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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 26, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> the guantanamo detaines are flown to foreign countries. we'll have all of the details and the search for a kill are in the heart land. who murdered an entire family inside of their home. i am julie banderas . we are live on the fox report tonight. new pressure on the islamic republic as iran promises to open a plant to inspectors. a plant many fear could turn out weapons. the question is how soon?
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>> iran must cooperate fuely with the international atomic energy agency and take action to demonstrate peaceful intention. tonight what else the regime is planning and why iran feels it should be praise not condemned. >> it was one of president obama's first executive order and now word that the white house may not be able to meet the deadline to close the prison in guantanamo bay . so why the delay and what does it mean for the hundreds of detainees sitting behind gitmo's wall. plus, getting back in the game. tonight, we introduce you to a group of veterans rising to the challenge of overcoming injuries. >> people are taking time out of their life to give back to me. ♪ >> one secret uncovered . how many more lie buried.
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that's the question for iran after revealing it was unveiling a second secret nuclear enrichment facility. it was outside of a holy city of qom . here you are seeing a picture. qom plant from space. fox cannot confirm this is the actual facility but reason to believe that the photoprovided by the institute of science and security is credible. we are learning about the new facility's capability when fully operational could make enough fuel for one or two nuclear bombs each year. we know it is big enough to house 3 issue i sinter fuges. that is a significant number.
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tipecally 50,000 centrifuges are needed for that . the design is housing 655 -- 55,000 centrifuges. iran said it is for peaceful purposes only. but that is a claim that the u.s. and other powers never believed. president obama sending a message and that will include iran and the u.s.. >> iran's leaders can choose. live up to the penalties and achieve integration with the community of nations or face increased pressure and isolation and deny opportunity to their own people. >> nuclear chiefs say u.n. inspectors can look at the facility but not when. that is not good enough for the president. the obama administration want to look inside of the new facility soon as possible. president obama is not the
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only one whose patients are running short. prime minister netanyahu talked to house speaker nancy pelosi and he said the time to take action on ran and that is now. hi, julie? >> gaining immediate access to the nuclear site is a priority. u.n. inspectors don't want to give time to move the enrichment facility. iran said they never meant to keep it secret. but why is the facility in a tunnel. iran's top nuclear chief saying that the timing of the u.n. inspections can be worked out. >> we are in a state of shock and surprise because we really don't know what to do anymore. should we announce our facilities or not? whatever approach, we see the feature of gratitude is absent
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in western governments. >> in new york today meeting with the gulf state leaders, secretary of state clinton said welcomes iran's opening to inspectors. what they do next week with the u.n. and western powers and follow up to the joint statement with the leaders of france and great britain in the g-8 summit. president obama is pushing tehran to live up to responsibilities or face grave responsibilities from the united global front. >> it is a serious challenge to it is regime . continues disturbing pattern of iranian invasion. the u.s. will tell iran it has three month to turn over the sites and computers and notebooks. but the obama regime has not laid that on record. the meeting will be the first
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time in 30 years that the u.s. will directly join the effort following up on president obama's campaign for full engagement with tehran. julie. >> thank you so much. >> iran announced a series of missile defense drills aimed at deterring foreign attack. the revolutionary guard will hold war games beginning tomorrow. it is not clear what kind of missiles and if this was planned before the enrichment plant. they have a history of conducting war games and tests to show its ability to defend an attack from israel or the u.s.. we start with the of najibullah zazi who officials accuse of planning a deadly attack here in new york city. one to target public transportation using weapons of mass destruction. investigators say the 24 year old afghan immigrant traveled
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between colorado, new york and even pakistan, gathering information on how to make home made bombs, according to federal officials he planned to strike on the eighth anniversary of 9/11. but zazi's lawyer said the evidence tells another story. laura ingles has more on the case. >> hirks julie. investigators haven't been able to find the chemicals and explosives that they believe zazi was going to brew up to blast new york city. but he had the recipe to pull it off and getting close to putting his plan in motion. deemed a flight risk . zazi was flown back to the east coast on a government jet and handcuff taken to the detention center in brooklyn. that's where he will have a hearing this tuesday before the united states district court . the federal indictment against himpt zazi is accused of conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction in the form
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of hydrojen bombs. there is significant evidence the 24 year old. but his attorney said the government's claim doesn't hold up. >> in order to prove someone guilty they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. the government hasn't been able to do that at this point. >> ray kelly and other nypd officials and homeland security had a conference call with president obama who called them this afternoon to express his admiration in the nypda role in disrupting the terrorist plot. they pecked up a tape showing whereasy purchasing large amounts of chemicals including hicrojen peroxide. it triggered an intelligence warning that there was a potential plot coming together similar to those used in public attacks in madrid and london. the search for the alleged accomplices continues here in new york. >> what a scare and what could
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have been. these f.b.i. agents deserve a trophy for thank you so employ. >> newy are action from a family of a suspected terrorist accused of wanting to build up a dallas building. the father claimed that his son is he is reportedly urging the jordanian government to help earn his release. he was arrested after trying to detonate what he thought was a bomb. he faces life in prison in convicted. police dash cam video showing smadi arrested for having no driver license. the f.b.i. feared his arrest jeopardized their sting. they got in touch with the sheriff's department who did not hold him. >> two illinois another scare. we are learning more about the possible target of the another terror plot, two years in the making.
