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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 11, 2009 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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report this saturday october 10th, 2009. i'm julie banderas, thanks for watching. stay tuned to a special geraldo at large tonight, 10 p.m. eastern. 13 another anniversary. fox news channel began its journey 13 years ago. proud to be part of the family. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. amazing. amazing. incredible. they said they gave it to obama mostly for calling kanye west a jackass. >> they wanted to recognize the fine work of bringing peace to a black professor and a white cop through beer. >> they said he won for creating a new climate in international politics which sounds so much nicer than in your face george bush you capitalist [ bleep ]. no, of course as you might imagine the conservative
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reaction has been pretty apaflectic. rush limb limb limbaugh calleds pharmacist. obama flies to denmark for the olympics and gets nothing. he doesn't lift a finger and gets a noble and wins it. if he wants to get things done he needs to stop doing things. >> geraldo: live and at large. at least the come dayians liked it as a punchline. i'm geraldo rivera and this is a fox news alert. after a week in which the young and gracious of the united states of stunned and stunned the world by winning the nobel peace prize, the russian president is weighing in. saying today in a letter to barack obama that the award will serve as an incentive for further u.s. russian efforts to create a new climate in global
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politics. before i get thoughtful reaction on that point, that stunning letter from the president of russia to the president of the united states from ann coulter and from the reverend al sharpton, to the controversial selection of the relative rookie in the white house as the newest nobel laureate this is another fox news alert. in another historic first night the president became the first ever to attend an awards ceremony and fundraiser held by gay activists. speaking at the washington convention center to the human rights campaign. the atmosphere both inside and outside the convention center predicted to be friendly but tense because there were some antiobama gay demonstrators outside, upset that the president in their view has not yet lived up to campaign promises for example to repeal the federal defense of marriage act and to end the military's don't ask don't tell policy that was created under
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president clinton. president obama got up for a long standing ovation when pledged to end that ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces while concedeing that the cheering crowd that the policy changes he promised are not coming as quickly as he thought they would. >> we are moving ahead on don't ask don't tell. i'm working with the pentagon, its leadership and members of the house and senate on ending this policy. legislation has been introduced in the house to make this happen. i will end don't ask don't tell. that is my commitment to you. >> the. >> geraldo: the ceremony was highlighted by a performance by the flamboyant lady gaga and to the parents of matthew shepherd who was robbed, tied to a fence and left to die because he was
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gay. here again tonight, the president. >> i am committed to these goals and my administration will continue fighting to achieve them. and there is no more poignant or painful reminder of how important it is that we do so than the loss experienced by dennis and judy shepherd whose son matthew was stolen in a terrible act of violence 11 years ago. in may, i met with judy who is here tonight with her husband. i met her in the oval office and i promised her that we were going to pass an inclusive hate crimes bill, a bill named for her son. the struggle has been long. time and again we faced opposition. time and again the measure was defeated and delayed but the shepherds never gam gave up. they turned tragedy into a commitment. activists and organizers never
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gave up and officials spoke out year after year. congress after congress, the house passed a bill again this week and i can announce that after more than a decade this bill, i will sign it into law. >> geraldo: it seems that on this issue he is saying what he said he was going to do and the crowd loved it. >> yeah, and i don't like it when does what he says he was going to do. the federal hate crimes law ought to be called the federal double jeopardy act. that is all it is. 45 states already have hate crimes laws. the killers of matthew shepherd were prosecuted in wyoming which does not have a hate crimes law by the way. they were given the maximum they could get. which a life imprisonment because the idea is that when the state as the attorney general has explained when the
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state doesn't bring a case for lack of evidence or there is an acquittal at the state level there is a second federal trial. in the three cases that the attorney general himself eric holder cited in order to say that we needed a federal law because prosecutions bombed in the three cases. they brought it in federal court and there were three more acquittals. it is a double jeopardy law and we have civil liberties groups sitting on their hands this time. >> geraldo: i think there is nothing wrong with having hate crimes legislation. >> but the double jeopardy. >> reverend al sharpton on certain issues like immigration, inner city economic equality or justice, the president has put those issues aside and is concentrating on healthcare. like the latinos whose collective noses are at least in part out of joint because the president has not acted on any kind of comprehensive immigration reform in the gay community that was similarly
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the case but seems that he has delivered and one of the key constituencies is now happy that he has done what he said. >> i think it is good that he does what he says. he received the support based on that he was elected. i think it is the right thing to do. i do not think it is double jeopardy. you can violate federal law and not violate state law and vice versa. he has committed to finish the delivery and i think he will in the immigration battles and the other battles. >> geraldo: rather than how you spend the short time on this segment where i think you have made it let's go to the peace prize that humbled even the man that received it. >> good morning.
