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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 26, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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or whatever. i have noticed that more and more it is women, women calling the radio program, moms concerned about their kids' future. well, moms are going to join the 9/12 project this saturday with a studio audience. all moms and kids. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. this is a fox news alert. hi, everybody, aim he geraldo rivera. the president of united states has just addressed the annual meeting in washington of the 42 member congressional black caucus which tonight honored notables like u.n. ambassador susan rice, actor danny glover and human rights activist and entertainer john. here is the president. >> the leaders come in and michele and i are shaking hands with them and one of the leaders, i won't mention who it was, he comes up to me and we take the picture and we go we behind and he says
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barack, explain to me this healthcare debate. he says we don't understand it. you're trying to make sure everybody has healthcare and they are putting a hitler mustache on you, that doesn't make sense to me. explain that to me. he don't understand. one in seven african americans are out of work. the highest in nearly a quarter of a century. more than two out of ten african americans and three out of ten black children are living in poverty. this economic crisis has made the problems in the communities of color much worse. that is why my administration under the leadership of attorney general eric holder is serious about enforcing the civil rights laws and tearing down barriers to equal
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opportunity. >> geraldo: joining me to address the presidents a reflexes, ann coulter and juan from washington. the president made a point of saying how the united states, his image being tarnished by the extremist rhetoric opposing his healthcare policy. the hitler mustache, isn't it true, isn't this extremist rhetoric embarrassing to the united states and our president? >> if so, then liberals really did a number on america's image for the eight years of george bush. i linked on my web site the many protests of george bush and chopping his head off and demanding his assasination. what was itless craig, ferguson, no, it was the one who preceded him. it was done much more
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egregiously. i suspect they were liberal agitate ires. but the obsession -- >> geraldo: the sneaky liberal agitators. >> of course, they do that. but this obsession with the outliars of these things is a way to shut down speech like nancy pelosi talking about this leading to violence. so far in all of the tea parties and all of the town halls in this summer since the beginning of the summer there have been two acts of violence. one was union violence, liberal violence against a.b an elderly black man in missouri, they beat him up. and the tea party in california. >> geraldo: we are getting a bit far afield there. >> you are the one who raised the hitler mustache. >> geraldo: one williams, this is a constituency who voted unanimously for the president and yet the urban aagain da has take and back seat.
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the hispanics voted two to one for this president. the immigration agenda has take and way back seat. how much patience is there in urban america for the president to finally recognize the constituent groups that put him in office? >> he is still a rock star in the black and hispanic community, there is no question about it. tonight i thought you saw him say i'm trying to make some basic steps and pretty much all along in his administration when is go asked what are you doing for black or latino america, he says i'm helping all america. he speaks in the larger transracial terms. he really wasn't a member of the black caucus when he was a senator. they have all come along because he is the president now and the first african american president. i think you saw that tonight what he was doing is trying to sell his healthcare plan by appealing to them saying people are trying to demonize me and
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you guys have to understand how important it is for you guys to work at the grass roots level. i'm not sure it is a two-way street quite yet. it still it. barack obama, first black president, rock star and you guys have to come along and just help me because i'm a star. >> geraldo: ann and juan i want you to stay with me. here is the president calling on black parents to be involved in their children's education. i hope ann and other conservatives don't think that he is interfering or meddling in their family affairs. but i want to move now to this all important, we can debate that maybe later in the program. i want to move on to the terror plot that unlike most in the post 9/11 era involves not an fbi or police sting but perhaps the first real attempt to kill americans with real bombs at least since 1993 made from ingredients purchased at the corner drugstore. according to the feds, 24-year-old najibullah zazi
