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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 22, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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bret: who knew? we are the only place that you will get the whole story. tomorrow we will be back at the united nations for the entire hour. amazing video from the inside, the security council. we will hear from president ahmadinejad in iran. we will see you then. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: tonight, the defacto capital of the south, flooded. the news starts now. >> we have water all around the house. >> it was coming up higher and higher. shepard: now, frantic rescues and desperate measures. an entire neighborhoods submerged. >> there was so much water in the ground.
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shepard: tonight, overwhelmed an underwater. hammering out the new health care reform bill. >> this is a balanced package. >> i wish that i could support it, but i cannot. shepard: show that in the senate with our future at stake. first tonight, at least nine people are dead in the worst flood that the southeast has seen in many years. one man reportedly killed when he bet his friends $5 that he could swim across a ditch. another victim was a 2-year-old that was ripped from his family's arms. here is a shot of his grandmother holding up a photograph of her lost grandson. heavy rain in georgia, mississippi, south carolina. keep in mind, all of this after
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a two year backbreaking drought ended. look at the rain that hit in the last week. the purple and red areas are the worst spots. some of these areas got two feet in five days. one river went up 16 feet in 10 hours. communities around atlanta were the hardest hit. the orange marks show the most devastated areas. forecasters say that they do expect more rain, but it will not bore down as hard as that has been. still, so much of the damage has been done. entire road argonne, washed away, destroyed. one man could only watch as the waters carried off his feet. -- his jeep. at least in this case and no one was inside. georgia's governor for do has a warning for anyone thinking
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about crossing the street. >> vehicles are no match for water running across the road. in any situation like this that is where we get our fatalities. shepard: rescuers keeping busy. >> there was no way that we could even walk out. we have water all around the house. shepard: many people say that this is the worst they have ever seen. >> pooling and puddling, but never anything like this. shepard: check out the scenes coming from six flags. still, the park consists that they will be open by this weekend. -- the part insists that they will be open by this weekend. -- the park insists that they will be open by this weekend. >> this house right here, they have been inside all day.
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we were here when they got their first peek inside. all that they saw inside was a big mess. they were hoping to find a few mementos, they could not remember if they had moved their wedding album to the second floor. many of the things that they did move also got ruined, the water was so high. they did say that they were able to save pictures and mementos. shepard: many people ran out of water because of this flooding? >> about 150 homes without water today. when the flood happened, underground pipes broke. water everywhere, of but none in the homes. shepard: the headline today, the start of an important process that could lead to big changes in the way we are all insured. another plot line in the form of high-level political fears.
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today the senate committee started a process of hammering out a bill. max baucus had been leading a bipartisan group of senators. they were trying to put something to get a that could actually pass congress. but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle panned it. democrats say that it does not do enough to fix health care. listen. >> you cannot truthfully argue that you can change american health care and then list all the parts of the system that are going to stay exactly as they are. shepard: on the other side seems like the proposal, republicans say, seems like a tax increase and they feel left out. >> it seems that the white house and leadership were never going actually give it time to get it right. we have been given no assurances that the democratic leadership
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would back a bipartisan effort after it left this committee. shepard: senators have a long way to go, they have already suggested -- get this -- over 500 changes to the current legislation. carl cameron is live by on capitol hill -- live on capitol hill. what is the holdup? >> the congressional budget office, a non-partisan committee, has been tasked to do an analysis. in this case they say that they have not been able to look a lot with a legitimate analysis because it is to out -- too much of a moving target. key lawmakers say that they will not vote for this until they get a price tag. shepard: there is your sausage factory, the public does not usually get the chance to see the sausage. >> to some extent, what you see
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behind me is a stage. it is all about salesmanship. this is part to 16. this is where they make the health care bill. charles grassley is the ranking republican. every single senator has a desk that is piled high with legislative material and lists of the amendments that must be considered. the room is lined with boxes for television cameras. it will be recorded for posterity is safe. but there is the skybox booth. down here we have the table where the witnesses give expert testimony. of course, there is the press in the background, working out tomorrow's headlines. we are doing this in the middle of a lunch break. i will be giving you all the news. as they continue to work, they are expected to go and tell about 10:00 tonight.
