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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 2, 2010 7:00am-9:59am EST

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i am bill o'reilly. we hope to see you again next nine. remember, the spin stops hereree >> good morning, everybody. it is saturday january 2nd. new information breaking about the attempted bombing on christmas day. a customs official reversing his story saying a second man was searched and detained and believe it or not released. where is that man now, we'll tell you about that. >> they should have taken advice from new gingrich. it is time to profile and discriminate to keep america safe. >> they went to the funeral home to mourn the loss of their beloved grandmother. when they looked in the casket, they saw another body . the story gets worse from
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there. our slogan comes from kate in texas. 2010 is here and 2009 is done . looking forward to another year of fox and friend and a ton of fun. >> all right. >> it's "fox and friends". rise and shine everybody. >> thank you for starting the new year with us. and nailed it. >> this is fresh news. >> hot off of the presses. and clay morris happy new year. >> happy new year to you guys. >> i was busy going to bed at 9:30. >> it is embarrassing. >> why have off. >> i got up at three in the morning to do the show. it is hard to keep the second wind -- >> second wind. >> going past 9:00 p.m. >> >>
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we are following a lot of stories for you . what you were talking about off of the show. the second suspect on the chris day day attempted bombing on the northwest flight. we didn't hear about this. we spoke to curt and laurie haskle who were two members of the flight and on the flight at the time. they told erch who would listen. there was someone else handcuff led away by security and we spoke to them on the network. >> we sure did . we had them on tuesday . that's the first time that any of us heard there was another suspect. some wondered if this guy acted alone. we heard another person's bags were searched he was led away in handcuffs. lin to what the passengers had to say. >> it looked like a poor black teenager and a wealthy older
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indian man. i thought it was strange they were together and they approached the ticket agent together. only the indian spoke and what he said. this man, referring to the black man needs to get on the plan and doesn't have a passport. the ticket agent responded no passport, no plan. >> he is from sudan and we do this all of the time . >> that's not the incident that we are referring to at the moment. we are talking when the plane arrived, there was another man in his 30s of indian decent who was cuffed off of the plane and taken and interrogated and the dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs smelled something in his carry on luggage. he was detained and released and not a suspect. that was boarding the plane. >> right in amsterdam they are referring to what they saw at
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the ticket counter. they saw abdullmuttallab there with an indian guy and appeared to tell the ticket counter look, because he is a rudge rudge we should allow him to board the flight anyway. where is this goy this morning and why was he released so quickly? and why is the haskell corrob brated on thursday. we heard it on tuesday. no one said another person was arrested. the real story about the well dress would indian man was credible and accurate though no one mentioned who it might be. we did and them on "fox and friends", did anybody actually capture that man, no. >> and a custom's agent said no, no one else detained or
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cuffed and denied it and said okay, we do acknowledge what you are talking about and someone else was cuffed. the story changed and it is very disturbing to find out this man was released so quickly. >> maybe there was nothing - on felt like something was in the bag and searched him and maybe there was something or maybe they know where to find this guy. >> we'll follow this and we'll bring you up to date. >> president obama and the youtube address, making clear that there is a link from the underwear bombing on christmas day to al qaeda. that is al qaeda in yemen which they call a-cap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. this is what the president had to say on his weekly address. >> this is not the first time the group targeted us. they have targeted the yemeni restaurants and hotels and including our embassy in 2008,
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killing one american. i have made a decision to strengthen the yemen i government and sharing and work them to strike al qaeda terrorist. >> in fact, on christmas eve, they did a big counter terrorism trike in which dozens were killed. but the yemeni government not like pakistan where they were intentionally harbor be terrorist like pakistan was in 2001. yemen doesn't have the resources. >> they are weak. but there is suggestions that their government has corruption that is ram pant. look at afghanistan with karzai, sure we support the united states, you are not going against supporting the united states. but back room deal. >> yemen is trying to get rid . >> president obama sanctioned
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the air strike specifically against alaki who is the iman who is tied to the fort hood shooter and abdullmuttallab . he managed to survive the air strike before christmas. >> and the president wrapped up counter terrorism against yemen and spent 67 million last year alone. five million in 2006 . it is ramped up the president is serious about that and airport security. we are finding out that the pat downs, one of the second screening efforts are effectism. you have an underwear bomber, how in the world is a pat down going to catch something. >> how is it that they are doing it? >> it wouldn't matter in i demonstrate you. >> do i have to do this?
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>> you cannot board the plane. >> this is all they do. they do the side touching and quick side touch that's it. >> that's it. >> and if the underwear bomber had stuff hidden where -- >> you're dangerous. the point is they are so politically correct, the pat downs, they are useless. women have complained that the pat downs were too intrusive. they are only allowed to touch the chestal region around here. >> you get get in between and they would not been able to detect the underwear bomber. and they are only allowed to use the back of their hand to check certain thingings. once again, using the back of your hand and that is the least sensitive part seems like a band aid solution to the problem and they need
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better screening mechanism in place and do what israel does to screen passengers. >> many debates about that. >> 150, of those body scan to the u.s. airports. next year they will increase and privacy advocates complain what should the tsa do? e-mail us at "fox and friends".com. >> funerals in northwest africa from the bombing at a volleyball game was rising. >> it is a warning for the pakistan residents not join against the taliban . pakistan leaders say the bombing will not deter them in the fight against the taliban. >> somali man accused of trying to kill a cartoonist will be charged with attempted
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murder. the suspect survived after he broke in the cartoonist home. the depiction of prophet muhammad sparked outrage. the suspects has ties to al qaeda and calling the attack terror related. a top terrorism official investigating the flight on christmas day. the homeland advisor used to be ceo of the intelligence firm that creted the watch brennan will recuse himself from the review involving his old firm. >> miracle on the hudson instead of a disaster. kicking off the new year. captain sullenberger was honored as the grand marshall
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at the tournament of roses parade. we'll have highlights of that game coming up later this hour. i can't wait for you to enlighten us. >> and last year, we all recall the days after new year's eve when one of our competing networks put someone on the air and got in a tiff when the ball was dropping. kathy griffin pulled this stunt last year and then look at this year. >> no, stop it. >> your jokes star jones is not and so they asked you. >> we'll take a short break. >> shut up. >> you know what screw you. i am working. >> we'll be right back. >> get a job, buddy.
