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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 5, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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two wings to fly. sean: ladies and gentlemen, michael moore and i one on one right here on this program tomorrow. what a great panel tonight. bob, are you ok? let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. we will see you tomorrow night. greta: there are three health- care bills. did you know that? that is just in the house, and there are two more in the senate. which of the five bills your taxes, yes, your taxes, are going to go to? tonight, does president obama have a secret plan to make the public option happen? is something going on behind the scenes that you do not know about? we have that inside story, so you will know, and, warning, this is bad. the l word.
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"lie." there is new bombshell information, and, yes, you will not like it. but first, the senate finance committee health-care bill. it will likely be voted on this week. what will be in it? jon kyl went on the record. senator, nice to see you. all right, where does the senate finance committee stand right now with the health-care reform bill? >> sometime this week, the committee will get back together, and when we hear the cost of it, we will vote on it. the bill will then be sent on to the next step. that bill is to combine in somehow or other with the bill that came out of the health, education, labor, and pension committee. there are no republicans in the room, and they will somehow meld
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those two bills together, and that will be the bill that comes to the senate floor. greta: it sounds like a good idea, if it seems to work. however, there is a big difference between these two bills. it is not like they can be reconciled. these are two different bills, even on the public option. >> you are exactly right. even if they are democratic bills, the costs are different in the way that they raise taxes to pay for it. all of those things are different, what decisions will they make about what to put in the bill to and what not to put in the bill? this is just one of many, many issues -- what to put in the bill and what not to put in the bill? you'll probably know before i do what is actually in it. greta: most people assume that republicans are not going to be voting for it. the interesting things so here
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is what the public option, it is either going to be in the bill -- with the public option, it is either going to be in the bill or not. does he lose all of the other democrats? >> a very good question. they always find a way to maneuver it so they can keep their group together, and what they might do, for example, is not to put the government-run insurance in on day one but instead to put a trigger in there that says if certain things do not happen by a certain date -- let's say if insurance companies do not reach a certain goal within three years, then the public insurance would automatically be triggered. it is called the "trigger." my concern is that it is a hair trigger. maybe we do not see it on day one, but maybe in three years, we do see it. the liberals who favor the public option will wait for it. those moderates who do not want
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to see as voting for it back home can say that they did not vote for the public option, and maybe they can get away with that. greta: with the public option, is this another way to peel off another senator, like senator olympia snowe? if so, does it now become a bipartisan bill? >> i do not think very many people believe if you have one republican out of 100 that therefore it is a bipartisan bill. i do not know what senators know -- senator snowe will do, but the congressional budget office is not able to provide us with an accurate cost of what the bill is. they say they have to have legislative language before they do. we have only been talking in concepts now. it could differ significantly once it is put into legislative language, so it until she sees that, she is not going to
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commit, so i do not know where she will be -- so until she sees that, she is not going to commit. when the president said this bill will not raise taxes for anybody making under $200,000 per year, that promise cannot be kept, and taxes to go up, and in particular, there are taxes that will be imposed on people making less than $200,000 per year, yes. greta: those who make $250,000 or more? >> yes, and i do not have the numbers right off of the top of my head, but i think the number is 21% of the people who will pay the tax who have incomes less than $40,000 per year. these are not rich families, and i think something like 87% or 83% of the taxes are paid by people who make less than $100,000 per year, so these are not wealthy families, and they
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will be paying higher taxes under this bill. greta: when they come out of committee and these bills are reconciled, do you expect it to be anything like the bill that will come out of the house? >> the bill is much more like the one that was in the help committee that senator kennedy chair. you have the financing bill, which is still raising a lot of taxes on people. my guess is that the bill will only move left, that the finance committee bill will move left when it is combined with the help committee bill, that the bill that comes a lot of the senate will move left, and the house bill -- that the bill that comes out of the senate will move left. this means it will cost more for people. it will have a lot more government intrusion and will undoubtedly result in rationing of health care for americans. senator.