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they could even be here on saturday. lots of sausage to be made and not a lot of price tags. a big frustration on both sides. shepard: bank. there is word tonight that federal agents have been checking out storage facilities in colorado and another place. two towns with previously arrested terror suspects. investigators that say that the suspects that you see here were plotting an attack, potentially with homemade bombs. teams have been checking storage facilities to see if anyone has been renting space. so far we have no word on them finding anything. all of this as we get no word -- new word on potential terrorist targets. from a story that we have been following for quite some time, a high school football coach put on trial after what his players
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collapsed and died. a jury has found him not guilty. is his name cleared? the former coach speaks out. >> i treat those boys as my own sons.
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shepard: terror be where morning's tonight, although the specifics are hard to come by. brand new information about what has been called possible terror targets. the list includes luxury hotels and sports arenas. this is all the more gramm when you consider the recent arrest of those suspects, who investigators -- this is all the more grim when you consider the recent arrest of those suspects, who investigators say were plotting something in new york city. >> we are concerned. shepard: the police commissioner
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being careful about not getting too specific. we have the news live from manhattan. eric, it appears that they got ahead of themselves on this and wound up taking somewhat in before the investigation was ready? >> it seems that that may have been the case. despite that the police are taking no chances. special teams have been deployed at the transit hub subway station. they say that they have no specific information, because the suspect -- one of them -- police say that they found a bomb plants in his car, as well as batteries, a scale, and backpacks in his apartment, there was concern that he could have been plotting some kind of plot to blow up bombs in backpacks. shepard: what do the notes say, erik? >> they were not meant for
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public consumption or the media. the longstanding policy is to be aware of terror targets, like sports stadiums, transit hubs, bus stations, subway stations and the like. because of those notes the major league baseball and football stadiums tonight said they are aware of their concern -- aware of the concerns and they are taking precautions. shepard: is that not always the case? hard to understand what is different between today and last tuesday given that there are no specifics here about anything. >> the combination of the note and the ongoing investigation has created heightened concerns that potentially there could be more out there. because of the united nations general assembly in man and right now, all of this could be coming the other right now to raise concerns over possible terrorist issues.
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they say they know of no specific actual plan or information, they just started taking these as precautions. shepard: as we say in new york, if they see something -- if you see something, say something. he captured an 11-year-old girl and kept her captive and raped her in his backyard for 18 years. his name is phillip garrido. that is jaycee dugard on the right. she reunited with her family last month along with her two children, both of them allegedly fathered by phillip garrido. police have been digging up his yard for clues that might link him to other missing girl's. dogs trained to detect human remains have picked up cents on the property. searchers say that they have found bone fragments. at this time they do not know if they are human or animal.
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they are testing them. investigators say they have not found anything big. we are told the sofar there is no evidence that connects him to any other crime. a jury in kentucky found him not guilty -- the football coach, james stenson, was on trial for the heat-related death of his high school player. now he is speaking out. he had faced 10 years in prison, but all along he maintained that the boy's death was a tragic accident. today he reiterated that claim. >> this is a tragedy. these parents have lost their son. the community has lost a great dog man. these teammates has locked -- have lost a player and a brother. that is the real tragedy. i cannot accept responsibility for things i did not do that day.
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shepard: the player collapsed in practice in august of 2008. three days later he died. thursday the coach returns to school to begin teaching yet again. his school district has given him the ok to resume coaching. it is hard to imagine a more gruesome scene. five members of a single family killed in the role of, three of the visit -- three of the victim's children. whoever did this is apparently still out there. we handed over tens of billions of dollars to aig. remember? the one that was already sort of supported by us? that money was supposed to be a loan. why is the government saying that they may never paid back, even as their stock is surging? this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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shepard: aig, the troubled insurance giant, has taken billions of our tax dollars to make up for losses on risky investments. the money was supports -- was supposed to be a loan here yet the company now may never -- was supposed to be a loan. yet the company may never be able to pay it back. the company was provided with up to $85 billion. in november we committed an extra $27 billion. all told, the feds have admitted the $182 billion in savings and aig. the company has taken most of that money. jonathan hunt is with us. how much of this money do we expect to get back? >> neither the government nor aig is going to put a number on
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that right now. there is a chance that we will get little or none of it back. they say that aig is stabilizing but still being buffeted by the economy and still dependent on government support. they said that they have to sell. shepard: if you take out a loan and you do not have to pay back, your stock goes up. >> funny how that works. shepard: that is exactly what has happened. >> yes. take a look at the stock price from last friday until today. it has slipped slightly, up around 20% in total. the reason for that is that the house committee on oversight has agreed to take a look on a restructuring proposal made by the aig ceo, morris greenberg.
