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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 13, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> clayton: that time of year, time another football kicks, kick off of at the nfl today, eagles, panthers, next up, vikings, browns, next up, green bay, bears, next up. join is the after the show show. >> eric: we have a "fox news alert." we are hearing reports that north korean leader kim jong-il is ordering his military leaders to conduct the country's third nuclear test. this time, using enriched uranium, they've conducted nuke tests with mroem, and this as iran, this morning, says it will not negotiate with the u.s. about its nuclear program, i'm eric sean and welcome to the latest edition of america's news show. >> jamie: good to have you with us for these two hours, i'm jamie colby and the latest developments come a week that he have rogue nation said it found a way to make nuclear weapons
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with enriched uranium. >> eric: north korea tested the two nukes with mroem and experts think they have enough to make at least half a dozen nuclear bombs. just what can the world do to stop them, in a few minutes we'll be joined by the former at bafr to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolten. >> jamie: another "fox news alert," following the case closely, investigators have seized, they say, possible evidence in the case of a missing yale university graduate student, today, she would have been a bride. today was supposed to be her wedding, one of this happiest days of her life, instead the fbi and police are searching for clues to what could have happened to the 24-year-old graduate student. she disappeared on tuesday. rick leventhal is in new haven, connecticut, following the investigation and any development, rick, what is the latest? >> reporter: jamie, i got off the phone with new haven police, who confirmed to me that bloody clothes were in fact found inside the building behind me,
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the building where annie le was last seen tuesday morning and the bloody clothes were found sometime overnight friday ton saturday morning -- into saturday morning but cannot confirm how the clothes were found and they are investigating the evidence to see if it is tied to the disappearance and the new haven will take over if it is determined to be a homicide and we heard from the a yale spokesperson yesterday. >> the investigation is at a very difficult stage, you will have many questions of the kind oil sure that i have had. and i have been asking. and, it is just not right now for them to speculate or to answer many of our lay person's questions as they put the full force an attention to really finding out what happened here. >> one major aspect of the investigation is determining if
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annie le left the building, and the only way to do that is by examining footage from surveillance cameras and one on the outside of the building there are reportedly 75 cameras, positioned in and around the building and the parking garage, behind it. we know that they have at least one image from a camera of annie lee entering the building on tuesday morning and now are going back over all of the videotapes, frame by frame, to see if they can spot another image of her perhaps leaving and maybe put on a lab coat and walked out. they are looking at that. while they continue to examine the evidence, but the headline is they did in fact find bloody clothing in the building, in the area where this woman was last seen, and the 24-year-old grad student and now the question is, do those bloody clothes belong to annie le, jamie. >> jamie: you said they are not saying there is a connection but before i let you go, can i ask if this investigation extends beyond this building? because at first with 100 different officers, four law enforcement agencies on it, they
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said pretty much they were focused on the inside of the building. has it extended? >> reporter: well, certainly it has, and you have the fbi and connecticut state police and new haven police and the yale police department and certainly they are tracking the cam pus and looking into this woman's associates and spoke with her fiancee and determined he had no connection with her disappearance and in fact he is offering assistance, but, again, what they have, right now, is a big question mark. they are not sure a crime occurred. but, they are trying to figure out if one did. >> jamie: rick, glad you are there. please bring us any new news, throughout the show. thank you, rick. >> reporter: absolutely. sure. >> eric: president obama trying to grab control of the health care reform debate. the president pushing his plan at a number of rallies and speeches like this one he held in minnesota yesterday and while he takes his case to the people the top democrat negotiator in congress says he is moving forward with the president's
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ideas, with or without republican support. representative mark kurtz joins us, a republican congressman from illinois and running for the senate in illinois next year, actually for president obama's former senate seat. congressman, good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> eric: do you think the plan will pass without republican support? >> they could try to muscle it through. what we hear on the house floor is leaders will try to move hr-3200, the speaker's flawed trillion dollar government takeover health care bill. as early as next month. if they do that, they'll be forcing dozens of democrats in moderate districts to walk the plank. and i think those members, if they vote for the bill will be defeated the next election. >> the democrats, you mean? >> that's right, because, the president has not just lost republicans. he has lost the american people. and, this is a bill we cannot afford -- it raises the top marginal tax rate for example in