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accumulated 18 big bottles of hydrogen he peroxide and he had pages of how to make it into a lethal mix. the denver man who allegedly plotted attacks on new york city subways during the recent 9/11 commemorations here has now been extra dated from colorado here to new york to face charges that he and others unnamed were going to use his home made weapons of mass destruction to wreak havoc. while the arrest is an obvious relief, it has also caused anxiety because his alleged accomplices have not been caught. who better to talk about the good, the bad and ugly aspects of the zazi arrest than the former director of homeland security, the former governor of pennsylvania, the author most recently of by the test of our times, tom ridge joins me
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from washington. governor, thank you very much for being with us. start with the ugly aspects of this arrest. the fact that here is a naturalized or at least a legal u.s. resident going over to pakistan, the tribal territory to get training. how common is phenomenon is this disturbing aspect? >> well, i guess that is one of the great unanswered questions it is a relates to this and probably other investigations that the fbi which is now the counter terrorism unit in the federal government needs to answer. i mean it is probably the worst fear of fbi director bob mueller and our broader law enforcement and intelligence community, someone who has been assimilated into the country who is comfortable with the country, who is fairly well known in his community and neighborhood and yet deep inside this embrace of this ideology and evil is within him and makes his way comfortably
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out of the country and back in and then is at the center of this plot. >> geraldo: i understand the cia tracked him when landed in islamists mislamabad. can key assume that they are tracking people delegate back for this training. >> it seems as if zazi has many accomplices, some apparently still unknown. >> that is the -- there have been some public expression of a concern that perhaps the arrest was premature and his associates may have gone undercover. it is difficult to determine at this point. from my vantage point, geraldo, it looked close to the execution point. when you have all of the evidence that at least has been publicly disclosed and i suspect even more evidence that may be revealed at a later time, they had to arrest him at this juncture. >> geraldo: that brings us to
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the obvious good there was not another september 11th attack. zazi and his associates, known or unknown, did not carry out their plot. >> i think there is much credit to be give tonight institutions and the changes made under president bush and much to the new administration. as i said before, the fbi is the counter terrorism unit but they work in collaboration with the new york city police department. i think there is much credit to go around within both administrations. again, it is a successful investigation. but as the days and weeks roll on some of the subissues become more important, probably matters of inquiry both from the fbi's point of view and as a journalist from yours. >> geraldo: and the fact that or at least the apparent fact that the nypd may have inadvertently triggered the bust too soon. >> i know there have been some
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reporting in that regard but i will tell you that i have talked to a couple of individuals familiar with the investigation and initially the first report i thought oh, here we go again, stove pipe, the right-hand doesn't know what the left-hand is doing, i think this was probably an unfortunate misstep that i get a sense that it really didn't compromise the investigation. >> geraldo: by the test of our times, governor tom ridge. thank you very much for being with me. >> good talking with you, geraldo, thank you. >> geraldo: welcome back juan williams, ann coulter, judge janine pirro. doesn't this judge show that we are if not wasting our time, diverting crucial resources in these stings that create crimes to entrap people like the schmucks from newburgh or the
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fort dicks six for the sears tower bombers? >> we track them for years and we have the goods on them. >> geraldo: these are things that are created. >> how geraldo, ho how else are you going identify who the people are? >> by good police work and the cia. >> but there are some situations where we have to do that because we don't have a choice. there is too much at stake, geraldo. >> geraldo: what about the nypd maybe being a little protect itive of its turf? >> and look, you have allegations of the nypd potentially tipping off the individuals and compromising the investigation. >> geraldo: inadvertently. >> this is why there really needs -- don't forget, the whole crisis for 9/11 was really based on the lack of communication between nypd, fdny. a lot of lives were lost because of that, that is a fact. when you are dealing with two major bureaus like the nypd and
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the fbi and they are not getting their stuff together, it is a little scare. >> geraldo: as ann coulter points out, it is the patriot act, the act allowed cia to communicate with fbi and that is what made the difference here. stand by, everybody, we'll be right back. a damning allegations against the african born zazi. r men, a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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>> geraldo: look at how cleverly they [ indiscernible ] ]ed the aspect of this facility. a container covered with just enough dirt to it looks like the rest of the earthquake around mere. a bomb university, a place where young men can learn how
