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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  October 1, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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in this class on chaos, everyone graduates with honors... and on their diplomas, it will graduates with honors... and on their diplomas, it will read "students gone wild." deep in west texas, one oil rig is in a battle with itself. >> get ready to work. >> we don't work at banks. >> [ bleep ] at me! >> we don't work at the mall. i mean, we work in a living hell. >> look out. >> pain and exhaustion as they do the impossible. now the pressure is building.
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and they'll keep on fighting. just for a taste. of "black gold." ♪ a long long day another hard night keep it on the bottom turn ♪ a long long day another hard night keep it on the bottom turn to the right ♪ notes cut up, banged up, busted bones, a lot of good men give their souls ♪ ♪ for black gold ♪ black gold >> previously on "black gold" -- the roughnecks finally conquered the well from hell. >> bam! >> after a wild night celebrating his engagement,
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gerald was two hours late for his shift. >> i got drunk last night. >> you want me to fire him? let him work or what? >> and just like that, he's gone. >> on big dog 28 driller pee-wee and the day crew or racing to pull two miles of pipe out of the hole with gerald gone, pee-wee's working the floor. and tool pusher jerry steps in as driller. >> oh, that don't affect me at all. i'll drill. send that driller down there, we won't have no problem. >> but after surviving 40 years as a roughneck, the oil field strikes back. the spinning chain snaps, smashing jerry's face with flying steel. >> damn, jerry, you okay?
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are you all right? >> oh, [ bleep ] i can't see. >> what happened? what happened? >> watch your step. >> get in there. >> it hit him right between the eyes. >> i can't see out of that one eye. >> you got another cut on your cheek over here. >> that part right there, feel that. >> yeah. >> what is that? >> where your glasses -- where
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your glasses mashed up on you. >> that broke, hit me right between the eyes, broke my [ bleep ] nose and maybe put an eye out. >> are you going to be okay? caught him in the head, huh? >> the crew's favorite tool pusher's rushed to the hospital with a broken nose and blind in one eye. >> jerry threw me for a loop. had a bad feeling for today, the way i was looking at everything, i made sure i wasn't in a bad position. i damn near was. i was six inches away from jerry and that chain. i hope he's okay. >> i've known him, since i broke out, like my grandpa. helps us out as much as he can. i'd do anything for that old man.
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>> at 2:00 p.m. driller ron's night crew hits the rig to finish pulling pipe. with three holes down they're preparing to move the rig to the last well. and they're still a week behind. last shift travis was a no-show. today, cody's back to fill in. but before they can get to work, drilling supervisor david kiser calls a safety meeting. >> you know jerry got hurt. he won't be back today. >> if you have a to use a chain make [ bleep ] sure it's not in the crack. just be careful. >> back to work, man. >> there is still a mile of steel to pull out of the hole
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but with one roughneck down for the count, driller ron's got his eye on tank, the night crew's biggest safety hazard. >> tank, you got to help them. just don't stand there. i got to watch him pretty close, make sure he don't get hurt, put his hands where they ain't supposed to be. >> tank's only been on the rig two weeks and already stacked up just as many safety violations. >> new hand we got, tank, no steel-toed boots. >> man, i borrow them? >> you got to get steel-toed boots. >> keeps glasses on his head, not his eyes. >> am i right or wrong? sign it, right there. >> today, he keeps turning his back to the 600 bound vise, a mistake that could get him killed. >> time out, time out. do not stand under that.
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know where you're going, no what's above your head. last time i'm going to tell you. this is not a day care center. i'm not going to [ bleep ] you. >> i got a 2-year-old grandbaby, i ain't got to watch her this close. >> got pretty hot with me, bent out of shape. i'm doing the "yes, sir" and "no, sir" thing. even though i'm older than him. it's neither here nor there. he's the boss. >> after eight hours of pipe, the drill bit finally hits the surface but with less than two weeks to drill the final well and save their jobs, the crew can't wait to leave the well from hell in the west texas dust. >> i mean, i want this to get offer with. we've been on this well way too long. i want to go to the next one. i'm tired of this [ bleep ] well.
