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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2009 12:00am-12:56am EDT

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members on "the factor post-game show." i hope to see you next time. remember, the spin stops here, looking out for you. >> this is a your morning. -- a viewer warning. "hannity" is not a white house approved. -- is not white house approved. sean: they want us to shut up and get in line. they do not want us asking the tough questions. >> just put that out there, as opposed to doing an interview with a reporter. sean: maybe it is because they
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do not get any good reporters? they do not want anyone questioning about afghanistan. while they are preoccupied with the war against the fox news channel, they do not seem to be in any hurry to fight that war against our nation's real enemies. it has been many days since general mcchrystal gave the recommendation on how to win the war in afghanistan, 52 days, and in the meantime, the president has flown to copenhagen to get embarrassed by the olympic committee. he even found time for a party of dancing at the white house. 52 days is a long time. it took general washington less time to lay siege and to essentially and the american revolution with cornwallis. it took 52 days for general ulysses s. grant to march from
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washington to petersburg, va., and begin the siege that would eventually win the civil war. there was also spotsylvania courthouse, and others did in the winter of 1944 to 1945, american troops held their positions -- and others. in the winter of 1944 and 1955, american troops held their position at the battle of the bulge, and that took less than 52 days. a decision about troops in afghanistan cannot wait until the election in afghanistan is settled, as said by one person. at the same time, bill kristol reports that rahm emanuel seems to be -- without consulting our pentagon. he said this this past sunday. >> it would be reckless to make
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a decision on the u.s. troop level is, in fact, we have not done a thorough analysis about whether or not there is an afghan partner to fill that space that the u.s. would create an become a true partner in governing the afghan country. sean: excuse me. who is asking the sky about decisions about afghanistan? -- who is asking this guy? the press is not supposed to ask about that, because to do so would mean that you are under white house control. >> very rarely did we communicate to the president that we did not absolutely -- sean: i guess we will stay out of that rabin whole. joining me is a former white house secretary -- stay out of that rapid poll -- rabbit hole.
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joining me is former white house press secretary dana perino and another guest. >> it is hard to understand their priorities. i can understand the president wanting to think things through, but it has been a long time. i also think that it is interesting that this weekend, rahm emanuel did go to great lengths to explain that their priority was creating jobs in america, and they're all of these different priorities, and they have been attacking fox -- there are all of these different priorities, and they and attacking fox. sean: -- and they are attacking fox. sean: it seems to me that they are creating an enemies list. do you think that the white house has their priorities straight here? >> they elected journal
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mcchrystal to make those decisions. -- general mcchrystal to make those decisions. i understand he was not elected. i do not understand why they're going after fox. i talk about that with you all of the time. it is hard for me to understand. i understand why they do not, on about three hours -- why they do not come on three hours' worth of programming -- sean: you have never been on this show? what are you talking about? you are on right now. >> frank luntz as your pollster. come on. let's not kid ourselves. we know what this is. this is an opinion show. sean: if obama can sit down with
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ahmadinejad, i think he could sit down with little old sean hannity. >> for somebody like me, in the last few weeks since this has started, i am being hit by the left as well as the right. i am now being called a traitor by both sides. when you take up the three shows i am talking about, the news shows have more personable voters -- personable -- persuadabkle voters. sean: dana? >> when you say at that podium matters to people, including room the world, and they see what dictators do. they go after a legitimate news
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organizations, and they think that that is ok. -- they go after legitimate news organizations. let it go. take the high road. >> gain a, that is a difficult thing. -- dana, that is a difficult thing. in the hours of programming each day, that is legitimate news, and the people who listen to that our people that are going to be going into 2010 as voters. i do not understand the politics of it, i guess. if you cannot be a debate, then you do not deserve to be in politics. -- if you cannot debate, then you do not deserve to be in politics. sean: bob, stop the personal attacks. >> there is nothing personal about that. sean: they see that their agenda
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is saying, and the almost one an isolated enemy as part of a distraction tactic. -- and they almost want an isolated and in the -- an isolated enemy as a distraction tactic. >> they are looking for other opponents to fight. again, he is going to be president for at least three more years, and he needs to have a longer-term strategy. sean: it seems to me, bob, it is not very presidential. even david axelrod said that he does not take criticism very well. that is what he lashed out at me throughout the entire campaign. every time you do it, you are giving "hannity" another promo.
