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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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steve: my goodness. brian: this guy survives. slogan cams to us from mike in the control courtroom. it is pie day monday. gretchen: what's that? steve: day for pie, baby. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: mike brought in pies? steve: mike the teleprompter operator sometimes feeds the control room and it's pie monday. brian: going to be like a sugar rush down there. steve: take three. brian: afraid they will crash in the 8:00 hour. meanwhile, did you watch some of the sunday shows yesterday. you knew it was going to happen when the military came out and threw general mcchrystal we have got this plan i want you to take a look at it mr. president. 66 pages long. haven't got to it yet. the president push back with his
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general, general james jones and did he yesterday. gretchen: he is at odds with the mcchrystal report. he said that the discussion should not be just about increasing troops to afghanistan. that the president should be able to see more options than just one. listen. >> serves to underscore the importance of the moment to make sure that the strategic issues and the strategic decisions that the president will make are fully aired and that the options that the president has are also put on the table. and it would be, i think, unfortunate if we let the discussion just be about troop strength there is a minimum level that you have to have but there is, unfortunately, no ceiling to it. steve: jones went on to say that currently troop strength out in afghanistan is at a robust level. but what's interesting is the fact that so you have got on the one side you have you have got mcchrystal wage as very public campaign to get more troops.
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then you have got james jones saying, you know what? we are going to take our time. there are people saying, look, there are guys dying. eight died over the weekend. what is taking so long. if the general is asking for more troops. send in the troops. brian: there is more than the general asking for more troops. pulling back from outpost. protecting afghan people in certain provinces. take off your vest and get the meet the people and win over their support while statement training the troops. some in the military and outside isn't this like douglas mcarthur when general mcchrystal came forward and said listen, this is the way or the highway. when they talked to that london group, think tank, i don't think senator biden's plan hitting from above really works is that bucking the system like mcarthur and truman when truman turned around and fired mcarthur and essentially the general said i would preferred had general mcchrystal gone through the
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chain of command. some say that's the mild rebuke that only general jones could give. gretchen: basically what he is saying is he didn't like the fact that mcchrystal went to theedmedia to tell his story ane held that press conference in london last week. it isn't mcchrystal to leaked the report. someone in the pentagon leaked that report and obviously came out a little bit earlier than the obama administration wanted it to come out. james jones, national security advisor was asked about whether or not politics had anything to could doo with it, in other words, far left putting political pressure on the obama administration to decide that they don't want to increase troops in afghanistan, and, of course, he answered exactly as you would imp him to answer no, politics doesn't play at all into this. a lot of people would have a lot of questions marks about that. steve: sure. if president obama doesn't send in more troops, which is exactly what mcchrystal wants, there could be a very embarrassing public resignation by general stanley mcchrystal. brian: and maybe general david petraeus.
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steve: while they say no politics involved, oh, come on, it's politics. brian: let's talk about iran. over the weekend the iaea and a secret report in the report says that iran really does have the ability to make an atomic bomb and this country has been working on it through their intelligence, through their defense department for the past few years. kind of turning on its head our own intelligent report from 2007 that says they stopped doing that in 2003. gretchen: have you got to wonder if the government workers who are looking into this can't figure out what's going on in iran how is the american public supposed to understand what's going on in iran. i was amazed to see that now they are going to go back in just a report that's two years old now going to say oh yeah, by the way, they are closing to making the bomb. didn't we find out in the last week that we knew they had the secret site for more than two years? gretchen: how did they come up with that original report in 2007 that they can't make the bomb. are you confused yet?
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steve: let's make it easier for you then. the united nations has a resolution 1696 that says that iran cannot enrich yawm. yet, we are going along and the whole world community is going they can enrich it to a certain point and they can ship it off to russia. john bolton right for the "wall street journal" who talks about and i'm not an atomic scientists it although i did stay at a holiday inn express. brian: that's all you need. steve: here is the thing. right now they are enriching uranium 3% to 5%. you need about 20% for weapons grade. what are they going to do with it? take the low level stuff from iran, ship it to russia. they will cook it up to 20%. 19.75%, which is that close to weapons grade. because a lot of people say well, you can't possibly turn it into a bomb. well, john bolton makes the case absolutely you can. you can take those rods, you can burn them.
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you can do a couple of different things to great petaluma to -- plutonium to make an atomic bomb. so the u.n. is helping them. gretchen: interesting point. we have lost power now to the iran in the sense that we are not going to have strict sanctions anymore. those are off the table because it appears that iran is playing along with the game, at least for now. they are going to allow investigators into the secret site october 25th. will that happen? bolton argues that that actually weakens america's position because now we are not talking about sanctions anymore. brian: some say that's not even the site where the enriched uranium is or weapons plant is. it could be a head fake. there could be different places. if you say to yourself, inspectors going in will they have access could they go in the front door? will this go out the back door. this is like iraq this whole process. saddam hussein was brilliant in winning over some allies, he was showing that he would give in on certain elements and extending
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the whole process. that's where so far maybe iran is doing. say, look, if we have a hard core chance russia has no chance to go along with the u.s. if we gives they have a viable out. gretchen: remember when they were dolling out the first billions with the tarp money to the banks, the banks that absolutely could not fail? two of the key players in that ben bernanke, the head of the federal reserve and henri paulson, you see them on your seen there. now, the government agency that overlooks exactly how this all went down is saying that possibly they had more information, surprise, surprise, about the health of these banks when they issued this bailout money. in other words, they gave the u.s. the impression all of us as americans, that these banks were pretty healthy for the most part and they just needed a little injection of $787 billion. now it turns out that maybe they knew that they really were not that healthy. steve: yeah. in fact, there is this brand new
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report out today from neil ba baroski who is the inspector. what he said our top money guys mislead us. remember they're said we are going to give all this money to the nine big banks to unfreeze the credit in this country so it would be easier for you to buy a house or a car. as it turns out that is not true that did not happen. by them saying yep, we're going to give them all that money so you could get credit and you could not get credit. they lost credibility. brian: what happens the banks didn't lend. we don't know why they didn't lend. gretchen: because they were not given any -- there were no rules when they handed over $787 billion. they weren't told they had to lend. they reinvested it and became richer. brian: you don't want to tell banks what to do because that's how we got in this place in the first place. assistant secretary treasure remember heads the bailout
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program with this program. in the last administration said keep in mind. current situation over the economy was a grave situation and they were facing maybe the whole economy hitting the sides of a mountain. so they wanted people to have confidence. they wanted these banks not to freeze up. me, i remember watching over and over again how they were told in this room you are taking the money. some of you banks are sick. some of your banks are not sick. but i'm not going to tell the american public which are sick and which want. if we found out that citibank and bank of america were about to go under. everybody in knows banks would have put them in the other seven destroying the other two. all nifn you take the money. now all of the sudden they are saying they turned around and told the senate and the house, you know what? nine are fine. we are giving them money so they would fan it out across the country. steve: the bush administration off the hook for the alleged pressuring of bank of america to bimerrill lynch. according to this report, they
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didn't use undue pressure. brian: timothy geithner was in the midst of this too. he was in the middle of that as chairman of the new york fed. gretchen: a fox news alert. a homicide bomber blew himself up in the office of the u.n. world food program in pakistan leaving three workers dead. new video shows the chaos in the streets of islamabad moments after the blast. two victims are pakistani women. the third was iraqi. the u.n. temporarily close the offices in pakistan. the story is shocking. a new mom stabbed by a woman posing as an immigration worker who then steals her newborn baby. the baby has been found safe and sound. state officials took the baby because of safety concerns. this morning the mom is not sure when she will see her baby or her three other kids because state officials took them as well. the indicates hinges on a judge in tennessee who will review the case this week and determine if and when the children can come
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home. the attacker could not have children of her own and wanted to adopt is now under arrest. the supreme court kicks off its new term this morning and five of the court's six catholic justice was including justice sonia sotomayor attended the annual red mass to pray for guidance. on the docket the case of chicago residents who are challenging the city's handgun laws which bans them from having guns even in their own home. former supreme court justice sandra day o'connor says she regrets some of her moderate rulings being dismantled by the current court. more fireworks for jon and kate goes lynn. jon apparently drained their joint bank account withdrawing $200,000. jon's attorney failed to notify her he was taking the money. lawyers for both sides expected to battle it out this morning. this on the heels that tlc is
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dropping jon. dropping the production all together damaging to the children. gretchen: i wonder why it wasn't danging to the children when he was part of the show. gretchen: it has to do with the green stuff in between your fingers. steve: cutting off the complete money supply to the whole family. several plans being floated in washington about what to do in afghanistan. vice president joe biden wants to focus on pakistan and small strikes while general stanley mcchrystal wants more troops on the ground. so should the president listen to his generals in the field or his number two? we will talk to some lawmakers who served on the front lines. gretchen: this s. az imagine video. bunji jumper lucky to be alive after his rope comes loose. towards the water at 80 miles per hour.
