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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 6, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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fair, balanced, and unafraid. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute shepard the attack at fort hood. the investigation, the suspect, the victim, and the hero. i am shepard smith. this is fox news. from the moment the first shots rang out, to the rescue workers who jumped into action -- >> we train for these situations. shepard: news stories of heroism. >> there were people hurt worse than i was. shepard: the police officer who threw her gun and stopped the suspect. new information about major hasan, including what agents reportedly found inside his home and what he told his neighbors before the attack. gunfire at the high rise. tonight, a shooter takes aim and people run for their lives. >> multiple victims. shepard: new details of the
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attack inside an office tower. even as fox journalists were learning more about the terrible attack at fort hood, word started coming in of another deadly shooting, this one at an office i rise in orlando. police say a gunman is now in custody after killing one person and wounding five others. we are gathering on that story and we will have it for you shortly. there are new details as we report on the attack at fort hood. we are running down a lot of the angles and we will begin with the latest on the accused killer. belleek -- nidal malik hasan was alive but unconscious, we were told. those wounds are attributed to the zero police sgt. she and her partner were directing traffic when they got word.
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gorda they returned fire and stop the shooter before he could kill more. the sergeant is now in the hospital, the bullets still in her legs. hers is one of many examples of bravery that we are hearing about tonight. >> i heard stories about medics who were sitting in a graduation in the building next -- next door, hearing the gunfire and running to the sound of the guns because they knew there would be wounded, in their caps and gowns. i talked to a private who was sitting in his pickup truck in the parking lot. he heard gunshots and went back after his buddies. he dragged four individuals into his pickup truck and drove them to the emergency room, saving lives. shepard: he added some soldiers were wounded even as they stop to give first aid to wounded comrades. extraordinary courage in the face of all this horror. this afternoon on "studio b," i interviewed one soldier who was
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taking care of some paperwork before the shooting started and who actually took a bullet in the soul of his boot. >> we heard popping noises. we paid no attention to it until we heard yelling and moaning. shepard: someone said "gone," and three minutes later, it was over. 13 dead and 38 wounded. tonight, we are hearing new details, call about this attack and the events that led to it. let's begin with rick leventhal, live at fort hood. what is the latest on the investigation? >> we know investigators are interviewing hundreds of witnesses and co-workers and former classmate to see if anyone else might have been involved or saw any sign of a possible trouble. hasan was a vociferous opponent of the war on terror, calling it a war on islam. he said he was a muslim first and an american second. he was opposed to being deployed
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to iraq or a tennis fan. shepard: what about the weapons he used? what do we know about where he got them? at least one of -- >> at least one of the guns was purchased at guns galore in texas. it is a very powerful 9 millimeter handgun with the 20- round clip. it has been dubbed by some a "cop killer" because it can pierce kevlar. shepard: investigators searched his apartment. what did they find? >> they seized the dumpster and at least one computer. he was using the computer of a neighbor more than once. they seized that and other items. we have also heard he was giving step away over the last couple of days, giving away his microwave, his furniture, clothing, and copies of the koran to his neighbors, saying he was going away and he would not need it anymore. shepard: rick leventhal, thank you. journalists are learning more about the man who investigators
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say was behind the gun. army psychiatrist dr. major nidal malik hasan. several people say he was struggling with his scheduled deployment to afghanistan. many of the people who know him describe him as a quiet person, a football fan, someone hoping to find what. i spoke earlier with a former imam who has known the suspect four years. >> we have the matrimonial service at the mosque and he wanted to find a wife. he did indicate he was looking for wife. shepard: did you a system in that? >> we were not able to find any way for him. he was looking for a wife who wears a hijab, who praise five times a day, who can be a good, muslim wife. shepard: a wife who prays five times a day and would be a good, traditional, muslim wife. there are many more questions
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than answers about what might have driven this man to murder. steve centanni has been looking into that. a lot of people are saying, motive. we know the motive, but we really don't. give us the details come if you have them. >> they are investigating the angles to find the real motive. we knew he was about to be shipped overseas to a afghanistan and that was his worst nightmare. he heard horror stories from the people he tried to help that came back from afghanistan. he knew what that was about. he was trying to get out of the army, according to his aunt who lives in northern virginia. she said he was harassed by people about his muslim religion and some people can take it and some people cannot. apparently, he could not. shepard: there is no date -- there is new video of him. >> a video of him at the conference early this year here in washington, d.c., at george washington university. it was a conference on counter- terrorism. it does -- it was one of several
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on different subjects he had attended. he was not invited to this by the organizers, but it was open to anyone interested. he was in the audience. that is how we have these pictures. shepard: yesterday, we interviewed a cousin of the suspect. it is my understanding he was issued another statement. >> he is open again to associated press. he has spoken to the fbi at great length. they have given them all the information they have then they will continue to cooperate with law enforcement. we can put up part of the other comment that we have from nadar hasan. "apparently, no one else does. shepard: steve centanni at the pentagon.