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greta: senator, thank you. something is happening apparently behind the scenes very quietly. joining us now is a reporter for "the wall street journal." is the president doing anything to get the public option in that bill? >> you know, rahm emanuel, the chief of staff, is on the telephone with the senate leadership and the house leadership all of the time. larry summers, the chief health- care adviser, they were up on the hill. yes, and they want to get the public option back in. there is no question about it. the president still supports it, and he is looking for a way to do it. greta: i realize in the house bill, it is going to be there. >> the way they want to do this is after the finance committee reports, what they would like to do if they can make sure they have the 60 votes is have some
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version of the public option light in the bill that harry reid actually brings to the floor of the senate. now, what they would like to do is, a smaller bill that would cost less, which would satisfy -- what they would like to do is have a smaller bill that would cost less with a public option to look at left happy, so you can actually make a smaller bill that still moves to be right in some ways by making it less costly but to the left in some ways by including a public option. greta: are you talking about a public option light or a trigger? >> it could be a trigger, but the senator from delaware was talking about something to allow states, not mandates, but allowing states to put a public option in their own health-care exchanges, and they could band together regionally.
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for example, -- ban together rejoin. it would be legal -- ban gather regionally. that is what i would call the public option light -- they could ban together regionally. greta: what is the plan for who is going to pay for this? >> there is the medicare advantage, these medicare plans that are offered by private insurers, like hmo's, and that money will ju disapar some of theenats from rural areas, like senator chuc grassley, they are not for this, because managed care companies will not go to places unless
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they have some help, because there are not a lot of people in there, but a lot of people like these plans. a lot of other people just do it because they feel more comfortable with private plans. we do not know if these plans are going to stay around if they do not have a subsidy. they might disappear, or they may become more efficient. now, the big increase is the tax on so-called cadillac plans, and that is going to hit rich people that work for goldman sachs but also people who work for unions who have been negotiating very good benefits. greta: is the white house in the confident they will have a public option? >> i think they are. yes, i think they will have some kind of a public option in there. i really think that they believe that, and it is just a question of counting votes and seeing what they have to give up to get that.
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greta: thank you. up next, where is the money? and governor writes a letter -- a governor writes a letter to put some heat on the senators. and david letterman's starts spilling again about his sex scandal -- david letterman starts. this time, it is about his wife. lucky her.
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greta: are you worried health-
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care reform could cost you more, raise your federal taxes? what about your state taxes? could this reform and a bankrupting some states? will important programs be cut -- could this reform end up bankrupting states? and governor joins us. good evening. it looks like you put an little heat -- a governor joins us. good evening. it looks like you put a little heat on your senators. what did you put in that letter? >> i am very concerned that reebok this proposal has a new, on funded medicaid expansion and mandate -- i am very concerned that this proposal has a new, undfunded medicaid expansion in mandate, so i am very, very concerned about this -- unfunded medicaid expansion mandate.
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greta: find your own money? >> that is exactly right, greta. what they will do is pass this bill and then pass the costs on to the states. i wrote to the senators, both of whom are former governors, and i said, you know what that means. we will have to cut important programs, like the education of our children. that is not fair. that is not appropriate. and what is already discussing is that we have already heard that senate majority leader harry reid has something that takes care of nevada but not nebraska for some reason. that is really appalling. greta: the federal government could pass this reform, not raise taxes on people making less than $250,000, past these unfunded mandates -- pass these unfunded mandates to the states,
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and then you have to do something? >> that is right. i have promised the people of my state that we will not increase taxes when we have challenges, but if this is a large unfunded mandate, we do not have many options. particularly sedar the nilsen -- senator nelson. he has a key vote. this bill is bad for nebraska and bad for america because of the unfunded mandate. greta: what does senator harry reid have for his state? >> what we have been told is that he already has an amendment passed that says his state will essentially be held harmless, that they will get full funding for this medicaid mandates. well, why should nevada get back, and the rest of the country does not -- that they will get full funding for this medicaid mandate.
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greta: are there any that have joined on with you? and the second one is have you heard back from your two u.s. senators? >> on the first question, there are democratic governors that are concerned. the one from tennessee in particular has been very strong on this issue. secondly, i have actually talked to my united states senators. both have indicated that they are very, very concerned. i would like to have it addressed with the senate finance committee, but if not, on the senate floor. greta: i am going to take a look at this amendment, because it seems that every state should have the same burden. good luck. >> thank you. greta: up next, was it just a photo op or a real way to get
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some answers? 150 doctors at the white house today, and we have our own doctors to go on the record. and "saturday night live" goes to town and skewers the president. what happened? we will show you. 