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i appreciate it. >> there are some things that i do not blame him for being upset about, but the news portion of fox, which is the overwhelming majority, in the six years, i have never been asked to alter what i say, and you know that i drive you crazy every week by saying that barack obama is the greatest economic president since roosevelt. these are legitimate, bona fide news shows, and you cannot say these things. sean: dana, for the media and to allow this to happen to fox is, i think, foolish -- for the media to allow this to happen to fox is, i think, foolish. are they putting themselves in a position where they are compromised? >> it is astounding to me that
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they would just sit back and let it all happen. if i had done it from the white house podium, their reaction would have been different. i have been in other countries where news organizations are muzzled. >> as a liberal, i speak to more people in a week that you would get on those other two networks in months, so i do not understand. let's get real here. we need those voters. those on the other shows, we have already gotten those. it is here where we can get some votes. sean: we have got to run. all right, still a lot more. thank you for being with us. here is a sneak peek of what is ahead. and coming up -- >> guantánamo will be closed no later than one year from now. sean: are they playing politics
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with your national security? liz cheney joins me. >> i will not plan a plan that adds one dime to the deficit. sean: atheism ads take over the new york subway system. all of that plus an update on the investigation into the balloon boy boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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sean: when he is not throwing parties at the white house on your dime, there is a chance that president obama is out raising money for his left-wing friends. the president has headlined a total of 22 events since his inauguration. president bush, in his entire time in office, attended on the six. six.
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sean: so in the era of obama, there is a group that is showing just how weak the president's policies are. >> he talked tough on afghanistan. >> i argued for more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11. >> the reality. >> he has not reached a
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conclusion because i guess he has spent all of his time preparing for speeches and "letterman." our soldiers are in the field, getting shot at. >> not enough time for decision, but plenty of time for " letterman," vacation, and a visit to copenhagen. sean: liz cheney joins me now. welcome back. thanks for joining me. >> good to be with you. sean: hard-hitting, but very to the point. the president has asked for more troops. what does that mean -- the president has been asked for more troops. what does that mean? >> i think it is dangerous form route and sends a very dangerous message -- it is very dangerous former route -- for more routes -- i think it is dangerous for
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morale. having to delay until the runoff election is solved, it is more of a delay. that is costly. i did watch today. the president said something important when he was speaking to vietnam veterans today. he said he would not send troops into harm's way without giving them the resources that they need. i hope he will do the right thing and side with the military. sean: the general that he appointed on the ground is saying what he needs, or we risk failure. is it putting troops' lives in jeopardy? >> yes, i think there is no question. remember, the president already made his decision once. he came into office, and then he
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said he would put the counterinsurgency policy in place and send in general mcchrystal to carry it out, and then the general said, "this is what i need to prevail," and the president has waffled. showing they are having meetings and discussing the issue, but they have discussed it long enough. sean: you appoint a general, and he gives his opinion, so why did you not listen to what he has to say? do you think this is a factor in this delay? >> you know, i think there is no question. i think, clearly, you really have a split now, it looks like, between the political people who advise the president and those that talk about national security policy and secretary gates, now coming out and saying we cannot wait any longer.