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they will be given more time to pay back the money. shepard: would that not be nice? there are new indications today that the economy is very much on n? >> if that is correct, it will be the lowest number of car sales in any month this year. house prices, especially, may increase by less than one-third of 1% in july, much less than analysts expected. shepard: jonathan, thank you. the mystery surrounds the killing of a family in a small farming community in central illinois. authorities found the bodies of five, including three children.
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one little girl survived. the sheriff is not releasing much of anything in the details of the cause of death, but the 911 caller reportedly heard gunfire. it all happened southwest of chicago. the sheriff says that no arrests were made and that area residents should be locking their doors. guns, ammunition, explosives, btus to kill american troops. the country that sent those weapons is making threats. details, next. a woman making history in the army. do not talk to her about glass ceilings. an update on the new boss at drill sergeant school.
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shepard: the computer is not working, but two of the -- computer is not playing, but two of the biggest names in chest are getting together -- in chess are getting together for a rematch. the title match that they started playing in september of 1984 lasted for five months before it finally stopped. experts say that kasperov was one of the best in history. in thailand, the police accuse
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the three men of stealing $2 million in gems in bangkok. officers call it the nation's biggest jewel heist in memory. so far investigators have not found the stolen tools. in france, police cleared out a migrant camp. we are told that the immigrants wanted to slip across the english channel. french immigration says that the real target was the traffickers. germany, employers of the sportswear company and adidas -- puma and adida, facing off against each other -- adidas, facing off against each other in a friendly soccer match. that is your fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
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i m shepard smith. this is "fox report." mahmoud ahmadinejad delivering a brand new threat to the world today. he warned during a military parade that he will cut the hand of anyone who dares to attack his nation. in other words, any power that bears to imagine to invade iran. -- that dares to imagine to invade iran. yesterday israel said that they would be keeping all options open when it came to the iranian nuclear program. this speech was clearly meant as a warning. it also comes as we hear new details about how iran is interfering in the war in afghanistan. james, what exactly is iran doing? >> according to u.s. military and intelligence officials, they
7:31 pm
are playing a game in afghanistan. posing on the one hand as great supporters of hamid karzai, on the other hand supplying to the afghan insurgents all kinds of weapons. we are talking about small arms, mines, rocket propelled grenades, and also something called efps, these are roadside bombs. according to former u.s. military officials, this play book is familiar. >> entirely consistent with what we saw in iraq. the iranians were clearly providing efps, most notably, one of the largest killers of american soldiers on the battlefield. >> experts say that this is not something that you can make in your garage. it is a highly sophisticated
7:32 pm
weapon. shepard: did iran pushed the situation so far that they damaged their own interests? >> possibly. if that afghan president were completely toppled, it would mean not only a takeover by the insurgents, but the drug traffickers in afghanistan. a very serious problem for the raw onions is poppy traffic and drug abuse. a lot of that originated in afghanistan. iran might be damaging its own interests. shepard: a top defense official as telling fox news that the request for more troops in afghanistan will likely come sometime this week. the top commander in afghanistan, stanley mcchrystal, is expected ask for another 30,000 of 40,000 troops. just days after the leaking of the general assessment of the war in which he says the increase is urgent and that
7:33 pm
without it the war effort would likely fail. in other words, we would lose. public support for the war has faded significantly as the number of casualties has increased. the request for them number of troops could spark a debate in congress. president obama, a packed schedule today. just a warm-up. the president met with israeli and palestinian leaders. then he had lunch with the heads of several african leaders. -recently there was a trade dispute which he attempted to smooth over with the president of china. major garrett is traveling with the president, he is in new york tonight. >> interesting, there was no jumps starting on the movement towards copenhagen for a global agreement for december. it has already stalled.
