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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 4, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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russia designed sputnik to study the upper atmosphere but it ignited a battle that led to a new era of exploration 52 years ago today. and now you know the news as fox reports this saturday october 4th, 2009. i'm julie banderas. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great week! ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. and welcome to the fox studios in new york city and this edition of huckabee. tonight, can we trust iran? do we send more troops to afghanistan? and should the government force you to buy health insurance? these are important questions, and tonight we're going to try to get some answers. we're also going to talk to future football hall of famer sports broadcaster and now actor
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michael strahan. and speaking of hall of famers, two words.ern lynyrd, skynyrd.and apse they're here and they're going to rock the house like never before. [applause] >> i love them, erika, and in lv part because it allows different poirnts opoints of view and encs individuality. i said many times republicans aren't right all the time and democrats aren't wrong all the time. not from my spe perspective mosf the time. it's foolish for us to act likef we're always right and the other guy is always having different views is a good thing. intng different standards is not. if something is right, it's right, and if it's wrong, it's just wrong. it' diversity is a good thing, butgw did you policetduplicity is not.
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having different rules creates sicynism and distrust.olvin it prohibits the trust necessart to work toward a solution. now, if it's not wrong for republican joe wilson to shout d out you lie on the floor of congress and it was, then it's equally wrong for a democrat like alan grayson to say hismock republican colleagues ineplica congress want sick people to dip quickly.o joe wilson apologized.d j then he got censured by the agi whole house.e red by alan grayson was belligerent, and nancy pelosi found nothing wrong with his comments, because in nancy-land, there are different sets of rules for republicans and democrats. to be fair, some republicans pounced on bill clinton for his personal failures but were painfully quiet regarding the same sins of members of their own party. you see, some things are either write oright or wrong, it doesnt matter who does it. when hollywood hero roman polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl and fled the
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country instead of facing the consequences of his own dpailt plea, there should be no defensd of him from anybody.evil, a what he did was evil and rephe a rehencible. the fact that n he's a great director does not change the fact that he robbed fro a childs what becomes of our culture when people commit despicable ecuse criminal acts and get defended because their celebrities. mar if david letterman takesr advantage of suborde subordinatt work for him, it's not funny.aue the audience should not applaud, they should walk out in disguste our country was brilliantly designed by our founders, nurtured in the providence of god to withstand many points ofe view, but it cannot stand havint different rules of propriety based on a person's celebrity status. you know, i miss the days when we might have been divided by politics, but not on the basic n
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principles of morality. having grown up with the television drama "dragnet", idrg loved how the creators of this youtube video imagined the way e the roman polanski case would have been handled by sergeantcae joe friday. watch. >> i don't understand. why should i be -- why should bi punished for the pen chant i had for young women.h >> i've dealt with you before, e and every time i did, yo it tooa a month to watch along the filth.ot her you got her in the car.our car d u know what you did her. get your head up when i'm talking to you. like hefe ever hoodlum, you leao you have you've graduated and moved to the sewer. you're a child mo lester. >> well, i can't speak for you, but i'll take joe friday'st, i l values over roman polanski's any va day of the week.
