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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 20, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> developing now, police searching for a missing dad. after discovering the bodies of his wife and five children inside their florida apartment where the search is taking refts now. i'm julie banderas, we're live at fox report tonight. a rapidly expanding terror probe. three men now behind bars in connection with the sleeping multi-state investigation, including zazi, the man sources say admitted to having ties to al-qaeda. only to deny the allegations days later. tonight, who else was caught in the terror net and new
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details on the alleged attacks squad. a fox exclusive, the head of the community group acorn speaking out, takingen her critics in the wake of the undercover videos. i was outraged by it, and i can understand how the congress is also. >> what she says tonight about the push in congress to cut acorn's funding. plus, it's home to some of the most beautiful horses on earth. so why is venezuela's rogue leader trying to shut down many of its country's pristine golf resorts? prosecutors say a colorado man trained with economy and how to make a bomb online. a disturbing terror investigation. police arrest this had man late yesterday after three days of questioning, they also arrested his father and an associate all charged with
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neighboring false statements and set to appear in court tomorrow. and and investigating a plot to bomb the new york sub ways, a plot by a denver-based terror cell with ties to al-qaeda. one thing to keep in mind, folks, the three men arrested do not face actual terrorism charges, at least not so far and zazi's attorneys calling the arrest, hype. and courtney kealy live in new york, but alicia acuna live in denver where the father and son suspects will be arraigned in court tomorrow? >> that's right, julie, but right now, zazi and his father mohammed sit in denver county jail cells. they're held there until tomorrow when as you mentioned they'll be in the this bidding. the courthouse in denver. each face one count of knowingly and willingfully make ago false statement to the fbi, in a matter
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investigating international and domestic terrorism. in papers filed in the court there's quite a bit of information about zazi accord to go the feds zazi told him he was trained last year by al-qaeda in weapons and explosives and this, that this happened in pakistan, when he told everyone else he was visiting his wife. in addition to that, the supporting documents filed with the official complaint state that when federal agents seized zazi's laptop during a recent trip to new york, they found a j-peg images of nine pages of handwritten notes, those notes according to the affidavit contained formulations and sfruch regarding the manufacturing and handling initiating explosives, main explosives charges, detonators and components of a fusing system. the agent who asked zazi about the notes said at first zazi said he'd never seen the notes and then changed his stories, saying he accidentally downloaded them. one question that does remain today, julie, is whether or not this one charge will be
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there or if there will be additional ones in the morning or some time to come. the official statement from the fed is, this investigation is ongoing. >> julie: alicia acuna in denver. back to new york where a third suspect was arrested as part of the same investigation, he is 37-year-old ahmad, an imam at a mosque and officials have charged him with lying to the fbi. the lawyer says the man has nothing to do with a terror plot and actually trying to help the fbi get information about the alleged ring leader. >> the fbi came to him. he they asked him to do things, he did those things. and as a result of his cooperation, he end up being charged, and not with some act of terrorism, but with allegedly lying to the fbi. >> julie: courtney kealy live in flushing, new york, with more on this, hi, courtney. >> hi, julie. that's right, ahmed abdaly is a respected local e-ma'am in
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the queens community and he has been arrested and turps turns out to be one of the most sensitive in terms of terrorism in recent years. we're outside his home in queens and he was arrested part of the tress task force as an informant. he's charged with lying to the investigators. saying he knowingly and willingly made false, fictitious and fraudulent statements. fbi agents implant septembered a television coverage between one of the suspects and abdaly. he says in the call, i want to speak with you about something. i want a meeting with you. you probably know why i'm calling are fou this meeting. i was exposed to something yesterday from the authorities and they came to ask me about your characters. they asked me about you guys. but when he waved his miranda writes and gave a written statement, told investigators, he told the denver suspects that were monitored, he denied it in a written statement.