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i can do your job and (bleep) out of your mouth. >> classy kathy and she did it again, shocker, cnn? this time she said it appeared to me intentionally and planned down and not spontanous and any excuse and this is what kathy griffin did this time. >> my favorite moment is when balloon boy falcon said. >> (bleep) how do you say it? >> she dropped it! , i think cooper looked chagrinned there. >> i don't think anderson cooper knew it was coming. but she did. >> that is what is expected of her. we show you the low lights and you didn't have to tune in the entire evening. >> rick has been youtubing the highlights.
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>> they expected it and they had a contract worded for if she dropped a curse word. >> they hired kathy krivin. >> what else does she do well? >> they knew what they were getting. (buzzer). >> and minus 14 in minneapolis. that is really cold and i am sure people would like to say that word. temperatures like that brutal and going to stay that way all week long. we'll have a lot of snow in the northeast. heavy snow in new england and lake-effect snowing right now . that's going to continue in the next few days. we have a storm that is sitting in strength and out in areas overnorthern new england . parts of this is going to see two feet of snow . good news for the skiers and they are getting a lot of it, back to you.
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>> well after the attempted christmas day terror attack is it time for airlines to start profiling passengers to keep radigal muslims off of the plane. this is what newt gingrich had to say. >> someone is going to a training camp, they shouldn't be allowed to get a visa to the united states and get on an airplane . they shouldn't be allowed to work for a federal government and serve in the military. we need to have much tougher and more directive of what we are going after. >> we'll bring in lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> happy new year. you look like you are dressed on the tech no prisoner.
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>>im feeling festive since new year's eve . ralph, are you one of those people who think it is time to start profiling muslim passengers? >> no. the term we have with this, alisyn extremist destroy legitimate debate. the average muslim wants to get through the day and pay the bills and get home et cetera. it does make sense young developing world males who by one way tickets and have recent yemeni stamp in their passports and in profiling critics say it will not catch everyone. but if you are able to catch five out of the tep that helps. intelligent profile suggest one sensible tool in our arsenil. >> ralph, who could you protest that?
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a behaviorial profiling. someone recently visited yemen pull them aside and and them questions. that stand toz reason. why aren't we doing that? >> i think individual tsa members are trying to do it. but they have to be careful because of the politically correct crowd. who is objecting is extremist muslims that are objecting. in the name much religious freedom we allow the saudies to full the american mosque where they preach extremist hate speech. people like those in the obama think they are doing miss lims a favor by tolerating everything. we are empowering the extremist and making it tougher for the average muslim-american citizen to do
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the right thing and worship as they choose. the answer is in the middle. profile intelligently and stop making apologies for terrorist. suddenly this guy has ties to al qaeda and still won't use the phrase islamic terrorist. last week we talked about an isolated extremist. we all need to be honest. >> talk about president obama and the obama administration . no president wants a terrorist attack or homeland security wants a terrorist attack on her watch. why aren't they going further? >> i think there are two reasons. the first one and primary one, is simply that these people have a different world view than the average american citizen. i don't think that president obama has a crazy plot to it tear down america. he comes from a very left wing environment, all his life that
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slants his view. janet napolitano has a left wing view. i think you are seeing a philosophical . also there is a misplaced fear of doing themselves political damage with american muslims or left wing groups. look, we need to be on the same team on and the problem is not 1.3 mus. there is a couple of million muslims that mean us harm and some are trying to actively trying to hurt us and profiling those characters is not bad. >> happy new year. >> always. happy new year. >> what rush limbaugh has to say about the recent health care scare and chest pains. imagine going to the funeral of a beloved family member and only to find the wrong body in the casket. more on that story straight ahead.
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>> we are treating dave's medical condition. >> we hope so. >> medical rewind of 2010 . rush limbaugh spent several days in a honoluluhospital. limbaugh was released and spoke out about what he experienced. take a listen. >> i wondered what a heart attack would be like. i never had heart disease or problem with it. at 2:30 i experienced pain in my upper left chest like i never experienced before. >> we are joined by the clinical instructor of the medical center. happy new year. >> good to hear that rush is doing fine. it makes a lot of us wonder. are these common to have these
7:24 am
types was chest pain that feels like a heart attack and he has no heart disease whatsoever. >> rush was ruled out for a heart attack. the coronary angio gram that was negative. he had a typical chest pain due to overexertion or muscle pain and anxiety and acid indegestion can chest pain. he did the right thing for calling for professional help. >> the doctors told him it was the golden thing to get because they can see everything. >> road map of the arteris and supply blood to the heart much and narrow or blockage someone has heart disease. he ruled out for that. >> more on what rush had to say coming up. >> another story.