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steve: he is the commander on the ground in afghanistan. but, is he being second-guessed by the vice president? joe biden's recent plan to narrow the focus of the war in afghanistan flies in the face of general stanley mcchrystal's request to send in more troops. so who should the president be listening to? the vice president or the general on the ground? joining us right now are three lawmakers who are either still serving this country or have recently finished their service. ohio state representative josh mandel. massachusetts state representative harold naughten jr. and carroll baker from florida. senator barrick, let's start with you. give me a look at your military resume. >> sure. i'm currently a first sergeant in the fort army national guard. i have served now a little over 2 years.
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steve: josh, tell me about your background. >> i was a marine intelligence specialist, did i two tours in iraq. i served in iraq in 2004 in anbar province and went back as part of the surge in 2008 and 2008 in ha deet that. >> >> i have been the u.s. army reserve since 2003. i served in kuwait and then in iraq from 2005-2006. i'm still a drilling reserve as a captain in the u.s. army. steve: terrific. gentlemen, thank you all for your service. and continuing service since you are now involved in law-making. clearly you know what is involved in afghanistan. right now, you have got two different philosophies. one mcchrystal wants more boots on the ground. and then you have got joe biden who would like to scale things back and do things more surgery with drones and stuff like that. senator baker, let's start with you, who should the president be listening to? >> well, he ought to listen to the people he hired.
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and that's general mcchrystal. the fact is adequate troop strength is critical to mission success. as a matter of fact, it's critical to the safety of the troops. if we want to really protect our troops, we need to make sure they have adequate truth strength as well as adequate equipment. i would say he ought to listen to the generals that he hired. this should be a military decision and not a political decision. steve: josh, what say you? >> well, steve, i think it's important to listen to our military commanders on the ground and trust our military commanders on the ground. if we trust what they are saying, as we should, we will then give forth the proper resources to protect our troops on the ground. i think it's important to go that route. steve: harold, one of the reasons that barack obama chose joe biden was he had all this foreign policy experience. so you would think that he would certainly pay attention to what joe has to say. >> i don't think the two arguments are mutually exclusive. the vice president is arguing for a counter terrorism fight
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and general mcchrystal is arguing for counter insurgency fight. i think the counter terrorism action can be a lesser included element of the counter insurgency fight. so i think he may be setting up a false dichotomy here. i think the argument that the vice president is making can actually be part of what general mcchrystal is asking for. i actually think in the end the president will send troops tied to some bench marks of performance, including looking at how they can work on a more close basis with the local tribal leaders and local leaders because of how delegitimized the federal government is in afghanistan. steve: good observation. all right, guys. stand by. more coming up with our panel on the other side of this quick timeout. then, a sideline reporter gets knocked out after knocking heads before the game. the incredible hit caught on camera. @@uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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steve thanks for joining us on this monday. we continue with our panel today. all these guys are legislators in their home states and also had served our military in various capacity. and we're talking a little bit about stanley mcchrystal, who has asked for more troops. senators baker down there in florida, let's start with you. what you make of the fact that it sounds as if mcchrystal got a little rebuke from james jones, the white house security guy yesterday because when asked about mcchrystal has taken this his campaign for troops to the public, he gave a speech. weighs on 60 minutes and stuff like that, he said it was
6:24 am
unseeming. what do you think? >> i don't think so. i think we expect a lot of our military commanders and one of the things this nation should expect is that they be candid and forth right and so i think his comments were appropriate. i can tell you as someone -- i served as infantry first sergeant in iraq. i always appreciated the fact when i knew my military commanders were speaking the truth. telling what was honestly going on. their needs, communicating with the american people. i understand they are subordinate to the president as am i, the fact is they have a responsibility to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. so i felt what he did was more than fair. as a matter of fact, i would can examine it out of him as an american commander and as an american. steve: harold, what about you? you know, on the floor of the senate this past week, john mccain said the reason that general jones is taking his time and playing his cards close to the vest was he was cow towing
6:25 am
to the political left. you would hope that politics wouldn'ten involved in something like this. are they? >> well, with all due respect to senator mccain, i wouldn't agree with that i think what general jones is doing as well as what general mcchrystal is doing is what general petraeus did before the surge and what general paul did during his time. they are asking a lot of questions. they are asking where do we end up here? what is our end goal in the administration owes the troops on the ground a clear and concise and consistent policy to. deliver that policy to their commanders to general mcchrystal so he can develop a strategy that is going to, one, protect the troops on the ground and two, accomplish the mission. we have to decide what that mission is going to be. they are all asking questions right now. that's what a military officer does. steve: josh. what about you? there are politics involved in that, aren't there? >> i have a great deal of rch for general jones out of the marine corps, i think he is
6:26 am
above politics. at the same time, i believe that general mcchrystal should be trusted. he is the military commander on the ground. i believe our policymakers need to trust our military commanders on the ground to make the decisions that are best for mission accomplishment and protecting our troops on the ground there in afghanistan. steve: we will have to find out what they finally do decide. we hope it's prompt. and josh and harold thank you for joining us live. thank you once again for your service. >> thank you. steve: brian and gretch, what's going on in the green room? gretchen: thank you very much, kilmeade. steve: giving the image it's saturday night. gretchen: not sure why he is doing this? looks like it's going to be darn good. bunji jumping 80 miles per hour. last second the cord comes off. amazingly this guy lives to tell the story. what until you hear what he plans to do next. brian: did he sign the insurance waiver? president obama pushing his
6:27 am
health care plan today. who he is looking to for much-needed support behind the scenes. plus, this story. gretchen: should you be jogging bare foot? it's apparently all the rage today. is it healthy? peter doocy giving it a try. brian: happy birthday for kate winslet. she is 34.
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brian: i always knew he wanted the public option. i'm shocked to see how hard the president is still working for the public option. gretchen: apparently behind the scenes is he doing a lot of work. we have been asking where does the president really stand on this issue. he seems in speeches to change his mind from time to time. now we are getting word that he is actually calling a lot of the members of congress to push for the public option. the government-run public option again. steve: well, it's curious because publicly, public option, but barack obama has seemed to have it both ways, rights? he said he is for it it's not necessarily -- the language has been. brian: small sliver of what health care reform is a part. steve: right. a lot of in the gray area. so it's interesting there are a couple of stories out today that talks about how the president is
6:32 am
furiously working behind the scenes to get support for this government run option. and in particular, he is targeting moderate democrats who are going, we are not so sure if we can really afford this, and is he targeting them trying to win them over to his side. gretchen: the polls continue to go in the opposite direction as far as what the american public wants. you would think either he would come out forcefully and say i am for this and go against what the polls say rather than doing it behind the scenes. the moderate democrats, what key quality blue dogs have been against this from the beginning. each when the poll numbers were sort of evened out. i'm not sure you would be able to sway them back over now to a public option. brian: in the house they could afford 39 defections on the whole plan and public option? particular. this is how much the president wants this. when the pennsylvania con continue jent came to the white house to celebrate the pittsburgh pen quinns celebrating the cup. he said why don't you come over to my place. the oval office is in the back.
6:33 am
he went in and tried to lobby them what would be the problem providing this and maybe can i provide some cover. meanwhile, nature reid says later this month when they bring the entire plan to the floor senator reid and schumer says that's a chance for us to bring up the public option. another one is in conference. they point to a poll that says 53% of those want the public option. gretchen: interesting. still half that don't. steve: it's interesting. behind the scenes he is working hard to get the public option passed and yet in public he is not giving it the full-throated support as he did the olympics because, you know, you would hate to flame out politically on something that could damage you in the long run. gretchen: if you thought that the whole thing was going to get any simpler? it's not. this matt baucus plan, we will try to break down a little bit of that for you right now. this is basically what the baucus bill will do in simple
6:34 am
terms. it will widen coverage by creating cooperative. it will subsidize insurance for low income families. it will force you to get insurance or pay a fine. brian: that sounds simples but the plan isn't. if you read it even according to senator carper. i can't get through this thing. when i try to read it it doesn't make sense. here is the quote. steve: this is a passage. brian: shear passage from the bill and you read along at home. brian: that's self-explon tore. gretchen: huh? what's magi? steve: penalties if you don't have insurance. going to be a penalty if you don't have insurance. then suddenly the bill is only two pages long.