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to make deadly tee vices out of innocent ingredients readily available in other countries was the fact that al-qaeda located the facility night next to a civilian village. almost guaranteeing if it was attacked, as it was last night, it would cause civilian casualties. a few feet away in a portionly adobeyed wood and adough building we hit the jackpocketbooks. take a look at what osama bin laden was cooking up for us. potassium iodate. a treat potassium iodate. a treatment for nuclear exposure. sodium hydrochloride. this was a virtual bomb university. one whose sole purpose was teaching the export of death and destruction and right next door to the lethal bomb factory, a a potpourri of.coms
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calling for unholy war. it was all deeply disturbing. >> that is balm u. we were in a victim large in afghanistan. the fear is that the instant we take the pressure off in afghanistan that is still obviously deeply troubled country the bomb universities of mass destruction will again rear their ugly heads. with more on zazi's alleged mass murder plot here is craig. hidden beauty, beauty supply stores one of the places that investigators came to see if najibullah zazi was buying acetones, one of the chemicals used to create the home made bombs. harvey, this seems to be the first real al-qaeda cell found in the u.s. since the 9/11 bombing. >> the indications are the purchase of acetone and hydrogen peroxide put together,
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used in a bomb, indicates that they might have had significant training. >> cops say zazi and three associates spent the summer buying chemicals for a deadly formula. some of their purchases were captured on tape. >> this is something that only somebody with significant training knowing what they use, this is the m.o. this is the signature bomb of the jihaddists. >> you actually predicted the the 911 bombing on the world e center. what intelligence is out there that there is going to be another attack or at least an attempt for an attack? >> there is a lot of chatter out there and i'm not that.dential hopefuls i havprio you listen what is being said in chatrooms and monitor what is being said in mosques and you hear the rhetoric. >> geraldo: authorities say zazi was planning his attack on
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a sports arena or the splyway systche to coin side with the 9/11 anniversary. details like the hotel suite he rented to e exeriment and video of zazi buying bomb making material has been leaked to the press. >> tell me about the other revealations in the indictment talking about the fact that this guy went to the northwest frontier province for his training? >> unfortunately, it is being played out in the media which it shouldn't have been. it should have been kept closer to the vest. it has gone eight years bb,ond 9/11 and we have to err on the side of caution and this is why infoly leaked. >> geraldo: of particular concern is the fact that none of the bomb making material has been found in zazand is possesn but authorities say they have enough evidence to charge the 24-year-old with planning to set off a wmd from surveillance conducted under the patriot act. >> qotete frankly, we couldn't do that prior to 9/11. it allows us to infiltrate
10:20 pm
groups and this is important for the general public to understand, this is why we need the patriot act. >> geraldo: do you foresee another attack in the new york area? >> i wish i could say no. >> geraldo: we'll be back in a flash with brother craig and also the best political panel in the business right after this quick break. come on, girl, lifeless hair...
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craig, suicide justified or not. jordan, now it is down to 12. 20% in indonesia. down tofie3%. and down to five. so it looks as if the --
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>> despite the latest plot, counter terrorism e exerts are saying that al-qaeda ideology is in a pronounced decline and it is a lot of it is because of these, you know, the executed hits, the hits in overseas, sniper attacks, missile attacks. >> geraldo: you mean where we are wiping out the leaders. >> wiping out the leaders. but they do still fear the lone wolf attacks. >> geraldo: some nut job like zazi although clearly he is alertaere ann, are you surprised that president obama is stick so closely to george bush's approach to counter terrorism? >> no, not particularly. in the one area where he ihhou sticking to bush's approach things aren't working so well and that is out of pure political correctness, not some ge> colitical strategy. he told all of the liberal nut base we are pulling troops out of iraq, they will be out
10:25 pm
immediately, we are going to go fight the war of necessity, not the one of choice and the war of necessity is afghanistan. by moving the focus of the war from iraq to ab hanistan he has chosen a country that is better for the terrorists and worse for us. it was better keeping the terrorists fafused in iraq. the one place he dor die searcs from bush is turning into a casttry. >> look i mean they have been following him for years. thb, have been listening to him. he goes to afghanistan and takes training from al-qaedng h he has all of the ingredients he is buying in large quantities with stolen credit cards. he comes to new york with a laptop and hand written notes and makes frantic phone caldet wondering about the mixture, does he have the recipe right for the wedding cake. and then the imam says they are on to you and he flies back to denver.
