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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 19, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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office. >> oh, the vetting process. sean: he got who he wanted. guys, thank you for being with us. that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for joining us for this special edition of hanny. hope you have a great night. to the president saying they have to do something about the c.i.a. investigation. and dick morris goes on the record. he says president obama is in big trouble desperately trying to sell something that you are suspicious of. dick morris coming up. but first, president obama has a new headache. seven men, both democrats and republicans, who serve as director of -- served as director of central intelligence or c.i.a. director have joined together telling the president he needs to do something.
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they write in part, -- >> sen foam directors say the investigation has been done and that another investigation would damage the willingness of convenience officers to take risks to protect our country. the justice department today saying the attorney general's decision was made in line with his duty to examine the facts ands follow the law. moments ago, former speaker of the house newt gingrich went on
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the roared. mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> good to see you. greta: the president got a letter from former directors of the c.i.a. and other intelligence officials today. apparently they want him to tell the attorney general not to go forward with the investigation. >> i think if you represent the american intelligence community the idea that as this letter points out, the c.i.a. reviewed these cases, the justice department career professionals reviewed the cases, everybody involved with one exception was told they had done the right thing. one perp was found guilty. then they were told it was over. now you have a new administration, new attorney general. he wants to open up all these
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cases that have been closed. the first thing that does is it creates a double jeopardy for these people. the second thing it does is sends a signal to every intelligence officer in the world there's no safety, no security. doesn't matter what the lawyer told you because the next lawyer owned -- under the next. could reverse it and i think it causes enormous damage to our ability to run intelligence operations around the world. greta: as a technical matter it's not double jeopardy because they haven't started a trial. but the thing i found interesting in the letter was not only the sort of cost to these people and the c.i.a. said it would pick up the cost for their legal costs but that it would send a message to foreign intelligence agencies from whom we want information that we may not be able to keep things secret. so the international cooperation is something i hadn't thought about. >> this is a continuing problem. back in the carter years there were so many leaks that they literally, various foreign intelligence services just cut us off. they wouldn't share things because they didn't want some american congressman releasing who their agent was and getting their agent killed. when you're a foreign government and you watch the kind of political manipulation
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we get involved in with our intelligence community you begin to think maybe i shouldn't cooperate with the americans. people need to unts -- understand, this is a dangerous world. there are people who want to till -- kill us and we can either send the signal that we want americans to protect us or that we want americans to worry about lawyers and not protect us. there is no middle ground on this one. greta: it puts the current director in an unusual position. on one hand he supports the administration. on the other hand he supports the sentiment in the c.i.a. that they don't want this to go forward. >> leon panetta has been pretty courageous in speaking up on behalf of the c.i.a. and my impression is that there have been some very strong arguments in the white house. but your point is right in the end. the current director is operating within the framework of the president's approval and he has to accept the president or resign. i think it's very telling you had a number of c.i.a.
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directors with 35 years experience, both democrats and republicans, who have now publicly said to the president that it's his duty as commander in chief to step in and instruct his attorney general not to pursue this and i think this is a real test for president obama of whether he puts protecting america first or appeasing his allies on the left first because it's a very clear choice. greta: what do you think is going to happen? there are people in the far left side of his party that are going to be extraordinarily unhappy with him if there isn't a full and complete investigation done by his administration. >> i would like to think that the same concern that led -- for national security that led him to appoint jim jones to be national security advisor, that led him to take a pretty courges position on afghanistan, that that same concern for security will lead him to issue instructions to his attorney general. greta: all right. acorn.
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the scandal is blowing up all around us here in washington. interesting it took two young people to get this rolling. >> this is i think one of the most amazing stories. these two people, i guess they had watched "borat" or something and they said why don't i pretend i'm a pitch, you're a prostitute and we'll go in and say to the local acorn federal golf. paid employees how do you think we could turn part of the project -- federal housing into a house of prostitution. and she showed them how to do this. this is only the tip of is iceberg. it's suddenly focused attention on an organization which in 12 states is under investigation for breaking the law. now when you see it on tv you realize this is your tax money going to an organization which
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was hiring people who were willing to plan and condone criminal behavior. >> let me put another dimension on it. what in the world is congress doing? they're just handing woin -- money out. there's millions and millions of dollars sort of flooding out of congress of taxpayers. is there no accountability? don't they ever check to see what's happened? >> one of the things congressman issa is doing is demanding the federal government audit all the money paid to acorn over the past five years. even after they released video in which the one young actress says do you think it matters if i bring in young sal vad orans between 12 and 15 to be prostitutes, the person from acorn says oh, no, don't worry about it you don't have to pay taxes on -- on them. even after that, there were those in the house who voted to keep funding acorn.
