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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  October 5, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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business network -- >> demand it! neil: yeah, because you don't want to miss, it right, because you really should -- >> demand it! neil: and demand a better board from the big board, but that's tomorrow's fight. for now, glenn beck. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, the ingredients of a puzzle. i'm also going to tell you about "saturday night live." do you see they actually made fun of barack obama? but i don't believe it is -- i don't think it's -- i think it's a warning to him from the left. i'll explain, coming up. we have a lot to do. buckle up, and grab a pencil and paper because you will need to take some notes in the next few minutes. ifif you believe this country is great but corruption is taking us down, it's time to stand up! come on, follow me.
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hello, america. it is going to take three things to get us out of this hole. it is going to take honest questions. question with boldness. then, hold on to the truth. no matter what it is. no matter what you find, if it's the truth, it's the truth. hold on to that truth and then speak without fear. well, this is an odd process. i think that we are living through history right now. i know we are. things don't make sense to millions of americans. they don't make sense to me. they don't make sense to you, and i don't have the answers. i try. millions of americans come to this show every night not necessarily for the answers i give, but because of the questions that i ask. nobody is asking questions, and not only does washington's answers do they no longer make sense, but the questions the reporters are asking don't make any sense. i mean, am i the only one who watches the news and says, excuse me?
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i hope i'm wrong. one thing i'm really bad at is the sense of time, but i think we're running out of time. every night i work with you to put a puzzle together. i think that's what it is. we see these different things and we know they fit together but we don't know what they are building. we don't know what it is leading to. well, tonight i think i have another piece of the puzzle for you, and i think it is a big one. last week scott rasmussen conducted a new poll which showed that despite having the highest unemployment rate in the last 26 years and a teen unemployment rate of 29.5%, the high nest at least 60 years, corrupt and ethics were more important to the american people than the economy. hang on. i thought america only cared about its pocketbook. well, what does that tell you? to me, that tells me that the puzzle that we're piecing together every night is
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instinctively right. you know it. our republic is being stolen by our politicians, who are more concerned about enriching themselves and their buddies. you know it and i know it. please. the tarp bailout. it was a joke. the bailout of g.m. and chrysler. that was about the unions! a.i.g. and the banks were bailed out because their big donors to politicianed, period. the power brokers of the unions needed their healthcare and pensions covered! big insurance companies an pharmaceuticals have cut deals with obama while trying to shut the competitors out. that is the reason we're talking about healthcare. it has nothing to do with you. lindsey graham keeps calling me a cynic. i am not a cynic. i believe in the american people. i believe, look -- my dad was a baker. his dad was a baker. his dad was a baker. i'm the first guy to ever go to college in my family, and you know what?
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i went for about 60, 70 days, that's t you know why? i couldn't afford it. i believe in the american dream. we can make it as long as we're being honest with each other, and we help each other out. tonight, i'm going to lay some facts out for you. i think this is -- and i played this several times. this is the most important clip. if you want to understand the big picture in the puzzle we're trying to put together, this is the one thing obama has said that you must understand above everything else. >> the supreme court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society. one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement was because the civil rights movement became so court focused, i think that there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community
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organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change. glenn: this i oma in 2001. 2001. look at what he said. he talked about social justice. social justice is taking money from one group and giving it to another. he talked about economic justice, the same thing. he talked about the political and community organizing, and the events in the organizing on the ground that cobble together the coalitions of power that lead to redistributive change. let me break this down even simpler. do you remember the exchange between candidate obama and joe the plumber? >> if the economy is good for folks from the bottom up, it's going to be good for everybody. i think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody. glenn: he was being honest there. he believes when you spread the
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wealth around, it's good for everybody. that's marxism! what happened? joe the plumber was destroyed. the media, even members of the government got involved, going through his records and destroyed him. for what? for walking across the street and asking a candidate a question? you don't ask about marxism! spreading the wealth around. well, that's not a capitalist idea. that's not about free markets and there's two people, one from are the present, and one from the past, that have talked about this. this weekend, the present person that talks about shifting money around from one group to another is filmmaker michael moore who says capitalism is evil, and then from the past, there was somebody else who talked about redistribution of wealth. this guy. >> in the past, the country was in one way or another covered by
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the rich, or by the capitalists but now for the first time, the country is being governed by the classes. glenn: capitalism is evil. it is oppressing people. now we can take the money from the rich and give it to others. what is the difference? what are we doing? look, this show makes people uncomfortable every night. good! good! it's good to ask honest questions that make you uncomfortable. it makes you think out of the box. you know what, liberals? you call the people on the right all kinds of names all the time. you think that's comfortable? nope. but you know what it leads to? knowing exactly what you believe in, because you got to question yourself every single day. am i that? do i believe that? what is that? good! get out of your comfort zone. no one wants to believe that the president or any elected official in washington wants to transform the country.