10:26 pm
this is a conspiracy pure and simple, it is all there. >> in this case you need the allegation, the terror allegation, a go that looks like that, sounds like that, it is enough to convict him with a jury, let's be real. from an evidencery standpoint if his name was john smith and the 911 didn't occur this coue a case in shamables. >> what are you talking about, he has ingredients. ô i> he bought hydrogen he pero. >> i bought it, too. >> i go with the one. juan williams, isn't ann right about ab hanistan, will that be the quagmire in terms of foreign policy that hel9/11. to depress this presidentough popularity? >> well, potentially, geraldo, and especially ironically with the left although there are people on the right who donhou want the u.s. putting additional boots on the ground in afghanistan. but right now the white house is really being torn. vice president biden is saying
10:27 pm
let's not put people in there unless we have a key strategy that says we can really win. eight years we havenhou been able it to do it and hundreds of years the russians and others havenhou been able to do it. they are sending in requests for more tro> cs, up to 40,000. >> geraldo: listen to the generawas >> coming up, a rare interview with mackenzie phillips and her father, the one she ame uses of raping her. this is my small-business specialist, tara. i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry, like the new tour,
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you're watching america's news headq. jrters. and im lauren sivan. the u.s. and five allies set to demand complete ame ess to iranough uranium enrichment facility. iran says it has no problche allowing. allowingexperts into the plant. a meeting is set for next week with iranian officiadet in geneva to get more out of tehran on its nuclear program. a massive wildf in southern, california is now nearly under control.
10:31 pm
the overnight video shows a huge fire burning in ventura county, north of los angeles. cre cal h> cing to have it fuly contained before the weekend is over. 30 miles to the east, cre cal preparing to bring in tanker planes to help with another wildfire, this one burning dangerously close to home. and im lwatren sivan in new yo. we now head back to "geraldo at large" right here on the fox ne cal channel. >> i woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father. i donhou remember how it started, only how it ended. all i can say is that it was the first time i was aware of it. for a moment, i was in my body in that horrible truth and then i slid back into a blackout. your father is supposed to protect you. >> geraldo: but did it really happen?
10:32 pm
in a nation gone nighb to sensational allegations involving dst tg atled stars, mackenawe's phillips stuaching accusations that she had more than ten incestuous relation hegations with her far sickened and shocked all of us. but was mackenzori who oraine d to mor a to my face, this time telling the truth? ♪ >> the music get the stone for the decade and sent a generation of young people inke california. but like so many romantic notions of thefie960s, the mamas and papas were an illusion. a smiley face that hid massive sayn abuse and worse. i first interviewed john philli9/11.s and his dwatghter mackenawe and her half sister
10:33 pm
for entertainment tonight in 1978. am. this father and dwatghter interview doesn't creep you out, nothing does. >> i hfol a choice whether to walk outside and i obviously made the wrong choice and it took me about six weeks to get addicted and six years to become unaon thicte rem i hfol marks and tracks all ovr my body. >> and if he hfoln't cleaned up i donhou think agener of us wod have. >> geraldo: he is not a bfol dl then? >> not at all. he's great. >> do you blame dad for what you did to yourself? >> absolutely not. i couldn't. >> when i wasfie3, macke faori told me that she had a consentual sexual relationship with our fathebla this news was conre bsing and t was also scary. as i lived alone with him since i was tniaee. i didn't know what to believe and it didn't help that shortly therea sier macke faori told mt didn't happen.