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gingko bilova. it helps improve memory and selling millions a year. >> what does it do? >> a large study led by the dean of medicine in virginia shows that it does not decline memory loss in older adults. it showed it had affect. it was safe to take for most people but it not show an effect in six years. >> that is amazing. this was one of the most comprehensive study. long-term study look being at ginkco why would i want to take it? >> do it under the supervision of a physician . if it had the affect as a place thereto bo drug. >> java for me is energy
7:26 am
drink. >> red bull every day. >> folks are reversing. they are going with relaxation drinks. tell me. >> cava is more popular in southern california. there is a reference here to marijuana. but there is no marijuana. >> thanks. and basically these drinks have a natural herbal sedative in them and that is the newest thing. that is thant energy drink for people who want one after work. >> you want to just chill. i don't need help doing that. sort of calms you down and better than anti-anxiety medicine. >> it is supposed to relax and enhance your mental acutity. one of the problems with this. an herb in the pacific that is used for thousands of years.
7:27 am
but herbal supplements it showed a propensity for liver damage and bad liver failure. it is important. if you are taking manage like this. do it after talking to your physician. >> in moderation. >> i have to tell you, this show is going to go real well. >> thank you, doctor. >> and coming up relaxed clayton morris and a former tsa screener is blowing the lid off. she witnessed first hand. why they are not doing nearly enough. you will be shocked at what she saw. >> all right, buddy, just relax. >> they went to a funeral home to mourn the loss of their grandmother only to find out it was the wrong body in the casket . why this sphore store knets more horrifying from there. rick has a check of the weather. >> we have the coldest air of the season and across the plains and it is going to
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remain that way for a while. we'll tell you how long, stay with us.
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stronger, healthier babies. it's what the march of dimes is all about. learn more about healthy babies at... >> welcome back. thanks for joining us. i am alyson camoda and along with dave brigs who is feeling snively. >> i can't shake this thing, baby. >> meanwhile, new information that democratic senators knew when they voted back in november to advance president obama's pick to tsa this nominee mischaracterized his testimony. we'll learn more from caroline snavely. >> certainly more controversy swirling around the nominee. some senators knew they voted
7:31 am
before he mischaracterized a personal incident in his past at 20 years ago when he was f.b.i. agent and acessed records about his wife's boyfriend. he asked a police officer to get the records . a day after the vote suters mitted he searched himself. susan collins, a republican from maine said she had suspicion and approved his nomination conditionally. leement blocked the nomination over the concerns of unionizing tsa. the white house is standing by the nominee. the spokes man tells folks. suters never hide the incident and experienced they were errors in that he deeply regretted and an error that he made over 20 years ago.
7:32 am
harry reid plans to push hard for a full confirmation vote. back to you. >> caroline thank you. >> we begin with a fox news alert and a new warning from iran. the west has until the end of the month to accept the counter proposal on draft proposal or it will make its own nuclear fuel. they must swap it for enriched uranium f. no deal is made iran will enrich it to a higher level . the deadline on the union - u.n. drafted deal. it would have duced the abilities to make nuclear weapons. iraq will sue five black security guards for deaths of 17 unarmed civilians. the justice department said
7:33 am
the case wased. the iraqi government is urging them to appeal the ruling. the news of it dropped angered many in the arab world. >> british cargo ship is hijacked near somalia. there were 25 people on board including eight bulgarians. reports show there have been many repeated acts of 55acy in recent years. >> new video of hawaii and president obama takes his daughters and friends out for shades ice. the president ordered 19 cones in a store called island snow. >> they were friends with him. >> 19. >> boy, he has a lot of security service. his flavors of choice. lemon lime and cherry and pass yob guava snown as snow boma .
7:34 am
mr. obamas had -- many hawaiians add beads to the shaved ice. >> it sounded like weird. >> beans and shaved ice. >> raw fish? >> and meanwhile, in new york, it is the ball drop . indian it is the water melion drop. check out this video ringing in the new year. a fake massive water melion and then at the stroke of midinate 10 are dropped to the ground. >> watermelons are part of the economy there. we would like to see it get squashed. >> three, two, one. >> no. not really. >> you know our director said i am sorry, not even on the
7:35 am
tape. we looked for it >> they made sure they brought all of the water melions but - watermelons but forgot the camera. >> watching college football . sugar bowl in new orleans. tim tebow's fault. he went out in style. tebow, a new bcs record. 533total yards and dismantled cincinnati. makes it 44-10 florida. gators win easily. 51-24, it is the first 400 passing game. rose bowl ohio champ taking on pac 10 champ oregon. trier, 266 yard and two touchdowns in the ohio state.
