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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 3, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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buy my book. see you on monday. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> day corn. >> acorn. a.c.o.r.n. and tangled roots and hard nosed protest. >> voters registration fraud. >> the practices are in violation of the nevada law. >> and the undercover tapes that stunned a nation! is a.c.o.r.n. about to fall? >> this report shows racketeering and charges that would normally put people in prison. this hour, stories you haven't heard. interviews that you never have seen. >> we asked for a significant amount of money.
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>> inclugged the man who started it all. >> with all respect you don't get it >> i don't have to get it. >> the truth about a.c.o.r.n.. >> i am meg an kelly. what is a.c.o.r.n.? and what is it up to? the association of communities for reform now has more than 00,0 member familis and 1200 chapters in the country and has hundreds of affiliated organizations with global reach. thanks to videotape that was widely broadcast over the past weeks. is acorn corrupt or dangerous. we start with the man who founded the controversial organization and ran it 38 years until june 2008. he has never given an indepth television interview until
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now. >> i would say i am a dangerous guy. there is no doubt about it. they are right to be worried about me. i have a small skill set, i know how to builds and they fight and win. >> and born in wyoming and raised in new orleans. he entered massachusetts williams in 1966. he was soon drop out he said to organize against the viet nam war. he went to work for the national welfare. >> what was your background that led you to be interested in welfare rights. >> i was young and had my eyes open and lined to what i was hear couldn't be resisting. >> you had a mentor. >> i needed a mentor. in fact i probably still do. in welfare rights. dr. george wily at the time. >> he was a influential civil
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rights leader and the man behind the. its mission was to organize welfare recipients in a political force and petition for benefits. some even believed if they added enough people to the royals, radical and political and economic change would follow. >> if you could flood the american welfare system with risipients you could break the bank. >> stanly is a senior fellow . he has done extensive research on the acorn. >> that would force the federal government to have a guaranteed minimum income. it was a strategy to provoke socialism through a crisis of the welfare state system. they used to flood welfare offices with recipients that demand more welfare payments. >> the record in the entire
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field of welfare and human relation size one of colassal and complete failure. >> then governor ronald reagan of california felt that the welfare rights organizers were destroying the lives they claimed to be helping. >> they have tried to raise people by mass movements and big government approach has institutional poverty and until welfare becomes a way of life in the second or third generation of families. >> democratic bill clinton embraced reagan's view and ended welfare as we know it >> by 1970 he claim to see why it was a sinking ship and break the bank stratentliy was simply not work neither was wily's narrow focus on only welfare rights. >> i thought i saw things to
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do better and convinced them to let me try acorn. >> he agreed to back him only if he would try the ideas in a place where rights needed help. >> welfare rights was trying to impact on wilburn mills who was head of the house ways and means committee. he was in the second district in little rock. i was willing to live in arkansas and never been there before in my life. >> rafke launched acorn in this brick house in little rock. back then it stood for arkansas community organizations for reform now. rafke never not chairman mills to deliberate. but acorn was more more than welfare. >> we were dealing with the low and moderate families. knocking on door and talking to people about the neighbors
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and whether or not there was a organization to join with their neighbors and solve problems that they saw every day and haven't been able to get fixed. >> he made it a multiissue organization and protest and demand anything that had to do with redistribution of health. >> acorn was defending the public policy and redistribute wealth in an equitable way. and support political candidates who supported those goals. >> acorn was endorsement that many sought. >> is it blatently social mr. #2: . >> it is not. but it is defactorist. in effect. socialist without agreeing to say so. >> socialism. i don't know what that really means. we are advocating for the rights of a citizen to be fully respected. the very model of acorn was
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taken from the state motto of arkansas which in latin, the people shall rule. we believe indeed that and we may be the last people who do. >> you mention it said i quote. we are the masses of many and not the force was few . we'll continue our fight until the american way is just one way and shared the wealth and won our freedom. sounds awfully socialistic. >> it brings a smile to my face to hear that. convention after convention. people would read that preamble to the platform almost as if there is a prayer. it is a hole in the balloon friend oz the right wing are saying. the right to be rich and free. is that socialism? or talk about citizen wealth that you would have basic. >> sharing the wealth. >> did it say sharing the wealth.