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: 150 doctors make a house call, not just any house call, a white house call. 150 doctors, all in white coats, one from every state. and it was an overwhelmingly friendly crowd.
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some doctors join me now. doctor, if you had your choice, what would you like to fix or change most in this system? >> i think if i had a magic wand, it would be that everybody would have health-care coverage. greta: how would you pay for it? >> they could go to their primary-care doctor rather than going to the emergency room. greta: so are you for a public option? >> i am not sure i am for a public option until i understand, but i think i am for some type of mixed public option. greta: doctor, what are you going to change? >> i sent you have to talk about cost containment, and you cannot -- i think you have to talk about cost containment, and you cannot talk about cost containment has until you talk about liability. a separate, independent court,
10:23 pm
the way courts operate independently -- greta: lawyers on both sides -- >> expert witnesses should only get a set amount, or maybe there is some sort of procedural-even surgery, and you get on a plane and pay a certain amount for sometimes bad outcomes that are not necessarily malpractice. sometimes, you do everything right, and you get a bad outcome. greta: what about efficiency? are there reduplicate test being done? we read about the inefficiency of the system. >> there are reduplicate tests being done, and there are now electronic records, and many of the bills we are looking at in congress have these options for electronic medical records. this is an ideal way for us to
10:24 pm
eliminate some of the cost overruns in the system. greta: housebroken is the system? >> the system needs some overhaul -- how broken is the system? >> the system needs some overhaul. the president is saying something in the rose garden with all of these doctors who support him. there are three bills in the house, two in the senate, and we do not know what they look like. for me, and emergency room doctor, you can have all of the -- for me, an emergency room doctor, you can have all of the private physicians, but you will still have the emergency room visits. right now, the system is hurt, and we need to shore it up. greta: the white house is paying attention to doctors, listening to them? >> i think the white house's is listening, but i am not convinced congress is -- i think
10:25 pm
the white house is listening. if you compare it to the air with the clintons, where the doctors were fiercely opposed -- if you compare it to the era with the clintons, where the doctors were fiercely opposed, you have got 80% of doctors saying, "fix this. this is not working for my patients." i think that is remarkable. the white house, whether president obama is listening -- i know that a colleague and friend of his from the university of chicago has influence -- i am not sure what congress is doing right now. there is so many bills, so much action. greta: i think everybody agrees there is a problem, but nobody knows what to do with it, and the president talks about it being a deficit neutral. you guys save lives, but everyone else looks at the
10:26 pm
numbers -- talks about it being a deficit neutral -- being deficit neutral. >> you know, one of the things that they have tried to do over the last 20 years is they have tried to save a nickel a year or a nickel there, and what they ended up doing -- to save a nickel here or a nickel theire, and they have ended up fracturing the system. that fractured the system. what we have to do is go back and say, can we read develop these systems of care? that is where we will have these efficiencies -- can we redevelop the systems of care? >> if you want to keep their patients out of the emergency room, you have got to address that issue, too. greta: not having than and up at
10:27 pm
your doorstep. -- not having them end up at your doorstep. >> in 20 years, there will be an even greater shortage. some doctors are talking about getting out because they do not want to deal with it, so i think that is another issue you will have to pay attention to. greta: up next, guaranteed, you will feel sick to your stomach. it is about whether or not we were lied to. if this does not make you angry, nothing will. and the newark, new jersey, mayor cory booker. conan o'brien just landed a nasty counterpunch.
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the stimulus bill is working. well, it is that true? today, the vice president hit the road again. robert gibbs says there is no plan for a second stimulus. joining us is steve moore, a senior economics writer for the editorial page of "the wall street journal." >> vice president biden said that millions of jobs have been created, but we have lost millions of jobs. there is a little bit of a delusion going on. i spoke to some of my white house sources, and they were a little freaked out about the numbers. this last jobs report, we lost over one-quarter of 1 million jobs, and by the way, and there are two surveys, and it is a lousy jobs picture. getting 1 million jobs from the stimulus, that suggests the vice president is not being totally truthful. greta: people say we are in a
10:32 pm
recession, but a recession, that is a tag that economists have put on a series of economic downfall items. you could easily call it a depression if you do not have a job. it is very sad what is going on for many americans out there, and it is important for the stimulus package to work. if it is not working, we really need to go to plan b. >> they are nervous. they were expecting to have a couple million jobs to have been created. remember the rhetoric of this, they keep saying "created or saved." greta: yes, how do you measure "saved"? >> i think we do need a new stimulus bill but not the stimulus we have had. this has not worked.
