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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 4, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. ee oo live and at large the extortion plot the victim is playing. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. my response to that is yes, i have. >> everyone agrees when david letterman went on thursday night handled the potentially sex scandal with incredible skill. it seemed almost like one of his
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comedy bits. >> let's just hope the wife is not watching. >> it begins on the early morning of september 9th when cbs news producer joel hold drum feeds him a screen play based on letterman's secret life. attached on that screen play are intimate details of a dye rekept by a letterman staffer the two men shared until recent months. >> document related then that mr. letterman's quote world is about to collapse. >> letterman's attorney met withholderman twice before getting the cops involved. they set up the sting in which the new york da says holderman is shown demanding the payoff at the he is six house hotel. he is arrested after attempting to deposit the prepros russly huge but phony check on thursday morning. then comes more laughs. >> i was shocked that letterman has been having affairs.
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i had no idea he was even running for office. (laughter) >> i just want to say, so you know here, i have never had sex with any one on my staff. the guests of course. yes. i mean that's part of the job. but never the staff. next to roman polanski letterman looks good. >> they are having fun at their rival as expense. >> there's a new book out of why women have sex that has a list of 122 reasons why women have sex and letterman knows the top ten. >> came here tonight for sex with the talk show host you have the wrong studio. what is going on? first conan hit his head then somebody tries to ex tort money from letterman. i am so glad i am out of late night. i want to say i myself was once the victim of an extortion plot.
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how do you think nbc got me to do a 10:00 show. that's why i am here. >> i am happy to say i have never had a sexual relationship with any of my staff members. (laughter) >> watching letterman's original confession i confess it took me a couple beats to even get the fact that letterman was confessing to stop what he calls terrible. the hollywood reporter writes quote never in the annals of celebrity self abatement has a star so mast hefully manipulated the context of the disclosure. >> i know that you do terrible, terrible things. >> depending how terrible those terrible things they may yet come back to haunt the brand new king of late night comedy. >> a producer for 48-hours was arrested thursday for attempting a stupid human trick.
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it was reported the blackmailer joe haulederman was attempting to give details of letterman's life. for example after sex i would sea stay tuned for joe furgason. >> by concentrating on the blackmail it raised a couple flags for me. what kind of alleged blackmailer accepts checks for $2 million no less. he didn't work for comedy central or food network he was a veteran emmy award winning investigator who probably produced dozens of stories involving cops and wiretaps and so forth he was smart enough to hire my friends law school class maids gerald shargel to hi to d him. how did he become so naive as to walk down this honey trap? >> i think there are a lot of issues about that some of it will focus on the conduct of
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david letterman. i am not going to go into specifics this evening. this is day four against joe halderman. everything we see raises the kinds of flags you are talking about. >> it would seem to me that one of the things that you would have to concentrate on are the early conversations between your client and letterman aeletterma that were not recorded. are you going to, it would be be neglect not to, raise the possibility that what was going on here was in your client's mind a legitimate deal? >> the first issue is why were the conversations recorded? why wouldn't those conversations be be recorded from the beginning? the first thing i want to concentrate on is joe halderman. he has been at cbs for 27 years as you mentioned he's an emmy award winning journalist, an
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investigative producer. he is someone who has -- is well familiar with how law enforcement works and a smart guy by all accounts. people that worked with him over the years have said time and again it's all over the internet how compli tent he was at his job and here you have it that he is going to collect an er extorn payment you and i excusesed this before, $2 million in a check in the history of extortion this has to be the first time someone co collected a check. how is it treated on one's income tax returns? it's absurd. we are looking into it right now. we are doing the appropriate investigation. i want to approach this in a responsible manner. i want to do a careful investigation of what brought this about. you know something? the way i heard it a lot of people said the district attorney made a compelling statement in court and it sounds
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like they have a convincing overwhelming case. well we ail know that you can't simply take the unsworn statement of a district attorney or assistant district attorney at face value. more than that how did it come about? at first blush everyone is saying this is a guy who went to david letterman and said i am going to -- this is david letterman's account on tv i am going to ex tort you because you have had been having sexual affairs with interns. there's a lot more to the story i am finding out already. there's a lot more to the story about that. big issue about exactly who david letterman was having an affair with. how that may be be relevant to this. >> the hollywood reporter said -- >> somebody did someone wrong. >> somebody did someone wrong other than your client. >> other than my client. >> and david letterman. >> the hollywood reporter said they had never in the history of these kinds of scandals seen any
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one so masterfully manipulate the revelation of the scandal involved. do you now as you sit there tonight jerry say that letterman has used the kind of miss direction look at what this guy is doing to me rather than what i did? >> i think it's very clever in some ways at least in part it was refreshingly different than what you ordinarily hear. i think that is because david letterman knows a whole lot more about the media than governors or attorneys general or members of the congress. he could stand up there and say, hey, i am not running for election i am an entertainer and this is what happened. but by doing that when he is obviously doing also was distracting the audience and public from the issue. >> letterman called his own conduct creepy, does that go beyond having sex with interns?