10:34 pm
mackenawalles history with our r with 30 years of drug abuse. >> gerovedo: there is no doubt both that mackenzie was a hardcore junky and a liar. three years a sier our original e.t. interview after having a trial of her own she told me hee it uit the dst tgs that rd her childhood and destroyed her acting career but five years later said she hfol been lying. >> geraldo: i bet that little buy has changed your outlook on life, m mackenzie? >> not only changed myout look on lam.e. he changed the way i live my life and the way that i think and fchea about everything. i donhou want to say given me more of a purpose because my li mo hfol a purpose but reminding me that the goals that i have involve not any more. >> gerovedo: there is one cruel street edict and i believe it to be essentially tst tor a ora junkie, always a junkie.
10:35 pm
>> i heard it. you always have that but there is hope. you have to realize there is alwa ther h> ce. i hfol a friend who said there is no hope a junky is always a ouscomy. there is other ways to measure your success. you don't have to stress your sume ess by having a successrel television show. it is about having a wonderfevi child and a wondere blevi fami. >> geraldo: liar, liar, pants on fire. >> i wasn't clean. >> when you told meow were. >> i wasn't clean. i was -- i was here under false pretenses. pretenseors, pretenses. i gi hss i really wasn't listening when they said you needed to stay sober after you le si the rehab. now, i mean and when i mentioned to you back stage that the last time i was here i was lying to you, i thought oh, god, he is going to get that kergation and i will have to ar
10:36 pm
to it. it is hard to look at that and look at me sitting there holding my son lying to everybody. and then i thicom but i donhou moel like i have to defend myself or say i really am sober i swear to god becwatse i suposose that my a to ddruns ho speak for themselves and i weigh i live my lam.e. >> gerovedo theyou started with drugs pretty early. >> really early. za dfol twatght me how to roll joints for him when i was ten. i grew up in the env u.sonment weiere it was ame epted and normal to see my dad smoking a sint or maybe doing cafaine and so it sort of, i just did it. i really wasn't interested in weiat agener one, i was intered in what i could get from you. i could get on tv by telling you i was second baser this. i don't need to do that now. i have my career back and a uccnderful family and i have al these great things. i sort of woke up 20 years later and said wow, i have lost everything. >> gerovedo thelet me ask if yu are angry at your parents for
10:37 pm
ming permissive and indevi gen? >> i'm not. za father wasn't a great parent. he is a great man. he is a lulely man. he did the best he could. it would only cause me to be recentre bl to per at everybody. it happened, i surviveh, thacom you, god. >> gerovedo: dr. ablo, even though she lied to me and my watdience i thicom she is tellg the truth about her father's abuse. weiat do you thicom? >> i thicom it is hard to tell geraldo. the fact that she lorid to you and explains ltlek, i told youi was sober because i wanted to get on tv and now she has a book out and she is on the oprah show and john phillips isn't there to comment. >> gerovedo thehe died. >> and there is nobody here to conf, yes, i sawer in a compromising position, et
10:38 pm
cetera. i would ldede her to come forward if she is ger the claims, come with a couple of polygracts. i kno whatthh are not per mo . come with those for a little added authenticity. i donhou thicom we will ever know. as much as i know that cafaine and herer illnesses, they point to characteristic logical wemysnesses in peo and ie. they really do. if she has one i think it is very hard to tell if she is telling the truth. >> what she said was so tellin fa hee said i could get back on t.v. by lying. if you consider the timing, she has a btlek coming out and finished celebrity rehab and if hee home so much soul searchig it then why didn't she say nt only was i a drug addict and a liar, i was having sex with my father. i prosecuted rape and incest siv ther. >> gerovedo theit is so for any one. how can she be to glib about
10:39 pm
incest. >> wwh does she wait for her father to be six feet under to talk about it? hee went tniaough a lot of sol searching. it was tough for her to say i was lying to you, geraldo. it is too coincidental to her money mmysing efforts. >> there are others that corroborate the outcry. there are others irainluding other children of the band members who claim that this was welles,nown amongst the ban rem let's not be to quick to dismiss the allegations. she is not a credible person but the allegations had the ring of truth. >> gerovedo thete a liablo? >> the ring of tst tth. it is concerning to me that somebody can come forwaack when a man has lat tht the planet ad say that he was a pedophile or engaged in this horrible a to d with his daughter. htledaldo: i grew to man on avenue c and herer
10:40 pm
its peak then and i saw some of the most disgusting debasing activities that you can imagine. i think they can do anythinmysn that is wwh i belorive there is a ring of truth to this thing. >> a ring of tst tth is not trutbers >> geraldo: all right. >> and the other thing is why is it that it has to be consentual. why is she saying it was consenmosal? 17 years pra to dicing psychia, i never had any one come to my office saying i home consentlal sex with my dome. >> first of all, they were both insivne junkies and says it became consentlail. >> because it was rape in the be gennin fa >> that is what she was sayin fa >> she said she woke up with her father on toth >> we will nnoberes,now u heeee exhume him. >> sounds ldede a disilesting book.