6:35 am
gretchen: we have been asking for that one page primer, remember? that would make it a lot simpler for all of fuss it was on one page and we could figure out what it is about. we will continue to explain different passages throughout the show for you this morning. brian: peter johnson jr. will be here two hours from now right here live. steve: i'm sticking around for it then. brian: you have to. they get upset if you punch out early. gretchen: hundreds of kids in earthquake ravaged west sumatra heading back to tents. union self-has set up three tents with more expected to group in the next two days. officials in indonesia hope getting kids back to class quickly with l. create a sense of normalcy there they will provide on site counselors to provide support. 1100 people killed in this earthquake. steve? steve: pretty awful. that is how former fed head alan greenspan describes the
6:36 am
unemployment rate standing now at 9.8%. right now greenspan is predicting that number will push past 10% and stay there for a while. he says president obama should concentrate on kick-starting the economy but says we do not need a second stimulus. >> as broad as it is and as effective as it turns out to be. it's still got 60% left to go. in my judgment, it's far better to wait and see how this momentum ha has already begun to develop in this country go grow forward. steve: is he worried about the public deficit and public debt. brian: listen to this. two pakistani generals tell the a.p. most of the men sent to help the military fight terrorism was used for other causes. the generals say only 500 million of the 6.6 billion in u.s. aid was spent on the
6:37 am
military to go hunt down al qaeda. most of the money went to subsidizing the economy. thanks, musharraf. this under the presidency of the former president and u.s. ally who is now making the rounds pervez musharraf who lives in london. gretchen: suspect accused of murdering grad student an my ley. he is going to face a judge in a superior court tomorrow. he has yet to enter a plea in the murder of the 24-year-old. he faces charges of strangling le and stuffing her body behind the lab wall. the same building where he worked as animal lab tech. his bond set at $3 million. steve: man survives after bunji jump going wrong. the -- he took the plunge in thailand on vacation. but the harness slipped off his
6:38 am
legs. he landed in a pond down below on his chest. he ruptured his spleen, tore his liver and collapsed one of his lung, he spent a month in the hospital. but is now back home in england where is he still recovering. despite this, he is not swear off extreme sports. he says he would like to go sky diving next. gretchen: magi. medium adjusted growth income. thank you, tom, for telling me what magi meant. he went on to say they wanted to make it confusing so no one understands what they are saying. steve: what's going on in football. brian: no acronym can accurately explain knee. only week four but the super bowl champion steelers needed help. the steelers were on fire early. they jumped out behind ben roethlisberger who is tall and good sometimes. two touchdowns. put them up.
6:39 am
but the steelers deference fell apart. san diego counter terrorism ripping back under phil rivers. in the end steelers would seize control again. this is why gretchen is smile today. it looks like a great day. that is gretchen carlson. tigers and exins will decide who plays the yankees and who is going to be the central division champion. detroit beat the white sox what they had to do winning 5-3. and minnesota winning. sideline reporter took one for the team. samantha steele was showing off her arm at stanford stadium she did do well hittingioy and took a test bump in in celebration that knocked her cold out. tweeted about the incident.
6:40 am
doctors say i shouldn't do any heavy thinking for a week and that shouldn't be a problem. gretchen: lack at her arm. she has incredible arm. brian: look at that what is he thinking, this guy? what about a high five or low five? or a fist bump. steve: back in the day. brian: if you are a sideline reporter who has a very good home at home and she does something good, celebrate differently. gretchen: i would have been more happy if the twins didn't have to do the play off thing on tuesday night if they would have won it outright. it's nerve-wrong -- wracking. meanwhile peter does -- doocy is here without shoes. the bare foot boom is apparently gaining traction. >> you guys will be maybe surprised by. this but by just about every
6:41 am
estimate, every year almost 70% of all runners wind up with some kind of an injury. now a best of your knowledge of of-a bunch of runners have had enough. better work out and stay healthy. watch this. >> running outside with no shoes may seem crazy but there is a growing number who are doing just that. two of the greatest runners of all time set world records sans shoes. now every day runners are kicking off. one theory shoes weaken legs and feet. many run bare foot. if the foot is involved it's revolutionary marvel that is perfectly meant to absorb shock while running. why mess with that? >>no. >> bare foot athlete is a believer. new balance isn't completely sold on the bare foot idea. >> a shoe pay bare minimum protects the foot for rocks and
6:42 am
debris. likewise can reduce injury to the foot. >> this doctor has treated bare foot injuries. >> stress fractures overloading met that tar sells. getting nerve irtargses which can occur between the toes. >> so good or bad? there is really only one way to find out. >> all right. let's go. >> my primary worry was stepping on a piece of glad or nail or germ-covered sharp thing. it feels like somebody is scraping the bottom of my foot with like a cheese shedder -- shredder. you are probably going to be stepping on stuff that you would not want on your feet. ouch. >> i stepped on acorn. >> i just discovered i am a shoe guy. this will be the last time i grin and bare foot-if it does
6:43 am
hand sanitizer work on feet? i hope so. gretchen: peter, that looked so painful. plus, for women, can you imagine the calluses you would build up underneath? >> is it dinner for women. >> either way going on no shoes on for run. but wearing no shoes to work seems to be the best thing that ever happened. brian: mite not to ad-lib that portion of the program. if you speak with every person you speak to thishallway. brian: i can hear arches across the country without the support. >> thanks, guys. steve: care for america's health care debeat. we talked to a doctor who came back from germany. he says the national healthcare system there could help us here. gretchen: man accused of spying on aaron andrews. apparently asked the hotel to book him in the room next to her
6:44 am
and they did. that is outrageous. should the hotel be libel? brian: there they are battling it out, two lawyers pretending to sweat. ññ
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ññ it took us maybe, what, two hours to give up the corporate life? i think it took me about ten minutes. running a b&b is not a desk job.
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i have to climb stairs 20-30 times a day. announcer: keep moving with new nature made triple flex. newly formulated to work in as little as 7 days. with glucosamine to support cartilage health, hyaluronic acid, known to lubricate joints, and chondroitin complex for fast joint comfort. it's like a new beginning. new nature made triple flex. learn more at nature made. fuel your greatness. also available in liquid softgels. brian: today, a chicago judge will decide whether the man accused of stalking secretly taping aaron andrews will be sent to a los angeles prison or go free on bail. meantime, some question whether the hotel where the individualsios were shot are partly to blame. here to debate former prosecutor arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney steve raiser. first off, arthur, this is a situation where this guy, this barrett character, 48 years old, loves golf and is relatively
6:48 am
quiet in his neighborhood calls up and says put me in a room next to her in a few cities, does that make the hotel, ramada inn, marriotts libel, viable? >> we have find out whether they actually did that if they did do that, that's a huge problem. if i call the hotel and say hi, is brian kilmeade staying that? they are not supposed to. put me next to brian if they told me to put next to you that and criminal occurs. there is major, major issue. they do have a big problem. brian: steve? >> certainly not any criminal issue here. but i will say say this the facts are not clear how he got next to her room i should say. what i believe happened here is
6:49 am
he most likely called a few different molestations until he got the right one. >> in many cities. >> he knew what city she was going to be in. now you are i object setterring the facts. >> hold on a second. you are the prosecutor in this case. the facts aren't there the facts do show that barrett is the one that got the camera. didn't videotape. brich brich we have been cooperating with authorities during the investigation. that's jeff later in who works pr with the marriott. if they call up and say yeah they put me next to her like i requested. they are in trouble. >> if they put her in a secluded part of the hotel. brian: at least we know it did happen and wasn't a set up like many people thought. gretchen: that's a crazy story. all right.
6:50 am
who has got the right remedy for health care? maybe germany? next, a doctor who just got back says there are things we can leasure from their nationalized plan. and is the white house running out of new ideas? this weekend's youtube address sowngsding very familiar. we'll explain. hi, may i help you? we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here.
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gretchen: should congress be looking to other countries for ideas on health care reform. one group traveled to germany to find out what they are doing there and what we may be able to learn from it. dr. shondlemyer is the director of primary institute. he led the delegates to germany. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. gretchen: so why germany? >> germany is one of the major industrialized countries in europe. they have a high quality
6:54 am
healthcare system and health care system that's not run directly by the government it is in the private marketplace although it has government oversight. gretchen: so it's considered a universal healthcare system but not single pair system. so describe the difference. >> certainly it's not a single payer. the funds are collected through germany through employer or self-pay. the funds are put together in health funds or health care funds that are like insurance companies but actually nonprofit corporations that if they have extra funds at the end the funds go back into the health care the patients who contributed to that fund in the first place. these are funds in the private marketplace much like the co-opts or exchanges we hear being talked about the u.s. gretchen: you walked away seeing one big thing which was that germany spends a third less than what the u.s. spends on health care but still provides what you
6:55 am
deem to be good health care. >> not only good health care, very high quality of health care. and much like what we have in the u.s. for those who do have access to health care. and in germany, about 90% of the population participates in these health care funds or exchanges that i talked about. and about 10% opts out to buy private insurance entirely on their own at their choice. gretchen: this would be similar to the co-opt system that you discussed that's being offered in this health care reform. what is the number one ways to keep costs down? what we are hearing about the american plan is that we would save all this money by avoiding medicare fraud. how does germany save all this money? >> well, there is no single answer to that. but part of it is germany allows the health care marketplace to self-regulate and they hold them accountable and look to see how they are spending the money and holds them accountable for where that money goes. so there is a self-regulation.