7:36 am
26-senteam. first victory in pas pas in a decade. n is a great scene can. nhl winter classic a new year's day fan favorites. they hosted in fenway park. your game winner off of the stick. marco stern. bruins win in overtime. fenway park. one of my favorite is hockey out doors how it was intended. thanks to you yesterday. i didn't watch it the third year or last year. if was brilliant and how they are outside in the back yard. >> you can appreciate it sweet
7:37 am
caroline just like they do in every red sox game. >> and i was catching a cold just watching the video. >> they are all bundled up. >> listen to the story that will shock you. imagine this, right. grandmother passes away and the family is gathering to go to the wake and funeral at the funeral home. you go in and in tear go up to the casket to pay respects. that is not grandma in the casket and the person we loved our entire life. in the casket, there is a mix up. >> not that you are in the wrong room, but the wrong body is in the casket and your grandmother was cremated. >> the ralph, lost his 95 year old grandmother was cremated. he went there and saw the wrong woman. here's what the buck miller
7:38 am
funeral home in connecticut had to say about this. funeral home is working closely to resolve the situation and extend our most sin veer condollences to them at this challenging time from the funeral homes owner. >> it appeared they may have tried to make the woman look like the man's mother. >> that's what ralph thinks. >> he said oh, it was just a mix up and everybody can make ace mistake. he thinks they tried to cover it up by making this older woman what can you do legal low in this situation? it is unpres depted. police don't expect to file charges . but the department of public health is trying to do the next step. if they have legal recourse
7:39 am
here. i imagine they would. >> but this is beyond that. how else do you resolve it? this is your final wishes>> you can't get that one back. >> that is a mistake. >> that is an easy lawsuit for a lawyer in connecticut. >> checking in with rick right now. nice is mild out there. >> not mild. it is cold and a lot of country dealing with the coldest air we are seeing. starting off january feeling like winter. look at temperatures in the country. how about that for the actual temperature in minneapolis. waking up it is minus 14 and minus one in kansas city . 31 in san antonio . cold front that is doing that is halfway through cuba right now. that's how deep and strong this is. look at the wind chill. it is windy and in the northeast and bab over the appalachians and minus 5 in
7:40 am
buffalo . satellite radar pictures shows the story, down in areas of florida. the front dives to the south and clearing it out . cold air is sitting. we have a storm in the northeast and toward new england and all of that cloud cover to the eastern side of the picture is going to move back to the west which shouldn't typically happen. it will pring a lot of snow in new england. we could use the snow for the ski areas. one two feet in some spots . out in the west, we are dealing with rain and snow in areas of northern california and up toward seattle and calming thing today and tomorrow. we'll watch the next system pull on in and drop in 2000 feet for your day tomorrow. down in the southwest, southern california . you want any kind of warm temperatures go to southern california or arizona now. look at your temperatures for
7:41 am
today. 70 in la . 70 in phoenix and only one in indianapolis . by tomorrow, warm up a couple of degrees in the northern plains that. is going to be short lived. it is cold . dive down and we might be talking about snow in the parts of the south by the latter part of the upcoming week as well >> send it back to you inside. >> listen to this story. you will not believe this guest coming up. after a major security lapse. we have a former tsa screener who is speaking out about the security breaches that she saw for yourself. we'll talk to her next and wait until you hear the things she witnessed. >> stock market crash of 1987 is looking into the crystal ball for 2010. what is in store for the new year and where to put your mon yewhat to buy and not to buy, that's all coming up.
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>> it is that timeful morning numbers fly in the tv screen. first off. 6 -- 2683 feet tall scraper in duba. 389. retiring coach bobby bowden. after the seminoles stunned west virginia . finally, nine and half million dollars. that's how much miami jury awarded a cruise fitness instructor after slipping and falling on board. he said norwedge yen cruise
7:45 am
line was negligent and the fall left him impotent. guys over to you. >> the attempted bombing of northwest 253 raised questions about our own security process and how the tsa handles pangeles. >> they are a former tsa screener and she said there were breaches in the process. good morning to you and happy new year. the book is screener and in it you tell stunning stories. one out of a bug's bunny cartoon. you saw something involving something with a computer and wires and clock. tell me about this story and how this person got through? >> it was, i didn't witness it. it was given to me in a document to me by my superiors. i was told to read it
7:46 am
thoroughly and sign off to enlighten there are terrorist out there and they are testing our airports looking for a weak link. this particular incident involved as you said involved a laptop. let me go further. before it went through the x-ray. shoes went through the x-ray. the x-ray operator saw something unusual about the shoes and called for a search on the shoes and in that search, they found they had hollowed out soils. the name richard reed mean anything to those who don't want to take off shoes? >> the laptop went in the x-ray tunnel. i can't imagine the expression on the operator's face when he saw wires attached to an alarm clock. they went and test today for explosives and i believe they retested it again for explosives, nothing was found.
7:47 am
airport security came and took the gentleman and the laptop and shoes away. that evening i believe it was they told tsa that nothing was found. the man was not on the no fly list and checked on the exuters. tsa furthered their own search and next day found out that the airport could not have realized the man was not on a no fly list because the computers were down that afternoon. they let this gentleman go. >> incredible. >> this confirms what we are saying, they have been here for a very long time. they have been researching throughout the country what airports and what they can get what through. >> that is just one story in the book called screener and you also talk about how you were told and if you keep your
7:48 am
mouth shut here in the tsa, you will do just fine. you have chosen not to do that. tsa have a culture of not speaking up? >> because they want to protect themselves. they are afraid for their jobs. for every screener there is hundreds ready to take l place. one thing i want to mention. it is not 100 percent, sop. >> standard operating procedures. >> there are 20,000 airports. they have 40 body scanners in use . they are going to put in 150 more with 300 more. that is a grand total 490 to the total cost of $170,000. you have 490 body scanners what about the other 19,000 airports?
7:49 am
aren't they important? that is why it is so important that sop must be adhered to. >> not just the scanners in the airports it is about negligence and human error and even if you have a body scanner and see something suspicious. it comes down to human error and culture in the tsa. >> human area, yes. there is a dangerous culture in the tsa ranging from the top on down. i know of an incident involving a supervisor who was filling in on line and he took this bag like a brief case and x-ray operator called for a bag check and he took the bag. this is a supervisor and he did his own interpretation of the sop which was no more than just rifling the bag and cleared it to go into the airport and secure area only
7:50 am
to find out that that bag was part of the red team. it is part of a group of individuals that travel in the united states celebritily trying to get prohibited items . in this incident, it wasn't a gun or knife or box cutter, it was a fake ied that was located in a book. >> we are out of time and have to leave it there. you have given enough food of thought for traveling it is called screener. >> let me, okay. >> we are out of time. we'll have you back. we need to hear more about this. thanks so much for coming on. >> and look at the man that is called the next bin laden. why he may be more dangerous than osama. >> and the guy who prodicted the stock market crash in 1987 and so much more.
