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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 3, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. hello, i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. >> award winning director and child rapist, roman polanski still detained overseas for. >> there is new information. >> taliban launching increasing attacks against american forces. how are american military leaders on the ground viewing it. >> and mounting casualties in
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afghanistan, we begin with the obama's administration review of the military strategy as the top commander's the more troops it will result in failure. yesterday stanley mcchrystal got a chance to meet face to face the commander in chief. describing their 25-minute meeting as productive. molly, what else have they said. >> molly: that it underscores mcchrystal's leadership even though president obama pressed him on the situation in afghanistan. mcchrystal has said is serious and reportedly he intends to ask the president for 40,000 more troops. white house says the meeting, quote, general mcchrystal expects that the president and others are going to ask questions about the assessment he has made and going to ask
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questions of our diplomatic side and intelligence side and all those involved in this to try to get the best strategy for success. two men met on air force one yesterday in copenhagen before the president returned to washington. >> gregg: he says it's more than just serious. he says it's lost. it will be a failure unless he gets the troops he wants. i mean is that a fair assessment. >> molly: he says the situation is deteriorating there. he says the taliban insurgency is gaining strength and u.s. and allies need to, quote, reverse the current trend. he is expecting to ask for more boots on the ground and help train for afghan forces. >> gregg: military analysts as i see it say that the long-term success is about more than defeating the taliban, what do they mean by that? >> he says that, too.
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there needs to be greater reach out to the afghan population. >> there is no question that the general is dead on. this is not how we're going to kill and capture taliban, but how we're going to make relationships with the afghan people, how we are going to get their support to identify the taliban. >> molly: president obama's review of the strategy is likely to take some weeks. >> gregg: molly, thanks. >> julie: as the president weighs in on his options, u.s. troops are face as deadly mission there. a spokesperson saying five u.s. soldiers were killed in separate militant attacks in the past 24 hours there. this as the afghan presidential elections remain in limbo. colonel powell, afghan security forces are supposed to be fighting alongside with u.s. troops but that isn't always the
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case, is it? >> no, it's definitely not. u.s. military side by side from last night. afghan police officer shot and killed two u.s. soldiers while he was on out on patrol in eastern afghanistan. now that afghan police officer is now missing. officials have detained his family trying to track down where he is. this isn't the first time of incident like this. just last month a afghan police officer shot and wounded a u.s. soldier after an argument. this type of incident is happening more and more and there is concerns that the taliban may have infiltrated security forces here in afghanistan. afghanistan security forces are known to be corrupt just like the government and fairly dysfunctional. it shows you how far the
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government and security forces have to go before they can take responsibility for protecting afghan civilian population. >> julie: speaking of the government, afghan presidential elections back in august, there still isn't a winner. what is the latest? >> reporter: this election has been marred by allegations of fraud. president karzai is accused of rigging the vote. they accused the u.n. and top envoys here in afghanistan of essentially protecting president karzai, rigging the vote and refusing to acknowledge how widespread the corruption in this vote has been. abdullah would like to see all the votes, one and a half million recounted and tossed out. that would force them into a second round elections. nobody thinks this election was held freely and fairly, but there are serious concerns as to
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whether there will be a recount or a second round. most likely president karzai could be declared the victor in the next couple of weeks. >> julie: con or powell, thank you very much. >> gregg: new developments in a alleged terror plot. zazi who is the father of the main suspect fighting back and he is challenging the feds surveillance of him. laura ingle has more on that. >> reporter: the father of zazi the man accused of plotting using weapons of mass destruction is working on his own defense trying to get out of charges that he didn't tell the truth to investigators when asked about his alleged terror activity. yesterday zazi's lawyer filed a legal challenge suggesting that federal agents didn't have the authority to listen in and tape phone conversations of the 53-year-old. court documents revealed that he received a call from a person in new york that warned him that
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police were asking him questions about the son. he denied it ever happened. it doesn't detail exactly what information used in the wiretap operation because it was done under the foreign intelligence surveillance act. he could get eight years in prison and $250,000 fine if found guilty. he will appear in court this coming friday. in the meantime, investigators in new york continue to eyeball other co-conspirators in the case. there has been a lot of swws activity outside of an apartment kahn a report friend of zazi has been getting a lot of attention but he says he has nothing to hide and he is cooperating with the f.b.i. za zpi has denied all allegations against him. he was in federal court to face charges of conspiracy of using weapons of mass destruction. they believe he was on the verge of making a bomb with chemicals