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[applause] that's my view, and i welcome yours. you can contact me at c click on the fox news feedback and you can share whatever comments you'd like to share.fed recent polls show president. obama's approval ratings haveree hit a newnt low, but as conan o'brien is about to show us, you might be surprised at his latest critic. >> the first lady went on sesame street. kids abotalking to kids about gardening and eating healthy. et that's right. it was all going very well but g then big bird showed up and things got a littled thi uncomfortable, take a look. >> well, look who's here to push her husband's socialist health care agenda. >> big bird, i'm not. >> that's not what the basket bunch says. >> yourh husband's a stinkin liar.k la we're going to run him out of office. >> well, you know, i think cona
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o'brien was kidding. i don't think big bird reallybil said that stuff, but it was b pretty good comedy.and, ththeir president said he wantso wipe israel off the map, butiran iran's threat of a nuclear strike goes way beyond the middle east. it comes right to us in america. am iran's leaders say they want to keep talking, but can we taketa, them at their word? we're going to talk about that with k.t. mcfar land who t served as a national security advisor to presidents nixon and ford, and the former deputy undersecretary for defense. u k.t. and jed, thanks for beinga here today.. >> a pleas>>ure. >> when i'm reading the papershe on any given hour, not just day, my heart is skipping a beat., i'm watching what's going on inw iran, and i don't know if a lot, of americans fully understand that the single most important issue that is taking place onoan our planet right now, as important as health care is, it, may be what is happening in iran with their buildup of enriched
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uranium with the possibility of creating a weapon. >> right. >> why is that so dangerous, and why does it matter to americans? >> because iran is definitely going for the bomb. i mean, that's clear. they've been caught red-handed a with ago with a second nuclear enrichment site. they're going for it.they so what does that mean? i if iran gets nuclear weapons,yee then there's a nuclear arms racr in the middle east. saudi rain arabia, egypt, and s. will rush to get weapons.ol that's like throwing a match ine a gasoline-filled room. the other alternative is iranats looks like it's getting there, we can't have effective an negotiations with them. israel potentially preements iran's nuclear program,ashing unleashing a problem in thebad,t middle east but not as badhe asa nuclear iran which threatens wao america. >> a lot of assumptions are being made. what does the united states do t at that point? it's not a popular decision on the part of israel. israe
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we've been about the only frieny they've had.ey've >> i think it's going to happen very quickly, governor. i think to build a little onhe what k.t. said, there's only tw. choices here. either a military strike orher accepting iran as a nuclear ir we're not going to negotiate with them and to think otherwise is just to go against history. these guys have been in power for 30 years. no one has ever conducted a successful negotiation to change their behavior.ion, what happens, and i do believe a israel is going to strike beford the end of this year. bee i think what year going to see is a very violent 48 hours. if the israelis manage to getget through it without sufferingdowa mass casualties, things will calm down. if the israelis look like they're going down, i don't think the president willhem,nd intervene to save them.t poinhe at that point the arab states that hate iran, the persians, they may jump in against israel. >> i don't know about that, it's only a 48-hour window and if wes survive that, we're can' okay. i think iran will retaliate by
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mining the strait of hormuz.whih if you thought $5 a gallon gasof was expensive, start adding a te zero. that would shoot the price way t up. >> if they create the blockade,d products can't get out. but the problem iran has, they, don't have gasoline.have goo don' have oil, but they don't refine. >> bingo. bingo. >> but the problem is we'veav exercised no real muscle withere the russiansd or the chinese t create the kind of coalition.o in fact, we gave something to the russians and gotting in oun of it. >> right. out >> i don't understand the strategy behind the administration in terms of we're looking at an increasingly volatile situation in iran and rather than creating this very thwerful coalition and perhaps the chinese, we're giving stuff away. >> i never thought i would l tie to see the day where the president of france is chastising the president of thet united states for being an appearsr. that's a. cultural shock to mes that i can't handle. at the risk of being serious, this is a real problem.blem this man and the olympic failure is another example of it.r he believes that by his sheere e
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personal charm he can change things. i don't believe his power iscani that great. beli and failled again and again and again, and the obama diplomacc t is not being respected. we're got goin not going to nege go with iran.k forth our navy can keep the straits ol hormuz open, but the problem isn what else they turn on, all thea other terror groups around the>> world. >> all the sleeper cells. >> one of the things we have to be concerned about is even though iran doesn't possess long range missiles that can hit our shores, they can put something in a fishing boat off the coast. more importantly, the sleeperco. cells that exist that we've just seen in terms of recent things e here in the u.s. could be uncorked and that would becorked incredibly dangerous. >> hold it for after the break.- we'll take the break and we'll start with you, k.t., because there's a whole lot more for us to talk about, probably more tal than we're going to get to, butl don't you go away. what we're about to tell you,
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you need to understand. to we'll touch your life, and ith , will touch it sooner than you sy wished it douid. we'll be right back with jed and k.t.