6:56 am
also, germany plays off rather than pitting health care as either being controversy. they have a -- called regulated competition. where the government does set rules how the marketplace will work. the. gretchen: sounds like very interesting plan. be interesting to see if politicians take a look. thanks for sharing your time with us this morning. preliminary picks blame game in full swing. who is being blamed for chicago ♪ getting the games. new report out this morning says hank paulson and ben bernanke mislead you about all those billions. that coming up.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
gretchen: very good monday morning to you. october 5, 2009. thanks for sharing your time today. 8 u.s. soldiers ambushed and killed in afghanistan. now the president's national security advisor down playing the need for more troops there. who is right and who is wrong? we'll debate. the president went to copenhagen and so about d. open bra. the star power didn't bring the olympics home. steve: it's his fault we didn't get the olympics. steve: set doctor known for showing audiences real organs. dr. oz is here live with life-saving advice and human hearts. cool. that's coming up this hour. our slogan this hour comes from bausch in sarasota.
7:01 am
"fox & friends" is satisfying. gretchen, steve and ooh brian. always truth and never lying. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute steve: welcome aboard, folks, first monday monday in october. supreme court kicks off. brian: as you can see by people behind the camera we don't have robots here. real people working behind the camera. gretchen: we do. so glad you could share your time with us today. we do need to begin with a fox news alert today. the u.n. is temporarily closing its offices in pakistan after homicide bomber blew himself up at a world food program office in islamabad this morning. five workers were killed in the attack. new video just into the newsroom shows the chaos in the streets moments after the blast. two pakistani women were new england the victims. several others injured in this explosion. u.n. secretary general ban
7:02 am
ki-moon con iteming the the tack tack calling heinous and unjustifiable. deworse days of fighting. eight u.s. troops killed in gun battle where hundreds of injure cents -- insurgents stormed an outpost. greatest casualty in a year. general stanley mccreates -- mcchrystal asking for more troops so can he station more troops away from the outpost: iran has agreed to let u.n. inspectors to visit the nuclear site. agreement was handed out after iaea talks with ahmadinejad. mohammed says he believes iran's relations with the west have turned a corner going from a spirit of conspiracy to one of
7:03 am
cooperation. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says washington is considering sanction options if iran's nuclear program does not prove -- the 19-year-old terror suspects accuse dollars of trying to blow up the sky scraper in dallas is going to be in court today. sources say he parked of what he thought was a truck filled with explosives under the 60 story found place building and tried to trigger that blast. the judge will decide if there is enough evidence with the case for him to go fawferred. if convicted he would face up to life in prison. first shipment of the swine flu vaccine will be given out today. indiana and -- health care works by the middle of the month up to 40 million doses are expected opening up vaccinations to more people. those are your headlines for a monday morning. steve: let's dial in dana perino
7:04 am
who is joining us live from our nation's capital. good morning, dana. >> good morning. i'm trying to wake up. brian: you are wide awake. steve: run bare foot through the park. >>ers oh my gosh peter doocy is crazy. steve: he did a good job. steve: that's right. good insurance through work. i am sure you are bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. you were watching the show he is yesterday. what did you make of general james jones? it looked like he was -- softly rebuking general stanley mcchrystal. mcchrystal wants more troops. jones says they have got a robust force over there right now. what's going on? >> i was a bit of surprised by it. you praise in public and criticize in private especially when you towering about somebody like general mcchrystal who is becoming a hero to the american people like petraeus had. they have to have this review. they should have had it in
7:05 am
private. unfortunately hadly theat that's not happening because we are talking about it right now. american people are going to lose patience. we need to know that. and then we need to know what we are going to do. we can't do this halfway. it's not fair to our military or of a ganes or of a lies fightens with us. brian: senator levin a senate democrat no more troops. sheldon says you have to give the general democrat what he needs. you have a big critic of our quormer boss who says you have to be careful. it look the like the presence -- man we all know general david petraeus. today's "new york times" talks about general petraeus being sidelined by this administration and he getting very frustrated, perhaps. that according to people close to him.
7:06 am
>> it's not good for the administration for it to -- for there even to be an appearance of some sort of daylight between the president and his generals. unless that's what the white house wants. and i think that's going to have to be reconciled in the next few weeks. gretchen: i thought it was interesting in a couple of columns when the president went over to copenhagen to fight for the preliminary picks to -- olympics to come to chicago. he did meet with mcchrystal they said that meeting lasted 25 minutes to. me that sounded so weird. i went back and re-read it why would they put out that he met with him for 25 minutes. why wouldn't they use a different frame of reference. because to me that seemed like quite a bit of time for something so important. >> yeah. i thought so. too. one of the reasons you do that as working for a press office is the media is wanting something to put in their stories.
7:07 am
interesting way to say they metaphor 25 minutes. looking back they should have said a little less than an hour would have been a little bit more palatable. steve: you are looking at leather furniture on board air force one. the president did make the pitch that chicago should be the home of the 2016 olympics. rio won. everybody, jaw dropped. they must have had intel that said that we were right at the top and obama would go over there and bring it back for america. now apparently a number of politicians are blaming your boss george w. bush because he created such a toxic attitude arranged the world they are getting us have it for what george bush did when he was president. >> some responses are so predictable from people. chicago under george bush's presidency was selected to be
7:08 am
amongst the bidders. i think people in chicago should do a little self-reflection and not eflexively. i thought president obama was a good yoozer or on friday. the idea that you would put the president in this very elm embarrassing situation. valerie jarrett was pushing this trip. here is what she said. gretchen: i just can't imagine president obama sitting in a room with his advisors right now. they must be in big trouble. >> well, behind the scenes, perhaps it was president obama who said, you know, i know that traditionally presidents don't go but this is my hometown. i want the olympics and i'm just going to break with tradition and going to go. it will be less than 24 hours.
7:09 am
i will be back. i will give it my all. if it doesn't win, it doesn't win. but now to sit there and blang blame everybody else. if he went to perception there would ebb a deception pros problem and that's the ways today. brian: knocked out immediately. if we were the finalist in the last minute rio pulled it out. america, out. new york was out last time. again, i would not -- if i was another city i would not a put a bid in into the ioc until they straighten it out. >> remember, south america has never hosted of the olympics. you have -- these things the voting blocks and everybody is working against one another, chicago, i think chicago would have been a great place to have the olympics and you wouldn't
7:10 am
have had on the all the proobs. i i couldn't know stand their bid was not persuasive enough. steve: maybe next time. also today there is a report out by neil borowski the inspector general for the tarp money. and what it says, dana, and i'm sure that you read this ben bernanke and make olson mislead us on the bay out. health of bank of america and some of the other banks. en. steve: we have given all the banks money to we have do frost the deep freeze. if the department of treasury is saying we are going to give them this money so that they can lend you money, and they didn't lend us any money, they lost credibility. >> you know, i read the article with the inspector general's
7:11 am
report, whereby i sat watching them and watching intraxz for them. they had nothing than what's in income's best mind. if you have look at the syndicated columnist's article today in the "the washington post" it does say owe -- i kristin roamer said it will be interesting to see how they defend themselves out of this report. brian: there was a report of the big wet kiss that the ceo of bank of becker got. he talked about fin banks go some banks being healthy and some not healthy but not telling us because they they if he woulden auto big yes, sir temperature. they all took the they hope ther to lend. now they put them in trouble. >> i think bernanke and paulison
7:12 am
deserve a right to derved themselves on that. there is going to be debate on this probably from years to come. from where i sat, i think they did the best thing they possibly could for america. gretchen: dana, stick around if you will. president obama held youtube address. there is something very, very familiar to what he said. dana will express her thoughts on that. steve: doctor known for showing audiences real organs. dr. oz with life saving advice and some human hearts. you don't want to miss. this "fox & friends" show for this monday.
7:13 am
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this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service.