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to use terror attack in new york city. she expected to be back in court in december 3rd and he remains in solitary confinement. >> gregg: thanks for the report. >> julie: fast moving storms hitting parts of the country. domenica davis is standing there for a reason. to talk about the rain and snow in the rockies. what is going on? commuters dealing with that flooding there, she is not flooding but it is in houston. trapping on people on the way to work. what a mess? >> we do have some main problems in the south and brand-new storm system that is moving into the west and this is going to be well over a foot that will come down through the cascades and the northern rockies. today and tomorrow that will be the main brunt of this storm. ahead of it we have strong gusty winds that goes as far as down to the south. concerns with arizona where they
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are dealing with a fire there. wind gusts 345-50 miles an hour. here is closer look at the radar and snow starting to fire up. here is what we'll be looking at for the next 48 hours. you can see here is the system. very slow moving as it rides off to the south. winds will be ahead of it and where we have the shades of pink here and purple, that is where we're looking at a front if not more or a foot if not more. here is all the rain that was down in houston. just some tropical moisture that will stick around through sunday. flooding concerns there. also a pretty soggy day through northern new england, getting hit with showers that will stick around sunday. rhode island looking at a lot of flood watches and warnings for this afternoon. >> julie: it's pretty foggy and it's been raining. i just look out the window, just
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like you. all right, we'll see you later. >> gregg: the damage in southeast asia and death toll beginning to hit home several days after that massive earthquake. four villages have been wiped out in indonesia. hundreds of people believed to be buried under mud and debris after those quakes set off landslides. the earthquake struck on wednesday with a magnitude 7.6. most of deaths is northwest of jakarta. david piper has more from indonesia. >> there are real concerns from the two massive earthquakes could rise dramatically. three villages outside of pa darng were swe awa from by landes andha 600 people or more died including a wedding party. that hasn't been confirmed as yet, but the rescue teams are
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really struggling to save the people that may still be trapped under the buildings. behind me is one of the main hotels in pa discharging and we believe some people are -- padang and there was a message sent by one of people yesterday saying they were beneath the rubble here. saying that perhaps eight people and that digging to try to find these people. one body was brought out today, but as such, they haven't found the people yet and hundreds of people now mingling around here in hopes these people can be saved. the overall rescue effort is continuing. a lot of international help. they have arrived and looking through the rubble but when you drive around the city of 900,000 you see what happened here. many of the buildings are down and people still seem to be relatively shocked by what has
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happened. >> gregg: david, thanks very much. millions of dollars in aid and financial assistance pouring in from all over the world. final showdown nears for the health care reform push and senator max because is expected to complete a version of it. it has to be more reconciled with the more liberal house version. and sparks will certainly fly. what can we expect? charles hurtt joins us. i am not sure can predict what is it going to happen but chaos and acrimony? >> they are safe prediction that more sparks will definitely fly going forward. right now, i think democrats are closer than they've ever been in
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history to getting through a government run health care program, but as you noted, they remain light years away from actually getting it done. one of the biggest problems they have coming out of baucus committee with the more conservative bill a lot of the republicans on the committee held back amendments they wanted to see debated until they could get a more public airing on the senate. which basically means a lot of these will be poison pills that could kill the proposal or could make it so that it's untenable for them to be able to get more liberal democrats that want a greater involvement from the government. and then, on the flip side, you still have to negotiate something with the house which has a far more liberal base and a more liberal bill they are
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peddling. it is really sort of impossible. i would make a prediction, i don't think they are not going to get through with what a lot of the democrats want. >> gregg: let me talk about the key word -- taxes. the bill appears to be rife with new taxes, most significant would be punishing people for essentially not buying into a program of some kind. proponents are saying that is really not taxes. is that disinagain us on, are these taxes are they not? >> there is no two ways around it. they are absolutely the government is applying levies on people in order to pay for this program. they are absolutely taxes.