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>> yes, share the wealth. >> we believed in equitable of benefits and rights that people have. we stand accused of that and guilty of believes that people have a better life. that is not socialism. >> he would open acorn braff in texas and south dakota. by 1980, it was in 20 state country . by 2008 rafte built a vast organization he told us he envisioned from the beginning. >> i could make it happen in arkansas. we'll makes it happen anywhere. >> is acorn good for america? >> acorn has been rotten for america. >> fox news reporting the truth about acorn. we'll be right back. cheez-it® bakes so much real cheese...
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>> what drives an organization like acorn? desire to hospital poor or desire to organize radical change in america? in our acorn efforts good for the poor or for that matter for this counselry? >> if you are 38 year in the community organizing business. he defends his work in a new book. citizen wealth. because he writes, his goal has to be help the poor find a measure of financial security. acorn took a major step to that goal seven years after he launched the organization. >> 1977. one of the primary accomplishments for the last 30 years was the passage of the community reinvestment act. because of that yoer not allowed to red line communities on income and race or sex or creed. the banks were getting
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deposits from the east end of little rock for example and making no loans in that community, there was something wrong. >> acorn's critics agree that it impacted the country . led to the greatest economic crisis since the great depression. stanley curt is one of those. >> the community reinvestment act required banks to make loans to the people in the immediate vin sinity. >> that is a good thing but acorn abused those rules and regulations. >> abused them by making outrageous claim that is banks were not writing enough loan to low income borrowers. >> banks rolled over because of pressure. >> then we come to the critical second stage. the bank said look, we would like to make more high risk subprime loans but fannie mae and freddie man will not by
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them. fannie and freddie were push to lower the lending standard and worked. by the end of the clinton administration. half of the portfolios was risky subprime loan to low and moderate income buyers. >> that was the big move that helped to begin the whole subprime loan crisis. >> that was in the '90s. how do you connect tato the financial crisis in 2008 and 9. >> community reinvestment act and then fannie mae and freddie mac and the capitalist thought we'll make money as long as you do that. there is a share of blame. but it would not have gotten to the stage if the original standards of credit were adhered to. >> balderdash. you know, there is no evidence that you know, somehow we
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convinced huge gazilion outfits like fannie or freddie to jiggle the books so more low income people accounted get n i wish. the real truth is negotiated by acorn. you can point it seven million people who gained homeownership because of the passage of that act. >> no doubt some people were helped. but a lot of people got mortgages they couldn't afford and in the end their homes were foreclosed. >> it targeted more than banks and lenders. beginning in the 90s. acorn pushed for living wage laws that are in effect in more than are you cities nationwide. it requires employers to pay higher than minimum page. employers tend to eliminate them instead of paying
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marketerates. that're didn't stop acorn for making that when it tried to convince the california court to exempt acorn from paying the minimum page. >> the more acorn had to pay in a legal brief, the fewer workers it will be to hire. >> is that hypocritical. >> i wish i had been more on top of that issue and say what are you doing out there. we support the minimum and living wage. >> it is not the only time they were accused of hip procchris. ? 2003 acorn worker in dallas tried to uninize it was slapped for improper and antiunion tactics . acorn pressured bank to make subprime loans when real estate shot up. when the bubble burst acorn filed lawsuits and staging protest over predator lending. >> acorn tactics have been
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criticized. fox news obtained cell phone video from march 2005 when acorn bused 100 protestors to virginia beach headquarters. >> out of buses they come running toward the building. >> john hewit was founder and ceo. yelling andea.mi liberty refund anticipation loans at interest rates that were predatory. >> the protestors were slammed with over understand're hundred summons. the change was participate nothing a riot. rafe adnits went awry but the result was good. liberty agreed to explain the loans clearly and agreed to pay a acorn affiliate $50,000 for three years. the money was for community outreach. huit sees it another way. >> to me, stop them from harassing us.
