it goes on.
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>> i was stunned. they have a choice of six meals every day. 20 hours of recreation outside of themselves. remember, they can watch movies, soccer, these are high-value detainees. he also has recreation time and everything else that he needs. megyn: -- martha: more than you can say for the people that died so many years ago. trace: would you do? do we extend the deadline again? people are concerned that if we shut down the boat people will be dangerous. >> we do not know where we are going to put them. it kills me that we continue to
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enhance gitmo facilities, with money that was previously allocated, and we are going to move these guys on january 20 at when we have not even the side of their legal status. i would call that putting the cart before the horse. certainly a lot of money for people that might not deserve it. no one can say that we are not holding them according to everyone's rules of war. should we not be able to resolve their legal status? the president is no closer to doing that than from before. martha: what happens when you combine a married state assemblyman, an open microphone broadcast on live television, and his two mistresses in the conversation? what do you have? a resignation.
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michael duval is a father of two. he did not know that the thing was on. he tapped on the microphone and asked if it was on. but during a california state assembly meeting, the mistresses were certified lobbyists. here is some of what he said. heads up, it is pretty racy, you may not want your kids to hear it if they are in the room. listen. marty , that is what they talk about back in the back row. trace: a frat house, but it is a council room meeting. martha: i another clip -- in another clip we hear him talk about carrying on two extramarital affairs.
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listen. ito it gets worse. gov. schwarzenegger has 14 days to call for a special election to fill the vacancy. that is what we decided to share with you guys. trace: we did that story yesterday about why women do not find as attractive? now we know why. how serious is the threat of h1n1? >> i like in influenza season to the coming hurricane. we do not know how severe it will be or how much of a toll of the take. but we know this, it is telling and lives will be lost, damage
1:22 pm
will be done. so, we will do everything that we can to protect ourselves in advance to mitigate the impact of that influenza storm. trace: did you hear that? like a hurricane. we do not know how severe it will be. what is the government doing to protect you and your family? critical information, three minutes. lp
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martha: we are tracking the latest on the h1n1 virus here at fox news. the government is taking this issue very seriously. kathleen sebelius the day address who should be getting this vaccine first. as we get into the fall months, individual states are doing what
1:26 pm
they can to get ready for this outbreak. molly joins us live from washington. cooperation from the federal, local, and state governments, how is that going? >> so far, so good, it seems. we spoke to health officials in boston and new york city, there is an expectation that the flu could hit harder in the big northeastern cities and so many people are packed together. officials told us that the census is providing good information, resources, and money. >> we know how difficult the budget situation is right now. it is clear that the federal government is taking it very seriously by making sure that resources are not the thing considered the big question. >> $30 million for new york city. so far guidance over the flu indicates that it might hit a
1:27 pm
lot of people but it is showing to be a very moderate form of the flu. martha: what is the federal government during backed from these states in terms of coordination? >> state and local government, keeping track of the flu, the white house is hearing from them in person. >> we have invited a group of local health commissioners, myself included, and some state health commissioners to really talk about what we are seeing at the ground level and what kind of support we are looking for a period where we were anticipating challenges. >> they say that the city of boston is expected to get $2 million to $3 million in grant money to help with the vaccination awareness campaign. martha: thank you, molly. trace: the president's address
1:28 pm
to a joint session of congress, he spoke, but did he conquered? we report, you decide. the panel, three minutes. to other people,
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>> congress waste your money in a million weights -- in a million ways, here you can watch it does appear a little bit every day. costing the taxpayers $3 billion, coming up in the next hour i will explain why it never ends. trace: almost four years after hurricane katrina, the music is back in new orleans. >> many schools were destroyed and so were a lot of musical instruments. here in the french quarter the students have been given a boost from a group called music rising, a post-katrina group designed to help musicians on the way to the road for recovery, but kids playing a big part in providing the rich history of music and culture in the bay easy.
1:33 pm
trace: it is 32 minutes past the hour, the white house briefing is just moments away. let's get by the the senior white house correspondent, major garrett. top of the agenda? >> health care, health care, probably some more health care. don't you think bailable [laughter] we will probably hear -- don't you think? [laughter] robert gibbs will likely be addressing the issues brought up last night, talking about the spending cuts and fixing health care savings. those kinds of questions are likely to pop up, the president succeeded in rallying democrats, reminding them why he was elected, giving them a road map to pursuing health care reform. but a lot of legislative work has to be done. the big question is if the jump in the polls that they get will
1:34 pm
last very long. >> when robert gibbs makes news, we will be flagged. speaking of health care, let's talk about it. upstairs. >> one way to give people a real choice when it comes to health care, keeping insurance companies honest, it is to make the options available in the marketplace as not-for-profit options. [applause] but let me just repeat, because this is the source of the rumor that we are plotting a government takeover of health care, it would just be one option amongst many. >> that was the president, back out there this morning hammering home his health care plan. nancy pelosi also chimed in today. listen to what she had to say.