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>> geraldo: the gasps in the room were audible as the man nearly nine months in office won the world's most prestigious honorable prize. >> i do not feel that i deserve to be in the company of so many of the transform aittive figures who have been honored by this prize. men and women who have inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace. >> geraldo: of all the bomb bastic reactions. orrin hatch had a more pragmatic approach. >> i'm surprised they didn't go with former president clinton who raised a billion dollars for humanitarian concerns around the world. >> geraldo: leave it to honorable john mccain to call the shot fair and square. >> it i'm sure the president is very honored to receive this
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award and nobel committee i'm sure the president understands that he now has even more to live up to. >> geraldo: in so far as the widespread criticism is concerned, listen again to dmitriy medvedev said it will serve to create a new climate in global politics. doesn't this in and of itself justify the noble committee selection of the 44th president. >> well, yes, of course, geraldo and it is about time. ten days it took them. i think we should accuse them of racism for waiting ten days to give tim the nobel. he must get sick of being patronized by white liberals and i felt sorry for him and it was the first time i actually felt story for him and thought
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he did a lovely job saying i don't think i quite deserve this, this must be for america generally, it was a lovely speech. >> geraldo: i think that people are giving him short shrift. reaching out to iran for bilateral talks. >> he set a new tone in the world and that is what the prize is for. people complained when the clerk in mandella was given the same award before we knew whether the experiment in south africa was ever going to work. i remember reading how the right wing was outraged that martin luther king got the award before the voting rights act and open housing act. they said he only made a great speech i have a dream, what do you give the award for. they always question the award if they tonight think they should get it. barack obama changed the world tone. the russian president proved that. his campaign and election in itself was transformative. forgive me if they give a
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transformative award. he won an election that transformed the whole dialogue around the world. >> geraldo: i remember when i was growing up. i'm much older than you. we were proud whenever the president was honored. he is our president, isn't he? >> i'm not saying i'm unproud. i think i feel exactly the way obama does about it, judging by his speech and as al sharpton just said. he is getting the award for being a transformative person. he is getting the award for being black. this is everybody gets an a, everybody gets a blue ribbon. >> i meant transformative concerning the world peace. >> is he going to get because he is black. [ overlapping speakers ] >> and i got this job for my mustache. >> it has to do with the transformative policies.
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the transformative part is that he changed the world and we are talking peace and talking about issues of bringing the world and he did it as a black. i'm not going apologize for its blackness but, of course, it stops and starts there. >> geraldo: let's put aside the peace prize and let's go to the other point that was made this week. we were also treated to what i we were also treated to what i call the gop's attempted b upbk ♪ singer:wanted to get myself a new cell phone ♪ ♪ so i could hear myself as a ringtone ♪ ♪ who knew the store would go and check my credit score ♪ ♪ now all they let me have is this dinosaur ♪ ♪ hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪
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>> i don't mean to compare afghanistan to thal l alamo but the bottom line is the same. we cannot win the war in afghanistan with the forces we had on the ground. i gave a specific example to bill o'reilly. one i saw with my very own eyes in afghanistan. how downgrading our efforts there to send troops from afghanistan to iraq we allowed our enemies in afghanistan to get the jump on us. >> in 2004, i was with the first battalion six marines, part of the 22nd marine expeditionary force. it was headed by the lieutenant colonel, actual actually spoke pashtu.
