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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 25, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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want to redistribute the wealth -- all of the bailouts. thank you. we are out of time. as always, thank you for being with us, and we hope you have a great, terrific, wonderful weekend. we will see you monday. greta: tonight, you will be a sorry, meaning of us. that is what the iranian president threatens after news gets out about its nuclear program. ambassador john bolton is next. plus, a youtube video explodes, causing controversy. schoolchildren gushing with praise for president obama. and if you have a hard problem, plug york years -- your ears for this one. they are getting ready to give money to, get ready for this, the libyan dictator is family. there is disturbing news tonight
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about the iranian nuclear program. iran now admits it has been building and hiding in uranium enrichment plant. president obama and the leaders of france and great britain and blasted iran for building the site, and the blasting? that was not well-received by the iranian president. he immediately fired back, saying it was not a secret side, and he said that they would regret accusing iran of hiding a nuclear facility. ambassador john bolton joins us. what did that mean? >> i think he feels in a very strong position. i sing he believes he can defeat any sanctions in the security council -- i think he believes he can defeat any sanctions. or if they are, they will be just as week, so i think he is feeling pretty good this week. -- they will be just as weak. greta: do they have any impact? >> they do on individuals who
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are specifically named by the sanctions committee, but those are the sort of additional transaction costs for iran, but the test of sanctions should be do they persuade iran from pursuing their nuclear weapons, and the answers is unquestionably know. -- and the answer is unquestionably no. greta: what sort of timetable? they want to keep us talking forever. >> they have succeeded so far for nearly seven years keeping the europeans talking, and as you say, during that time, there is no question they used that to continue to make progress in the nuclear program, he said that is what those people and say why it does it hurt to continue negotiations, and they do not understand that it can hurt. military action will take these negotiations out of the picture. greta: oh, shock, horror, now we
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know iran is doing that, but it turns out that we were on to this earlier? is that correct? >> there were background briefings after the announcement, which means everything the president has been saying about his extended hand to ahmadinejad and the extended negotiations has to be in context of 20 years of iran and lying about this program. there is not a shred of evidence that you can commit any commitment iran makes about its nuclear program, so even if you get to the table to negotiate with them, which makes you think they will live up to what they agreed to? greta: making these statements that he wants to talk to him, and we are going to have this meeting her on november 21 with a number of nations, why would he -- if they all know and have known for months that they are building a second nuclear weapons plant? >> i have to believe that he thinks his ability to negotiate
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will find a way through this problem, it is not the george bush approach of trying to isolate iran, and that he thinks he can carry through. in fact, much of what he is doing is built on the mistakes of the bush administration, which has allowed the european negotiations to go on for so long. greta: what happens when the security council plus germany get together to talk to iran? >> i think there are two possibilities. one, iran comes in and says, "of course, we will negotiate about the nuclear program. it is peace of." once the security council gets a chance to sit across from iran, it will be very difficult to get up from that share -- it is peaceful. it is far from certain he can even get another resolution. today, russian president medvedev said, and we quote, "we will consider sanctions." that is what the russians have
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said for three years. they have never ruled out sanctions. they have always said they will consider them, but when it gets to a point of drafting a resolution, they did very weak and watered down. greta: even more importantly, it matters to israel, and you touched on this a second ago, but how long can israel be patient and sort of watch this talking game? >> this is extremely important, because if the iranians have an alternative site for uranium enrichment at qom, it is possible that there are further alternative sites, and this raises the hardest possible question for israel, that it could attack the iranian new richmond facility at times he and completely destroy it but still not stop iran's progress with nuclear weapons, so what is particularly risky here is the military option itself may now be a lot harder to accomplish.