1:35 pm
>> the public option save tens of billions of dollars, contrary to reports from significant networks that it will cost trillions, it will save tens of billions. half of the bill would be paid for by squeezing excesses' out of the system. there is $500 billion to do that. they are looking for more. >> did you hear that about squeezing out the excesses? we would love to see that. we have an advisor to hillary clinton, for. we also have a radio personality. i hate to be cynical, you hear her talk about squeezing savings out of a government run programs. in my entire life i have never seen savings squeezed from government programs. how is that going happen? >> one of the most interesting things about the president's
1:36 pm
speech last night was that he talked about doing things differently. just like he did when the campaign trail started. even though this has never been done in washington, has according to you -- in washington, according to you, does not mean that it cannot be. there are millions of dollars of fraud and waste and abuse currently in the system. everyone agrees with that. one of the issues that the president wants to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle with is how to squeeze savings out of the system now, taking away the fraud and abuse, putting it into the health care reform that will help american working families that are being crushed with out-of-pocket premiums and copays that have tripled. martha: i hear what your saying. squeezing the money is a great
1:37 pm
idea. change is what got obama's elected. but what we have seen time and again is people, after the speech last night, saying that they do not get it. how will that happen? who is going to pay? >> they do not get it, nor did they buy it. he has got no credibility. no one believes what he is saying or selling. if democrats really meant what they said about squeezing money, they would have already done it to pay for their proposal. we have got a massive government health care plan called medicare. it is going broke. every single year there is between 80 billion and $120 billion wasted in fraud. let's do this. instead of remaking the entire health care plan in their radical vision, why not clean up medicare? if they can do that, maybe then
1:38 pm
we can talk about -- >> when you think about that, maria, it is sort of the way that regular folks do things. taking on a huge amount of debt, you have to save them up -- save the money first to get there. why not do that? show the american people how good we are, adding the next piece of the puzzle one year down the road. >> the reality is that that will never happen. presidents have been trying to do this for 60 years. it has never happened. the entire reform, that is how you need to do this. there are 30 million citizens currently do not have health care coverage. you cannot go and tell those people that you are going to take a few years to do this. i take issue with what monica said at the beginning. if you explain exactly what the health care reform plan is, it
1:39 pm
is supported. more than 70% of the people that watched the speech last night support what the president is proposing. martha: would not be great if the uninsured could have coverage? that is what teddy kennedy said. >> let's work together to get it done. martha: what about tort reform? why is that not on the table? >> i think that what you saw last night is that he is going to look at how malpractice reform can enter into the conversation. >> let's deal in reality. first, what the president said last night in terms of medical liability reform was very limited. he talked about some test cases across the country. >> boise, idaho, or something. if this was something he was
1:40 pm
serious about, it would have been a part of his original proposal. they are not going to take the money. >> it is interesting, when you talk about tort reform, earlier monica advocated baby steps. that is exactly what this is on this piece, yet it is not good enough for this? [arguing] >> that was the one thing that he did. if he was really serious about that, if he was really serious about bipartisanship, he would not have blasted sarah palin last night, he would not have gone after the iraq war and the afghanistan war, which he is continuing. there was such a partisan onslaught, any kind of olive branch he might have wanted to extend it to republicans was gutted.
1:41 pm
martha: 10 seconds, heartbreak. >> he was just settling the intrudes out there, which i think is frankly something that republicans and democrats needed to address. >> sarah palin -- sarah palin -- >> it was a lie. martha: thank you so much. we will continue. thank you, ladies. trace: israel's prime minister goes missing, we are not kidding. benjamin netanyahu, mia. he was visiting a secure facility in israel, supposedly, but it was not the truth. the truth could have major national security implications. plus, the manhunt for the suspects seen in this video. recognize anything? the rest of the tape is coming up.