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29 year old michael fenton. does he look like a suspected terrorist to you? not the tipecal guy we show you. as tablid islam trying to blow up a federal building. he tried to detonate a truck bomb. an undercover agent gave him the mock explosive and bogus instructions on how to set it off using a cell phone. the of the first term congressmen were one of fenton's target. shock is thankful and grateful to the f.b.i. for uncovering the alleged plompt >> a actress known for movie roles to adult films found tortured and murdered. they have a suspect behind bars and you have heard his name before. stay tuned to find out who is behind this murder according
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vision stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. announcer: today you have options, 36-hour cialis or cialis for daily use. ask your doctor about cialis today so when the moment is right, you can be ready. >> police in los angeles say an actress' boyfriend rape torteured her in a apartment they shared. she appeared in the fast and furious and rush hour two and several adult films. police charged this man. brian lee ramdoon with her murder. he beat and suffocated her. he is a former contestant on
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america's sexiist bachelor . he is in jail and the judge set a two million dollar bail. new details in the shocking case of a u.s. census worker whose body was found hanging from a tree. phil was a teacher working with the government. the father of the family found him dead, he has no doubt he was murdered. the man said he was naked with a gag in his mouth and duct tape binding his hand and feet. the conorer confirmed someone wrote the word fed across his case. they don't say if it was a murder, suicide or accident. >> police in illinois asking for someone's help catching the killer who murdered a family of five. the family didn't die without a fight.
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ruth and raymond ghee put up a violent struggle before they were killed. their bodies suffered blunt force trauma. the youngest daughter survived the attack. they continuing is the work of more than one person. the local sheriff is urging people to take a close look of anyone with massive chunks of hair loss and bruise and call police with tips. >> a number of u.s. bank failures approaching triple-digits. the atlanta base georgia bank was the 95th to go under in 2009. economicist expect more to come. it ises branches will be taken over. customers are protected by the federal deposits. but it will cost 900 million
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which is putting more strain on the fund. fdic is weighing a loan from the treasury. fdic said bank failures could cost 70 billion. >> to massachusetts the state leading the nation when it comes to health coverage. low rate of the uninsured is due to a man date requiring people to buy health coverage. many insurers are planning to increase premiums and there is concern that it will prompt employers to reduce benefits or transfer costs to the workers. individuals may be hit the hardest. >> massachusetts passed the reform law mand dating citizens to sign up for coverage. the goal was to lower cost. but they say the lowest number of residents nationwide. 6.2 percent and the premiums
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are still rising. the health plan covers 720,000 members state wide and expects the premium to increase 9.5 percent in 2010. other providers harvard and blue cross, blue shield forecast similar spikes in a state that covers the premiums in the country. >> premiums continue to go up. not because of the cost of running insurance plans, but because of the underlying medical costs. >> the higher cost can be ax tributed in part to the urban teach research hospital that provides technology and operation and treatment often proving to be more expensive than community hospitals the andment coverage in is more comprehensive. massachusetts is not alone and premium rising nationwide . the stewart oltman argues. >> much if not most all of our high cost of health care is
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the health health delivery costs money. >> reform effort in massachusetts return to the daunting task of reducing medical costs and yet to offer the cure all solution that washington lawmakers seek. >> and in boston, fox news. >> a vicious attack all for a little cash. shocking video of a robber beating a store clerk, not with fist but with a crow bar. the shocking tape coming up. and remember this guy, the billionaire sitting in prison accused of running a ponzi scheme. he is not the most popular man in the hometown or jail cell. we'll explain just ahead. xxxx
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>> a vicious attack in a clotheth store and all caught on tape. take a look at a woman approaching the check out counter and ambushing the clerk and hitting her with a crow bar. the employee tried to fight back and getting pumbled again. she is not seriously hurt. oh, my goodness, the attacker got away with $200 . here is a closer look at the suspect. can you see her with a ball cap and appears she is wearing glasses. she took off in a car with no license plates. >> hunt for another criminal on the loose. not a typical criminal. a woman the f.b.i. nicknamed the grandma bandit. she is wearing a ball cap and
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glass that. is a hip look to be a theft. in texas, officials say she claimed to have a gun and demanded cash . she robbed a second bank about four miles away. police describe her 5 foot two and five foot 7 with a large build somewhere between the ages of 55 and 65 . we are told no one was hurt in either robbery. she is dangerous. but she is not physical grandma. >> disgraced billionaire allen stanford in hospital after a he is accused of running a massive ponzi scheme and cheating investors out of bill're billions . he got into a fight with another inmate. it independent a private detention center 45 miles north of houston. 59 year old stanford was not serious low hurt. he is held behind bars until he goes on trial next year.
