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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 26, 2009 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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research in motion disappointed. we have seen others fade. this could be a harbinger for september and october. cheryl: i have learned so much during this show. that is it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. >> how close did we come to another september 11th attack in new details emerge about what suspected al-qaeda operative zazi was up to. they got a second nuclear stilt. in the last few minutes word that the iran's revolutionary guard about to stage a missile defense test. later this hour is danica patrick moving over to nascar? don't miss my interview with nascar superstar tony stewart where he reveals what danica told him. hello, everybody, i'm brian wilson and this is america's news headquarters. this just in.
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after revealing the existence of a secret nuclear facility this week, iran now says its elite revolutionary guard will stage a missile defense exercise tomorrow. julie kirtz has more on the tough talk that's flying between the leaders of iran and the united states. hello, julie. >> hi, brian, iran's top nuclear official says that iran will open up the newly revealed nuclear site to u.n. inspectors. he did not say when, appearing on state-run tv today he said the date of the inspection could be worked out later, with the u.n. watch dog. he also said this about international outrage over the revelation that iran has a new facility and is hiding that. here is what he said. >> we are in a state of shock and surprise because we really don't know what to do anymore. should we announce our facilities or not. whatever approach we take, we come to see that the future of
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gratitude is absent in western governments. >> the newly disclosed uranium enrichment plant is located underground about 100 miles of tehran in the mountains. iran fessed up to the u.n. inspectors about the site on monday, only after it learn western intelligence was about to release the news. today, in a follow-up toist joint statement with the leaders of france and great britain at the g-20 summit, president obama offered iran what he called a serious, meaningful dialog over the disputed nuclear program and the president challenged iran to live up to international responsibilities for face grave consequences from a united global front. >> this is a serious challenge to the global nonproliferation regime and continues a disturbing pattern of iranian invasion. >> and also today, as you said, brian, we learn from iran's elite revolutionary guard will stage a missile defense exercises tomorrow. all of this comes just days before the first meeting in a
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year between iran and the international coalition of countries pressing for the suspension of its nuclear program. brian. >> brian: julie kirtz, thank you very much. news that iran had a second never before acknowledged nuclear facility rattled nerves around the world, but can the obama administration use this news to rally world leaders to crack down on tehran? john boulton is the fourm ambassador to the u.n. and joins us here now, mr. ambassador, good to see you. the iranians say it's just for peaceful purposes. >> absolutely, that's why they built it underground in a former revolutionary guard missile base. exactly where you'd put it. >> brian: you're not buying that? >> no, this program has been going on nuclear programs for 20 years and a troubling development, because it means that iran has begun an implement a strategy of did hes dispersing capabilities more than we know about. >> all the headlines second secret facilities now acknowledged by the iranians.
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>> we had a hint even during the bush days. >> i don't want to get into specifics. you watch certain sites and what the obama administration briefed in the past several months they concluded a uranium enrichment site and every reason to believe that. >> now, i think the question that remains now, is this a turning point in the discussions with world leaders and iran? does this give the obama administration sort of some momentum to turn world leaders against iran and perhaps bring some sanctions against them if they don't turn things around? >> well, that's certainly the white house spin, although the logic of it escapes me. it's saying that knowledge that iran has made substantial progress on its nuclear program helps to give pressure to stop progress on the nuclear program. so, carrying that logic further, i suppose if iran exploded a nuclear device, that would really ramp up support for sanctions. >> we were talking before the program began about this little tidbit of news that's just crossed the wires about iran, promising to have the
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revolutionary guard conduct a missile defense test tomorrow. what do you draw into this? >> well, it could be this was pre-arranged to greet mammoud ahmadnejad on return to triumph from new york or that the iranian military is not intimidated in the slightest by the threat of security council action. >> brian: the u.n. assembly general meeting was interesting this week. especially, i have to say that the speech by libyan leader qadaffi. i don't know why people carry on with the speeches. to me, another couple of days at the u.n., but he think that ahmadnejad in that speech and in his subsequent remarks indicated he's not going to be pressured and i think libya, watching the reaction of the world it iran, is probably saying to itself. what did we give up our nuclear weapons for? >> well, how did the president in your estimation handle himself on the world stage? . i think he gives a good speech, no doubt about that, but i think he revealed very naive attitudes about how to deal with challenges like
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nuclear proliferation and the idea he said in his radio address today, we're in serious negotiations with russia, therefore, iran should give up its nuclear program isn't going to cut it. >> all right, mr. ambassador, it's good to have you here on america's news headquarters, thanks for joining us: another developing story, new chilling details are emerging about the alleged plot to attack america. prosecutors say zazi was aim to go strike on the anniversary of 9/11, blow up commuter trains turning beauty products into deadly bombs. they say a key element is missing in the theer. >> brian: . hello laura. >> hi, brian, prosecutors say they can show that zazi had nine pages of bomb making instructions with fingerprints on them. but attorneys say they haven't found any of the ingredients
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when they raid the home of zazi and his family. he's on the verge of setting off an attack on new york city when he was taken into custody. his plans may have changed when he was tipped off he was being watched by an an investigator by a man who was also a police informant. they had been watching zazi over a year and monitoring communications with others who they say were helping him refine a bomb with hydrogen peroxide and as tone. you can see him at a beauty supply warehouse where fbi alleges he purchased supplies in large quantity. weapons of mass destruction in a plot that authorities say was aimed at commuter trains as you mentioned although prosecutors say he's recently been researching sporting arenas in the new york area as well and he arrived by government plane at teterboro
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airport from denver, colorado. quickly transferred to a brooklyn detention facility where he'll remain until tuesday. prosecutors say the 24-year-old received explosives training from al-qaeda in pakistan and was going to use that training to the fullest here on u.s. soil. as investigators gear up for zazi's court appearance, they're searching for his alleged co-conspirators who remain at large. brian. >> brian: laura ingle, thank you very much. 16 people are dead, 150 wounded after two suicide attacks in pakistan. officials say they were separate attacks, one targeting a bank and another at a police station in the district of the northwest frontier province. a third bomb exploded in a town wounding four people, the attacks come just days after the taliban threatened suicide strikes. >> general stanley mcchrystal, the top commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan is requesting more troops be sent to the region. mcchrystal hand delivered the
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request to u.s. and n.a.t.o. commanders at a meeting yesterday and the assessment prepared last month and leading to the media earlier this week said that the mission in afghanistan will likely fail if he's not given reinforcements. violence in the region has been steadily climbing in the recent months and the question now, will the president sign off on the request or will there be a change in strategy? joinings now is long time pentagon correspondent jamie mcintyre who has his own blog on the military and the media at the line of it's good to have you here in the studio. >> thanks for having me. let's talk about the strategy that's been laid down by mcchrystal. he seems to say i've got to have more help. the fighting in afghanistan is tougher than we thought it was going to be. just like in iraq, we need more support. it's not going over well in some quarters here in washington. no, i think there's a big case of sticker shock. what they did, they sent mcchrystal to afghanistan and tell us what you need to do. tell us what you need to get it done and then when he sends the bill back, the estimate of
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what they're going to take, they're like, whoa, this is serious stuff. plus, the situation has changed and gotten worse, even in the last couple of months. the taliban has gotten stronger, the karzai election looks even less legitimate and then of course you have this very grim assessment, mcchrystal talks about needing more troops and criticizes the n.a.t.o. allies for not doing their part. >> the americans will not see a commander on the ground saying he needs more support not get that support. >> that gets to the question, will they change the strategy. if your strategy is counter insurgency, a long time battle of trying to protect the population, build up support, that's a long-term commitment and defense secretary gates, who is at the cia back when the cia was helping the muj-- mujaheddin defeat the soviets nothing as an occupying force,