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president bush used to talk about it. it is the hardest decision they ever have to make to send young american men and women into harm's way. but when you are commander-in- chief, you need to make decisions like this. sean: is it just about national security? or is it about the economy? will that be part of the agenda of your group? >> the economy will be because i think the economy is part of that issue. you look at $1.40 trillion deficit we are going to have now. the extent to which the debt threatens the value of the dollar, when you have a weakened dollar, you begin to worry about what happens to the nations that hold the debt, the chinese, for example. the robust growth of the american economy is necessary for us to have the resources that we need to have a strong national defense to continue to exercise the kind of power and authority, we need to exercise
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around the world, and that will clearly be what we talk about -- to exercise the kind of power and authority we need to exercise around the world. sean: obviously, his priorities are out of whack here. if we stand back and analyze what the president is making decisions like this, it seems to me that he is a radical ideologue. he has hung round radicals for his adult life. do you think this president is more radical than you thought -- he has hung round radicals -- hung a rounround radicals. >> he said that we are not red states or blues states, and people thought there was something behind that rhetoric. one of the things that really struck me was watching, again, rahm emanuel and david axelrod
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trying to get a secondary boycott going, saying other news organizations ought to be careful, and it looks like sending a very clear warning out there. it is clear censorship and an abuse of power in my view from the white house. sean: it is almost like they had an enemies list. there is some talk in congress, some senators, about retribution against insurance companies because they are against the health-care plan. similarly, they are against any credit. it seems to me like an enemies list. is that a fair description -- similarly, they are against any critic. >> they are bullying people, and they became accustomed to an environment where they got a lot of admiration, and they do not
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like to be challenged, and fox news seems to be at the top of the list, asking those tough questions. sean: thank you, liz. we have more news that is not approved by the white house.
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sean: and tonight in "hannity's america," many of us are left scratching our heads when president obama made this pledge. -- many of us were left scratching our heads. >> i will not sign any plan that adds $1 and to our deficit, not now, not in the future. -- that adds one dime to our deficit. sean: there is the $1 billion medicare reimbursement bill. it would cost a lot and send it soaring over $1 trillion. it looks like fuzzy math is making a comeback in washington.
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all right, the mainstream obamamania media has finally gotten to the bottom about why obama has not been able to get anything of substance done since taking office. he has not taken a firm stance on critical issues like the war on afghanistan because he may just be too nice, as one article said. it quotes, "is the president too nice to make the decisions?" now, the reelection bid of harry reid is in big trouble. he is not very popular in his home state, and not surprisingly, he is trailing in the polls, so he is taking things into his own hands, planning to run advertisements against his opponents. one of his advisers told
12:27 am, quote, "i expect him to vaporize whoever is the of poet -- the opponent." there is also the vicious attack by jon corzine against his opponent chris christie. i guess these personal attacks are all that is left. you may have seen some curious advertisements plastered on the walls. they are spreading the word that you can live a great life without god. advertisements like this are hitting the subways, courtesy of an advertisement campaign launched by one group. according to the spokesman of the group, the advertisements are meant to inform new yorkers that 1 million of us have created natural morality and lead good, productive lives without religious dogma or god.