10:33 pm
i would do a big tax cut, tax cuts for small businesses, companies, and i would to a payroll tax cut to encourage companies to hire more workers, and we have not done that. the banks are doing better. the sector that is doing very poorly is the small-business sector. greta: those are the ones that create the job. what about doing something to rev up the small businesses? >> i just think the obama administration is just fonot for doing anything that smacks of supply-side economics. this is a fundamental fallacy. greta: i got that that is your view. i got that it is not doing well -- i got it.
10:34 pm
is there any problem with an least cutting the payroll tax today, tonight, tomorrow? dealing with is the stimulus bill was right or wrong later? >> i think if you did that, you would start to see employers hiring workers again. this has been one of my pet peeves about the stimulus bill. there is nothing in that stimulus that helps small businesses and gives them a leg up. greta: how much of the stimulus has been dispersed? >> about half. greta: do they have a knee-jerk reaction about doing the other half? that is an awful lot of money. >> their public line, what robert gibbs said is -- greta: it is easy for robert gibbs to say. he has a job. people are really, really hurting. >> not only are there 15 million
10:35 pm
hurting, but we have got another 6 million -- i was looking at the numbers -- another 6 million who had just given up looking. we need a supply-side tax cut. ronald reagan did it. it worked. john f. kennedy did it. it worked. barack obama would have a huge increase in his public opinion polls if he did a tax cut right now. greta: steve, thank you. were we alighted too? as special inspector that oversees the tarp funds issued a report -- were we lied to? a special inspector that oversees the tarp funds issued a report. >> well, he said we were misled. it sounds like a lion. what he is saying is that secretary paulson, -- it sounds like lying.
10:36 pm
they were saying the banks were healthy when, in fact, they knew many of them or not. greta: so when paulson said they were healthy, he knew they were not healthy. >> the inspector general did not say "lie." they are being polite. greta: yes, they are being polite, but we just heard from steve moore about the unemployment. i think, call it like it is. >> the federal reserve cup -- replied, and they agree that they should be concerned if there were statements that were misleading. they are being polite. they are saying it is a concern, but the treasury department said you have to make these comments in light of the fact that these were stressful times. greta: paulson was under a lot
10:37 pm
of stress. we dishecd out all of this money to banks, and we should all hold hands and feel sorry for them. >> the treasury department right now, it is a different administration. paulson is not there anymore, but, of course, if the other thing that is interesting to think about this is the whole paradigm that was set up by naming these nine banks as the healthy banks, they also decided they were in the club, in the club of survivors, in the club of banks that would become too big to fail, so these healthy banks from bad their lives today, and they live on with an advantage for a long time to come -- so these healthy banks from back there live today. greta: we have gone from "lie" to "controversy."
10:38 pm
they are healthy because we gave them all of this money. this is horrible. >> but, of course, we would never know how much they were moments of the money. -- and they would blown -- we would never know how much money they would have loaned without the money. paulson is working on a book, on his memoir. greta: how much was he paid? >> i do not know, but maybe he will explain in his book. greta: ok, we will all spend our money on buying his book. this is, you know what? this is possibly coral. -- cruel. if he knew they were not healthy and he misled.
10:39 pm
thank you. here is what is coming up after the show on "the o'reilly factor." bill: bernie goldberg on the david letterman situation. greta: do not miss bill, coming up at 11:00 p.m. eastern. and chicago lost the olympics. was that a cheap shot? believe it or not, your health- care it is involved in this one. and david letterman is talking about his sex scandal and joking around about it. what is he saying? find out in minutes. @
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greta: there is much more "on the record" ahead, but first, let's go to our new york newsroom with jonathan hunt. >> late today, it was said that the taliban now has the momentum in afghanistan. gates was talking about putting troops in the country. pulling out of afghanistan was said not to be an option. the president will meet with a bipartisan group of leaders at the white house tomorrow about the war. there is new information tonight about why a kidnapped newborn remains in foster care three days after his rescue. they believe that a family member may have tried to sell the baby.