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even though i felt dirty by paying them money, you know, it is a business decision. >> rafe said a different acorn target came to a different business decision. that's when they stormed the meeting of the national paint and coating in cleveland. >> that is a failure story. >> we went there with bus loads of people and they went in the room and really frightened the people at the hotel. who were having this convention. >> acorn organizer marsle reed was bused in from washington d.c. that day. acorn wanted to pay companies to pay acorn to remove paint from poor communities. >> we asked them for significant amount of money and i had no idea because i was in the meeting. i thought it was an outrageous amount of money. >> 30 billion for the work was
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demanded and the paint companies refuse to pay. >> they did everything and threw the sink at them and never got them to negotiate. >> acorn has used similar tactics to silence. mike huckabee was set to deliver a civil right speech. >> they surrounded the outer walls and much to the dismay of the state troopers, they mounted the stage. >> huckabee had to cut his speech short and leave through the back door. >> it was a tense moment and totally unnecessary. >> kirk said one politician that they liked. obama of illinois with whom acorn has a long history. >> obama worked on the ground with acorn when he was a community organizer in chicago. and several years later in 1992, when he headed an
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organization called project vote. >> mr. obama reportedly helped tod train acorn organizers and represented acorn in a voters registration lawsuit. he served on the board of a charitable organization that paid acorn 190,000 . he told an acorn audience. i have been fighting along side on acorn on issues you care about in my entire career. still the president down place the relationship with acorn. >> you know president obama? >> no, i think i was in a line at a unimeeting and may have shaken his hand but not met him in a sense of like we are. you and i are good friends compared to president obama. >> you think his presidency is good for acorn. >> thus far, the jury is out. >> but perhaps not for long. there is also a down side to
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megy re is m >> there is much more to acorn than mights the eye it has a complex of networks that some say is complicated by design. >> how many affiliates about does acorn have? >> a certainly a huge number. more than hundred. so it is hard to tell the inventory. the operating cooperation that forethe family of organization is a dozen or less than 20. >> of those 12 main ones. >> we should have brought the accountant. >> i am trying to understand. >> trying to help. >> for starters rathke said main acorn nonprofit and not tax exempt and it is allowed to participate in partisan political activities. rathke said acorn gets its funds from hundreds of thousands of acorn member families that pay $120 in dues.
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acorn's many affiliates receive money from various sources. charitable donation and state and federal money and payments for companies they targeted with protest. public and internal acorn documents by fox news indicates there is happens of related enities. acorn institute and even two radio stations. it makes for a mind numbing corporate tangle which are tax exempt and others which are not. for sphance. provest vote is tax exempt. donors get a write off . those efforts must be nonpartisan. but another acorn affiliate citizens services inc. is aloud to enchage in partisan. obama campaign in 2008 paid citizens service 800,000. most of the that for get out the vote efforts .
10:25 pm
then there is acorn hougs cooperation that received tens of millions from the federal government according to federal estimates. that made americans angry when undercover tapes caught setting up a brothel. >> i am not shaying she does. >> it is widely reported that acorn is affiliate with service international union or seiu. rathke depenighs that affiliation but he was found are of seiu active in arkansas and louisiana and texas and chief organizer since the 1980s. former acorn board members said acorn has received millions from the locals and the locals. with all of the entanglement, many wonder how separate for the acorn enities. >> how do you make sure funds
10:26 pm
that are supposed to go for nonpolitical purposes go to that entity and the funds to go for political purposes that are okay go to that and narrow the twain shall meet. >> you pay a arm and leg for auditors is the basic way you do it >> this confidential document paints a troubling picture. it is initial report on organizational review. prepared by acorn's only lawyers and obtained by fox news raising a number of concerns about acorn and affiliates finances and management in rathke tenure. for example, that staff overlaps in a way that is not appropriate. acorn lax the protected walls needed to insure that partisan and nonpartisan activity kept separate . acorn is not properly handling federal grant funds and no one is minding the shop.