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greta: if we were aware of this and had some inkling, what is wrong with our intelligence? do we not have boots on the ground? what about the good old- fashioned intelligence proved not finding out earlier? >> i think our intelligence inside iran is very weak. we rely on information from other intelligence services, but i think the basic point is that we should acknowledge there is a lot we do not know about the iran nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. that should not make us more comfortable. that should make us more nervous, and yet, the administration again defended the famous 2007 national intelligence estimate that said there is no nuclear weapons program, and yet, at that is the entire rationale about why we are concerned about this site at qom. greta: what would you do? >> i think we have exhausted diplomatic actions.
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i think you get to actions, and one is regime change, which cannot be turned on and off like a light switch. that is the matter of a couple of years or so, and the other is the option of the use of military force against assets in the nuclear program we now know about. and i think that is the issue here is real is confronting as we speak. i think there is zero chance that obama will do it. i think this now rests with israel. greta: thank you. ahmadinejad just got a door slammed in his face in new york. he wanted to hold a fancy receptions at a hotel in new york, and that hotel said, "not here, you will not." joining us is our guest from cq politics. so he cannot find a place to have his party? >> who knew it was so hard to do this in new york? there is a group called united against a nuclear iran, which has started a program, and they seem to have gotten his itinerary, and they found out
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that as a leader, he throws receptions. he speaks with students. he does what other leaders do when they come to the u.n. general assembly, and at the essex house, they basically pull the rug out from under him, and what is interesting is that that is controlled by the government of dubai's hotel chain. greta: what is even weirder is that they had a gruesome murder, and the head of housekeeping is in custody, and the essex house has had a busy week. >> a busy week. greta: ok, if a hotel does provide a forum for a party, does not the hotel think there would be some ramifications? maybe ahmadinejad would not be prevented from holding the party, but maybe there would be a backlash? >> yes, either him or muammar qaddafi. two years ago, he went to speak at columbia university, and it kicked off a huge fuss and
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backlash there, but at the same time, i think there has to be some baseline courtesy extended to a foreign leader, even someone as controversial as this. u.s. is somewhat obligated to do this under diplomatic protocol and with its agreement with the u.n., and i think they can confine his travel to his 25 miles from columbus circle and midtown, and the police can say, "no, you cannot go to ground zero," as they did last year. greta: who is, by the way, coming to this party? >> iranian expatriates. there are people who lived here and who have family there, and they are on the surface innocuous. i do not know if it is political indoctrination, but they are alcohol-free, pork-free event. greta: what is his reaction to
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get a bg poll from these dotel as for his party's? >> -- his reaction to getting the heave-ho from these hotels for his parties? >> there was a very nice catering place, and that did not happen, and then essex house. i guess they are giving up the ghost. greta: when is he going home? >> i guess liz week. he talked to "the washington post" and some other networks -- i guess this week. greta: what about muammar qaddafi? are they more receptive to improve >> not only him, but his tent -- are the more receptive to him? >> not only him, but his tent, and there were some zoning laws, so he has had a tough time, too. greta: this must be a problem
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for the united nations, because these countries to come to the city, and they sort of exercise their rights to put pressure on -- trying to make people feel very uncomfortable, very unwelcome, whatever. >> yes, they shamed them and tell them they are taking blood money, and there are links to terror groups, and they are providing a platform for a maniac. greta: and, of course, as i throw in, everybody is mad with libya, but it was the u.k. and scotland that let him go, but they are the ones that let that guy go. anyway, thank you. up next, is somebody trying to kill a u.s. congressman? plus, the terrorists at gtmo. plus, do you want president obama to give american taxpayer money to a dictator? if not, you might want to watch. this may be your only chance to block it. an elementary school in new jersey under fire, students
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caught on tape, gushing in a song about president obama. usla
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greta: this is a fox news alert. the white house and barely acknowledges for the first time tonight that the guantanamo bay prison may not close by january 2010. now, on his second day in office, january 22, 2009,
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president obama closed guantanamo bay and would be closed one year from that day, and tonight, according to the associated press, sources in the white house acknowledged for the very first time that the january 2010 deadline may not be met my next guest is a congressman who was the target of a terror plot. the 29-year-old man who converted to islam in prison has been arrested, charged with trying to detonate a bomb outside a federal courthouse in illinois. according to the fbi, he had more targets for his m&a and, including the office of the congressman. -- he had more targets for his plot. congressman, the news tonight must make you happy, because it looks like the decision on guantanamo bay will be pushed off beyond january. >> good evening, greta.
