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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 23, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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and now you knows the news of this wednesday, september 23, 2009 -- and now you know the news. a man just watched his family in a flood. we now know most of the family survived, but a 2-year-old boy drowned. our thoughts got to him and all of those people dealing with the water. here is bill. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- it may be payback time for the far left. congressman conyers and frank, the duo that exposed acorn. we will talk with congressman frank. >> extremists selling terror in pockets of the world. bill: president obama tried to
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persuade the you whirled about terrorists and global warming, even as things get worse in afghanistan. dick morris on big trouble for the president. and dennis miller at the cubs game. chaos does not even begin to describe it. miller will explain it all. >> sorry about that first pitch! bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. congressman barney frank and john conyers. expos in the organization acorn,
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that is the subject of tonight's talking points memos. there was an undercover sting during which some acorn officials were seen aiding and abetting prostitution and child prostitution. the resulting scandal resulted in congress de-funding them, and their image is now in tatters. they want to see if the undercover duo broke any federal laws, and they also want to find out exactly what acorn is guilty of an look at the housing opportunities agenda. in my opinion, they should be giveing them congressional medals for exposing something that the feds were not able to expos. frank did not vote at all -- they were not able to expose. any investigation into the
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couple would be brutally wrong and would come off as a partisan hatchet job. with more than 30 criminal conviction on its razum bay, they cannot be trusted. they understand that -- with more than 30 criminal convictions on its resume, they cannot be trusted. they do not deserve a federal witch hunt, and that is "memo." and joining us from washington is congressman barney frank. you would have voted to continue funding acorn, but now, you say that is wrong, or am i wrong? >> correct. no, i missed the boat because i was on my way to the white house for a middle of honors ceremony for a man from my district who got killed and who got the medal of honor posthumously, so that is the reason i had to miss that. i told the staffer who asked me that i would have been against the funding.
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apparently either i said it in precisely or he heard it in precisely -- either i said it imprecisely -- bill: you would have voted against funding acorn. why? >> i think they have forfeited their right. they had the sloppiness in the voter registration. they had some problems, frankly, with investment with people on the staff. when i read about that, i complained, and i asked people to come see me, and i said it was a great error, and they had to stop it, and they did not act appropriately, and then, when i read about this program of prostitution, it became clear to me that this organization is not just run well. bill: today, we see that acorn
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is now going to sue the two undercover private citizen and a man his website distributed the tape, so acorn has the right to do that in maryland, but i think that's acorn -- that acorn is done in the public arena. >> people say the sting is terrible. there is a great defense against being stung. do not do the kind of things that put you on television. bill: do you not admired these young people? rooting out corruption? >> bill, please. bill: i want you to admire them. >> i would like you to let me talk. is that too much to ask? you will have to get over it, because my job as an elected official is to deal with public
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policy. i did want to say this. i did regret the fact that it was legislature. my preference is, as i said in the statement, for the obama administration to cut them off, because they had been getting funds. congress has never earmarked funds for acorn. bill: is a good message. it is a good message. >> yes, and no, but the constitution is important. i do not like the idea of us by legislation doing this, because we cannot do it as appropriately, so i would have preferred it to be done by the administration. bill: do you not admire them? is this not what we should be? all citizen watchdogs? whistle-blowers for corruption? >> i have no reason to look into it, that they may have violated
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maryland law. even if someone is doing something good, they should not violate maryland law. that is what i cannot tell you the answer. it is complicated. bill: in spirits, do you not admire them in spirit? >> bill, can i finish talking about this? you tell me they violated the law. no, it is not an easy question. do i get to answer the question? bill: nobody cares about the maryland wiretap law. i want to know in spirit. >> what an outrageous statement. no one cares about the maryland wiretap law. i do care about the law. the local congressman, do you admire the spirit of the two -- bill: congressman, do you admire the spirit of the two? >> you need to let people talk on the complicated subject.
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i admire the impulse to stop corruption. bill: good. >> i do not want to condone violations of the law, and when you say, "who cares about the law," i think you are being irresponsible. would this be the first time we do not care about the law? bill: it is always lively when you come on the program. you're welcome any time. coming up, how do folks feel about acorn? and later, dennis miller causing pandemonium at a chicago cubs game. >> ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ bill: "miller time," straight ahead. cko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate.
