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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 4, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>> good -- good trends do not pay the rent. we have to grow jobs and get america back to work as quickly as we can. "the journey from here will not be without setbacks or struggles. there might be gyrations in the months ahead. there will be some months where reports are better and some months where they are worse. the trend line right now is good. the direction is clear. shepard: a problem remains. employers are still not creating new jobs for those who have been laid off. earlier today, the house minority leader, republican john boehner, spoke to that. >> the biggest problem that we heard from our economists with regard to why employers are not hiring is all the job-killing policies that are being offered by this administration and this congress, and creating an awful lot of uncertainty for american employers. shepard: for the moment, the
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administration greet the news with open arms. mike emanuel is live in allentown with more. >> president obama calling it a hopeful sign with some of the action taken by the government. they have helped us turn the corner. the president said it will be awhile before there is celebration. there is more work to be done. the president is pointing out this is the best jobs report in 22 months. shepard: what about the main street tour? talk about the thinking behind it. >> he has come out here to pennsylvania to visit and industry site, a work site, also going to local diner and jobs center, pressing the flesh with normal people to hear what their ideas are for kirch -- for job creation. on tuesday, when he will lay out ideas for job creation, such as incentivizing homeowners to make homes more fuel-efficient, such as giving small businesses incentives to hire new people, and also authorizing public
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works projects, he will say that these are some of the things he has heard when he met with average folks. shepard: you are near allentown, made famous by the billy joel song. the area has branded itself these days. >> that is right. that song left people with the impression of the depressed place, industry, manufacturing. it has branded itself as the lehigh valley, saying it is 100 miles from a lot of metropolitan areas. businesses have come here in the area diversified. some have suggested this could be a model for other parts of the country to fix out of -- to think out of the box. shepard: mike emanuel living down in allentown. the latest report is coming up at the bottom of the hour. it is a look at how one holiday decoration is creating more work for seasonal employees. if you happen to be one of those on the job. , check out. the link is at the top of the home page -- one of those people
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on the job hunt, check out the link is at the top of the home page. you'll find this only at more shakeups at the top for general motors. the chairman and acting ceo announcing he is reorganizing the senior management team. among the changes, engineering chief mark russe will be taking over north american operations. the board forced out its ceo after less than a year. taxpayers own 60% of gm at the moment and has gotten billions of dollars in bailout money. afghanistan, troops are right now tearing out new offensives against the taliban, the first operation since the war address by president obama. officials stress that has nothing to do with the troop increase next year. it is happening in southern afghanistan in the heart of the fighting.
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we confirm that 1000 u.s. marines and afghan troops are targeting taliban strongholds. several insurgents have been killed. steve centanni is at the pentagon. what else do we know about this offensive? >> the marines dropped in in the early morning hours using helicopters and the b-22 behind enemy lines and caught the taliban by surprise. they came from the north. they were caught by surprise and the marines are now going from door to door, trying to clear the area to find anybody or anything they think they should clear out. they have found some caches of weapons and ammonium nitrate, which could be used as an explosive and is often used to build the ied's that are attacking nato and u.s. troops all over afghanistan. we are told that the operation has gotten off to a successful start. there have been a few casualties on the taliban side, but not on the american side. shepard: the taliban control of
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this area. i am curious if there is anything significant about the type of equipment the marines are using in this fight. >> the b-22 osprey, the marines have used it in iraq and now they're using it in afghanistan, this is the first time it has been used in such a complex operation. the spokesman i spoke to says the plane is performing beautifully. for those who don't know, this plane can fly horizontal a and land on a regular air strip or can take off and land vertically like a helicopter. you can get there fast and land someplace where you do not have a good landing zone or good airstrip. that plane is performing well. shepard: steve centanni, thanks. in pakistan, the trouble really is there. dozens are dead after a suicide attackers blew up a mosque. and happened near the military
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headquarters. we are told militants stormed the mosque, threw grenades and shotguns before they blew themselves up. at least 36 people reported dead including six army officers and three soldiers. insurgents have now officially killed more than 400 people in pakistan since october. coming up, news the cia -- the cia is expanding the use of drums in pakistan to target insurgents. we will have a live report. tiger woods, far from the first celebrity to be in a tawdry mess, but what does his candle say about the future of the american role model? bill hemmer investigate. why his alleged lover might have cancelled a news conference yesterday. what a family member of the woman's attorney thinks happened.
