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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 18, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the only place you will get the whole story. thank for inviting us into your house tonight. we will see you monday from washington. good night from new york. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: the colorado man being investigated for trying to blow up new york subways has just admitted he has ties to al qaeda. plus, does iran now have the goods to go nuclear? i'm trace gag gear in for shepard smith. the news starts now. it's a secret report on iran's weapons program. is the nation really ready to build the bomb? now new evidence. >> the president, the national security team have confidence in the information, the assessments that they were given.
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trace: tonight, we will get to the truth about iran's atomic abilities. trace: first, a fox urgent and word that a colorado man has just confessed. he does have a connection to al qaeda. the fbi has investigated zazi and searched places where he stayed in colorado and new york. earlier this week, we saw surveillance video of one such raid here in the city. investigators believe he may be involved in a potential plot involving homemade bombs. now, a source confirms to fox news, zayzi admits having tes al tied and negotiating pleading toghtd terror charge. alicia acuna has more from us from denver. what you can tell us? >> can i tell you, trace, zazi's father has just left headquarters in downtown denver. we have video of that that was
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in the last hour. he was asked by a reporter as he was leaving, you know, we are just trying to find out the truth. he said of his son i don't know the truth. i can also tell you he has told reporters over the past week that his son does not have ties to terror. somewhere along the lines, things have changed. trace: zazi and his attorney have been adamant that he has no ties to terror. what's changed here? >> you have to consider 16 hours plus of intense questioning by fbi investigators. that's been going over the past three days. you also have to consider the information that they have on him. fbi agents and authorities have said that they have been surveying this man for the past year. that includes emails, conversations over the phone. and his movement both internationally and domestically. one of the things that does stand out, trace, is travels to pakistan. his attorney art folsom told me himself that his client would travel to pakistan to visit his wife. fox news has learned through bankruptcy filings that zazi has
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made in march that he has listed himself as unmarried and single. now things aren't adding up. trace tray now we are learning more about what he may have been planning. right? >> yes. fbi agents we have a learned through anonymous source have been in at least one home depot here in colorado going through receipts. looking for purchases of muir muir addict acid. what it can do other than clean your pool and concrete is it can be combined to other agents to either one create mustard gas which can burn or blind people or mixed with other devices to create explosives strong enough, we have been told, to blow up the bottom of airplanes. trace? trace: alicia acuna in denver tonight. thank you. the president mahmoud ahmadinejad issuing fresh denials about his country's nuclear program. just days before ahmadinejad arrives here in new york, to speak at the united nations, he is insisting his country doesn't even need nuclear weapons.
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>> nuclear arms, we believe they belong to the past and the past generation. trace: ahmadinejad refused to say whether there were any conditions under which his nation would try to build nuclear weapons. remember, there are present of people who believe that his country is already well on its way to developing nukes. in fact, we told you yesterday about a new report that iran already has the ability to make a nuclear bomb. and today we are hearing new details about that. jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon. jennifer, what are you hearing? >> trace, what we have confirmed is that this is the so-called suppressed report that, in fact, the french and others were demanding that the iaea release. in this report obtained by the associated press. iran has the know how, the ability to build nuclear bomb
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and, in fact, it has been experimenting with a chamber inside a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear pay load. trace: the president's cabinet was out in force today defending changes on european missile defense ahead of planned meeting with iranian leaders next week. >> that's right. secretary of state hillary clinton had this tough message for iran. there will be accompanying costs for iran's defiance, more isolation, economic pressure, less possibility of progress for the people of iran. >> defense secretary robert gates met with the czech defense minister today. and he explained that the ground-based system that was planned for poland could have easily been overwhelmed by iran's missiles. >> what we have seen with the iranians is that they are