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the home of one of the taliban's top guys. they were on the run and pinned against the wall. violence was way down and what happened, they got the notice when i was in country that they were going to stop in place and was being redeployed to bolster the flagging effort in iraq. fallujah was besieged and they pulled the marines out. what happened to afghanistan as a result of iraq was that we have starved our effort in afghanistan and as a result our enemy has come up off the mats, regained the momentum. >> geraldo: now, the president faces two basic options. first, to give general mcchrystal the 40,000 troops the general says he needs to turn it around or do what vice president joe biden says and concentrate on al-qaeda. >> the president is receiving two forms of advice. one, increase troop levels 30
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to 40,000 or two, as joe biden favors, no more troops just keep banging away at al-qaeda. first, biden's plan, will it work. >> the short answer is no. >> where who in the hell does that guy think he is. oh, he is general stanley mcchrystal hand picked by obama to reshape our strategy. i see. >> ann coulter and reverend al sharp ton join me. i believe the president must honor general mcchrystal's request. >> it seems weird how long this decision is taking. >> geraldo: i have a theory on that and i have not confirmed it. remember, general david petraeus, the hero of the surge in iraq who is now the commander of iraq and afghanistan was diagnosed with prostate cancer and he had all of that rigorous therapy. i think he was out of the loop
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and that is why i think the mcchrystal memo got leaked. >> i have a different theory why it took so long. because ann and her friends had us in iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction when we should have been in afghanistan maybe about seven years ago, that might be why is took so long. >> as long as you mention it, i would like to take this opportunity to mention what a disaster it is to move the focus of the war on terrorism from iraq to afghanistan. we win in afghanistan when you didn't have all the muslim focusing on afghanistan. it is not a good country for our military power where we can dominate from the air. we can't do that in afghanistan with the mountains and the caves. >> geraldo: that is where the bad guys are. >> i think the problem is. >> that is why you want to keep them focused on iraq just as george bush was doing. >> i think you have a strategic problem when you want to fight
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terrorism are the terrorists are not present. the best way to fight terrorism is to fight where the terrorists are. they happen to be in afghanistan. >> they also happen to be in iraq. >> but it doesn't solve the problem. >> not only were they in iraq including the only terrorist who escaped from the 1993 world trade center bombing, he got away and where did he end up, not afghanistan. >> ann, i live in new york where 9/11 happened. the people that we are told are responsible are in afghanistan and we need to deal with that and we should have dealt with it in 2002. >> we have a war on terrorism. it is not just the war on osama bin laden and he had only recently decamped to afghanistan. neither afghanistan nor iraq hit us on 9/11. the terrorists were in iraq. >> geraldo: afghanistan has to be the focus. god bless the united states military for the surge. >> it wasn't under bush.
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>> geraldo: afghanistan deserves our priority right now. coming up, stand by, you two. what does that ha v. to do with politics? inside that story. inside the chriddddddd
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speaker pelosi and house democrats once again voted to protect charlie rangel. but for the first time two rank and file democrats broke ranks and voted with us. i think this is a clear sign that democrat leaders efforts to sweep this under the rug is starting to crack. >> why is it that you don't think it is appropriate considering that you are being investigated for tax issues to resign from the post that dictates tax policy in this country? >> because the allegations have been made by newspapers reporters and i asked the ethics committee to review it and report back to the congress. >> geraldo: ambushing my old friend charlie rangel in the halls of congress. the chairman of the house ways and means committee. in a heap of trouble mostly about unpaid tax violations and other ethics violations. he says he should maintain his
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chairmanship unless and until he is found guilty of wrong doing by a court of law or an ethics probe. >> there is no reason why federal prosecutors should not be in the middle of this. he has not paid taxes on properties. he denies that he owns them and hasn't disclosed them. the fact that congress and following ticks and ethics committee. hog wash. >> don't you think they need a find gd of fact. in. >> not from there. you get a finding of fact. he didn't report it or pay taxes. anybody else would be in jail. i don't know why he isn't. >> the fact that all of this has been so public for so long and we haven't seen a federal grand jury and a federal prosecutor makes one wonder whether there is anything really there. how come the federal prosecutor. >> he admitted it. >> what? that he is being investigated. no one has charged him with anything. are we now saying if someone is alleged to have done something they ought to resign then no one would have a position. >> what we are saying is if you
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don't pay taxes on property that you don't own. [ overlapping speakers ] >> geraldo: what does ann coulter think? >> thank you, i thought you would never get to me. i'm so glad i'm here to be able to say to al sharpton i would like to hold a press conference with you and charlie rangele because i think it is outrage oust way the new york times is going after charlie rangele. this is a little worse than what republican governor roland did and tom delay this but in both of those cases it was nothing. the new york times putting this on its cover day after day after day. most of the allegations are what he didn't report as income to congress. it is an ethics violation. very, it as violation. the amount in taxes he allegedly didn't pay and he think he has admitted to is only $10,000. that is something but it is not -- >> it proves to me.