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i think is good news for all americans as we try to keep our communities safe and keep those who wish to do as heart outside of our country. i visited guantanamo bay earlier this summer on a bipartisan delegation trip, and it was very clear that this facility was well kept. it is a state-of-the-art facility. it is actually better than most prisons in my community, and there are about 200 people there who are the worst of the worst, who wish to do this country harm, that are not rehabilitative, and you need to be kept there, and the president seems to be intent on closing guantánamo. fortunately, at the american people do not support it, so congress is not supporting it, despite democratic control in congress. time and time again, we never moved funding to begin shutting down and scaling back of guantanamo bay, and i am very happy the administration at this point is not going to meet their
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deadline in january. i think that is good for our country. greta: what is interesting from a political point of view is that they made the acknowledgment for the first time, and it is done on friday night when presumably a lot of news organizations are shutting down for the weekend or at least reducing sources. we seem to get a lot of information late friday night or saturday out of this administration. >> yes, i think at the end of the day, congress, who is back in next week, will take the issue again, but at the end of the day, whether it comes out on a friday or a wednesday or a m&a, i think it is good news. greta: a are you convinced there are no innocent people at gtmo? >> i am not convinced i know all the people at guantanamo bay. i did not take a survey, nor do i purport to know, but based on
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the intelligence that i received, there are over 500 detainees that were there at one point, and even since the bush administration and since when obama took over, they have begun to process out those people who have maybe we're at the wrong place at the wrong time, who do not pose a serious threat -- people who were maybe at the wrong place at the wrong time. there are the 200 people that they have not released, the 20025 roughly of the worst of the worst. -- 225 of the worst of the worst. based on the plot that was unveiled here in central illinois, which was an american citizen who was put in prison for a theft and assault, but during his prison term, he was radicalized and adopted this a very jihadist mentality. he came out then and decided he
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wanted to join that kind of effort and do harm to his country. that would not have happened if we had not had these radical islamic jihad people in our prison system here in america, and i think it underscores what many of us are concerned about. if we put these 225 people in prison, while they may be safely kept there, and they are eventually released and the prison people that were with them our release, which is going on within the system, and can say -- what is going on within the system? greta: would you agree, congressman, that we need to make sure that the people there are in this process? that there is some sort of hearing or trial, so we make sure we are not holding anybody wrongfully? >> oh, absolutely. greta: ok, congressman, thank you, and thank you for joining us on a friday night. >> thank you, greta.
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greta: up next, children taught to sing songs and gushing about president obama. the superintendent of the school answers indoctrination questions next. plus, never to disappoint, guess what president -- vice president joe biden just said? instead of $5 per person for fast food,
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greta: the youtube video has ignited a political firestorm, elementary schoolchildren singing a song, a dashing about obama and his policies. >> ♪ barack hussein obama
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greta: join us live is the editor for a newspaper. good evening, sir. >> good evening. greta: sir, is this school where the singing was done, is this a public school or a private school? >> it is a public school. greta: i have a copy in my hand from the superintendent of schools who writes that the lyrics that some people have complained about, that the lyrics of the song were sent home with the children in advance of the assembly. is that correct? have you checked that out? >> that is what we are reporting. apparently, this is part of school procedure on any type of
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skit. the lyrics that are written by a teacher in a school are sent home with the students for approval of the parents to see if the parents would disapprove of it, and according to the superintendent, this was sent home before the assembly, and no parents objected to this before the assembly, during the assembly, or after the assembly. greta: so have any of the parents of the children come out to say that a, did not get it, or, b, i did get it, but i changed my mind? >> they are very close mouthed. they are keeping children away from reporters, and they are keeping staff away from reporters. the increased security, so no one can get on campus. all of the comet has come from the superintendent's office. no one from the school is commenting on this incident at
10:26 pm