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brian: president obama's weekly youtube address sounded a little familiar this weekend. listen. >> these are the mom and pop
7:16 am
stores and restaurants, beauty shops and construction companies that support families and sustain communities. they are the tiny startups with big ideas, hoping to become the next google or apple or h.p. >> these small businesses are the mom and beauty shops and construction companies that support families and sustain communities. they are the small startups with big ideas. hoping to be the next google or apple or h.p. >> small businesses will be able to purchase health insurance through insurance exchange. a marketplace where they can compare the price, qualities, and services of a wide variety of plans. >> small businesses will be able to purchase health insurance through an insurance exchange. a marketplace where they can compare the price, quality, and services of a wide variety of plans. steve: do you see that in the president this weekend said almost identically the same stuff he said in july. so dana perino,. >> it's one thing to read it. it's a whole other thing to hear
7:17 am
it. steve: it is. so is the obama administration running out of ideas when it comes to pushing health care? dana, it sounds like they just did a cut and paste job. you know you gave it in july. give it again in october. >> yeah. no one will notice. probably thought money would notice. maybe they didn't even not themselves. if you dooring that much speeches and ray material it's much harder of an eight year in the administration than it is after 8 months. i don't think it did the president secretary of state there if they slnt improved as of the number of legislation p. with the radio address being such a gift, a ventricle you for presidencies. >> brian: they didn't. you were able to pick that out because do you go to the youtube address. when you look at health care this is going to be a big month. expect to get this health care
7:18 am
proposal by senator max baucus to the floored. the president working hard twisting arms to get the public option on the table. despite what he heard in august at the town halls where they specifically seemed to be against that. do you blame president obama on door this show a bill numbness? >> it's one of two things. either the democrats have just decided let's just keep on going and don't look down around you. keep on going. another thing i thought about this weekend. i think as they to get the bill out many -- republican who had been not decisive yet as to how she is going to support or not support the bill. i would be surprised if she votes for it out of committee. i don't think she wants to say yes on the first date. may go to a floor vote. steve: youtube address identical
7:19 am
as it was in july. i have got some transcripts here said the same thing about insurance reform brg bargaining reform. who new york stock exchange w. bush recycled from a few months earlier, do you think the press would have paid it on their mind. >> i'm sure on the left would have brought it up. hanged in the media they they -- we were bankrupt. berest of ideas. didn't have touch say and really just mailing it in. steve: do you think we will see any of those columns tomorrow? >> no. well, maybe. i don't know. i don't know. steve: probably not. >> i will be scanning and i will alert you if i see any. very much very much thank you very much. brian: welcome to the week. >> bye. has been heb heb how many a
7:20 am
regular mom saw redd fled flags and proposal. then to you. steve: we told you how charlie rangel forgot to pay his taxes for years and disclosed a couple of million bucks. we wanted to know where did he get all that money? a closer look at charlie coming up.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
brian: news by the numbers now. they sound something like this. first $25 million. that's how much the new flick some buy land took in over the weekend to lead the box office. $5.5 million how much michael moore's new documentary capitalism a love.
7:24 am
story. $1.5 million is the price tag for simon cowell's 50th birthday party. outside london. included 400 guests. entertainment by earth, wind, and fire giant image on the front of his home. none of us on the couch were invited. gretchen: a woman who has worked in the health care industry for 20 years has seen red flags in the health care reform plan. she decided to take those concerns to the american people. oakley ryan joins us live from chicago with her story. good morning, oakley. >> good morning, gretchen. gretchen: i find this a fascinating story we heard throughout the summer when we were watching all these town halls happen on health care reform, we heard people criticizing health care reform being deemed racist, part of the mob, they were manufacturing their anger. explain why you got involved? >> well, as you mentioned, gretchen, i work in health care since i got out of college. and i also, in 2002 was
7:25 am
diagnosed with the tumor and had multiple surgeries. spent six weeks in radiation. have mris freakly. and what i saw was unfolding was there were some real concerns i had. as not just a health care person but as a patient. and as a mom and as an american. and i just felt that our country could be doing better with the knowledge i had. and i really wanted to start talking to my friends and family and really helping to educate them because i thought we were missing a huge opportunity to really dialogue about what great health care reform could look like. gretchen: what you did was come up with something called health care you put everything out in your kitchen. you started writing this letter. the main goal was to make this thing less messy. less complicated. because some people think oh my gosh, i can't understand this. it's just hopeless so they don't get involved. >> there was an article compared
7:26 am
bill making to sausage making. i live in wisconsin. and we make sausage. it is messy. i don't want health care reform to go down this path. i expect more from americans. they want to know the real issues. they want to have substantive dialogue. we want to know what's going on. we don't want to be kind of sold or managed. and so i wanted to break apart, which is a really complex issue and put it in a way that an average american could read it. say i understand and i want to get involved and i want to ask more questions. gretchen: that's what americans had been asking for. each on this show we have been asking for a one-page primmer so we can understand the plan. shear portion of what your letter says to americans. almost everyone says gretchen: what do you in this letter, oakley, is you talk about the complicated issues and then you give the alternative,
7:27 am
the answer, the simplyification, right? >> yeah. i am. and you know, i just -- i get inspired by what i think we americans can do. i think it's pretty interesting that 40 years ago, you know, we put a man on the moon. we started working on that for nine years. and this is a big issue. there are great ideas out there. there are people who want to work hard at this. and the first thing we have got to do is bring the american people on board. this is 17% of our economy. this effects every single one of us. this can't be done in a quick legislative fix. i don't care how long it's been an issue. we have got to get this right. gretchen: if you would like to learn more about oakley ryan's let. i know you have heard from people all over america who have been for you. thank you for explaining these issues. great to have you this morning. >> great. thanks so much for having me,
7:28 am
gretchen. are. >> you are welcome. >> up next, a fox news exclusive live from afghanistan. technique logically advanced fighter jet in our arsenal. then? steve: dr. oz on call. his life-saving advice for your heart. >> i'm trying to find it. steve: got nothing. >> oh my goodness. much better. brian: i am the heart beat of the show, doctor, now you have proof. find out what our heart looks like. he brought it out. steve: you brought a heart? >> i brought some hearts. steve: bring it back. nkicyi -lepufeou katn se
7:29 am
erouca y s te ona tuhachup -b. moav mooi 's p of hde
7:30 am
tuhachup -b. coet msas nsio moav mooi
7:31 am
7:32 am
steve: all right. dorks we were just talking to dr. oz in the green room. he will being making a couch call in three minutes. we begin this half hour with a really cool fox news exclusive. we have a first look at the most tech logically advanced weapon in the air force's arsenal. brian: joining us live to talk about this from province in afghanistan our own casey stegall. casey, what's up with this? >> hey, guys. good to see you. we are embedded with the 615th contingency response wing. we have been on the ground here in afghanistan for the last five days or so where we have been able to get an up close and personal look at some of the tools that the u.s. air force is using in this war on terror.
7:33 am
take a look. this is the 810 c. wart hog. not a pretty name one of the most tech logically advanced planes in the world. for the men and women who fly them it's another day in the office. today i'm going to suit up to see what it takes to get in the cockpit. >> this is survival vest. contains radios and maps so if you have to eject. then there is the harness that goes on after that this is what actually put on to stab yourself in the yet: all right? >> the hose plugs in behind you there on the right side. >> this job wasn't duff enough working in the extreme heat of afghanistan, try putting on 70 pounds worth of gir and then sitting in this cockpit and flying for eight, nine hour missions. again, it's just part of the job for the men and women of the u.s. air force.
7:34 am
and all throughout the day right here on the fox news channel, we are going to be showing you some of these spectacular planes being used in this car. unfortunately guys, the only thing is they wouldn't let me fly that thing it goes 420 miles per hour. not many media outlets have gotten access to the cockpit of that thing. it is spectacular the job it does. pretty incredible. back to you all the way in new york. steve: i wonder what the insurance policy is to let him drive that thing. really interesting. brian bruin hopefully later today see him in action. >> different path way to victory in afghanistan. perpetual holding pattern as the president exams for weeks where we should go next in iraq. so let's look at a few of them. steve: sure. first up david killcullen talks about reform or go home.
7:35 am
he writes counter insurgency is only as good as the government supports. nato could go do everything right. it isn't but will still feel unless afghanis trust their government. steve: make sure it is done right. because the u.n. descriewd up the first time. robert gates suicide attack. that sounds like a lot ofy goal. try to -- brian: there were nine suicide attacks four years ago. 150 the next year. 250 now. stop the people who support and train those who become suicide bombers. steve: meanwhile, if you can't beat them, let them join. linda robinson thorpe of tell me how this ends writes in a year we must persuade large number of insurgents to lay down their arms or switch to the government side. gretchen: human rights commission says kick out
7:36 am
corruption. i guess that would be the taliban and al qaeda. >> car caesary as well because he has been an oi al salute. meanwhile, learn to tax from the taliban. >> this is interesting, gretchen, peter has wrot this she mitt taliban forces extort money from trucks carrying illegal cargo through their territories and demand protection fees from local businesses even hitting up construction projects which have been authorized by nato. gretchen: mayoral mcpeak chief of the staff of the air force says polls have the power. i'm sure that means what the afghani people want, potentially? brian: right now only 10% of them want the taliban as their government. if you leave iraq, what are you also saying to women who have almost no rights. gretchen: in afghanistan. both, actually. this is really right to me.