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>> yes, reverend al. >> he is in a broke class. >> geraldo: okay. okay. we have to stop the presses. ann says lay off charlie rangel. >> i would be remiss if i didn't get the panel's take on the governor of new jersey's weight debate. did you see that commercial? >> you drove the wrong way down a one way street. would you get away without a ticket, chris christy did? chris christy did. in both cases, christy threw his weight around as u.s. attorney and got off easy. >> where is the weight shot and the belly shot. they threw out the pair. there is a big belly shot and he is flapping along. >> i'm a former fat man. >> geraldo: you are a former
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fat man. >> and i think first of all, with -- >> how much have you lost? >> 85-pounds. i was trying to get on judge's show. i think that the real story is that he got away with all of these things. the whole weight thing. >> geraldo: the former u.s. attorney running as republican candidate for governor of new jersey, got away with speeding tickets and other stuff. >> and other stuff and he is this great prosecutor and he got away with stuff. i think that is the real story. the whole thing about the weight things i think there was a "new york times" column where they talked about they used the weight against ted kennedy and he won overwhelmingly so i don't know. >> jiggling politics, ann coulter? >> i think it is not very good politics. i think if i were governor corzine i wouldn't be talking about traffic violations. you will remember he was in a horrible accident. >> he wasn't driving. >> but he didn't have a
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seatbelt. >> can i get a sentence on the show. state troopers were driving him at 91 miles an hour at the governor's direction to make a stupid appointment.
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differences. now, back to geraldo rivera. check out fox for the latest. >> the speaker of the house, the first woman speaker of the house and i'm in my place because the house of representatives voted me there. >> geraldo: was that enough that the cavemen who run the republican national committee used stone age language to attack house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she needed to be put back in her place but then the first speaker of the house got really grossed out when the world's most awkward democrat harry reid tried calming her down like a dad would a school girl. watch. >> the one thing that i think was interesting is that everyone, democrats and republicans said whatever decision you make we will support it basically so we'll
4:32 am
see. >> yes, there will be unity no matter what. a message some what undercut if one happens to read the subtle sub text delivered in body language form by one nancy pelosi, shall we just he is talking. he is talking and she is saying get your [ bleep ] hands off me. oh, and about that agreement thing, aah, yes, your mouth says we all agree but my eyes say you are a. >> everything from sexist republicans to jerky democrats and more importantly is what the once and future presidential candidate thinks is our next move in afghanistan. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us. great stuff. >> great comedy and great drama looking at that on the hill and you see harry reid does this
4:33 am
like chauvinist pig movement here. >> what about what the rnc said, to putter in her place. during ronald reagan's time the gop would never resort to that kind of cheap shot. >> i think some of the language is unfortunate, unnecessary and even unproductive. we need to focus on issues. any time you get into the name calling and try to create the level of imagery people forget what the issue is and that is the danger of it. >> what do you think is in the mindset. what is the purpose of that? is it to explore what they perceive to be her unpopularity? or disdinful of the fact that she is a female? >> i don't think it is about her being a female. the republicans have clearly i think broken that barrier. we had a vice presidential candidate who is female. there has been many opportunities for women in the party. i think it is just a way of sort of trying to highlight the dissatisfaction with nancy pelosi. now, there is no doubt that
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republicans are not big fans of nancy pelosi because they feel like -- >> geraldo: but that is one thing. but what, the skanki ditch next. >> the language is over the top. they need to let nancy pelosi's policy problems we the focus. that is what really ought to be the point of discussion. and there is plenty of gold in them there hills as far as nancy is concerned. you don't have to to go to the name calling and make the imagery something other than the fact that her policies are totally out of touch with the american people. >> geraldo: why i wanted you on the program tonight, the critical developments first in afghanistan where reportedly vice president joe biden is among the officials who believe the military goal in afghanistan should be fighting al-qaeda terrorists and not the taliban insurgency but my problem is mo how the vice president or any one else plans
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to separate one one from the other. just today, 4,000 foreign fighters poured into the country from places like pakistan and chechnya. what is going on? >> the marines are, once again, on the move in hellman province. 200 pushing deeper and deeper into taliban country. the goal, to take the afghan village and to clear the taliban out and hold the area so that basic government institutions like the police can be established. this is part of a new strategy laid out by the top commander here in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal who wants u.s. forces to concentrate on protecting afghan civilians instead of hunting down taliban fighters but this is a labor intensive process and requires gaining the trust of local afghans, many who actually distrust the u.s. and some who even support the taliban.