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>> je we're back with k.t. mcfarland and jett. we're talking about the very haveue and sometimes explosive and dangerous and volatilen situation we have in iran. you were in the middle of a thought and i so rudely interrupted you to go to the middle of the break. >> there's one shot we have hav which is crippleling sanctions. it may not work, but we should impose them immediately. ise what we should not be do is lulled into the sense of the geneva negotiations that are
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ongoing to delay sanctions. the iranians are playing out thl clock. they're luring us along and in 18 months they sabingo say binge got nukes.aviors. >> jed, i've read some thingssp you've spoken or perhaps writter in human events publications. one of the things you've said which is pretty bold is you all can't blame all of this onob obama, that the previous d administration didn't put somefn force in place against iran we b -- we should have been bankrupting them. now we may not have an option. . >> at this point we really don't.ect to with all respect to k.t., be there's no sanction that can be, made. the one that would work, the cutoff of gasoline experts,d russia is pumping more. gas venezuela announced they'll sen. more gasoline.bu we're not going to be able to df that. yes, mr. bush has to suffer som, of the blame.lint indeed, mr. clinton does, too.if if you ask a lot of historians that look at this stuff, iran has been lying about their
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nuclear weapons program since about 1981, give or take. bame there's a lot of blame to goch i around. in the olden days which i'll bu4 define as bush 43 administratiot at this point, we actually hadfl the opportunity to fund and fueo a revolution. the young people don't like the regime. i believe that window hasweave do i don't believe we have the time to do that now. h right now we have to act and i just don't think we have the time. >> we're talking about 18 tking months. we're not talking abouont five years. be're talking about 18 months between now and when iran gets the bomb. bomb. >> i think they're also bringine up, too, there was a moment, that opportunity after the election. >> right. >> when ahmadinejad wneas put bk in power under what appeared tod be a fraud and the people went to the streets.street >> yes. >> and if the united states ande the rest of the free world could have given them some encouragement, they didn't have militarily, it mightt have been enough to put some oxygen to the flame but instead, we said that's none of our>> business. my >> my old boss, ronald reagan, when poland was going through a similar period in the early 1980s, when they had their
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labor union movement, solidaritn was just starting, reagan continually, continuallycour encouraged them and said go ford it, do it. compare that to what president obama did which was a big silent treatment for a reform movemento >> he put more pressure on the israelis not to let 20 jewish i families to move in the shephern hotel than he did on the entire iranian government for killing people in the streets.the strees we've got to turn the corner. we've got to touch afghanistan. this has been an historic week. we learned that generalcrys mcchrystal has only had onehad conversation with the presidentd then they finally have a an conversation. the white house is leaking stuff like a broken pipe to thest" sa washington post, saying the president may not follow the advice of his general. what does this mean for the and middle east policy? >> what i'm afraid of is we're going to see a mcchrystal light formulation here. >> that's the worst of all. >> what they put in, if they put in fewer people than the general wants, it will create higher risk to american troops on thean
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ground. we're going to end up losing more people than if we went in big. i'm not a fan of nation n building, so i'm not sure theutt bigger strategy will work, either. the fact of the matter is right now mcchrystal light is the worst possible solution. >> this is the thing. the military said after vietnam never again are we going to havr our political leaders tell us ti do something we can't do tilltel tearily. that's exactly what happened in iraq when rumsfeld sent in enough troops to prevent defeat but not enough to prevail. their hand picked military officer is saying mr. presidente i needd 40,000 more troops. we if we try to split thes difference, it's the worst ofbe all because it's a slow bleed. t it's the worst for the americani military. >> a yes or no question to eachh of you as we close. mcchrystal said he's got to have 40,000. that's just to be able to stayne within the boundaries of winning. >> right. >> if he doesn't get it, does he resign and pull a mcarthur and say that's it, i can't do thisy ?r. >> i think he should because thirwise it's the lives of the
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american men and women. >> even mo you think? >> i think it's even money that he will and that general petraeus will as well. those two guys have the guts to say mr. president, i can't do it, and lay down their stars. >> that would be huge, a very huge thing. k.t. mcfarland, jed, thank you both, and it's a scary time for the united states of america. being forced to buy health insurance or pay a fine for notg having it. w we're going to ask a group ofo e people who are faced with thatam predicament, possibly. we're going to talk to them next. don't go away. we've got a lot on the show you're not going to want to miss. 
