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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 16, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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be out here, sean. people will be out here for your show, sean, and we will be ready for you. sean: we will have much more. folks, this is an important issue. do you want to import food from other countries when we can literally grow it right here? a special edition tomorrow night. greta: tonight, it is another one, number five, a shocking new tape from acorn, and you will see it, but first, what is up with former president jimmy carter? is he calling it like it is, or is he playing the race card? rnc chairman michael steele goes on the record. nice to see you, sir. >> how are you? greta: i am very well. i want to start first with former president jimmy carter. >> ok. greta: he said that the outburst from joe wilson was based on racism. was it? secondly, if you do not think it
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is, can you tell us how we have a legitimate challenge to any policy of an african-american without getting that back? >> yes, first, the first question, no, i do not think it is based on racism. i do not know where in that moment you could divine that was what was in that congressman's heart or that it was his intent. that is not the impression that he took away from that moment. this is a disagreement, and he blurted out in properly and has been sanctioned for it, apologized to the president. having said that, now we have the former president jimmy carter elevating this to a point where, you know, he is sort of saying that all of the people who disagree with president obama actually have some sinister view of the president based on race, and i think that
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that is disingenuous and just wrongheaded. we cannot go to the point in this country -- we will not have progressed. in fact, i believe we will hurt president obama as if every time we find ourselves in disagreement with him, is sick of finance -- his cycle fans -- his -- they are responsible for our national security and our economy, and we have got a lot to do. he is formulating policies. people agree with them, and people do not agree with them, so when they say they do not agree with the public option, are they being racist? if you do not want to go down this road, and president carter and others need to be very careful here, because it could be diminished by silliness like that. greta: in some ways, though, it could be used as a weapon to
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stop debate. i believe racism exists. i believe sexism exists. i believe a lot of different groups are discriminated against, and you're speaking to me in the makeup room here in fox news. for years, i did civil-rights worker. you have to be able to challenge people from different backgrounds -- i did civil- rights work. a weapon that is profoundly difficult to combat. >> greta, you and i have had this discussion, and you and i are locked in an agreement. racism is still very much part of the fabric of this country, unfortunately. for generations, it has been a stain that we are trying to scrub out. this whole post racial mentality that was sort of bubbling up around president obama, it is not based on any reality that i know from my background or my
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experience that i see when i go out around the country, so in that, you're absolutely right. i think the next step for us is how do we translate a black man, a black woman, a woman, speaking of sexism, or anyone who is not a white male into the body politic so that you can go at them, do the rough-and-tumble, give-and-take, agreement/disagreement without having that overshadowed by charges of racism? it is a process that we have to go through, but i do not think that carter helped that. greta: is it being used unfairly against some white americans for disagreeing on political policy? is it being used unfairly? >> i think it is, and i think to your earlier point, there are those around the president as seen in the campaign, certainly, and i think it is true here who
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want to use this as a bat to stop debate, to chill; it it, so you do not have the back and forth on this issue. white republicans, for example -- there is this hesitancy. i disagree with the president, but i cannot say anything. well, that is not american. that is not what this is about. particularly after the civil- rights movement, so many of us fought for the right to be able to do this. now, to come back in this 21st century mindset and put this cloth over it to and say you cannot say anything that disagrees with the president, or you cannot say anything that could be inferred as something negative, that is not what they should be about, so i am hoping that the president will stand with me, and robert gibbs came out today with some comments from the president to the effect
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that, no, joe wilson's outburst was not a racist attack against the president and that we need to move beyond that and start talking about the substance of health care, card check, and the lighke. greta could chairman michael steele, thank you. i hope you will come back -- greta: chairman michael steele, thank you. now, the scandal around acorn is getting worse and worse, and they were shot by a filmmaker and given to fox news. take no. 5, the worker gives advice about the best place to smuggle under age girls into united states -- tape 5. >> logistically, it is it better if it is tijuana? is it better if it is something more inland? all of these answers he wants
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right away. why? >> because -- >> ok. ok. there are like 12 of them. is that ok? 12. >> atwell girls. >> they are 12 girls, but they are like 13 to 15 years old -- 12 girls. got it. greta: in a newly released a statement, iacorn says it is planning to have a new trading for their staff and that this is indefensible. our next guest joins us. wow. the tapes. >> this is an organization that is mired in corruption and sloppiness, and as a result, there should be a freezing of
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funds until a thorough investigation is done. what we have is not only acorn at risk, but they tend to take the fine work done by others, like the rev. in philadelphia, the housing development, a former congressman from jamaica, new york, who is doing the national urban league. these organizations that believe in transparency -- they believe in accountability, and they are hurt by this nonsense that corn is engaged in -- that acorn is engaged in. greta: i suppose if they went to all of the chapters, the numbers would not look so bad, but fights. what is with this organization? is this a freak thing -- but five?