4:36 am
this new strategy is also proving to be extremely dangerous and deadly for u.s. forces who must get out, walk around and interacts with the local population, exposing themselves to taliban attacks. the success of the new strategy has been limited so far but general mcchrystal believes it will ultimately pay dividends and bring stability and peace to afghanistan. in kabul, conor powell, fox news. >> geraldo: i think that the president should heed mcchrystaled admonition but what if the democrats don't follow their own president and agree. >> president obama put general mcchrystal in place as his hand picked person to lead that effort essentially saying i trust this guy. you either do or you don't. you have to listen to your military commanders on the ground who as i say have mud on their boots and blood on their
4:37 am
shirts. here is what we need to clear the objective. we did have success in afghanistan until about 2004 and we started taking the resources away and putting them in iraq and then afghanistan has gone to the toilet. we have to decide, are we going to win there or get the heck out of there. woo if we are going to win you have to do what the general on the ground is telling us is necessary to get t done. he wants to hurry healthcare and stadium luciana and cash for clunkers but when our guys are getting shot in afghanistan, he wants to take time and think about it. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. as if we needed evidence that pakistan and afghanistan are trout with peril, heavily armed militants today raided pakistan's army headquarters. while pakistani commandos at dawn stormed the building and freed the 25 soldiers being
4:38 am
held captive by the taliban militants, killing four of the militants in the process, think of what happened in these terms. they raided the very heart of the nuclear armed nation. its army headquarters and isn't this like terrorists taking hostages in this country in the pentagon? >> exactly, geraldo. if you look at it even geographically it is similar. that is the pakistani general head quarters. their equivalent of the pentagon. it is very similar around the way they did this, the mill at the present times, they unloaded out of a van in the main gate on the main street and opened an assault rifle fire on the gate and stormed it. four of these militants were killed on the scene. six soldiers were killed, two high-ranking soldiers. and then five of the militants were able to penetrate into the base itself and then that is
4:39 am
when we found out that they were able timber gather the 15 hostages and they are still being holed up right now on the compound. geraldo? >> geraldo: aside from the real problem dealing with the health and well being of the 15 hostages is there any threat to the nukes, any threat to in a strategic sense of what is going on there? >> the building is one building within the massive compound. for them to get to any real sensitive area you would imagine there would be checks and balances and more security. we have nothing along those lines but still the fact that they were able to get into the compound, the general headquarters of the military here in pakistan is a remarkable feat for the militants to be able to penetrate and five of them able to get into the area. thank you very much. pakistan, so much depends on it. first we have to have them keep the heat on the militants in the border region but here they
4:40 am
have the militants saying if you are going to fight america's fight then we will screw you up government of pakistan and it is as if they raided the pentagon of pakistan. >> the truth is if we are going to see another terrorist attack it is going to be post marked pakistan. and the instability of pakistan ought to scare the daylights out of people not just because it is a teeming nation with a great deal of angst but because they are sitting on top of nuclear weapons. not poe tex weapons like iran has. they have nuclearized material and the ability to use it. that is frightening. >> geraldo: you agree with the aid for the time being to pakistan? >> have to go ahead and provide aid. if you don't you not only further destablized the pakistani government not that i think it is all that free from
4:41 am