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you can have many troops there and what are they doing, taking the request from mcchrystal putting it on the drawer and sitting at it and take a look and see do they really want to invest all this have time, effort and of course lives of american troops in trying to pursue this, what would be a very long-term strategy that may not work. >> brian: what is the alternative then? what is the alternative strategy? >> well, it's, two parts to the strategist, counterterrorism, going after the bad guys. counter insurgency, protecting the good guys, trying to build a nation and you might try to find something in between. they talked about the fact they can't do this remotely off shore with pilotless planes, but there may be a way to shift that policy a little bit so it's not so much designed to build a complete nation in afghanistan which history shows is very problematic. >> brian: pulling into the major population centers mostly in the south and try it control those? >> don't forget, the goal is to try to prevent al-qaeda and the taliban from attacking the united states. one thing we've seen in the
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story you're broadcasting today, al-qaeda doesn't necessarily need a safe haven in afghanistan to be a danger, so, they're just taking a very hard look at this because they see the price tag is very high and they see the prospects for success are very low. >> brian: jamie mcintyre, good to have you here, thanks a lot. president obama said the detention center in guantanamo must be closed in order to restore america's image and the world. doing that has proven to be difficult. the white house now admitting the base will not be closed by january after all. caroline shively has more here in washington. hello. >> hi to you, brian. white house officials acknowledge it's inevitable that guantanamo bay will stay open after the january deadline because the legal problems and legislative hurdles, something that looked probable for months, but the first time that the white house admitted the timetable needs to slide. the pledge to shut down guantanamo in one year was one of the president's first acts in office. noting it had become a lightning rod for criticism around the world. even then some members of congress warned when he made
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that pledge, you need new set of rules for military trials and if not guilty release them to the u.s. city? and what prison will house them. many members of congress are strongly against terrorists being held on u.s. soil. mitch mcconnell released this statement this morning, eight months after the president signed the executive order establishing a 0-trar i date for the closure of the detainee facility at guantanamo bay, even white house officials are now acknowledging there's still no alternative that will keep american as safe as housing detainees at the secure facility off our shores. on friday, an opinion was declassified that showed a federal judge ordered the release of this gitmo prisoner, al rabia. one of 30 detainees released and the administration transferred 14 of them to other nations in part because they haven't been able to find any takers. >> caroline shively, thank you much. when we come back we'll go live to alabama, the
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>> topping the news right now. iran's nuclear chief says his countries will allow the nuclear agency to inspect its newly revealed uranium enrichment facility, but didn't specific exactly when investigators would be allowed into the plant which they say is still not finished. coalition force ins afghanistan have captured a taliban commander who is believed to be the head of the group's financial operations in the region. 35-year-old zada was captured when he ran away from a safe house where he was hiding. and santa ana wind are dying down, and welcome news to witnesses who witnessed a 27 mile wildfire. the blaze now 85% contained is expected to be fully contained later today. well, it's been a busy week
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for the fbi as agents have foiled at least five suspected terror plots. and investigations ranging from dallas to illinois and new york. and in one case, it turns out. local police officers were a lot closer to the action than they might have realized. from fox affiliate in dallas, a report. >> two weeks before the fbi says he tried to blow up a dallas skyscraper. 19-year-old was arrested during a traffic stop. >> turn around for me. >> elliss county sheriff's deputy pulled him over on september 10th. the reason, his license plate light went out. within minutes of the stop, deputies found out he did not have a driver's license or insurance, so they arrested him. after running a background check, deputies learned he was a person of interest with the fbi. listen to what the deputy says. >> i didn't want to--
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(inaudible). >> but the elliss county sheriff says that deputies did not know exactly why he was under federal investigation or that he was in the country illegally. >> it's no different than a lot of stops you make. they have no insurance, they come into the country illegally, but it doesn't say that. we just know that they don't have any kind of documentation. >> he did not get out of jail until 6:30 p.m. the next day, september 11th. he paid the $550 fine and deputies say someone came to pick him up, but they do not know who that was. three days later, a fbi official told the sheriff's department he was the focus of an investigation. >> where were you born at? >> sheriff's deputies say it's sobering to know now about the scope of the fbi's investigation. >> the magnitude of the lives that could have been lost, the
12:21 pm
fact that it would have came from our county, it makes you think and wonder. >> and it also makes this remark by the deputy when he was apparently asked if he wanted backup somewhat ironic. >> no unless he has a bomb somewhere. >> that was peter reporting from fox affiliate in dallas. injured veterans including many who lost limbs, get a chance to take part in activities they ordinarily couldn't because of their handicaps. mayor ann silber is here with operation rise and conquer, hello mary anne. >> hi, and the lake shore foundation has put this on for injured veterans four years now and it is inspiring to see, because as you mentioned, a lot of them had injuries that keep them from doing the things that all of us enjoy doing every day. behind me here they've got water skiing going on and some of the people that are participating in this have
12:22 pm
never had the opportunity to water ski. so, they can water ski sitting down or standing up. it's up to them, whatever they can do and also, target shooting, archery, all of things for a lot of them haven't done in a long time. i've got one for you, orlando pettis, you say the first time you've been able to water ski. what was that like for you. >> it's amazing knowing i'm able to do stuff that other people take for granted that i can do, it's just amazing. >> and also, you were able to target shoot and haven't done that sips you were in the army. >> i haven't shot a weapon since i left the military and i came here, shot, and i'm probably not as good as i used to be, but i hit targets and a lot of fun. >> what does it mean for you to be able to come in here and do this? >> coming here is amazing, not only brings in the injured military from across the country, it also brings the family members and it shows us that it's not only competition, it's not only
12:23 pm
just going and living with a disability, we can do this other stuff and have fun with our families and service members and get together and be target. >> it looks like you're having fun and thank you for talking to us, you mentioned being able to get together with your families, there are over 30 service members today. a lot brought their families and say this is the first time they've been able to share with them to sort of reconnect with them and so it's really amazing for them to be able to do this and the lake shore foundation which they can have every single service member here, they are going to keep serving as many as they can every year, brian. >> brian: thank you. in the wake of an embarrassing video sting, acorn has been abandoned by many democratic allies. but is one of the most powerful democrats on capitol hill protecting the scanned plagued groups. we'll talk to a congressman who says that's exactly what's going on. brian wilson in washington, hang around.
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>> it is the bottom of the hour. here are some of the top stories we're following on america's news headquarters. zazi is back in new york city where he's scheduled to appear in federal court on tuesday. prosecutors say he planned to bomb commuter trains on the september 11th anniversary and zazi's attorney says no bomb making materials were found in his car or apartment. and the chief says it will be allowed to inspect inspect the nuclear facility. while the move seems conciliatory. reuters is reporting that iran's military guard will stage tests tomorrow. in his weekly independent address, mr. obama said that
12:29 pm
the site to continue uranium production seems evasion in the plans. a gruesome sight, four family members slain in their homes. troopers found the man, woman, boy and girl yesterday afternoon. they're not searching for a suspect. no further threats are in order here. the police were called to the home by a friend who hadn't heard from the family in a few days. late night comic conan o'brien production stopped on the program. after he hit his head during a stunt. nbc would not comment on o'brien's condition or whether he was released. owe briep released a state, quote, last thing i was remembering, i was enjoying the play with mrs. lincoln. next thing i knew i was in bed served cookies and juice. that's the look at the headlines. is harry reid protecting acorn?