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-- 15 minutes until the top of the hour, are you ready for some football? pittsburgh steelers facing off against the last team to beat them, the tennessee titans'. sticking to the gridiron, just crossing the live desk, the jets are facing disciplinary action for handling this man's injury, brett favre. apparently they should have listed the injuries on a weekly report. now the nfl is investigating. hurricane fred, downgraded to a category 2 storm and still a long way from the caribbean, giving it enough time to possibly regain strength. keep your eyes on that. is it -- israel's prime minister does a disappearing act and the newspapers are having a field day. benjamin netanyahu was out of
1:46 pm
touch for more than 10 hours. his office said that he was visiting a security facility in israel. that turned out to be far -- to be false. reena is the answer from jerusalem. >> the truth is that we have no confirmation as to exactly where he was. all there are mounting reports that the prime minister was visiting dimitri medvedev, trying to convince the russians not to sell weapons to iran. why that is so important is it
1:47 pm
is the one thing that if iran got their hands on it, it would become very difficult for israel to every -- to ever strike israeli missile facilities. all of this talk is coming just weeks before the general assembly is set to meet. diplomats have long told us that that is simply a loose deadline to gauge the seriousness of iran. possibly talking about a military option. trace: thank you. here is why you should care. there are reports that iran has or is close to having enough enriched uranium to building a nuclear weapon. to keep that from happening, the reason that the israeli prime minister is so concerned? these were very effective and accurate surface-to-air missiles that iran could use to
1:48 pm
shoot israeli aircraft out of the sky. martha: several suspects were accused of assaulting and robbing people on the streets in denver. take a look at this video. the police said there have been 18 assaults like this one. at least three men and a woman, grabbing victims and polling money and items out of their pockets, roughing him up pretty good. take a look at their faces. if you have any information about these people, please call the denver police department. trace: a police chase turns into the latest admission for america's dumbest criminals. in wisconsin, police attempted to pull over a car for a broken headlight. suddenly something flies out of the passenger side window. we have slowed it down for you. speeds reaching 115 miles per
1:49 pm
hour, cops say that the man threw a beer keg out of the window. you can see it rolling down the shoulder. the 19-year-old is facing drug driving charges and recklessly endangering safety. "beer keg? doude, toss it out the window ." martha: men and women in this branch of the armed services, we are getting some rare access, next. also, a monster caught in michigan. shattering the old record. we will hear from the guy that snag it. .
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: it is a rare look inside the air force.
1:53 pm
a photographer got to spend more than one year with the men and women of bellis airforce base as they prepared to go to war. the access is so rare that the entire collection has been compiled by the library of congress. catherine, tell us some of the stories behind these pictures. >> every collection has what is called the signature picture, the picture that sums up the mood of the entire work. in this particular case, it is a young woman, a member of the honor guard. she is cradling the flag almost like a mother would care for her child. the other thing that was striking is that most people do not realize 20% of the people in the air force are women. many of these women had their picture taken and within a matter of days, she was about to
1:54 pm
be deployed. you see this real energy and vibrancy. there is a question mark over what the mission will hold in a matter of weeks for her. martha: some of the pictures we have seen are of animals that are also over there at the base. this is so cute. what is this? >> this picture really makes you laugh. there is a real serious side to this picture. the dog has the goggles because it does explosives detection. after this team was deployed, the photographer told me that he heard from one of the trainers that the dog had been in a humvee and the dog kept pulling at the pant leg. finally, the trainer looked to see what was up. it was at that moment that a roadside bomb went off. when the shrapnel came over the top of the humvee, because the trainer was on the bottom of the car, he avoided being killed or
1:55 pm
is least severely injured in that incident. martha: great service from that man's best friend right there. thank you very much some of the pictures are taken very briefly before these people were deployed. thank you very much, catherine. trace: take a look at this. a michigan man got a bite. that is when he reeled and a 41 pound trout. that's mashes the state record by four towns. >> it was kind of violent there for a while, especially an old guy. he kept coming back stream. trace: he has been fishing the creek for more than 40 years. martha: good for him. now we are going to tell you about the shopping -- the
1:56 pm
shocking new recordings of bernie madoff coming out. south he is actually coaching a witness on how to trick sec investigators. now you know how he will pull it off. he will not believe what he said on the state about the government's ability to do anything about what he was doing. imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. announcer: you could buy 750 bottles of water or just one brita faucet filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet.
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martha: this is "the live desk." trace: brand new stories and breaking news this hour.