7:37 am
so many wide companies it dozen lead serious to the thacket there one public option. one way to do it. got your again on the ground you might believe what he said. steve: than that's why it's taking so long to go to the other side. gretchen: disasters happening across the globe, hundreds of children in earthquake-ravaged insd doneisha heading back to school in tents. union self-has set up makeshift classrooms. u.n. reports 1100 people killed after two quakes struck that region. hundreds of villages from a disaster zone samoa gather at a church yesterday to mourn the 176 victims of that south pacific tsunami. in the philippines major cleanup continues today. the typhoon drenched parts of the causing 16 people and
7:38 am
causing widespread landslide. the capital city spared in latest tsunami. brian: suspect accused of murdering grad student annie le due in court today. he will face a judge in a superior court. is facing charges of hiding her body. as an animal lab tech. his bond set the 3 million bucks. steve: first monday in october. first day of the supreme court's new term. five of the six catholic judges including society sotomayor included red mass in washington to pray for guidance during the upcoming term. on the docket a bunch of cases, including a challenge to chicago's handgun ban and cases on the first amendment and even campaign finance law.
7:39 am
gretchen: cit hanging in the balance now. thees to would owe goldman sachs $1 billion. that's because goldman sachs gave cit a 3 billion-dollar rescue package in 2008. they goes lot 2.3 billion in tarp money. if it goes bankrupt, it would be the biggest loss to taxpayers so far after the government's big bailout. brian: rare look how you are being protected from terror attacks. first time ever fox news cameras were allowed inside command center where they keep eye on target. they are using thousand of cameras to monitor the city and what is happening on the street. the center has been up and running on the year. steve: that was storm blankets a highway leaving drivers unable to see. look at that 11 people injured on crashes on ernesto state 90. authority closed down the
7:40 am
highway for 18 hours until the dust finally settled. gretchen: visitors hot grand ole opry were tickled pink this weekend fight against breast cancer. >> those who have been diagnosed and we are here to raise awareness and hopefully find a cure. gretchen: customers ordering tickets for upcoming shows can mention the code oprah pink and give bucks -- right here on the plaza. hershey's tour depink is here. 150 bikers and a big surprise ahead in our next hour. steve: you were thinking of oprah because dr. oz. gretchen: i was probably still on weekend whatever. mind. still trying to get myself back to a monday. steve: it's monday morning. brian: this is for you. time for brian's best. you look forward to this every
7:41 am
week. gretchen: this is what i live for. brian: best catches and plays. starting off this week best player. quarterback ben roethlisberger. he came up big when the steelers needed him most. two scores. the steelers hung on to late night game tom beat the charges 38-28. the. award goes to quarterback jake cutler of the chicago bears. watch as cutler goes airborne. you will see him and does appear he will wail like for the touchdown. five yard touchdown run. what else is good yesterday? time for brian's best catch. we have a. they make this amazing one handed touchdown grab. they went down to beat the means beings very nice. kecia must have taught him that. denver marshal of the denver
7:42 am
broncos. goofed after the catch. 51-yard score. the broncos are a shocking 4-0. steve: that's embarrassing. brian: there is me again. dallas expected to beat the wrong does. tommy romo jumped out to early lead. denver had other plans. kyle also ran in the big trade for -- that sent that big trade between the bears and broncos. he tosses two touchdown passes and that went to marshal. make was the goal line stand. sorry, cowboy fans. gretchen: he is the doctor known for because he shows us real organs. why should this morning be any different. is he here with human hearts and some advice that can save your life. >> i makes no no doubt.
7:43 am
charlie wrack gel has millions of dollars that he keeps forgetting to report. where did he get all that dough. we take a closer look straight ahead. brian: college juniors and seniors are eligible for win $10,000 for producing a news story. log on to fox challenge for all the details.
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7:46 am
(announcer) we understand. you need to save money. gretchen: heart disease is a leading cause of death of american women. did you know that? but there are some things can you do to protect yourself in the event of a heart attack. steve: dr. oz is joining us live. of course, he is the host of the dr. oz show. you see it coast to coast. good morning to you. >> thank you very much. gretchen: good morning. steve: first of all, we will explain the lavender gloves in just a moment. heart disease, number one killer of women. >> a lot of folks would think
7:47 am
it's a male disease. part of the reason for that is historically we always knew that young male sexives would die of heart problems. turns out there are more women who die of heart disease and strokes than men. they die older in life. women won't recognize they are having a problem. i will give you an example. the first thing you look for autopsy when looking at someone whose female who died suddenly is their stomach. why would you do that, steve? steve: want to see if they have antacids. they had heart burn. and it really wasn't heart burn from the stomach. it was heart burn from the heart. those are the kind of things we find very freakly. gretchen: what are some of the signs if women feel like they are having a heart attack but don't know having a heart attack. >> the heart pumps the blood and electrical beat that keeps it going a certain rate. pumping side when you are having a problem the heart will get weak. so you will get shortness of breathed blood will back up in the lungs.
7:48 am
shortness of breath and don't know why especially during exercise, very important sign you have something going on with your heart that could be related to heart attack like symptoms. palpitations that racing beat it won't be the sort of benign i felt my heart racing for two seconds kind of problem. rapidly moving heart beat and feel light headed. brian: you say blurry vision. >> blurry vision because as blood pressure drops whole head, headaches, tingling, but you also get blurry vision because you are not getting enough blood to your head. nausea. it turns out nerves come from the heart back into the body and they are important sign to you that things aren't going well. the heart doesn't actually feel pain. let me give you example. gretchen. brian: unless you break up with a woman. >> i mention this because the pain that comes from the heart goes into spinal column touches other nerves and short circuits.
7:49 am
>> it gets peal when the -- pale when the blood stops pumping to it look at this heart. steve: it's an enlarged heart. >> why did it enlarge? you see arteries on the surface? one of them closed off. when the arteries on the surface close off, then the heart has to compensate by growing larger. whatever is left, squeezes harder. i want you if you don't mind feel that. gretchen: oh my gosh. steve: feels like meat. >> like cardboard. >> feel this heart, the normal heart. it's soft and supple. steve: more rubbery. >> supposed to be like that. brian: how old was this person? >> both 50-year-olds. you see the size difference. when somebody tells you your heart sen larged. it's a big deal. steve: go see somebody. >> when they see somebody. people don't take them seriously. the reason we did this whole
7:50 am
show tomorrow. dr. oz show on heart disease is to focus on women who have lost their moms to heart disease. and they feel guilty. that's common. i don't want people to feel guilty. i want people to deal with the problem. nausea, pappy stations, pain. your heart is going to looking like this to like this. everybody out there you can't feel it can describe it go from the soft, supple muscular heart to one that's dead like cardboard it doesn't do the work anymore. steve: like gristle. brian: where do you get these hearts? >> these are from news anchors. gretchen: very good response. thank you for joining "fox & friends" this morning good luck with your new show. hope to see you soon. brian: purple. >> might not be fun for you but important for you. steve: father of daphne oz finest intern. >> she had a great time. gretchen: we told you how charlie rangel forgot to pay his taxes and disclose a few million
7:51 am
bucks. we wanted to know where did he get all those millions he forgot about. brian: number one song 1989 girl, i'm going to miss you by millie vanilly. steve: dr. oz actually sang it ♪ . . @nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
steve: charlie rangel is a powerful chairman on capitol hill, but could his days as a congressman be numbered? the house could vote on whether he should be removed as the leader of the house, ways, and means committee. gretchen: will the democrats protect him? joining us now is charles hurt.
7:55 am
you wrote an article about this and asked the question and, how can charlie rangel be worth millions and have all these millions of dollars worth of property? what answer did you come up with? >> the short answer is, we do not know. the more complicated answer is it will be more difficult to find out, given his history of underreporting assets, in guns. -- in comes. this is a question that has puzzled people for years. -- assets, incomes. as you said, $175,000 a year is a pretty good salary. i suppose it is possible he is brilliant with money.