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i can't remember who was it that first said this, it gets said a lot now, if you think heath care is expensive now, just wait until its free. >> gregg: in point of fact, mitch mcconnell, i'm searching for it here, hundreds of billions of dollars that are going to have to be paid here over the course of the first ten years alone. is that a fair accusation or assessment? >> i think so. again, to me what is most troubling about the bill as proposed, congress own accountants who have looked through the legislation, what they have said, it's not going to cut the costs of health care. the only advantage that the government has to lower prices since obviously the government necessarily squashes competition. they have to figure out ways to
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wade into the situation and force costs to be lowered. their own accountants say the bills don't do anything to lower costs. so absolutely, we are looking at tax increases and i don't think there is any evidence there is going to be a payoff that will make health care costs drop. >> gregg: you look at all of the polls, americans are concerned that they are going to lose their current coverage they like. a great many americans, a vast majority like what they have. i don't see anything in these proposals to prevent a company from dumping their insurance and those coverage for all their employees -- we're talking about hundreds of millions of americans -- to simply pay an 8% payroll tax and dumping you on a
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co-op program. do sue see that? >> absolutely. that is the sneaky thing. president obama and democrats are correct when they say there is nothing in this bill that prohibits private insurance from continuing to provide insurance. the problem is it would be so much more cost-effective for employers to just dump people and pay the 8%, pay the fee and let the government handle the incredible costs of insuring these people. so while it's true private insurance aren't going to be outlawed but they will be forced out of business. all this is a baby step toward a larger government run program. anyone who suggests otherwise is being disingenuous. >> gregg: i think the latest estimate was 80 million, maybe 110 million might lose their
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coverage as a result. charles, thanks very much. >> julie: all right, this just in. we're not kidding. take a look at this. giant marionettes. they are giant because they are human. is that what you are trying to tell me. the group. >> there they are. >> that is very real looking. they are helping germans celebrate their reunification this weekend. festival started yesterday in front of the city hall. that is creepy. and giant dressed in a diver's suit will roam the city streets followed by the giant puppets and sailing out of town. they don't do that stuff in united states. we have the thanksgiving parade.
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we have elmo up in the air, how can you beat that? >> gregg: on a windy day. president obama meeting face to to face with top commander in afghanistan as the president considers a host of ideas to stabilize the eight year old conflict. we take a look at the options and what the likely way forward is in this increasingly difficult fight. coming up in the next three minutes. this woman was limited by
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines, a wildfire raging out of control in northern arizona. dozens of homes evacuated. >> rescue crews are digging through piles of debris in a deadly mudslide in sisily. another ship has been hijacked by pirates off the eastern coast of africa. this time a spanish tuna vessel. they are sending a frigate to prevent the pirates and ship from reaching shore. >> julie: president obama holding a private meeting with the top commander in afghanistan. this following stanley mcchrystal's report requesting
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40,000 additional troops. general also warning of mission failure if he doesn't get more boots on the ground. however, the request is not the only option president obama is considering. so what will be the ultimate way forward in afghanistan. joining me now is military analyst is tom, great to have you on. maybe we can talk about the options and what you believe is the pros and cons, scaling back, staying put and ramping up, what do you think? >> if we got out we would just turn over afghanistan and pakistan to radical islam. julie, this is the global wars radical islam. that makes no sense. that is a non-starter. staying put, was that the second one, i think. staying put or scaling back or scaling back, that is the counterterrorism one that just go after the leaders with