7:51 am
joe is making bold predictions for 2010 that you are going to want to hear. ceulent ddddddddddddd
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> for many americans be you was a rough here. what about 2010. here to tell us a man who predicted the stock market crash and fall of soviet union and gerald saulenty. >> happy new year. >> hopefully it will be a happy new year. number one on what you are predicting for 2010. crash of 2010. >> look at 2009, markets collapsed in march and the federal government has pumped in len trillion dollars that
7:54 am
they have spent lent or guaranteed. new bill hr 4173 they are guaranteeing four trillion dollars worth of bailouts next year and 400 billion pumped in fan yefred yeunlimited coming in future. you can't keep pumping phantom mon yeproducing nothing without it destroying the economy. this is a cover up and not a recovery. stimulus will start to run out. china two trillion in lending and on and on. you need a productive capacity. we are looking at it collapsed in 2009 and end by the end of 2010. >> number to on the list. depression uplift. >> times get tough people want to get high in a lot of ways. we'll see the money making influence changing and mood
7:55 am
enhancing trend said and to hit in 2010. there is a move to elegance and people will be lifting themselves up. gangster and destressed and down and out. you get a job. get on top. elegance will be in music and fashion and arts and entertainment in the board. >> we'll see a boom in self help. >> self help is also self made. in italy in the height of the renaissance that everyone was dressed and they were dressed different low and that's what you will see. uniqueness and elegance that is coming back. >> we are seeing it in the tech world and on line and people carving out niches. >> number 3 point is not welcome here. >> antiimmigration movement isic canning off in 2010 . one of the platforms of a new third party that we are forecasting by 2012. took 100,000 years to get 1.5
7:56 am
billion people on the planet to 1900. we can bring the immigrants in when you are building economies. but when they are going down they push them out. italy and spains across the world they are pushing the immigrants out. you can't do it when the jobs are not there. >> too big to fail. snorks tb or not tb. what is this about? >> shape up america trend happen. it will start to happen in 2010. new data coming out in a few years, 43 percent of the americans are going to be obese. one of the things not talked about in the whole health care thing. how do you treat a society that is in bad shape. it is one of the biggest money making trends, getting people in shape. whether individuals or businesses do it. it is the big bandwagon. >> we see that on the biggest
7:57 am
loser already. we have 30 seconds left and the fifth point here and prediction for 2010. not made in chin a. things are not manufactured in china the way we have expected. >> they will be manufactured there but not buying them. trade barriers are going up . they are trade sanctions . the united states got traded sanctions against china on tires and steel tubing . there is a buy local movement. i support my local community and i buy local. i didn't buy anything made in chin a. it is the golden rule. those who have the gold rule and it is bad enough for the republicans and democrats. i don't want to be ruled by the chinese. >> we'll check in with gerald and check n >> hopefully happy new year. >> coming up on the show. curby saudi arabiian rehab
7:58 am
center where terrorist are encouraged to express themselves with crayions and drawings and exercising. we are not make up. you have to hear when you come back. >> and mom and baby are coming back to life. many call it a true christmas miracle. stay with us .
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, january 2nd. 2010. new information breaking about the intended bombing of the christmas day flight. a second man on that flight was searched and detained and then released. why? and where is he now? >> and how many rehab terrorist? crayions and water colors and even sports. have we gone too soft on those who want to hurt america? you will not believe that story. >> it is new year's day.
8:01 am
time for polar plunges in the usa and around the world. find out why brave souls are jump nothing cold, cold water. >> because they are crazy. >> yes, out of their minds. >> and dave in clearwater,ar florida. why think inside of the box when you extend your horizons with friends on fox. >> that's nice. >> bring it. >> good morning to all of you. i would have plunked. >> hello, it was in colorado. >> and i am not going to fly out there. >> i was at the beach in connecticut . i would jump in on this on new year's day. if there were a camera around. >> dave and i talked about new year's resolution and chilly cheeseburger. i had that yesterday. this has to stop. >> jump in a cold water and
8:02 am
you jump in a burger with chilly. >> niece. - nice. >> we have the new fitness teams. cut down with salt can help you lose pounds . >> and lose 16 pounds if you cut out salt. we'll explain how . the segment on the new bin laden. very similar in demeanor to bin laden and in mission. we'll talk about that. >> and new information about what we are getting about the second man on the flight on christmas day in detroit. on flight 253 on west airlines. we heard they witnessed a well dressed indian man handcuffed by authorities after that flight landed in detroit in addition to abdullmuttallab. but no one seemed to be talking about this and federal officials denied this at first. this is what they said in our area. >> they found something in one
8:03 am
individual's bag and they took it this individual away in the room and 45 minutes later. they put him in handcuffs and took him away. we don't know if he was questioned further or if he was arrested, we are not really sure. >> that is the haskles. they flew on the same flight with the terrorist suspect . when they got in detroit. they said all of the passengers were detained and that these sniffer dogings came on board and they flagged something in this man's bag. the haskles believed he was indian decent and he was handcuffed and taken away and interrogate detain let go. federal customs officials and authorities no, there are no other personment anyway confirmed this morning, the
8:04 am
story is true. once they went through his bags nothing was found and he was let go. who knows if that is the real story since they have changed their story? frightening details learned about flight 253, one of the master minds of the plot was held in guantanamo bay and release went through jive - gij-- jihad or terrorist camp in saudi arabia. what is going on is not exactly the tough conditions you might expect. how about water coolers. this sounds like summer camp for terrorist and they are supposed to express themselves outside of the perview of terrorism. this is in saudi arabia where saudies, the saudi has tried to clamp down on radicalism
8:05 am
because it is a threet to their own regime. >> have they? they should. but in fact, what is happening, these guys are supposed to be getting in touch with their feelings . so through the crayion therapy we know what happened. one of the guys released from guantanamo in 2007 alshirri. he went on and did the therapy and instead of being rehabilitated. he was promote to a leader of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. john horton visited here and the saudies claim a 80 to 90 percent success rate. >> there is no result. >> and 1500 graduates of this therapy. 108, of them are former
8:06 am
guantanamo bay detaineys. how many are plotting against the united states as we speak? frightening. >> to have all of these guys in one place where they can talk while they play video games and hang out and sort of bond over water coolers or plot? who knows. i hope people are watching them closely and i hope there is enough cameras and wires they are tracking everything those guys are talking about. >> in the meantime there is a fox news alert for you. villagers said the death toll in northwest pakistan stands at 96. the number is going up. attacker walked out on a volleyball court as hundreds of people were playing. it is a warning for the pakistan rez dens not to join against the fight in the taliban. residents formed a mill writia to kick them out. the government said that will not deter them in the fight.