2:00 pm
we begin with a fox news alert. breaking information on the trial of the kentucky football coach. this could change the future of coaching and high school football as we know it. we have a live look at the courtroom where medical experts are testifying right now. this is all about the death of a 15-year-old who died after collapsing on a very hot practice. what is the latest? >> we're getting some damaging testimony against the coach. this is from a heatstroke expert. he is an associate professor of heat and hydration they did not have the temperature when he collapsed exactly, but they took the temperature as soon as he arrived at the hospital. it was 107 degrees. it was really damaging testimony against the coach. the judge is letting this guy testify today.
2:01 pm
he cannot say what he thinks is the cause of what brought him down. pretty damaging. we're keeping a close eye on this. trace: thank you very much. in the old days, they did not give kids water. now it is all about hydrating. we're going to keep our eye on this story. martha: we're onto talk about that a little bit more in the panel later. now want to tell you about some shocking and disturbing undercover video involving a left-wing group acorn. this is the same group that was responsible for widespread voter registration fraud. it shows some workers giving out advice on how to cheat the irs. this couple is posing as a
2:02 pm
prostitute. the filmmaker is posing as her pampered they tell this undercover couple, here's some advice on how you can get a tax deduction for the underage girls who are being brought in to work at the brothel. that is not all. shannon bream is live in washington. what did you find out? i know that you went over to the office were all of this unfolded. what do they have to say about this? >> it is along a very busy street. it is a nice looking office. their web site says that the offer things like tax advice, helping you to file a tax return. they will show you how to sign up for food stamps and housing and mortgage information, help you lower your down payment, those kinds of things. from the exterior, it looks like an office that would allow -- would offer you information.
2:03 pm
there is something else entirely going on, at least on this one instance that we are parading around. >> you can use them as a dependent. you should not be letting anyone know any way. >> that is what happened when we told the bankers. >> so, what these tapes show is actually these people getting advice on how to skirt the law on prostitution, advice on bringing in underage prostitutes from outside the country and lying on mortgage applications as well. it does not look good and it is all caught on tape. martha: this tape is incredible for some reason. they say, we're going to bring and prostitutes. you can disclaim them as dependents. if they are underage and making money, you do not want to claim them anyway.
2:04 pm
>> it does not look good. we went to the door today. i can tell you that there is says that nobody comes in off the street. there was a phone number for us to call. basically what we got when we mention fox news was a dial tone. eventually, we got through. here is the gentleman who agreed to talk to us. >> if you have any questions, you can contact our national communications person. >> that was after several attempts. there were finally kind enough to answer the door they referred us to the national office. the spokesman has said that this is nothing more than gotcha journalism. you have seen it, i have seen it. i do not know how you will explain away what these women said martha: it has to be a source of embarrassment and may be litigation for them shortly. thank you very much.
2:05 pm
we ask you to go to fox news and click on the pole. the question is, should the justice department investigate acorn? so far, there are 28,000 votes. 99% say yes. it tells you a lot about our viewers. jump onto our website. get your vote in as we continue to follow the story throughout the day. trace: the white house keeping up a full-court press for health care reform. vice-president joe biden predicting that congress will complete a bill by thanksgiving. his boss at this to say after meeting with his top advisers. >> , i will not continue to tolerate us paying more for less and health care. the time is right. we are going to move aggressively to get this done and every moment -- every member of this cabinet is invested.
2:06 pm
i want to go back to the vice president first. he says that a bill could be forthcoming by thanksgiving. >> all things are possible. it would be some record-breaking speed for some members of the united states house of representatives and senate. a thanksgiving deadline by the vice president is after a much more important date of october 15, just a little bit more than a month from now this is a statutory legislative deadline for a bill that would come under what is called reconciliation. this is that complicated legislative tools that would allow democrats to jam through a health care proposal. anything major, anything controversial faces a 60 vote threshold to shut off debate or a filibuster goes forward.
2:07 pm
they could change that on october 15 by putting health care through on reconciliation. as for whether they could carry this thing up and get it done by october 15, almost no chance at all. there are five committees. four have gotten their bills to committee. they are trying to come up with something they can agree on. it is the only possibility of bipartisan hope. even if they were to get their work done in the next two weeks, do not expect all of this to get through the legislative meat grinder in any kind of a speedy timetable. they have to compromise those in the conference committee. if that has not lost you in the deep weeds of legislative jargon, trust me, or in hatch will tell us how difficult this will bay. trace: how was the posturing going on capitol hill today?