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i believe that members of congress ought to be reminded for us.. work we don't work for them. rather than continue to spendsh money they don't have and push
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deficits through the sky and make it tough for families to get jobs and pay their bills, bl they need to balance the budgetg cut their spending, and saven american families from the daste disaster of debt and deficits. now, i'm collecting electronic signatures to deliver a messagec to congress, and i want you toe be a part of what i hope's goinh to be 100,000 people signing our balance cut and save petition.ya you can go to that'sto lend your name and your voice along with mine to remind congress who they work for. f by the way, one of the things we did, we put this on greta the other night,s he balancecutsave and the servers crashed. if you go and it says unavailable, keep trying. we've added new servers to try to handle it. you can also try through i want you to join us.gnt sign that petition.letell let's tell congress that we wann them to balance the budget. we want them to cut their spending and we want them to save american families. one of the proposed healtha
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care bills circulating inedlth congress would make it mandatorr for everyone in america to have health insurance, and those who don't would be subject to a a heavy fine, even going to jail.l i want to talk to some people in their 20s, some younger peoplere who don't necessarily placenearl health insurance at the top of r their priority list.m i want to hoask them how they fl we h about it. our we've got folks in the audienceo who we've asked to come. these are young professionals, clark, hamali, and kelsey. i want to say thanks to each of you. clark ruper, good to have you here. em you are employed in a small non-profit organization. >> that's true. >> but right now in your 20s,u you're saying i can't afford health insurance. affo going to cost more than you can pay for with everything else you've got. >> well, see, that's the thing. i work for a small non-profit called students for liberty. sml it just started up, and i don't make a lot. a don i'm not getting rich off it, but i make enough. i do have the monloey in mysona personal budget. i could buy a private healthea insurance plan, but i have made
8:23 pm
the choice to not buy a plan and instead to save my money, to pud it in the bank so that i have h some flexibility and also to invest in my health. i try to eat healthy. i pay for my gym memberships. a i'll trying t -- i'm trying to e proactive about my health instead of taking a bet onow, insurance, risking whether or not i get sick after the fact.t. >> if you lift a bunch of taights at the gym and mess your back up, have you tanked away enough in the bank that you can self-insure. >> i would like to think so. i can buy a plan for around $100 a metropolitan right now.u over a year that's $1200. over time i've been able to save for the needs i have. have. >> this is actually dr. hamali.a you are a dentist, and you thini it would be great if everybodynh had insurance, but should the government tell everybody, including your patients, that they've got to have insurance? >> i don't believe that's a good
8:24 pm
idea, and i don't believeion coercion is ever the i think the government can go about this in a different manner.manner i think. education and communication are key, fundingth that is very important so thatte people can make informedon can decisions, can make the rightden decisions. gove can accept what the government is putting forth by t putting a penalty or a fine, the you're putting the word healthrh care, doctor, and punishment in the same arena, and that's -- that can hurt our image, and wea go to school. we train because we want to heln people. i make myself available 24 hours of the day to my patients who rl really care about their health,. and i do it through the. internet. i use hotlist, i houstond facebook, i use twitter.ce my cell phone is on 24 hours of the day, so if you make the effort. >> i've got this tooth ... >> as a young professional, i
8:25 pm
understand because i'm growingth up with that generation. i as a dentist for the past few months have not been able to af disard my own malpractice and disability insurance. do i want it? do i understand the importance? yes. buyi the people i'mng buying fromhat. understand that, and they're helping me. they're not punishing me for not having it.t. >> it's an important point you o made. what you you don't want to associate what you do in delivering health care services as a form of punishment. i'm going to bring kelsey mukaad into the conversation. kelsey you don't have health insurance currently. i understand that it's tough enough for you to make ends meet, just to buy the groceriese and pay the rent. if you had to spend a couple gee hundred bucks a month on healtho insurance, what would that meand to your lifestyle?insuranc >> well, right now it wouldle probably wouldn't be feasible. i'm just out of school within the last year.i h i have, you know, student loans, i have rent, a number of other bills i'm juggling at the hrd moment, finding it hard to get all the groceries i need from that is time to time which is all fine.