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i would venture to say sex with interns sternally decadk -- certainly decades ago now sex with colleagues up to this very day and furthermore is a common occurrence in this and other businesses. >> again on day four i am not of a mind to go into the kind of detail that i might be able to go into at a later time. it is not only a question of let me put it delicadelicately. it's not only a question of having sexual affairs. that mighted be a big -- might be a big kwla yawn. so what. that's not the issue. the larger question at the trial will be who did he have that affair with? >> you know there is motive and opportunity if you consider the fact that as the prosecutor said if it's true your client was financially an extremist. he had his back to the wall paying high child support
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feeling himself financially embattled. >> first of all the circumstances didn't arise for the first time in september or october of 2009. i am not denying that my client had financial pressures, but he certainly wasn't relieving those financial pressures by extorting david letterman. i think that's almost silly. there are a lot of people that have financial pressures that don't go out and complit crime. joe halderman is a smart guy. he is as i said a very competent, very able clear thinking person. i think under the circumstances it's just eyebrow raising. >> desperate people do desperate things? >> no question about that. but on the other hand and judges tell this to injure res all of the time motive is not an element of the crime. you know what is?
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specific criminal intent that's an element of the crime. and i am seeing that joe halderman did not have specific criminal intent. more on that later. >> i guess the screen play defense can you call it here? >> i am not identifying any defenses but as time goes on i may be back. >> speaking about being back. i was in the court during one of the cases against teflon don, john gotti one of the reasons he got the nickname is because you got him a series of acquittals basically with your cross examination of the state the prosecution witnesses do you anticipate with vigor what's going on here? >> one case i was in in 1990 the acquittal did rest a lot on cross examination. but i think the cross examination in this case is very interesting. i said earlier in the day last evening i am looking forward to cross examining david letterman because i think on that day the whole story will come out. >> give me one question for letterman that is obvious enough
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you won't be tipping your hand. >> i am too smart to do that. but you are very good. (laughter) >> when we come back, a powerhouse panel will deal with one surprisingly common legal issue. since half of the deals in hollywood are based at least in part on some former coercion of back male if you don't do that i will do that how solid is the case against the cbs producer. plus letterman is way ahead of the scandal so far. who gets the last laugh? back in a flash. thgesthhenscepa thyo g tea cseen hth g tls.. edave $4 y us ♪
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>> an alleged madam of a washington, d.c. escort service
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sold her client list to the media. authorities thought it would include names of several federal officials. >> bill clinton, bill clinton, bill clinton, bill clinton, bill clintburg and bill clerton. >> he apologized yesterday. we don't know what he is apologizing for. spitzer says there's so much left undone, amber, ashley, rhonda. >> that's the thing that makes you sick about this governor thing. >> he has the four boys you think that's tragic for god sakes. how can a thing like that happen. how can a dope like that get elected? honestly, he has put himself gov his family put himself certainly above the people of south carolina. >> when it comes to personal conduct if you are a consenting adult or you are a hypocrite doing something that hurts other people your personal business is your personal business. but i don't think hypocrisy is letterman's biggest problem here. before i share what i think is his biggest problem meet veteran
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tv core upon sent dr. bob arnot who worked with the extortion nis and relationship expert and author of the man plan which is a kind of how to get a guy book while leg whitney casey and kim birl guilfoyle and mickey sherman join me. i can't get aw away from the fa he took a $2 million check. what do you say did you win the lottery? >> the prosecutor won the lottery on this one. you blow that up, huge exhibit, that's powerful evidence. it is people's exhibit 1. what else do you really need? he had the agreement. they made the convey ance. he went to go cash it. they waited to get him until he completed that act. it's a very solid case. i think he should take a deal 3 years or something like that.