12:28 am
can you imagine the outrage is a political -- religious group put -- could you imagine the outrage if a religious group put pro-god advertisements out? ramming legislation through congress behind closed doors. we plan to shine the spotlight on them thursday night. you do not want to miss it. and still to come tonight, environmental extremists are taking it into high gear. there may even be restrictions on what kind of televisions, you may be equal to buy -- able to buy. more details,
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: all right, the obama administration is talking about having a slew of regulations, including those on dietary supplements and sodas. they are setting out to regulate almost every single area of your life. now, the question is, if all of these regulations, in fact, go into effect, will there be any
12:33 am
choices left for individuals to make, where are we preparing to hand over our liberty to the supposed experts in d.c. -- or are we preparing to hand over our liberty? juan williams is joining us a. when i read about california talking about banning big screen plasmid televisions, and they are talking about banning black cars, -- big screen plasma televisions, and they are talking about banning black cars, tell me you are not a liberal that would support this. >> no, but i am the kind of liberal that would say, "wait a second. what are they trying to do?" this, in fact, is not going to draw up prices of the plasma televisions. it will save the consumer about $30 a year. they have had rules like this
12:34 am
since the 1970's on refrigerators and other things, and what it does is help keep down the cost of energy. sean: would you like to pay your rooftop white -- paint your rooftop white? >> that is meddling. sean: oh, ok. >> but if they are talking about trying to hold down the prices, because some of these just sucked down the power plants, i am not sure that is a bad thing -- some of these just suck down the power plants. sean: not to bring anita dunn or the war on fox news into this, but it seems they have bought into the ideology -- at what
12:35 am
point do we say, "enough government intervention in our lives"? >> contrary to what juan says, you are looking at a state that has 12.2% unemployment and measures that would probably cost a minimum of 5000 additional jobs, cost $50 million in tax revenues for a state that we are discussing on a regular basis whether or not it will be solvent. they are taking all sorts of steps to make these televisions more energy-efficient anyway, so it is unnecessary. it will not have the effect that the commission thinks it will. on the broader step, this is an important topic. i am glad we are talking about it. it is not a sexy topic to sit around talking about regulation, but it is an important topic when you think about what we spent last year, 2008, on regulation. it was somewhere around $1.20
12:36 am
trillion, and that is a large percentage of what the government spend in one entire year. sean: to me, it is a sexy topic. the you know why? leave my television alone. i only bought a black cars -- buy black cars. what is the difference? you think that the white house and the states would have enough to do. we have unemployment through the roof, and we had two wars we are fighting, and they are worried about my television. >> wait a second. you do not want them out of your life altogether. in this case, it would drive up your taxes, sean hannity, if they had to build a multibillion-dollar energy facility because everyone is buying a high energy use tv.
12:37 am
if they do not take some steps -- let me tell you something. if they do not take some steps to limit some of the energy consumption, if they just have to build more plants and more plants, it will threaten -- sean: wait a second. >> this does not actually keep people from buying these big televisions. it only keeps retailers in california from selling them, so with a click of a button, people can have these televisions in their home. it is not illegal to have them. it is illegal to sell them. you would lose $50 million in tax revenue. sean: steve, not only that, it is like capp -- the chinese and india are not going to abide by
12:38 am
attack and tax. they are not going to go with this burden on industry -- they are not going to abide by cap and tax. >> i drive a tahoe, so we are two right wingers. sean: i am gusti minor environmental credentials. >> i am so proud of the two of you -- i am boosting my environmental credentials. >> i am proud of the two of you. a liberal being a liberal. i drive a hybrid. let me just tell you guys something. the energy association in california fighting this, but the fact is californians -- 10% of all of the televisions and electronic equipment in the united states, so companies
12:39 am
overseas will have to change because they want in on that market. they want to sell televisions to people in california, and it would be good for the environment and not drive up costs. sean: juan, all i have to say is when every liberal paints their roofs white and al gore gives up his jet stream -- greta van susteren is coming up. and, by the way, greta looks much better on and in p-- on a plasma tv. i want everyone to know that i am not skinnier in person -- i am much skinnier in person. >> i am shorter. we have a blockbuster show.
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karl rove. -- greta: i am shorter. we have a blockbuster show. karl rove. and doing operating without lights, using sunlight, deplorable conditions. the viewers will see this, and whoopi goldberg joins us. the star of "the view." she is terrific. sean: tell her i said hello. she is a great american. troubled. the great, great american panel is coming up.
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sean: and tonight on our great american panel, he served three terms on the dnc and was the special counsel for president clinton. jeri is the co-host of a show.