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>> this is aided and abetted by big government. this is far away from the day- to-day execution, and so acorn does things under the banner of good intentions for poor people -- greta: but this is not good intentions. you are in no way out -- ok. >> know. the organization has these lofty goals, but in execution, you get this -- no. just think about it, greta. acorn from 1994 until the present as millions of taxpayer dollars. $8.30 billion in the pipeline. greta: and shame on the government for not policing this. it is terrible that all of this money is doled out, money that could have helped so many americans, including the people
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this was targeted for. shame on the government for keeping the money out and saying, "do what you want" -- for kicking the money out. >> i think what these films show is that there is a real pattern that is interested in nature, and as a consequence, i think it meets the standard of a recall investigation. greta: what about senator durban, -- a standard of a rico investigation. he voted about cutting off funding. >> i think it is shameful. there is no better way to describe it. there is a passage in the bible that says "those who want to do evil of the darkness." i really do believe that members of the congress, senator durbin and all, have a responsibility,
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a moral responsibility, to the population in general, but to poor people in general to shine the light on them. gregg: they are being taken advantage of. while they are doling out the money, they are being cheated by the crooks, and the government -- is reprehensible. it is reprehensible. >> absolutely. again, i think the threshold for a rico investigation has been met. this is a problem that is right in the lap of attorney general holder. there must be a cry, a human cry, for accountability and for sunshine. greta: good to see you, sir. up next, seriously. does anybody in the world understand the house health-care bill? hr 3200? a doctor goes on the record.
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because serious stomach problems... such as bleeding, may get worse. some people may experience fainting. some people may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bruising, or not sleep well. some people may have muscle cramps... or loss of appetite or may feel tired. in studies, these were usually mild and temporary. we really love this place. talk to your doctor about alzheimer's treatments... including aricept. don't wait. alzheimer's isn't waiting. greta: look at this. look at this monstrosity. it is the health care bill. h4 3200. does anyone understand this thing?
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we went for answers. all right, hr 3200. i am having a hard time understanding it. maybe you can help me out. >> reading this bill, taking this document, but it takes several other documents that it references. greta: you mean you cannot just read this bill? you have to go over to other bills? >> exactly. greta: is there anything about this? >> this one, when you look at the essential benefits package, the term "is essential benefits package" is defined, and then you have to define that and find it, and it takes to about five different references to see what they mean by that instead of having it written in plain english. greta: instead of being linear, you have to jump off iran. >> yes, you just cannot read it
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-- you have to jump around. greta: three or four different places, and tn you come back to where you started, so you basically do a circle, and you are no better off than you were when you started. >> exactly. greta: president obama said after the recess that they could come into the office and go line by line by line. >> if they want to come over and goal line by line by line what is going on, i will be happy to do that -- and goal line by line by line. -- and go line by line by line. >> in all candor, i would like to meet with him and let him along with the other five people, the other five congressmen, to share with him 35 plus years of practicing medicine what this means in reality. the problems with this.
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in tennessee. massachusetts is having similar problems. greta: there are two issues. one is whether it is a good bill, and the other is whether or not it could be understood, which is why i was encouraging you to go to the white house and go through it line by line by line. >> i think we need to do that, and, again, he needs to sit down with a doctor like myself that caught up at 3:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the morning and went down to the emergency room and saw patients without insurance and worked through the system -- who got up at those times. greta: union, they have not even said, to the congressman, we will get back to you" -- you mean that? >> we have not heard anything from the white house. greta: up next, it is getting really wicked in this down, and some people are being accused of
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: is president obama hiding something about his czars? there are three congressional resolutions having to deal with the president's czars. one person who wants something done is joining me now. what is your problem with the czars? certainly, president obama is not the first person to have them, although he may have more than the others. >> sure, the government has spends money in the past, but president obama is doing it -- has spent money in the past, but president obama is doing it much more. he has said dozens and dozens in just the first few months.