12:30 pm
this week, the majority leader reject add request to call senate hearings to investigate the group. now lawmakers are speaking out. iowa congressman steve king is among them and joins me now from the great state of iowa. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing fine, thanks for having me on today. >> brian: let me read what harry reid said. he said on tuesday that he would not ask senate committee chairman or congress to quote, do thinking that would distract from the efforts to address health care climate change or overhaul the system. basically saying we're too busy to look at acorn, what say you, sir? >> i would say that any excuse will do if aur feeling the pressure of public scrutiny on a construct organization, a criminal enterprise like acorner that has tentacles across country and we should not accept such an excuse from harry reid or anybody else. this congress has a responsibility for oversight and i can think of no issue that compelled us so much as
12:31 pm
this issue with akrohn and the committee chairs in multiple committees to commit resources to investigations, congressional hearings, called upon the department of justice, to launch a complete investigation of acorn and all of their affiliates along with the irs to chase the money down. >> a lot have dropped acorn like a bad habit. why do you think that harry reid is not willing to be among them. >> i don't know that i can speculate on that. i can speculate, but i don't know if i have any inside knowledge, but acorn itself has an entity that's under indictment in nevada and hair i should know waste going on there. i was amaze that had only 75 democrats decided to vote in the house to defend acorn and protect the federal funding going to acorn, but that it wills me there's more beneath the surface than i suspect. and i've been looking at acorn for four to five years. >> brian: what is it, your greatest concern. the tapes of spectacular and dramatic and make for good television, but what, is there a larger concern here?
12:32 pm
>> i have a couple-- a big large concerns, one of them is that acorn themselves have become such an enterprise, they're an economy within themselves and to trace all of that money. i actually don't know if we have the manpower to be able to do that. that concerns me greatly, that they can-- they can scrub money and transfer wealth tweern corporations and do so in-house and bank accounts and worse than that the underpinnings for our constitution is having i go at theing grit in the electoral system. if that lacks credibility on the election process, the acorn has corrupted our election system. they bragged about is.3 voter million registrations they turned in and admit today over 400,000 being false or fraudulent and content it didn't result in fraudulent votes. that's the worst of it all, but the economic connections and by the way, acorn's
12:33 pm
involved in shakedown of lenders that precipitated the mortgage crisis we have in this country has been something completely unexamined and something we have to look at in the united states congress. >> brian: congressman steve king from iowa, thank you for joining usments thank you, brian. >> brian: there is a lawsuit pending at the center of the controversy. james o'keefe will sit down with chris wallace on fox sunday tomorrow. you need to check your local listings for time and channel where you can see chris wallace on fox news sunday. who will lead the g.o.p. in california cal. that's the question where gubernatorial hopefuls are trying to win battle in the points to replace governor arnold schwarzenegger who cannot run again. so far meg whitman, state insurance commissioner steve pointer and congressman tom
12:34 pm
campbell thrown their hats into the ring for what promises to be one of the most expensive races in the history of the state. anita vogel has more on the story. >> the governor of the state of california. >> in a small courtyard in the college town of fullerton, former ebay ceo and political novice meg whitman made a giant announcement, officially launching her bid for california's highest office. the race for governor is heating up with the state's economic woes taking center stage. >> i want to focus on job creation and keeping jobs in california. >> what meg whitman needs to do convince voters her background in business as a ceo can directly apply to the work that needs to be done for the state of california. >> and if money is the question, whitman has a lot of it. the billionaire donated 19 million dollars of her own to her campaign and says she's willing to spend more. outpacing by more than 20 times her g.o.p. rival, california insurance commissioner steve poisonner
12:35 pm
who only raised 1.2 million dollars. the democratic contenders for their part have collected hefty sums, too. former california state governor, jerry brown. and a mere prakz of the nearly 100 million dollars experts say will be needed to win the race. >> it's so much money on the table in a california election. so, you will see, i mean, just so much money to be spent. these candidates will spend like presidential candidates. >> with california's unemployment over 12%, analysts believe witnessman's business background may be far more valuable than any political experience her rivals may have. but keep a watchful eye for the long time democratic senator diane feinstein, who could still enter this race late in the game and become the ought mat automatic front
12:36 pm
runner. >> a gruesome death of a census worker in the woods of kentucky con founded investigators. it clearly wasn't a natural death, but why the man who found bill sparkman's body says no doubt in his mind, it was murder. turn right.
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>> kentucky police are will being for the clues in the hanging death of a census worker. investigators say it was definitely murder. he was found naked with the word fed written across his check. hanging from a tree in cemetery in clay county on september 11th. now, sparkman was a boy scout leader working part-time as a census field worker. a witness who found the body told the associated press, it was a murder because sparkman was found gagged and his hand and feet were bound with duct tape. this week, thousands of american muslims came to
12:41 pm
capitol hill for the first national prayer rally and organizers say the point was to let america know there are muslims to support our country, but the event was not without controversy, many people including some prominent christians say that islam has not been a religion of peace for some time now. here now with more is fox news religion correspondent lauren green. on that point, i mean, what are theologians saying about this event and what are their concerns when they look at the religion of islam? >> well, first of all, one of the theologian's concern was what you saw on the capitol was a term of islam and you made the point that theologians says that islam has not been a religion of peace, and since 1662 says it's not a religion of peace, it's been spread by conquest not by peace and revelation. >> brian: let me interrupt you about. if you're a student there have been many wars fought in the
12:42 pm
name of christiany, a little thing called the spanish inquisition, what do theologians say about that? >> absolutely. you've got the spanish inquisition and look at modern times and look at christians blowing up abortion clinics, but you can hold christians feet to the fire and say your ho holy scripture does not support that and you cannot do that as well with the koran. in place like muslims countries, converting from islam to other religion has a sentence of death and that's legal, that's not culture, that's absolutely on the books. >> let's talk though about the idea was, seemed pretty harmless, here are muslims coming together to pray and say that you know, we care about america, what's wrong with that? >> there's nothing wrong with that, and most of the christians i talk with, moderate once not the ones holding up the placard saying muslim is a lie and terrorists. this shows the glory of america, how wonderful we are, but they also bring out the
12:43 pm
point that in muslim countries, you would not have that freedom. christians are not allowed to preach publicly their own faith. in saudi arabia are not allowed for christians to build a church. they called on the pope you cannot build a church here unless you acknowledge mohammed. what the muslims do in america christians could never do in muslim countries. non-muslims are killed simply because they do not believe in islam. >> brian: good discussion, interesting stuff, thanks for joining us. >> reporter: yeah. >> brian: you think you have a complicated family situation. up next, an ohio woman mistakenly implanted with another couple's embryo has given birth. and before we leave you this hour, my interviews with some of nascar's top drivers. hear what tony stewart has to say about the wounded warrior project at walter reed hospital and about the possibility that danica patrick will be making a move into nascar next season?