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remember this? >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america! >> when i first heard that, i didn't think that it was leading to marxism. when he said "fundamentally," i didn't even notice it. i didn't even notice it, until i started hearing it from others in the community organizing groups. see, you can't take people for what they say in washington anymore. you know that. you also know that america's republicans, democrats and independents push away from the idea of taking money from one group and giving it to another, but there are radicals that just won't let it go. i want to introduce you tonight to a guy named deepak bargavia, the executive director of summary community -- for the center of community change. i want to make it clear. i don't have any evidence that he has any links to the white house.
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i'm not bringing him up and saying look, he is making policy. i just want to you listen to his words and compare them to the words of our president. he did work for acorn for about ten years, lobbying for them. he also attended harvard at the same time obama did. i don't know if they even knew each other. they also attended the same conference of community organizers in 2007. is that a big deal? i don't think so. i mean, i have been to conferences are where people are there and i don't know. i have been onstage and i hear other people and they say stuff, and i say ok, i don't agree with that. that's not what i'm charging here. every night we get together to try to figure things out, see why things are happening. see if you can figure out why i think this man is important from there clip from dree pack in april -- from dree pack in april of this year. just to give you a sense of the dimensions of what has been accomplished in a very short
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period of time, there has been the largest public expenditure on anti-poverty programs, including on the very poorest people in this country in 40 years, all of this adding up to three, four, five, $6,000 in literal income to someone making $4,000, $5,000, $6,000 a year or $10,000 a year that. is a extraordinary achievement. it has certainly been a stealthy agenda, meaning the administration has chosen not to lead with questions of poverty or racial justice. >> did you know any of that was happening? did you? then what really bothers me is it has been a stealthy agenda. do you know why the left hates this show? because they can't understand people who say what they mean and mean what they say, who play their cards face up on the table. it is what america is craving! just say what you mean and mean what you say and let the chips fall where they may. i don't have a stealthy agenda,
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but, i'm still called a conspiracy theorist. isn't that weird? you know, they have a stealthy agenda, but they're not called conspiracy theorists. they're just called community organizers. how about this -- if i had an idea that i cloaked and made it a trojan horse, i'd be a nut job or a conspiracy theorist, but when they have a trojan horse -- no, no, they're not called that. they're called members of the tides foundation. >> someone once said it is a trojan horse for a single parent. i said no, it's right there. i'm telling you. we're going to get there. over time, slowly, but we'll move away from reliance on employment-based health insurance, as we should. glenn: so are they in a conspiracy? i don't think so. they are being open. it is just that the media is not doing their job. this is why there is the lack of trust. look, we all know that capitalism has been perverted.
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it has been perverted by people who just care about greed and power and themselves. americans, they may reject capitalism has it has become, but we don't reject the idea of a free market where we each get to chart our own course. we want a free market that is free of outof col greed and corruption -- free of outof col greed and corruption and free of agendas that include trojan horses and behind closed door meetings and steal thy agendas. we want a fair shake. you remember last week, when the president was traveling with the first lady and oprah? i do, because i have take an lot of heat for, what did they call it, celebrating america's loss of of the olympics. you got to be kidding me? since when do we care? i wasn't celebrating, by the way. i was celebrating the fact until corruption in chicago and corruption in washington is cleaned up, nobody should get the games! there's too much money involved.