4:24 pm
special ops and air power. frankly, that won't work either because you turn afghanistan over to the taliban. don't want to do that. then the next one which i think, don't do anything, staying put. look, general mcchrystal has told us the taliban has increased. they have done their search during this fighting season. people have to remember they pushed it up and killed a lot of americans. upwards of 50 last month or the month before. what we've got to do the enemy gets a vote. when they get a vote and increase their forces we have to counter. finally the one he is recommending, increase the surge if you will, they have a different term for it which would allow general mcchrystal to build up the afghan forces so they can take over just like we've demonstrated in iraq. i think that is a successful
4:25 pm
strategy. only thing i would like to see, i would like to see turkey and jordan and egyptians and the saudis and others contribute dollars and troops. american forces and the nato people have not stood up enough. we need those additional forces tanned that would be helpful. >> julie: american forces shouldn't have to do it alone. mcchrystal warns of a mission failure. he requests as many as 40,000 more troops. some are arguing that because members of al-qaeda figures ran out afghanistan after the attacks they are across the border in pakistan. there is no point to a military presence in afghanistan. what do you say to that? >> i say they don't know what they are talking about. they come back and forth when they want to. the reason they are in pakistan is because we've kicked them out
4:26 pm
of afghanistan. now look -- the taliban and al-qaeda they are all the same. they are radical islamists they have a different brand or different objective but the fact is as soon as the taliban take over as you remember before 9/11 pre-9/11, they were protecting the al-qaeda there and they were using afghanistan as a sanctuary in which they hit the united states. why do we want to go back to pre-9/11 and let them hit us again? >> julie: some are saying the request for 40,000 more troops is managers leading. do you think it's going to be less or more? >> i don't really know. how many to support and active combat brigades. how many support, helicopters, artillery, air power, but fact is it's a number that he feels gives him a robust enough force to allow to build up.
4:27 pm
he is going to have trainers in that number. afghan is harder to build up than iraq was. >> julie: when we talk about ramping up, talk about a surge, it reminds us when president bush ordered the surge of troops in iraq. then senator obama voted against that. he wasn't very forthright in admitting the surge worked which it did. here he is dealing with a similar situation we are now in afghanistan dealing with the same problem in iraq. he didn't vote for the surge back then. what do you think he has learned that may vote differently, he has to make this decision. do you think he has learned from the past? >> well i hope he has. it's his war, it's his to lose or win. the fact is i believe in the final analysis his presidency will be based on that. if he doesn't win it, he is going to get credit for failure. he's got a good model.
4:28 pm
i did say afghanistan is a little harder because the educational level, it's more diverse and it's always been tribal and they weren't used from control from kabul, saddam hussein from iraq. it has opportunities for us and if we can drive them out of there and we've got to work pakistan because it's really the theater. that is why when he made his troop increase in march i thought he got it. now it's disturbing with this vacillation, this appeasement they are talking about he didn't learn from the past. remember, it was him who said it was a necessary war. so he has bought it hook, line and sinker. >> julie: okay, thank you very much. >> gregg: it's been a year since congress passed that $700 billion bailout bill, the tarp. americans were warned if
4:29 pm
congress did not act we would pay the consequences. so one year later, how did it work out for us? where did all the tarp money go? a man attacked by a bear and lived to tell about it. the mother bear was on top of him and he got away by hooking her with a golf club.
4:30 pm
4:31 pm
>> gregg: a guy in florida thinks he hears some racoons.