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the state of illinois to 49.97%. to pay for the bill. ironically, that is a tax rate that is 4 percentage points higher than the marginal rate of france. >> eric: you say it is flawed and other people, supporters don't say that, they support it and millions of americans actually support it because people are worried and look, you have health care and you see the -- see the bills from the doctor and the health insurance company doesn't give you all the money back and you are not covered for tests and people are worried they could lose their health care coverage, if you have coverage and those concerns are real, and they are out there. and so how can that be addressed by this bill? >> well, that is why we need a centrist proposal. we have joined together to write one. you hatch heard much about it because it is the republican proposal but want to hear what it says in 60 seconds. >> eric: 30 seconds. >> all right, one, the medical rights act thing, congress shall make no law interviewing in -- intsd fearing with decision made
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by you and your doctor and you cannot do this without lawsuit reform and three, insurance reform, we should break up little insurance mop monopolies and you as an american have a trite buy insurance from any state in the u.n., especially if it is more flexible and lower cost. >> eric: what is the opposition to that. what is the opposition to that, why are democrats against those reforms. >> the main opposition this is trial lawyers, the number one financers of the democratic party are adamant, to have no lawsuit reform and the only thing that is being discussed in the senate is a study of lawsuit reform. and that is not enough. >> eric: whether the republicans like it or not the senate finance committee will have a draft next week and will call for nonprofit co-ops, not the public option, but the president has a -- supported -- what is -- does it mean, people don't understand the co-op or how it will work. >> when you actually read the details of the senate plan, a co-ops -- they don't use the word co-op, it is a complicated
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acronym that leads to the coop wording. we think of a co-op as an agricultural banking co-op, and under the baucus draft, co-op is government sponsored, government subsidized and eventually government-run and it is really the public option in disguise. >> eric: bottom line, you think they'll get something passed? >> they could muscle a big bill through the house, a trillion-dollar bill, they'll have a tough time in the senate. my guess is, they launch the nuclear weapon in this battle, reconciliation, so they can get a bill through the senate with just 51 votes. >> eric: that means, a yes. representative mark kirk running for the senate next week. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: we have been showing you all weekend long how tens of thousands of protesters packed the national mall in washington and the tea party express, ending the national tour yesterday. in our nation's capital, and several other cities across the
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country. these demonstrators didn't show up to meet celebrities or didn't show up for a concert. they showed up because they say they are fed up with the government that has grown too fat, too big, and too out of touch. tea party organizers say their movement ballooned on growing concerns over taxes, stimulus spending, and the wall street bailout. >> eric: now to those acorn tapes, new developments to report to you this morning on the under cover videos that rocked the activist organization, four acorn employees have been fired, renewed calls on capitol hill for hearings into acorn. whether or not a tax exempt status should be yanked and friday the director of the census dropped acorn from participating in the census next year and now, acorn is firing back, it says the tapes are part of what it calls a long-term political plan to smear the group. and acorn is threatening to sue the filmmaker and fox news, which was the first network to show the tapes and the recordings are not made by fox news but 25-year-old activist
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conservative james o'keefe and his associated, you see there. 20-year-old hannah giles, a college student who prosecutor tayed a prostitute and first posted, the tapes, on the web site, and here's the story line. they go to the acorn offices to try and get an acorn loan to buy a house and they claim will be part of a prostitution business and they say underage girls are -- illegally brought in to the country from el salvador will work there and the tapes show an acorn worker willing to help and asking them to join it and attend a housing seminar and some are seen advising them how to skirt federal laws and hide the proceeds of the exposed prostitution business, from the authorities among other things, and one classified job, as a performance artist, and one -- someone else said, don't tell the truth to the police, basically. and the two tapes have been released by the web site, and the housing office in baltimore and washington, d.c. and acorn claims the tapes are, quote, doctored, edited and in no way the resulted of the fabricated
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story portrayed by conservative filmmaker o'keefe and his partner in crime and believes the tapes are a felony and also say they are angry and appalled at the behavior of the acorn employees in the tapes and coming up later on this morning, we will -- we are due to have those two filmmakers, right here, to react to the controversy, and explain why they did it, and what they hope to accomplish. jamie? >> jamie: the lockerbie bomber was released and send back to libya because it was said he only had three months to live. that is a requirement for him to have been let go and now according to his brothers and his family, of doctors, abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi, his health has been deteriorating noticeably the past day and walked out of prison in scotland last month on the grounds that he had prostate cancer and didn't have long to live and he was sentenced to life in prison, the only person to be convicted for his part in the bombing of pan am flight 103, 270 people were killed.