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among the other parts of this biography, we know dr. major nidal malik hasan is the recipient of some awards. one metal was honoring personnel after 9/11. the requirement to receive it is 30 days of service. it is an honor most people receive. the army awarded him with two national defense metals and the army service ribbon. you can wait and at do you think service men and women get enough help dealing with the stress of the war? vote and we will show you the results later in this hour. word of a national tribute today to the victims of the fort would attack. details on that street to it. the office tower shooting in orlando.
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what the suspect told reporters. we will hear from people who were trapped inside. it was breaking news today. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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shepard: a day of complete chaos in orlando. the gunman is blamed for shooting spree there at an office tower and he is telling reporters he had a reason for the attack. police say a man named jason rodriguez opened fire at the downtown high-rise, killing one and injuring five. he was targeting an engineering firm that terminated his employment two years ago. officers launched a manhunt after the attack and they found the suspect three hours later at his mother's house. one reporter asked the suspect why he did it and he answered, "because they left me to rot." not clear what exactly he meant. earlier, i spoke with the suspect's former mother-in-law, who said he had mental problems.
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>> well, he was a little unpredictable person, very scared. he would imagine things sometimes. shepard: like what? >> yes, for example, people are looking after me and they hate me. he would come inside the house and he would say, you don't like me. shepard: he was a bit paranoid. >> yes, very. shepard: the former mother-in- law also says he spent time in a mental health facility. we have not been able to confirm that. no question something is very wrong with anyone who would start shooting inside an office building. we are live out of the police station, where investigators are now interrogating the suspect. what more do we know about this man? >> we do know this much.
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he is here inside the orlando police department. we are behind the police department. i want to give you a shot of what the entire media are waiting on. jason rodriguez has been inside the police department since about 3:00 or so this afternoon. inside this police department, they do not have any holding cells. they only have interrogation rooms. he has been up there and he has been surrounded by a bevy of police officers. whether or not he has spoken one word that has helped them in this case, we do not know. police are saying they have no idea why he actually went upstairs in the 16-story high rise and began shooting this afternoon. he was fired from that building where he was working as an engineer. we also find out from wofl that he was working at a subway sandwich shop a couple of months ago. he was fired and those employees tell us that he came back a
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couple of days later, try to ram his car through the front of the store, but he was blocked by the concrete pools that are there. shepard: quickly, how are the survivors doing? do we know? >> we do know. there are five survivors. they are all in stable condition. one shot in the face, one in the arm, all in stable condition, all expected to recover. shepard: live tonight at orlando police department. thank you. the white house reports officials told president obama about the shooting in orlando and they were monitoring the situation. the president was reacting to the massacre at fort hood in texas. president obama ordered american flags of the white house and across the nation be flown at half staff to honor the victims. they will stay that way for next tuesday, the day before veterans day. the order comes up to the president met with the director of the fbi to get an update on the situation and the investigation into the shooting. he warned against jumping to conclusions about the motive for this attack.