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shepard: tiger woods is taking another term. gloria allred, the lawyer for one of the women connected to
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tiger woods, abruptly canceled a news conference. gloria allred has never canceled a news conference. today, her daughter, legal analyst, said it can only mean one thing, she made a deal with tiger woods. gloria allred's daughter is talking. we do not know how much this deal might be. gloria allred is representing rachel, a club hostess who initially denied she had an affair or relationship with woods and she is still denying it. our corporate cousins at "the new york post" report that tiger woods' wife is negotiating to re-up the stratospheric prenup. it is fair to say that a lot of people might be feeling let down by tiger woods. some are like, shut up and leave him alone. celebrities are put on a pedestal and fans are setting themselves up for
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disappointment. here is bill hemmer. >> what happened? what is wrong? >> have a neighbor. he hit the tree. it was an accident. >> all cultures, all societies have wanted to create heroes. our culture has taken it to another level. >> there was a time when only such scandals happen in hollywood. people took that for granted. the stars -- they are stars and directors. they do what they do. the rest of us do not live that way. that has not been true for a very long time. >> andy warhol said that everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. he should have added that everybody will get demolished in the next 15 minutes after that. >> whenever a big scandal erupts, there is a talk of role
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models and the people they let down. when stars all, do they really hurt anyone but themselves? >> the idea that people are upset or hurt or broken hearted that tiger woods is less than perfect is a little silly. i think there is -- the emphasis is more toward, he projects a certain image, we buy products because of that image, and we feel betrayed. >> we should hold our political figures to a much higher standard. >> i did have a relationship with mr. lewinsky that was not appropriate. >> i am not gay. >> i have responded to these tabloid allegations saying i do not respond to lies. >> i do not think we could survive that kind of systematic bad behavior we see in sports in washington. >> a public official, i do not consider that the same as an up -- as a celebrity. they are famous, but for
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different reasons. they have put themselves in a position of being a role model, but also being the face, the person to represent their country. they have all of the -- they have a whole other level of obligation to the people there represent, to represent them in a way they can be proud of. that is a reflection. >> can the tiger with scandal be, as some would suggest, a teachable moment? >> teachable moment -- no, i don't think this is a teachable moment. i think it is taught, it would teach the wrong thing. not unless want you -- not unless what you want to teach is cynicism. >> it is a teachable moment. we keep having them and we never learn. >> sports has always been good at teaching kids lessons. the more you practice, the better you get. you cannot have winning without losing. >> tiger woods has reminded all of us, even heroes sometimes have feet of clay.
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>> we all should be better people. we should be more noble citizens. we should be better parents. no one is perfect. shepard: with us now is bill hemmer. somebody in the middle of that said this would never be tolerated in washington. >> we get a difference cantilever week. when you think about tiger woods and the like tea has lived and how private he has tried to be, so much of that is shattered. he will be 34 at the end of this month that he has already made $1 billion in cumulative earnings for everything he has done. 90% of that money has come off the golf course, not from winning tournament. it is money from sponsors. so far, everyone of those companies has stood by him. shepard: it is very copious. it is a repeat. it happens in everyday lives. >> that it does. you wonder where it stops.
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oftentimes, we reflect on his wife and his kids at home, and how they are left to pick up the mess of others and how they deal with that is the wrong private matter. for now, he is the most recognized athlete in the world. he is one of the most recognizable people all around the globe. shepard: we may not recognize and currently. >> you might be right about that. that picture comes out -- shepard: that is when people might pay for, a little bit. thank you. new information on breaking news we brought you yesterday. the fbi now confirms it issued search warrants at two of the largest tax giants, google and yahoo!, connected to a man who tape-recorded naked videos of erin andrews. what does that mean for the search engines? so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day.