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you have to wonder what they're thinking of president greta: i posted a video on great gsh greta wire today taken from another network, a c.i.a. complaining about fox news. i thought if i were the c.i.a. of acorn i wouldn't be squawking about those mean old people at fox news. i'd be thinking how can i clean up my organization, apologize to taxpayers, make sure they have the confidence? because there is some good work acorn does and now the entire group is tarnished. >> that's part of the challenge. they've had a very long tradition of break the law, occupying people's houses, a long tradition of doing things in terms of volter registration that got them indicted and all this is coming to bear but now it is so vivid in this series it's really quite remarkable. i give andrew breitbart and big
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hollywood a lot of credit for launching this. greta: and the people who have shame on them is the united states congress and those who still won't defund them pending an investigation and those who are still defending them and it's not to say -- they certainly not -- are not all crooks but stand tough on this one with the millions of dollars. >> and interesting, john boehner introduced a bill to depfund them totally and i think to everyone's surprised that was accepted and voted on and passed by a big margin. so both in the house and senate now they have voted to depfund acorn. it's an interesting example that sometimes things tilt and people start reacting to the new information the greta: up next, is congress lazy? you'll find out.
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more with speaker gingrich next. plus the iranian president who arrives in new york in a few days just did it again. he said the holocaust just didn't happen. why is he doing this? [ female announcer ] the deeper you clean, the cleaner you feel. olay deep cleansers go beyond what the eye can see. they remove 2 times more dirt and make-up than basic cleansing. for a deep clean feeling, deep cleansers from olay.
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greta: we spoke to former speaker of the house newt
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gingrich rich about your money being waisted -- wasted ontd the fu received before the undercover video scandal. i think about the medicare fraud and the health care reform and i think, you know, at what point -- is no one monitoring it? >> of course you had last night jim from our center for health transformation who just wrote "stop paying the crooks," and we have tried to get the committees to hold hearings on fraud and they don't want to do it. greta: why? wouldn't they wouldn't -- want to be a hero and say look, i discovered all this fraud? >> you may want to ask chairman waxman why he doesn't want to hold hearings. i think part of it is the psychological of liberals who love big golf. and don't want to think badly of big government. we think between $70 and $120
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billion a year is stolen from the tax peayer in medicare and medicaid. greta: i disagree with you. i there are a lot of democrats who would love to be the hero and ride in on the big horse. i think it's about being laysy. >> we'll do most of the work for them if they'll hold the hearings. so far at least chairman waxman has refused to hold 9 hearings. greta: what does he say? >> he's not interestedm greta: how can he not be interested? >> well, invite him on the show and ask him. greta: i'll ask him. he probably wouldn't come on the show but i'd like to know. there's got to be some way, the american people have to have some confidence that the money is really arriving alt its destination and when you read about the fraud it's terribly distressing.
