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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 25, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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seriously. >> gentlemen, we never want to see new tangarine, but it does go well with off the wall ideas. that's special report for this time. bret will be back monday. thanks for joining us. another iranian nuclear secret revealed and pressure from the of rest of the world ramped up. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. >> the islamic republic of iran has been building a a covert uranium enrichment facility. >> second nuclear plant to build ingredients for a nuclear weapon. >> iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. >> tonight, the stunning details of iran's atomic bombshell, how they kept it hidden, and what could happen now.
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>> part of a peaceful nuclear program, now, president obama says iran and will have to prove that or face the consequences. we already knew about the first plant, south of tehran. we are now told this is nearby, outside of a city called om. -- qom. this could really undermine the idea that it is for civilian purposes. president obama appears to be meeting in pittsburgh at the economic summit, and he has this for them. >> they must demonstrate through deeds its peaceful intentions or be held accountable to
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international standards and international law. shepard: well, the united states says they have actually known about this second nuclear plant for years. iran apparently noticed that recently and told inspectors about it this week. major garrett, our senior correspondent, is with us. he claims he is giving the inspectors plenty of notice because it will not be up and running for another 1.5 years. >> yes, when your adversaries say you are lying, it is one thing, but when your trading partners to and diplomatic allies say you are lying, that is another different thing. they say there should be immediate u.n.-sponsored inspections, and russia says it is an inspection. when you begin to build one of these facilities, you must disclose it. iran did not, and that is why it is bad.
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president obama said he learned about it during the -- to give his diplomatic overtures time to work, to see if the iranians would reciprocate. so far, they have not. two, to give various intelligence services time to check and double check to make sure the state is solid, reliable, bankable. the president said it is -- to make sure that the data is solid. >> they have checked over this work in a painstaking faction precisely because we did not want any ambiguity about exactly what was going on there, and i think that the response that you saw today indicates the degree to which this intelligence is solid. >> and for that reason, shepard, the president said is now up to iran to come clean. shepard: the president of united states did not set any deadlines, but the allies did.
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>> french president nicolas sarkozy said that iran has to act, or there will be sanctions. president obama did not say that, but they point out that he did before. gordon brown, the british prime minister, said this. >> it will shock and anger the whole international community, and it will harden our resolve. confronted by the deception of many years, the international community has no choice today but to draw a line in the sand. >> senior white house advisers say, yes, drawing a line in the sand, but they want action. they want action, not so much rhetoric. shepard? shepard: major garrett live with the president in pittsburgh. the united nations cannot/more restrictions on iran without russia and china. -- cannot slap more restrictions
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on them. it was entertaining, as always. we are also keeping a close eye at this hour on several different terror cases that have been unfolding apparently across the nation, in four states, illinois, colorado, texas, and new york, where investigators say they have been breaking up her potential plots with devastating consequences. the most serious is this man, named zazi, and the feds say he spent more than one year planning to detonate, made bombs in the united states, specifically new york, and that he may have tried to tie this attack to coincide with the attacks of the september 11 remembrances. zazi was allegedly trying to protect his work. it shows the defendant was intent on making a bomb and being in new york on 9/11.
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today, the judge had that man, zazi, transferred to new york. you write your just about one hour ago. he had an escort to an awaiting car -- he arrived here just about one hour ago. jonathan hunt is tracking all of this, and he is live in our newsroom in new york. what do we know? >> it is an extraordinary coincidence that we have these three cases breaking at the same time. officials say they are unrelated in terms of coordination among the terrorists, but they are clearly related in that it seems that they were all inspired by al qaeda mentality and that they wanted to kill people at home, and in the case of zazi, is the allegations are true, he was for the raw longer than the others we have heard about publicly since 9/11 -- he was further along. they claim that he had gone to
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beauty stores. this, they say, is a security camera and video of him in a store, buying chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, and hydrochloric acid to build a bomb or bombs. he apparently scourer a home improvement website looking for another ingredient to make the same explosive used in the london bombings that killed more than 50 people in 2005. experts agree zazi is a very real threat. >> this appears to be directed from outside of the united states by a legitimate al qaeda coordinator or cell, and it looked like he had the capability to make explosives. >> it has been a busy week for them moving against him, but also busting two other alleged terrorists planning attacks on u.s. soil. on wednesday, they arrested a
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man after he attempted to detonate what he believed to be a bomb outside a federal courthouse in springfield, illinois. in fact, the explosives were fake and were being provided by undercover fbi agents who had been tracking him. agents described him as having a, quote, a demons intention to actually conduct terrorist attacks in the united states -- agents described him as having a, quote, -- having, quote, vehement intentions to actually conduct terrorist attacks in the united states. one said it was his dream to be among the supporters of islam. and this trail of terror may lead north of the border, too. prosecutors in the zazi case revealed the that the alleged
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terrorist went to canada twice, raising the question that he may have been having accomplices there helping him in his planned attacks on new york city. shep? shepard: jonathan hunt in new york. this one we reported in the past, but these suspects are accused of plotting to kill members of our military. these two men are among eight suspects who are already accused of plotting an attack overseas, but there is a new indictment, and prosecutors say that these two also planned to attack the marine base at quantico, virginia. they said that they had performed reconnaissance of the base, and the men are charged with conspiring to kill u.s. military personnel, and on top of all of that, we apparently heard today from osama bin laden, speaking again. islamic militant websites posted another video said to be from osama bin laden himself. no confirmation about that, but
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i should say that there has never been a fake tapes from the al qaeda cheese. in the new tapes, he demands that troops be pulled a lot of afghanistan and makes the prediction that the u.s. will soon pull out its forces, as well, and when it does, al qaeda will retaliate against the europeans, but despite the predictions by osama bin laden, it does not look like our forces will be pulling at any time soon. in fact, an official request for more troops, and today, it looks like that has happened. details of a secret strategy meeting.