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>> jerry shargel the best attorney without a doubt is posturing that wait until you see what comes out here. these are shots over the bow of letterman's ship if you want us to go to trial all of the dirty stuff will come out. i think they are trying to make letterman blink. he made the decision to get in front of the media himself did it without a spin guy -- >> you think an extortion nis takes a check? >> a stupid extortionist. >> we heard shargel's description of halderman. you worked with joe. we have photos of you guys on location in africa and other places. does he have h it in him to comt a crime this bold and siem ta - simultaneously this stupid? >> i don't think so. enormous relief for all of joe's friends to hear what jerry had to say there and you geraldo there is another side to this story. joe is one of the boldest most
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courageous most stand-up up front producers i have ever worked with. he's the kind of guy you would have loved in the field. 100 percent honest. would always stick by his friends. enterprising charismatic not afraid to go up against management if he thought they were wrong. i think there's another side of the story. joe halderman is one great human being. i am proud to call him my friend. >> bob consider this. i have heard there is evidence that letterman drove her home to the house s how is that she sha the time with joe making out in their driveway before she walks in, that would cause people to go into jealous rages where a rational person could do something irrational? >> there's a lot more to this story than we have heard. i don't doubt there was a fair amount of jealousy here. one of the key things they are trying to build this motive up of finan financial pressure. you say joe you have a wife you have kids you have a house.
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you have a lot of payments out here. don't you feel that pressure? bob look. i was smart enough i worked hard i got a scholarship to college. my kids if she deserve this go they are going to do the same thing. he didn't feel that kind of pressure. sure he's always had tremendous financial pressures but he's the kind of guy that didn't get anxious and neurotic about it and didn't say he felt the pressure. >> whitney, if it's a boss subordinate, it sounds kinds of classic even if tlr many -- the are many of them in a row it's not that off the mark as i know personally. >> it's not off the mark but it's not acceptable. doesn't matter if that's commonplace. >> what about -- >> this is what bothers me. this is the era we all grew up with the girls he is hitting on we grew up with anita hill, gary hart, monica lewinsky. we know what happens when you go out with the boss.
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you are going to be caught it's going to be -- it's not going to get you anywhere. half of the time 80 percent of the girls that end up going there they either get propelled another ward or get completely torn apart. i think it's the worst thing you could do for your career. >> stand by, the legal issues like the lack of content is the commercial issues. it's endless shrimp at red lobster. indulge in endless choices of your favorite shrimp. including new wood-grilled shrimp with a teriyaki glaze. it's endless shrimp -- our best value of the year. now at red lobster.
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>> when david letterman admitted to quote doing terrible things if he was talking about a typical office affair or a lot of them with all due respect of anybody being offended he has a lot of company across the social ladder some of us written books about it much to our discredit but however shame or embarrass
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we past sinners are or have been unless laws were broken then bygones are generally bygones. america has a tremendous capacity to for give people. as hole rood reporter said in letterman's case the devil is in the details. don't you agree with that? if this was standard stuff but if this is something other than that i don't think a jealous guy would go crazy to do this if it was standard stuff. shargel alluded to who had he the fair with. >> he is a top-notch producer. if he has goods to come out with it is not like he will sell us a sad story that will not bury the lead. this guy has a lead in there and there will be something in there. he's a smart producer. >> what happened to you? why did you happen the man plan? were you a victim of this? >> in my career i worked for a long time in news and i had been let go someone came back to me and said we had a seed change so
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we are going to have you come back but you have to work with this one produce you are you have to get along with him. that was one of those moments oh great this man is calling me at 5 in the morning what are you doing? i am sleeping. he's saying you have to trust me. he's doing the proverbial massage on the back that you get. great my whole career lies in this guy liking me or not. i choose not to. i jokingly say i can't even sleep to get to the top i can't even sleep to get to the middle why am i going to try? it's something i choose not to do. the guy five months later he was all over the tabloids he was caught for doing it to a couple other women. i never came out and said anything about it. i was supposed to for the rest of my career know that. as long as it takes for you to get there if you are going to do it the wrong way you will be be shown out as soon as there's a seat change. i say to the women this is a women thing, too. >> doctor bob arnot what about the pervasive nature of it, is
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that letterman's best defense? >> i don't think so. you and i worked at a number of networks over the years. when i was at cbs or nbc i never heard of anybody sleeping with anybody. >> never heard of anybody? network president you married an anchor person. >> come on. >> i don't think it's anything -- i don't mean this network. >> not fox. >> clear that up. >> i don't doubt geraldo this unfolded very, very differently than the way it's come out in the newspapers. joe is a real stand up guy. he wasn't afraid of anybody. he hasn't wasn't afraid to go up to dave rid letterman and i am sure it was a different conversation with what may have happened with his girlfriend. there are others that were not recorded. the third one was a setup. >> it was totally a setup. that's the point. that's legal.