all -- all of the comments have come from the superintendent's office. greta: who wrote the lyrics? and for what purpose? >> we do not know who wrote the lyrics. we do know there was a teacher that was in charge of this class that war to with the students on this performance. that teacher, according to a letter by the district, has since retired. greta: now, we are blurring the face of the children to protect them, but how did this go to you to prove who put this on youtube? >> apparently -- how did this go to youtube? >> apparently, this was part of the celebration of various activities. the celebrated abraham lincoln, george washington, groundhog's day, mental-health month,
10:27 pm
valentine's day, and this was just one of those skit. the skit was then performed again about one month later in march, when there was a women's history event. the students then reprice the step for a guest, -- we prized -- did the skit for a guest. apparently, someone had seen it prior to its removal and make a copy and posted it on youtube. -- and made a copy. greta: what is the reaction in the community to the lyrics of this song? our people backing up the school because the lyrics were sent home, and nobody objected? or are they objecting? >> we are getting mixed results. the news that the lyrics were
10:28 pm
sent home is just now breaking. that was posted on the website this afternoon, so this is just now breaking, and the information is just now coming out about what actually transpired. so far, from the story that we reported on the front page of our website and the newspaper, the reaction is mixed. folks are understanding that this happened at a time in february, at a much different time when people were talking and teaching about the president and teaching about incorporating it in the curriculum as part of black history month, and then there are some who do not believe it belongs in the school course curriculum at all. greta: and, of course, there is the whole question about the parents who had a chance to see the lyrics and did not object are objecting now, is, indeed, they are, but thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. greta: up next, we have people out of work here in america, and
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then this. i your taxpayer dollars really going to the family of muammar qaddafi? -- are your taxpayer dollars really going to that family? and the vice president was saying something. paws. check.
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greta: ok, hang onto your seats for this one. here is a simple question. do you want your tax dollars given to a cherry run by, get ready for this, the family of libyan leader moammar qaddafi? you do not -- tax dollars given to a charity run by them. the idea is not going over big with some members of congress on both sides of the dial. earlier, representative kirk went on the record -- both sides of the aisle.
10:33 pm
you wrote to the president two days ago. why did you write president obama? >> we were pretty stunned on the day that qaddafi appeared before the u.n. and said that jfk was killed and that the h1n1 was a corporate plot. we also heard that the state department wanted to give $200,000 to a foundation to his son and another $200,000 to a foundation for his daughter. right now, it is proposed, but congress has blocked it. the state department is now wavering on this, but it is also part of a larger $2.50 million foreign aid package for libya, an opec country responsible for security problems across africa. greta: have you gotten a response to your letter to the president? >> no response yet, but the son
10:34 pm
would get this money, and this is that an organized the welcome home ceremony for the man who murdered 189 americans aboard pan am flight 103. greta: have you made a telephone call or talked to anybody? why are they willing to make this contribution? >> they say the libyans are better off now. certainly, the libyans have stopped an active program to make nuclear weapons, but they are still responsible for chaos across africa, and what we saw from the kaddafi's speeches, this is not a stable government with a rational head of state. this is for the foundation of both his son and daughter, supposedly to do democracy and governance work, but horribly naïve, because this is a dictator state, muammar qaddafi. greta: who are you getting
10:35 pm
support from? >> we are getting support from both sides. greta: so it is bipartisan? >> it is absolutely bipartisan because this is a complete waste of taxpayer money. it should not be spent. greta: as much as we were all appalled to see that celebration when the pan am bombing arrived back in libya, it was the u.k. and the scots. these were supposed to be our friends. libya has done rotten things to us, but are we letting scotland and the u.k. office of the hook? >> we have, and i think prime minister gordon brown has a lot to answer for, and is likely he will be defeated in elections next year in the u.k., so we will not have him next year -- and it is likely he will be defeated. greta: has president obama done anything? we are talking about cutting off these two grants for these
10:36 pm
charities in libya, but have we done anything to say to scotland that we are not happy with them? >> they are serving with us in afghanistan and elsewhere, and is likely that the brown administration is going to fall -- and it is likely the brown's administration is going to fall. greta: have you looked at the situation in honduras? >> he decidedly loss to the supreme court case, and i think we are on the wrong side, and i think the united states should support the supreme court and the new government which will take place after elections in november. greta: why is the u.s. supporting zelaya? >> they are tending towards the left wingers in there, and i think there is the president of columbia, aribe, and calderon.