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producing and deploying signature yant short range missiles. they could overwhelm -- a salvo like that could overwhelm it. >> new report suggests that they have been 100 short and medium range missiles. those missiles this administration have determined are more of an immediate threat than iran's long range missiles. trace: jennifer live from the pentagon. thank you. new concerns about the president's decision to change the eastern european missile shield. the president decided not to put components of the missile shield in poland and the czech. the pentagon supports the move but czech and polish newspapers have called it a betrayal aimed at making russia happy. no denying russia is pleased with the move. the prime minister, vladimir putin says the action was correct and brave. and the head of nato adds it might be time to think about putting aside all differences and linking u.s., nato, and
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russian missile defenses to protect against threats have from asia and the middle east. seven former directors of the cia making an appeal to president obama. their goal? stop the investigation of harsh interrogation tactics used during the bush administration the men all headed the agency at some point during the last 35 years. some worked under republican presidents. others under democrats. today they all signed their names to a letter asking the president to put the brakes on attorney general eric holder. last month he appointed a prosecutor to look at instances of potential abuse of terror suspects at the hands of cia interrogators. have have called the methods used by the cia during the bush administration torture. today the former cia director said an investigation would hurt the agents involved and put the united states in danger in the future. here is part of that letter. quoting:
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trace: now we're learning more about what prompted the drecialghts to write that -- directs directors to write that letter. >> a former intelligence official says the decision to write the letter by the seven former cia directors was, quote, spontaneous and came in the days after the cia inspector general's report was declassified by the justice department august 24th according to this, seven former directors wanted the letter to be firm and clear as well as respectful and professional and it went through a number of drafts before it was finalized for the president, trace. trace: what were the main points, catherine they were arguing here? >> there were three key points. first, the attorney general's review, the first step toward a criminal investigation must be shut down by the president. second, which thousands of pages of documents are released like
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the internal cia report in august. it allows the cia to know too much about us and how we operate and in fact the secrecy is lost. finally, when we declassify this information, foreign governments become reluctant to share their secrets with us because they believe their secrets will eventually be revealed as well, trace. trace: any response from the white house or the justice department? >> brief response from the justice department that said the attorney general is simply following the facts in these cases. nothing from the white house. a short statement from the current cia director that reads, in part. a former intelligence official tells me that the real casualty here in his opinion is the career intelligence officer who thought following the law would protect them from partisan politics. trace: catherine herridge live from washington. thank you. it looks like the flu season is getting an early start. now we are learning more about
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trace: a fox you are jest to report out of the baltimore area. police and rescue crews on the scene of a massive water main break. these are live pictures from wttg down there. look at this. it looks like a massive storm. this is a water main break in the neighborhood of dundalk. the pictures are amazing. the water main was 72 inches. this is now videotape. look at that water main. can you imagine driving down the street as many people were with the sun shining and all of a sudden the gush of water comes down? there were police officers and firefighters in boats as you can see there. actually going around car to car seeing if people were still inside their car.
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several vehicles, as you might imagine and can see were stuck so far. there have been no reports of any injuries. well, the flu season has started early and nearly all the cases seen so far are h1n1. that headline coming from the centers for disease control and prevention today. the agency gave an update on the efforts to fight the disease including getting the vaccine out to the public. the cdc says hundreds of people have died from h1n1 and related complications in just the past few weeks. thousands more have ended up in the hospital. now, it's important to keep those numbers in perspective. remember, the regular flu kills an aferlg of 36,000 americans every year. a harvard researcher is about to publish a study that suggests the h1n1 virus will be no more deadly than a typical moderate flu season. jonathan serrie is tracking h1n1. is he live in the thratlanta newsroom.