8:07 am
>> c.i.a. is vowing to revenge the killing of agents. they were kill would by a homicide bomber. he was allowed on the base without much screening. >> tragic start to the new year after mudslides killed 30 people in brazil. it happened in a coastal town. rain loosened sides of the hill sides. 80 mud slides were reported following three days of heavy rains. death tollcould rise as the rains topple trees and take downpour lines. google executive matt dilan is making a run for vermont governor. he is head of community affairs and works out of white junction, vermont. he wants googles culture of
8:08 am
being fast to state democrat. he is one of five to face the republican nominee lieutenant governor bryan dubey. >> some people like to drink or shop on new years. these people like to strip down and go swimming in the bitter col. residents of austin and colorado and minnesota took the polar plunge. some benefit charities and others simply because of the tradition or sheer insanity. people in austin didn't have it as bad as people in minnesota where temperatures hovered around zero. >> they do this in siberia as well. >> does any world sound colder than siberia . these people are jumping in ice or polar plunge. >> if we can get a camera in connecticut next new year's day i am in. >> it has to be proof that i
8:09 am
did it. >> and i will be with a snug yehot cup of cocoa. >> hot pocket or do what rush limbaugh did and where most people enjoy. >> jumping in the water would not be good for the heart. rush limbaugh's heart is just fine. he was released after being hospitalized two days ago. he said his ticker is fine and no heart disease and made clear. not only is his health fine but our health care system in the united states is doing just fine. listen to what he said after being released. >> the treatment i received here was the best that the world has to offer . basod what happened to me here, i don't think there is one thing wrong with the american health care system. it is working just fine. just dandy. >> he complained of chest pain it was in the days after
8:10 am
playing golf. he never felt that on the upper left quad rant of his body. he thought it was a heart attack coming on . if you are feeling the same sort of pain what to do. look at what he said. >> i am 58 and will be 59 and you think about kinds of things. don't mess with it . any time you have heart pain, or chest pain and you have no idea what it is and something you never experienced before. turn it over to the professionals right off of the bat. >> that is a great reminder. the question remains, what happened to russ. he had no major heart disease. why did he have that debilitating pain to the chest. >> there are theories maybe acid reflux. >> this guy right next to me went to the hospital. >> i am clearly healthy and i had what i thought was a heart attack .
8:11 am
i was not going to the hospital and my wife said we are going. they ran an esg. it was esophageal spasm. many things can cause the chest pains and i was on the floor screaming in pain . so it was very difficult situation. >> russ said it was a pas'm. >> you wouldn't believe i have broken my back and that was worse. >> kastanska was rushed to the hospital and it was gas. >> rush is back on the air next week. he's feeling fine. >> check the forecast. >> have you thought about the chilly cheese steak? >> how is that feeling right now. >> and there may be connections. >> hey, you guys a lot of cold air in the country. two-thirds of the could you
8:12 am
wantry and coldest temperatures seen so far. 40 degrees as you are waking nup tampa . it is windy in parts of the plains and this is what it feels like. minus 33 in bismarck and demoney. not one of the mornings to do the polar. cold air will be with us and then it is coming back. another batch moving in . here is the only weather maker we have. coastal low and sitting here and strengthening . moving back here for two days before it pulls off in the northeast. a lot of snow in coastal areas and northern kinds of the mountainous areas and lake-effect continuing to move in. it will be stronger in the next couple of days. snowfall totals will be extreme and especially in england and going to be windy and dealing with blizzard conditions at times and everybody dealing with cold temperatures except in the
8:13 am
west. 73 in los angeles. all right guys. >> coming up, a look at the man being called the next bin laden and why he may be more dangerous than the world's most wanted terrorist. >> listen to this story. it is a true crist miracle. a mom and her baby boy come back to life. you may have heard it on "fox and friends". doctors can't explain it. baby and mom are doing great. this time we'll have the doctor on to explain what she saw and how the miracle could have happened on christmas .