10:37 pm
greta: do you want to weigh in on iran, or do you want to take a pass on that? >> what we have found is that the iranians have now lost a third time, covering up a secret uranium enrichment facility outside of qom, and congress has a decision to make next week about the sanctions act which has 312 bipartisan co-sponsors in the house. 75 senators backing it. speaker pelosi should put that bill on the floor next week to send a signal to iran. greta: is she going to? >> i doubt it, but if we do not speak very forcibly and clearly, have diplomacy with teeth, then all the iranians are going to do is run out the clock. greta: thank you. happy birthday. what did you get for your birthday? >> i think i got a new ipod. greta: thank you.
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>> you bet. greta: here is a look at what is coming up after this show on "the o'reilly factor." bill: we will have karl rove, marc lamont hill, laura ingraham, and i. we will analyze this very dangerous situation with iran. greta: that is coming up at 11:00 p.m. eastern, and joe biden. steve moore says the vice president may be delusional about the economy. delusional? that is steve who said that, not me. and it is one thing for your teleprompter, but this is really bad. who did this happen to? we will tell you. you were right. these healthy choice fresh mixer thingys, they taste fresh...
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greta: there is much more "on the record" ahead, but first, let's go to our new york newsroom with lauren sivan. >> general mcchrystal said we need more than 40,000 more troops to win in afghanistan, fox news confirming that the general met with admiral mullen at the airbase in germany. there was a meeting earlier in the week following a leak of the strategic assessment. the denver airport shuttle driver accused of plotting to bomb attack is now back in new york city. they say that najibullah zazi wanted to explode bombs in new
10:43 pm
york on the eighth anniversary of the september 11 terror attack. he was arrested in denver on charges of lying to investigators. i am lauren sivan in new york. we now head back to tippett on the record with greta." you are watching fox. -- head back to "on the record with greta." greta: the vice president was talking about the stimulus plan worth 787,000 -- $787 billion. joining us is steve moore, an editorial writer for "the wall street journal." it is very hard for people who do not have a job. >> yes. we have got a mere 10% unemployment rate. we have 50 million americans unemployed, and the truth is, ever since the stimulus bill has been released, we have been losing jobs -- we have 15
10:44 pm
million americans unemployed. the truth is, this is not working very well. it is working much worse than the obama administration and joe biden thought it would. they said back in january, they would pass the stimulus, and we would have an unemployment rate less than 8%, and in fact, we have an unemployment rate close to 10%, and we have lost more jobs. it is hard to see how anybody could -- it is delusional. partially, this is just spin. the president said something very similar at the g-8 meeting. now, it is true we are out of crisis, but for the people who are out of work -- greta: it is still a crisis. it is still a crisis if you are out of work and what a job. >> every time he opens his mouth -- if you are out of work and want a job.
10:45 pm
>> every time he opens his mouth -- i have this thing in my office where he is carrying around joe biden like a piece of lumber. greta: it may have not been a wise thing to say or even worse than that, "delusional" is your word, but he is very blunt, and he is a straight talker that way. i appreciate a straight talker, and he does have -- >> "working better than your wildest dreams"? greta: at least he comes into this office with a lot more foreign policy experience, which cannot be said for the president. >> that is exactly right. that is why joe biden was picked. he does, but the problem is, you know, every time he opens his mouth -- greta: how is that a liability? it may be stupid. m&a be unwise.