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he also did not admit that he told zazi that they were looking into his laptop. so, right now, he'll be appearing tomorrow in court or scheduled hearing, the hearing is scheduled. we'll see if he actually does appear, julie. >> julie: all right. courtney, thank you very much. of course, investigators in the queens terror probe trying to prevent a repeat of 9/11 or even worse. and more than eight years after the destruction here in new york and in washington and in pennsylvania, the men alleged to have planned those attacks are still in court. tomorrow some of the 9/11 conspirators are supposed to head back to a military court at guantanamo bay for a hearing. that includes this man the self-described architect of the attack. there is a bizarre twist, the men who are acting as their own attorneys, by the way, are now being asked to weigh in on the obama administration's request for a third delay in their cases. catherine herridge is live in gaub, cuba and joins us now on the phone and how many of the 9/11 conspirators will be in
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court? >> well, julie, what we anticipate is that most of the three of the five will be in court including the alleged architect. kalid shaikh mohammed and we learned that the hearing has been delayed about four hours because of what are described to us as court matters. they would not elaborate. we also expect some filings to be heard in court tomorrow, as you mentioned, they're acting as their own attorneys and for example, kalid shaikh mohammed has been actively complaining about his government issued computer, he feels it's not fast enough and that it's slowing down his preparation for his own defense. also, he's complaining that he isn't getting translations in arabic as quickly as he might like, julie. >> julie: the picture we're showing on the screen, kalid shaikh mohammed on the right and on the left a more recent photos. when they go to court they can be disrespectful sometimes, right. >> that's correct, when i was in court a couple of months ago he's accused of being a
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facilitator for the 9/11 plot. waste in the courtroom and we were transitioning from an open session to a classified session and he made a paper airplane out of a piece of-- pencils at the courtroom and shot it at one of his codefendants and both men start today laugh and what i learned inside inside that paper airplane attached, written either the flight numbers of the 9/11 flights or the tail numbers of the aircraft. so it was a very sinister and also very telling gesture in that military courtroom. >> julie: and disturbing. catherine herridge on the phone live from cuba. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> julie: you're wrong and now it, the message to the u.s. from iran's leader over concerns of developing weapons. ayatollah khomeini claiming that president obama is following the bush administration, deliberately exaggerating iran's nuclear ambitions. the first official comment from iran after the obama
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administration scrapped a plan for a missile shield. the purpose that have shield, you ask, to protect against a potential long range missile attacks from iran on u.s. bases and n.a.t.o. allies. the obama administration saying the u.s. will use other military options instead. the u.s. and the international community doubting any claims iran is pursuing a nuclear program for peaceful purposes. fox news tracking h1n1 for you and word today that pandemic could lead to anarchy in developing nations according to a report in the observer, that's a newspaper in the u.k. it cites a report that says the h1n1 virus could kill millions of people in the world's poorest nations, and destroy the fragile economies there. we're told the u.n. report calls for about 1.5 billion dollar in aid from wealthier nations. last week, nine countries, including the u.s., volunteered to donate 10% of
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their h1n1 vaccine supply to nations in need. well, the president's grand media tour, as he makes appearances on five of the sunday take shows. we'll tell you what he's saying about health care, afghanistan, and taxes coming up next. and plus, the ceo of acorn speaks out. telling fox news what she thinks of the employees caught on hidden camera, now the ones posing as a pimp and a hooker, advising others on breaking the law. larry words just ahead.
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chris wallace, bertha lewis announcing an independent audit of the community group whose mission includes providing housing and services for low income family and lewis says she condemns the behavior of the employees caught on tape appearing to give tips on money laundering and covering up child prostitution. >> if they're too stupid to understand that they are not reaching professional standards, we terminate them and we actually make sure that you know, what we do internally is serving our constituents, 500,000 poor, black and brown, asian and white people in this country. so, i was outraged by it. everyone should be. . >> julie: much more on this, including president obama's take on what should happen to acorn now. coming up in just a few minutes right here on the fox report. well, president obama was all over the airwaves today, pushing his health care reform plan in a five network media tour. during interviews with abc,
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cbs, nbc, cnn and univision, the president defended his proposed health care overhaul promising he wouldn't use it as an excuse to tax the middle class. he also called for civil discourse on the issue we sparked heated national debate in recent weeks. >> i think that we have an obligation in washington as leaders to make sure that we are sending a strong message that we can disagree without being disagreeable. what i'm trying to do is explain the facts, which are if we don't do anything, a lot of americans are going to be much worse off and over time, the federal budget just can't sustain it. >> mike emanuel live from the white house with more. mike, the message was pretty much the same in all the five interviews, but we understand there was at least one exchange that really stood out. which one? >> well, julie, george stephanopoulos from abc went after a president a little