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>> on the land ask water. good samaritans making good rescues and you will see it as we go across america. >> nebraska, this man being called a hero after he saved a baby from a busy intersection in oma ha. >> he was on the way to the street. >> apartnerly the toddler wandered out from a nearby apartment. mario gunter saw the boy close to the road and he pulled over and grabbed him while someone called 911. >> you see it on tv but never expect to find a baby on the sidewalk. i still don't know what to think about it. >> elsewhere in oma ha, another rescue after a fisherman found 10 kittens stuck in a trash bag and dumped in the missouri river. >> he thought it was trash and it was the baby in there. >> all 10 of the little guys are recovering from the ordeal in a local animal shelter and soon be up for adoption.
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>> florida, a not so cuddlingy critter slithering around. it was a four and half foot bowa constricter. it is not popoisonous and could have been a threat to the school kids. it was take tone a nature preserve. >> texas, the nation's largest state fair. >> for some it is all about the food including gourmet treats as fried butter. but there is ride and farm animals and the entertainment which this year is american idol finalist jason castro . that is the fox watch across america. >> i never heard of fried butter. that sounds healthy. >> president obama promised to close guantanamo bay with a self imposed deadline of january. but there is new push back from the republicans and even the white house said it looks like gitmo will remain open for now. the reason why coming up.
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>> if you are losing to your mind lining to gadhafi speaking in the u.n. this week . his personal translator gets lost in translation. details are ahead. we're out here looking at bones
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>> time for the top of the news. iran will allow u.n. inspector once secret nuclear enrichment facility. the white house want to look inside soon as possible. it is said to be unfinished but once completed it could create multiple nuclear bombs each year . the lawyer near najibullah zazi said investigator missing a key element. they have not found the actual chemical that is zazi would have used to make the bomb. he was planing to attack new york city eight years after 9/11. >> guantanamo will be closed no later than one year from now. >> that's why i have ordered the closing of detention center of guantanamo and seek certain justice for captured terrorist. >> i have ordered it closed in one year. >> remember the stern promises.
7:32 pm
that was president obama talking about the future of the detention facility in guantanamo bay. but now, the whoit white saying one-year deadline doesn't look realistic. more on that in just a minute . new word that three terror detainees were transferred. two of them have been handed over to the government of ireland. a third heading to yemen. since 2002, more than 550 detaineys in guantanamo have been transferred to other countries. but the fate of the men behind gitmo's wall remains up in the area. here's more from washington. >> white house officials acknowledge that guantanamo bay will stay open after the january deadline because of legal problems and legislative hurdles. it is something that looked probable for months . but the white house admitted that the time table needs to slide. the pledge to shut down
7:33 pm
guantanamo in one year noting that it was a lightning rod for criticism. some members of congress warned of problems. establishing a new for military trials and tried and not found guilty do you release them and what prison to house them. many members was congress are strongly against terrorist held on u.s. soil. mitch mcconnell said eight months after the president signed at order. >> administration only transferred 14 to other nation because they can't find takers. >> thank you, jile. a major raid in afghanistan leading to the capture of a key taliban leadership.