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>> remember, this is a congress which passed the stimulus bill without even reading it. greta: with all due respect, some of this acorn money was also being handed out during a republican congress. the republicans can't hold their heads high on this either president >> i think most republicans voted no on the acorn money. greta: when they had the majority they could have checked up on it. >> i would be curious to know how much they got under republicans. good yes. -- question. greta: and changing course on the missile defense. the czech republic and poles are not particularly please window this. >> you know, it's very strange the obama administration picked i'm sure by sheer ignorance the date that was the 70th anniversary of the soviet union stabbing poland in the back in 1939 and in poland there is
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this permanent sense of insecurity because they've got russia on one side, germany on the other and i think they regard this as a very bad and very troubling decision. grax does -- greta: the president said because the technology wasn't there, we needed something else, you don't buy that? you think it was an effort to keep the russians happy? >> let me say first of all that i think it's totally wrong to be defending against iranian missiles because i don't think we should have a strategy -- i think we should make sure they have no nuclear weapons and do whatever it takes to make sure they have no nuclear weapons but i think symbolically, you know, the russians came out within an hour and said this does not mean anything, we're not going to give you any concessions, don't think this makes us happy. this was an american mistakes and we're glad you corrected your own mistake. they were really almost nasty
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to the president in a way that i didn't understand, didn't know what was going on. i think the obama administration wanted to kill the deal. i think it was ideological. i think it has nothing to do with any strategy they've thought through and the next question is going to be so are they going to sell the next generation proolt missiles to poland? are they going to sell other -- i mean are we going to do things so poland feels protected? or is this the beginning of leaving poland and the czech republic abandoned? i don't know. greta: even if the obama administration wanted to get rid of this program anyway you would have thought they'd at least leverage it a little bit and say to russia we're going to get rid of it but we need your help with iran. >> you would have thought they would but they didn't. the russians were very publicly blunt about it. they said this involves no deal, no quid pro quo, this
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does not require us to do anything, this was an american decision to fix an american mistake. i was surprised how blunt and direct they were. greta: i wonder if the president was surprised. >> i suspect he was disappointed. it's like they went out of their way to be mean with him the greta: well, next week we'll have a lot of people meeting in new york, a lot of country. >> fascinating, the first time an american. has ever chaired a u.n. security council meeting. it will be interesting to see what happens. greta: nice to see you, mr. speaker. up next, news is breaking fast out of iran about the nuclear program. then dick morris goes on the record. president obama could be in deep trouble tonight.
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greta: the president of iran does it again. he denies the holocaust happened. in a speech in iran today the iranian president called the maurice clarett a myth -- called the holocaust a myth. meanwhile, according to the a.p. experts at the iaea believe iran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is working on a missile system baseball -- able to deliver an atomic warhead the iaea denies the report. all this as the iranian president gets ready to arrive in the -- new york next week. joining us is former ambassador john bolton. do you think iran can build a nuclear bomb? >> i think they have all the
1:23 am
technology they need, complete indedginous mastery over the fuel cycle and i think it's just a matter of time. intelligence assessments that say it's years away are just wrong the greta: what's holding them back? >> everybody will tell you the most important thing you need to build a nuclear weapon is the capacity to enrich you arium -- uranium to weapons grade. they certainly have that. they could do it in a very short period of time. greta: and what does president president expect? he said these horrible things about israel and the holocaust. what happens next week? >> well, he comes to the united states to address the general assembly and i believe he addresses it on the same day as president obama. moammar qaddafi will also speak that day. it will be a big day in the general assembly and he can say whatever he wants.
1:24 am
he's said some crazy things before and it's something to look forward to because he is completely uninhibited at this point in iran. greta: what i see from a tactical standpoint is time is on his side. the more he keeps saying we're going to talk and have this big event in turkey, the more he drags it out, time passes by and he builds his bomb. >> absolutely. the most important asset for pro liverators is -- any proliferator is the time they need to develop the weapon. greta: secretary of state hillary clinton had some very tough words. she said these sanctions if they're imposed, assuming there won't be any deal, are going to be tough. >> right. that's been said before. that isn't going to happen much the russians and chinese have made it clear they're not going to support sanctions in the
1:25 am
city council. hugo chavez has already signed a deal with iran to provide refined petroleum products and ore. sanctions that don't have complete worldwide approval are going to be like swiss cleese. iran is very close to the point, maybe at the point where the rest of the world can't do anything to stop them nms they're willing to use military force. greta: there was some thought they were going to get some way to protect nuclearsites in iran. now with the deal with us, the united states agreeing to sort of not go forward with the missile defense shield in poland and the czech republic the thinking was maybe we cut some deals with russia to deal with iran? you laugh. >> that would give the obama administration too much credit. the russians have held up delivery of this air defense system but they're going to deliver it at some point. the iranians have contracted for it and paid for it and
1:26 am
they're going to get it and once that happens it becomes nearly impossible for israel to use military force. so if that delivery occurs in the foreseeable future that puts a parenthesis on how long israel has to take military action. greta: how long does israel have? israel is sort of the cooperative ally to us because we don't want anything to happen, we certainly hope nothing happens but how long does israel wait? >> i don't think they have very much time. not only is iran getting new air defenses, it's also further hardening and dispersing its defenses. beyond that, what is already a very risky operation gets risky beyond their ability to carry it out greta: one more. honduras. you were there and talked to the interim leader.