2:08 pm
>> is intense. democrats have been holding news conference after news conference. various outside organizations have been calling. there parading through the various different offices of the capital. republicans are digging in. they are holding their response news conference, saying that there is still an absence of specifics and in tone, the president seemed prepared to battle, but did not give them any real direction. he says it is only a means to an end. he never mentioned the only alternative that is being discussed. that is for insurance coops. for the president not to talk about alternatives is an absence in the minds of republicans and some of his democratic allies. martha: that is right. one of the more poignant moments of the president's address came near the end when president
2:09 pm
obama invoked the memory of massachusetts senator edward kennedy. he lost his battle with rain cancer a couple of weeks ago. >> for some of ted kennedy's critics, his brand of liberalism represented an affront. his passion for universal health care was nothing more than a passion for big government. those of us who knew ted kennedy and worked with him here, people of both parties know that what drove him was something more. his friend orrin hatch knows that. they worked together to provide children with health insurance. martha: you just heard the president mention orrin hatch. he is our next guest. welcome. it is good to have you here. >> nice to be with you. martha: you and senator kennedy worked on a lot of things together. what did you think about the fact of the president broad your name into that last night,
2:10 pm
reaching across the aisle, trying to get you to cooperate? >> i would like nothing better the president says they are not going to raise your taxes. he will have the same choices you have right now, the whole process is not going to cost more than $1 trillion. none of those things are really true. i admire the president. it was long on rhetoric and pretty short on details. if you look at what has been done, there is a highly partisan bill from the health care committee in the senate. senator baucus has said that he is going to be for a bill that has employer mandates and basically a co-op plan that would be a substitute for the public plan, which a lot of the far left will not accept. i think it will wind up being the same as the public plan.
2:11 pm
martha: everything you described is what the president said is the most progress we have seen on health care reform. they have a big date, october 15, that they want to try to get this thing through on reconciliation. what happens if they do not? >> first of all, reconciliation was designed to take care of specific problems in the budget process where you really need a majority vote to pass. it was never intended to be used for something that covers one sixth of the entire american economy. it would be a tremendous abuse of the rules. i do not think they can do that. i do not think they can get them through the committee. on the other hand, if they try to do that, i think it will be a long, hard battle it is not the way to get a health care reform bill that a majority can
2:12 pm
support. there are ways that we can do that. i stand ready, willing, and able to help. they say they're not going to increase your taxes. if you are under $66,000 a year, you are going to pay more in taxes. it is just not true. if you go down virtually everything else, people are going to be pushed into medicaid. even the congressional budget office says that 190 million people will be pushed into medicaid. we are talking about tripling the budget over the next 10 years. it is doubling in five years. they are going to add these kinds of costs? when they talk about a $1 trillion bill, they do not even count the first four years. this bill would not be fully implemented until 2013. in reality, it is going to be at
2:13 pm
least $2 trillion. let's be honest about it. it is something that has to be reworked. i then weaken rework if we do it in a bipartisan way. martha: it is always a pleasure to speak with you, sir. trace: a high school football coach on trial for homicide in the death of one of his players. medical experts take the stand as the jury decides the fate of this man.
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
trace: 16 minutes past the hour. we are tracking the tarp money. treasury secretary tim geithner being grilled by a congressional oversight panel. the metal box, white house press secretary robert gibbs in the daily briefing. healthcare is that the top of the agenda. we will bring you news from that as it comes out. in the bottom box, connecticut state police using search dogs in the hunt for a missing g yale graduates student. she is a doctoral student in pharmacology at yale. she was last seen at her laboratory and has not contacted her co-workers or her friends.