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what is the cdc saying about that report from harvard. >> cdc officials say, trace, this is certainly good news. they also caution it's not reason for comecomplacency. >> it doesn't minimize the fact that influenza kills and causes disease in a lot of people every year. and so even a moderate influenza season has a lot of morbidity and mortality. >> and, remember, h1n1 disproportionately effects children. and while by and large most of those kids are going to recover just fine, because of the shear numbers of kids who are expected to be infected, there will, inevitably be more deaths from a disease that potentially is preventible. trace: we keep hearing, jonathan, get vaccinated, get vaccinated. any ideas when the first doses of the vaccine will be available? >> they're actually a few days ahead of schedule. now they are saying the first 3.4 million doses of vaccine will be available in early october with a bulk shipment in the middle of that month and
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vaccine will continue to be cranked out by the manufacturers through december for a grand total of 195 million doses by the end of the year in this country. trace: jonathan serrie live for us in atlanta. jonathan, thank you. police say he kidnapped an 11-year-old girl, held her captive in his backyard for 18 years and raped her. fathering her two children. now, investigators are tearing apart phillip garrido's home searching for evidence linking him to two other girls. my kayla garecht. >> police have already found bone fragments in garrido's yard which may or may not be human a pair of cadaver dogs indicated there may be human remains on the grounds outside garrido's home. when the property is cleaned up, they will use a high tech scanner that can apparently identify remains that are buried underground. we are also getting a disturbing glimpse inside the garrido home where the couple apparently
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lived in squall ler. look at this. building inspectors say it is filled with so much filth and waste it is unfit for humans. >> the garrido property is, to put it the best way, is like trying to find evidence in a landfill. there is tremendous amount of junk and debris and so that's the task that we have to go through to get evidence. trace: garrido and his wife nancy are in jail charged with kidnapping and rape. jaycee dugard seen here as a child has been reunited with her family. according to police so far, she has not offered any clues in the cases of two other missing girls. well, the law calls him a criminally insane schizophrenic killer. tonight, he is on the run. a massive manhunt underway for the guy who escaped while on a field trip to a fair. and now cops are warning that he is becoming increasingly unstable. coming up, where they think he may be heading. plus, there are now reports that the man charged with killing a
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trace: fox urgent. washington state police are desperately searching for a murderer, described as a criminally insane schizophrenic. he has last seen on a mental institute field trip. 57-year-old philip a. paul was at the spokane fair yesterday. apparently he took off. in the early 1990s, paul was committed after he was convicted of murdering an elderly woman and burying her in a garden. at the time paul said voices in his head told him she was a
7:22 pm
witch. four years later he knocked a deputy unconscious after he was caught trying to escape. investigators say they believe paul may be headed to the spokane area to his parent's home in sunny side. today his brother reminded us that he can still be very dangerous. >> they teased a mental ill person, and he went off, you know, he went off on them. and hurt about four jailers. >> his brother adds that he was a wrestler in high school and therefore is very strong and began hearing these voices in his head when he was in high school. cops say they are concerned he will grow increasingly unstable without his medication. anyone who cease him should call 911. police say they have the man who murdered yale grad student annie le. now there are reports another arrest could be on the way. cops arrested raymond clark yesterday after trailing him for days and getting d.n.a. evidence from him. last night a local tv station reported police are looking at another employee at the lab
7:23 pm
where annie's body was stuffed behind the wall. clark may have had help hiding the remains. did not say exactly who police are looking at. meanwhile, a local newspaper is shedding some light on the evidence that implicated clark in the murder and where those clues turned up. the hartford current is reporting police found d.n.a. from clark in the open area behind a wall where they discovered le's body. clark tried to cover up some of the evidence found in that lab basement. le disappeared last fuse. investigators found her remains in a yale lab building on sunday, the same day that she was supposed to have been married. the high school football coach who was cleared of murder in the death of one of his players could soon return to work. his old job as a coach has been filled but public school officials in kentucky say he can apply for new coaching jobs. yesterday, a jury acquitted jason citizenson of reckless homicide in the death of max gilpin.