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shepard: new details on the board -- on this or that breakfast. the fbi serving search warrants at google and yahoo! they're looking for links to the man accused of stalking erin andrews. the man shot videos of her through people's that he clearly
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turned around at different hotels in three states. he tried to sell the videos online and pleaded not guilty. the trial begins in january. this is not the first time the fed has taken records from internet companies, but it is unusual. how can these searches help the case? let's go to our legal panel now with a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney calling out of atlanta. any concerns about -- google knows everything about all of us and here we go cooperating. >> it has become accepted practice in the legal industry. no one is fighting it. i just tried a murder case a couple of weeks ago. the murder weapon was purchased on ebay. the ebay person who sold it testified. i objected and the judge did not hear me out. the internet is the open air waves. you're putting it out there.
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there is no expectation of privacy. shepard: what about it? >> it is an evolution of sorts. it started earlier in the 20th century with telephonic communication and it is expanding to a greater degree for the internet. the expectation of privacy is the issue. you have an expectation of privacy in your car, in your home, in your safety deposit box. when you put videos for the world to see, you really abandoned that expectation of privacy because it is saying, i want you to see what i have done. you cannot then turn around when things are looking directly an investigation and say, i know i did that, but now i don't want you to know anything about me. it does not work that way. shepard: how much of a help could this be in this case? >> i think it could be extremely helpful because we are talking about an issue of stalking. if i am the -- if you are
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defending the case and looking at an accusation that you are altering people so that you can look through to a room and video them when they are nude and put that on the internet for all to see, the matter what state you will be in, especially if you're dealing with the federal government, that will be a degree of stalking. when the person does that and publicizes that, and you can prove through the internet company that this is their name and this is their address, and the money has gone from their account for their credit card to yahoo! or google, you are really up a certain creek without a paddle. shepard: easy to prosecute? >> but people should know is text messaging -- drew talks about the evolution. it went from telephones. the middle ground is text messaging. the law is evolving. the detroit mayor who was convicted and pled guilty, his text messages to his lover, they put the nail in his coffin. the real lesson here is, i the
3:20 pm
laws of the nation are really dictating technology is open game. >> i think what we're saying is that in the 1960's and 1970's, even the 1980's, people were fighting for the privacy. we're seeing a new generation that does not care about privacy. they want the world to know about them and people who commit criminal behavior paying the price for that now. shepard: drew, best to your family. good to see you. thank you. you need to hear this. it is a very sad day for pan the fans. this giant one is getting sent to china. you're the colon lady!
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(announcer) if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. shepard: the capital could lose one of its more familiar faces. the panda, is recalling him under its panda loan agreement. it is a giant panda. this was big news four years ago. he was the first one born of the zoo to survive more than a couple of days and he is the third one born in the u.s. to survive. his parents are on loan from china. the zoo's agreement promises to send the offspring back to the country to take part in a breeding program. rick folbaum, this news is
3:24 pm
making headlines around the world. >> secretary clinton is in europe right now. this is making international headlines. she was asked about china reclaiming the panda. she had a sense of humor about it. o h, no -- >> oh, no. >> is this a setback in u.s.- china relations? >> i cannot talk about it. i am upset. >> since the early 1970's, the chinese pandas have been the most popular attraction at the national zoo in d.c. from his first days and for steps, he has enjoyed higher approval ratings than any of our elected officials. he has said millions of visitors every year and countless more on the web can. it is time for him to go to china, which is always part of the plan.
3:25 pm
he will remain in the national zoo for another month. shepard: an interesting story between the u.s. and china when it comes to relations and pandas. >> this happened after the historic visit by nixon to china. two were sent to reap the u.s. as a diplomatic gesture. they were instant hits and they have become diplomatic symbols of the years. in 2006, robert selleck was photographed holding a baby panda while on a trip to china and it was interpreted as a sign the u.s. was interested in warmer relations. the secretary later said he was following his wife's orders to come home with a picture of him and the panda. china started loading the pandas in 1984 at a cost of $1 million a year. the agreement is any panda born to the loaners belong to the chinese. that is why this panda has to go
3:26 pm
to china even though his parents are here in the u.s. and could be for another year or more. the baby was supposed to go back to china when he was two in 2007, but the government of china granted an extension. shepard: at least the learned a little english while he was over here. good to see you. thank you. drones. supporters say they're one of the most primary tools used to fight al qaeda and the taliban and some of the -- in some of the most dangerous areas of pakistan. we have new information about how the u.s. plans to use them.