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that's pa part of becoming an adult. if i needed another $200 to fitf into that budget somewhere right now it just wouldn't be possible. >> what do you think about the government fining you?t no right now you would be one ofsot those people that would say oka, okay, you're going to pay a fine.p it could be up to $25,000, kelsey, or a year in jail.l. i mean, is it right to put -- a how do you feel about that.>>ha >> that's a scary concept. i i understand that the policy is meant, you know, with good intentions and you know, it's s supposedly going to be but mefordable, but for me, that's going to affect me directly.ct i want to know how is it goingnt to become afford an, you know,d. because if it turns out thatis it's not, i'm going to be fined or i'm going to be put in jail.. that's a scary concept for me. >> clark, what about you? you would be one of those people because you're self-insuring. that's not the same as having the government y >> exactly. >> what about ath fine? do you think that's fair? the government will tell you to" pay up or else?
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>> not at all. i'm terrified of the prospect. i think it's very scary they can force me to buy a service that i don't want, that i've chosen noy to buy, and if i don't, they'rei going to fine me for it?th that's insane to me. i don't think that's america. >> one final thing. kelsey, you supported obama in the election.n; is do you think thisthis is a gooda he's pushing? pus >> i think this particular aspect of it is, you know, it'so scary to me. i don't think it may be the cod wisest way to go about it. i'm sure that, you know, with everyone collaborating maybe wei ton come up with a better option for this particular part. >> obviously it's terrifying to these young people to think that the government might come aftert them not for committing a crime not because they robbed a bank or they stole a bunch of money from somebody because theyk abtt didn't have insurance. think about that. sen that's something the senate wilp take up very soon. al thank you all very, very much for being with us today. [applause] and nhael strahan joins us next. now, michael can't hear me righw now, so he doesn't know that wes have a surprise for him.
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his audio is off out in l. a. a guest on the show a few weeksw ago and who works with michael on the fox nfl pregame show. he'll join us also. michael doesn't know it.ow we're iml going to have a lot of fun. watch this. we're going to get michael really good. we'll be right back. quality and reliability... are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a.
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from america's news headquarters, hello, everyone. i'm julie banderas. president obama's national security advisor is saying he doesn't think afghanistan is in imminent danger of falling to the taliban. retired general james joan said al-qaeda has a very diminished presence. his assessment of the situation comes hours after eight american soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack on a remote outpost, the taliban claiming responsibility. indonesia's vice-president saying there is little hope of finding more survivors of last week's earthquake. the united nations putting the death toll at 1100.
8:31 pm
the indonesian government saying more than 600 have died and there still hav are nearly 1,000 people missing. rescue workers have reached villages covered by land slides. i'm julie banderas. now back to huckabee right here only on the fox new newschannel0 one of the most dominantomin defensive players of his era. on the holder of the single season record for quarterback sacks. a 7-time pro bowler who is ar lock for the hall of after capping his remarkable football career with a super bowl win, he moved to broadcasting. >> the problem is i have this gap.p? for >> there's a lot of gaps,th man. >> now he's tackling a new, career as an actor, staring in the new fox sitcom brothers.