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it's all about grabs and special favors. i also think there might be other priorities right now other than the olympics. when can we expect the president of the united states to give a decision on afghanistan? just this week, we had 8 u.s. soldiers and two afghan police officers killed in the taliban attack. the decision needs to be made or else the top u.s. commander warns, we could lose. general stanley mccrystal tells the president, quote "resources will not win this war, but underresourcing could lose it. the overall effort is deteriorating. we run the risk of strategic defeat." with all of the statements from president obama and his allies, from all of those who surround him, it raises the question what is our strategy? what is the strategy? let me go back to deepak again. again, i'm not a guy that is
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connected, but just a community organizer. ask what is the strategy while you listen to these words. >> we know from list try that there are at least we know from history there are dlee ingredients for transformational change to happen. we do need leadership that is capable of building durable coalitions in the crises economic and otherwise that force the breakdown of the old ways of seeing the world, and most importantly, we need an independent social movement." glenn: the three ingredients for transformational change. can you play the transformational in five days, that clip from barack obama one more time if you still have it? transformational change. we are going to fund am fundamentally transform
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america. three ingredients. he says, one, a visionary leader. do we have a visionary leader? i i contend, oh, yes we do. i don't know if we all know his vision. well, let me play that again. what was he said? >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. >> change we can believe in. change we didn't even know what he was talking about. now, the next thing, the three ingredients for transformation, visionary leader, second, financial, and i don't care what anybody else tells me, this ain't over. there is no way we can spend this kind of money. you know it and i know it! we can't do it in our own damn house, they can't do it in washington! they can't! let me tell you something else. they're not telling you the truth because they think you're going to freak out. but you're not going to freak out. damn it, we're willing to do the hard thing for our children. i know it and you know it. all right. so financial. we have a crisis coming?
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oh, yeah, this ain't over yet. how about a foreign policy crisis? well, i don't know, mr. president, can you help the general out on the ground of afghanistan? could you maybe pick up the pace on that one? just a little bit? foreign policy crisis. oh, yeah, we got both of those. who about social movements. sure, we got acorn. we got seiu. we got deepak and his little social movement. we got plenty of that. do you remember a year ago we were making fun of -- i don't even know what a community organizer is. how stupid were we? that is a mighty powerful little job. and what do these three things make? breakdown of all paradigms. how long have i been saying that the paradigm is about to change? the paradigm is about to change. visionary leader, financial and foreign policy crisis. gee, does that sound familiar at all? do you remember rahm emanuel?
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>> you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. glenn: of course you don't. absolutely. look at the foreign aspect that has been introduced. america, ask yourself this question -- do we have firefighters working for us or do we have arsonists? are we solving a crisis or are we creating a crisis? i can't help but think of the words of ronald reagan. >> in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem. government is the problem. glenn: corruption tops our lists of concerns because we believe that the government is here, and it isn't helping. it is making things much worse, and you have to ask yourself, and i can't believe -- i can't
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believe -- i would never have thought that i would believe these things a year ago. are they intentional? i tell you all the time, i'm not a journalist. i'm not. i joked that i'm a rodeo clown, but i take that back. i no longer am a rodeo clown. i am a dad, and quite frankly, i'm a little pissed off right now. you can call me names. you can make fun of me, whatever. i'm doing what i believe is right. i am doing a job as a private citizen right now. i would love to have "the new york times," "the washington post," a duo like woodward and bernstein, if if they would just go for the pulitzer, even if they didn't believe it, just go for the pulitzer, will you? i would love for them to look into these things, but quite frankly, i didn't have to. will anyone look at these issues instead of looking at my past? we will continue to fight this, you and me together, you and me and quite frankly, fox news, the alamo for troops! it is the future of our
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children and our grandchildren, so it's a fight i ain't giving up on and i don't think you will, either, but here is what you need to do. if you're with me and you want to expose the corruption in washington, you're just a citizen mom or a dad or a grandparent, you become a watchdog. you e-mail me. you go to my website and go to glebe and look for the symbol there of the watch dawk. if you are a senator, in congress, for the love of pete, in the administration, become a refounder. we'll keep your secret. nobody will know who you are. you won't get famous on this program, just run out of your own party. if you want to be a slug, well, what the hell. turn the channel, because this show isn't for you. i'm tired of the people in the press railing about how bad i am for the republicans or the democrats, honest to goodness even questioning a series of stories, even questioning if my mother committed suicide when i was a kid. good lord.