10:26 pm
that's what you have to do. downing that. you can lie to people who want to make crimes. but i still believe that this is going to be so messy. wouldn't everyone want it to go away? should it have been handled in a civil context? >> david letterman wants it to go away real bad. he knows how much of the bad information will come out. i have a feeling here this defendant will have a lot of information. but maybe he is not going to want to plead? maybe he will say you know what? i am not going down like this. i would rather fight it i would rather take to trial. he has council that can handle the case. the problem is whether he's a great guy and sounds like he is, sometimes good people do bad things. why did he go to cash the check? why the 2 million? >> maybe he thought he had done the cue of t cu cue of the cent. shouldn't they start their own
10:27 pm
investigation and ask dave letterman with whom what where to make sure yes one was under age? >> everyone is assuming jerry shargel is putting us -- dave slid letterman is a victim. maybe he did creepy things beyond creepy things. >> look at john travolta. look at the jam that he was in also. he never as far as i can see did anything wrong other than wanting to take his child to bay side hospital. >> he had the stand upness and courage to say i am not going to buy anybody off here. look at michael jackson he bought the guy off for $20 million and came back -- >> he really was creepy. >> came back to bite him in the rear end later on. david letterman did number two where you work you just don't do. >> i have had sex with somebody in studio. i married somebody. >> actually in the studio?
10:28 pm
>> whew. >> with high definition. don't want to think about those images. thank you very much. we will follow the case closely. see you two later in the program. rio gets the olympics. are conservatives cheering chicago's defeat? i like to play with my dad. i'm able to get out there and play with them. it means the world to me. problem is, i pay for it with the pain. the doctor diagnosed that i have arthritis underneath my kneecap.
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a real sharp, strong sensation. it aches. when i feel the pain coming on, i go take two aleve. works fast, kicks in, and it lets me keep up with my kids. i want to teach them the value of family. i'm very proud of both of my sons. i couldn't ask for better.
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>> from mark ar america's news headquarters i am jonathan hunt. schwarzenegger calling for a state of emergency. the fire is 10 percent surrounded. firefighters are working to keep the flames from advancing toward a mountain resort community close to 6,000 residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes. no injuries have been reported. the supreme court beginning the new term on monday. new justice sonia sotomayor replacing retired david souter.
10:31 pm
up coming high profile cases include a challenge on chicago's ban on hand bunn guns brought by advocates and challenge on federal government ban of material supports by groups u.s. government as terrorist organizations. i am jonathan hunt now back to geraldo at large. >> i would make the push in cope enhaguer personally if i weren't so involved in the healthcare. >> i come here today as a passionate supporter of the olympic and paralympic games. as a strong believer in the movement they represent and as a proud chicagoan i urge you to choose chicago. i urge you to choose america. >> i do want to congratulate rio
10:32 pm
dash narrtur -- rio de janeiro for winning the 2016 olympics. it will be historic as they will be the first olympic games ever to be held in south america. >> you compare his delivery the whole thing over seems like he needs a nap compared to how confident he was months ago. that says a lot sim poll liesing -- symbolizing a lot where he is at right now. perhaps the debate of chicago losing the lick pi olympic bid of the political honeymoon. speech righter for dan quail and contributes to national review on-line the corner blog. my fox news colleague tucker carlson in dc tonight. tucker let me start by reading you an e-mail. geraldo i was so happy to see chicago didn't get the olympics.