8:32 pm
>> don't do it. hit me. afraid you'll hurt your little hand? >> well, he's gone hollywood, and that's where he joins uswher from today. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome michael strahan. mil. hey, michael. great to have you back.. [ cheers and applause ] >> you were with us a few monthe ago. we had a wonderful time with you, and how you likingiki hollywood and the whole acting thing? i mean, what a change of pace from getting banged up in thehe nfl? >> you know, i'm not sore on monday mornings. how about that?itea it's really interesting. it's really good, you know. being or playing football,yearst professional football 15 years and to retire from that and getk in the studio and talk about itt i mean, the acting thing is aoe totally different challenge related to sports. >> you run the gamut.ports nfl football player, sports analyst on fox, and actor. you're doing the fox show.go
8:33 pm
gotta ask you, though. what is the most fun you have t ever had? what do you like most if youthre look at these three different careers? >> winning the super bowl.wer! >> by far, winning the supernnin bowl hands down, just being -- you know, sharing something likt that with all the other guys anc the coaches and the equipmenteqm staff and from everybody whoel helped us come together as a te team and win. that was the most excitement the most fun i've ever had, but i will say.i'ery i'm very fortunate to have two other jobs now on the fox nfl sunday live and also on the shoa brothers where i don't feel like i'm working.don' so i go and have a good time, we joke, we laugh, and hopefullyap. that comes across on tv very ver well. >> well, michael, you know, thee people at fox were very happy to el hear you said you didn't feelg like you were working.bect the fact that you weryoe feeling that way, they don't have toou t give you a check and you'rest wt wanting to do it for free. they're happy to do that. he >> holdar it. let's not -- let's not give them any ideas.ideas.
8:34 pm
>> they've already got it from you. they got it from you, michael. >> well, then, i'll show up whew i want to show up. i'll come in late. >> there you go. i do want to turn the table and talk something very serious.thw recently there was a case in kentucky, a high school football coach put on trial for really aa tragic death of a high schoolof player who didn't get waterwho t during a very intense practice,e and the coach was being held criminally responsible.could hag he could have gone to prison fow that. the jury acquitted him, but ith. did bring up this whole issue or the pressure that we pute ontes athletes at every level, highgh school, college, the nfl. did you have a particular feeling about how that case played out?wh diwhat did that case tell us an? teach us? w i f >> i feel like it was anunate unfortunate accident, and the t one thing about professional football, it's all about being macho and strong. when i was younger, it was almost a sign of weakness to ask for i think they're more conscious of it. corey stringer in the nfl who of
8:35 pm
passed away a few years ago which made everyone conscious of staying hydrated and make sureyo you take care of your i still think there's a little bit of that macho effect of well, i can stick it out. hold out. if you want water, you're note tough enough. i think that was an unfortunate accident and hopefully it's i something that that coach learned from, that every coach learned from. you know, you have to make sure that you take care of your ca players. i mean, it's an unfortunateent. accident. i feel bad for the parents. par. >> it was a horrible tragedy, by but you did have to thinks, goodness. if you're going to criminalizeti every time something like thatw happens, it would be a lot of folks in our prison system.>> ti >> i mean, this isn't the first time that's happened, and i think it's just a tragic accident, just that, an accident. i hope it's one we learn from. i think in the nfl after the corey stringer incident, theoach head coach is walking around wa, landing out water. they're giving you water breaks and you're like hey, man, i'm we
8:36 pm
used to practicing. let's go. no, no, we have to take a water break.b. i think they became veryon conscious of hydration and making sure guys are in shape before they put them on themake field, make sure they didn't push guys too hard.o the biggest thing is when a guy comes up and says something f wrong, i don't feel well, in tht past it was more of that oh, he's just lazy, he doesn't wanty to practice. what now they listen. they say whaont's wrong? come off the field until you'ree better or we check you out. i think there's definitely beeni some positive things that havef come out of all of that. >> micchhael, hang around a fewt minutes. i have something i want to ask you when we come back from the break. i've got a surprise for you, so don't go away, okay? hang out with us a little while longer. >> i'm scared. >> more with michael strahan. we'll be right back. ho on nce ias.