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shepard: the war in afghanistan now, and the top u.s. commander there has apparently delivered a request for new trips to the highest military officer, general mike mullen.
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they met in germany today with general scamming mcchrystal, and fox news was told that an ramallah and when it to hear directly from general mcchrystal -- and admiral mulliniken did yu hear directly from him. it would first co-presenter command for approval and then to the joint chiefs of staff, who would then deliver it to someone to give to the president, but in this case, it went straight to the joint chiefs. the question is, what next? steve centanni is in washington. let's start with the request. what we know about >> this was a sticky public-relations problem -- what do we know about it? >> this was a sticky public- relations problem. they were trying to get general mcchrystal to hold off on his request, so to counteract the public reception, the secretary is receiving in a very public fashion, shep.
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shepard: as i understand it, they are not planning to rush this to president obama. >> they are planning to keep on the desk at the pentagon until the president has had time to complete his overall strategy review, and in the meantime, we are not going to know exactly what it says, but sources tell fox news it is likely to contain a request for another 40,000 troops, including a variety of support troops, but we will have to wait and see. shepard: indeed, we will. steve centanni, thank you. chris wallace taking a look on fox news sunday. his guest this weekend includes a senate intelligence committee member, and there they are, dianne feinstein and kitt bond. that should be a good "fox news sunday" this weekend. global economic leaders became a
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little less exclusive today. the united states, britain, and six other wealthy nations said they would include some other developing nations, including china and india, as they tackle big issues like global climate change. peter barnes is live at the summit in pittsburgh where the announcement came today. peter, how big of an announcement is this? >> pretty big. this is the big industrialized countries recognizing the new economy, acknowledging that china, india, and brazil and other emerging countries are going to be the drivers of economic growth in the 21st century. just last year, china surpassed germany as the third largest economy in the world, and they declared officially the g-20, the group of 20 countries including these countries, where beebe official forum for global economic cooperation going forward. -- will be the official forum.
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>> we share mutual interests. that is why i have called for a new era of engagement that yields on real results for our people, an era when nations live up to their responsibilities and act on behalf of our shared prosperity and security. >> and until today, shep, the g- 8, the group of eight big industrialized countries, as was the official forum. back to you. shepard: peter barnes from the fox business network, good to see you. it is not exactly being held hostage, but that is what it can feel like, according to passengers chat -- trapped for hours on a jet on the runway. now, more on the airline passenger bill of rights. and maybe you were a teenager, the first car that was really yours? tonight, a very surprising report on teenagers and their cars that every parent should hear.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard: ever get stranded on the runway? stuck in a seat for hours and hours and hours? sorrell in a screaming baby or two and a missed connection, and it could get pretty ugly -- throw in a screaming baby. a passenger rights group went to capitol hill for a sort of mock hearing to push lawmakers to take some type of action, and now, it looks like there may be some type of movement on this. brian wilson is live in d.c. i think a lot of people would like to hear something happen. >> we always. they stopped by the general counsel's office at the department of transportation. ata officials said that airline
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ceo's have been talking among themselves and that they may now accept limits to upholds. that is where you go nowhere for hours. we all know this happened because we obtain a copy of an internal memo written by counsel. they said they had discussed the issue with their membership and might be prepared to agree to a firm time limit on tarmac delays for domestic flights. you probably noticed the email says that they might be prepared. does that mean anything? well, the groups pushing for a passenger bill of rights believe that it does. >> this is a very big deal that they come to the table, saying they are willing to accept a time frame, and it is likely to be four hours, in my i understand. >> -- in-line understanding. >> the plan would go back to the gate.