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bit, if you're mandating that everybody must buy health insurance, isn't that in fact raising taxes on the middle class, violating the campaign pledge. the president didn't like that. >> your critics say it's a tax increase. >> my critics say that everything is a tax increase, my krit exsay i'm taking over every sector of the economy. now that, look, we can have a legitimate debate about whether or not we are going to have an individual mandate or not. >> but you reject it. >> i absolutely reject motion, stephanopoulos went to the direction pulling out a definition of tax and the president calls that a bit of a stretch, julie. >> julie: a bit of a stretch, but a good question and obviously, george did his homework. these interviews were mostly though about health care, obviously, but we did hear from the president on other topics like the war in afghanistan, right? >> reporter: he did express some skepticism about the need for more troops, which is interesting because it's been widely reported that general stanley mccrystal, the top commander in afghanistan may
7:17 pm
be considering asking for as many as 40,000 more troops for afghanistan, so that will be something to watch. the president said he did not have a timetable for pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan, but also not one who believes in keeping troops there indefinitely, julie. >> all right, mike emanuel. thank you very, very much. maybe you shouldn't run, according to a new york times report, that's the suggestion president obama sent new york's governor david paterson ahead of next year's election, the times democratic sources saying the white house thinks patterson is a political liability, they fear his low approval rating in the state right now could hurt fellow new york democrats running in 2010. paterson already saying that he plans to seek reelection, but a senior administration official telling fox, quote, president obama is not involved in any way. well, still, this same source saying the white house thinks paterson is an extremely tough political environment. paterson taking over as the
7:18 pm
state's top executive of course after eliot spitzer resigned in a sex scandal last year. since then, a series of political missteps have led to his sinkling popularity. well, a florida sheriff calling it the worst of the worst. a horrific crime involving a woman and her five young chirp, now deputies are searching for this man, this is the husband. plus, a dangerous criminally insane convict plot to escape, details after the break. ♪ crunch time, wheat thins. you and your tasty whole grain.
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>> he could have planned it all alongment police saying a criminally insane killer on the loose may have actually plotted his escape. we first told you about the disturbing story last night. phillip arnold paul, here he is. after giving mental hospital
7:22 pm
workers the slip, while on a field trip to a county fair. now, investigators saying paul apparently had a backpack on him when he made his break. the problem is, they have no idea what it contains. speculation is that it could contain a change of clothing or food and supplies. they simply just don't know. this is concerns the medication that stabilizes paul could wear off within days. >> he's not somebody that has committed a crime out of passion, he's commit add crime because the voice ins his head tell him to commit the crime and we don't know when the voices are going to start talking to him again. >> julie: by the way, he was acquitted of murder for murdering an elderly woman back in 1987. the search now continues, air and ground. he was of course acquitted, but then, released into this hospital by reason of insanity and put in the mental institution after killing that, killing that elderly woman. well, a woman and her five young children found murdered. one of the victims as young as 11 months old, the sheriff in
7:23 pm
the area calling the crime quote, the worst of the worst. as investigators search now for the husband and father. deputies are saying that he's a person of interest, we're told he apparently boarded a flight to haiti on friday the same day that a family member reported the mother missing. he faced charges that were dismissed after a hearing. in naples, southern florida about a hundred miles west of miami. a shocking murder at a luxury hotel in new york city. authorities say a woman's body was found lying face down with a jump rope wrapped around her neck and a ten inch knife sticking out from the back. it happened at the essex house which overlooks central park, one of the tonyiest address ins manhattan. she had a condo there. a man admitted being in her
7:24 pm
room, but denied killing her. new word, this just in, president obama would consider government help for the struggling newspaper industry. in a recent interview, the president saying he'd be quote, happy to look at bills before congress intended to help papers in trouble, but the president saying so far, he has not seen any details, proposals, a self-described newspaper junky, the president saying good journalism is quote, critical to the health of our democracy. as you probably know, the recession prompting a big drop in ad revenue that's led to the collapse of some major newspapers. you don't have to be a traitor to feel optimistic about the market now days. anyone with a 401(k) can appreciate this. the dow jones proposed to cross the 10,000 mark the first time in nearly rah year. here is where the dow closed friday, just about 9800, but many analysts warning folks not to get carried away. the dow first passed the 10,000 mark about ten years ago, but since then it's passed the mark several times,
7:25 pm