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> u.s. army psychiatrist charged in the for the hood massacre have this radical american born yemeni cleric in common. his name is al-awlaki. he has similarities to recognizable face of terror. bin laden. the author of the must be stopped. she joined us to point out and the most frightening part to me is he was born in new mexico. has the game changed when leaders of al qaeda are born here and radicalized here in >> they are more accepted. that's for sure because they know the american way of life. they are more charismatic like the al-awlaki leader is
8:17 am
basically copying a evangelistic type of preaching the message. he is fluent in english and able to reach a market in the western world like bin laden is not able to reach. that's what makes them more effective and lethal in the west. >> al-awlaki has similarities to bin laden and how they are influential. what are the other similarities that don't know of the radically born iman. >> they are highly educate come from wealthy familis and they both left a life of privilege and materialism in order to pursue a life of puritiy and pirit il. here and the after life. what makes them so muslim. other muslims they see two men who were wealthy and come from a life of privilege and left
8:18 am
for a pursuit of spirituality. young people feel it is not all about money and wealth and travel and what you can have. but it is about the after life and that's what make bin laden and al-awlaki very similar and very dangerous in the way they are recruiting. >> unfortunately they have in common, they have avoided capture and assassination. we thought we had the radecal immam but apparently he is still around. what difference makes him more dangerous than bin laden? >> this imman is fluent in english and lived in the united states almost all of his life . he has been exposed to american marketing . western marketing and that is most effective in the world. like i said earlier, he is copying a evangelistic type preach take message much islam
8:19 am
and make its simpler . why it is so important and why adopt islam. you listen to him speaking in english to the people something that bin laden hasn't been able to do. al-awlaki takes his message to english delivers it in a exciting way to a western audience all over the globe whether britain or australia or canada or the united states and able to connect directly with the people and recruit them . that's why he is much more effective than osama bin laden. he's not the only one on the internet. >> that's a scary thing to hear. hopefully we get him next time. the book is a must be stopped. >> thank you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you as well >> newt gingrich said it is time to profile and discriminate to keep america safe. is he right?
8:20 am
we'll debate that. nutrition twins with a secret of being skinny. now dropping a dress size in four weeks when we come back. #ññ
8:21 am
8:22 am
indulging in the holidays and who doesn't. is there way to drop an entire dress size in four weeks? the nutrition twins say yes. they are co-author to skinny lady. thanks for being here. >> good morn happy new year. >> you say that salt is the enemy. i am addicted to it i must admit. i didn't think it made you fat
8:23 am
but increases blood sems. >> it increases hunger and thrift and cravings. still eat the healthy foods and focus on less than 2400 milligrams to beat craving see the results faster. >> that is better than calorie counting. you also say that some things that i eat all of the time are big culprits. what is wrong with toast and cottage cheese . >> that cottage cheese s 240 calories and one-third of the on sodium allotment. much better . make sure you go for low sodium foods. 300 milligrams and then ditch the fattening butter for good. save your heart and waist land and go for i can't believe it is not better light. it is no sativated and much less transfats and no oils and
8:24 am
half of the calaries and then harfed boiled eag instead. >> make the swap over the course of the year. you will save yourself 17 powns and 13 days of sodium. >> 17 powned pounds by eating low sodium toast instead of regular toast and cottage cheese. incredeble. >> move on to what looks like diet food. cup much noodles and salad here. >> salad is great. but soup, has 1500 milligrams of sodium. that should be illegal >> than 2400. make sure there is less than 840 milligrams per serving. >> you like campbell select harvest. does it need to say low sodium. >> make sure 480 milligrams of sodium or less. >> it does.
8:25 am
480 and then salads eat but not with a lot of dressor. >> go for the lemon. >> culprit that i feed my children all . time. >> right. >> don't worry. we have great alternatives. >> this is a serving has 250 milligrams of sodium and who has just a handful. go fors pis tachio. each the salted variety has half than the gold fish. >> i can't believe that. nuts were fattening and so it is incredible. pis tachios are good. >> 30 of them are 100 calories and most other are 15 nuts per hundred calories. we call pis tachio the skinny nuts. >> they are dislicious. >> you are the new love. >> pine bars. fruit and nuts. they are healthy and fights the cravings and if you swap a
8:26 am
serving of the processed fats for the nuts or pine bar. do it over the course of the year. 15 of full days of sodium and five pounds. >> once again. i had rotisserie chicken. >> we have good alternatives. most people think that rotisserie chicken is healthy. but it is injected with sodium. >> yeah? >> and before you know you are wallowing 800 milligrams of sodium. grill it yourself and use mrs. dark're dash and calorie free and sodium free and you it tastes so good. >> chechen breast with mrs. dash. >> over the course of a year you would save yourself six pounds. 106 days worth of sodium.