4:32 pm
he opens the door and family of black bears is there. the mother is on top of him. take a listen to this. >> i took my golf club to scare away racoons, i assume. that's when i saw the baby cub, by the time i could look back the mother bear was full speed running at me. i could hear her coming after me. i took a step and she was on top of me. the only thing i could do, i pushed her off with my feet and got her off with the golf club. >> gregg: yeah, a golf club. at any rate, always keep a golf club handy and the listen in all of this, the family of bears ran off and everybody is okay. lesson is keep your garbage inside before it's picked up by the trash people. >> julie: that is impossible. i think most people go to work
4:33 pm
in the morning, i have not my trash picked up but don't trash people come pretty early in the morning. >> gregg: they do and you have to get up early. for you that sleeps in until noon. >> julie: forget about it, i like bears. i never met one in person, they're cute. >> gregg: bears in manhattan. >> julie: it's the bottom of the hour, top of the news, residents in american samoa cleanings up after tuesday's devastating tsunami. crews restoring water to half of the areas and death toll stands at 170. >> and in indonesia, for wednesday massive earthquake, killing more than 700 but officials now saying that hope is fading for nearly 3,000 people still missing. and the search for a missing
4:34 pm
newborn in tennessee is over. that is what police say, a week old anthony carillo has been found in alabama and in good health. he is expected to be reunited with his family very soon. >> gregg: so with a year in the rearview mirror, the $700 billion bailout pass or fail? without the tough program, u.s. faces serious economic problems. today the unemployment rate is close to 10%. american carmakers went belly-up huge financial giants are now government owned. portfolio managers joins us, jonathan, tarp, success or failure? >> utter failure. as you pointed out over $700 billion out the door. extraordinary measures taken almost every opportunity. you know, at the end of the day
4:35 pm
what do we have to show for it. unemployment at 26-year high. real estate as much as 30%. bank failures are soaring, another bank failure on friday. credit is tight and you know, for what with all this money shovld out. >> gregg: but could matters be worse. if you let aig fail and chrysler general motors and a whole host of banks, maybe unemployment would be at 13-14% and gdp grows would be abysmal compared to first to second quarter? >> that is what proponents of all this bailout and stimulus say. if it wasn't for the tarp, the lights are still on. let's not forget that it was
4:36 pm
president bush that got it started in the first place. and in this uncomfortable position of micromanaging the economy, what kind of car gm makes, to what salaries were paid to insurance executives. >> gregg: you know, i am not trying to get difficult here. we need a return on our investment from goldman sachs, 23%, i would love that. >> that is what i'm hearing from the left. we are making profits in the tarp, only if you don't account for the losses. in fact government watchdogs it's very unlikely we'll ever get back all the money. you're counting pennies and missing hundred dollar bills. all the money that is down the toilet. and from another perspective the
4:37 pm
value of the dollar has lost 7% over this past year. government bureaucrats may be optimistic the world is losing faith in good old u.s.a.. >> gregg: i think you're right. latest data indicates that taxpayers or the hook for $200 billion more than the $700 billion. let's talk stimulus. there was a recent study by noted economist john taylor at stanford, put up the conclusion on the screen. the data available tells us that the stimulus is not stimulating consumption at all. resilience of the private sector deserves the credit for the impressive growth from the first to second quarters. now i ask, biden's chief
4:38 pm
economist a couple of days ago and he laughed at it. what say you? >> i would agree with the quote, with the professor. we all know that productivity doesn't come from government stimulus. if it did, we should have a two zillion dollar stimulus. it comes which you pointed out and the vice president doesn't seem to understand. from private entrepreneurs. that is the contingency that has been vehemently put down in the process. folks want to make money. not people to repave roads and community centers that don't necessarily built or repaved but profit seeking business to start a business, hire folks and create value. that is the process now underway. >> gregg: viewers can go to the website and check it for themselves.