corruption but you then have given any reason for there to be no trust whatsoever for the americans when they say anything about committing to help you fight the enemies that are going to destroy you. it doesn't just hurt us in pakistan. that hurts us everywhere in the world where someone's lives are depending on our promises. >> governor mike huckabee. >> thank you, geraldo. great to be with you. coming up, the d.c. sniper's ex-wife breaks her
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>> geraldo: back live. before we meet my next guest, the ex-wife of the condemned washington, d.c. sniper. before we meet her and hear her inlling tale let's go back to time. watch. >> i would like to think that i have got the words to keep people calm but i'm not sure that i do. >> we are talking about a person here who is basically an
4:44 am
insane killer. >> 222 days, 13 victims. millions living in fear. >> the biggest man hunt in the d.c. area since the man hunt to get the assassins of president abraham lincoln. >> i heard a big loud noise like pow like close range with a high powered rifle. >> it began when 41-year-old john allen muhammad, a former member of the army from louisiana with his 17-year-old accomplice, lee boyd malvo shot and wounded a liquor store clerk in the city of silver spring, maryland. >> we heard a pop shot noise and a few seconds later i held my chest and i couldn't breathe or anything. >> the deadly duo next focused in montgomery, alabama, where a liquor store employee is shot
4:45 am
fatally. two days later muhammad is back home in baton rouge and the pair makes their way back north where on october 2nd, a 55-year-old wheaten maryland man is shot dead. the next day, the murder and terror hits when five more are slain in maryland. >> this is a person who is shooting elderly men, shooting women and new shooting little children. >> geraldo: on october 4th, a 43-year-old woman become's virginia's first known victim. she survived. three days later 13-year-old i would is shot in the back. on october 9th, a man in ma isuss augustwhen >> this is linked to the
4:46 am
virginia and washington, d.c. >> geraldo: on the 1 n. in fredericksburg. on the 14th another woman. shorts are looking for a white box truck and white chevy astro van. both leads turn out to be flat prong. the misidentification of the vehicle is not the only missed opportunity. on the morning of the 15th. john malvo calls the rockdale cops. >> we are the people that are causing the killing. >> on the 19th of october after a lull of five days they strike again in virginia, wounding a 37-year-old ashland man. ob the 22nd, they allegedly claim their last victim. >> an individual that is extremely violent and and obviously doesn't care. >> after a fingerprint allows an i.d. of the real vehicle used by the pair they are finally spot and busted as a maryland restaurant.
4:47 am
>> we have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose. >> geraldo: back live, everybody. both john muhammad and the younger lee malvo were prosecuted in 2003. malvo the kid saved his life by pleading guilty and he got life imprisonment. john muhammad was convicted, sentenced to die and his execution is scheduled for november 10, 2009. right around the corner literally speaking. how does his former wife the author of the brand new book scared silence feel about that. mildred muhammad joins me in new york along with judge janine pirro. scared silent. do you believe that there were opportunities for you to contact the authorities but you were too frightened by the domestic violence perpetrated by john muhammad perpetrated on you. >> i named the book scared silent not because i was so scared i didn't do anything.
4:48 am
i was scared because i had to work under the radar so i would not be detected. so everything i did including contacting the authorities and making sure that they understood and knew that i was a victim of domestic violence because i had the physical scars to prove it. >> the domestic violation allegations were rejected by the authorities and they did not listen when you gave them clues that you suspected that john muhammad and lee malvo were concocting some horrible thing. >> no, i don't know lee malvo. i don't know about him until he kidnapped our children and look them to antigua without my knowledge and then when the shootings began i didn't know it was john then. i didn't know it was john until atf knocked on my door october 23rd to take me to police head gms quarters to question me. >> you write how john and another person you call steven, that is not malvo. >> no, sir.