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shepard: it is the bottom of the hour and here are some of the stories we are falling. another twist in the case of the virginia couple accused of crashing the white house state dinner. getting tired of hearing about this? i feel you. a democratic lawmaker has join the calls for the white house social secretary to speak. good news on the job. . the unemployment rate dipped to 10%. how seasonal jobs might be helping. a giant college football game in the georgia dome. we take a look at the sec title conference in the -- game between florida and alabama.
3:30 pm
fox news is on the job hunt. we have reported on different options for seasonal jobs. now we're looking at that a holiday wreath company helping to keep some folks in one community employed. a recent report, very $10 million your business. maine is the largest producer of balsam fir read is in the country. you just need the tips to make a wreath. the tips can grow back. molly line has the news in maine for us now. hello. >> we are at the whitney read company. they are working hard. we are sneaking in to their lobster dinner today, a christmas dinner to reward them for working so hard. we have lobster, blueberry pie, traditional main fixings. this is the biggest mail-order wreath company in the country.
3:31 pm
they put out hundreds of thousands of wreaths every season. they have a new contract with l.l. bean and that has helped to supply jobs. tell me about these new jobs and what they mean for the community. >> these jobs are great for the community. we thrive on seasonal business. people make a full-time job out of seasonal jobs. we are very appreciative to have this new business. >> david is here with his family. they have a daughter at home. what do these jobs mean for this community? >> this community, it means people can have a little bit better christmas. it means people can buy their groceries and heat their houses. we are very appreciative to be able to put some in the people to work. >> thank you so much. david whitney with whitney reit. they are expanding and they have hired new jobs. shepard: great to hear. thanks a lot. now, fox news confirms the white
3:32 pm
house has authorized the cia to expand the use of drones in pakistan. the attacks target taliban insurgents in pakistan's lawless areas controlled by the taliban, to be perfectly honest. there is some question whether the drones do more harm than good. really? catherine herridge has the news. what we know about the civilian casualties of this program? >> this is a very sensitive program. it is the first time that we have had some concrete numbers that officials have not steered away from. what we're learning is there have been approximately 80 strikes by the drones over the tribal areas of pakistan and also the border with afghanistan. of that, they have resulted in more than 400 deaths of what are described as enemy fighters. about 12 have been a senior operative, including men leader of the taliban in pakistan, the leader of al qaeda in pakistan, and his lieutenant. the number that generates
3:33 pm
controversy is the civilian casualties. we were not steered away from the number of approximately 20 over those two years. officials say the drones are very sophisticated. they are very accurate to a certain extent, but there will be collateral damage or civilian casualties in some scenarios. they point to the number and say it is in the bigger picture. it is a small number when you consider the targets. shepard: what does this tell us about the u.s. strategy in the region? >> the expansion of the cia program or the authority to expand the program as significant. officials see the drone program as one of the principal weapons in keeping al qaeda and the leadership and the taliban it in the tribal areas of pakistan off balance. with this new information today, we are getting a picture of the overall strategy of the obama administration. we now know of at least two killers to the strategy, on the one hand, 30,000 troops.
3:34 pm
on the other hand, we have this option for the cia to up the tempo and pressure on the al qaeda leadership and the taliban in the tribal areas of pakistan. think of it has a picture process. you have troops in afghanistan and you have the predator drowns in pakistan. the idea is to put maximum pressure on the extremist group, which forces them to move. when they have to move, they become more vulnerable target. shepard: catherine herridge, good to see you. thanks. she will be watching college football this weekend. a game like this one comes around once in a blue moon. number one vs number two. the championship name is often known as the national title game. you're looking inside the georgia dome. they're calling it the a sec fanfare. we will take a look at what to expect tomorrow. many are calling it the
3:35 pm
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shepard: football will be played this weekend and it could be the biggest showdown in the best game of the year. number one florida gators squaring off against the number two crimson tide from alabama in the southeastern conference title game.