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-- in my understanding. team members in congress are threatening to take action. they think it might be better than having something rammed down their throats. shepard: brian wilson in washington, thank you. the risks of teenaged driving. two new studies out. teenagers who have their own cars are more likely to crush those than those that shared use. -- more likely to crash them. one in four. that is compared to one in 10 of those who shared. the also found that when parents had roles, there were less likely to drive when drunk -- when the parents had rules and also less likely to use a cell phone when driving. a second nuclear plant in the works, but he may be losing the
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support of the two biggest defenders at the united nations. we will go there for details, and investigators are testing the drinking water at thousands of schools across america, and he will not believe what they found.
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roms" zi dou t lindsu" tshehin s. het kiw ceem" ar y,i ire shepard: it is something you really do not want to see in your backyard. a giant, aggressive intruder. it is worse when it has antlers. >> his shoulders were here, so
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it was big. shepard: a about 500 pounds, folks say, and there he was, doing his moose thing. the first word of the meandering moose came from a neighbor. >> she called me and told me to look out of my window and see what was in my yard. shepard: there was no missing this guy. clearly, it was time to call 911. >> there is a huge moose in our backyard. shepard: a very good question. not too much help from authorities, just a warning. >> this is the breeding season, so they are a little more aggressive. shepard: it did not even pay for the damage. then, some folks spotted the animal running by a school bus stop. >> and i said moos, moose,
7:29 pm
moose, moose, moves. -- moiose. -- moose. >> there is a moose running down the street. i do not know if that is an emergency. shepard: police say it is a male, looking for a mate. they tell people if they see it to just steer clear. i am shepard smith. you are on "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there is new pressure tonight on iran's president after he revealed he is building a second new kabeer facility but never told anyone. that pressure, from his closest allies on the security council, and russia and china are calling for an immediate investigation from the u.n. nuclear watchdog. they had blocked sanctions on
7:30 pm
iran in the past because of their economic ties to tehran. eric shawn is live at the u.n. you might wonder if this is the time that they stop blocking sanctions, you know? >> this could be the sticking point to even tougher sanctions. there had been some past by the security council, but not enough because of russia and china, but tonight, both nations calling for an investigation into this secret its facility -- the secret facility. there is a possibility of tougher sanctions here with russia and china perhaps in several weeks or months on board. shepard: some choice words for president obama. >> yes, at one point, he was pretty defined and even cocky about our president. he said he did not think president obama was a nuclear expert. he said the president is making
7:31 pm
a blunder, and at one point, he also basically just blew off america and its allies. french president nicolas sarkozy and british prime minister gordon brown. >> mr. sarkozy and mr. brown are not that important to us. what they say is not really very credible in our minds. >> at one point, he also said that iran does not want a nuclear weapon. he claimed that countries that pursue nuclear weapons are, quote, "retarded," and, shep, that is the word actually used. shepard: eric shawn, thank you. remember that big tent that muammar qaddafi brought to new york? he likes to pitch a tent everywhere he goes, and crews set one up in some property owned by donald trump, and the
7:32 pm
officials in the talent and the residence where none too pleased, down it came on wednesday -- the residents were none too pleased, and they went to court, and today, the tent came down for apparently the last time. they gave a hero's welcome to the lockerbie bomber, and that was the bombing of flight pan am 103. we are told that muammar qaddafi has been steady at the libyan mission here in manhattan and is expected to leave the country entirely this evening. his next stop? venezuela. hugo chavez said that muammar qaddafi is welcome to pitches said there -- pitched his tent -- pitch his tent there. right now, the only bill without
7:33 pm
the so-called public option. in fact, the showdown was supposed to happen today, this afternoon, until a last-minute change of plans. carl cameron has details of that from the hill. >> they say time is of the essence and that they want to move faster, but the room is empty, and the hearing has been over since noon. evidently, what is more essential is a three-day weekend. they were threatening to keep the finance committee working on health-care reform through saturday, but democratic chairman max baucus announced a long three-day weekend for a jewish holiday. >> we will recess today at about noon and not come back until tuesday morning next week. >> baucus is at odds, among other democrats. their amendment would kill what baucus proposes and instead create a so-called public option
7:34 pm
backed by liberals. baucus said that would never pass the senate and kicked it down the road to leave early. but we do not have time today to do all of that. we will do that when we come back on tuesday -- >> we do not have time today to do all of that. >> the battle will begin in earnest on whether lawmakers will charge -- take the public option or the cooperative. shepard: carl cameron live on capitol hill. san francisco looks to become the nation's first city to impose a tax on sugar is soft drinks. the idea, cut down on obesity and other health problems really have and raise some revenue. a study out of ucla shows that obesity-related problems caused billions each year, and studies have linked a sugary soda to obesity. drinking a 20-ounce bottle of soda pop is the equivalent of drinking 17 teaspoons of sugar.