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the teen collapsed and died from heat stroke on a 94-degree day back in august of 2008. prosecutors blame coach stinson saying he ran a series of grueling sprints and denied the players water. medical expert for the defense called gilpin's death an accident. caused by a combination of the heat, prescription drug aderol and gilpin's use of the muscle building supplement creatine. well, we have heard what president obama thinks of health care reform. we will hear more from him in the coming days. tonight, we are hearing from another familiar face at the white house. some strong words from the first lady. plus, it might be the only food that's as much fun to remove from its packaging as it is to eat. tonight, you will meet the people who may love pez just a little too much. why the candy company is now dispensing court papers next. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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7:29 pm
about pez. he owns the museum of pez memorabilia outside san francisco. a roadside attraction which sells the beloved candy and houses his personal collection of 550 dispensers. >> our museum has an example of every pez ever made. >> along with some pez never made like this giant snowman dispenser recognized as the world's biggest by the guinness book of records which has prompted a lawsuit by the candy company. >> we don't know how it was produced but he used, in fact, the pez logo, the pez insignia. >> near the cash register, a sign clearly states the snowman is just for display. >> as a work of art, i think i have the right to call it what i want and make it. >> but pez claims doss is luring customers to his museum under false pretenses, using their iconic logo without permission and making profits unlawfully. the lawsuit also takes claim at dispensers he changes and then sells. obama for peziden or replacing this smiley face with an ad for
7:30 pm
the museum. he getz admits he gets around copyright rules by printing disclaimer and selling property he owns. but pez isn't buying. >> for someone to step in without any regard for that care, that history, and just use and usurp the name is really unfair. it's unfair and it's illegal. >> pez is demanding doss dump dispensers that the company hasn't authorized and turn over all profits made by the museum since it opened 14 years ago. gary says he will fight the candy giant in federal court. convinced they want him out of the way so they can start their own pez museum. in burlingame, california, claudia cowan, fins fox news. trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. it is shaping up to be an important weekend for our nation's debate over health care reform. president obama is scheduled to appear on five of the sunday
7:31 pm
talk shows, pushing his ideas to guarantee health care for every american. today as the president was taping some of those interviews, it was his wife who spoke out publicly on the topic. the first lady michelle obama talking to a group of women at the white house about the number of people in this country who are without health insurance. >> this current situation is unacceptable. it is unacceptable. [ applause ] >> no one in this country should be treated that way. it's not fair. it's not right. trace: well, on that just about everyone agrees. but, of course there is a real debate about how to fix it. and it will play out over the next few days on your television screen. peter barnes of the fox business network is live at the d.c. business desk. peter, what do we expect the president to say this weekend? >> well, trace, for the white house, the point of these interviews is to give the president another opportunity to pitch health care reform. polls showing the public support
7:32 pm
for a major overhaul of the healthcare system slipping in general. and people worried about certain provisions in specifics, such as whether it will effect their own current health insurance plan. four of the networks that landed the interviews have all released clips tonight and, indeed, one of the clips is about health care. the president expresses frustration with the debate and the rhetoric around health care. and the other three clips, trace, the president answered questions about race. trace: peter, what's the thought on capitol hill about this compromise plan proposed by senator baucus, you know, the one that does not include a public option? >> that's right. a lot of people in town have looked to the baucus bill as the framework for a bipartisan compromise on health care reform. for example, as you mentioned, it did not include the so-called public option. the idea for a government-run health insurance company which most republicans oppose. but, even with that concession, no republicans have announced support for the bill, sources are telling us now that as a result, senator baucus is
7:33 pm
considering some major changes to the bill, to solidify democratic support for it. it looks now like democrats will try to pass this one with little, if anything, republican backing. trace? trace: the fox business network beater barnes live in washington. thank you. timing. congress doesn't have forever to get it done. the legislative year ends in just a few months. lawmakers have a lot of other topics they need to tack tackle. molly henneberg following that part of the story. she is live right across from the capitol. molly, what else do lawmakers need to get done? >> hi, trace, a lot. considering the fiscal year ends in 12 days, the legislative year ends in 14 weeks at the most. health care has been sucking all of the oxygen out of the room on capitol hill. congress still has a lot to deal with. for example, 12 appropriations bills to fund the government during the next fiscal year. the afghanistan supplemental to fund military operations in afghanistan. the nuclear arms start treaty, start stands for strategic arms