7:34 pm
interestingly, the white house has a different hero on this issue. europeans want global reductions based on 1990 numbers. the obama and -- obama administration is saying we should use a 2005 baseline, where we will not damage the economy. >> they are obsessively focused on the 1990 base line, which advantages them and disadvantages us. if you look at what the president can do, given where he came in and what we are planning to do with policies, we are quite comfortable. >> the subtext is that the administration is getting tired of european criticism. they are saying that you are trying to gain the system a little bit. -- game the system little bit. which is ok, but we are going to
7:35 pm
push back. shepard: speaking of convergence, this president is finding, as others have found, have difficulties be that -- these peace talks can go. -- how difficult these peace talks can go. >> that is right. i will not say tht this will exhaust his administration like it did to those before, but today the president delivered two messages. israelis are not starting from scratch. they are starting at a point where they can move forward. to the palestinians, stop waiting for a perfect solution. you have got to get to the point where you start talking, not just talking about talking. shepard: thank you. more than 100 world leaders are actually in new york.
7:36 pm
a few of them are not actually getting a warm reception. among those, more khaddafi. -- mullah omar khaddafi -- momar khaddafi. he recently received a hero's welcome -- he recently gave a hero's welcome to be lockerbie bomber. scott and released the man on compassionate -- scott lind released the man on compassionate -- scott in tland release the man on compassionate grounds. it is still not clear where khaddafi will be staying. he has already pitched a traditional nomadic style tent in new york's westchester county. he wanted one in central park, but he had to sell for one of the road from martha stewart's house.
7:37 pm
the property belongs to donald trump and it may have accidentally been leased to gaddafi. trump organization is investigating. she aces every physical training test. today she is making military history to become the first woman ever to take command of the army's a drill sergeant school in south carolina. she is a sergeant major to reset king. she is officially in charge of the training program at fort jackson. keep in mind, women only account for 5% of the army's drill sergeants. she says that when she looks in the mirror, she does not see a woman. the reason that you still feel safe putting money in the bank, the fdic. but they are low on cash, as we told you they would be. wait until you hear who they are asking for for a bailout.
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shepard: new tonight, and high- profile terror suspect has delivered a message to president obama. khalid sheik mohammed has fired court papers from guantanamo bay. in them he called president obama 8 lia a liar. it was eight months ago today that the president announced he would shut down that military prison within one year. numbers show that we may still have a long ways to go. since then the u.s. transferred out only 15 of those prisoners. another one killed himself.
7:42 pm
225 prisoners remain with just four months until the prisoners self-imposed deadline comes to a head to land somewhere else. khalid sheik mohammed is now comparing president obama to president bush. details? >> just a short time ago these court documents were released to us. basically what we have read is just one rant after another aimed at the obama administration. these bizarre statements, as the clock since president obama signed the order to close
7:43 pm
guantanamo within a year, less than one dozen nations have taken detainee's. former detainee's in bermuda are considering opening a restaurant. 90% are still at military prison camps. there are only four months left. the white house insist -- >s -- >> the president will keep his commitment. >> a questionable track record. with congress still tinkering with the the revision of the military commissions act for detainees that cannot be tried in criminal court, it appears that reaching the deadline is out of reach. >> the obama administration has tweaked many of the bush counter-terrorism policies, like
7:44 pm
keeping military commissions. he is going to ask for a long detention. guantanamo will be open next year. despite the urging that it be closed now. >> we are learning that the obama administration is dealing with the same issues that prevented the bush administration from closing guantanamo. they are also having to deal with very bizarre court filings. shepard: back in washington, the house of representatives just passed a bill to extend jobless benefits for those in hard-hit states. the states where the unemployment rate is at least 8.5%. that includes all the states highlighted here. the bill will now moves to the u.s. senate. the fund that insures our money and bank accounts is itself running low on funds. the government agency that
7:45 pm
oversees that fund is considering borrowing money from some of the big banks that it insures. biggest banks, that is. according to two officials, they say that the fdic is looking at borrowing money from healthy banks, or imposing fees on all banks to avoid having to borrow taxpayer money. a spokesman said that the agency is not giving the options serious consideration. we shall see. not long ago he was a premier wide receiver. he even scored a touchdown for the giants in the super bowl. texaco burris -- plaid sicko xico burris has been sentenced to two years in prison. last month he pleaded guilty to weapons possession charges.