10:41 pm
>> haleigh cummings. is there movement in that case? coming up. ún [ female announcer ] which hair color has beauty editors buzzing?
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>> geraldo: ever since by ugly confrontatdrun with halmsgm ab mmings father last sprinmysi have been up unable that who s able to shake the m thertery cs within the circle of family and friends. >> this blonde woman wearing scst tbs who has since been identified dropped a letter orn keraiming a bomb shell tip regarding the dis appearance of
10:45 pm
haleigh cummings back if moe hlairy. our assycption is that it has something 20 do with suspicious activid i involving halmsgh hal own family. the night she disappeared, even her father was unable to reach his now wife misty who was baby sitting haleigh. >> snoberal calgh went unanswered so he calls her brother hank to go down the street to the residence to see if he can make contact with misty and hank says he dnls go doave the str9/1t and says when gets there that the lights are off in the trailer and it is rurk and quiet. >> i put her to bed about 8:00, algisd,. >> gerovedo thewe broke the nes shortly after the child disivt thieared that misd i hon out that w9/1kend partying hearty and might not even have
10:46 pm
been home when halmsgh went missin fa >> 3:00 in the morning i got up because i home to use the junthroom and i walked in the kitchen and the backdoor is junck onew d i didn't notice about halmsgh then until i seen the backdoor oth hal gone. weien i went to sleep there she was there and when i woke up hee was gone. >> what she has told us is a as far as and the idea that she was der how she was doing is just not believable. it is totally unbelorivable in it is totally unbelorivable in n >> geraldo: remember, in a recent voice a tilysis and lori dete to dor session, i sincests say misty fails miserably. >> i can s9/1 it there is something wrong with you about haleigh going missing that we don'tes,now about or that you are not telling anybody. >> i don't know what you are tr nong to get out of me. i'm 17 years old. what do you think. like come on, how much can a ne.-year-old tmyse?
10:47 pm
>> geraldo: our investigative repon't er an't harris who has been on the case for months. he joins us. is therethy trutmetto the now wid spread ring mystery tip that the woman in ldst t sin that we saw with the 3 brvmsllance camera involves the child accidentally lailerdosing on some of the dsm that misty and ron were abusing and then someone takes her little body and wmsghs it down and sinks it in a pond? any truth to that? >> geraldo, they haven st co. wected it yet. i don't have confirmation on that. i do have iiformation that the letter was some what -- the tipster was related to a search that was done in the woods behind the trailer where ronald was living with halmsgh and misty. but the letter contents are still unknoave. >> gerovedo thethis is a dead t letter. kill that graphic. ll9this is a second letter that coron already dismissed. the letter we are talking about is the one delinkered by the some in scrubs. behind the home but not the pond, not the pond that they drained last weekend?