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major garrett is live at the white house. what did the president say about the efforts to find out what happened? >> that they will go to every possible effort to find out what happened, why, motives, and what the reaction was at fort hood, what can be done differently in the future dealing with security, what can be done differently in situations like this should they arise again. today, the white house acknowledged that the president's daily brief, the summary of all intelligence gathered the night before, included information about the four could shooting. the officials described the contents of that daily presidential briefing is unusual. this morning, the president described what he is doing to deal with fort hood and the aftermath. >> i met with the fbi director and relevant agencies to discuss their ongoing investigation into what caused one individual to turn his gun on fellow
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servicemen and women. we don't know all the answers yet. i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. >> robert gibbs was at the daily briefing. what does the president mean by that? he said, well, some americans might jump to conclusions about motives, religion, faith. those factors need to be sorted out. conclusive reactions and evidence needs to be unveiled. shepard: the president took stock of other military sacrifices. what of that? >> this was previously scheduled. the president spent about an hour and 40 minutes at walter reed medical center. the president also awarded two purple hearts of the was there. no photographs because the president wanted this to be a private visit.
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shepard: major garrett, thank you. there is a lot of news to report on this friday evening, including the latest unemployment numbers, which show we have reached a milestone not seen in this nation in more than a quarter-century. the details are next.
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shepard: for the first time in a generation, the unemployment rate is above 10%. the labor department made the announcement today. one of every 10 adult americans who want a job is unable to find a job. that is something we have not seen since 1983. perspective, look of the jobless rate over the past 10 years. you can see how quickly it has gone up since the start of 2008. a whole lot of people are looking for work and work is still hard to find.
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overall in october, companies cut a total of 190,000 jobs. peter barnes is live in our d.c. newsroom. break it down for us. what campus the -- what companies are cutting jobs and what companies are adding jobs? >> companies have cut 7.3 million jobs since the recession began at the end of 2007. looking at industries that cut jobs in october, construction companies cut 62,000. manufacturers cut 61,000. retailers cut nearly 40,000. leisure and hospitality companies cut 37,000. the sector that hired in october includes health services, the federal government, adding 16,000 jobs, and private education companies, up nearly 11,000. the labor department also reported that for the first time since the recession began, hiring by temporary service companies occurred.
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34,000 jobs. some economists have been watching for hiring at temp firms as a possible sign of future job creation. cautious companies will hire temps if they think they might be getting better. if things do get better, there will make those temporary positions permanent. shepard: president obama describing the news today as sobering. he signed a bill to once again extend unemployment benefits. the white house is now considering additional stimulus measures. specifics? >> that is right. the president said this morning that his economic team is considering additional measures, including more spending on infrastructure, on roads and bridges. green building incentives, more business tax cuts for job creation, more ways to increase small-business lending, and more assistance for exporters. shepard: peter barnes live in washington. thank you. the employment numbers mean that nearly 60 million americans are now out of work. little comfort to job-seekers, many of whom are turning to
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websites like, which has been holding major career fairs across the nation. fox news is on the job. . -- job hunt. >> it is called the keep america working tour and it arrived today in new york city. i got a chance to spend a few hours with some of the 2000 plus job-seekers, trying to get one of the available positions. lots of competition. here is what they had to say. >> i got laid off in august of 2008. i am seeing what happens at these doctors. >> i want to sell myself. every opportunity i have, i attend these doctors. >> for everybody that is here, all it takes is one connection to find a job. >> we're looking for five new people by the end of the year to grow our business and to help people get a great start on a
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career. >> this is tougher than trying out for the "american idol." i am waiting for somebody to run out of here and say, i'm going to hollywood, but i do not know that will be the case. i would like someone sang, i got a job. >> cannot tell us how many jobs there were able to secure during this tour, but they did say over 60,000 people attended throughout the year and they have six more events left this year. if you're looking for a job, right now on their site they have hundreds of thousands of available jobs. shepard: she is a wife and mother and police sgt. tonight, she is also a hero credited with stopping the gunman in the attack at fort hood. more of her story coming up. how many americans have close friends and family in the armed forces? those who do know that members of the military exist in a world that might be difficult for some
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to imagine. >> you don't know what is going to happen day to day or night tonight. shepard: they are always ready to defend the nation. if necessary, to give their lives. tonight, a look at soldiers and their families. stress and sacrifice.