7:34 pm
you are about to see and hear it doesn't come easy. [inaudible] >> u.s. ask coalition troops taking and returning fire in a raid on a terrorist safe house. but when the smoke cleared they nabbed a big fish. a commander believed to have played a major role in the taliban's tactical operation. the 35 year old terror chief caught fleeing the safe house. he moved up to six times a day trying to elude capture by u.s. special forces. several other men were busted for trying to hide upon . across the border in pakistan. the taliban claiming responsibility for two separate bombings today. more than a dozen people kill others wounded. both attacks happening in the tribal region known to be a haven for the taliban. days ago. the group threatened to carry
7:35 pm
out attacks if the military pressed forward with an offensive. >> a terror suspects some of whom to have ties to escapes through a ventilation shaft. the area is locked down and recaptured some of the men. but some are still out there can now, they say they actually may have help within the nation's police force. we'll have more on this story from baghdad. >> 16 prisoners housed in the detention facility in tikit . they are released to al qaeda and held on charges of terrorism and murder and kidnap all are thought to be highly dangerous. iraqi authorities sealed off the area and imposed a curfew. the u.s. military lent a help with the mayhem. they provided surveillance and search dogs. 8 of the 16 have been
7:36 pm
recapture two were found close to the prison from which they escaped. the iraqi authorities since detained over 100 prison officials and guard and they are questioned on suspension of gross negligence. >> thank you, katy. members of the army national guard heading to war but not without a big sunday - send off. 183 arizona guardsmen are shipping out for a month of training in fort dix in new jersey and then they leave for iraq. the unit served there in the u.s. led invasion back in 2003. the mention is to train vac rack police and military personnel. >> they put their lives on hold for our country and suffering injuries that are unimaginable to many of us. now they are home and one program and helping them to get closer to picking up where they left off. that's next.
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>> aids to new york congressman maloney said her husband died in the mountain expedition in the himalayes. aids say she is shaken by the death of her husband a investment banker and who he was an avid climber. >> funeral for the yale graduate student. family and friends gathering in colorado to remember anne le. it was invitation only and followed by a burial in a nearby cemetery. lewent missing days before she was to be married. a yale catchus worker charged with the murder. >> veterans are getting a
7:41 pm
second chance to do what they loved. things they thought was never possible. it is thanks to operation rise and conquer. many vets lost limbs to relearn activities like shooting and fish archery. marry anne silver has more. >> 30 injured veterans gathered here not for a military operation but an operation of a different kind. to reconnect and reevaluate and redefine their capabilities. >> these veterans came home from war with life-altering injuries. with operation rise and conquer, on this day anything it is special. rory dun, who lost his right eye and hearing, it is a chance to shoot again. >> i was right hand dominant and now i have two left handed
7:42 pm
people who are willing to help and assist. >> those disabilities range from amp tage it and burns to those you can't. post traumatic and brain injury. sargient cynthia galvin can't remember the last year of her life. she is getting quainted with a 20 year old daughter. >> it is hard to reconnect. you pull back from your family and when you are trying to reconnect, you don't know how to. >> those assisting the heroes is part of the lakeshore foundation helping the disabled like the injured veterans experience things they never thought they would do again. >> we recognize the programs for injured servicemen and women, but the obligation to use our expertise and resources to help these people who did so much for the country. >> water skiin g and paint ball and kyaching reclaiming
7:43 pm
the life they used to know. >> amputees are doing things and it gives me the motivation to do it. >> it is over 34,000 injured veteran united states. lakeshore foundation hopes to serve as many of them as they can in the coming years. this is fox news. senpirates captured and in custody off of the coast of somalia. the military said commandos raided the pirate's small boat as they were preparing to attack two ships. they are part of a nato force patrolling the gulf of aden. they captured prirates in a similar operation back in july. libyan leader gadhafi world tour rolls on. he stopped in venezuela. headlining a south america meeting with hugo chavez . gadhafi was in new york where his visit made wave in the
7:44 pm
u.n. general assembly in a rambling 94 minute speech. it was enlightening. he met with two relatives of people killed in the 1998 bombing in the jet over lockerbie, scotland. gadhafi called it a tragedy. it was a surprising move given his hero's welcome from the freed lockerbie bomber. he publicly embraced the only man convicted in the bombing. he served six years after scotland freed him on humanitarian grounds because he was dying of cancer. >> back to his bizarre tribe in the u.n. touched on swine flu, to jet lag and jfk's assassination and while according to the original plan, he had only 15 minutes to speak. change of plan. gadhafi rambled on for an hour and half.