10:22 pm
-- he has had dozens and dozens. greta: not going to any congressional oversight, that room to one person the wrong way. is that a problem you have -- that rubbed one person the wrong way. >> they should be confirmed by the senate if they are making policy, and if they are not, then they are just figure it's, and they should not be collecting a salary, -- then there are just figureheads. whether this is just a funding question -- greta: afghanistan czar. borders are -- border czar. domestic violence czar. i go through this list, and we have already got such a monstrosity of a government. why these? >> i do not know if it is simply
10:23 pm
a question of not knowing how to govern or that they want to raise pigs to another level. you can look it carol browner, for instance -- one to raise things to another level. you can look at carol browner. she is in charge, according to her own words, for policy in the department of energy and the epa, so it seems to me that she is acting as a super cabinet secretary. cabinet secretaries are not truly relevant anymore, and you have to be a czar to have any real authority in this administration. greta: if you have a cabinet- level job or an ambassador, you fill out all sorts of forms, and the senate goes through. there is that scrutiny. we have seen what happens to the people that are not scrutinized. >> the great example is van jones, who was the green jobs czar. apparently, the white house did
10:24 pm
not do a simple google search to see his background and the associations he had, much less his writings, so you can see the simple vetting process before the congress is one that the founding fathers thought was important, and even today, i think the media thinks it's important to have some scrutiny, to understand their backgrounds, and to make certain that these people are held accountable to the public and to capitol hill. greta: i should point out the other presidents have had them, and there are fine men and women. there are lots of good names that we need to recognize, but why not have tough scrutiny of anybody? good to see you. up next, no other network is covering this. the president of honduras has been arrested, exiled, and send to another country. the united states demands he be
10:25 pm
restored to the presidency, but did our government picked the wrong side -- and sent to another country. closer to home. there are places off the continental shelf. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here.
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greta: did president obama and secretary of state clinton make a bad mistake by saying that honduran president's zelaya should be back in office? here is what we know. in june, the then-president of honduras, manuel zelaya was put on an airplane and tossed out of the country due to his efforts trying to change the constitution so that he could maintain the presidency after his term. the honduran supreme court told him it was illegal and that the constitution specifically
10:29 pm
prohibited it, but he ignored the supreme court and forged ahead with his plans. next, and at the order of the supreme court in honduras, and they went to the president's house, arrested him, and flew him out of the country. then, roberto micheletti was installed to hold that post until the election. president obama and secretary clinton are siding with zelaya, calling it a coup. they say it was required under the constitution. here is what we know. article 239 of the honduran constitution reads as follows --
10:30 pm
greta: so was the removal proper? was the transfer of power legitimate? interim leader roberto micheletti says the elections will go on as scheduled in november. we went to honduras, and roberto micheletti went on the record. nice to see you. it is beautiful here. >> it is a beautiful place, honduras. greta: what happened last june? because in the united states, we wake up one morning and find out that you put your president on an airplane and booted him out of the country. >> he had been doing things against our constitution.