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>> eric: a significant change in how the u.s. deals with hundreds of prisoners in afghanistan. the pentagon giving prisoners the right to khan challenge their indefinite detention and call witness in their defense and creating a detainee review board and the board will be similar to the review boards used for suspected terrorists, who are held at the military prison at guantanamo bay. and the new rules would go into effect this week, for more than 600 afghans, being held prisoner at the bagram military base. >> jamie: back to development out of now, we started the hour telling you about that and now report indicate north korea leader kim jong-il is ordering his military leaders to conduct the country's third nuclear test and could happen at any time. the difference, this time, they'll be using enriched uranium. what to make out of the latest sabre rattling, we are hearing out of the north? with us, fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolten,
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ambassador bolten, good morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: the threats and the calls that these tests will take place, happen again and again. what is different this time? we start by taking everything north korea says with a grain of salt but if the north were to go ahead and conduct the third test, this time, using enriched uranium, that would obviously be conclusive proof that in fact they have had an extensive enough uranium enrichment program over the years to produce a uranium-based nuclear weapon and could well show just how broad their depth of nuclear weapons is, because, we really have very little information on the extent of the uranium enrichment program. so, all of the theorys about north korea based on an estimate of the mroem based weapons, i think would have to be revised substantially. >> jamie: for viewers who may not have followed this as
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closely, plutonium we knew about and uranium, not so much and have had the enriched uranium and probably have been working on it for maybe as long as ten years and announced it, kim jong-il did at a meeting of the military leaders at the end august and in the past eastern was been involved in being at -- these locations and do you sense iran is involved. >> this is an absolutely critical question. and, it wouldn't be at all surprising since we know both north korea and iran benefitted from the proliferation network of pakistani scientist aq khan and iran and north korea have had extensive cooperation on their ballistic missile programs, which were the vehicles that would deliver nuclear weapons and i think these reports of iranians being in north korea and north koreans being in iran, north korean reaction, in syria, all go to
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show the nuclear proliferation problem is not just a north korean problem on the one hand or an iranian problem on the other, these are very closely linked together and not in this administration or prior administrations, have we clearly taken that into account. you can't solve north korea without considering the iranian nuclear program and vice verse va. >> jamie: and the question is what to do. i know pj crowley said today, u.s. state department spokesperson, that there may in fact be direct talks with north korea, in fact, south korea's foreign ministry says bring it on. the u.s. should sit down and talk, but do you think that returning to six-party talks should be a prerequisite for any conversation with north korea. >> i frankly don't think it makes any difference whether we talk bilaterally with north korea or do it in the context of the six-party talks. negotiations are not going to
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succeed in north korea given -- giving us the nuclear program and i think in effect what the north koreans are doing is holding out the prospect of talks with the united states, because they sense a feeling of desperation in the obama administration, to try and get to the negotiating table, as the president has often said, it is his intention. but, all of these statements about their uranium enrichment capability i think are intended to show that there is a long way to go, if ever, before they will be serious -- there will be serious discussions about giving the program up. >> jamie: ambassador bolten, good have you on this sunday morning, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> eric: a daring rescue at sea. the coast guard, finds a fishing beaten gulfoa boat, engulfed in flames, the video of the rescue, coming up. >> jamie: and news we have told you about on the atonnishing acorn tapes and calls in congress for hearings on acorn now, acorn workers fired because
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of a 20-year-old college student who pretended she was a prostitute and her 25-year-old filmmaker partner. incredible video. why they did it. what they wand and more, on acorn's reaction, you'll only see it here. what's fresh from ziploc?
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>> jamie: an incredible rescue off the texas coast and the coast guard spotting a ship in flames in corpus christi bay and two men in a life raft next to the vessel, both safely air-lifted into the chopper and mroen flown to a nearby hospital and one man, burns on 20% of his body and the second man in stable condition when he arrived at the hospital. ♪
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>> eric: the president's health care address to congress last week and two little words became almost as big as the speech itself. those words came from south carolina congressman joe wilson, who accused the president of lying. today the congressman sat down this morning for an exclusive interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" to explain. >> i have respect for the president. i have respect for the office of the president. i would never do something like that again. but -- >> you did do it. >> yes, and i... i just felt so provoked, because, i am on committee, on the committee, of education and labor and i know the amendments that were on -- at ways and means and energy and commerce, and the democrats voted down for citizenship verification and i knew what he said was not true. i read the bill. i read all -- >> let me ask you, i'm going t get into the details in a minute, do you think when the president was saying what he said there that he was lying?