4:49 am
>> geraldo: john and this other person got stolen bicycles and painted them black and they were cruising around with the bicycles at night. >> that was long before that. that was after he came back. >> what do you think that that was evidence of? what do you think that was doing? >> that was evidence of his dissatisfaction or anger towards what happened to him in the military that he was not successful in getting counseling for did hing debriefed for coming back from saudi arabia. >> geraldo: one thing we do know, judge is, that mildred believes that her murder was part ultimately of john muhammad's intention that maybe some of the other random killings were to cover up the domestic murder. i got that right? >> yes, sir. well, you know, i think that is curious and i just saw the order of protection which apparently was at the time you were trying to get custody of the children. you did not file criminal charges, though. there was never a criminal charge filed on your behalf alleging domestic violence is that correct, though? >> in the court system they
4:50 am
have him with a domestic violence charge. he was not put in the system. >> there was never a criminal charge filed against him. that is the only thing. >> geraldo: the book is scared silent. certainly a unique point of view on
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>> geraldo: back live, everybody. legislature rid details about the private lives of former supermodel christie brinkley and her husband were exposed during their divorce including his affair with a teenaged assistant and an alleged pornography bill. crischristie claiming that pets not holding up his end of the teal. deal. this is all scheduled to go on trial this week. >> a year since the marriage of the picture perfect couple blew up and now they are slinging mud all over again, fighting over time spent with the kids. >> she failed repeatedly failed despite the judge's order to correct her wrong doing and just seems to have ignored the
4:54 am
court's orders. >> he said the parentally beaming duty intentionally dragged her feet when it came time to give up a passport for their son to take a trip to egypt with dad. she says her best friend's mom died, causing the delay. >> i understand that her best friend's mother died and i'm sorry about that but i live five minutes from her. >> things have come out that you are asking for her to go to jail, she is asking for you to go to jail. this seems like mutually assured destruction. why can't you guys come to an agreement? >> i have no problem trying to come to an agreement with her but my stipulation is respect my time with my children and do not make them feel guilty for loving their father. >> do you feel that she is punishing you in some way? >> continually yes, through the children. it is child abuse and now the kids are being publicly
4:55 am
humiliated because of her failure to cooperate. she knows how important the children are to me and that is really the only effective weapon on me is to exercise her control on me. >> do you think that is a result of the pain that you caused her by having the affair? >> i have no doubt. be mad at me, do whatever you want to me but don't use the children. this is not about the children. i was a great father for the ten years we were married and i am still a great father. the children are never safer than when they are in my hands. respect that. >> crist techris teechristie af violating your agreement. you spoke to the press, to barbara walters. >> i spoke to you. >> what about bringing susanna shaw your girlfriend on your boat? >> that action didn't deny a single moment with the children
4:56 am
and harm her relationship with the children. >> a lot of people going through divorce with a lot bigger problems than yours. you are fighting over luxury yachts and trips to egypt. >> the fact that we are fighting over a boat, yeah, that is stupid. the fact that the issue is about my son not being able to go to egypt with me with his school trip, that sounds ludicrous, whether it was egypt or river head it doesn't matter. if the parent stops that child from being able to spend time with the other parent that is a problem for me, i don't care whistling you are rich or poor, it is not right. >> geraldo: in this case it doesn't seem like it is about money. >> it is about being hurt and being humiliated publicly. the fact that he cheated on her was a big slap in her face so she feels this self-righteous in dig nation and needs to get back at him in some way and kids are the way that she is getting back at him by holding
4:57 am
back in her custody. >> geraldo: it wouldn't be the first time. >> if she delayed getting the passport to her son and he could not go on that school trip that is vi vindictive. she wanted it opened and she was alleging that her husband was pleasuring himself. >> no, i'm. >> more so than i was. we would you want your kids to hear about what your husband is doing to make it public. why would you have your child miss a school trip and by the way, how many times has she been married? >> and his testimony in the trial never came out. >> you have gotten a lot of calls from nannies and such that are down on her. is that true? >> they are confined by confidentiality. but the people i have spoken to confidentialally said that peter is mr. mom and the hands
4:58 am
on guy in the house. >> geraldo: and interesting take considering with the pornography and the teenaged girlfriend and everything else but i hope the
4:59 am


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