10:48 pm
>> yeah, it was -- the pond, the pond was hgationewning befe either of the letters surfaced, geraldo. anell9 youes,now, you could lik the pond to the other letter which actually details this police theory, it is an a to dl police theory that they confronted kristina for that, weio was misd i hal driver on that wild weekend you were describing and she ses hd thatt this pard i according to an affidavit by a witness that she was at this pard i with misd i and halmsgh accidentally ods on oxycontin and her body is and iaced in a blawe bag and tossed in a pond. the coincidental nature of the search dlaile tes hling with te les ther perked up a lot of people's interest. >> an't , scund b w it is clear to me from the tone of the authorities that they now belorive what we home belinobed all along almost that the family or friends, the tight cmisskere is the solutdrn
10:49 pm
the small group. >> clear it the cops don't belinobe her. that is wwh they asked her to take a lie detector test and hee fes hled it miserably and thh checked out the pedophiles in the area. there would have b9/1n questdre about other people and they kept coming back to the family becaou i grow with you, right from the start it don st smell right. >> gerovedo thei don stes,now t is happening with misty or ron but s9/1ms they areman strange. ll9do you antic haate an arrest here or will there never be one as long as they don st find the child? >> there will be an arrest. i thith they arees,9/1ping it kerose to the vest as they should in these kinds of cases. i thith they have something. ll9>> alart, do you think they e something? >> i thith something is ger to happen in the next week or two. weiat hgationewned i geraldo,y have succeeded in keeping pressure on misty. hee is now restres hned from ro tild. she is not at home. she is on the road with a
10:50 pm
peorind. he dnls not want to talk to her i'm told. nolette her mothell is on the y to put tim county jail on a forgery charge. her brother hasd inou out. keeping pressure on her. >> genetic. >> gerovedo thea fdo ily of lovelies. coming up, the man who put words in the mouth of george w. bu he,d inou economy was tanking and fears of the great ding it hal political comedy. it's next, after this.
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>> gerovedo theter we linke, everybody. like former press secretary, my ne it d g b house, ultimately coming deputy director of speech writing. he has wris then a tell all b k called speechless. it seems frank and funda to ml. but l time mtllellan he is getn
10:54 pm
beaten up by former white house steli molett. welcome to the shoi i read this, as the economy nose dived, pundits on tv started se duing ww asking why the president wasn't saying more. the candirutes were we home nothing to say and nobody had any idea. that shows the ding moar, i mean there is one of the first books out since the peveat recession but iwee you know, for all the jokes there is a somber scutement. >> it i geraldo. i do want to correct one thing, you know, i am at a scot mckerellandes,ind of b dnk. it is an honest book. a conservative view of wa heington in my whole decomee or so in the white house. bne of the person with a blur
10:55 pm
in the b dnk is aes,i coulter o likes a lot. >> do you like this b dnk, sort of mmysing fun of g i9 e i bush? >> i love it. it is hilardruou hello, matt. it is nothing like scot mcclelland's book. mas th latimer has one million times his iq and writing ability. and forman ve. sone who has worked in washington it is completely true and completely hilarious, notd inou wasn't a full conservative and matt needles h a about that. he says great things about rumsfeld and cheney by the way. just for the whole, washington inewrience. >> the allegation is that you are nice to ri sfeld becetise you are helhileng h a write hs memoir. >> anybody who knohe donald 9iops moldes,nohe that nobrety writes his book but donald rumsfeld. i was aired to help h a put hs
10:56 pm
memoirs together. >> geraldo: i like this book, but what are you hearing about matt's critics. >> seems there isn't a lot of infighting among the cochee read the article by his former boss in the "wall str9/1t journal" claiming that he is exaggerating his atless. that is par for the coulette wn people don't like what they are hearing and i thith he is repon't ing things thawee fran, sort of make a lot of people lorite bome. >> can i say something about that? >> geraldo: please, your boo> >> i want to mmyse a little bit of news tonight maybe. bill mcgern and dana and gilleshilee have gone around ad said things that weren't true about me and things iail t. sing to do about this b dn> i would like to have an opportunity on this show or ada heout they choose to get together.
10:57 pm
>> the gauntlet to dana p perio and matt gillelieori. he is saying come on and we will debate what is t9ie and weiat is not. >> absolutely. >> geraldo: speechless is the borite. thank you. judge, thank you. that's it for us. i will have my new york place on monday. won't be here for a week. i'll s9/1 you then. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. tools are uncomplicated?
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