4:39 pm but they have a graph on the front page. you can find out how much we have spent of the stimulus, $787 billion we spent 17%, how anybody can claim that has motivated the economy. decide for yourself. jonathan, good to see you. >> julie: for being devil's advocate you have to yell at him? >> gregg: he is a smart guy and that is why we have him all the time. >> julie: a man accused of taking nude videos of erin andrews posted them on line. they ordinary had michael david barrett in court to return to los angeles and that is where charges against him were filed originally. he was arrested last night at his chicago's o'hare airport. they believe he called hotels, found out where andrews was
4:40 pm
staying and then requested a room right next to hers. and then videotaped through a peep hole. they thanked the feds for their work and they hope the case will help others like hers. >> gregg: seemingly perfect couple, gregg norman and chris evert recently announcing their separation. they were married a nano second ago. they said we will remain friends and supportive of each other's families. the decision is a result of a great deal of consideration. no word on whether a divorce is pending. >> julie: how a wedding in colorado. it didn't rain. >> gregg: you have no idea how frantic she was about the weather. >> julie: this is a wet wedding and they chose to do this. meet a newlywed couple starting their life underwater.
4:41 pm
you can save so much money on hair and makeup. and there they go underwater. tammy parker and ronnie strapped on the scuba tank and he wore a hat. that is at denver's aquarium. and family and friends watched from dry land and took out the regulators to seal the deal. >> the couple had to take a crash coward in diving, yes, they did. that would be a splash course what our writers said. >> gregg: so funny. as a parent you hope the kid will have a longs and healthy life. it's more likely than ever you are going to get what you wish for and then some. >> julie: isn't that cute.
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>> julie: you might want to stock up on birthday candles because if current trends continue more than half the babies born today, in this and other wealthy countries, will live to hundred. okay, so you are saying that our children are going to live up to the age of 100? what are we going right? >> we are capable and the life span and ultimate life span of humans is probably about 120.
4:45 pm
we've been progressively increasing the life span over the last few years. we used to live to 20s and then who's, in 1900 we were about 45. we're now about 735, 78, and we gain control over accidents. we reduce smoking and alcohol and people stop skydiving and motorcycles and eat a little bit less. get the vaccines, get the swine flu, keep your cholesterol and blood pressure down we can absolutely live to hundred. how functional can we be? we don't want to be frail, we want to be dynamic, hundred year old to function as a 60-year-old. that is going to be challenge. >> julie: it seems to me the high risk extracurricular activities. first of all i've never gone sky
4:46 pm
dieg. i live pretty conserve actively. >> there a lot of shl reasons. some of it may be within your own genes and your ability to produce certain antioxidants. but the risk taking is a contributing factor. >> julie: what will be the contributing factor when i have a child, whether it's a boy or a girl and we know that men do live shorter lives. is that going to change? >> it hasn't in the last hundred years. it's not likely. that gender gap is going to continue. i think if we get in control over obesity and heart disease which i think we can, and if we can get some improvement in technology and a little bit better understanding of the genes so we can improve gene activity, we can do it. >> julie: when we talk about wealthy countries, comparing
4:47 pm
people that live in third world countries and they don't live in clean environments. how much does our environment affecting us? >> it's critical. in certain countries, many parts of africa the average age is still 35 or 40. >> julie: men and women? >> men live less long than women but it's very true. it may be due to hiv. the government will determine your health in those countries. sanitary conditions and vaccinations. >> julie: top ten health picks and is it too late for gregg? >> no. eat properly and have the right medications, avoid drugs and alcohol and cigarettes. be happy, be curious, continue to work. stay physically active. sleep, get enough sleep. >> julie: eight hours or more? >> seven or eight hours. be happy, that is really
4:48 pm
important. hang around people that make you happy. those things are really important factors. >> julie: so by gregg working with me he will live longer. maximum when you look across the species, you look at maximum age of cats, they are about that and dogs are 20 something. >> julie: i do believe happiness does make lifelonger. >> bottom line is still going to be functionality. you want to be 90 and be on a respirator in a nursing home? that is going to be the big challenge. >> julie: doctor, very interesting. it's not too late for you, gregg. >> gregg: you have taken years off my life. >> julie: you have taken pounds off. >> gregg: a rape investigation of roman polanski, court documents are going public
4:49 pm
revealing there was a deal between the hollywood star and his alleged victim. we'll weigh on what we can expect, his punishment his extradition, will he get away with it all?