7:45 pm
reportedly driving his personal translator to tears about 75 minutes into the speech. that's according to the new york post which is owned by fox company. the inter operator literally broke down and gave up. a u.n. translator had to step in for the final minutes of the speech. big cat makes for trouble. two stops around the world in 80 seconds . romania, a hunt for two tigers on the loose at a zoo, stretching into the night. eventually they spotted the glowing eyes and they shot them with tranquilizer darts. they might have escaped through a back door in the cage after children tampered with it. philippines, massive waves of water forcing thousands from their homes
7:46 pm
from the capital of manila. fighting powerful current to reach dry land. it was a tropical storm that dropped a month's worth of rain in a few hours. >> north korea. an emotional reunion for families divided by the 48th parlegal. south koreans aloud to visit the communist country under a special visitor's program. some haven't seen relatives for half a century. >> the chech republic. the pope visiting the capitol of prague in a three day pilgrimage. it was once communist checslovackiament the pope hopes his trip will guide them more to the catholic church. that is it in fox around the world. >> a woman and her husband.
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>> an embryo mix up in a louisiana hospital has parents on edge. the hospital has surrendered prage invitro fertilization center. there is no reason to believe they were implanted in the wrong mother. but they are calling hundred couples during a labeling mishap. doctors remove replanted embryos. in an unrelated case in ohio.
7:51 pm
a woman gave birth to someone else's child. she never considered terminating the pregnancy or trying to fight for custody. >> a controversial cross in the desert is stirring up a age old debate. should religious symbols have place on public lands. the decision about the cross could impact nationwide. anita vogul with the rest of the story. >> traveling from all corners of the nation. these soldiers travel to the desert in support of the cross. a tribute to fallen servicemen and women not for organized religion. >> i won't care about the symbol. it is the meaning behind it matters most. >> the cross sits in the center of a legal debate about the constitutionality of religious symbols on public
7:52 pm
land. the u.s. supreme court will hear the case next month and ultimately decide if the cross can displays like it violate the notion of church and state. >> the idea of it is not a religious symbol or a national memorial is insulting to both christians and nonchristians alike. >> eight feet tall it stood unnoticed until 2001 when the american civil liberty's union formed a lawsuit on behalf of a park worker who objected. they ruled in favor of the aclu. so far, the supreme court justices have been closely divided on cases like these including ones focusing on the 10 commandments and nativity displays in courthouses. legal experts say this time the court must decide whether the plaintiff was emotionally harmed by the cross. >> it is a real coin flip as
7:53 pm
to whether or not the court will accept his claim of being offended by the display as being enough. that would really open the courthouse doors quite wide. >> they expect it to be a split decision but believe that the justices may side with the government to allow crosses like this one in the desert to stand. ? los angeles, anita vogul fox news. >> a vip comes off of the bench so to speak and takes a mound in one of the biggest rivalries in court. sonia suit suit - sotomayor throwing the first pitch out. sotomayor is a bronx native and credited with saving the baseball season . u.s. district judge back in 1995. she forced the player to end
7:54 pm
the month's long strike . last night, fox's on bret baehr tossing out the first pitch in washington. it was a perfect strike. in case you are wondering, the braves won. >> getting old yer better and going out to work. we'll introduce you to a hard working lady who proved that age ain't nothing but a number. >> you have another 40 years to reach the milestone, but bruce spingstein just turned 60 . gathering people with born in the usa and studying how influential the boss really is next. ( whooshing )
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>> professors around the world coming together for a single
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cause. 300 professors meeting in springsteen native new jersey. they will explore everything from sighicologist and move yegender and even the criminal justice system. a lot of things can happen. but retiring ain't one of them. she is celebrating her 100 birthday, guess where? at work. for more than 30 years she has helped to keep things run nothing the family business. answering phones and keeping financial record and even handling pay roll. she does it all, even joking when you turn hundred you get a lot of identical cards. they don't make too many happy 100th cards .
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we'll talk about flying high. check this out. that is a cool picture. look at that. 181 and get that, all female skydivers from 31 different countries coming together for the dive of all dives raising over a million to fight against breast cancer. the jumpers, many of them cancer survivors themselves took off from paris california. it is the largest skydiving center in north america. way to go, ladies. i love them on this day. greatest rock band on the planet comes together for the last time. beatles releasing the final studio album abbey road. even if they were barely talking to each other. it was some of the popular songs. here comes the sun and come together.


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