10:27 pm
it is dated june 19th, 2008. two weeks after rathke's last day as acorn's chief organizers. rathke was done in by a financial scandal that started eight. his brother dale embezzled one million from citizens consulting inc. acorn lawyers called the administrative nerve center. dale stole $215,000 from acorn beneficial association. a fund for acorn workers. >> lawyers report indthat is dale stole from the acorn fund, employee health care plan. wade claims he and the executive decided not to notify the board of directors. >> decisions were made to protect the organization. it is not like they don't have a list was out there and had
10:28 pm
so 10 years ago as well >> why didn't you turn dale in when you learned he embezzled the money. >> the management made decision between restitution and retribution that restitution was more in the administration. >> dale signed a promissory note to pay back the money and a wealthy benefactor named drumond pike stepped in to buy that note from acorn. pike confirmed that. money from pike wiped the short fall but a congressional report suggested that acorn may have violated federal laws by not reporting it to the i.r.s. and filing bogus reports with the department of the labor that concealed the deal. >> i know that the laws were obeyed in the situation. i know everything about the i.r.s.? god know. >> lawyers questioned whether
10:29 pm
akosh legal council may have been misled. a charning rathke called gross speculation. >> did you consult with an attorney. >> consulted with many attorneys on the situation and got the advice acted on based on attorney's advice. >> dale kept his job adding insult to injury. >> why didn't you fire himpt you kept him on the acorn pay roll. >> we moved him outside of a problem . he worked there 20 years . everyone's view he had a contribution. >> he embezzled almost a million dollars. >> i will quote the president in the tales of our father. one thing that is different about community organizer it is redemptive. >> he quoted that a man who can't protect his brother is not a damn. >> reed was the acorn organizer who was growing uncomfortable with management after she saw the overly
10:30 pm
aggressive actions against the paint makers. by 2008 she was on the national board. reed said she and other board members were outraged when it came out they were kept in the dark about the rathke schecret shenigans. there was a motion for wade to be remove the motion carried. he was out. >> but reed didn't stop there. she and a handful of other acorn board members suspected more money was missing and that taxpayer and other funds were co-mingled in violation of the law. they tried to force the full board to open the records in acorn's book keeping arm. rebuffed. karen inman went to court. >> you sued ssi and said let us see the book. you get a pink slip and what was the exlap a recollection.
10:31 pm
>> that we violated the tenant and we never were aware of it >> bertha lewis claimed that reed and inman were removed for aggressively trying to distract the organization. once expelled from the national board it was more difficult for reed and inman to inspect the books. reed sees a deep hiprochrisy in the executives who demanded less accountability for themselves than the companies they target. >> we could hardly go out on the street and ask other people to do what we ourselves are not willing to do. >> think you heard it all in the voters registration fraud? think again.
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megyn: when people think o >> when people think of acorn many think voters registration fraud. that's how the organization
10:34 pm
came in the national spotlight. when acorn workers turned in thousands of phony registration forms. that led to several criminal investigations and as eric shawn reports there is a lot more reported to the story. >> your bottom line whether it is 5,000 or 15,000 registrations but you can't do it alone. >> these vint age training videos obtained by fox news from the acorn collection suggest that they are teaching the hard sell of voters registration for decades. >> the system is up . i will hold my clip board out so you can't get by me. >> when i joined acorn, i learned that we could work to get other people elected. >> the president of the louisiana chapter of acorn joined the organization 33 years ago. >> i learned about voters
10:35 pm
registration then. and we got just about everybody in new orleans registered. we got 60,000 in the city registered with no problems. >> but now, problems are all you hear about when it come to acorn voters registration drive. thousands rejected by thorts in the country. criminal investigations . group and employees in multiple states . dozens was acorn workers reportedly convicted in connection with the voters registration efforts. acorn national leadership declined the request to discuss the issues. they sat down along side wade rafael. she echoed the explaination that it is a victim of its own workers. >> initially you are going to get people to do something they shouldn't do. i don't know how you could stop that.
10:36 pm
>> but acorn's former las vegas field director christopher edwards testified that acorn manager and foot soldiers can be a problem. as part of a plea deal. edwards pled guilty to misdemeanor and testifying against acorn and former acorn official. it is a criminal case in which acorn is charged with 13 counts of comp for voters. as part of a program in las vegas known as black jack . edwards testified they former regianal director supported the plan. >> acorn lawyers tried to stop it. >> you ever recall her to stop the black jack. >> not. >> acorn denies wrong doing . the attorney said the prosecution has unfairly
10:37 pm
targeted the organization. the nevada secretary of state a democrat said what they did was criminal and undermines our democratic system. >> you strike at the heart of having integrity and the right to a process and that is important in nevada and the entire country. >> whatever happens in nevada and elsewhere. wade rathke is making a surprising prediction. that acorn after 38 years my get out of the voters registration business altogether. >> acorn is probably debating whether or not to be involved. the damage to the organization by the allegation true or false is very, very difficult to manage. >> coming up, acorn on capitol hill. >> this report has claimed of racketeer fraud and embezzlement and charges that would put people in prison. that is after the break.