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i'm pretty sure everybody else on this rig is, man. [ bleep ] sucks. i want to [ bleep ] cry. >> back in midland, jerry and his wife are at the hospital. the veteran roughneck's got a broken nose. 32 stitches in his face and he's blind in his right eye. >> you got two of them you don't have to worry about it. >> except for the swelling. >> that's hot. >> yes, we call them jalapeno drops. >> well, it's hot. it's way hot. >> let me see your vision, all right? >> okay. >> what can you see there? >> what can i see? >> right. >> i see a dot.
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>> what about the other eye? >> i can see good, that one. >> let's go forward, sir. look straight ahead. >> i know he's tough. he can take the pain. first thing that would really hurt somebody -- he's always been lucky. >> any normal person would be worried about their vision but jerry's only concern is getting back to rig 28. >> he's going to sign the release and i'll go. >> i don't think it's going to be that easy. >> i'll get another doctor. he will release me or i'll fire him. >> you can't just fire the doctor, jerry. >> yes, you can. >> no, you can't. >> he works for me. anybody works for me i can fire. >> you are a very lucky man because the injury you sustained
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is mostly in the front. there is no injury to the back of the eye which are usually worse areas. i would like to see you next week to see how you're doing. >> okay. i'm going to work this afternoon. >> i'm not sure whether you can. >> yeah, i can. >> i cannot give you the release to go back to work -- >> we'll get another doctor. >> that's your choice, sir. >> i'm going to work this afternoon. >> well, in my opinion, i don't think you are safe to good to work because of the blood in your eye. prevents you from having a good depth perception. >> no, i can see out the other eye. >> it's my job. i don't get back out there, i'll be on the unemployment line. i don't want that. coming up -- >> shut the [ bleep ] up, dude. >> justin and pee-wee go at it again. >> get [ bleep ] out of here, [ bleep ]. >> and later, the hope of drilling four wells in 50 days
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give you outrageous comfort, all-day-guaranteed. woah. it's not too far... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's. it's rig move day on big dog 28. every crew's on site working together, racing to escape the
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well from hell. and get the half million tons of steel to the next location. >> oh, lord, here we go again. >> it's the most important rig move of their career, and there's no way tool pusher jerry was going to ride the bench. with a broken nose, stitches in his face and blind in one eye, he's convinced the doctor to release him for work. >> put that on there -- >> with his pride, his job and health on the line, jerry is risking it all to help big dog 28 finish four wells in 0 days. >> ain't nothing going to stop me. it's my job. >> [ bleep ]. >> good seeing jerry back on the rig but when he took his sunglasses off, i was freaking out, dude. i was like, i was like whoa,
2:15 am
[ bleep ]. you know. i knew he got hit, i know he got his nose broke and got stitches and [ bleep ] but man, that's a tough deal, man. he really did get hurt. >> he's a tough guy. apparently he's irish. his eye, looked like he got stomped on by a football team in cleats or something. >> good to see jerry come back, he's a trouper. he really is a trouper. remind me when i played sports and i got banged up, i wanted to be playing sports. no time waiting for this and that. i wanted to be on the field. >> ready to go another round. >> after delays and breakdowns on the well from hell, big dog 28's over a week behind schedule. with only 12 days remaining to drill the last hole and save their jobs, they need a smooth rig move. >> they're on a mission to try to get this next well started, so we got to try to run through like circus horses to get that
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done. put trucks in this morning and don't have no say-so over it, just got to get the job done. that's what they hired us for. >> got to get to the next hole. >> first step is lowering the derrick. >> touchdown. we are down on the ground. >> with the derrick down, the dig crew's now in charge of taking apart the floor. big dog's replacing gerald with jeff an experiencing hand who's worked with pee-wee before. >> back with you now. what do you say to that? >> hey, guy.
2:17 am
>> exciting right there, itself. >> everybody just work together and be safe today. >> and on his first day back, jeff's been saddled with worm watch. >> yeah, tie this -- >> no, right here. >> we don't have no problems -- that way everything is a lot smoother than what it's going right now. >> they've been doing this four, six seven years, i've sure they know what comes after b. you know, c. >> after six weeks on the rig, and two rig moves cheston should be getting the hang of it. >> oh, that bolt -- bolt first. pull the bolt first. >> you know what, let me pull this first. >> no, don't pull that first. >> that way.