10:33 pm
any time obama fails it is good. when obama fails i see it as socialism failing and socialism shouldn't be in america. tucker carlson dowry jekt utterly the contemptible notion addressed by my viewer? >> nice way to frame the question. you wanted the united states to get the olympics. i want us to get it every four years. it's bad news actually. this whole episode points at the real possibility obama doesn't know what he is doing he doesn't have good political judgment. staking your credibility on an outcome you can't control is stupid. that's politics 101. any one who would do that is liable to miss handle much more important matters here. i wasn't heartened by this at all. i took no pleasure in it. this guy has a lot of power. he is trying to get more, trying to control our lives in all sorts of ways. if he is not a wise person that's dangerous. >> you make a bad political
10:34 pm
calculation and say that's fair game. there are many reports most of them in the blogosphere but in some published accounts as well that cheers actually erupted in the newsroom of the weekly standard when it was announced chicago had been eliminated in the first round. >> i love the people at the weekly standard and i can hardly image that. >> you discount it? >> i don't know if they cheered or not but i certainly -- >> isn't that creepy? >> the idea that people are rooting against america is creepy. the li olympics don't strike me much of an indicator except with the skill the administration is going to play politics. that has been their strength. they got this man who nobody knew about who had not much of a political career into the white house an astonishing feat.
10:35 pm
he is attractive and intelligent, articulate all of these wonderful things. i think conservative for real are maybe pleased to see that the politics of personality have a limit and that not everybody is kind of willing to bow to what this man asks. that doesn't mean he won't win a bunch of political fights. those fights need to be substantive. >> obama's approval rating according to real clear politics average is still surprisingly 51.6 percent tucker do you see that resilient approval an indication of what the public image of what's going down is harsher, that basically people are preach to go their respective choir? >> 53 percent of voters voted
10:36 pm
for the guy. of course i am not surprised he is above 50, lower than 53. people don't want to rethink a decision they have made in november. he is a charming person. what i am struck by is the total confidence in him as power of persuasion. people think we will consider him jesus as they do. that hasn't been true at all. you see it in the healthcare debate the more he goes on television the less popular the plan is and you saw it in rio. i am not taking any pleasure in this. i am merely noting it. it's an important lesson for the obama people to internalize. they should understand arguments win the day personalities don't even one as magnetic as his. >> this policy of engagement is working with iran to the extent they have agreed to allow international inspectors into the secret nuclear facility. good thing they met with us
10:37 pm
face-to-face? >> i think that's a small good thing in the light of a very big bad thing. a second nuclear secret facility. >> you can't blame that on oba a obama? >> you can blame him for not giving earlier all the mate tive -- ultimatums. i see a policy of appeasement. we heard him a year ago how he talked to ahmadinejad. reel lists said that's not going to get you very far. indeed it has not. the country of iran is on the way to being a nuclear power and the united states isn't stopping that. >> what do you want to bomb them now? >> no. deciding in advance to let them go nuclear is a choice. if he is making that choice a it's a failure of his persuasive ability as tucker said and b it's a serious policy problem. >> hopefully like the olympics that's one beef we will succeed
10:38 pm
and win. tucker thanks nice seeing you again. lisa thanks very much. >> thank you. >> we have had a bunch of them come down the bike jaycee dugard, haley cummings the el graduate student annie le. with so many of these crimes it's no wonder the case against casey anthony down in florida for the brutal murder of precious 2-year-old caylee has fallen off the radar in the orlando area except for this week when the defense team went on a tb offensive asking the court to throw out the top two counts against the 23-year-old mom the first degree murder the capital murder count and aggravated child abuse. before i bring our legal panel back at it here's the defense point of view. >> with jose vie as lead attorney of casey anthony's defense we have long believed your client is somehow to some degree responsible for the death of her then 2-year-old child.