10:31 pm
greta: now, as i understand it, and i do not know your constitution very well at all, but as i understand it, he wanted to have a national poll on june 28 to convene a national congress to change the constitution so that he could be president a second time. >> this is against a lot. in our country, nobody can be president -- is against the law. greta: if you wanted to change the constitution so that you could have two or three terms, how do you change the honduran constitution? >> you cannot change it. greta: ever? >> everitt. greta: there is no way to change it? -- ever. >> they thought that someday there was going to be big man who would try to change the
10:32 pm
rules and our country, and someone who has been president is not allowed to be president again. greta: are you saying he was a bad president or a corporate president? >> both. we can prove that. -- or a crooked president? >> both. we can prove that. subtracting from the bank 20 million in cash. greta: how much of that -- how much is that in dollars? what did he do with it? >> nobody knows. greta: does he have any defenders? anyone saying he should still be president? >> yes. in the united states, they have been saying that he should come
10:33 pm
back. the government of the united states. greta: so your view is that president obama and secretary clinton do not have the full story. that is your view. >> i am sure they do not. greta: have you ever met president obama or secretary clinton? >> no, no, no, never in my life. one day, i had a telephone call from the secretary. greta: what did she have to say? >> talking about returning mr. zelaya. greta: what did you say? >> no. greta: well, since that call, the united states has cut off money to this country. what do you say about that? >> they are saying that there
10:34 pm
was a military coup. we are in power. we will have elections on november 29. greta: are you running? >> no, i am not. i cannot run any more in my life, because if i am president for one day in this country, i cannot run any more. -- anymore. you will find out what he was trying to do. hugo chavez in venezuela. how many years has hugo chavez been in power? he was trying to do the same thing. greta: is the friendly with hugo chavez? >> they are like brothers. gregg: they are like brothers? >> yes, they are like brothers -- greta: they are like brothers? >> yes, there are like brothers.
10:35 pm
-- they are. the supreme court and the judges, if i am innocent, i can walk free, but if i m&a corrupt man and a thief -- if i am a corrupt man or a thief, i will be in jail. the president of this commission was from venezuela. greta: the one that came over from last august? >> yes. greta: because they said there were human rights violations. they said there were thousands being detained since june 28. is that not true? >> you will not find anybody in the jail. greta: you and your interim government are rounding up people, detaining them, and committing these human rights violations, but you say not. >> is not true.
10:36 pm
greta: how long have you known mr. zelaya? what is he like? >> in the beginning, he was a democratic manner, a nice guy. we were members of the same party. greta: so you voted for him? >> yes. many voted for him. he was in the beginning the same manuel zelaya, but he started changing. from the left side, communists. greta: are you going to be there this month when all of the countries gather in new york? will you be representing honduras? >> no. i do not have a visa to go into
10:37 pm
the united states. i do not know how you say this. it is ironic. in the u.s.a., at the united nations, he put -- greta: he put what? >> his name is carlos. greta: he is your representative in the u.n.? >> yes. greta: zelaya appointed him to represent honduras in the u. n, and what about him? >> no reason to get to the united states. still, he represents zelaya there. greta: all right, let me get this straight. he has no visa to go to the united states, but zelaya
10:38 pm
appointed him to united nations, and he puts bombs here? >> yes, and they took his visa. greta: why was he putting bombs here? >> it was against the government. greta: as the united states ever complained or have the people of honduras ever complained that this is your representative -- has the united states? >> we want to have a good relationship with the united states, but he says he is going to be there, and he is there. greta: ok, has he denied putting bombs in honduras? does he say he did not do it, or does he say, "i did it"? do you think that's zelaya will
10:39 pm
be at the united nations -- that he will be there? >> i do not know. greta: would you like to go? >> no. it is under our constitution. greta: how is honduras doing? how is your economy? >> with united states and the other people, working hard. it was good until january 27. greta: so what is your message to president obama? >> send somebody to read our constitution. it says about changing the constitution. you know the ways how you are going to change the constitution. nobody has power to change the constitution. it has to be with the people.
10:40 pm
it has to be with elections. greta: and a message for zelaya? >> are trying to hurts the poor people of this country. -- to hurt them. greta: thank you, sir. >> god bless hundreds, and god bless you. greta: well, you just heard the interim leader talking about the u.n. representative being a terrorist, bombing honduras in the 1980's. that man fired back, and he said that if micheletti said that comedy is messed up in the head. he said that he had been in jail and that his brother, too, had been in jail -- said that he is messed up in the head. the u.s. visa was taken away in
10:41 pm
2006. now, the state department has no comment on why reina's visa was revoked. he also says he continues to have the support of the u.s. and says that none recognize micheletti as the interim leader. the entire interview is on $45 billion. billions in bonuses. some people might be sweating bullets tonight. we will tell you why. including new wood-grilled shrimp with a teriyaki glaze. it's endless shrimp -- our best value of the year. now at red lobster.