2:17 pm
her purse, cellphone, and credit card were all left behind. martha: thank you very much. there are brand new developments in the trial of an ex high- school coach charged in the death of one of his own football players. max gilpin died a year ago after playing in very hot weather. some of his teammates called it a brutal workout. one heat illness at expert said what precautions are mandatory under kentucky state law. listen to this. >> being able to drink as much as they desire. having towels available for cooling and to watch and monitor them. martha: that is going to be very difficult for this jury to hear. a sports attorney joins us. a fox sports radio host joins us. welcome to both of you. we're starting to learn more and
2:18 pm
more about this practice. during the practice, some of the players were stumbling and vomiting what was happening on the field was so excessive that one parent who was at an adjacent field watching a soccer practice actually called the school because they were worried about these young men. what do you think about all this? >> the coach went over the line. which do not know. something good has to come out of this young man's death. there is a point where coaches need to stop this kid and this team are not going to win a state championship because they are running an extra 30 wind sprints and in rural whether and they are not able to have water. some coaches have to learn to take a step back when they are running these kids into the ground. coaches in florida, texas, louisiana, when it happens to them next summer or down the road, they are going to give these kids a bit of a water
2:19 pm
break and they are not going to verbally harassed them when they are on their knees vomiting. martha: i never played football, but i have watched the sport. it is hard for me to imagine how this has a positive outcome when these coaches act like this. when he did let them go get water at the end, he is yelling at them, you are never going to win anything. >> it is a difficult spot sports like football and cross-country running, insurance and fighting through pain is part of it selling in these sports. to some extent, developing that type of insurance, fighting through pane hand reaching deep down is part of succeeding. clearly, there is a line over which coaches should not cross. what i would like to see come out of this is clearer guidelines making it clear that
2:20 pm
this is what you can do, this is what you cannot do to avoid pushing them too far. martha: this witness was making it clear what kentucky rules were. i'm sure it was tough for these young witnesses to play on the team boarded this boy was no doubt a friend of theirs. here they are having to tell exactly what happened that day. it has to be very difficult for these young boys. >> the guidelines have already been set. this is about common sense. you are going to put high school football players as hard as they can go. in august, when there is humidity, extreme heat, you cannot cross a line. and when i talk about with my listeners on the radio, everyone is on the same page with this. it is about a coach's ego living through his use and trying to grieve about being a college coach or an nfl coach or the coach of a state championship team. back off kids when they can no longer run.
2:21 pm
we all know what has to happen at this point in time. certain coaches think that they are tough, think that they are going to excel at a higher level if they push them that much farther we're going to continue to lose lives if some of these egos do not get in check. martha: somebody said, someone is going to die out there. at what point does it go down to these high-school teams, this mentality? >> i think with the high school teams and even younger -- i agree that there is a line that should not be crossed. i think it needs to be absolutely clear, especially at the amateur level, what that line is i think they're leaving it to the coach's discretion is too much discretion.
2:22 pm
martha: thank you. down to you. trace: i want you to watch this. you know about after school sites. cell phone videos showing bareknuckle brawls. brian wilson with a must see story next. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve.
2:25 pm
trace: remember the fights used to have as a kid after school? two guys mixing it up until the other kids break it up? now those fights are organized and other kids egg them on and show them on the internet around the world. police in tennessee charging dozens of students with staging fights and posting them on youtube bid this is information
2:26 pm
to help you protect your kids. brian wilson is covering this. >> it is just a bunch of kids who initially wanted a bit of fame and fortune. in doing so, they got themselves in real hot water with the law. the very same thing could be happening at a high school near you, but very unlikely. meet me after school fights are nothing new there is a troubling trend emerging across the country. middle school and high-school kids are fighting. they are often posted on the internet. you are watching one such high school fight to the finish. it will not end until one of the two fighters is seriously injured or knocked unconscious. in this case, both of those things happened. this is the park in tennessee where that fight took place. an upscale bedroom community.
2:27 pm
some parents were surprised to learn that their kids were involved in an underground fight club. >> the first rule is, you do not talk about fight club. >> they were filming or videotaping them and posting them on youtube. apparently, there was some level of competition to see how many -- who could get the most hits. >> one student says there might be more to it. >> everybody is talking about getting money and everything like that. >> there was money involved? >> yes, sir. >> 115-year-old faces aggravated assault charges because he broke an opponent's draw in a flig-- n opponent's jaw in a fight. >> to my knowledge, he did not
2:28 pm
start the fight. >> because there is a police investigation, the fights have been removed from youtube. with a few taps of the keyboard, you can find dozens of examples posted from communities all across the country. what is driving teen's to do this? >> i think we have created a culture in which we have essentially encouraged these kinds of behaviors because people will do anything to get attention because attention is the metric by which they value themselves. >> 28 memphis area kids have been summoned to the juvenile court behind me. the three of them will be charged as adults. a cautionary tale. trace: brian, thank you. martha: he swindled trusting
2:29 pm
investors out of billions of dollars. we're learning bernie madoff also had a moonlighting giggling. he coached colleagues how to trick the sec and dodge questions from federal investigators. you will hear bernie madoff on tape next. with ziploc? the average family wastes over $500 a year in food. don't throw away food, protect it in the freezer. ziploc freezer bags form a fresh shield, freezer burn stays out, freshness stays in.