2:18 am
>> grab right here and pull that way. >> grab right here? >> huh? >> right here. pull that way. ready? >> yeah. >> hold on. hold on. ready? >> i got it. >> but, without step by step instructions, he's lost. >> you know rigging everything down, they had their process and steps, one thing after another. i don't really remember those steps. >> even worse, the worm's mouth is slowing down the entire rig move. >> you got to tell me [ bleep ] to do, dog. >> how many rig moves you been on? how many? >> two. >> ridiculous. >> shut the [ bleep ] up, dude. >> i got it all, bro. 100%.
2:19 am
>> hurry up then if you got it all. >> i'm being sarcastic, idiot. after two -- >> i'm sure you had it after two rig moves. >> damn sure knew more than you. >> i doubt it. >> everybody is noticing cheston's attitude, especially driller pee-wee. >> i still have most of the job -- while your -- [ bleep ]. >> i already got a job, good [ bleep ] i'm tired of seeing your -- >> get out of my floor [ bleep ]. you all do is stand around like get [ bleep ] get out of here [ bleep ]. you get the [ bleep ] out of my face. i will mop your [ bleep ] with -- >> these guys get a bit pissed off because i don't know everything yet. i don't get pissed, you know. >> my frustration with cheston has been building up since he's been out here.
2:20 am
one week i think he's doing good but then he's running his little mouth. i mean, he's -- i mean, i just blew up on him, so. i mean, hope he took offense to it, every bit of it. >> cheston's been out here, this is his third rig move and he knows less today than he did the first day he got here. so i mean, i can understand pee-wee getting mad, anybody getting mad. the boy is not a roughneck. he is not a roughneck. he wants to be a roughneck but he ain't. he's not a roughneck. >> this is a drilling rig, not a soap opera and that's what it's turning into, a soap opera. "as the rotary turns" throwing. >> pee-wee wants to throw him off the rig. but it's up to the boss. >> he'd be gone if it was up to me today.
2:21 am
>> big dog drilling supervisor david kiser calls them behind the office to settle the feud. >> i don't know why they make a big deal. i want to run him off. it's my crew, i should be able to run him off. >> chill out. >> he want to do -- [ bleep ]. >> chill out. >> i take it it's very frustrating, i don't know everything but at times i don't know the assembly line -- >> how many wells you been out here? >> he's a lazy -- >> you should probably know. >> well, here's pee-wee -- >> listen to yours. >> out of respect, like, i come out here and showing these guys respect. i want it back. >> i ain't got no respect for you [ bleep ]. >> you ain't have to, man. >> i will kick your ass in front of everybody. >> what's the [ bleep ] we get in a fight, that's our job right there.
2:22 am
>> y'all go out there in the cotton patch but listen to me, this should stop, pee-wee. if y'all two can't get along i need to know now so we can -- >> i can get along. >> hell, we need to do something about it. >> [ bleep ]. >> biggest problem is that little short driller we got. >> them two there, i got to break up. i got to split them up somehow. >> if they can't work together, they both may go. coming up -- >> you will be sweating like crazy. >> gerald ain't loving life outside the oil field. >> standing there with your mouth down. >> yeah, this sucks. >> and the boss lays down the law. >> you know that took three days too long. we'll have to get those days back.
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2:27 am
i mean, i'm not here to lose my job, i'm here to respect my job and try to get along with everybody. you can't get along with everybody. just what it is. >> now, the worm's working in the yard with the rig's other misfit, tank, also at odds with his driller. >> you don't get along with pee-wee? >> hell no, it's not just pee-wee it's all -- >> i'd give my left nut to be on daylight. maybe we co-- >> i tried to switch and get on the crew a while back. >> tank brought up switching shifts. i thought it was the greatest idea in the world. >> it could work, man. i mean -- >> i would give anything to be on daylight. >> dude -- you want to get up at 3:45 in the morning? >> i want to get away from ron, dude.