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ayets ryor. itldst m nner lyeron m s raleso hiowti llmemaur thy ets ro ig ass. (anc thntme
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we're back with michael strahan. i told you, michael, just before we left that we had a little w surprise for you that you don'tr know about.have been you know, you've been a part of
8:39 pm
this fox football crew for more than a year now. for a ye i think you'rare getting prettyt comfortable with most of these guys, but you know, i don't know how comfortable they are with you. we have a special surprise. one of your colleagues is goingo to join us. h we have our very special friend, at one of my big sports heros, terry bradshaw. >> i will tell you what. what is michael strahan doing ol the show?oing o i'm the star of the show. that's what it's all about. me and howie. what's he doing. spac he's taking up our space.d his head takes up half the roomu give him a water break, guys. >> michael, do you recognize ree that voice? that's >> either that is terry or that's frank caliendo. that's somebody. >> you know if it's frank, you know -- >> what's up, frank.s up? >> he's not the only one whoo came to talk to you. we have some more folks thatavee want to talk to you. i think coach madden, you know. i want to tell you.
8:40 pm
he hasn't left the stage yet. he's still around.adden what would coach madden want to >> actuaice to michael. >> there's actually a couple questions that i'd like to askae michael. t one is being the great player h that he's been and always will be and, you know, will be in the future, what's it like to play l against brett farve. that's an important one?th the other one is have you ever been to an or thougthodontist? >> you know what the great thing is, see, frank does his pieces for the show, and he doesn't do them where we can find him after he's finished? >> we want to strangle youmeti sometimes, man. frank is phenomenal.ove kurt loves you. >> i t >> i'll tell you what. it's been great. michael strahan has been an amazing addition to the show.di the first time i met him, it wat
8:41 pm
amazing because he ran into the makeup room. i had no idea what he was doing, and i thought he was coming after me, but he gave me a big hug, so he is ... >> he's coming after you for that, frank. >> one thisong you have to learh jokeo take a joke, especially on our show. sh we never see what frank is goinn to do, so when he comes on and we're watching -- we're watchinh with everyone in the country for the first time, but that grabs everyone's attention.ttention, we're laughing out loud. he's so talented, he does everybody, but i would love toio see you look like me. make that happen. that's special. >> okay.ok hey, frank, what advice would sean conry hav connery for michd >> he should grow a beard and meet some ladies. >> you think he ought to have al pacino showing up for brothers?i >> here's what i want you to doa michael, don't ever look at the
8:42 pm
other actors. stare the other way. way that's the way they act. way. here we go. >> you know, frank, you can't ay get away from here unless i hear you in the character of georgegr bush telling us what you think o about the new kob cowboy footban stayed that the cowboys arether playing in. george bush was there for the g first game. >> yeah, i was, and it was -- ia was amazing a thing to see sucht a -- a -- such stuff, and you know, they -- and there you go.u >> okay, michael.i will give i'm going to give you the last word.chance t you have a chance to get back a. frank. what do you want to setoto before we wrap this >> hey, frank, what i would lovn to say on behalf of myself andef the other co-workers on the foxx
8:43 pm
nfl sunday show, why don't you come on and hang out with us onw sunday? we've got a surprise for you inh person. >> i'm going to be there soon, o will. >> all right, my friend. >> thanks to both of you, michael and frank, our special gifts here today from nfl ont no fox. you don't need to read to between the lines to understandh their songs.le they're simple men, they lead le simple minds, and speak their lives through their lyrics. they're here next. we'll be right back. %%%%%p
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
on september the 19th we>> launched a partnership with theo munt to play fund to help put musical instruments in the hand of students across america.nt a we put a guitar on e-bay signed by 35 celebrities, put it up for auctions, lots of signatures
8:46 pm
people liked, all the proceeds buying instruments for students. i'm thrilled to tell you that the guitar sold with a winning bid of $9,000. now, if you want moremati or information on the want to playr fund or make a tax deductible contribution, go to and click to the link t to the want to play fund. their legend has been markee as much by tragedy as it has byu their success, yet they continur to rock on, even after losing td two more members of their band a while recording their latestlco, album, god and guns. please welcome lynyrd skynyrd. e >[ cheers and applause ] >> great to have all ofdo you here.john van johnny van zant, all the crew from lynyrd skynyrd. this is one of the coolest things i've ever done ever, havg you guys on the show. >> we were just saying it's cooh for us to be with you, hanging s out with mike, you know. the governor. >> you should go into politicsii telling big ones like that.e let's talk, come on. okay.