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bill: in "the impact segment" tonight, subpoenas have been issued in the acorn case. joining us is dr. frank luntz, the author of this book. where was this? and how many people took part, frank? >> southern california, 29 people evenly devoted between -- divided between john mccain and barack obama, and, boy, did they react differently. bill: ok, let's play this. why would you give a taxpayer money to any dubious organization? we are talking to you, senator roland burris. >> i am just wondering. acorn is on tape, offering to
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help set up prostitution, and i am wondering if the taxpayers of illinois really want to support an organization like that? >> i thought you had a question, not a statement. >> my question is why did you vote -- >> i supported acorn. bill: all right, the line goes down when roland burris starts talking. is that because they do not like him? >> they thought it was the funniest thing they of ever seen. here is a senator running away from the camera. they agree with you, bill, as you can see with the lines. they agree with you about where the taxpayer dollars are going, because one of the greatest things they want out of washington is accountability, but he keeps on running. you see the lines dropping? bill: right. >> the moment he speaks, they say he is crazy.
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bill: not because they do not like the questioning worthy of our editorial posture there? >> put it this way, bill -- that one piece of footage, that could cost him his entire career. bill: yes, if i was his opponent, i would run that all day long. the next is concerning the acorn scandal. they have little interest in expose corruption. here is how much damage acorn has done to the obama administration, if any. they were all out for him. however, this story is now so big, it is far beyond a community activist situation. it is now a full-blown political scandal. once i injected the obama administration into the story, the democrats did not like that. >> and, you know, it is an
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important point about the power of words and the power of messaging. once it seems to have become political, and then we divide. bill, we are the most polarized we have been in decades, and barack obama was elected to address back into edta that, but the frustration that americans have with obama being out of touch, not knowing how to relate, is shown. they do not want to hear about acorn, the democrats, and republicans, it just makes them angry. bill: i brought up that obama had some acorn ties, but i did not hammer obama. i had said that you would have hung around with them, too, if they were getting the vote out and on your team. they would do that if they did not know that acorn is corrupt, and you have to assume innocence in this country, but once you get it away from tax dollars,
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corruption, which everyone agrees is wrong, he even barney frank before you, and even barney frank, all right -- is wrong, even barney frank before you, even barney frank, and i had to drag it out of him, but, yes, the spirit of what those two did, the civilian journalists did, he admires them, and i really had to drag it out of him, but once you get into it is the fault of the democrats or republicans, then, wham, it goes. >> and then is guilt by association. there are five points that the american people want out of washington. number one, first and foremost, accountability. they want people to say what they mean and mean what they say. number two, respect, which is why these people are canceling the town meetings are making their constituents even angrier. number three, results. we are tired of them talking.
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we want actual solutions. number four, the only one on this list where obama has a prayer, they want action, change, and number five, oversight. we want to make sure that if you are making mistakes like acorn did, people like bill o'reilly are holding them accountable. bill: all right, barack obama and his big speech at the u.n. and later, dennis miller takes on muammar qaddafi. very frightening. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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bill: "unresolved problem" segment tonight, obama asking to have something done about
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unresolved problems, like iran. >> if we fail to confront the status quo, extremists selling terror in pockets of the world, protracted conflicts that grind on and on, genocide, more nations with nuclear weapons, melting ice caps, and ravished populations, persistent poverty and pandemic disease, and i say this not to sow fear but to give fact. bill: the president has big problems in afghanistan and with china on global warming. here to analyze is dick morris, the author of the best-selling book "catastrophe." if you have not picked it up, do so. i am getting scared about this stuff overseas, particularly this iranian thing, and france is backing away from the tough sanctions francis said it would
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help out with. and russia -- tough sanctions france said it would help out with. >> the reason china does not want them is that most of the traditional sources of oil are wrapped up by the western world, and china, therefore, needs oil from iran as opposed to other countries. their economic interests with iran is stopping them from joining the sanctions. bill: so then the whole thing is a bunch of sure rates, because we have these talks with iran, -- is a bunch of charades. >> is far worse than charade -- it is far worse. that is just a distraction. what this is is iran is deliberately stringing this out to enrich enough uranium to make a bomb to wipe out israel, and i believe that israel, because of the ineptitude of george bush and the ineptitude of barack obama, both of them, in
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compelling iran to abandon its weapons program, the default solution is going to have to be an israeli military attack. it all right, benjamin not and not do -- bill: benjamin netanyahu is around, and you assume that the sanctions death does not happen, if it is total chaos, -- if the sanctions stuff does not happen, and they will have to do something. then a world war happens because the united states would be blamed. >> it will not be a world war, but what it will be israeli it -- israel on one side and hezbollah and others on the other side. there will be others secretly rooting for israel but having verbally decided -- sided with hezbollah. bill: they will start attacking israeli and american interests. that is a world war.