7:46 pm
today his attorney tried to put the best face on things. >> if anything good comes out of this terrible case, we would ask for other athletes and young people to think twice before they take possession of an unlawful weapon in new york. even if they are not going to carry it for the purpose of committing a crime, as was the case with this. shepard: speaking of burress, he hopes to return to the nfl after getting out of prison. hours spent in a cramped space with an overflowing toilets? hundreds of travelers say that that was their reality in the united states. they are trying to do something to stop it from happening to you. plus, 17 guys set themselves on fire and what in circles. morons? we will report, you will decide.
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shepard: look at this already. this is from outside of a store in washington. out of nowhere a car strikes the building and barely misses that little girl. those metal poles in the parking lot? good grief, police say that the little girl is absolutely fine. the cops arrested the driver on charges of reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. you have likely been there, on an airplane likely to take off, for whatever reason there is a delay. you wait. sometimes it goes so long that it is unbearable. the bathroom is out of water,
7:51 pm
the food runs out. one man said that he was stranded for almost six hours. he had this to say about the experience. >> no water, no food, the bathroom broke. there was no right it or leave me, but everyone was having their own individual situations. shepard: situations like a mock- hearing held today in washington to try to get congress to act once and for all. brian, it seems sometimes like the airlines have all of the rights and the people are left to fend for themselves. >> that is because the airlines have lobbyists. when things are discussed at the faa, they have many seats at the table. in this landmark hearing they are trying to get congress to address the issue. shepard: i thought that you were
7:52 pm
tossing into a sound bite. sorry, dude. any chance that the airline is going to back down? >> today the former ceo of american airlines and forced the idea of a three hour limit. here is what robert crandall had to say. >> legislation specifies three hours as the maximum time passengers are forced to stay on board before offering time to the plane. -- deplane. i would strongly suggest four hours. >> it would not even start until 2011. change will come slowly if it comes at all. shepard: one viewer wrote to me that they would give them a big surprise if they had to stay on the airplane.
7:53 pm
the crew of a navy destroyer that rescued an american captain from pirates has returned home to a hero's welcome. it is our lead story in this box trip across america. virginia, the uss bainbridge answered the call when pirates took control of the maersk alabama back in april. navy seals killed three of the pilots, rescuing the captain. the brother of one of the sailors says that it was a frightening time. >> i was scared for him, but happy that he was able to protect them. it was hard. shepard: the ship also protected another from pirates during a deployment. missouri, the pastor of a church said that in the future she will be more careful about where she leaves her purse. a surveillance camera caught a
7:54 pm
thief stealing the person out of the office. -- stealing the purse out of the office. >> you have to be prepared so that it does not happen again. shepard: the pastor said that she forgets the " but once in arrested. ohio, a group of 17 people setting a record for the most people set on fire at the same time in a controlled stunned. -- stunt. maybe the old record, held by 12 people. they kept the flames going for 43 seconds. a judge from the guinness book of world records was there to make it official. that is the fox watch across america. do not try that at home. school cafeterias are not normally thought of as pinnacles of fine cuisine. tonight we are learning that
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shepard: new concerns over the safety of certain foods in school lunches. the government accountability office report that federal authorities failed to tell schools about recalls of potentially tainted peanut products and canned vegetables last winter. its report also indicates cafeterias may have unknowingly served those foods to children. the g. ao.'s investigation said the agriculture's department did not always make sure states and schools got word of recalls and sometimes took states a full week to find out a week to find out what was being recommend. safety is utmost importance and his department is working to build a better food safety system. time for top story update now. rains in the southeast causing widespread flooding. the floods have reportedly killed at least people and police in many regions are urging folks to resist the
7:59 pm
temptation to return home. feds are alerting state and local police to be extra vigilant in places where large numbers of people congregate. places like stadiums. comes following investigations into possible bomb plots in new york and denver there is a new report tonight that the libyan leader moammar qadaffi has rented property from donald trump. he is new york for meetings at the u.n. iraq invaded neighbor iran sparking a bloody 8 year war that would claim more than a half million lives. up to then a border dispute between the two nations had been festering for some time with no formal warning, the iraqi president saddam hussein ordered his troops to attack, fighting for months before iran's military launched an offensive. the stalemate continued. the battlefield was said to resemble something out


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