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i didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my power chair. with help from the scooter store, medicare and my insurance covered it all. call the scooter store for free information today. call the number on your screen for free information. >> julie: new developments in the rape case of hollywood director roman polanski. he was connected to a 31-year-old conviction. >> he agreed to pay his alleged victim who was only 13 years old at the time settlement money. a lot of it. public information shows lawyers battled with polanski to get him to pay up. it's unclear how much money, if any at all, went to the woman. joining us is former district attorney and bob fafey, judge,
4:53 pm
this looks like, i realize that civil lawsuits for money compensation are permissible. it appears that he was trying to pay it off and "b", he didn't pay. >> what is interesting now things make sense. if the young girl was raped, he pled guilty to having intercourse with 13-year-old. once she is paid or promised to be paid $500,000 then the documentary comes out, you know, i don't want to go forward with this anymore. interest was added to it. nobody will confirm she has been paid. it kind of explains her forgive >> it's about $604,000, and when asked, lawyer says he can't remember all the details. clearly, they never planned on paying. i don't think he ever thought he
4:54 pm
would ever, ever pay for his crime. do you think he just got reckless toward the end? >> i think that any civil agreement entered in to is obviously enforceable. you have to be able to enforce it and go get the money. as janine knows, civil grief answers are alleges entered in to. under normal circumstances people are paid. one of the things i like this, as man, i understand the victim not wanting to go through this. i'm disappointed in the man of the fact of what message does it send to other young women who are victims. it really concerns me. >> gregg: i'm very happy you to say that. as a father of a 13-year-old girl, the more i read about this and angryer i get.
4:55 pm
the ex-sister-in-law is now saying, well it was really consensual. she was plied with liquor and qualudes. a 13-year-old can't consent to such a thing. >> if you read any of the reports, when this happened, she said she said no and gave her drugs. shame on debra tate. shame on her and hollywood for taking on this we forgive him. there is no speculate system of justice for celebrities. roman polanski is nothing more than a two bit pedophile and saying that i am famous, you're not going to get a chance. hog wash. here is where the problem comes in. if they disthis plea because maybe there was misconduct. if they dismiss it. then they've got to go to trial
4:56 pm
and take the case to trial. that is where it muddies the water. >> i have the transcript of her grand jury testimony when she was 13, 14 years old. no, no, she begs him please stop over and over again. she describes the alcohol and the drugs he plied her with and repeats how afraid she was physically of him. it was more than intercourse, i'm not going to say what more. it's inhuman, it's unbelievable, as a father i think he should be death penalty eligible not to mention life behind bars. >> as a father of a daughter and granddaughter, i would have janine representing me on something like this. i don't understand, gregg, the arrogance of the people that could possibly say it's been 30
4:57 pm
years ago. i mean if it was their daughter or a wife, how could you possibly connect this that this man should be be a solved mea culpa. i pray they, extradite him and i don't care there was somebody in l.a. got hot on this. he committed it. he pled guilty to it. he needs to pay for the crime. >> you know what the sentence was ridiculous. he pled guilty and 90-day psychiatric evaluation and then he was released 42 days later after they deemed him mentally sound. judge responded by ordering him back to jail and he flees the night before the sentence. prosecution has sought his extradition eight different time from eight different countries. >> it's not going to be hard at all. i have extradited criminal
4:58 pm
defendants that worked with state departments. he lived in france which is why the united states couldn't get him. there was no extradition treaty with france. make no mistake, they tried no less than eight times in eight different countries. by the way, in ce pplon't know this, all the people standing up for him, he brought a motion to dismiss the charges. he is the one who stirred up the pot. he thumbed his nose nose at the united states criminal system. it's time to bring him back. >> gregg: all right. thank you both. great to see you both. admit i can't be objective about this matter. it's just awful. president obama facing a difficult decision, should the united states send more troops to the afghanistan. top commander says we need more manpower. coming up we'll take a look at the other options on the table and what the president should do.
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