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2:33 pm
live from the pentagon. >> this was said in testimony on capitol hill. it was the ambassador to iraq's first testimony to congress. the status of forces agreement signed at the end of the bush administration requires all u.s. troops out of iraq in 2011. trace: if you look behind me, you will see a big storm brewing of these coast. >> another tropical storm, maybe like a nor'easter. very bad conditions along the beaches it was so nice. this one is going to be a washout from areas of long island all the way down to the outer banks. some areas will pick up 5 inches of rain. you have to stay out of the water. this great stretch of whether that we had in the northeast is about to come to an end by the
2:34 pm
afternoon. trace: and everyone is watching h1n1. mali and burd is tracking it for us. >> federal health officials say one size does not fit all when it comes to helping state and local governments prepare for the fall and winter flu season. the feds are offering guidance, money, and other resources to try to help. local governments say that the coordination has gone pretty smoothly, including almost daily updates from the center for disease control. trace: molly henneberg live for us in washington, d.c. martha: congress is looking into why the government failed to catch bernie madoff through all of those years of deception. the senate banking committee taking testimony from the sec inspector general revealed how the agency basically bundled
2:35 pm
five investigations into the burnie made of business. it is bad enough that he was able to pull off this massive fraud. now we actually have him on tape coaching a witness. he says, here is how you fool the investigators. >> when you speak to these guys, you are not to -- you do not have to be exact on this stuff. no one pays attention to these types of things or who does not call or who remembers who calls. it is basically more casual. martha: you do not really have to give them any details. so, he learned that lesson. they came, they sat down, they said, we have a question about this and this and he gave them the snow over. he said it is easy.
2:36 pm
just do not give them too many details. >> we got these out of the massachusetts attorney general. the secretary of state is saying that a worker at the sec and they become compliance officers @ hedge funds. he made a lot of scary implications this is how they get away with it. do not worry about it. he got away with it for 16 years. this guy should know how to tell you how to skirt the sec. chris dodd is going to be asking that. how did you miss this? martha: the truly amazing thing is that no heads have rolled at the sec over this. it is the biggest fraud of all time. we talked to people who lost their life savings if that happened as a private
2:37 pm
organization, they would get fired. >> the first female enforcement director at the sec -- she resigned bridge she did not fire, but she resigned amidst all this. it will be interesting to see how the sec goes forward with this. this was under christopher cox. he is the former sec chairman who said, i am leaving when president bush does. he did. at the same time -- martha: the bush and administration did not fire him. >> this report is very damaging to the sec. do you fire people? at this point, all we're hearing out of washington is, we're going to make sure that this does not happen again that is what chris dodd is supposedly going to be asking this afternoon.
2:38 pm
trace: the fear of h1n1 sweeping the nation shutting down schools, crippling campuses, putting people on high alert some doctors see a silver lining. why you might not need to worry about the new flu next. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider... an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. it can help cover some of what medicare doesn't...
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trace: have you had the flu this summer? we have some surprising news for you. turns out, you probably have the h1n1 strain. the cdc says that the vast majority of flu strains have been the swine flu. with us to talk about is a doctor from the university of maryland medical school. there are apparently lessons that we can learn from the southern hemisphere, those that have gone through this. it is winding down in that part of the world, right? >> absolutely.
2:42 pm
they got through it without the vaccine. their medical systems were not incapacitated. they were stressed, but it was short-lived. most people ended up doing ok. trace: the virus remains stable. what does that mean? >> it did not mutate. first of all, that means that our vaccine is the vaccine that is going to work against it. it has not mutated at all. it has not mutated into something more deadly that health experts were worried about. so far, it has not trace: when you say, did not need take -- that is a big fear. we're concerned about this thing changing on us. what does that mean for us in this country? >> the one difference from the southern hemisphere is that we have the flu all through the summer.
2:43 pm
normally the regular flu dies out. they got the h1n1 during their flu season. it did not mutate at this point. what you worry about in 1918 is that people got the flu, it was mild, and it mutated to a more deadly strain. we are not seeing that yet. that is a good sign trace: thank you, doctor. martha: i am over here with shepherd smith, who is going to tell us what is coming up today. shepard: we have lots of stuff coming up. if you like rockets, it is a risky rocket scheme. a shuttle astronauts who commanded to missions and works with a company -- it is the largest weapons producer in the country. they produce 90% of all the ammunition that our troops use.