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megyn: n >> no one can say how many taxpayer dollars are pumped in acorn affiliates. tens of millions to be sure. but that appear to be changing. karl cameron reporting from capitol hill. >> i might even stipulate acorn or some of its employees have participated in voters fraud. >> that is something we should tolerate none of. >> when an acorn employee is caught they accuse the worker. >> to understand the reluctant of capitol hill to investigate acorn it is back and forth from last spring. between john conyers of michigan and the new york joe adler. it came after scathing testimony begin by a republican lawyer who said she
10:41 pm
sued acorn for voters registration fraud in pennsylvania. >> i would request that congress investigate the allegations as i have outlined against acorn. >> may i have the chairman consider such a hearing so we can get to the bottom of this? >> i will say that i will consider a hearing on acorn if i ever hear any credible allegations. >> wait a minute. this is a member here that got a successful of partial injunction against acorn. >> the chairman makes a good point and we'll consider it. that's what all chapers say around here. i suppose that's pretty instructive and encouraging. >> weeks later. coniers confirmed no hearings . his explanation surprised steve king from iowa. >> we wouldn't hold the
10:42 pm
hearings because power at be decided no investigation to acorn. who was he talking about. either the speaker that would have over the chairman of the judiciary committee or the president of the united states. >> for the record conyers spokesperson said when he mentioned powers that be he was referring to himself. he was spiking his own investigation. a group of republicans from a different house committee were pushing for their own investigation. their report levels accusation upon accusation to acorn and allegations of criminal activity that acorn is guilty of voters registration fraud on a nationwide scale and acorn and affiliates broning tax laws in partisan political activitis and improperly campaigning to elect democratic candidates and improper lobbying . by keeping donor records from
10:43 pm
the clinton, ker yeobama campaigns with the intent to engage in prohibited negotiation. acorn broke tax laws when it failed to isclose dale rathke's embezzlement to the i.r.s. . covering the short fall caused by the embezzlement. republican allegations go on for 70 pages and conclude by suggesting that acorn may be intentionally structured as a criminal enterprise. this report has claim was racketeering, fraud and embezzlement. charges that put people in prison. are they going there? >> no, they are not. >> congressman is whose republican staff wrote the report. it didn't move congress closer to an investigation of acorn. then came undercover videos from website of big shot in multiple.
10:44 pm
a organization that received millions of taxpayer dollars on how to cheat the i.r.s. and get away with prostitution. >> you are going to get shut down. >> trafficking underage girls . >> you can use them. and setting up a brothel in the community that acorn is organizeg. >> use your house. >> acorn said the tapes were doctored and fired the employees involved. but agreed to conduct an internal investigation. nothing stopped the erosion of support. u.s. census bureau and i.r.s. announced they were cutting ties with them. bank of america announced they are suspending commitments to acorn housing and department of justice inspector general governors of california, minnesota and louisiana and brooklyn da's office and maryland attorney general
10:45 pm
announced investigations. maryland taren general is investigating whether the film maker broke state laws by making the recordings. >> we learned that six months of thoughtful research and truth on a organization doesn't give you the kind of result that is a salacious video about child prostitution does. >> september 17th, the house voted overwhelmingly 345 to 75 to stop any more tax machine ony from going to acorn. >> it is dramatic. i didn't believe the house would vote to unfund acorn. that's how the political wheel turned in the united states. >> john conyers who suggesting that acorning investigation voted to bar federal funding for the organization. >> it may be that acorn is guilty of infractions and if so it ought to be investigated. >> among the 75 democrat that
10:46 pm
is aposed. gerald nadler who said it was unconstitutional. congress can't be the in business of punishing organization without trial. >> this shows you how deeply important is to democratic members that they are willing to make what are laughable statements and about the constitutionality of when taxpayer money has a right to go to anybody. >> the senate also voted overwhelmingly too remove funding covering housing of urban development. we tried to talk to key democrats. hare reid and house speaker pelosi andiers. none would agree to an interview on this subject and tried to ask the president. biggest question for him, , he support legislation ending all tax support of acorn. the president did answer that question for another network.
10:47 pm
>> frankly it is not something that i followed closely. i didn't know acorn was getting a lot of federal money. what i saw on the video was certainly inappropriate. >> i would say here in washington, when somebody benefits you you typically come together. when they become a anchor dragging you down. it is good politic to cut them loose. i think president obama would be smart to recognize that this is now an anchor that can bring him down. >> coming up. with acorn in shambles here. wade rathke goes international. after the break. strong itch fighters plus five moisturizers stop the itch, leave hair healthy. selsun blue.