1:27 am
>> the obama administration's honduran policy is a disgrace. it's a reflexive ideological opposition to the honduran supreme court, congress and most of the population trying to avoid a creeping coup by the incumbent president a la hugo chavez. for us to come down on the efforts of this impoverished country to prevent itself from being taken over by a dictator i just find disgraceful. greta: and we won't recognize their election in december -- >> the answer is to have a free and fair election. the ousted president doesn't participate -- participate. the interim doesn't -- and our state department is saying we won't even recognize that. incredible. greta: well, we'll see you next week when the big events start. it's going to be a quite interesting time in new york. thank you, ambassador.
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greta: do you think president obama is checking the polls? every president denies it, but president obama might be seek -- sneaking a look and checking to see if the polls are all showing the same thing. acovereding to the fox news poll, 4% of americans prefer our current health care system to the president's plan. 37% of americans like the president's proposal and according to a rasmussen poll, 5% of americans oppose the president's plan. still another poll, the gallup
1:32 am
poll, shows only 38% of americans believe the president's plan will accomplish all of his goals. a whopping 60% think the plan would fall short. joining us is dick morris, author of the book "catastrophe." does the expression, blowing wind in the president's face, have you coined that phrase? >> yeah. obama is facing a head wind, a wind blowing in his face like an airplane. a pilot may be thinking he's doing 500 miles an hour but if the wind is 100 in his face he's only doing 400. the way you can look at that is with the events of the last two wildcats. before obama spoke to the country in the joint session of congress a week ago wednesday, he had 45%, sorry, 52% who opposed his health care plan. 52%. after he sat down and the speech sunk in, the opposition dropped to 45%.
1:33 am
now it's back up to 56%. now, nothing's happened in between the 45% and the 56%. no earth-shaking event took place. there was no major speech by an opponent of the plan that would have moved people. what that means is that at every breakfast table, every lunch counter and every medical examining room people are talking and they're talking about the defects of this plan. >> -- greta: well, i guess he doesn't have to worry at least on one part because even with 52-45, he still owns the house and the senate. the problem is the people in the house and senate may be more vulnerable to these numbers because they've got races in two years. so he could have trouble herding cats. he could lose his congress and senate votes. >> exactly. the other problem he faces is that increasingly he's having to fight a two-front war. on the one hand there is the front i talk about at length in
1:34 am
the book "catastrophe," which is the cuts in medicare and the increasing rationing be medical care for the elderly that will happen when you cover 30 million new people and don't creapt any extra doctors. then there is increasingly something happening on the left, on the other side, which is the uninsured, the people who we're doing all this for. those 30 million people are saying hey, wait a minute, thanks for the gift but no thanks because they're realizing that what obama is telling them is you have to buy health insurance, buddy, whether you like it or not and the congressional budget office says that if you're a single person making $40,000 a year you're going to -- you're going to have to pay $5,500 in premiums, deductibles and co-payments that you don't pay now before any subsidy kicks in and if you're a family of four
1:35 am
making $80,000 you're going to have to spend almost 20% of your income in premiums, deductibles and co-pamentse. what they're really saying is wait a minute, mr. government, i'm young, i'm healthy, i don't need this, why are you forcing me to do it? the answer is we're forcing you to do it so we can take money from you and give it to other people who need that insurance and take money from the elderly too to give to those people. that's alienating the elderly and the young and uninsured. greta: he's not the first president to want to tackle this whole issue of health care reform. and i mean so many have done it before him and failed, i might add. it's such a thankless task yet in some ways at least now it seems to be defining his presidency. maybe that will go away with some other event but -- go ahead. >> it's so interesting that you say that, greta.