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>> beginning with iran trying to jam up the straits of hormuz. bill: they will do all of that crazy stuff. >> george bush was irresponsible on this issue for four or five years, and barack obama has been irresponsible on this for nine months, with not taking action. bill: what could bush or obama do if russia, china, france, germany are not going to help out? >> they could stop the flow of imported gasoline into iran. we could declare a blockade. but secondly -- bill: but then there would be war declared. >> the world bank, -- i am sorry. the import-export bank, directly controlled by obama, gave an indian for the office -- operates an oil refinery in to buy a load of $500 million to expand, and they are a source of
8:25 pm
one-third of their gasoline. bill: when did that happen? >> it happened under bush and is continuing under obama, and we can stop that expansion. bill: i am not arguing with you that either president has done enough to stop iran on its crazy course, but i am saying that the world has no will. most people at that united nations speech today, are more than happy to accept iran having a nuclear weapon. >> because ultimately, ultimately, and i am saying this as someone of jewish heritage, they do not particularly care about jewisrael being wiped off the face of the map. bill: they are going to do this elsewhere. >> ever since mine, -- you have to take these guys literally. bill: ok, so you think that the
8:26 pm
israelis, if the sanctions do not work now, the window is shot. we are talking maybe weeks here. -- the window is shut. benjamin netanyahu said the are getting close. >> yes, and as soon as israel feels it has to act, it will act. i have actually met with netanyahu prior to his election, in each of those he made very clear to me, that they would not permit iran to get it. bill: it is scary, because the whole world what economy is dependent on that. >> i do not think the united states can do something about that. in "catastrophe," i am a analyst of what the united states could do. bill: g.e. finally sided paper the other day that said they would not do any business there anymore -- finally signed a paper.
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plenty more as "the factor" continues this evening. dennis miller on the mound at wrigley field in chicago. boo. "miller time."
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bill: "the factor" follow-up segment tonight, the latest rasmussen poll, and we believe that the president not including fox news on his dance card, if he had, he may have gotten more bang for his buck. chris wallace. >> they are the biggest bunch of crybabies i have dealt with in my 30 years in washington, and
8:31 pm
they're constantly on the phone or emailing me, complain. bill: all right, joining us now is the former white house press secretary and fox news contributor, dana perino. were you treated like that, like chris wallace was? >> whenever you get a comment like that, you have a choice to make. you can either take the high road and smile and say, "thank you very much. i am not going to comment on it." or you can engage, and if you engage, you run the risk of looking petulant. bill: all right, so this is a different style now, and i want some inside baseball you. president bush and dick cheney -- dick cheney rarely engages the press. i interviewed him three times, but correct me if i am wrong, nbc news just savaged you, savaged you, but you did not change your opinion of them. you still gave them the access
8:32 pm
you gave everybody else, right? >> well, they might disagree that we gave them as much access in the last eight months. bill: well, tell me what your point of view is. it did you, or did you not? >> we tried to make a distinction between what we saw as aggressive and ridiculous behavior on msnbc and the reporters that we dealt with in the white house from nbc, and that does not mean editorial comment from nbc. bill: and what you would do it chris wallace and some people on fox news. >> 100%, absolutely, absolutely. bill: i talked about the criticism and how he engaged the press, president bush, and when his father got hammered, he was very aggressive, but when he himself caught this, he was not. >> not really, not really. bill: you do not take it personally?
8:33 pm
>> no, i do not. bill: because they are trying to destroy you personally. you know that? >> that is too bad. i think most americans want us to come together and work for the common good, and i suspect most americans are sick and tired of this politics. bill: people trying to destroy barack obama, but obama does not philosophically handle it the way that president bush does. it looks to me like obama is taking no prisoners and taking names and saying that. am i wrong? >> it does surprise me that the president himself, he president obama himself, in stages rather than letting other people in the white house engaged -- the president himself, president obama himself, engages. some people may think he has a little bit of a glass jaw when it comes to criticism. president bush had an ability to let it go and focus, and i think
8:34 pm
that really drove people on the left crazy. bill: did president bush know the hateful attacks that were being lodged against him? >> he did not spend a lot of time watching tv and did not even know what "dancing with the stars" was until we had to tell him a little bit more about it, but he was aware, and people would tell him, and, of course, you can imagine, and he would say, and his dad said, it is harder to be the son of a president or the father of a president than to be the president, so you are right. when the media was attacking his dad, it was a much different story. bill: every slight directed at their man, did you keep track of this lights directed toward the president? >> i ran out of room marking them down. you kind of have an idea. for example, there are people that you just know that president bush would not do an interview with because you are not going to get anywhere.