2:28 am
maybe it will happen. maybe the good lord is looking out for me because i really wanted daylight when i first here, i want the a team, the a-list, that's how i roll. >> drilling supervisor david kiser okays the swap. but he's leaving the final decision to pee-wee. >> can we swap? >> you want to swap? >> worm for tank. >> can you put up with him? >> i guess so. i have no choice. i got to put up with one of them. >> we traded hands. pee-wee can't put up with him anymore because the boy's too stupid. he's too stupid. so, we took tank, which is damn near stupid but not quite as
2:29 am
stupid, put tank on days and put cheston on evening with ron. >> syonara, ron. >> tank and cheston got the shifts they wanted but the celebration will be short-lived. >> trading tank for cheston. you are fighting a losing battle right. be honest, i would be rid of both of them. >> have to prove their worth to a new driller and they're starting from scratch. by 3:00 p.m. the rig's on the move and leaving the well from hell in the west texas dust. after twist-offs, injuries and delays, there is one thing every roughneck agrees on -- >> [ bleep ] this hole. >> this bitch is done with. >> i don't care what they do out there. they can take a dump on it. i don't care.
2:30 am
been nothing but a pain in the ass for all of us. >> [ bleep ] you well from hell. i'm out of this [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ] well -- >> well from hell. >> at the new location, the derrick goes up. and the $60,000 drill bit goes down. big dog 28's finally starting their fourth and final well. to save their jobs, they've got to hit total depth before the lease runs out in 12 days. the well from hell took twice as long. autry stephens right-hand man is on there to tell them what's at stake. >> you know the last well took too long, the whole nine yards. we have to get those day back. some way or other.
2:31 am
this well, we got to get her knocked out, 12 days, we'll meet our deadline. it's really important that we meet that deadline. just do your job right the first time and don't have to do it over again. >> he told us, he wants this well to be better. he didn't want all that [ bleep ] we had on the last well. >> all right. get to work. >> in midland, veteran roughneck gerald sobered up since being fired from big dog, now he's plotting his return to the oil fields. but with a wedding only a week away his fiancee has other plans. >> this is it. rosie's hired him at her job, stripping airplanes. >> it's going to stink like crazy. >> i think it pretty well already smells. >> they run my ass off the rig because i was two hours late for
2:32 am
work and they didn't want me out there anyway, they used that as an excuse to run my ass off. i'll be here with rosie and her crew. i'm game for anything, i'll try anything once, maybe twice to make sure i was right the first time. >> keep in mind this stuff will burn you in a heartbeat. just don't -- first thing you don't do, do not touch it with your bare hands, okay? don't. don't think your a macho man, because you're not. chris, this is gerald. >> 30 years of roughnecking is worthless in the hangar. here he's just another worm. >> he's off the street, like anybody walking off the street, first day, first hour, whatever and he doesn't do what you ask him to do you tell him to get the hell out of the way. i'll show the controls first of all and then the bottom of the plane. you'll be sweating like crazy.
2:33 am
>> i'm already sweating like crazy. >> there is no smoking out here. it's time to gear up, the suit, air mask, shield, gloves. hey, you standing there with your mouth down. >> yeah, this sucks. i'd rather be just about anywhere but here. it's a hot son of a bitch under all this safety equipment. >> do you notice this coming off? that's what we want. >> okay. in my eyes. >> after only an hour on the job, gerald's desperate to get back to the oil field. >> i'd rather be on the drilling rig than doing this any day. get the hell out of here, that's my objective. coming up. >> we're going a little faster, a little harder.
2:34 am
>> cheston's first night shift may be his last. >> he's going to [ bleep ] contribute or he might not have a [ bleep ] job. >> the rig's smoking and freddy's on fire. >> get that -- you've got some pretty important reasons to eat better. so now 23 campbell's chunky soups have 100% lean meat and a full serving of vegetables. a man's gotta eat. he just wants to eat better. campbell's chunky. it's the lg led tv, the only led tv that's thx-certified. so, is it a tv-- or something better ?
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driller pee-wee and the day crew's headed to the rig for their first shift on the final hole. >> day after rig move, we're headed out to the rig. just eight hours today. >> and their first day with new hand, tank. >> we got rid of cheston yesterday, bring out tank today. got to be better. >> he should get a job as a greeter at a supermarket. >> eight hours, yesterday. i was around him. i can see where these guys -- can be rubbed off wrong by that guy. >> two hands have already been thrown off the day crew. so, tank needs to step up or he'll be the third.