12:44 am
and steven crowder is here. it is the jeri and steve show now. we have this enemies list, all war against box. -- a war against fox. you have been in the white house. you have been defending clinton. is this a good strategy? >> liberal newspapers, "the new york times," "the washington post." we are seeing from rahm emanuel -- he must be feeling the same thing as what we did in the clinton white house. you have an audience that can be
12:45 am
persuaded, and we need to be speaking to all audiences, not only this network, but all networks. sean: the fact that they would target to this degree -- by the way, other news organizations i am sure any minute now will realize they are next. i think it really speaks volumes about this white house. i think they are trying to intimidate the press. if anything, this has energized and motivated me. >> i have been thinking about this. if fox tried a little bit harder to be a news organization, maybe they would not be so upset. i watched all day on fox and saw not one fact check session. sean: poor chris wallace checked the facts of a representative that was on "fox news sunday." >> what i think it's so
12:46 am
interesting is the shiny penny, and this is something that will be familiar to you -- what i think is so interesting is the shiny penny. by the way, it is the obama administration. they are not wanting to go too much further. as we speak, and they are probably retreating. the distraction about what is really going on with pakistan, try to decouple afghanistan and pakistan -- trying to decouple afghanistan and pakistan. sean: every credible poll shows that americans are against obama care. are they trying to intimidate? what is the strategy here? >> the fact that the fact checking is so appalling, what does that say a but other news networks? -- what does that say about other news networks?
12:47 am
why do they not go after msnbc? sean: because he has got his head so far -- because he gets a thrill up his leg every time the president speaks. he is an extension of the white house press office. >> let me try to be a little bit fair and balanced, which i think is the expression of this network. the opinion programs on fox at night, which is what they are, just as they are on msnbc, opinion programs, more liberal, who are supposed to be just that, and i have no problem with that -- more liberal, are supposed to be just that, and i have no problem with that. there are a lot of shows on fox, including yours, and you are entitled to your opinions. they are entitled to be angry about it and fight back. sean: a great philosopher was
12:48 am
mao? do you have a problem with kevin jennings, our safest " bizarre -- our safe school czar? you have probably been watching msnbc. roll the tape. >> the next comes from two of my favorite philosophers, mao tse- tung, mother teresa, and not often coupled with each other, but the two people i turn to most. sean: mao, the mass murderer? >> there are certain moments when i am on sean -- sean's show where i do not
12:49 am
say anything. if your skin is that thin -- they have a right to be angry because you are bashing them every night. sean: when we talk about kevin jennings, here is the school bazaar, and he is -- here is the school czar -- and nambla. forced sterilization. nobody in the immediate talks about these questions. >> not only is there no vetting process -- nobody in the media talks about these questions. >> not only is there no vetting process, it is not just that we are making a radical leaps and
12:50 am
trying to change our country to a completely different place. >> of course, with every network, with using liberal bias by omission. the acorn story. they did not even covered -- with cnn, you have liberal bias by omission. the acorn story. they did not even cover it. sean: more of an audience for us. us. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox. i crush you like tiny clown car. because you are... ...clown, yes? female valve: come, you hit me again and i break you. male valve: oh, you messed with wrong pipe now, car. ha, ha trust me...i have to live with her. announcer:accidents are bad.
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. all right, jeri, you are following the gubernatorial race in virginia very closely, and there is one in new jersey. if you look at harry reid, colorado, these other races, on top of the fact that nancy pelosi haskel's then 50% the approval rating -- has a less than 50% approval rating -- >> i definitely think people will use the war shaq test on both of them. -- will use the war shaq test --
12:55 am
use the psychology test on both of them. this represents something different. the reason virginia is doing so well, the entire state is conservative. they stand by their principals. they governed by their principals, and there are winning by about eight or nine points. new jersey is different. there is clearly a tax revolt going on there. sean: there is a poll out tonight that has chris christie up. it is a great close race. >> we have a really conservative candidate who is going to win. the republican gop candidates its crater ring -- is cratering. >> there is a reason why democrats are having difficulties, but it is not because of obama.
12:56 am
his approval rating is 56%. 56% after all of this. sean: there are others that have been lower, including rasmussen, but i know the poll that you are talking about. it was 33% democrat, less than 25% republican in the latest that i saw. >> "the washington post"/abc poll. a seat because of the uncertainty on the health care proposal. -- i think because of the uncertainty on


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