7:56 am
given he is a congressman, i find that hard to believe. steve: what is going to happen in washington? house leadership has stood behind him because he is a powerful guy. >> nancy pelosi promised the most ethical congress in history. steve: how is that going? [laughter] >> they tripped over a low bar. this week, when we are looking at is a congressman from texas, a judge, john carter, who will introduce a point of personal privilege. that is basically a type of censorship of a fellow member for bringing disrepute to the
7:57 am
house. gretchen: the thing is, nobody is stopping them. by the way, that is an ethics violation. that is human behavior, when you do not get caught for doing something bad, you keep on doing it. >> there are never any ramifications. what will be interesting this week -- he has become the face of this kind of behavior in congress. whether or not that is fair, that is the case. it is putting a lot of democrats in conservative districts in danger. i assure you, republicans are already thinking about these ads they are going to run across the
7:58 am
country. steve: charles, thank you for joining us. our question on the day, should charlie rangel resign? gretchen: you can text message your answer to us. in the meantime, president obama in meeting with doctors today to keep health care alive. we will go behind the scenes. steve: and iran opens its doors up to nuclear weapons inspectors.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
8:02 am
[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: good morning. let me tell you what is happening in this morning. senators say they are not going to read in health care bill and they do not even understand it. is the build intentionally confusing? we are going to try to translate it. steve: we were not told the truth. a new report says that ben bernanke and hank paulson this lead us about the bailout. anbrian: new information says al qaeda is part of a big scam in pakistan. this one comes from sally in georgia. the weekend is gone, give me
8:03 am
fair and balanced fox and friends news. steve: michael steele, he is going to be with us in a couple of minutes. gretchen: first, this is a fox news alert. the u.n. temporarily closing its offices in pakistan after a homicide bomber blew himself up in a food office nearby. new video shows the chaos in the streets. two pakistani women among the victims. several were injured. u.n. secretary-general ban ki moon condemned the act. two pakistani generals tell officials most of the money
8:04 am
meant for the military was used for other causes. most of the money went to subsidize the economy, this under pervez musharraf. the 19-year-old accused of trying to build -- blow up a skyscraper in dallas is in court today. hmadi part of what he thought was a van full of explosives. a judge will determine if there are sufficient cases to go forward in the case. if convicted, he faces life in prison. and a new mother stemmed by a woman who poses as an immigration worker and then steals her baby. the baby was found safe and sound. but officials have taken the baby of of safety concerns.
8:05 am
now the mother is not sure when she will be able to see her baby again, or her other children, because officials had taken them as well. the attacker, who could not have children of her own, is now under arrest. cooling temperatures are giving california firefighters some relief this morning. mandatory evacuation remain in certain areas. more than 7,500 acres in the san bernadino national forest had been destroyed. let's take a look at the weather. steve: they are not going to be getting much help to date in the form of brain. however, from the mid-atlantic frodown to florida, we have some
8:06 am
thunderstorms. current temperatures, chilly in the northern plains. 53 in new york city. temperatures in the 50's through the plains states. meanwhile, a beautiful day in store for this first monday in october. 72 in dallas. brian: is going to be a big week on capitol hill. the finance committee will be approving the baucus plan and then bring it to the house floor. michael steele is with us from washington to talk about health care. we know that doctors will be meeting with the president today. he has the ama in his pocket.
8:07 am
what is the symbolism today? >> i do not really know the purpose of the meeting. i hope the president listens to these doctors, if they are talking about creating an environment where we can do a couple of things portability, small business pools, increasing access. as you said, the ama is locked and loaded with is a government plan. i do not know what the purpose of this, other than a nice photo op. steve: you touched on a government auction. although he is not pushing it in public, behind the scenes he is really doing a lot of work.
8:08 am
he wants the moderate democrats. if that is what he wants, why doesn't he just say so in public? >> because he cannot sell that. the american people have made it clear they want something different, they want a plan that is more patient-doctor center, as opposed to the government. the president is over here wanting this, and the back room opportunity will be running this so that it does not look like a government-run system, but it is. that is where the fine print will be important. you talk about members of congress boasting about not reading the bill.
8:09 am
so what do you say to us? gretchen: is so frustrating that congress members do not want to read this. you mentioned the ama. we have had so many physicians talking about health care, and it comes to my attention that a lot of doctors do not even belong to the ama it anymore. -- the ama anymore. >> 17% of doctors in the country belong to the ama. they do not have the credibility on this health care issue, as they would like to project. having 50 doctors at the white house is a good photo op, but they will not be challenging the
8:10 am
president on his thinking. and you do not want another copenhagen here. the reality is, you want to do the right photo positions, put it out there, but the american people are not buying this. brian: we have the stimulus, and only 40% of its has been spent. it does not seem to be benefiting the economy, yet, there is talk about a second stimulus. where will that go? >> the same place the first stimulus went into. i think the reality here again it isis, we are going to have 1%
8:11 am
unemployment. we cannot ignore that. stimulus 2, like "nightmare on elm street" is not a good idea. steve: yesterday, alan greenspan said, -- he is not for a second stimulus. we have only spend 40%, so we should not be jumping the gun. >> i think there is a lot of wisdom in there. what are we now talking about spending more money than we do not have? gretchen: i cannot imagine that this would get any support. >> but you have already
8:12 am
mentioned that these people will not even be reading this most important piece of legislation coming down the pike. what they sell this summer it is, people are making them accountable don't read the bill, but when you come home this fall, you better have some smart answers. otherwise, enjoy your last few months in congress. gretchen: always agree to speak with you. brian: i think he dresses better now than when he was here before. steve: i remember him at the convention. very short period straight ahead -- very sharo. p.
8:13 am
straight ahead, there are reports that say iran could already make nuclear weapons. gretchen: think pink. cyclists raising money for breast cancer, finishing right on our plaza. we are going to meet them.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
brian: in your reports that iran may already have the intelligence to build a nuclear bomb. how should our officials respond? gretchen: we are joined by a
8:17 am
former "new york times" reporter. you just returned from the middle east. you were in this region of the world, particularly in israel. there are reports now that iran can build a bomb. what do we do? >> what is interesting to me is, usually israeli talk about everything. on this one, whether or not they are going to strike iran, everyone is quiet, which means that option is open. however, that would be hard to do. brian: how could the iaea come to this conclusion now when they were looked at in 2003? what is the truth? >> that is the confounding thing about intelligence estimates, as
8:18 am
we learned about iraq. iran is benefiting from the mistakes that were made in the iraq. they will say, on the one hand, on the other hand -- and that is the kind of reporting that you are getting. then you have the iaea inspectors saying he has no proof. you also have others who say that he is definitely going for a warhead. gretchen: on its face, you would think america would know these types of details. >> we can see a hole in the ground where they could have buried a reactor. it is a facility that is actually supposed to be enriched
8:19 am
uranium, which is more worrisome. however, there are no centrifuges in in right now, so there is just an empty building, which is what they want to inspect. brian: if israel was to attack, is it your sense that everyone would attack israel, or would they give a wink and a not, because they fear iran, too? >> some countries in the region are afraid of iran getting that technology. the egyptians are sunni muslims, iranians are not. that would be important. president obama, although he talked a great game, and even
8:20 am
though everyone wants him to succeed, has not been delivering yet. gretchen: we need to have you back because that is an interesting topic. brian: i know you care about this. a 260-page bill. maybe peter johnson can disseminate it for us. the prescription for truth is coming our way. gretchen: were you lied to by the government? yes, you were not told about the true in the bailout. -- you were not told the truth in the bailout.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
steve: welcome back. senators could vote on the block this bill this week, but what is -- baucus bill this week, but what is in it has some scratches in their hands. -- scratching their heads. so why is this bill so confusing? how can we make this simple? peter johnson is with us with a prescription for truth. you would think that thea law by the people could be understood by the people. >> no, it is dense and confusing. you would also think there would be an agreement in the house that they would take an oath to
8:25 am
read the bill before they vote on it, in committee, war in either house. maybe we should take a poll today of this house committee. have you read every page of this bill? steve: here is an excerpt. i believe this is page 45. it says -- what does that mean? >> the translation is co-ops, these government-option entities, organizations set up by the government, would have
8:26 am
the ability to enter into collective purchasing agreements. steve: that was easy, why didn't they say that? >> do you know what that means? it is not clear. it is talking about pulling, sharing. maybe we need another 1000 pages of text. how about another one? >> here is another one -- apparently, that means subsidized insurance? >> the bronze plan is what they consider minimal coverage. that means the minimal level of insurance that you must have under this plan.
8:27 am
they talked about putnam, gold, silver, bronze. this bronze plan would be for those people who are in the so- called high risk pool, those people with existing -- pre- existing conditions. republicans and democrats have talked about the necessity to insure those people. but it is going to get worse. there are five different bills. those that have been passed by these particular committees, this finance committee, are now necessarily the ones being brought to the house. -- to the floor of the senate. according to some reports, the president is behind the scenes
8:28 am
trying to push the public option. that was an issue of debate in the finance committee and said that they would not do it, but there is a likelihood that senator reid will bring into the senate floor. steve: what are they trying to do? thank you. straight ahead, and oxygen tank costs $600, but with medicare, it costs $7,000? what we found out is going to steam you. and we are hearing that charlie rangel is breaking tax losaws. text message us your answer. meanwhile, the tour de pink for breast cancer. before it wrapped up, we have
8:29 am
one of some surprise. -- before it wraps up, we have one more of some surprise. -- awesome surprise. y] oh. [screeching] [barks] (man) if you think about it, this is what makes the ladders different from other job-search sites. [screeching] we only work with the big talent. [all coughing] welcome to the ladders-- a premium job site for only $100k-plus jobs and only $100k-plus talent.