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shepard: jason rodriguez, the suspect in the orlando shooting that happened this afternoon,
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just cannot of the police station in orlando. he is being taken to a holding cell elsewhere. we're led to believe he has been interrogated throughout the day. the media crush in orlando this evening. i am shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it is the butt of the hour. time for the top of the news. in -- it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. as we reported at the top of the newscast, when gunfire erupted in a crowded room, one of the first responders was a police sergeant named kimberly munley. she is credited with ending the massacre after she shot the suspect four times despite being shot herself. her twitter page reads, "i live a good life, a hard one, but i go to sleep peacefully at night knowing that i may have made a difference in someone's life." did she ever. bill is live at fort hood,
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texas. what are investigators saying that she did in that room? >> good evening. that officer is recovering tonight from the gunshot wound. she will be ok. her action help save the lives of so many. here is what she did. she responded within five minutes of the purse 911 call with her partner, a fellow officer who also is her boss. she confronted this gunman. she got hit in the leg first. she returned fire. they put four bullets in the gunman and he was down. had they not respond the way they did, as bad as the numbers have been, 13 dead, 38 wounded, it would have been a lot worse. shepard: we are getting new information about her life outside the police force. >> it is kind of cool. she is 34, grew up in in carolina beach in north carolina.
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her father was the mayor of the town. she has a daughter and she is married to a soldier in the army, a soldier that was recently reassigned to fort bragg, north carolina. he has done two tours of duty in iraq. this is a family that has sacrificed. her story is just one of many that will be remembered forever here in fort hood. shepard: bill hemmer live outside the post. we're learning more about the men and women who died. we would like to share their stories. sergeant krueger joined the army right after 9/11. her mother says she vowed to take on osama bin laden herself. she was set to deploy for afghanistan in december. also killed, specialist jason hunt, a 22-year-old soldier from oklahoma who was just married two months ago. his years of service included a tour in iraq. there was 21-year-old francesca
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velez who was pregnant. her family said she recently returned from iraq and plan to make the military lifelong career. private first class aaron thomas nemelka was 19 years old. private first class michael pearson also join the military a year ago after leaving his home in illinois. he left the job of the furniture company to travel and see the world and serve his nation. russell seager was a nurse practitioner from wisconsin. he enlisted to help his fellow soldiers deal with the stress of war. we are told the bodies of those six soldiers, along with those of the seven others killed in the shooting, are due to arrive at any moment at dover air force base in delaware.
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the families have asked that the news media access be restricted, so there'll be no pictures or video of the arrival. autopsies will be performed at dover. the bloodshed at fort hood is the kind of horror usually reserved for the battlefield. even under normal circumstances, life on a military post is far from what most of the civilians would see as ordinary. soldiers heading to war, returning from battle, dealing with stresses and physical and emotional scars that most americans will never know. mariannas live in georgia. what are people there saying about life on the military post? >> this is the second-largest army post in the nation, second only to fort hood. we spoke to several soldiers. deployments can be tough. you have to make sacrifices and leave family members. one private first class at no matter how tough things get or
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how much help they might need, they can always go to their superiors. take a listen. >> counseling is always available to any soldier that needs it. nco's, officers are always there looking out for us, making sure we are getting the help that we need. >> friday's here are usually a happy time. a lot of soldiers are graduating from training. today, even those ceremonies went on, there was definitely a somber cloud over them. one parent said he feels like his son who graduated today is showing resilience and he is interested in doing his job and putting this behind them and not letting it told him back. shepard: great to hear. the stress in the military and how much help people get with it is the top of our online poll tonight at there is a video of another exclusive there that we will bring you in a moment.
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go and vote during the commercial break. we will be back for the rest of the story. two american soldiers disappeared in afghanistan and other troops were wounded while looking for them. an update on the search, plus the report on technology that could help american forces stay safe. shepard: the pentagon has approved army technology that can extinguish fuel tank fires in vehicles under attack. it can keep troops from suffering life-threatening burns. >> my left arm and left shoulder suffered second-degree burns. shepard: our soldiers are not getting that technology. now, we are going straight to the pentagon to find out why. >> the priority is to take care of soldiers. it was a call made by the army and in my opinion, it was the right call.
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shepard: jonathan hunt with a special investigation, fighting fire inside the war zone.