8:35 pm
you are not going to accomplish anything, and that is the key difference to meet with the decision not doing fox news. chris wallace. and to punish fox news for a comment from somebody else, i kind of understand that, but to take the extra step, to poke their finger in the eye of the people who watch fox news, that is a mistake. bill: all right, dana perino. when we come back, the d man, and thoughts on "letterman." and a bloviating muammar qaddafi.
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now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. bill: thank you for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. in the dennis miller statement, it -- segment, he joins us from
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los angeles. president obama goes on "letterman," and he gets pretty nice ratings. how did you assess that appearance? >> i did not watch it. i am boycotting barack obama until he quit to boycott and fox. listen, i know where he stands. he needs the fox people right now. if he does not come over here, i am not going to follow him around to watch him doing these walks of fame. he has to come over and explain it to some of us who do not quite get it. listen, when i watched the liberal commercials about the heartbreak of some of the people who fall through the cracks, he think it does not break my heart? not all, but most. i think it was under the government heading, you would hear so many more heartbreak stories. he has to convince me. if he does not want to come to fox, ok.
8:40 pm
fine. what is next? the state of be addressed -- the stated the address on aljazeera? bill: he obviously uses it to his advantage, but the tracking poll, rasmussen, he has got 49% unfavorable, and that is not a good number for obama, so his media blitz on friendly territory is not working, miller. it is not working. >> i have to watch him go up there and kiss tukus and he cannot come in and meet with chris wallace? come on, man. we are americans, too. we just do not quite get this completely. we want you to come over and tell us why we should turn this big of a chunk of money over to the government on health care when your 24 they have not proven themselves worthy of that. at least with business forces, somewhere along the line, a
8:41 pm
business will fail if they do not abide by market forces, and here, they do not even bring their own state. when they hit a bottom, they just say they are going to make a new bottom. he needs to come to fox. bill: and to point out, chris wallace does have a leopard skins sayned fez. muammar qaddafi from libya was supposed to speak today for several minutes. he spoke for 90 minutes at the u. n, 90 minutes, could not get him off, nobody really knew what he was talking about. did you make any sense of him at all? >> all i know is that you are looking at the guy considered to be moderate in the region now. since we have put a missile in his pup tent, he has come around. i thought it was comedy central, and they must have been having a james garner rose.
8:42 pm
he has got the dim sum steamer on. everybody thinks you are the doorman at the plaza, and after a while when i was listening to him, i did not think that into kaufman is dead. this guy is as crazy as the day is long, and all of the audience, everybody is sitting there in new york, and i am thinking, i wished they would rent one of these disco vans, send them all out there, walking in the room for the jackie mason show. bill: do you think muammar qaddafi dyes his hair? >> listen, i dyed my view today, so i am the wrong guy to ask -- i dyed my beard today. bill: he may be took what michael jackson was taking. >> as they put that in his pup
8:43 pm
tent, he has come around. he looks like the dog when he has reached the invisible fence line. bill: that is great. all right, miller shows up at wrigley field, one of the best ballparks in the world, and he sings "take me out to the ball game." >> one, two, three -- ♪ take me out to the ball game take me out to the crowd buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks i do not care if we never get back let me root, root, root for the ♪ bill: i think you and i are pretty much at the same level, which would of been no chance
8:44 pm
on "american idol" -- which would have been no chance. what you did not get out is the ceremonial pitch. roll the tape. now, miller, you go up to the mound, and what is that? you are bouncing in, bouncing it in, and now, they give you another chance. >> i took the other chance. i was trying to save any masculinity i had left. bill: look at that. miller, that was like a rainbow. they would not let me throw the first pitch, because if they would let me throw it, i would be in the cubs' bullpen right now. >> i have been sitting here for years, poking fun at people and their foibles, and when you step in it, you should just sit there. i do not have an alibi. i suck.