8:47 pm
this album, i frankly think it may be the best you guys haveave ever done.i i love your music. have been loving since you started in 1973. god and guns. there's some stuff on here, a song called simple life that you're going to do with us and that ain't my america. that is a song that every person who loves this country ought tot listen to.untr >> thank >> youto had some tough times t getting this thing recorded, lost two members in the process. >> we lost billy powell and ian. evans. wh had to think, what are we going to do now. myself, ricky, and gary, we put our heads together with ourrynd producer and sparky over here, and we had to finish this recorr for them, you for for them and for our fans and for us. any time that anything bad'saed happened to us, we've alwayslwas went back to the music and our fans. >> ricky, some of the tracks ono this album actually have billy on them. >> yes. baey had started the record with us back last year, and when ian,
8:48 pm
you know, succumbed to cancer,re he was getting treatments acros town while we were recording. billy passed away in january. emotionally it was a drain forhr all three of us, you know, tofii try and finish the record, but l especially when billy passed.s, it was really a big emotional drain for us, and you know what? we had to do it not only for th fans but for those guys, you know, that was in -- that hadenb passed on and all the ones thatm went before us or went before'rp them. you know what? r we're very proud of this record. this record to us is really special in our heart. >> there's so much passion inomy the cd. buy sometimes you buy an album and there's some good songs and some are okay. there's real passion. >> that's what it'uts all about. we've got to tell you that we have a lot of faith in the man above. he helps us out through this, too. >> you guys have been a phenomenal part of american culture. everybody where i come from loves your music and loves lynyrd skynyrd. cult
8:49 pm
you're going to do a song from the track. it's called a simple life. let's hear it.le >> let's go for it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪[music]
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
♪[music] [ cheers and applause ] lynyrd skynyrd, everybody!ynyrd, you guys are awesome. awe this cd is available wherever music is sold, amazon, all the a records and book stores and all that stuff.what an >> what an sa awesome cd it is. i hope everybody gets it.hout you can't leave here without playing one of your signature songs. >> well, we will if you play us. with us. >> me? >> yes, you. >> what do you say? >> i thought they would never ask. of course i will. of course i will. we'll be right back with one of their anthems. ♪[music] y t od nty wa branme faf aiz leh ii grnt
8:53 pm
faf aiz ked kalm leh ii eas sh dcaro,t faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked kalm f f aiz faf aiz ep wutbyd oll ked brthme f f aiz
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> look at this picture. is there one guy that doesn't look like he belongs here? that would be me. but it is my show and i told them they couldn't play unless they let me play. let's do a classic "sweet home alabama. ♪ turn it up. snows these wheels keep on turning♪ ♪ carry me home ♪ singing songs about the homeland♪ ♪ this alabama
8:56 pm
♪ well i heard the young one singing♪ ♪ well i hope the young will remember♪ ♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ lord, i'm coming home to you ♪ in birmingham they love the governor♪
8:57 pm
♪ now what i need ♪ don't your conscience bother you, now tell the truth♪ ♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ lord, i'm coming home to you
8:58 pm
♪ lord they give me so much ♪ they pick me up when i'm feeling blue♪ ♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ where the skies are always blue♪ ♪ sweet home, alabama snort lord, i'm coming loam -- coming home to you♪ ♪ sweet home, alabama
8:59 pm
♪ sweet home, alabama ♪ lord i'm coming home to you


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