2:38 am
>> oh, yeah. really don't know how much experience tank has. find something to do, he stays pretty busy. that's pretty much all you can ask for. >> even though rig 28's driller, the day crew is still putting it back together. >> we're almost done. looking good. only thing done is the blow-out preventer or b.o.p. >> this is a top part of the b.o.p., if this wasn't to work right, malfunction, all of the gas, all of the pressure would be blown up on the floor. it wouldn't be a good deal at all. >> the b.o.p. cap weighs 1,000 pounds and usually moved with a forklift but there is no forklift on site so the crew calls in tank. >> can't beat -- where there's a will there's a way. >> oh, yeah, right. >> we got tank. >> that's not working very well. >> i think if we get it around this bend we'll be all right, huh? >> yeah.
2:39 am
ready? >> come on. [ bleep ] go, go. [ bleep ] yeah. yeah. >> we got it over there, just good old-fashioned pop right there and there it is. teamwork and tank. >> so far that's been a damn good deal, trading cheston for tank. funny guy, good worker. good trade. good deal for me. >> you don't need a forklift when you got the tank. >> with tank's help the well cap's installed and the rig's together. now it's a sprint to the finish with jobs on the line.
2:40 am
at 2:00 p.m. it's shift change time and driller ron's night crew's taking over big dog 28. it's do or die for the roughnecks but most of all, for cheston. >> i traded old tank for cheston. the worm on daylights. everybody says he's mouthy or something like that. i'm not going to put up with his mouth. he wants to learn i'll teach him. if not he can [ bleep ] himself. >> and cheston decides to get attitude on my crew when he's working with me, i mean i'll get on his ass and let him know what's up. it's a rig and he'll contribute to the work or he might not have a [ bleep ] job. because if he can't get along with us, they're going to have to find somewhere for his ass and i don't think it will be on any of the crews. >> you got this --
2:41 am
>> i just told you. >> hey, hey, hey swing him around. i don't think i got him. he was -- if ron does bark at me i'll say "yes, sir" and keep going. he shows me respect and i give him the same back. all these guys do. much better work environment. >> get off that [ bleep ]. we'll see how it works out. >> but cheston's got more to worry about that just driller ron.
2:42 am
tool pusher freddy has his own roughneck welcome for the worm. >> get them out of there. get them buckets out of there. a lot to do today, short time to do it in. >> what now, freddy in. >> take it with you when you go! >> which one? >> that one right there! >> this? >> yeah! >> you can't teach stupid. my daddy told me a long time ago, if you're stupid today, son, you'll be stupid tomorrow. and that ain't no [ bleep ]. get them gloves by the derrick . you said you knew where they was. get the other one. there you go, son. where did cheston go? where did he [ bleep ] go now? chestnuts? get this -- >> working on it. >> we're going faster and a little harder. >> oh, all right.
2:43 am
>> it sucks being somebody else's trash picker-upper, huh? ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ merry christmas ♪ to you >> while freddy's been serenading the worm, he's been neglecting the rig. and the transmission's burning up. >> ron, pick this [ bleep ] up. shut it down! coming up, big dog 28 could be shut down for good. >> burned up, ain't have a job. - i'm in. - i'm a part of it.
2:44 am
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no shocks. dulcolax stool softener provides stimulant-free constipation relief that's gradual and comfortable, like nature intended. dulcolax stool softener. feeling free to be. singers: feelin' free. big dog 28 just started drilling their last well and an oil leak already shut down the rig. >> pick this [ bleep ] up. shut it down. >> now, there is no oil in the transmission. a problem freddy missed. but the night crew missed it first.
2:48 am
>> get them [ bleep ] to get that hole in there. ain't no damn -- nothing down here. just got here, freddy. >> ron tells me, i just got here. [ bleep ] yeah you just got here. an hour ago. a five-man crew, why can't one check it? a greer is burning and the roughnecks' jobs are going up in smoke. >> you won't have a job. none of us are. >> they need to quick walking around with each and holding hands and check the [ bleep ] out. that's what goes to get our jobs. >> one pump out there, every -- that other pump on outside of the compound oils everything in the compound. you know? it don't take a rocket scientist to do this.