10:39 pm
we base that on the fact the child was missing for a month and she did not report it. given all of that given our feelings about the case still we do not believe or have not yet seen proof that the state has evidence enough to convict her and sentence her to death. do they have the forensic evidence, do they have the physical evidence and most fashion into t passionately the evidence that bothered them was the image of a tiny heart on duct tape that was cruelly placed on the mouth of the child either as she was being buried or being murdered. in the evidence and thousands of pages of evidence released by the state is it clear that that heart was placed on that duct tape? does that evidence in reality exist? >> the fbi conducted numerous exams and there's no evidence of any sticker residue therefore
10:40 pm
there is no matching piece of evidence that would ever match up to that. there's no sticker adhesive on that duct tape. >> no heart on the duct tape. do you think you can establish there was no heart sticker? >> the issue won't ever be be praise r raised because they can't say it was there. >> was there the outline of the child's body on the floor of the trunk of the car? >> geraldo this is another situation where you have someone's imagination running wild. same thing as see a stigmat or virgin mary's image on a piece of toast. tests were run on that drunk liner and no signs of decomposition no human bodily fluids were found in the trunk of the car. how can there ever be be the outline of a child's body. absolutely not. it's more of the absurdness and
10:41 pm
misrepresentations that have been leaked through the media in this case. >> we have no heart shaped sticker on the duct tape according to council no outline of the child's body. the fbi conducted numerous tests. in fact did they find dna that does not support a conviction in their probe of the forensic evidence? >> what they found are two partial dna profiles that does not match casey anthony or any member of the anthony family. one of them they were able to connect one of their tem anythingss which you have now questions of contamination of practically one of the most critical pieces of evidence in this case. in addition to that there is a partial profile that is able to exclude casey anthony and any member of the family. >> so the hair that was found in that trunk, is that the child --
10:42 pm
is that kailee anthony's hair? >> that was another piece of evidence that was leaked early on that led a lot of people to conclude she was guilty when in fact we now have e-mails through the discovery of the actual technicians who conducted this examination who said i can't believe absolutely this came from a dead body, can i please find some more it would help make our case stronger saying this came from a body as opposed to it came from someone else. we were able to find more hairs dr. lee went to the car found more hairs when they came back we submitted them for examination and none came with signs of decompositidecompositi. >> you have the first degree murder wrap against your client but you don't expect success, do you? >> in looking at the case it's the defense's position you hold it in the light most favorable to the state it doesn't reach a
10:43 pm
prima phage shaw case. >> were is there any evidence of that? >> that's our position. certainly we hope the judge will make our motion seriously. even though it may not be be a popular thing to do we are certainly hoping that the court will listen to our arguments and make a just decision. yet jose you mention popularity. your client is so manifestly unpopular. most people hate casey anthony, do you fear conviction and sentence to death regardless of the strength of the state's case? >> a large part of the reason for that hate has come from these leaks and this information that was never confirmed and now that we are coming out later we are certainly hoping that this will shed some light. >> why not in light of the weakening of the state's foern sick and physical case a plea. why don't you bargain for her life take 15 years take 20-years
10:44 pm
behind bars save her life. >> that's not my decision to make. any plea that would ever be taken would have to be taken by casey and she would have to accept a plea if one were offered and if one were negotiated that would have to be her decision. it's her that has to do the time, it is her life at stake here. >> according to the defense's motion they find the prosecution cannot prove a first degree murder case but what does our legal fa panel suggest? - i know! - three, two, one. ( beeping, whirring ) ♪ - baking complete! - ( bell dings ) cheez-it®! where do you come up with this stuff? hi, dad! lots and lots of cheese baked into little, little bites. cheez-it®. the big cheese.
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>> they do have a strong case and i understand he has to do his job. there is compelling physical and forensic evidence in this case. for example the uniqueness of the duct tape that is on the gas can and is found on that little girl's body. >> even though the duct tape doesn't match you are saying that the brand itself is so unique? >> we will see at trial when they have the experts that come forth. the brand was unique. it wasn't sold for the past few years it was sold at lowes back in 2006 and 2007 it's like .2 percent. it matches. it's fiery assistant industrial tape you can't find it. you look at the facts of the case. >> what about the heart outline on the duct tape. was that made up? >> that's when mr. bias says. i take it with a grain of
10:48 pm
assault. let's see in court. you will find facts that differ strongly from what he is saying now. >> we have all been convinced they have this evidence and that evidence. csi, the expectation of unrealistically high rate evidence. >> what about a change of venue motion? >> where are they going to go mars? >> you have to get it out of the orlando the lobing stations -- local stations as the cheerleaders. how will she ever get a fair trial? >> she will never get a fair trial but may get an effective trial because of lack of evidence. they dump all of the state's evidence out into the public is obscene. >> investigative journalist covers the beat down there. art what's the buzz? are you hearing the case against the state is weaker than first blush or do you think they still have everything they need to send her to death?