7:34 pm
reduction treaty, with russia and it expires in december. card checks for labor unions. up employment extension. scores of presidential appointments. and climate change legislation that pretty much has been put on the back burner. republicans say democrats have taken on too much. democrats say what they can't get to this year they will get to next year. trace? trace: molly henneberg live to us from washington. religious extremists. militants launching devastating attack in northwest pakistan. security forces there say someone drove to the center of the town near the afghanistan border and set off a bomb. blowing up a two-story hotel and destroying several stores. we are told the attack killed at least 25 people. and it certainly underscores the growing violence in that region. there were hopes that violence might calm down with the death of this man. the former leader of the taliban in pakistan, killed last month
7:35 pm
in a u.s. missile strike. security forces hope that would lead to a power struggle and a fight within the group. but our sister network sky news has obtained new video of his successor. and it appears to show the taliban rallying around him. niece are the new warriors, the pakistan arm of the militants. if there was any doubt the pakistan taliban was finished, these pictures prove otherwise. the man at the wheel of the humvee is their new leader. a man with a reputation for being brutal and prepared to go to any lengths. these pictures were taken just a few weeks ago in the tribal region of south waziristan. look how freely they move around this when the taliban are meant to be underattack from the pakistan military. they sit beside the houmsse and dlam like a trophy. they claim they seized it on an attack nato supply convoy. >> if america continues to
7:36 pm
attack the innocent people of the tribal areas, then we are forced to attack u.s. interests. >> and this is his trademark. he has been leading operations against nato supply lines for years. this, the taliban insists, is an attack on a nato convoy a week ago. these are images which will please neither the pakistan authorities nor the coalition troops across the border in afghanistan. their evidences the pakistan taliban appears to be thriving. they have the followers. they have the will. and they seem to be as dangerous and as capable as ever. alex crawford, sky news. >> well, many have been captured, beaten and thrown in prison. today, thousands of protesters risking their lives once again on the streets of iran. ♪ chanting] trace: these were the first major protests that captured the
7:37 pm
world's attention after july's disputed presidential election. top opposition leaders joined the demonstrations, including defeated presidential candidate musab buy. the supreme liter had banned all antigovernment on a nonreligious holiday that is a major political event for iran's hardliners. we are told the protesters wore green wristbands and shouted death to the dictator. he is the convicted terrorist whose release from prison has sparked an international firestorm. now, the lockerbie bomber is speaking out on a new web site about the airline attack that killed hundreds of americans. his surprising claims are ahead. plus, it's the state where some of the greatest athletes in history have played and competed. but now money troubles are threatening thousands of its players. become a national trend? that's coming up. the algae are very beautiful.
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trace: new information in the controversy over acorn. looking into whether the community organizing group committed voter fraud. there are also undercover videos which appear to show acorn workers giving tips on tax evasion. lawmakers in the house passed a bill banning federal funds from going to the group. senators approved a similar bill. but it only blocks funding for certain programs. now though there is an effort in the senate that would ban all funding. steve centanni is live in the d.c. newsroom just across from the capitol. steve, tell us about that. >> trace, this bill was introduced by senator mike johans of nebraska. is he a republican. it would be the fourth bill dealing with acorn and they will all have to be ironed out in a conference committee which is sometimes no easy task. and the president would then have to sign it. johan says the president should consider the strong bipartisan support received so far. >> to me that's enormously encouraging and should cause the white house, the presidential of
7:42 pm
the united states to say, look, i understand there is bipartisan support here, i'm going to sign the legislation. >> but the white house has not said whether the president would sign or veto a final bill. trace. trace: steve centanni live for us from washington. the ceo of acorn will be chris wallace's guest on this weekend's "fox news sunday." check your local listings to find it on your local fox station or tune it right here sunday at either 2:00 or 6:00 eastern time. 3:00 or 9 p.m. eastern time. the only man convicted of the lockerbie bombing over scotland posted documents he calls legal defense on a web site. he says it hopes it will help prove that he had nothing to do with a terror attack that killed 270 people, mostly americans. he has terminal cancer. freed last month on compassionate grounds. his release and the festive welcome he received in his native libya outraged u.s.