2:44 pm
this is a ground level test firing. it is going to happen live out in the middle of the desert. it sounds very cool to me. do you know about this case of the georgia football coach whose player died on the field -- they think he may have suffered heat stroke. this could affect high-school football across the nation. so many of our kids are out competing right now and about to begin the season. depending on which way this goes, the rules for football practices could change martha: there are saying of the rules were already on the books. it is very interesting to see how the outcome is and how the coaches treat these kids. shepard: you want them to get that spirit of competition -- we
2:45 pm
had 24 players with h1n1 symptoms. 24 players including a the quarterback. martha: they need to get hydrated. i was concerned. go new jersey. they are called the giants. they're not actually the new york giants. they're actually the new jersey giants. do not get me started. for new jersey. coming up, the recovery effort in new orleans still very much underway. a famous new musician -- martha: , are donating their time to give the city schools the gift of music. it is a heartwarming story from the big easy.
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
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2:49 pm
trace: we are live on the fifth floor room of the world headquarters of fox news channel this is the world center of business. this is midtown manhattan. you have rockefeller center down there all the way across to times square. they're getting word that the feds are cracking down on employers who willingly and knowingly hired illegal immigrants. dan springer is following this. >> this crackdown started with i-9 audits.
2:50 pm
they used to take the illegal immigrants and round them up, send them to a detention center and then at deport them. the crackdown is focusing on the employers. they are auditing hundreds of businesses across the country. officials say that it is only the beginning. they want to get to what is really a local -- a legal work force across the country. they want to crack down on these businesses and force them to fire the illegal workers preferred it is having a huge impact on the agricultural business, they didn't -- the industry's there. it is a $1 billion apple industry in washington. they are already feeling the effects. workers are scattering. they cannot get the crops picked with a completely legal work force. over 60% of those people who are in the agricultural fields picking fruit gave false
2:51 pm
documents to get those jobs. trace: thank you very much. we had to toss a coin to come up here. look where they made me stand. i am on the edge. they said, we cannot get a good shot unless you get to the edge of this look at down here. i have wires around me. if i fall -- off you go. martha: all right. happy birthday. that was your birthday present. trace: look at this. that is very nice. martha: bring it on down. all right. he will be back down in a second. when hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans, thousands of
2:52 pm
musical instruments were lost forever. it is one of those smaller stories that we did not hear much about. many of those belong to schools and churchman's. there is one program making sure that they're able to get back in tune. mary and silver is live in new orleans for us. many of those school programs are not back to what they were. how was the program helping the schools? >> that is true. a lot of schools were destroyed, including a lot of their musical instruments. after the storm hit, all of their instruments were thrown out. an organization that is dedicated to helping musicians get back to the road to recovery by giving them brand new instruments. all of these kids got brand new instruments so that they could get their music program going here. when the band director got here,
2:53 pm
he had nothing to start with. he had no instruments and no music. martha: what are the students saying about it? >> the students and their parents say being able to participate and learning these instruments does more for them than just learning how to play sheet music. a lot of the kids say it gives them a way to express themselves away from home, away from the fact that their homes are being rebuilt martha: they sound fantastic. what a good story. thank you. we will does less than music play underneath. south carolina gov. mark sanford is back into news today. we have heard about a possible second live news conference more members of his own party are asking him to resign. what will happen at his news
2:54 pm
conference? he had won back in june. there were questions raised about his travel to argentina. more of that coming up. .
2:55 pm
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martha: thank you for watching, everybody. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: some breaking news.
2:58 pm
this is going to be great. we're just about 1 minute 15 seconds away from what is expected to be an incredible sight. nasa is about to test the largest rocket motor or booster ever build, and this is a live look. it is a pivotal part. the test booster was scrub last month, but it has all worked out, and it looks like it is ready and return to go on a gorgeous day in utah. they tell us that this will create -- get this. it creates 3.6 million pounds of thrust in just a few seconds. we are honored to have with us
2:59 pm
former astronaut and vice- president of the space launch for the company who built the booster. as i mentioned a while ago, it produces 90% of all the ammunition produced by u.s. troops in iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere. >> it is great to be here to test the most powerful motor on the planet. it is great. shepard: we are 50 seconds away. tell us what to expect here. >> 3.6 million miles of thrust come out of this motor, and it will reach the level in a little under a second and stay at it for almost two minutes 10 seconds. it is programmed through thrusting profile that throttles it up and down, and we wi


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