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oh, man, that will shake things up. we'll be back in just a moment. gecko vo: geico's the third-largest
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>> an ohio woman by the name of carolyn savage who had the wrong embryo mistakenly
12:48 pm
implanted in her at a fertility clinic gave birth to a healthy baby boy. they said at the time we would like to offer our heart felt congratulations to the morelle family on the birth of their son. our family requests privacy in the days ahead. the savages will give up the babies to his biological parents morelles, who reside in michigan. the morelles who are parents to twin girls made a statement they appreciate, they're eternally grateful to carolyn savage and they call her their guardian angel. we here in the media have been bringing you the latest health care reform developments as they unfold. what role is the media playing in the debate. is all the coverage helping drive the discussion or make it go harder for americans to make up their minds regarding health care reform? joining now is the author of fix on "the washington post".com and chris, did i get
12:49 pm
that right? >> close enough. >> i'm used to all kind of pronunciations. i got distracted. >> don't worry about it. >> what is the media impact on this whole debate? i mean, because the coverage of this issue, unlike many aurs that come across capitol hill, has been intense. >> yeah, for the all the people who complain about that policy never makes its way into the media. >> i'm sure it has. >> you could learn everything you needed to know about any health care plan. what has happened, i think, in the last month, month and a half is that the obama administration has made a very concerted efforts as casting cable news not helpful to the debate. distract being people, putting out misinformation, simply saying this is true, this is not true. part that have is probably accurate, but there's a big part of coverage that's aimed at trying to make sure at that people know what they're getting. they know what their member is voting for. this is a huge reform we're talking about, it's complicated, it's complex, and there are a lot of different
12:50 pm
views on it. so it's sim flying to say the media is screwing this up. >> a lot of criticism we're not giving you facts. it's hard to discern what is true and not true sometimes in these very complicated bills. >> it's very, very difficult. now, one of president obama's main talking points, he said that in the joint address to congress, he says it on almost every speech on health care, if you are currently covered and like the plans, nothing will change. if you talk to independent analyst, probably nothing will change, but it's not 100% certainly nothing will change. again, the problem is fact is hard to define in this day and age in the media it's fact through a partisan lens. some people, some partisan view, a certain thing is a fact, others don't. we're trying to negotiate the middle ground. >> all of this coverage of the town hall meetings where things got sort of rowdy from time to time. how is that impacted? >> you know, i think it's the coverage certainly has influenced lawmakers. i think you've got a lot more
12:51 pm
nervous democrats than you had on july 15th. anytime you see passion in politics, which is frankly a good thing in general, politicians get a little nervous because they're not 100% certain where it's going to go. this is not, like most policy issues, health care is not an obvious yes or no. it's not an easy vote. this, it's complicated, it's hard to know what two years from now, what unyear from now, a lot of the people are facing a challenge in 2010, it's hard to know how it's going to play out. so they're nervous, rightfully so. >> chris, good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: she went to a routine ultrasound and found out she was pregnant again. she's carrying a baby girl and a small male fetus, conceived two and a half weeks after the girl and the two are not twins. such pregnancies are said to be rare and unusual. now, i know you've been patiently waiting, nascar's top drivers visit walter reed and talk about the chase and that rumor that danica patrick
12:52 pm
may soon one day be trading paint with the boys, we are going to talk about that with tony stewart. we're back in just a moment. this is my small-business specialist, tara. i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat.
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12:56 pm
direct evidence trying zazi to making bombs allegedly for a terrorist atomic on the 9/11 anniversary. the white house says it might not meet its deadline of next january closing the guantanamo bay in cuba. more than 200 detainees makes it likely some terror suspects will remain in gitmo past january and funeral services are set to start in about an hour for murdered yale doct doctoral student annie le found object her wedding day. nascar made its fifth visit to the army walter reed medical center. time to say thanks to the wounded warriors. i went out to cover that and as a nascar fan i couldn't help, but ask about the current chase for the spint cup that the boys of nascar will soon be making room for one danica patrick. >> you might think that nascar's top drivers would be
12:57 pm
completely focused on the sprint cup championship chase receipt now. but many were taking time out today to visit with wounded warriors, at walter reed medical center. this is the fifth year that nascar has done this event at walter reed and the drivers say they get more out of it than the soldiers do. >> so many have issues, but the issues these guys have sometimes are huge and they're more positive than any people i know. >> and it makes you almost ashamed of yourself, we take so much for granted when you see what the young men and women have done to support this country, it really puts it in perspective for you. >> brian: even though the drivers were focused on the needs of the soldiers, thoughts of the championship chase were not far from their minds. can anyone catch the wily veteran, mark martin. >> he's tough and proven they're tough and knows he won races and his weak link has been consistency, so if we can get the consistency-- >> that's one of the strengths in tony stewart, your boss and this team.
12:58 pm
>> both of our teams have been great. i think he's run of three or four lapse and all the laps this season. that's great for an organization that's brand new. >> brian: what about the buzz that indy car driver danica patrick about to make the transition to nascar. one of the people she consulted is tony stewart. >> i think she's interested for sure. i mean, it's hard to say, she's the only one that knows for sure what she wants to do, but she's spent a lot of time, now, we've talked about it a lot and the interest is definitely there. >> brian: oh, oh, she's coming. you can trust me on that one. my thanks to the folks at nascar and walter reed for helping us out. people ask me my personal opinion i have to say i met six drivers, montoya, neemcheck and honestly never met a nicest group of folks. had a great time. bronx native and supreme court
12:59 pm
justice sonia sotomayor will throw out the first pitch at the yankees-red sox game. she'll throw out the pitch as part of spanish heritage month. not to be outdone, fox's bret bare threw out the first pitch at nates versus the braves game in wakt d.c., i think it was in the strike zone. i'm pretty sure it was. that's it for me in washington, america's news headquarters rolls on. rick folbaum and jamie colby standing by to take over from here and be sure to check in on fox news sunday tomorrow. senators diane feinstein and kit bond will be sitting down with chris wallace, check your local list, i'm brian wilson, thanks for watching the fox news channel, what is the president of the united states doing today? the same thing you and i would be doing, probably, if we had the chance, we will be out
1:00 pm
there watching kids play a little soccer. there's the president on the soccer field. you guys have a great week, i'll see you back here next saturday for america's news saturday for america's news head quarters. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> and this is a fox news alert, iran now says it will allow the u.n.'s nuclear agency to inspect the newly revealed and previous secret facility. this news a day after the stunning revelations that the rogue nation has an underground site that's under heavy guard and near the holy city. hello, i'm jamie colby, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. >> thanks for joining us, i'm rick folbaum and this facility is located about 75 miles from tehran. the pilot plant houses 3,000 centrifuges that could soon
1:01 pm
produce enriched uranium in order to make bombs. >> it's a site that experts say ooh is too small for peaceful purposes. president obama not letting up on the discovery, saying that iran must show peaceful intentions or be faced with increased pressure and isolation. julie kirtz is following the developments live from washington. julie, what did the president say about this today? >> now, he used his radio internet address, he said iran's newly revealed nuke plant is part of a disturbing pattern of iranian invasion, those are his words, in a follow-up to that joint statement yesterday with the leaders of france and great britain from the g-20 summit in pittsburgh. he offered iran what he called a serious meaningful dialog, as you said, over a disputed nuke program and also issued a challenge, listen. >> iran's leaders must now choose. they can live up to the responsibilities and achieve integration with the community of nations. or they will face increased pressure and isolation and deny
1:02 pm