10:49 pm
oo they are saying the duct tape is a slam dunk match. you have chemical adhesive matching according to a previous fbi report but suddenly a new report is saying the fibers on this tape do not match the ones on her mouth and the anthony's gas can. they could have something to play with geraldo. >> what about, kimberly, we agree on this isn't this the opportunity for the state and defense to say we know she was responsible in some way shape or form let's plead it out? >> obviously. she is not winning any popularity contest. be practical plead the case out. this woem will be convicted there's internet searchs, shovels, gas cans, the body found by her how is she had the motive and opportunity. they have to make a case here. >> jose's response to your question. one is would you take a deal? he said that's up to her.
10:50 pm
>> the right answer is, we will take no deal because she is innocent. >> i say bad move. >> exactly. cut that right down the line. >> coming up of all of the news this week perhaps none is shocking as the coroner's finding michael jackson was essentially in good health when he died of an apparent drug overdose.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
>> according to an autopsy report michael jackson was in good health of a man his age. i am sure a man of his age is supposed to have a nose. >> before we get to the implications of michael jackson's autopsy craig spoke with a man who says he has peered into michael's soul. >> father rabbi has written over 20 self help books all that have
10:53 pm
become best sellers the latest being michael jackson tapes which come from 30 hours of taped conversations the rabbi had with michael jackson. >> we are going to the restaurant afterwards we are going to a strip bar. i am not going with a strip bar where they cross dress. i am not going there. >> michael's disstain to madonna to more serious allegations of a tortured life formed by an abusive childhood at the hands of michael's father joe. >> i was crying in my room. >> another topic that comes up and denied by mik michael if as
10:54 pm
father is child abuse. was he abused by his father. what do you believe? >> michael is explicit in detailed by saying this is what i had to endure. >> remember when he talked of his dad when he talked to geraldo in 2005? >> he is a waror. he always caught taught us to be courageous and confident and believer in our ideals no matter what no star is too far to reach. >> michael's later characterization of his dad is consistent with what michael's mother told geraldo shortly after he died. >> nothing of the sort they are trying to say he did 39 years ago and all this kind of crap.
10:55 pm
i don't understand that. i just think there's something being cooked up. >> as for rumors that joe would not be allowed to interact with the grandchildren out of fear he would abuse them the way he allegedly abused geraldo he asked katherine if joe was a good grandparent. >> of course he is. >> go ahead. >> and the children will tell you that he is. >> while the rab be by's description of michael's father might be in dispute there is no question he ak are thely describes the weird and ultimately self destructive world in which his famous friend lived. >> what is your opinion of these people that allowed them to have these drugs the enablers the people who gave and provided and administered drugs. >> i don't know any of these people that were still around but let's face it. it was brown nosers, hangers on that watched while michael rapidly deteriorated. >> craig is with me live.
10:56 pm
how are the grandchildren doing? >> they are doing great. on friday the judge overseeing custody of the three children said quote the kids are doing wonderfully with their grandmother as their guardian. as you know debbie rowe was granted visitation after it was initially believed she was going to go after a more substantial role. the judge said there is no reason to question the guardianship any further. >> she has the kids. >> permanent custody. >> michael is in good health. does that make it more or less perilous for dr. murray? >> powerful evidence. now he can't say the death was due to another contributor recause or poor health. >> i say it's less. he was in decent health you could see that in the rehearsal from the show two nights before dancing all over the stage. murray was trying to keep his client steady and allowing him to sleep. bad medicine but not a crime. >> i had knee replacement
10:57 pm
surgery last week. i am kind of shaky as i sit here tonight. but you want to see? you want to see it? >> it's so bad. > i supposed to stand up or something? oo can you see it >> oh my god. >> i have a prothesis. i have a bionic knee in there now. >> i want to thank dr. steven o'brien and the team at the hospital of special surgery. they got me up ans not even a week. tomorrow is a week. it's a modern miracle. i can't say it doesn't hurt but i feel like i d t right thing. courage is what it takes. >> i feel weak. >> i am going to get back in bed right now. you know what is really creeked? my 4-year-old. >> and staples. i am freaked. >> thank you for watching. thank you for bearing with me
10:58 pm
tonight as my thault thoughts m wandered. have a great week and we will be back good as knew. i d got my cane from afghanista. ♪ captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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