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what did you learn? >> this investigation was prompted by a very simple question. are our troops in iraq and afghanistan getting the best possible protection? when we heard about some of the technology available, it appears the answer might be no. we started digging deeper. on may 31, 2008, sergeant thornhill was on patrol in afghanistan. his vehicle was hit by a car bomber carrying an improvised explosive device. the explosion ruptured fuel tanks on the humvee. two of his colleagues died. the sergeant suffered severe burns and lost both his legs. >> i died that day. i'm a brand new person now.
7:42 pm
>> on august 3, 2008, a fox news crew led by colonel oliver north was in a convoy that was hit by an ied. the vehicle was rocked by the explosion. the fuel tanks ruptured. fire engulfed the vehicle. colonel north film the entire incident. it is a nightmare scenario that many soldiers and marines have experience. it continues to happen as insurgents in iraq and afghanistan attack american patrols. the ieds frequently target and reached the fuel tanks, causing devastating fires. soldiers who served in those wars told us again and again that the humvee, despite the extra armor in, remains the most vulnerable vehicle they use. one soldier told us the fuel tank is the weakest link of that vehicle and the enemy is very well aware of that.
7:43 pm
our greatest fear is getting burned alive, said another soldier. the pentagon has added fire suppression technology to thenhumvee -- the humvee compartments, but not to the fuel tanks, the most combustible part of any vehicle. the technology is available to protect the fuel tanks on the roughly 13,000 humvees currently being used in iraq and afghanistan. two companies in the u.s. make plastic panels weighing less than 30 pounds in a total that can be attached to the fuel tank in less than an hour. those panels are filled with a fire suppressant powder that is released when the panels are shattered by a blast and it is -- it instantly extinguishes the year. this video is from an army test on a fuel tank without the fire panel. this is from a fuel tank that has the panels. the army has also tested it out
7:44 pm
on a vehicle itself. that video was classified. the test happened on february 3, 2006, and fox news learned that two days later, one of the army test engineers sent an e-mail to a marine colleagues who had inquired about the test. the mill said, "fuel tank and powder panel were penetrated several times." there was no resulting fire. nearly three years later, those panels, which cost roughly $2,000 per vehicle, have not been put in a single vehicle in iraq or afghanistan. this, despite a formal request in the form of what the pentagon calls an operational needs statement from then-general ray odierno, calling for all vehicles to be equipped with fire suppression technology for all areas, including fuel tanks. pentagon officials say the plastic fire panels have
7:45 pm
cracking problems underneath the vehicle, a problem one of the manufacturers acknowledges but claims was fixed in 2007. the army also admits that there is always a trade-off in choosing how best to protect the vehicle given the weight and power constraints. officials say the improvements they have made to humvees offer the best solutions. >> the fuel tanks are not exposed. they're behind armored protection. the most comprehensive thing that we could do is protect the crew compartment and provide the armor protection on the sides to keep the fuel tanks from being hit. >> major general bob scales agrees. >> everything is a trade-off. there are many different options for fire suppression. the army has not chosen to use this one. in my opinion, it was a call made by the army and in my opinion, it was the right call. >> colonel oliver north, currently on assignment, is less
7:46 pm
convinced. he told me by phone, "of the army thinks the armored humveees are the answer, they have got the wrong question." to joe wilson wants more answers. he wrote to the secretary of the army in december, 2008, about fire suppression technology, sing, "there appears to be a lack of significant urgency in providing soldiers a solution that will save lives." his concerns, he says, remain. >> we can save lives. we can avoid maiming people for life. it is so easy to do. it can be added to vehicles in a matter of hours. the cost is up to $3,000. minimal cost. >> minimal cost. the hundreds of severe burn victims face years of surgeries and a lifetime of pain. might those fuel tank firepowers have lessened their injuries or even saved the lives of their colleagues? we can never know the answer,
7:47 pm
but for every soldier and marines still in the war zone, and for the thousands more who might yet be sent, it seems to was a question that is very well worth asking. shepard: it really is. there was a lot of information in that report. it was like the incomprehensive. if you missed some of it, or if you want to see it again, is to -- it is at great report. thank you. two soldiers are missing in afghanistan and more than 25 nato and afghan troops were trying to find them and they are now wounded, possibly at the hands of insurgents. that is according to the nato officials in afghanistan. the missing soldiers are paratroopers who vanished on routine missions in western afghanistan. a local police chief says there were swept away in a river. the taliban is reportedly claiming to have the bodies of two drowned soldiers it says it found in the same part of afghanistan.