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stop wasting your time on this kind of despicable yellow journalism. why not spend your time proving me wrong or spend your time telling the american people that i wasn't wrong on acorn or the n.e.a. or van jones! if i'm in the ballpark, it's not because i'm a journalist, i'm just a dad doing this for my kids. i would like to help. next, who is deepak?
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. glenn: i have been laying out a ton of information on this program. i know it is a chore to keep track of all of it. if you want to follow everything we're doing here, sign up for my
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free e-mail newsletter at you can do that now. now, who is deepak ba are. gavia? scott baker from breitbart t.v. is the gentleman who originally sent me these clips. how are you, scott? >> i'm doing good, glenn. you're right. this is complicated stuff, but the deeper you go, the bigger the audience. can't figure that out. glenn: i think people -- unless you're in washington, people sense there's something to that. they can see this tree start to go. help me out on who this guy is. i'm not even claiming this is a bad guy or anything. who is he? >> well, when i came across these clips, the ones you played in the first segment, i sent them off to you right away, because when you hear words like stealthy agenda, that sort of gets my attention. i'm ready to say, well, let's de
5:25 pm
stealth-phi this if we can. he is not a guy who works in the white house, but he is not just a guy, either. there are connections between deepak and his center for community change, and obama and organizations that they have all worked with for a long time. glenn: ok. what are they? >> it goes back. you mentioned that he worked for acorn for ten years. he was at harvard at the same time obama was, but we really started to look at, in a piece we put up on breitbart t.v. this afternoon, you know how your buddy, wade rathke built the factory for all these groups to come together in coalition, and it was deepak who decided to launch an organization called the national campaign for jobs and income support. this was back in 2000, and we uncovered a document that shows that one of the people that that was there for the launching event to launch this, what they called the labor and the poor was barack obama. he was there standing with them.
5:26 pm
they shared a lot of the same agenda items. that's why obama, when he was campaigning for president, went to their event, the one you mentioned in 2007. glenn: ok, but that again doesn't mean -- and this is what caught my eye. they are saying the same things. they are using the same language. now, if i'm a -- you know, i could be at a -- for instance, i received an award from are the n.r.a. about a year ago, and there were about 10,000 people there and i spoke and there were other speakers. i didn't necessarily agree with the other speakers. however, i will say this -- i think if i was sitting there and i heard somebody else using the exact same language and i knew they were going in a completely different direction, i think i would have said, by the way, that's not the same kind of language -- that doesn't mean the same thing to me. is it fair to say that, scott? >> well, i was thinking about this when i was driving over. i thought -- i knew you were
5:27 pm
going to play those clips about obama saying we would have a fundamental transformational change. in a way that sounds to me like surgery. if you're going to have major surgery, you kind of want to know who the doctors are. i think if you're lying there on the table, everybody has got a mascot. i want to know what is going on behind the masks. who are these people? i think it's clear that deepak and his groups have been pivotal to being part of the team, right, and that's why at that 2007 event, they said to obama, you know, after you're inaugurated, will you include us in the planning, in the process of policy? obama said, naugation? i'm not waiting for the inauguration. as soon as the transition hits, you're in. we put in the piece from the transition time he sends over valerie jarrett and other white house staff members to the conference in washington sponsored by them and said we're bringing you guys on.