opportunity to their own people. >> reporter: jamie, most of that statement today, the president stressed international cooperation encountering iran's nuclear ambitions. >> well, we think about in the past and the iaea's work trying it inspect these locations, now, the chief negotiator for iran says, yes, we'll open it up. what really are the chances that that could happen? >> that's certainly remains to be seen. iran's top nuke official today said, as you said, he is-- said iran will open up that new facility, at the u.n. inspectors, but he didn't say when. and he said the date of the inspections could be worked out later with u.n. watch dog negotiators. here is how he put it. >> this time, we're really astonished because we thought that our move would be welcomed by western countries, but in my opinion their irregular behavior surprised us. >> so his words sound familiar,
1:03 pm
jamie, no mention today on the state run broadcast about when u.n. inspectors might be let in. >> but the president seems to still be taking the position that dialog is a good thing with iran and the question is, finding out about this secret site that iran's chief negotiator in that talk says we didn't know what to do. either way, we're in the wrong. and, but they claim they've done nothing wrong, is that still really on the table? is that the position the president and the white house are taking today? >> it appears so. you know, there are talks, important talks coming up on october 1st, concerning this, they were already scheduled. one big question, you know, president ahmadnejad doesn't show from what he's said yesterday, any intention of giving in during those negotiations with the security council members and germany in october in geneva. so, we'll have to see this play out. >> all right, and we are going to have much more later in the show about whether or not it's a
1:04 pm
game changer, whether or not our approach should change, what it really means in the big scheme of things. thanks so much, julie. >> some new developments in the case against afghan terror suspect zazi, he's back in new york city where investigators say he planned to launch a madrid file attack to mark the anniversary of september 11th. instead he'll be in a brooklyn courtroom on tuesday, facing charges of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction, but zazi's lawyer says a key piece is missing from their case. laura ingle has the details live for us. >> hi, rick, that key piece of evident is the bomb making material itself. the prosecutors say zazi was working with to set off some type of explosion here in the big apple. prosecutors say they can show that zazi had nine pages of bomb making instructions in his possession with his fingerprints on them and had every intention on causing serious harm. now, he's suspected of being on the verge of setting off this terrorist attack all the way up
1:05 pm
until the day he was taken into custody. that was september 11th. days after his alleged original plan to strike on september 11th. he was reportedly tipped off he was being watched by investigators by a mom who is also served in the past as a police informant. investigators have been watching zazi for over a year and monitoring his communications with others who they say helping him refine his recipe for a bomb made with hydrogen peroxide, acetone and you can see him on a tape from a beauty supply warehouse where they allege he purchased chemicals in large quantities. zazi was officially indicted with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction in a plot that was aimed at commuter traipse and zazi had been researching large sporting arenas in the new york area as well. arriving yesterday by government plane into teterboro airport in new jersey from denver, colorado he was quickly transferred to a
1:06 pm
brooklyn detention facility where he will remain until a federal court arraignment on tuesday. prosecutors say the 24-year-old had received explosives training from al-qaeda in pakistan and another chilling part to the case. investigators don't think he was acting alone and still searching for those he was working with to put the plot into motion. >> laura, thanks. >> there's a lot of terror stories to talk about today. police releasing new video of texas terror suspect, had a sam hussein smady. dash cam video shows officers arresting the 19-year-old jordanian days before police in dallas arrested him for trying to blow up the 60-story fountainplace office tower. the investigators say they took him into custody just after he dialed his cell phone, he believed that would detonate what he thought was his car packed with explosives, but luckily the bomb was only a decoy provided by undercover fbi
1:07 pm
agents. >> and continuing on with terror news, we're learning new details about wednesday's arrest of terror suspect michael fitten, this one in illinois. he goes by the name at that lieb islam and he was collaborating on the attack with an undercover fbi agent. fitten is charged now with attempting to detonate a weapons of mass destruction and murder federal officers and employees. finton was arrested after trying to detonate a van he believed was stuffed with explosives beer the paul finley building in springfield and now the illinois congressman saying that the fbi informed him that his office in springfield was one of finton's planned targets. so how is it that terror plots in new york, texas and illinois are all disclosed in one week? should we be more concerned now at that ever been homeland? should our terror level be raised? how many other suspected terror cells are hidden in cities and towns across america and maybe
1:08 pm
even in a neighborhood where you are? let's bring in fox news terror analyst ferris. good to see you, and i say maybe a neighborhood where you are because i'm sure the people in aurora, colorado and in new york city, were very shocked to learn that this could be going on, especially as we get more and more information. do you think this is just the tip of the iceberg, these plots we've learned about? >> i do think it is the tip of the iceberg and i think it's a big tip of the iceberg, unfortunately, i do also project we may see more in the future. looking back, the eight years since 2001, every year the government stops one or two of these cases, either individuals or home grown cells, over the past eight months, the government was able to stop one case a month over the past few weeks. we have three cases now. so that's very indicative of the speed of the escalation of the mobilization of these cells. now, sources in government have said and washington post have,
1:09 pm
now, also printed that they may not be connected. i would suggest another wording, they are not operationally connected. the dallas case, the illinois case, the new york case, those who are executing don't know each other most likely, but we don't know if there's no higher level on a national scale that's pushing these cells to act at this point. >> and law enforcement sources here in new york city, that i know, tell me that this particular case, zazi, was a difficult one because he had really immersed himself in american culture. he worked at an airport, he got an airport security clearance, he worked here in new york at a coffee cart. he was the first person a lot of people on wall street greeted for years, he lived in flushing, but he made these trips to pakistan, which they now know was for terror training, and the question i have is, at any point, especially, let me show this surveillance video of him going to a beauty supply store and buying chemicals known to be utilized in bomb making, the
1:10 pm
clerk asks-- i ask myself didn't the clerk think it would be unusual for a man to be buying the nail polish remover and hair die, i have a lot of girlfriend he said. have we found him-- should we have found him he was here so long? >> that is the heart of the matter in the fight against al-qaeda and the other jihadists among us. in the case of 9/11 two of the hijackers were spending time the night before or two nights before drinking alcohol and going to bars. this is part of what al-qaeda's manual calls, meaning act like them, mingle with them, so that you would not raise any suspicion on a long period of time. this is the camouflage. they could act as normal americans for years before the time to strike occurs. >> let me ask the control room if they can find the part of the video where he goes to the counter and he's unloading
1:11 pm
bottle after bottle. all the same types of bottles as the clerk is watching what's going on and does according to one report ask the question if we can show the showed for those at home and on showed him in the aisle and what should average americans be doing, we were vigilant after 9/11 and now that we know that home grown terror is out there, even the one case where the man looks, now, like an american, these we know were people, zazi is from afghanistan, what should we all be doing? what is our responsibility? >> well, look, al-qaeda or other jihadists inside the united states are mutating, they are basically changing. we won't find most likely the type of perpetrators who came on 9/11, the mohammed atta, and the others, we will mostly find people who are part of the national issue and look at the previous three cases, mrn born, some converted and then became
1:12 pm
al-qaeda supporters and it's more difficult for individuals alone to figure this out. i'm calling actually on government to do a mass education of the public to talk more about it, to tell us more about the ideology, what are they finding in the darkness that public could see and understand before we come to a state of danger? what are the ideas, the words the concept and i think even the president and congressional leaders should talk about it for the public to be mobilized. >> very good point. i'll ask you back specifically, a fox terrorist analyst to talk about some of those ideologies. thanks for being with us. >> very interesting stuff. the white house had a deadline to close guantanamo bay by january 22nd. what they wanted, now a senior white house official confirming to fox news that completely closing gitmo is not going to happen. now the white house is looking to regain the footing on this. caroline shively is live in the bureau, carolina, a big campaign