heading in both directions, but it's clear why some folks are getting excited. here you can see the path of the dow over the path here. brenda buttner from the fox business network with the news. >> so next stop dow 10,000 that's what they're asking and the bulls answer probably. september is supposed to be a month you'd rather not remember, a favorite for the bears. not this year. the dow up 3% so far in september. stocks closing at fresh highs for the year friday. the dow less than 200 points short of 10 k. but will reports out this week stop it short? the bulls could take a breather before the fed's meeting mid week. although no chance ben bernanke and company will decide to raise rates, but watch out for the commentary about the economy and investors will be expecting a very upbeat forecast. plus, housing could hit home again. the government out with new word on housing prices for july and the industry releases existing and new home sales
7:26 pm
thursday and friday. that first time home buyer credit set to expire november has been goosing the numbers as wall street will be counting on big improvements, but you will be the main focus, you the consumer. are you finally spending? watch out for a report on orders for big ticket items out friday and a look at at consumer sentiment index in september. plus, jobless claims through the week in before the bell on thursday, any sign the consumer is feeling stronger could help the bulls. likewise we're still keeping our wallets closed, the investors could yell sell. there may be 10,000 reasons to do so. we've come very far, very fast. the dow up nearly 50% since march lows and the race to 10 k has been a sprint, not a mayor ton. signs the small investor is getting in may give the big guys cause to pause. julie, back to you. >> julie: brenda buttner, thank you very much. golfers in one country better hit the links while they can.
7:27 pm
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>> bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, an influential left leaning community organization hearing from congress loud and clear after lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to yank the taxpayer money, your money funding it and now the leadership responding. acorn ceo lewis, on fox news sunday. lewis-- there were tapes with illegal acts including in the sex trade. acorn will announce an independent auditor as part of acorn's own internal investigation, but lewis, not the only one who thinks the video scandal warrants further probing. >> you know, what i know is that what i saw on that video was certainly unappropriate and deserves to be-- >> that's right, today, president obama himself
7:32 pm
suggesting an investigation into the organization that was an enthusiastic supporter of his campaign. julie kirtz is live in washington with more, hi, julie. >> hey, julie, this is the first time the president has talked about those acorn videos, but the president says he hasn't been paying attention to acorn and millions of taxpayer it dollars that the group has been awarded in recent years. >> how about the funding for acorn? >> frankly, it's not really something i've followed closely. i didn't know that acorn was getting a whole lot of federal money. >> well, acorn does in the dispute the report. 53 million in federal funds if recent years, while acorn's ceo martha lewis says she will name that auditor on monday, she avoids today saying whether she will open acorn's books to congress or change its rare taxable status to tax exempt. as a way to make sure the group avoids political activity. >> we are the largest community organization of low and moderate income folks and
7:33 pm
mostly people of color, and of course, any organization is not entirely perfect. >> acorn originally said the hidden camera interviews were doctored and a right wing hit job. now lewis says she's outraged by the video as well and the producers did them a favor. >> what it did, it showed to us what weaknesses we have and we will move swiftly in order to correct it. >> acorn-- >> lewis continues to suggest that acorn is being unfairly targeted, but she knows acorn is in trouble here in washington. republicans and democrats are calling for big investigation and it's not just about the recent videos, a leading acorn critic, coneman darryl issa today called acorn a criminal organization which basically glosses over what it does with the taxpayer money. >> julie: thank you very much, president obama facing a
7:34 pm
jam packed week, events that will put him front and center on the world stage. the president will make the first trip to the united nations general assembly. among the focuses iran's nuclear ambitions and war in afghanistan. also on the agenda, several high pro feel leading with the world leaders including benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. they're expected to focus on rekindling peace talks in the middle east. although analysts say no big breakthroughs are expected. venezuela's president hugo chavez prides himself on being a man of the people. he campaigned as an advocate for the poor and well, now, he's teeing off against the past time he says is reserved for the rich. chavez calls golf a quote bourgeoise sport and shut down courses in several years and now we're told he's closing three more and possibly transforming them into public housing. our steve harrigan is following the story and joins us now live from caracas,
7:35 pm
venezuela, hi, steve. >> reporter: julie, it might get difficult or even impossible in the near future to play golf inside venezuela. here is why. >> you could pay $50,000 to join venezuela's finest golf course. or $5 an hour to beat balls into a mountain until now. the man who won the right to run for president the rest of his life is now taking on golf. >> golf is a bourgeoise support. the bourgeoise little golf carts, they're so lazy, they don't walk. >> there were 30 golf courses in venezuela when hugo chavez came to power a decade ago, now there are seven fewer with three more scheduled to close. this at the same time socialist countries like cuba are building new courses. >> take these golf courses out, it's not logical.