7:35 pm
of course, people do not look forward to the government coming between them and their sodas. i was wondering if the diet soda lobby had anything to do with this. >> a lot of people do not think this is going down very well. they think it smacks of a nanny state. it is not the government's job to be telling people what they should or should not be eating, and some others wonder, look, if you start taxing sugary soda, could ice cream and candy and other things be next? it is a slippery slope. shepard: things happening in san francisco? >> , all that is needed is a majority vote of the members that are on the board. no one has seen the final legislation, so no one has said how they are going to vote on this issue, but we know that mayor gavin newsom is endorsing this issue, and the health
7:36 pm
director likes it, and one newspaper endorsed it. this is a very controversial issue. the city will almost certainly face lawsuits brought by beverage companies, so look for a lengthy debate and may be a vote this winter. shepard: i do not know why they do not target bacon or titcheeto 's. there is a new study about unsafe levels of lead, pesticides, and other toxins and that the federal government has failed to do a single thing about it, according to a report by the associated press. according to their findings, more than 2000 schools violated safety standards, and some of the contaminants included lead and fecal bacteria. the state with the most schools, california, also had the highest of some other areas.
7:37 pm
they were followed by a high note. some are saying there is no excuse for this, period -- they were followed by ohio. trace told you last night that justice ginsburg, went to the hospital after falling ill earlier in the day, and now we can tell you that she is back at her desk at the supreme court this afternoon. justice ginsburg said she felt faint after some treatments for anemia. we are told that last night's hospital stay was simply a precaution. well, an update now on all of the severe flooding in the southeast that has officially left 10 people dead after days of torrential rains. forecasters are forecasting more of the same coming up, and there is a flash flood watch for parts of the region, including the general atlantic area. today, vice-president biden got a bird's eye view of the area
7:38 pm
and about the government will not repeat the mistakes made in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. president obama has declared parts of the state a disaster area, and just in to fox news, residents in some georgia counties are eligible for federal assistance, and that makes it a total of 14 counties across the state. massive layoffs and other areas, and one place may have found the way to bridge the gap. but is free labor too good to be true? we report, you decide, next. plus, wait until you see what this shooter did after he opened fire. can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture...
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shepard: there is a manhunt right now for a couple caught in a brutal road rage video. keep an eye on the guy in the blue there. he got blindsided as the suspect punches and knocks into the ground. they say the couple followed him
7:42 pm
to this gas station in columbus, ohio, because he honked his horn. take a look at all the people who are ignoring this. see him on the ground? they did not even come over to help him, and, in fact, it took several minutes for a woman to, and call 911. a lawyer for the girl was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held in the backyard for about 18 years says that jaycee lee dugard will testify against her captors. police say that garrido kidnapped her, raped her, and fathered her two children. dugard's lawyer says that she has some misgivings, but she acknowledges terrible and bad things were done to her. the woman is now 29 years old.
7:43 pm
new ddos denied in the unsolved deaths that has fueled a lot of speculation -- new details tonight. he was a teacher and part-time government census worker. investigators found him near a cemetery in eastern kentucky in the national forest, and they say his body was hanging from a tree, but his feet were touching the ground. somebody had written the word "fed" f-e-d on his chest. but they will not say if it was murder or suicide or some sort of other issues. they have not said whether or not they believe the case is connected to his job with the federal government. now to florida, the state's leading the nation in foreclosures and with record unemployment. they have been forced to cut jobs and eliminate services, but florida has a surprising source
7:44 pm
of free labor to make up for some of the cuts, prison inmates, doing landscaping, construction, even fire fighting. they say it is helping to cover millions of dollars in budget gaps. phil keating is there. phil, prisoners as firefighters? >> yes, and chain gangs on the side of the road. there is nothing new with that. we have seen the movie "cool hand luke." this is becoming a necessity, especially here in florida. they had to lay off about 20% of the county work force, and that had consequences. , for one full week recently, the animal shelter was completely closed off, he and that is when they decided that they would get creative, and nonviolent inmates would get out there.