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he hired people deeply enrolled in these groupsite to the white house. i think they are the ones that are implementing that stealtsy stealthy agenda which is why deepak is saying a-plus on the report card. this is amazing what you have done in four months. glenn: give me the c-span click clip from drees ber 200 -- from december 2008. here with go. >> we are here because the direction our country is facing demands big and bold solutions, not small ones. twots roundtables today of community leaders, leaders of allied organizations will take on the two great challenges of our time -- building a new economy for shared prosperity and expanding our democracy. we will need to move from the politics that approach us to the challenge of governing. glenn: what does that clip tell you, scott? >> well, it says to me that he is not just a guy standing over on the sidelines. when he is standing there at an
5:29 pm
event with white house officials saying it's time to transition the governing, he means it. that's why i think this is so important. it is important for us to look at the people -- because obama said, if you want to know what i'm about, look at the people around me. who has he marched with? who has he worked with? what are they for? you have played the clips. it is deep stuff. glenn: tomorrow i'm going to show you another connection where we do have the connection from there guy to somebody else to barack obama, and we'll follow the dots on tomorrow's broadcast. thanks a lot. >> we're going to go in deep tonight on our deepak show at 7:00. to other people,
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>> hello, i'm patti ann browne. the u.s. is not leaving afghanistan. today the white house announced that ending the war is not an option president obama is even considering. press secretary robert gibbs says it's clear the united states cannot simply withdraw from the country. swine flu vaccinations began today in three states as the government opened a massive effort to immunize the nation, and new details in the alleged plot to extort money from late night host david letterman. investigators say the cbs producer arrested used pages from the diary of one of the female staffers with whom the host allegedly once had a relationship. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier is live at the supreme court with a preview of "special report." hi, bret. >> hi, pat patti ann.
5:34 pm
the first day of the new session with a new justice. we will break down the new cases the justices will hear and the new dynamic in the courtroom. join me at the top of the hour for "special report" live from the supreme court, but now back to glenn beck. glenn: on thursday, i want to you join me for a special show, an hour-long special on the swine flu. i'm not going to give you my opinion on the swine flu. i don't think anybody but your doctor should give you their opinion on the swine flu. this is for every american to ask themselves, am i going to give this injection to my children? we're going to have a half hour of those who say absolutely not, medical doctors, and then the second half is, are you crazy? you must. you decide. that will be a special hour thursday. honest questions that i don't
5:35 pm
think will be asked or answers anyplace else. now, there are a couple of stories i need to update you on. first montana. we told you about the gun rights bill that passed mon montana's legislature. it challenges federal regulations of firearms. this is not about gun rights. this story is about the commerce laws. it went into effect october 1st, and as planned, we have now a lawsuit in montana. gary marbuck told us this story a few months ago, the president of montana shooting sports association. he says in the complaint that he wishes to manufacture and sell small arms and small arms ammunition to customers exclusively in montana without complying with the federal laws. the a.t.f. has told him that the federal laws continue to apply. this was meant to go all the way to the supreme court, and it's not about guns. it's about changing, fundamentally changing things like the way they were before f.d.r. and now there is also an update on the n.e.a. propaganda
5:36 pm
story, the national endowment of the arts. let me show you two pieces of work. first of all, this is art. this is propaganda. only healthy seeds must be sown. check the disease of unfitness bayou genics. this one came from england. what is the difference between these two? well, they might be commissioned, both of them, but this would be commissioned by somebody who loves her, and this one is commissioned by somebody who loves you so much like big government. they're here to help. that's the difference. prop gn d.a. art. you shouldn't mix the two. on august 6, the n.e.a. sent out an e-mail to discuss the united we serve initiative in a conference crawl and we played the tape for you. the the e-mail came from the n.e.a. communications director yo-si sergeant.
5:37 pm
he did the hope poster for obama and got it widespread. on the august 10 conference call, another lady, buffy, buffy wicks, is the deputy director of the office of public engagement. she addressed the group of artists by saying she is going to come at you with specific ads and michael feldman urges the creation of art that would, quote, push the president and push this administration. uh-oh. it is no longer signing like artists are creating this. sergeant ads that artists should pick up on something, whether it is education or the environment or healthcare. they are quoting the four areas that the corporation for national service has identified as areas of national service, so you have basically an administration using your tax dollars to promote the administration. it's called propaganda. remember?