7:36 pm
>> but chavez is already finding golfers less sub verb yent than the supreme court or parliament. plans to bull doze one course was blocked by workers. >> there are about 120 people that depend on this golf course to make a living, including me. >> another attempt was stymied by insiders. the mayor of caracas tried to shut down this course a few years ago to build low income housing, but several of the members of the government owned land around here so they were opposed to that. also, opposed were some key chavez supporters. several of whom, perhaps secretly, still enjoy a round of golf. they play quietly, but carry a big stick. . >> julie: and we have lost steve harrigan, unfortunately having some satellite issue, steve harrigan, thank you very, very much. space shuttle "discovery" travelling to florida today on the back of a boeing 747, it departed from edwards air
7:37 pm
force base in california this morning and made a pit stop to refuel in texas. isn't that such a cool shot? nasa will land the shuttle in louise luia louisiana, and discovery landed in california earlier this month after completing a two week mission to the international space station. what goes through your mind when you hear the phrase cougar cruise. if it's vacationing on a ship with man eating cats? you're far off. >> it's something that's never happened before, cougars on the prowl at sea. well, at least on this scale. the question is, will they have success? >> cougars hunting down cubs on the open waters and i'm not talking about the cat. >> two days with me and cougars. dangerous. >> use your imagination for what happens. >> what will happen, up to 3,000 singles rocking the boat
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>> it seems like a case out of the "x-files." nasa saying a rocket launch caused dozens of people to report strange lights in the sky. nasa says it launched the rocket in virginia to gather data on the highest clouds in earth's atmosphere, but some folks apparently didn't know this. dozens across the northeast, some as far away as boston started calling local tv stations saying that they saw what they called strange lights. now now what they were. as lawmakers in the white house debate how to reform our health care system. some employees are taking matters into their own hands and they're operating medical clinics right in the work place. research shows the clinics can actually help large businesses cut more than a quarter of their health care costs and you might be surprised by which companies and how many already have them. a fox report now from our own casey stegall. >> about 1200 employers around
7:44 pm
the country provide its employees with on sight health care. this report and casino in reno, nevada is one of them, but it's primarily catching on with larger companies, places like toyota, disney, sprint and qualcomm. the idea for the company to provide a fully functional clinic on the property staffed with doctors and studies show that when people have this in their workplace, it makes them for productive and it helps prevent disease. >> if it's done right, it has the power to provide not just on the job illnesses and injuries, but general health care prevention care, wellness care, and opportunity to actually try to prevent the expenses more dangerous things that happen down the line if things aren't taken care of at the right time. >> perhaps the best part, it's cheaper for the company. analysts say when businesses sign up they immediately see a 10 to 30% savings in total
7:45 pm
health care costs, this represents seven to 20 billion dollars in total savings for employers across america. . >> so, this is an opportunity for us to really demonstrate to, i think, a lot of the corporate world that it can be done and it can be done in a cost effective manner, i think this is just one of a number of different options that are out there and i think a lot of organizations are looking at it that way. >> these on site clinic services are almost always contracted out by an independent company. one of the larger ones, a division of walgreen's pharmacy, in fact shall the business tells us they're slowing the opening of new pharmacies across america so they can focus on this new business venture. in reno, nevada, casey stegall, fox news. >> this is a fox news alert, breaking news here. the criminally insane inmate, phillip arnold paul, in custody, we are told tonight. spokane county sheriff's office confirming that phillip paul is in custody.