1:13 pm
promise. they want to close it down and why can't they meet the deadline. >> lots of questions out there, like have you tried some of these guys and found not guilty, where do you release them. many countries out there don't want the guys, do you put them on u.s. streets? and also if you shut down guantanamo, where do you put the detainees. there's been talk maybe a maximum security facility in michigan or kansas and plenty of people in the states don't want them there and the administration is also working on a new set of a rules for military tribunals, plenty of questions out there, not a lot of answers and the white house realized, we've been looking at this probably for months and the white house finally admitted we can't meet that january 22nd deadline. >> caroline, is congress weighing in on this? >> well, some in congress are and it's interesting, this is one of the first things that the obama administration did in january, when at the took office. they said, we're setting a deadline and we're shutting it down. at that time some members of congress said, wait a second, this is probably jumping the gonna little bit and you'll also
1:14 pm
remember that congress denied the administration the fund they want today help close guantanamo down. senator mitch mcconnell, a leading republican in the senate has a statement that he released today. that read in part. americans in a bipartisan majority in congress will continue to reject any efforts to close guantanamo until there's a plan that keeps americans safe or safer than keeping detainees in the secure detention center and also called that january 22nd shutdown date arbitrary. >> caroline shively in washington for us, we'll see what happens with that. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> well, the folks in the southeast may be catching a break after days of torrential rain and the downpours in the storm possible today. breg the threat of more flooding. check out how these folks in georgia are having to get around, but the level of rainfall not expect today hit levels reached earlier this week. as much as 20 inches of rain pounded counties around atlanta in recent days and now a much
1:15 pm
needed dry spell could be on the way. i assume, meteorologist domenica davis has that good news and maybe nor good news? she's live in the fox extreme weather center, what's happening? >> well, they have a couple of fronts to get through and a drying out period by monday, but the heaviest rain from eastern alabama and pushes all the way into west virginia, now, the southwestern pocket, the northwestern pocket, rather, of georgia could get in on heavy rain. basically where you see the yellows, through the afternoon they could see anywhere from an inch to two inches pr hour in the downpours and some isolated kays could get three inches. moisture tense to come up from the gulf and again shall the first of two fronts that will swinging through today and tomorrow. so for the next 24 hours, here is what we're looking at. as far as total precip accumulation, the heaviest rain will be again in that pocket, the northwestern pocket where they could get up to two inches of rain coming down. and then, that pushes into the
1:16 pm
ohio valley. for the rest of the folks in the flooding area for alabama and georgia. you're looking at anywhere from one to two inches by sunday. that's the latest from here, jamie. >> thanks, domenica. >> firefighters say a 27 square, southern california wildfire is nearly 85% contained. crews hope to have the 17,000 acre fire in ventura county fully surrounded sometime tomorrow. fear officials say that no homes have been lost so far, that's good news, but firefighters are being hampered by extremely rugged conditions on the ground. >> a battle a brewing on capitol hill. will the health care bill making its way through the senate include the government-run health care plan? it isn't just republicans fighting. left leaning democrats on this one. it's also moderate democrats. a fair and balanced debate next. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
1:17 pm
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>> all right. let's talk about health care, you missed topic. big showdown is looming among democra democrats. liberal senators pushing for a public option when they
1:21 pm
reconvene. even if it moves to a messy fight on the senate floor, unnerving to some of the conservative, blue dog democrats pt are we looking at a majority party too divided to get anything done on health care? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate is former clinton-gore advisor richard good steen and karen, the form communications director for the national republican congressional committee. good to see both of you. thanks for coming in here. richard, is this going to get ugly between the democrats? >> i don't think so. i tell you why, what you're seeing is a negotiation that's happening in public in these markups, but at the end of the day, look, president obama said over and over all the sunday shows last week, this public option, while he sports it is not a silver bullet. if we can get cost downs without it, let's not kid ourselves, at the end of the day the members from the swing districts and members of the swing states are going to tell the tale and may be people on the left who don't like it. the reason is both liberal and moderate democrats want to stay
1:22 pm
in the majority and if they lose the voters in those swing districts because a perception that the program is moving too far to the left, that's not good for anybody. then all the democratic agenda is at risk so honestly, i don't think we are going to see the democrats carrying each other up. they know at the end of the day, success is the thing they need to show. >> rick: karen, i don't get it. the democrats have control of the white house, control of the senate, control of the house of representatives. why can't they get it together on the health care bill? >> because it's a very fractured party. the reason they took the majority in 2006 and increased majority in 2008, they went and elected a lot of conservative to moderate democrats. these are democrats who ran on platforms of lower taxes, less government, pro-life, pro gun. that's not your typical liberal democrat. and you know, there's-- it's very interesting this divide and one really good example is senator jaye
1:23 pm
rockefeller, a democrat from west virginia who says he won't vote for a bill unless it has a public option, but then he also said he won't vote for a bill that taxes the so-called cadillac health care plans because that would in fact being a tax increase on most of the coal mineners west virginia, he's a great example i want the public option, but don't want it tax people to pay for it and this is the real problem. so, you know, at the end of the day, whatever bill comes out, it's going to have to have a price tag and that's the bottom line for the american people. health care isn't going to be free, who is going to pay for it and who is going to lose benefits and a lot of seniors out there are very concerned that they'll be on the chopping block. >> you know, richard, there's a poll, a couple of polls out from yesterday's new york times and ask you each about one of them, but let me ask you, richard, because it shows a majority of americans, american people are still confused about what kind of a plan the democrats are putting out there. we have been talking about this for how long? and people are still confused about it.
1:24 pm
we've got a country that's full of some very smart people. why are people still unclear about all of this and whose fault is that? >> well, again, as you see in the polls, notwithstanding the confusion, the public very much thinks the democrats are on the right side of the health care issue and who can fault the public, incidentally for being confuse snd you've got one proposal in the house, you've got all the talk that's now kind of on c-span every day in the senate about a slightly different approach and look, as i said, if you put the legislative process under the microscope, parts of it can look pretty unpleasant, but here is what's going to happen and i hate to disappoint viewers of yours who want the democrats to fail here. there will be a senate bill. there will be a house bill and that's when the real action is going to start happening, where the president's going to weigh in probably behind the scenes in some respects and it's going to sort of fashion a proposal that does it for the moderates and that the liberals can live with and that the american public will be very grateful for. one party will be for health care for the american public and one seen against it and just as
1:25 pm
the case with medicare, i don't know the republicans want to be on the wrong side of that one. >> rick: hey, karen, another item in that new york times poll yesterday was that 65% of the american people favor the government-run option. two-thirds of this country are in favor of a government-run option, first of all, do you believe those numbers that were in yesterday and if do you or if you think that those numbers are anywhere near close to being accurate, what does that say about the republican strategy of opposing the government option at all costs? >> well, there's not been any other poll out there that shows people want a government-run option and if the public is confused, of course they're confused, we're talking a thousand page bill, you know, that's right, democrats in the house and senate probably are going to come together. they're going to have something in congress and they're going to put it out there and the question show much time are they going to give the american public and reporters and members of congress to actually read that bill?