8:45 pm
that is all at one out of larry craig and harry reid. bill: a bad elbow. >> nothing, no excuses. all i know is that before the game, they honored 50 survive the congressional medal of honor winners, and it was worth it to make that pitch to meet heroes like that. bill: dennis miller. coming up next, a scathing video. did you see that? ou: t s nnge toaghw, roms" zi
8:46 pm
dou t lindsu" tshehin s. het kiw ceem" ar y,i ire
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bill: in the "back of the book" tonight, some actors have entered the health-care debate. >> health insurance executives
8:49 pm
are getting a bad rap. >> we need to remember who the real victims are. >> health insurance executives. >> so why is obama tried to reform health care when the insurance people are doing just fine making billions in profit? >> d.c. eeo' -- these ceo's have the right to their money. >> exotic animals in their backyards, like white tigers and pygmy horses. bill: all right, so will ferrell has a website where he does mostly satire. effective? >> i have seen some of the other stuff on that website. he has is two or three-year-old daughter. i am trying to connect the dots here. how do you go from hate some insurance companies, make a lot of money, to the government is
8:50 pm
trying to figure out how to get all of us health care. i cannot figure that out. bill: i think the message is that america is pandering to big business again. the health-insurance companies are up 400% in profits, and he should have thrown that in, but that is pretty heavy handed, is it not? >> $30 million. bill: will ferrell did. >> he was on the "forbes" list. the other one got an emmy. i think we have to ask ourselves how far down the pay world j r b going to allow the government to control? they will go after the executives first -- how far down the payroll chain are we going to allow the government to control? bill: if you're going to be a corporate basher, is will
8:51 pm
ferrell going to employ all of the people who lose their jobs? the birthers. roll the tape. ♪ bill: all right, jamie colby, what do you think? >> i think george lucas is -- that the music is all wrong. i did not find it odd that funny, and maybe it is the death of the birth movements. i want czars to present their
8:52 pm
birth certificates. i think if it is good enough for the president and the vice president to have to come from the united states -- the whle birthing thing, where did it come from? >bill: it came from anger. what do you think? >> it is always something fishy, but the good news is for the obama administration, the illegals are still covered under the new health-care reform, so joe biden should get health care, and social obama. illegal aliens. bill: -- and so should obama. bill: kind of like the people who exposed acorn, but on the other side. that first one, with will ferrell? but it is his entrepreneurial issue. is it a good or bad thing to use the internet to get your political point across th?
8:53 pm
>> i am all for humor. what do you expect? what side of the health-care debate do you expect the celebrities to fall on? they will fall into the sweet spot of the dems. bill: it is predictable, predictable. >> i am very upset, because my uncle was an insurance executive, and he must have hid his mini zoo. bill: if you are going to bash companies in this country, get ready for 15% unemployment. coming up, people setting themselves on fire. why? it. . . pothole:h no...your tire's all flat and junk. oh, did i do that? here, let me get my cellular out - call ya a wrecker.
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bill: time now for pinheads and
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patriots. the dalai lama is the religious leader of tibet who lives in exile because china is occupying that country but the budest monk is picking up some modern mannerisms. mere is the latest. dalai lama, fist pump. that in memphis, tennessee. we're not sure why he's fist pumping but we like his peaceful attitude so it's ok with us. the dalai lama is a patriot. our pinhead front, the guiness book of records has a new entry. 17 people in ohio set themselves on fire for 43 seconds. yes, they did. setting the record for the most people to perform a full body burn simultaneously, some of these folks were professional stunts people and others just regular folks who wanted their moment. there they go. incredibly none of the participants sustained even minor burns. but they are pinheads. the mail, a reminder that premium membership is on fire this fall. pardon the pun. big discounts on all our stuff. and the factor postgame show,
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each evening. now the letters. i'm going to let some of the other correspondents answer that, sir. because it's changing rapidly, paul.
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lois, you got to put the kool-aid down now, we proved congressman frank was not telling the truth about fannie mae and freddie mac. we proofed it. big difference. how about our website. talking points memo. each evening, posted on our fox news website. and then please email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. here's the word of the day. when writing to us please do not be diabolical. you think you know what that means, don't you? you think you know. but you really don't. you got to look it up. don't be diabolical when writing to "factor." the factor continues 24-7 on greatest website. got to check it out. greatest website. got to check it out.


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