10:46 pm
>> people think he is not very truthful -- it may be unwise. greta: who did he say it too, by the way? >> he was giving a speech somewhere, and he said this was working better than he could have possibly imagined, where something to that extent. -- or something to that extent. greta: maybe he thought it was going to be an abject failure, so maybe he does big is better than it was expected to be. >> -- maybe he does think it is better than it was expected to be. >> if this does not work, and we do not get jobs back in the next three to six months, what is plan b? we have printed nearly $1 trillion, and we still have this. greta: if they are unemployed, it is a crisis. the other thing we do not talk about is that printing extra money does not put us into a
10:47 pm
hyperinflation, and then we have an unemployed people, and we have prices that are just so high, so we cross our fingers that we do not get into that. >> i do not think we're going to see jimmy carter-type inflation, because i think ben bernanke is going to pull back on the money supply before we get to that situation, but you are right that when you print all of the money, and you spend all of the money through borrowing -- look at what has happened to the dollar in the last three to six months. the dollar now is at a record low, which is a sign that inflation is coming. greta: and, of course, there is some level of sarcasm, but it is that we are now owned by -- china owns a lot, and that is not something that i think we -- >> the question i would have asked joe biden if i were a reporter at that conference is it this is this way, what is a
10:48 pm
failure? what is a failure when we see the unemployment rate go up by two percentage points? >greta: he is never dull, the vice president, though he probably once a do over -- wants a do over on that one. plus, five pigs having fun on a playground, caught on tape. and for foreign dictators. if your interpreter passes out during a speech, you will end up in the best of the rest.
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. ok, you have seen it before, but
10:52 pm
let's watch it again. throwing out the pitch at the mets game, bret baier threw out the first pitch at a national game here in washington. nice work, bret. but the way, dennis miller when he is in town. well, when it rains, it pours. mark sanford has had a bad few months, and it has just gotten a little worse, as he broke both of his wrists during a biking injured. the governor says he is fine, and if you thought that the libyan dictator's u.n. speech was too much, muammar qaddafi gave a rambling speech at the general assembly, going on for 90 killer minutes.
10:53 pm
75 minutes into the speech, his personal interpreter collapse. the interpreter shouted "i just cannot take it anymore," and another interpreter jump in for the last 20 minutes of the speech. and taken over by pigs, five spotted on the ground at an elementary school in north carolina, and guess what? they are acting like pigs, and digging holes and tearing up a grass. the school is keeping the children off of the playground until they are caught. but here is the problem. every time they try to catch the pigs, they take off running into the woods. and there was a moose spotted twice running around a town. it was caught on tape, chilling out next to someone swimming pool. they say it may be looking for a mate. not likely.
10:54 pm
and it was not an eiffel tower but a black high in the sky. a bunch of free airplane tickets. they were flooding the city with tickets to 33 different destinations. no word if be lucky people walking down the street will catch a break on those hefty baggage fees. and how about a kiss for the ladies on "the view"? joe they are was talking about how to prevent swine flu to whoopi goldberg -- joy behar . >> this is number one. >> so they come out, and we go like this? >> this one. and the elbows. then, there is the handshaking, not as bad as you think, and then there is the body hug, which is not good. but the worst, is this.
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[cheers and applause] greta: finally, ok, we admit it. it is not newsworthy, but we just could not resist showing you this video we saw online. take a look at this, this french bulldog. we report, you decide. no matter what, this is just fantastic video, and there you have is, the best of the rest, but still and, your last call, one more quick round before we turn down the lights -- but still ahead. conan o'brien has a story.
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash the studio lights. last call. >> president obama made a big speech. he welcomed the leaders at the u.n. general assembly, and he said that he would encourage them to do some shopping while they were here. and i think it worked, because china bought many things including the state of wyoming. greta: all right, well, leave it to conan o'brien to find some humor in this bad economy. that is your last call. the lights are blinking, and we are closing down shop. do not forget to go to and go