10:44 pm
the baby was rescued from this alabama home on friday. a 39-year-old woman faces kidnapping charges. i am jonathan hunt. now, let's go back to greta and "on the record." greta: is he right? or did senate majority leader harry reid just take a cheap shot? we report, you decide. he says that the same people that are happy about not succeeding with health care are those that were happy that chicago did not get the olympics. >> this is the same happy minority who happily pumped their fists when chicago did not get the olympics. they were cheering on television because they did not get the olympics? but they should be other fist --
10:45 pm
shook the other fist -- greta: joining us is byron. >> that opinion is in line with about half of the population of chicago who did not want it, but there were some that i think we're happy to see what happens, and the reason was this -- some that i think we're happy to see what happened -- were happu to see what happened -- were happy to see what happened. it is "me, me, me, me," and the president says "the united states is a good place now because they have elected me, barack obama," and this is what obama says and what republicans
10:46 pm
here, and it grates on there bm. greta: going to denmark, i am told that when he left, it was a 50/50 split, with brazil, and the brazilian president was going. if he had not gone to do that pitch, and we had lost to brazil, as we ultimately did, it would have looked like this president does not care, that he would not even get out of the olympics to do this, are hurting our national pride. -- to do this, hurting our national pride. i sing it would have look bad if he did not try. -- i think it would have looked bad if he did not try. >> they had been meeting people four days, and glad handing, and the president parachuted in,
10:47 pm
gave a seven-minute speech. i think a lot of these people felt a little bit disrespected by the president who came in and said, "give me what i want, and, by the way, and out of your." -- out of here." greta: pres. sarkozy. i understood that. this is different to me. >> i do not think they understood what was going on, and also, after action report on this, the chicago bid was not as strong as chicago thought it was, and also, the momentum for south america was huge, and the brazilians were almost making this argument almost on behalf of all of south america, and they were going to win. greta: byron, thank you.
10:48 pm
up next, the best of the rest. and david letterman. this time, he is talking about his wife. and the slugfest continues with conan o'brien and the mayor of newark, new jersey, cory booker. you will hear from conan o'brien next. by the way, whose side are you on with this? sheomcotols..drs s aer of73ea sheomcotols..drs ay w ♪
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greta: well, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. another round in the situation with conan o'brien and new jersey mayor cory booker. it all started when conan o'brien made a joke about new york, new jersey, on the show, and then cory booker banned conan o'brien from the airport.
10:52 pm
conan o'brien shot back. >> last week, i told a joke about newark, new jersey. it was quite a good one about new, new jersey, and as a result, the maker has -- about newark, new jersey, and as a result, the mayor has bannecd me from the airport, so now, i have to get their like everyone else does, through a series of bad choices -- i have to get there like everyone else does. greta: san francisco mayor gavin newsom, and david letterman is talking again about his sex scandal. letermaterman stunned his audiee last week after falling victim
10:53 pm
to an extortion plot, and he was still cracking jokes. >> did you are we can just fly by? -- your weekend just fly by? [laughter] [cheers and applause] i mean, i will be honest with you, folks. i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail. [laughter] [applause] i got into the car this morning, and the navigation lady was not speaking to me. [laughter] greta: letterman also made some apologies, saying this --
10:54 pm
greta: yes, he certainly does, and there you have it, the best of the rest. but one more quick call before we turn down the lights. "saturday night live" got some big glass all at the expense of the president. -- got some big laughs.
10:55 pm
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. it is time, last call. do you think that "saturday night live" is good to president obama? with friends like these, you do not need enemies. they just skewered the president. >> if you look at my record, i have done nothing. nada. almost one year, and nothing to show for it. you do not believe me? you think i am making an up? take a look at this checklist. now, on my first day in office, i said i would close guantanamo bay. is it closed yet? no. [laughter] i said we would be out of iraq. are we? not the last time i checked. [laughter] i said i would make improvements in the war in afghanistan.
10:59 pm
is it better? no, i think it is actually worse. [laughter] how about health-care reform? hell, no. i just do not see why the right is so riled up. think of how the left field? they are the ones that should be mad. i think -- think of how the left feel. immigration reform, no. gays in the military, no. limits on executive power, no. global warming, no. immigration reform, no. and so looking at this list, i see two big accomplishments. jack and squat. greta: we are closing down shop. we will see you tomorrow. do not forget to go to and blog. do not forget to click on t