1:26 pm
in fact, five moderate to conservative democrats just signed on to a bill this past week saying that anything that comes out should be available for public scrutiny for at least 72 hours, i think that's very reasonable and i expect fully that nancy pelosi will hold that up. she does not want whatever bill comes out of conference to be available for 72 hours so that people can scrutinize something that's going to take up one third of the grosse pointe woods. >> rick: i've got 30 seconds here, are there percentage on number of people for government-run, a gauge how far off do you think this new york times poll was? >> i think the new york times is very off. i think the public polling is close to what we saw with the nbc-wall street journal poll and other public polls, i think it's much more of a split. i think we're looking at much more of a 46-48, but you know, and it also depends on what people think a public option is,
1:27 pm
but i think it's much more split than that. >> real quick, yeah, i think you're discounting the fact that the tax techs in august didn't pay off. there was actually a backlash to that and i think that's what you're seeing in some of the polls that the public's actually thinking about it harder. well, we'll see karen, but i think they're looking at it and saying now what-- >> i think the numbers are-- >> we'll see. >> i think the numbers are pretty much set. >> especially while this is informative and entertaining quite frankly, but we're out of time. good to see both of you, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and the call is out, the general in charge of all u.s. troops in afghanistan formally asking for more boots on the ground. his request moving up the chain of command all the way to president obama. well, now, it's decision time, but an answer may not be coming just yet. we are going to tell you why straight ahead. stay with us. passpass gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico
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>> welcome back. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, iran, a big story right now. iran says it will allow the international atomic energy iaea to look at the revealed nuclear facility. the timing of the inspection will be worked out with the u.n. watch dog. >> rick: the lawyer for the man charged in a terror plot says prosecutors lack direct evidence that he was involved in making a bomb. federal agents say they found bomb making ingredients that are linked to zazi. >> jamie: and funeral service also be held today for murdered yale graduate student annie le. investigators found her body in a research lab on what was to be her wedding day. she'll be buried where she grew up in california sierra nevada. six people are led. 150 others wouned after a pair of car bombs exploded in northwestern pakistan. the apparent targets were a
1:33 pm
police station and a bank affiliated with pakistan's military. a third bomb injured four people. these attacks come two days after the taliban warned there would be more strikes if the pakistani government did not abandon an offensive in its tribal region. >> rick: the u.s. commander in afghanistan asking for more troops. general stanley mcchrystal hand delivering the request to joint chiefs chair mike mullen. it happened yesterday in germany, but a final say of course rests with the commander-in-chief, president obama ap a decision may not come until the end of the year. the growing unpopularity among americans and making the president's decision more difficult. for analysis, major general bob scale. it's been a while. >> nice to be here. >> rick: a tough spot for the president because the polls show that the american people are not in favor of sending more men and women over to afghanistan and
1:34 pm
yet, the guy in charge on the ground says if we don't, we'll lose. >> that's absolutely right. by the way if we don't make the decision soon like in the next few weeks, those troops may arrive too late to begin the spring campaign season which normally kicks off in april. it takes four to six months to get a set of bring dpads up and get them deployed so time is in fact short. >> rick: you know, the president says that he's asking all the tough questions as he weighs this decision on whether or not to listen to the recommendation from general mcchrystal. what are the tough questions? what would you like the president to be asking his military advisors as he comes to some kind of conclusion on this? >> well, it's, you know, it's an old army anl lit cal platform that says that any strategy had a has to balance ends and means and ends means, waste the strategy and the means terms how many resources do you need in terms of resources and money to achieve that strategy.
1:35 pm
stan mcchrystal and admiral mullen offered a strategy, what's called a counter insurgency strategy that's going to take a long time and counter insurgency style of warfare is manpower intensive and the sticker shock, about 45,000 soldiers is pretty high. so what the president has to do is decide what the strategy is and determine how many men and how much money and time is needed to achieve that strategy and make the decision and rick, make the decision soon. >> rick: it so curse to me, president obama just like his predecessor president bush promised to listen to his commanders on the ground. it doesn't always work out that way, does it? >> yeah, let me just-- i'll talk to you now as a historian not as a former general, but the most powerful strategic team the country fielded was marshal and eisenhower in world war ii and i have to tell you the team we have now admiral mullen as a chairman of the joint chiefs and
1:36 pm
dave petraeus in centcom is in that league. the best set of military advisors this country has in a generation. and my advice if i were to be so bold to offer it to this administration is, first, listen to your generals. you picked them, they're very experienced. they know what they're doing and they're suggestion or their recommendation, i believe, will be spot on. >> rick: we only have about 25 seconds or so, general. again, staying with you from a historical perspective here, i know you're a student of these conflicts and the resolutions. how will this play out, do you think? >> i think it's going to play out in some form of compromise, rick, i think that the number won't be 45,000, i think that other troops will come in and somewhere between 20 and 30,000, which unfortunately, given the lateness of the hour, bodes for half measures when whole measures are probably needed. >> rick: major general bob scales, thanks so much, rick. >> you, too. >> jamie: we can't do enough for injured vets and many of
1:37 pm
american's injured vets. and they're unable to do some of their favorite activities they enjoyed so much before they went to war. enter operation rise and conquer, giving some of america's bravest the opportunity to take part in activities they otherwise could not. marianne silber is live in jackson gap, alabama with more. marianne this is my favorite type of story, if there's anybody that deserves to participate fully in life is those who served us. tell us what you found there. >> reporter: jamie, this is one of my favorite stories, too, for that reason. when you talk to a lot of the veterans, especially ones that sustained injuries that changed their lives forever, losing a limb, an eye, a serious spinal cord injury, they still have this attitude that i'm going to do this and i'm going to get out there and get back into life and that's what this is all about. and things like fishing, skiing, hunting, things that they haven't done in a long time. with me, i've got a veteran, brian hicks, he's actually here to serve as a mentor, brian was injured in 2003 in iraq, but you
1:38 pm
lost your leg just a year ago. what is the biggest question you get from the veterans here? >> probably the biggest thing that they ask me is, you know, what drives you to keep going forward and how do you do what you do? and i always tell them the biggest thing is to find out whatever it is that scares you and you know, if that scares you, go after it. like this morning, i was able to do some water skiing. and i was out there because it scared me and i enkurmg the guys just because your life has changed and just because things ar little different, you have to do things a different way now, you just tackle it on. meet it head on and keep your eyes in forward like you can when you were in the military. >> reporter: the other thing is family, a lot of veterans brought their families with them. they feel like this is a chance for them to reconnect sometimes the first time since they were injured. for me in particular, i've got my wife and two boys are here with me and for us, it's been
1:39 pm
wonderful, we were able to spend some time this morning, just it's a time for us to reconnect and for them to-- i've got some ongoing issues that i deal with, things that, you know, you don't really want to remember, but it's kind of an oasis for us to get together and spend some time and reacquaint each other. >> reporter: well, brian, thank you for talking to us. it sounds great and i tell you i've met so many of the veterans and you just want to give them hugs and they have a great attitude despite the fact they're dealing with severe disabilities. jamie. >> jamie: send ours as well, nothing wrong with hugging a soldier. take care, marianne, great story. >> thanks, jamie. >> rick: potentially good news from the banks promising to get rid of some of the pesky fees, wait a second, there are still a bunch that you need to be on the lookout for and we'll tell you about it when we come right back. um bill--