5:38 pm
not good. on september 24, yosi sergeant resigned. he went away. now there's an update on the story. let's go to the person who recorded the phone call, patrick welch, contributor to and filmmaker. how are you, patrick? >> i'm good, glenn. how are you? >> good. the guy who made the "hope" poster after this conference call apparently made this new poster. i love this propaganda. clean energy for america. doesn't that make you feel good? how american to have propaganda here. tell me -- let me go to the new news here of the meeting that happened in may of this year. >> yes, may 12. glenn: what happened? >> well, basically it was the first meeting that was at the white house that we know of between another group of pro-obama artists, and the white
5:39 pm
house. it a white house briefing. the interesting thing is that you start to see this pattern happening where you basically have these artists and what they're terming as creative organizers, otherwise called political activists, and they get the same messages from the white house, you know, we want you guys to think about the arts , within healthcare and within the environment, and they also actually launched the idea of calling art a service, actually calling art as a service. the so the key thing is in legislation that was passed a couple months before that, but the group gets together after this meeting and creates this specific issue, strategy session, and one of the strategy sessions that dealt with healthcare was led by the seiu and the whole idea was -- glenn: hold it just a second. >> sure. glenn: seiu, the service employees international union, right? >> yes, yes.
5:40 pm
glenn: the service employees. what do they have to do with artists? >> exactly. this is the thing. they bring together these artistic groups with these political activists. they throw political issues at them to discuss, knowing that policy advocacy is going to come out of it. it is the only way it happens. in this group, the conclusion they came up with is that they needed to change the narrative for healthcare. they needed to come up with points that countered the republican talking points. it was actually stated in their briefing report at the conclusion that came out of this, so they were directing artists and filmmakers to come up with stories that changed the narrative on healthcare. i found one of the pieces that the seiu actually created a panel on july 9 to do this very thing. glenn: do we have the video of this? this is at seiu headquarters, right? go ahead. >> exactly.
5:41 pm
>> there are vin vin sen tiffs provided to jennifer crow, and that means that the crows are much more sophisticated so that the healthy don't die in the streets of the richest country in the world. glenn: i want to spend some time on that. that should tell. >> lot. when did people who were standing up against healthcare start to be called racists? you'll see, next. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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glenn: you know, people will try to make this show about many, many things, but let me tell you
5:45 pm
right straight up, i'm not against healthcare. i'm not against the poor getting help. i am against a system that is all about special interests, and it started long ago, long before barack obama. i am against deception. let's sit down at the table. well, we got something else going on. let me show you this. this is art. propaganda, progressive propaganda. this was used as propaganda. the guy who made that also has made this. this is propaganda for clean energy for america. financed with your dollars, by the way. that was commissioned after these guys got together on a conference call and said, hey, you know what we should do? we should use tax dollars to make propaganda. that's what happened. they also had something else. there was a meeting back in may that was organized by seiu, and
5:46 pm
then later after that, they had come up with an idea, a few ideas on how to refrain the argument on healthcare. this is the first case that we could find where this idea was thrown out into the work space and into the public's sphere. listen carefully what was their plan. >> widely referred to as james crow, jr., esquire, or in this case, jennifer crow, m.d. and what that means is that the crows are much more sophisticated, and so by dealing with healthcare, the reality of how people are dying in the streets of the richest country in the world. glenn: i would like to ask for any -- bring them to me and i will show them on t.v. of all the people who are literally
5:47 pm
dying in the streets of the richest country in the world. please show those pictures to me and tell me the stories and i will tell them on the air. patrick is a man who originally had the guts to tape this conversation, grab it on his i-phone and share it with the world. so, what does this tell you? this conversation sponsored at seiu headquarters, what are they doing here? what are they laying out on healthcare? >> i think they're trying to say that the opposition has something to do with the segregation leg gas sivment to be clear, the seiu led the issue about the healthcare reform at this meeting, but the meeting was actually organized by someone you're familiar, with the former communications director at the n.e.a.yosi sergeant. he was working with buffy wick in the office of public engagement to bring this
5:48 pm
engagement together. glenn: who is the boss of buffy wick? >> it's valerie jarrett. she reports to valerie jarrett. there is a claim that the national endowment of the arts, from the national endowment of the arts that yosi was a person that worked unauthorized and with no authorization and union laterally, but the white house is fully aware of what he was doing. he was working at the white house creating meetings very similar to the one that i was on on august 10. he claimed that he was working on his own and it's just not true. glenn: this is going on. the art is being made, is it not? >> yeah, yeah. they're getting out there. i have shot a lot of stuff on t. glenn: we will have you back. thanks for following this story. i appreciate your bravery on speaking out. back in a second. >> thanks, glenn.