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megyn: acorn has now lost i >> acorn lost its founder to a financial scandal and seen dozey know of workers charged with voters registration fraud and film makers showed them making immoral erptprize. acorn has been banned from workoth next sensus . could face more legal trouble ahead. can the organization sururvive? i first sat down with wade rathke two and half hours in new york. that was before the undercover tapes came to light.
10:51 pm
he agreed to give me a follow up interview and he was in new orleans and i was in new york. >> since we last met there are explosive undercover videos showing what appears to be acorn workers helping a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute with respect to advice of how to avoid tax and laws. >> i haven't seen the tapes but read about activity. low holt do right rule was broken. >> isn't it more than that. >> isn't it a disgrace. >> it is too painful for me to watch. i am sure management and leadership will address it. >> how do you feel about it as the man who fowned the organization and ran it 38 years. is it a right wing conspiracy
10:52 pm
or a problem of acorn workers that acorn needs to address. >> it is some parts of this i find disturbing, particularly the aing unmented congressional attacks that to me seem to go close to a neomccarthyism. >> what do you mean by that? >> i got the sense that there was a mass dog pile of people trying to jump on these times when various individual worker had made errors doing what ever the sting might have been. >> how can you make that assertion. when you have on the tapes a man and a woman going into a acorn office. not just one, several and posing as a pimp and prostitute and asking for help to set up not just a brothel, which would be bad enough, but a brothel that would house
10:53 pm
underage girls coming in from el salvador and acorn workers not expressing shock or disgust or calling the police but saying sure how can i help? >> there is a difference in the action and reaction that is indefensible. what i am saying no, i would have no defense for what the actions have been. there is no excuse and pay are painful for anyone who heard about them as i have. we cann't all of the sudden target individuals because they're unpopular or come from a different political persuasion. that is not the american that is what we live n >> acorn is the victim? >> any time rights are trampled we are all victims, megan. >> wade, with all due respect. you don't appear to get it. it is not that several. >> i don't have to get it.
10:54 pm
you can tell the current management which is where you need to go to talk about the situation. >> we made multiple request for bertha lewis to appear. acorns response. not a chance in hell. >> we are joined by bertha lewis. >> lewis did appear with chris wallas on sunday and admitted she found problems after taking over in june 2008. but she had addressed them. >> since i took over, i have overhauled. >> wait, wait, wait. >> she also said she would appoint an outside auditor. >> there are the videos which have happened on your watch. >> those folks were terminated immediately and what did i do? make sure we have an independent review and make sure we suspend walk in activities so we could review what worked and didn't work and instances that those folks
10:55 pm
were thrown out. >> lewis took a shot at her predecessor wade rathke. >> i know that last year, we were outraged that the board didn't know about the previous chief organizers activities. >> she has had to completely overhaul the finances and all of the controls so that things would finally be above board. why hadn't you done that when you were at the hel m. >> i am not getting into a play by play of what bertha may have said and find necessary to say these days. but the organization was ours independently and had high controls and vetted continuually. >> the question of whether acorn properly kept the books and trained and vetted employees and complied with tax laws is an important one. we wonder if important question acorn's mission and
10:56 pm
tactics developed over four decades with rathke in the helm led to a sense of lawlessness. rathke resented the suggestion . >> you are not going to make me wear hashoe. meg an. >> in your book acorn workers must aggressively exploit all federal aid programs no matter what. i see the workeros the video and people with phony voters registration fraud and think they are taking a page out of the wade's book aren't they? >> that is an interesting conclusion. somehow you say i have responsibility for what is happening on these scurriless videos. you will never find a sentence in my book that said somehow there is anything whatsoever we should do to support prostitution. >> is this the end of acorn? >> i am sure this is not a happy time within acorn. i have total conviction that the members will drive the
10:57 pm
organization to greater accomplishment future. >> whatever the future rathke said his organizing days are far from or. he kept another position . chief organizer of acorn international which he has renamed community organizations international. rathke said it is completely separate from acorn but the idea is the same. from argentina and dominica republic and peru and india. self described dangerous man went global. >> you know, wade, the thought of you doing internationally what you did in america would worry a lot of people. >> i am a organizer and this is what i know how to do . luckily as long as there are poor people desperate to change things that are in their lives that they haven't been able to change there is going to be people who organize. >> that's our program. now your turn to tell us what you think. accepted us knowa e-mail .
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