1:36 am
you're so right. this is increasingly assuming the aspect of the hostage crisis for president carter. there is no other issue to this presidency. nobody thinks about the economy, about g.m., nobody is talking about cap and trade, immigration. some are talking about afghanistan but relatively few. his entire presidency, all the marbles are in one box and if that box goes down or he has to trade away huge amounts of his plan to get it passed, it's a symbol of impotence and in politics the sharks close in and have a good dinner. greta: but if oriented all of a sudden the economy comes roaring back, if his stimulus program of which many have grave doubts about it whether it really does improve the unemployment rate but if it turns out he's a roaring success on the economy, won't this be sort of distant history if he fails in health care?
1:37 am
>> that is true. but the more likely thing is that we're going to have a recovery only an economist could love. it will be a recovery with 9 pat 5 -- 9.5% unemployment sticking up there. the problem is that the tarp program clearly worninged. -- worked clearly he stabilized the financial institutions. it was bush and paulsonen's program. he continued it with geithner and that clearly has worked but the stimulus package clearly hasn't. domestic consumer demand isn't up and the only reason n there's an increase in any kind of spending is because the government is passing out the money. but there's no multiplier effect. nobody is saying hey, i got a gob job, i'm going to go buy something else. greta: he does have the house and senate. if he copt get it pass the there couldn't be a better environment for him. he's on a roll.
1:38 am
that's what i think will mark him so much. he has everything and if he can't do it, that's the falure point. -- failure point. >> and the problem he's got is that you have members on the left would are worried about getting primary advice from fellow democrats if they don't go for a public option for don't have huge subsidies for people buying insurance. then you have members in the center who are worried about losing the elderly if the subssdies call for further cuts in medicare so you're dealing with a situation where he has trouble holding all -- all of this coalition together. remember in 1993 and 1994 when the clintons tried this they didn't have to spend a dime on it. there was no tax proposal. no medicare cuts. they were going to borrow the money, add it to the deficit, charge it on the account. obama could have done that but he gave it all away with the stimulus package and he can't
1:39 am
go back to the well when he really needs it. greta: dick, tument >> thument greta: coming up, if you think you know everything about senator ted kennedy, well, think again.
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>> from america's newsroom,
1:43 am
police in new haven sank a may never know the motive behind the murder of the yale graduate student. the 24-year-old lab technician is charged with killing annie le and hiding the body. the first recipients of the swine flu vaccine may be spare the payment of a shot. the cdc says over 30 million doses will likely be the nasal spray version. it is only approved for healthy people. after 72 years, "guiding light" is going out. the began on ready aback 1937 and moved to tv in 1952. cbs will fill the slot with a game show. we now head back to "on the record." greta: do you think there -- you know all there is to know about senator ted kennedy in well, think again. the senator in his own words,
1:44 am
"true compass," published just days before he died. the author, edward m. kennedy, is not here to talk about his book. >> sadly he's not here. we had moved the publication date up to september 14 in the hope and player that he would live to see the celebration around the book but sadly he died the day it arrived at his house. >> the interesting thing about the book for they -- me is that i wasn't particularly interested in reading it. i thought i knew everything. you know, the stories have been around in the media since the beginning. then i read the book and there was so much i didn't nomente >> right. the amazing thing about this book, and i'm biased because i think it's a wonderful book, we all, anybody over 30 has lived through the events, the death of joe jr. the assassination of jack end kennedy of robert kennedy, senator kennedy's plane crash,
1:45 am
the death of john jr. we've lived through those. but for the first time we hear in this book in his own voice the account by the person who actually lichede it. -- lived it. he's never spoken about most of these things. he writes candidly and completely about all of them. so while we don't know the events we don't know the candid inside story of how it felt. greta: whether you're a kennedy fan or not, it's a great read. he's a great irishman in terms of telling the story. one of my favorite stories is when he got punished by stand tg in the closet and he goes in and discovers his sister jean is already standing in the closet. >> i know the humor is terrific. there is a lot of sadness in the book but also a lot of humor. my two favorite stories involve his mother, a wonderful character who died i think at 104 and when she was 101 he
1:46 am