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glenn: well, up until this weekend, the president was so smart and so cool. he was so perfect. it was impossible for any comedian to make fun of anything on him on. will ferrell who impersonated president bush on s.n.l. said about obama "we're going from ra guy who set it up for jokes to a guy who is politically savvy. he thinks so carefully before he speaks. i had the tail end of clinton and then bush. there was so much raw material. it's such a tough time out there now."
5:53 pm
i feel bad for the comedian. absolutely nothing funny about the president of the united states is a first. we couldn't make fun of the teleprompter. couldn't make fun of the eeg goa, nothing funny there? well, apparently the rough time has come to an end. s.n.l. did a skit where they hammered president obama. what was it that the president did that caused the floodgates to open? did he look goofy, mistaking a window for a door in the oval office? no, but he did do that. he gets a pass on that one. yet we all know about the bush mistake in beijing. is he getting flaked for seemingly every member of his administration being a marxist or communist plowing up buildings? no. what did he do? take a look. >> i don't see why the right is so riled up. i mean, how do you think the left feels? they're the ones that should be mad. i'm sure they thought i would have addressed at least one of the following things by now -- global warming. nope. immigration reform.
5:54 pm
nope. gays in the military r no. limits on executive powers. nope. torture prosecution? nope. quit saying this country is on the road to socialism f that were the case, i i would be making real changes. instead, it took me four months to to pick out of a dog. all of you glenn beck supporters put away those photo shopped pictures of me as the joker because if i see any more of this hateful rhetoric, i will have to take drastic action. no, not really. glenn: funny bit but it is a shot across the bow from the left. they're frustrated. they have full control in the house and the senate. this is their big chance. they have been waiting 100 years to pass basically what they have to pass and what do they have to show for it so far? not an awful lot. maybe they sense the opportunity is slipping through their fingers n conservative democrats
5:55 pm
lose many of their seats at the midterm, it will only make the progressive agenda more difficult to ram it through. they are threatening the president to sarah palin him, take him on. the left wants him to start passing this stuff before it's too late. it is the concerns of the far left, and if they continue to go unanswered, well, they become more frustrated. let me ask you this -- who is more dangerous, the tea party moms and those violent conservative mobs who have been completely peaceful and respectful, or some far left progressives who have already proven themselves to be violent revoluntionaries. do you remember the footage of the g20 protests? i contend it is the far left extremists that is becoming more disappointed and dangerous at obama's lack of progress, who pose more of a violent threat than the moms of america. maybe that's just me. next, we say goodbye to an old
5:56 pm
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glenn: finally, a sad note today in new york city we marked the passing of something near and dear to my heart, the school bake sale. as a part of the city's plan to fight childhood obesity and cut back on sugar and transfats, the school bake sale will now be banned during school hours. according to the city, 40% of public schoolchildren are in elementary and middle school are row bees or overweight, so say farewell to all of the cookies, cakes and vending machines and a limit on what is sold in student run stores from the time the schools open at 6:00 a.m. but this being new york city there is a loophole, once a month the t.r.p.t.a. may have a bake sale as long as it it's after lun: it will cut down on the calories they are taking in, but also take away from the money for stunt


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