3:38 pm
it is east versus west. the winner goes to the championship game in january. for many fans in the southeast, this is it. and this is all that. each team is undefeated. the last time for the lost was in the middle of the last season. the game also boasts the two best defenses in all of college football. that is not enough, there are two heisman trophy hopefuls. tim teaobw anteabow and mark ingram. with us now, the editor for "the crimson white" newspaper. is down there at the georgia dome. here in the studio, peter is here. we will start with peter. how do you foresee this thing? >> it is the game of the year.
3:39 pm
i think it is the national championship game. the winner will be -- i think florida wins. i think it is the game of the year. shepard: why do think florida went? >> tim. shepard: they are not the team they were last year. >> they are not. murphy is not there. tim has done a good enough job. the fourth quarter, i do not see anyone stopping him. shepard: how do you see it? >> in alabama, we have that confidence brought the entire season. last year when i came to alabama, no one thought our football team would be as good as it ended up being. we had a few heart attacks along the way this year. 12-0 this year. we want to make it 13-0 tomorrow night. shepard: that would be a fascinating thing to see, but peter, looking at this, it is
3:40 pm
the rivalry game, the last game of the year. anything can happen every time. on the other hand, florida just annihilated florida state. >> the game was a test. they got through it. they found a way down the stretch. florida has not been tested in a couple of weeks. the last summit was tested was with arkansas. shepard: florida was not playing well. a lot of people wondered if they would get back to where they were. >> the florida state game, and the being the last regular- season game for one player. shepard: when you look at this matchup against tim and the offense, alabama has a terrific defense, and it did not look better all year than it did in oxford, but i wonder how you think there will be able to contain the florida offense.
3:41 pm
>> there has been a spectacular force for alabama are all year. alabama can put pressure on early and keep it on for of the game, tim teabow is good enough that he will recover. alabama keeps the pressure on and they should not have difficulty. shepard: you have to keep the pressure on. i cannot -- i do not see a scenario under which alabama blows them out. alabama is not that kind of team. >> there was one blowout that was not supposed to happen. shepard: you could argue that alabama might have made -- played its most complete game that day. the defense was outstanding and they made five field goals. it was seen at the time as a top-flight team. florida has taken those teams and chewed them up and spit them
3:42 pm
out. >> it is true. when we look at lsu, it was not really a game. they won 13-3, florida did. if jones has a couple of touchdowns, there isn't -- alabama played fantastic. the guys to remember, hernandez, cooper, these are not national names, but they will make the difference. henry, the puncher, is incredible. shepard: alabama has been living off field goals all year. >> the kicker is fantastic. i do not think there will have the opportunity. shepard: the cotton bowl? >> the trip back to the cotton bowl is nice. shepard: good luck. gator fans, i don't know. i will be watching. i spoke to my friend and he thinks this might be the highest rated sec to be in ship came in
3:43 pm
history -- highest-rated sec championship game in history. thank you and good luck. president obama announces his decision to take the next that in afghanistan. he hosted the jobs summit yesterday. the secret services dealing with the ridiculous party crasher story. chris wallace will weigh in on all of it. he is getting ready for the next "fox news sunday."