used to go up and see hefner every weekend he could at high annis. one weekend he was up there and going out to play tennis and she stopped him and said "teddy, are you sure that's your racket? i've been looking for minute everywhere." and the other i love is she gave him a blue sweater for a holiday and she called him a few weeks later and said have you worn that? he said no, but i love it. and she said "i just got the bill, and it's more than i want to pay. i wonder if you would send it back. " >> and then this point, this is from the democratic convention. he was very sick. what did he say about the doctors? >> he was getting the analysis of the medical situation and it was pretty difficult. it was kidney stones and of course he was battling cancer and he enter jects in the
1:47 am
writing of that incident and i looked around and all the doctors were named larry. now, that's a sense of humor. greta: i think there were three larrys working on him. and i'll leave the book to discuss the rather personal parts where he is sort of introspective. the death of john f. kennedy jr., what a horrible impact that was. >> and as we all watched him and we all did because -- because he was the focus of a great deal of media attention, once his brother jack was lost and his brother bobby was lost, he became effectively the father of all those children. the dozens of nieces and nephews who looked to him as their father figure and my sense was when he from reading the book and from tailbacking to him over the years when he suffered these losses he got solace from those kids, from the family. and of course vicky's kids, too, which became a big part of his family and if you saw him,
1:48 am
the shots we all saw during that funeral weekend of him on the boat, it was always with those nieces and nephews and sons and daughter and grandchildren and so it was a family story too. greta: well, it's candid. at points raw but also there are good laughs out of this and i had fun reading it. i learned things i never dreamed i would learn. >> what i want to know is can it be endorsed by greta's book club yet? >> greta: that the right. we'll see. thank you very much. >> thank you. greta. greta: up next the best of the rest. the return of carrie prejean. miss california back in the news with a vengeance. and actor steven baldwin also involved. plus michelle obama. she's en
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greta: you've seen our top stories but here's the best of the rest. carrie prescombrean is back. you remember her, the former miss california. headlines exploded when she came out against gay marriage at the miss u.s.a. pageant. she is in the spotlight again this time at the values voters summit here in washington. >> miss congeniality. what do they want to hear? word peace. as soon as a woman doesn't give the world peace answer why is she all of a sudden all over the national news? it's a huge controversy all because i said a marriage is between a man and a woman? are you serious? it doesn't make any sense to me, a 22-year-old college student. as i began to answer the question, in my head i was thinking god, why is this
1:53 am
question being asked? but you know what? i'm going to deal with this question. i'm going to answer it to the best of my ability, stay true to who i am, what i believe and the way that i was raised and that's it. greta: other speakers at the summit, former governor mike huckabee, actor steven baldwin and bill o'reilly. and we found here -- her. the first lady. doesn't it seem like mrs. obama has been keeping a low p.l.o. -- profile lately? but today she threw some punches in the health care bat. >> if we want to achieve true equality for women, if that is our goal, if we want to ensure that women have opportunities that ste deserve, if that it -- is our goal, if we want women to be able to care for their families and pursue things that they could never imagine, then we have to reform the system. we have to reform the system,
1:54 am
the status quo is unacceptable. it is holding women and families back and we know it. greta: finally, if you're going to call 911 in vallejo, california, make sure it's a real emergency. the city will soon be charging $200 each for each bogus call. city officials say the city wastes $200,000 a year on bogus calls, calls that are not real emergencieses. imagine if these people lived in val edgeo. >> i ordered french fries but i asked them to put the money back on the debit card -- >> ok. that's not actually something the police would get involved in. >> i asked four different times to make me eau western barbecue burger -- >> what exactly is it you want? >> send officers down here.
1:55 am
>> ma'am, we're not going to go down here and enforce your western bacon cheeseburger. >> you're supposed to be here to protect me! >> what are re -- we protecting you from? a wrong cheeseburger? and ellen may be a comedian but paula abdul is a trickster. she pulled one ov when you own a business, saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. it is time. last call. you may have heard that ellen degeneres is replacing paula abdul on "american idol." last night at v.h. i's divas live, abdul took a spin in ellen's shoes. literally. >> ♪ >> why are you all staring alt me? can't a girl try out a new job? all kidding aside, nothing but love, ellen and i wish you the best and congratulations on your new gig. and call me if you have any simon problems because you know i know him best.