1:40 pm
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>> the rough economy bringing down another bank. shutting down georgian bank, the 8th biggest failure in the u.s. this year. a total of 95 banks have been forced to close their doors. the customers are protected by fdic which insures all deposits, the closing of gorgen bank costing and the bank in south carolina will take over assets of georgian bank, jamie. >> jamie: it sounds like good news if you have a checking account a bit in the red. banks announcing they will pull back on overdraft pents. not so far, i've got news for you. even as the banks do away with charges they're making up for it by hitting customers with other hidden fees. the costs could run up to $100 for each of you per year. with a do you need to know about these hidden fees? joining me now to talk about it jonas max ferris, the co-founder
1:45 pm
of i really like to save people money and like more jonas to let them know where they're getting scam and this sure sounds like one. what are some of the areas that your bank first might be helping you save money and then getting you on the other end? >> right, tw it was a pretty good week for people that bounced checks, a lot of the major banks, jp morgan, wells fargo, i believe, chase also, we're basically limiting the overdraft fees and more importantly, the snowball effect you start getting charged multiple times in one day for a series of overdrafts where you might have a check of 10 or $12 and getting the 30, $40 fees multiple times to several hundred dollars, it wasn't government pressure and chris dodd work on his legislation about this. it was more internet pressure, people were telling their stories, layers and layers of outrageous fees and the outrage led the banks to change the policies and it's sort of a volume, but a lot have laid out the policies. >> jamie: a couple of quick trips for people overseas, may
1:46 pm
be worth it to apply specifically for a credit card that charges a low fee on foreign exchanges. i'll just put at that out there and another one i want to ask you about is the atm fees, often times for convenience you go to an atm. do you mind paying as much as $3 for getting money out of a bank machine that's not yours, but i was not aware and is it true that your bank could be charging you a fee as well for not using their machine? >> oh yeah, in fact, it's very common to see like a $5 total charge where one bank is charging you one thing and the other bang is charging another thing, but this all boils down to that banks charge you a lot these days when you're operating outside of the rules, whatever those rules may be and they aren't totally hidden, small print shall hard to come by, kind of complex, to say the least, but if you play by the rules, you know, you can take money out of an atm every day and your bank for free and your checking account and it's probably free back in the day, it was not free to have a checking account and your annual fee on your credit card is gone,
1:47 pm
however, the punishment fees for all sorts of behavior are on the up and up. people that play by the rules get a great deal in banking. one thing to watch out for the overdraft. maybe you don't want your check to bounce which would be the alternative if they limit the fees, but you know, if you have $100 in your account and you write $110 check and another $10 check, theoretically you should get the $10 check to clear and one overdraft fee for the 100. but it usually doesn't work this way, the snowball effect and they try to clear the 110 imbalance and the other two don't clear so you really have to be careful. >> jamie: they're doing what they can to make money and the taxpayers helped out a number of these institutions. too 0% balance transfers offers aren't coming in the mail and in the past i've taken advantage of those. i'm curious a transfer fee if you don't read the most complicated agreement you can imagine, 3 to 5% of what you transfer, you get a fee, so you
1:48 pm
may not even be saving money. but does it affect your credit report if you continue to transfer after the introductory period is over? does it suggest to other creditors that you're not paying your bills or is that still a good route to go? >> well, it used to be a better route to go because it really was a great deal until you tripped up. and the thing you just raised was the thing change the most, used to be 3% transaction fee with a maximum of $150. you could transfer like $20,000 if you could at 0% which is a fabulous deal. now, there is no-- all of them, all the banks switched to this. basically no cap, so it's 4%, it's gone to 4% in many cases paying a high fee for a short amount of period of money and often not at 0%. as far as your credit, a different question. they've clamped down on how people are using credit and are punished for the more aggressive way to use it. whether you've got credit small amount back and forth isn't as bad as you think. use ago lot of available credit even just one card at one store
1:49 pm
that will hurt more. >> jamie: check your statement because they're reducing credit lines without notifying you in some cases. thanks so much, jonas, really appreciate the information, we try to save people a few bucks in tough times. >> thanks. >> jamie: take care. >> rick: i'm checking my statement as you're talking to jonas, i really am. >> jamie: i'll check it for you and help you out. >> rick: good. president obama and others, a second nuclear plant. is it time the world stops. will the world come together to stop iran's nuclear ambitions? we'll talk about it when we come back. (announcer) take your time to find the right time
1:50 pm
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>> let' take a look at stories making headlines this saturday. the white house says the prison at guantanamo bay hey remain open after that january deadline set by the president. issues like new rules for military trials and relocating prisoners remain unresolved. in afghanistan, the u.n. says august was the deadliest month of the year for civilians, the report mostly blaming the taliban for attacks leading up to those presidential elections and warning if the violence could spike again when official results are eventually announced. and one of our top stories, iran admitting two nuclear sites at least and the latest facility under construction is inside a mountain that's located near the
1:54 pm
holy city of qualm. experts say it's big enough not only to produce nuclear fuel, but the payload for atomic weapons. president obama and leaders were quick to condemn iran when it found out about this location, but is it time for the president to change america's approach to dealing with the rogue regime. and can we expect to see him rally our allies for more world action, is that an essential element? ambassador robert jordan a former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia. it's a pressure to welcome you here today, ambassador. good to see you. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: start by asking you, should we have known about it or did we know about it. some reports that iran claim clean about the specific facility strategically located and we'll get to that in a second because intelligence is about to reveal it? >> reports are that we did know about it, that we were quietly sharing this information about our allies and the iranians finally came clean only when they realized that it was about
1:55 pm
to become public. >> jamie: is it sanctionable? >> certainly sanctionable and clearly, president obama had a wakeup call here. guess what, you can't trust the iranians and i think we've seen a very gratifying scene here where the russians have made it clear that they believe this is inappropriate, it violates the rules, and the french, the british, and even the germans have come forward as well. so, this is encouraging. it is going to lead, i think, to something more than just talk, but we'll find out next week because that's when the talks with the iranians are to occur. >> jamie: and iran's chief nuclear inspector says they will allow this to be inspected in the past and we've seen sometimes that's productive and sometimes not so much. but in the meantime, what do we need to know about the location chosen for this? it's near a holy city. if israel were to do something preemptively or we were as well, it's an instant dirty bomb,
1:56 pm
isn't it? so close to civilian life? >> exactly. and that's the pernicious way these people deal. they've been very clever in placing this near the city and i think it's a holy site, clearly close to large population areas and that is on purpose so it's intended to deter a attack, israel is threatening attack when we need to have discussions and move to sanctions. >> jamie: thank you on that. we appreciate it very much. we'll keep right on it here on fox. >> thanks. >> rick: that does it for this hour, i'm rick folbaum along with jamie colby. keep it here on fox, the most keep it here on fox, the most powerful name in news. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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