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shepard: it is friday. we look forward to football tomorrow and sunday, but in between, there is chris wallace. watch him here in new york on the fox 5 television channel. you watch him talk about things like politics. now you want to talk about football. >> briefly. look, i have an interest in the championship game. i have to say, shep, and it did not escape me and other viewers, that you tried to warm old miss into the conversation. that is completely irrelevant to the conversation. shepard: never irrelevant in my life. i have to talk about it all the time. it is a requirement. >> they have nothing to do with the face-off between the two football giants that are florida
3:47 pm
and alabama. >> you are correct. shepard: last time, we beat florida. the winningest team in florida fields in this decade is the old miss rebels. >> did they play this year? shepard: they did not get that opportunity. >> that is why you did not lose. you did not play. shepard: what is happening on the program tomorrow? why are we concerned about the party crashers? i don't get it. i don't. their research. they went through the magnetometer. the people knew them. did they have an invitation? no. they had a camera crew with them. >> it is not like, we sort of know you. either you are on the list or not. these guys went for naught one, not two, but three secret service checkpoints. i think the secret service is
3:48 pm
far more responsible for this than the social secretary's office. it would have been nice to have an aide there, but the secret service had clear instructions. if they are not on the list, call. nobody ever called. three officers are now on administrative leave. shepard: which is unfortunate. you have petraeus on tomorrow, right? >> we have an exclusive interview with general petraeus. he is the architect of the troops surged. we will talk to him about that -- we will talk about how that compares to what they are trying in afghanistan. we will talk about the timeline about getting out in 2011. general petraeus was against any kind of timeline for withdrawal, but this president has set a date to begin pulling out. we will ask general petraeus whether he thinks it is a good or bad idea. shepard: how do you see that? you cannot get people to sit on
3:49 pm
the record, but a lot of people think the pullout might have to do with an election, but you have to give something to your base, which did not want you to bring up the troop levels in the first place. >> the problem is you are appealing to your base and you are also sending a message to our friends and our enemies in afghanistan. that is, maybe we will not be around in a year and a half. the taliban is going to be around in a year and a half. if you are a mayor or some kind of person in rural afghanistan, do you want to throw your lot in with the u.s. with the talk that there will begin to leave in july of 2011? are you going to hedge your bets because the taliban will be around in 2012? shepard: interesting questions. i look forward to the interview. thank you. you cannot miss this this weekend. this is a must-watch if you care about afghanistan and the military. general david petraeus only on
3:50 pm
"fox news sunday" to discuss the new strategy in afghanistan along with dick durbin and john cornin. they will discuss afghanistan and the job push. that is over on the big fox network. check your local listings. chris has invited dexter mccluster. he has invited a bunch of people to come over and talk about what is happening at old miss. >> absolutely. you are the vice -- you're the voice during the announcement for all of this. we will have a discussion about old mess and how it can somehow revamp the football program. shepard: thank you, good friend. prosecutors say, and this is a tough one, and we have been following it for years, the prosecutors say she killed her study abroad roommate in a drug- fueled a sex game gone horribly
3:51 pm
wrong. now, an italian jury is trying to decide the fate of amanda knox. the latest in this case and when we might your verdict in the case of foxy knoxy. .
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
shepard: there is breaking news
3:54 pm
now on fox news channel. a verdict has just been reached in the case of amanda knox. the american student charged with murder in italy. after many months of testimony, months off in the italian legal system. now the jury has just reached a verdict. amanda knox is facing up to 30 years in an italian prison if convicted in the role the savage murder of her british roommate. today began deliberating her fate. she was arrested in 2007 and has been in jail ever since. we are told that a verdict has been reached and that an announcement will come at 6:00 eastern time this afternoon. just about two hours and five minutes from now. she has been on trial in an italian city just north of rome. prosecutors say that she helped
3:55 pm
to slit the throat of her roommate during a violent sexual encounter. also charged in the crime? the italian ex-boyfriend of unmanned and that -- amanda knox. tim, what more do we know? >> not a lot. we are just giving word from greg, stationed at the trial. he heard it amanda knox speech yesterday, addressing the court. we did not think that we would get this today, we thought that it would leak into the weekend. we are getting word that the verdict is coming. they have called back the lawyers and prosecutors. she and her italian boyfriend are charged with murder and sexual assault of a roommate. and they were all studying there at the time. the woman that was the victim was found in a pool of blood in
3:56 pm
the house. a lot of build up. people are keeping a close eye on this. there will be a lot of reaction from where she is from, the seattle area. shepard: the announcement is going to come at what, 3:00 seattle time? i found this interesting, it is five minutes until 10:00 in italy. they will announce the verdict at midnight in italy. i know that there has been a lot of public interest in this thing, but that would be unusual here. is that unusual there? >> we were quite sure that we would not have an answer today. we were pretty sure this would go and yet -- into tomorrow. we could not get a read on the jury. i have to say, this is very late
3:57 pm
that they will be reading this. interesting that it will be midday on the left coast. we are sure to have reaction there. interesting to see how people react when it is read this late at night. shepard: no doubt. what is interesting how we have learned so much about the italian legal system during this process. for one thing, you can take two months off in the middle of a case if you feel like it. thank you, tim. i wanted to let you know, 2300 greenwich mean time, midnight in italy, the announcement will come on the fate of the american, amanda knox, a college student from seattle. complete coverage tonight at 6:00.
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