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>> wow a wanted to hear that answer. -- wow, i want to hear that answer, chris wallace joins us every sunday at this time. what he say, did he think the president was lying. >> chris: well, he said i think he was misleading. but, the big news is the fact that he has said he is not going to apologize to the house. now, immediately after the president's speech, he did apologize and called the white house and apologize for what he said, and, originally, speaker pelosi said, well, that is enough, you know, we are done with that, let's move on, but i think she got so much blow-back from inside the base of the democratic party, in the house, that they have now said to joe wilson, either you come and formally apologize to the house, you broke the house rules or we'll discipline you which means he is brought down to the well of the house and that a resolution is read by nancy pelosi, quite frankly as if he were an errant school child in the front of the classroom and he said i'm not apologizing
10:23 am
again, i have don't and they are politicizing the issue and the joe wilson story is not going away and what is interesting is the number of people, obviously opponents of the president and democrats who are saying, right on. >> eric: it's interesting, he did apologize. the president did accept that apology, but, you are saying under the house rules, that -- some democrats, that does not count and they have to do it in a formal session on the floor of this house, in order to have it official, they don't have to do anything but some democrats, particularly because what happened is the -- joe wilson put out a video, in which -- so did his opponent and his opponent raised over a million dollars since last wednesday and put up a video, i shouldn't have done what i did but i will not be muzzled and he's raised over a million dollars and some of the democrats in the house thought he was not sufficiently contrite and he did break the house rules and they say, now, you -- not enough to apologize
10:24 am
to the president but you have to apologize to your house colleagues, because you have broken the rules of the house. so, there is going to be a spectacle, either he apologizes and he says he isn't or they'll vote a resolution of some kind of discipline and he'll be brought to the well of the house and chastised by nancy pelosi. which, i suspect, politically in his conservative district in south carolina, will only make more of -- >> eric: he'll use that in the campaign commercial for sure and chris always good to see you, can't wait to see the interview. thanks. >> chris: it is very interesting. >> eric: you can see the entire interview with congressman wilson, will they bring him down in ball and chains, to the well of the house and democratic him in and put ropes around him, we'll see, see what he has to say, check local listings for your local fox station or see it here on the most powerful name in news in the country, the fox news channel, will be on in about three hours, 2:00, eastern, 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> jamie: today was supposed to
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be her wedding day and instead the lab building where annie le was last seen is a crime scene, new details in the deepening mystery and rick leventhal is there, more next on that. >> eric: and new hopes for swine flu, vaccine for h1n1, they say it will be one shot, not two they thought, all you may need and would one dose do it for everybody? you know who has the answer to that? dr. isadore rosenfeld on those who may have to double-up, he's coming up, next, swine flu. how to stop it, what to do about it, are we safe? um bill-- why is dick butkus here?
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>> jamie: fox is all over several stories, new details in the missing university grad, annie le seen here on surveillance tape going into a laboratory. fox news confirm with police that bloody clothes were found at the yale lab. where she was last seen. she disappeared on tuesday, police not saying those clothes are connected in any way, the investigation of her disappearance, today, was the day she was supposed to be married, a sunrise church service in galveston, texas one year after hurricane ike devastated the island city and the state will host block parties an cookouts to celebrate the recovery. about 200 workers in northwestern turkey evacuated by helicopter, as flash floods hit factories there, they've had such torrential rain, causing
10:29 am
severe flooding in the region for the past week and at least 31 people have been killed, 9 others are still missing. ♪ >> eric: you know what time ishtin it is? time for "sunday house call" and house call host dr. isadore rosenfeld the rossi distinguished professor at wild cornell medical center and author of terrific medical books with ay lot of great advice. >> jamie: i'll give it to you, a new one coming out and we'll have information about it here, soon and we start with something on the minds of all of us. h1n1. this week, we learned how much of the vaccine is needed. millions and millions of doses. and the question is, how many shots should you get and should you get it at all, doc? >> okay. you know, there is not much news about the swine flu itself. i think i offended some people, when


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