7:45 pm
in the tampa bay area, the use of inmate labor is being privately advertised, saying that saving taxpayer dollars is a good idea. they have cleaned up 20,000 miles of highway in the county, and that has saved the county thousands of dollars. they are also drawing on conventional jobs, such as painting over graffiti all over the county where it has been spent, and they are also doing something that truly reflects the times, he doing landscaping have at the abundant number of properties that have been vacated. this provides danys services without raising taxes, and the little taste of freedom turns out to be a good recipe for free work. >> these guys show up to work every day. they do not call in sick, and like i said, you get a full day's work out of them. >> they can also work off their
7:46 pm
sentences. for every 30 days that they spend working, they reduce their sentence by five days. in other counties, they have to get paid money into their jail canteen funds, and in some cases, that is used to pay child support or spousal support while the person is in jail. shepard: phil keating, thanks. the sale of new homes went up last month but only slightly. the commerce department said sales inched up 7% as homebuilders continued to lower prices. it was less than wall street expected -- sales inched up 0.7%. the dow was off by 42, the nasdaq 17, the s&p down six. a guy at a restaurant pulled out a pistol, fires at a passing car, and what do you think he does next? it is our lead story in this fox
7:47 pm
trip across america. california -- the 18-year-old was at a restaurant with a couple of friends when he exchanged words with three men in a passing car. the surveillance video shows the teenager and firing seven shots at the car, and then he calmly sat back down to finish his meal. the admitted gang member was arrested. also in southern california, more than 100 firefighters battling a blaze at a refinery in wilmington. it took several hours to beat back the flames. nobody hurt, but fire officials who told nearby schools to keep kids inside. two gunmen robbing a brinks truck in florida. the bag was dropped, and thieves picked up. it is the second armored car robbery this week. and in orlando, a new car wash opening for business.
7:48 pm
it is called bay wash, girls in bikinis washing cars. >> it draws attention and brings in cars. shepard: naturally, it mostly brings in men, but the owner says they offer car washes or women at half price. some of the most popular toys for kids are becoming some of the biggest movie stars. tonight, what you could soon be seeing more of your big favorites on the screen -- why you could be seeing more of your big favorites on the screen. and a woman ended up with one big tschida. how he got so big -- one big trial. is the biggest baby ever to show up on planets earth -- one big child. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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shepard: hollywood directors apparently prefer to use torrez instead of actors these days, and they are drawing some serious crowds to the silver screen -- prefer to use toys. that "gi joe" movie was released last month, and do not worry, ladies, as hollywood is working on something for you, too. >> a movie like "transformers" or "gi joe" has a certain audience. the two z transformersz " movies. >> she is about to make her big screen debut, barbie.
7:53 pm
a brand awareness rating of 99% worldwide. mattel says barbie is the number one property for toys in the world, and they expect it will be a smooth move from her malibu beach house to hollywood. hasbro, a maker of gi joe and transformers, says the possibilities are endless. they are making a third "transformers" movie. >> the movie did well, so i think it would be foolish not to do another one. it would be just a lot of fun, so why not? >> the mission is a go. >> and some critics say toy- based movies are basically two- hour-long commercials. some parents are asking can their children even see these movies.
7:54 pm
"gi joe" and "transformers" were rated pg-13. shep. shepard: 0, well. something important to worry about. good to see you. have a good weekend. oh, baby. here is the newborn. 19.2 pounds. i heard like 3 million women just scream out. he is easily the largest infant ever born in indonesia. doctors say the baby got excess glucose because mom was diabetic during pregnancy. the largest bibby ever born was back in 1879, and that baby weighed 24 pounds -- the largest baby ever born, according to the guinness book of raw records. if you thought we had a handle
7:55 pm
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shepard: top stories right away. first, for those of you desperately in need of new animals to give you nightmares. we present the fanged frog. this is one of 163 just discovered species from southeast asia's may congress river region. the worldwide fund sent out this photo and notes that scientists have found this frog eats birds. also discovered, the gecko can w. characteristic spots down its body and tiger striped viper which we can assume would kill you by glancing in your general direction. all of these animals can be found in southeast asia or possibly on that wall behind you
7:59 pm
you. updating some of fox top stories tonight. the terror suspect naji beulah zazi is now in new york after being in denver. he was building a bomb to attack on american soil. two other suspects now in custody. one after an arrest in dallas. the other in springfield, illinois. and on this day back in 1965, baseball legend satchel page basement only person who play a in the leagues he took the pound at 5. born leroy page in mobile alabama and got the name satchel working as a baggage handler. in the negro leagues as they were called, he lent his services to the highest bidder. he was so good that from time to time he even called in the outfield and then strike out the side. on that day in 1965, page pitched three innings against


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