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>> from america's news headlines, i am rick. new numbers are coming up for august. they expect that just in building permits. they say the industry is recovering from the foreclosure and the subprime crisis. after a one-year hiatus, chrysler will resume their leasing program. they are trying to attract consumers after the cash for clunkers program is now over. and first-time unemployment claims for the past week are also out tomorrow. analysts are also expecting a
10:46 pm
jump, hovering around $550,000. it is a sign that the economic recovery needs to pick up before the unemployment situation improves. now, back to greta. greta: there is big news tonight in a case we have followed "on the record." you gave bank of america in billions of dollars, and they bought merrill lynch, and they were going under when they were bought, but their executives were given $3.60 billion in bonuses. now, here is where it gets shaky. the $3.60 billion was taken from the shareholders, and the sec found out about the hidden bonuses and worked out a deal where the bank was given only a certain fight, and the culprits got away, and that is where a bold judge stepped in and stopped this cozy deal, saying it does not comport with the basic tenets of justice.
10:47 pm
a wall street reporter for "the new york times," i know a federal judge had to see your story in "the new york times" every day, but what an interesting turn of events. >> it is interesting, but the judge is someone who has -- people have watched him for a while. they said that as soon as they saw he was having a hearing on this, they knew that there would be something different and that he would take a stand. greta: i am delighted that a federal judge would do this. he is not rubberstamping this. >> no, that is not what he does. greta: throwing the civil penalty out between bank of america and the sec, is he going to find out who is responsible? >> he is looking at accountability, and who made the decision not to include the bonuses, and, in fact, they have
10:48 pm
been looking at the filings, and he criticized bankamerica for not answering the questions. greta: why did they say they were not going to answer them? >> no reason. they have to go to court, and they may have to give a reason. greta: the taxpayer bailout, but then the bonuses are paid by the shareholders, and they did not know it, because it was hidden from them. again, the shareholders are paying back, and they are paying the legal fees on top of it. >> -- the shareholders are paying that. >> making sense for the shareholders to pay the fine to settle the case, and he wrote that this looks like management trying to escape their lives by having shareholders to pay the fine to get them out of it, so he was very critical of that, and it raises questions about the way the sec does a lot of
10:49 pm
these. greta: i am suspicious about the representative at the time of this merger. who represented merrill lynch at the time? >> these people. greta: and neither side, at least as far as we know, neither side said, "you cannot hide these bonuses from the shareholders"? >> i do not think they want attention on this. greta: the lawyers may end up having to tell. >> the judge wants the truth, and the attorney general in new york is asking questions about why there were not answers. internal lawyers and external lawyers. greta: thank you, and welcome to washington. ready to play the field. plus, a yankees manager got a bloody ear.
10:50 pm
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greta: well, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. there was a brawl that happen at yankee stadium. here is how it went down. in the game, a blue jays pitcher almost hit a yankees batter, and finally, there was a confrontation at the plate that cleared the benches. the blue jays pitcher had a welt on his head. the blue jays won the baseball game, 10-4. not the only thing caught on tape in the world of baseball last night. a three-year-old girl had an
10:54 pm
interesting reaction to a once- in-a-lifetime experience. she and her father at the game, and the father snag the foul ball, and ball every father whishes they have, and the father handed her the ball, and she decided to throw it back. the father and everyone around him were stunned. an official at the stadium gave the father and daughter a souvenir ball. and a woman of 107 years old who lives in a malaysian village is thinking about getting married for the 23rd time. here is the problem. the woman is afraid her husband is going to leave her, so reports are she has her eye on a new man, this time a man of 50. they say that 107 is the new 50, and there you have it. still ahead, a special last
10:55 pm
call. donald trump on the idiotic behavior of kanye west at the mtv awards. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions - it's time to expect more.
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash those studio lights. last call, starting the one and only donald trump. earlier, the donald went on the
10:59 pm
record about the exchange with a line judge at the u.s. open by serena williams and about what kanye west did at the awards show. >> i hear he is a nice guy by people who know him, but that was really weird. i thought that was strange, and, you know, serena williams, i was there, and i watched her get very angry, and i do not know why she got so angry. it was a terrible call. it was not a foot south. the serve was perfectly good. she was called for a foul, and now she is apologizing, and white issue apologizing? i do not get it -- it was not a foot foul. i take the opposite view on a lot of things. greta: you never know what donald trump will say. the lights are a blinking,. the lights are a blinking,.