7:43 pm
officials and the families of the victims. well, a threatening note forces an american airlines flight to turn around and land shortly after takeoff. it's our lead story on a fox trip across america. >> florida. the flight to boston returned to miami international airport less than an hour after departure. >> somebody put a note on the mirror in the bathroom and said there was a bomb on the plane. >> 168 passengers and six crew got off the plane while it was searched and the bags rescreened. spokeswoman for the national security administration says the search found nothing. after overnight stay in miami, the passengers left for boston. colorado. a woman who spent five days in the woods after her car crashed is now recovering. investigators say she apparently swerved to avoid a deer and ran off the road. the car flipped over several times and landed in a clump of trees. she broke several ribs and vertebrae and suffered a punctured lung.
7:44 pm
>> there is mountain lion and bear, all kinds of stuff rooms around rooms -- roams around. i don't know how she didn't get mauled. towr tourists her her called for help. a helicopter helping rescue a horse from the american river. the horse fell down the river bank and couldn't get out of the canyon. >> there was no way to go up, no way to go down, the only way out would have been this air lift that we did. >> the veterinary emergency response team from the university of california at davis watched over the rescue. both horse and rider reportedly ok. two restored tablets of the 10 commandments are back in a historic new york city synagogue just in time for the robber who he shanna holiday. the tablets were created for the eldridge street synagogue. one of them was missing for decades. somebody found it earlier this year in the cellar. and that's a fox watch across
7:45 pm
america. trace: well the u.s. economy has lost nearly 7 million jobs since the recession began. most since any downturn. hardest hit states, california. record job losses in the golden state with unemployment now up to 12.2%. california is also dealing with a major budget crisis that's hitting all sectors of its economy, including college sports. in a state known for national championships, and a young and active lifestyle, deep cutbacks are directly impacting thousands of student athletes. adam housley is live for us at long beach state. adam, what cuts have we seen so far? >> well, trace, we had a chance to talk oevery public university in california. they will tell you there are cuts across the border. uc irvine, for example, they cut five sports. the first university so far publicwise to cut sports in california due to the budget crisis, we had a chance also to talk to the athletic director here at long beach state who says so far they have not had to
7:46 pm
cut sports here but they have trimmed across the board. take a listen. >> everybody has taken 10 to 11% pay cut. that's part of it so we keep morale going by saying hey, you know what? we know we are in it for the long haul. we will take care of student athletes. >> that may be the trend for years to come. be prepared. trace: is this just the tip of the iceberg, adam? >> trace? trace: i guess adam lost his ear piece. adam housley live at long beach state. adam, thank you. there are big screen televisions and then there are really big screen televisions. the giant sets might have some super sized problem. details on that coming up. why one state might start telling people what sort of tvs they can and cannot buy. regulators say they have a good reason but with they going too far? just ahead, we'll report, you decide. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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trace: the state introducing strict new standards that would ban certain tvs and only allow retailers to sell energy efficient models. it could all be approved by november, making california the first state to regulate tvs in that way. but there are critics who say the move could raise prices and hurt the electronics industry. anita vogel is live for us in los angeles. what are the pros and cons of this plan for california's average tv watcher? >> hi there, trace. this is all about conserving energy. theoretically if you are watching a large tv that uses lower wattage you should have a lower electric bill. the state says it plans on saving or shaving $8 billion off of california's electric bills over the next 10 years.