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you hungry? yeah. me too. (door crashes in) (broadview alarm) (gasp and scream)
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go! go! go! go! go! go! (phone rings) hello? this is mark with broadview security. is everything okay? no. someone just tried to break in. i'm sending help right now. thank you. (announcer) brink's home security is now broadview security. call now to install the standard system for just $99. the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now - and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. gretchen: remember our question about charlie rangel? should he resign because he has some tax problems as the chair
8:33 am
of the house, ways, and means committee? right now 100% of you saying that yes, it is a close call. steve: i am surprised that charlie rangel did not text himself. brian: and would be interesting to know where he gets all his money. steve: like he said, maybe he is just a brilliant financial mind? gretchen: maybe he should be on the treasury department. speaking of, hank paulson and ben bernanke. remember last year when we
8:34 am
issued the t.a.r.p. money? i think it was $787 billion. now an official has come out saying, both had misled the nation on health on help pay the banks were at that time. brian: he said that we had nine institutions that were not healthy and they needed money. if we were going to put this money into the system, these super banks would help to unfreeze the credit crisis. now we find out possibly both knew some of those banks were sick but said that they were healthy -- on the surface,
8:35 am
misleading the country. steve: citibank and bank of america were not in good shape, but we were told that they would start lending us money. also, the report says the treasury department and the bush administration acted responsibly when they pressured bank of america to continue with the merger, even though they knew it could noturn out to be bad. according to the final report, he found no signs that anyone acted irresponsibly. gretchen: that is interesting. brian: among the two titans of the business.
8:36 am
debate over afghanistan is expected to heat up after one of the worst days in afghanistan. eight troops killed near the pakistan border. we should also point out the insurgents also took on heavy casualties. the taliban takes responsibility for the attack. steve: the suspect accused of murdering annie le is due in court. raymond clark will appear before a judge. he has yet to enter a plea. he faces charges of murdering and stuffing the body of le
8:37 am
behind a wall. his bill has been set at $3 million. brian: why did they ask for identification? that is what's some parents are asking when their child was able to board an airplane by himself. the 14-year-old was able to use the self checking option. steve: speaking of the autism, the number of cases has increased. one of 100 children have been diagnosed. officials say is still not clear if there are more affected, or if there are now better methods to affect -- attacked -- detect
8:38 am
it. brian: rush limbaugh has said that he could be interested in buying the st. louis rams. he was briefly an espn analyst. steve: gretchen is outside with a bunch of friends. gretchen: take a look at our party! we are celebrating breast cancer awareness month. we also have the president of the hershey's company. you just finished an incredible bike race. >> yes, it is on behalf of breast cancer awareness month. this year we wrote from hershey, pennsylvania to new york city. as part of the event, we have donated $300,000 to the young survivors coalition.
8:39 am
that is the premier of the organization for young women fighting breast cancer. gretchen: hat off to you for a job well done. what must people do not know it iis, a lot of these women affected by breast cancer are under 40. >> yes, we have a lot of survivors, supporters of the survivors, and it is great to be able to share their story. gretchen: you have been personally affected by breast cancer. is that how you decided to get involved? >> it is simply a terrific cost that hershey company gets involved in every year. it is for those reasons that i stay involved. gretchen: i was wondering how he stayed toast them working for hershey's.
8:40 am
congratulations, everyone. coming up, we are going to talk to one of those survivors. and we have a huge surprise in store. steve: stick around for that. william la jeunesse is coming up, and once again, he is tracking our taxes. what is our money being wasted on this time? >> did you know that we are paying for a hospital bed that cost twice as much as all others? who is letting this happen? itf vrivtydell. inon cas heie itf vrivtydell. 90
8:41 am
th j f lye p e? inon cas heie vrivty
8:42 am
8:43 am
steve: everyone is talking about health care in these days. medical waste it is costing us billions each year, but will cut and then be enough to paper the
8:44 am
president's health-care overhaul? william la jeunesse is tracking your money from los angeles. i think we might need a high blood pressure pill for this report. >> medicare knows it is being overcharged. last year it tried to do something about it, requiring competitive bidding. yet, congress, the self- proclaimed white knight in all of this, would not even allow that. >> reducing inefficiencies will pay for most of this plan. >> no one doubts medicaid is bloated by waste and fraud, but is there really enough that for this health care plan? most are skeptical. mike leavitt over some of the effort to reduce expenses by requiring competitive bidding on
8:45 am
medical equipment to reduce overpricing on items like these. home oxygen tank, $6,000. almost $2,000 for a hospital bed. internet price, just over $1 and dollars. on the interne$82 for diabetics. $72 on the internet. experts say competitive bidding would have saved medicare $7 billion, but congress killed the effort after heavy lobbying by industry. >> whenever there is an effort to make inefficiency, someone goes on the offensive and hires lobby to do what they can to constrain congress.
8:46 am
>> we are still paying that price differential. the center for responsive politics say that health care is spending about 2 million today lobbying congress. at the end of the day, even though they will try competitive bidding one more time, people are worried that congress is going to try to protect the industry again. steve: that was so demonstrative. $4,000 for a wheelchair. one belsen dollars at the store. it does not make sense. -- $1,000 at the store. meanwhile, breast care -- breast cancer survivors finishing up their charity ride. we have a surprise for one of them that you do not want to miss.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
brian: let's get a quick look at what is happening around the world. president obama will be meeting with doctors around the country to push for health insurance reform. also today, first shipment of the swine flu vaccine will be given up to health care workers in indiana. and it is the first day of the supreme court to a new term. five out of six justices attended yesterday's bass. among the cases today is chicago's handgun ban. now back outside for some important stuff.
8:51 am
gretchen: after four days, over 200 miles, it is a joyous day for these people, breast cancer for -- survivors. for one of them we have a great surprise. steve: elaine davis, we were just talking to her. this is your first bride. how did 266 miles a feel? >> it hurt a little bit, but it was fantastic. the whole experience was great. gretchen: at 31, you were diagnosed with breast cancer. >> right, and i went to my doctor that 30. i was told i was too young and i was sent away for one year. when i came back, i was told the
8:52 am
same thing, and then i found it in my lymph nodes. steve: then you went through therapy and treatment. since all of that, it has been 10 years. to celebrate, you trekked across the state of pennsylvania. not only that, you have been raising money for breast cancer awareness. >> that is right. i am the president of an awareness campaign in minnesota. i am so excited to be working for such an organization. i did not really have many people when i was finding this, so this feels great. gretchen: i wanted to ask some members of your family to come out and give you a big hug. steve: you did not notice, but we invited them!
8:53 am
[applause] gretchen: this is cory, aaron, and may ellen. [applause] this is hubby? >> yes, we rode together. so proud to be with her. gretchen: we are so glad that we could do this. steve: you thought you were just going to see some new yorkers. >> i thought you were just bringing my husband up. after the first night, it was really difficult. my daughter send me a message
8:54 am
saying how proud she was. i just thought about how lucky i was to still be here, and all the people that i have met. i and so grateful. -- am so grateful. [applause] gretchen: how did you keep it a surprise? >> it was kind of difficult. steve: especially with facebook. how does your mama look after to-6 6 miles? -- 266 miles? >> tired. [laughter] steve: you have helped his cause for so many years. thank you for culminating the race here on fox.
8:55 am
gretchen: we will be right back. . . bill: what did he just say? how are we going to pay for health care? the cbo cringes at the numbers for us. . .
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
gretchen: earlier in the show, we interviewed a woman and she has worked on the health-care industry for 20 years. she was also personally affected by a health-care crisis. she decided to take action. she developed something called so many people went to the website, it actually crashed. she helps to explain a lot of these complicated issues.
8:59 am
steve: here is a portion of her letter. almost everyone says we need reform and health care, but questioned if the current process will deliver what we need. a sense of hopelessness appears as if this health care mess is so big that the normal american can begin to -- cannot begin to understand the detail. gretchen: she is from wisconsin. she decided to put all of her papers together and develop this website. brian: coming up tomorrow, trace atkins sings here tomorrow. it will be a tuesday bonanza. steve: maybe we should ask the network for a spare hour. what is coming up on the show that starts in about five minutes? brian: we have michele bachmann coming up. coming up.


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