7:48 pm
there's no confirmation of that yet. reports of missing troops in afghanistan are warfare. -- are rare. an american soldier went missing this summer in southern afghanistan and appeared in a taliban video in july. since then, no word on his status. fox news continues the health care countdown and the time line for a vote in the u.s. house of representatives keeps getting pushed back. democratic leaders released their almost-final version of the health care reform bill earlier this week. at the time, they wanted to bring it to a vote in the full house quickly, possibly as soon as friday night. here we are. it is friday night and no vote. there has been movement. lawmakers are still working on it and could keep working through the weekend, they tell us. piece by piece, we're getting the picture of what happened when a gunman opened fire in fort hood in texas. a look at the moments that shook the nation through the eyes of
7:49 pm
some of the people that were the closest to the killings. during the break, go to you can weigh in on the question of the day, do you think service men and women get enough help dealing with the stress of war? there is other new media there as well. check it out. .
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. shepard: plans to honor the fallen at the texas motor speedway. take a look at this picture it says god bless our for the hood troops. the message painted on the track's infield. the speedway is in for the worth
7:53 pm
which is about 170 miles from fort hood. nascar has close ties to the military. army primary sponsor of brian newman. now let's get to the poll from fox the question is whether you believe servicemen and women are getting the help they need to deal with the stress of war. and, i don't know. as fate luck would have it, the poll is not responding at the moment to our attempts to read it but earlier, just before the commercial break, we were at about 58% of people saying that the military needs a better system of dealing with the stresses of war and about 25% saying that the military does a good job with counseling. our vote total was around 3,000. check back later in the evening for some final numbers. the attacker was surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of u.s. soldiers, but he was one of them. and the shooting at for the hood caught everybody off guard. some of the troopers were lined up for vaccinations and eye
7:54 pm
expects. others preparation for commencement ceremony. then gunfire. a look back at the chaotic moments that followed. >> he is inside the building? [sirens] >> i heard somebody shooting. i got down. i tried to get people with me as i found a way to get out. >> you can see the swat team going in right there. >> i was in tears because it's very disheartening to know you can't get to your child. >> attention, take shelter immediately. >> there was people hurt worse than i was, so i was trying to help them out before i worried about myself. >> he didn't text back. he didn't call. he didn't know what was going on. i didn't know what was going on. i was very, very scared. >> when i called back i said his phone is just bizy, busy. >> people running everywhere. helping wounded and helping get people up to the ambulance that had pulled in and stuff like that. people down on the street flagging the ambulances in where they had to go. >> she said yeah, i got shot.
7:55 pm
i goes you got shot? are you serious? you are not messing with me. she goes no, i really got shot. >> i don't think any of us have seen this number of gunshot wounds at one time. struck us this many could be injured from one incident. >> what if i had gone there. what would have happened if i was there. >> pray for the ones that didn't make it and the ones that are hurt worse than i am. >> please join us in a moment of silence as we remember the families of the fallen, the wounded, and all of those touched by the tragedy at fort hood. ún
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shepard: updating fox top story now. investigators at fort hood, texas, saying they are searching nidal malik hasan's home and
7:59 pm
computer trying to learn what may have provoked yesterday's shooting rampage which killed 13 people. and on this day in 1941, the soviet dictator joseph stalin delivered only the second public address of his brutal rule to proclaim that world war ii was almost over. this, of course, was in the true. they were pretty good at stretching the truth. in his speech that day he a claimed russian forces had killed 4.5 million invading russian soldiers. that was a wild exaggeration. the brutal russian winter did as much as the red army to beat back the nazis and the war it had really only just begun but uncle joe spun another yarn 68 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, november the th, 2009. i'm shepard smith. could something good hab in the cube, please? oh, yes. you may have heard about this. the yankees won again. 27. had a little parade


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