2:49 am
you got to hit that big hole there over everything. still ain't oiling. >> is it oiling or not? we got to find out why it's not oiling. see where it's plugged up at. >> adding oil is not solving the problem so the rig's coming apart just as fast as it was put together. >> look down in there and see if the chain's on the oiler. take that other cover off this, cody. >> busted loose. >> two little gears right here. where it busted loose. >> see if i can get a welder out here. >> they can't [ bleep ] take care and check it, motor man needs to check it [ bleep ], driller needs to check it. [ bleep ] if i got to do all of the checking out here i don't
2:50 am
need them [ bleep ] out here. >> the pump that oils the transmission's busted loose, forcing freddy to shut down the rig and call a welder. >> leon, need a welder. they burned and i got to answer to the main man why it gets tore up, this [ bleep ]. it ain't very [ bleep ] pleasant. >> they've only got 11 days left to finish the final well and it's not looking good. but in midland, it's even worse for out-of-work roughneck gerald since he was fired from big dog, he's been stuck on a hangar floor stripping airplanes. it's only been two days and he's already filled with regret. >> well, take a break, drink some water. >> everybody might think this is easy.
2:51 am
the labor-wise it's not physically demanding but the chemical's a real bad son of a bitch. even with the safety equipment i can feel it burning around the edges of my face and stuff like this. this is not something i would want to do every day for the rest of my life. you can bet your ass on that. >> after his firing the hardened roughneck is finally softening up and learning to bite his tongue. his wedding may depend on it. >> ding, ding, there are churches to get married in. >> you're adamant about not getting married in a barn, i'm adamant about not getting married in a church. >> why the no. >> year not getting into that. for lack of a better answer, because i said -- >> why not? >> why? >> why not? >> why? >> why not? in other words if i were to say i want it get married in a
2:52 am
church you would say okay we're not going to get married? honestly? seriously? >> i wouldn't say i wouldn't, i'd say i'd rather not. well, we're trying to make the wedding plans and you get religious views and things involved and i try not to infringe my views on anyone and i try not to look at anybody else's views. you know regardless of your religious views or your political views, i love you for who you are. and i hope that never influences our relationship in any form or fashion. coming up -- >> get around there and check every [ bleep ] motor on this rig. >> hurricane freddy descends on the rig. >> i'm going to give them something to remember today.
2:53 am
but put a ring of cheese in the crust and...jackpot! (announcer) introducing pizza hut's new stuffed crust pan pizza. your favorite pan pizza with a jackpot of melted cheese in the crust. a large one topping is just $10.99. pizza hut. america's favorite for pizza, pasta and wings.
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2:56 am
on big dog 28, drilling's at a standstill after driller ron and the night crew almost burned up the rig. >> they don't to do their jobs out here, drillers want to make sure i don't need drillers or need the hand. >> now they're waiting for a welder to repair the transmission and the clock's ticking on the roughnecks' jobs. there is only 11 days left to
2:57 am
finish the last well and freddy doesn't want anymore problems, so he's ordering the night crew to inspect every inch of the drill site. >> i'm going to give them something to [ bleep ] remember today. i'm going to get a list. get there and check every motor on this rig. all that playing off the edge of the location and the protecters, get that drilling line off the ground. don't have to take their feet up. >> mud bucket up on the floor. >> find the cover for that [ bleep ]. should be a cover somewhere. right here. get them off the floor.
2:58 am
>> after an exhausting shift, freddy's got one last surprise for the night crew. >> who you calling, freddy? >> freddy -- >> i have some watermelons. i thought i'd cut them up and give them to everybody. >> i can be -- >> just right. >> good. >> watermelon. >> hell, yeah. >> hang out. good one.
2:59 am
>> what did do you to it? >> i didn't do nothing to it. >> for the worm, a peace offering and welcome to his new crew. >> you like watermelon? >> yeah. i'm looking forward to working here, they don't put you down all of the time or make you look stupid or me without knowing what the heck is going on -- go ahead. >> i think i'll get along with this crew fine. i'm not worried about it at all, really. >> is it good? >> oh, yeah, it's good. next time on "black gold" -- >> [ bleep ]. >> the oil field claims another victim. >> we had an accident out here. >> the roughneck lifestyle takes a toll on tank.


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