7:46 pm
he had been ott run now for three days, he is a patient from eastern state hospital. he is basically alluded authorities on to a massive manhunt the last three days, he had gone on a field trip and somehow slipped away from the takers who supposedly had to keep a close eye on this man and he disappeared. they have him in custody. a man criminally insane, convicted of murder back in 1987 after murdering an elderly woman and then dousing her body in gasoline in order it find her and burying her remains in her garden. this man, thankfully now in police custody after escaping three days ago. well, a massive black bear attacks, tourists at a highway rest stop in japan. be warned, however, this video may disturb viewers, taken by a shocked eyewitness. we slow it down here and you can see the bear mauling
7:47 pm
someone. on the ground. the victim's legs are sticking out and they're not moving. well, can you imagine how terrifying this must be? authorities were finally able to shoot and kill that bear inside a souvenir shop. we're told the same bear attacked four people a day earlier, but got away. a plane crashes into a lake killing at least two people, and fire destroys a historic building just two stops as we go across america. south carolina, officials say at least two people died when a single engine plane crashed into a lake about two hours west of columbia. divers were searching the crash seat for other victims and were told hazmat teams were on the scene to deal with about 30 to 40 gallons of fuel that spilled into the lakes. california, a fast moving brush fire forcing evacuations in riverside county, about 30 homes in all. we're told gusty wind spread the fire quickly as it burned
7:48 pm
several hundred acres near veil lake and that's a rural area about two hours south of los angeles. officials say a dozen structures were destroyed before firefighters gained control. virginia, where another fire damaged a historic 100-year-old building. it broke out of the old liberty station restaurant built in 1905 and listed on the national register of historic places. we're told firefighters were able to save historic photos and artifacts from inside the building. colorado, thousands gathered to pay tribute to fallen firefighters. >> we just paid tribute to guys doing their jobs that you know, died in the ultimate sacrifice. in all, more than 100 names added to the wall of honor in colorado springs. >> you're mourning, but you're looking around and noticing that so many people are going through the same thing. >> the memorial was created in 1976 and bears the names of more than 2000 firefighters. and that's a fox watch across
7:49 pm
america. >> julie: are you looking for the ultimate escape? here is a guy who can help you out. chicago gangster al capone. we'll show you his secret hide away. it's up for sale. the opening bid a cool 2 1/2 million bucks. wait until you see this place. are you battling credit card debt? who isn't, right? there could be new hope on the hordes. we're going to meet a couple who paid off $90,000, we'll show you how they did it next.
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>> if you're itching to get your hands on history, here is your big chance, a famous hideout for mobster al capone is going for sale on the auction block, the 407 acre wooded lot in northern wisconsin. starting bid, 2.6 million dollars. you can just imagine what went on at this place. the bank says capone owned the site in the late 1920's and 30's and legend has it. this is where he'd fly in shipments of boot-legged booze and then truck everything to chicago. in the middle of the recession, consumer debt is soaring. latest numbers show the average american owes almost $7,000 in credit card debt. so, how do you pay off all of your credit cards? bill keller shows how one family paid off more than 90 grand of their debt. >> for candy and russell hildebrandt, raising a family turned out to be more expensive than they ever imagined. >> what would it be like to--
7:54 pm
it wasn't like we lived a lavish life style. >> over a 16 year period the family racked up nearly $90,000 in credit card debt. >> i knew we were in debt. i did not realize to what extent. >> buying everything in twos for twin daughters added up and candy and russell wouldn't let them walk away from their responsibility. >> and they had no intention of taking that easy way, even though they had been told file bankruptcy, you'll never get out of debt. >>, but hildebrandts were recently honored in washington d.c. as an example for others seeking debt management. though he earned a good living to pay off bells, russell took a second job, working more than 90 hours a week, by day and sweeping floors overnight. >> to sweeping floors and that's what i did in four and a half years. >> in that time he missed only three days of work, but knowing he brought the debt on himself he was determined to pay it off. you have to come to terms with
7:55 pm
what we are currently doing is not working. >> the hildebrandts owed separate credit cards yearly $90,000. with counseling they use add plan saving them more than $50,000 by lowering interest rates and eliminating fees and through sheer hard work and determination, they completely paid off their debt eight months ahead of their five-year goal. >> they say that seriously, the simplicity of having one payment to make made all of the difference in the world. >> we did it and every day that we didn't leave our debt to anybody else, and other people have to cover it. >> julie: our thanks to bill keller reporting from kmfp in minneapolis. worker productivity. employers are looking for new ways to increase it. if you ask me a little pampering will do the job. a pre-lunch manicure, now we have proof that pampering works in cows next. you're the colon lady!
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