7:51 pm
critics say hold on a minute. the consumer electronic's association is speaking out saying these new rules will kill jobs in california. about 4600 jobs across the state. jobs in specialty stores, people who install these large screen tvs, those kind of jobs. they also believe people may end up paying higher prices for these lower energy efficient tvs. and they also say california could end up losing out on a lot of tax money because they're worried that people will simply get online and buy these older tvs in other states. trace, back to you. trace: neath vogel live in los angeles. another state another stir over big screens. these won't fit in living room. four gigantic hdtvs in the dallas cowboy's stadium making a board so big it would take nearly 5,052-inch flat screens to gentleman its size. monster monitors make the nfl debut sunday night when the cowboys host the george giants.
7:52 pm
giant touchdowns not the only potential problems for this texas-size scoreboard. >> it's the most luxurious state of the art stadium ever built. the new cowboy's stadium cost more than $1 billion. it seats 100,000 fans and has the world's largest high definition video board. the larger than life screen is the talk of the town. >> during a recent preseason game, titans punter a.j. trep kicked the ball so high it hit the bottom of the video board. after the game jerry jones quickly brushed off questions about the screen's placement. >> it shouldn't be altered because that's the conditions that we have here. and our kicker has the same conditions. >> it took three factories in japan two years to build this 40-million-dollar screen. the league requires all score boards hang at least 85 feet above the field. the cowboy's big screen is 90 feet above the tupper-turf.
7:53 pm
>> the league has always anticipated whether it be cameras or other things that might impede a play and it's played over. most important thing is that we built our stadium, built our board according to league specification. >> the nfl released a statement that reads in part, quote: so the scoreboard stays but if kicks continue to hit it, the league could change its height requirement when the season ends. in dallas, chris guterres, fox news. trace: it's been on the airwaves since before world war ii. but, tonight, after thousands of episodes, hundreds of characters, and countless plot twists, the soap autopsy pra -- soap opera more than seven decades old signs off. a look at guiding light when we come back. [ male announcer ] 100 potato chips
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♪ >> this has been guiding light. trace: with yeah, has been. pretty fair to say. tonight lights went out on the longest running soap opera in history. guiding light spent 72 years on the air. starting on the radio and moving to tv in the 1950s. recent decades the daytime drama took place in the american town of springfield. through audiences beings dramatic plot twists that of course were only believable on a soap. many famous faces have seen the light including flock hart, james earl jones and kevin bacon who once played a teenage al co-hole lick on the show. 15,000 hours, -- 15,700 hours low ratings killed the least watched of the network soap
7:58 pm
operas, only seven of which are now on the air. new addition of lakes make a deal will replace the show. guiding light dead today at the age of 72. daytime to prime time despite a stress fracture this his foot known as hammer is prepared to make his debut. tom delay says he will be there when the reality competition kicks off on monday night. delay and his dance partner say they are perfecting their moves. >> no, not sexing, just fan and -- i'm not sexy, believe me. >> but you have the moves, you say? >> they are coming though. i am progressing very well. trace: the republican is scheduled to compete against is a 15 other celebrities on the show. updating some of our other stories tonight colorado man reportedly confessing to the fbi that he has ties to al qaeda. that after three straight days of questioning by the feds. and there is word tonight that the first round of h1n1 flu
7:59 pm
vaccines will be a nasal spray. 3.4 million doses in fact early next month. that from the centers from disease control and prevention and on this day in 1970, an ambulance crew in london, england found legendary guitarist jimmie hendrix dead in a hotel. he was born in seattle and joined the army in the late 1950s. he was discharged after injury and moved to new york to launch his music career. before long, hendrix found himself in london where his flamboyant look and adventurist sound made him a star almost overnight. by 1968, he was perhaps, the most famous and influential rock guitarist on earth. able to do things no one had ever seen or heard. but, like many rock stars, hendrix was also known for a life of excess. the medical examiner said he died of a combination of sleeping pills and alcohol. some say it was m


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