8:27 am
>> that is wonderful. >> that is great. thank you. and read more in the secret of skinny and tammy and lisi, thank so much, >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> thank you . >> and meanwhile, newt gingrich said it is time to profile at airports and to discriminate. is he right or is it a violation of civil rights, we'll debate that coming up. >> loaning tower of pisa. find out why this building is not standing tall. quick look at weather. >> nutrition twins go to the gym, too. just think about it. >> cold air. two-thirds of the country, it is going to be colder. we'll tell you how long it will with us coming up.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back to "fox and friends". i am dave brigs and here is clayton moryis alisyn cam rota. >> there isy bacon egg and cheese. put it down. no more salt or stuff. >> they know what they are talking about. >> proof is in the pudding there. >> we'll talk about profiling. this is getting a lot of attention. diving into it when you hear about it. as american we don't do that. that's what we talk about . newt gingrich and breaking it down further it is not about profile discriminating against grandma's getting on flights
8:31 am
this is what newt had to say explaining it. >> if someone is actively going to a training camp they shouldn't get a visa or on the airplane or work for any government, federal, state or local and shouldn't be allowed to serve in the military. we have to be tougher and more direct. >> what he is talking about is behaviorial profiling. clearly some of the ethnic profiling techniques would miss a lot of the terrorist that we are talking about. who is really argue that and saying no. aclu in >> don't do it we never have done that. what the airlines does in israel and they haven't had a incident for 30 years. many people would like israel to be wiped off of the. they look every passenger. they have unmarked plain clothes people going through the lines and see if someone
8:32 am
seems nervous. >> we have joel malborough. i have flown out of israel. it is feel the presence of security all around you at all times. you know they are there watching . they look for behaviorial discrimination or profiling. they will have you come and you are taking a flight and at a talk with you and have a discussion with you . and you where you are flying and that is one person who walks away and another person come comes up and also talk to you . discriminating about the behavior and having another conversation with you . a second layer of human interaction. >> and paying $2x 00 with cash and one way with no luggage would be caught. >> a former retired general thomag mcentire and takes it one or two or three steps further. what we all to do in terms of
8:33 am
profile beyond. >> people are not going to like it because it is not politically correct. every muslim male, age 18-28. that is the profile we have to profile is got to be strip searched. >> he said if that doesn't happen, he predicts we'll lose an american flight with 300 people on board in the 30 or 120 days. here's really clear. >> we know that there are 25 other abdullmuttallabs in the pipe line ready to carry out the attacks. >> that's more dramatec thap what other people said. you can imagine there would be objection. not just because of defamation. it is not practical. your passport doesn't say muslim. how do they know when you walk up. unless you strip searched
8:34 am
every male 18-24 years old. people are going to never allowing that to happen. >> it goes off when dave said. ethecally profiling people wouldn't work based on a british national. >> which a lot of these are. who might have been radicalized and might be a muslim and might be someone who turned to radicalization and nothing to do with the nationality or ethnicity. look at behavior. >> the radical cleric is an american born imam born in new mexico. >> i don't think anyone account to the fact if you have a stamp on your passport and visiting yemen. that is not anybody who objects to that . sounds like the senate is about to fast track hearings and investigation and they want to get to the bottom of it. whose guest -- desk did that
8:35 am
file of abdullmuttallab sit on and not on a watch list. >> what are your thoughts on profile discrimination for making us all safe. >> in the mean tile headlines, british prime minister gordon brown is calling for a meeting to stop yemen for becoming a terrorist havor. >> and brown said islamic radicalism must be stopped in yemen before it is too late. a man charged with trying to kill danish cartoonish. the suspect's charged with two counts of attempted murder and one on a police rompt the suspect survived after being shot by police for breaking in the cartoonist home. the prophet muhammad cartoon sparked outrage. the cartoonist hasn't been harmed in the attack. and cruise ship passenger
8:36 am
who jumped over board. they reviewed the security tape and determine would that he jumped over board between nassau and cocok. she was married to an employee on the royal caribbean cruise ship. that ship is determined to return to nord. and astroid or the moon. one of the contenders will get the green light for 650 million in fund a launch sometime before the end of 2018. the competition is part of nasa's new frontier to have missions to fly the solar system. officials will make the final selection by the middle of 2011. >> we have done that. >> go to fox news.comand there is an article talking about how you discovered a hole in the moon and where we might be able to put the inhabitant.
8:37 am
>> i want to go. >> nasa, you heard it here. >> he's volunteering. >> and meanwhile, the leaning tower of pisa has nothing on this strunthure in chin a. check this out. >> slanted or completely over. >> and something goes wrong when a chine chine dimlition team inted of a pile of rubble one half is standing a. no and officials say the remaining tower was later destroyed by a crane. >> dave in >> what about that video. >> all right. we'll talk sports. besides sleeping in and recovering. new year's day. watching college football and it was good. sugar bowl late in new orleans where it tim tebow's swan
8:38 am
song. he went out in style. new bcs record. 533 total yards and they dismantled the bear cats of cincinnati . here are the penth rushing touchdown of his stellar career . 40-10 florida . they went on to win 51-24 . last college game. tim's first and urban myer thinks he will be back next year. and terrell, brilliant and gives the big 10 a win in the rose bowl. 256 yards passing . bucs beat the ducks 20-17. big 10 first win in pas pas in 10 years. prior's resolution must have been throwing the football. he was fantastic. >> to hockey now. what a scene. time lapse. ice laid in fen fenway park. it is a new year's day fan
8:39 am
favorite. >> bruans hosting the friars. they needed extra enings. markco stern. your game winner first time in history. home team gets the win. this is one of the great moves for the nhl. one of my favorite sporting events now. >> i have a question for you. they are going to run out of the vens. has his to be sure it is cold. they were worried about sunshine yesterday in boston. who would have thought for a sporting event they were worried about sunshine. >> college hockey there on friday in a night game. it will be freezing cold. yankees stadium is nice. canada is one . of course they have domes. torpt torpt plays in a dome. >> talk about new year's resolution. in particular talk about dave
8:40 am
and clayton's new year's resolution from last year. let's see if they were able to keep them. harken back to what clayton said last year. >> last year i said this. >> i say this every year i want to start working out. i >> last year. >> i do it in spurts. habit takes two weeks to form . i do it every day for two weeks. my problem is the weak hump and i will take a few days off. >> and i am proud to report i am still not working out. >> never got over that weak hump. >> you did drop wait. >> that is from eating. in the city you walk a lot. i don't know what is going on in my ticker inside. >> you had a chilly cheeseburger. >> all right. dave, harken back to your new year's rez . >> last year in 2009.
8:41 am
i am not a resolution. i would like to yell less . buy my wife more flowers. >> how did that work out? >> i think those things need to be life-long commitment buying more flowers and yelling less. i don't know i don't think i did that. >> i am a hot tempered guy. >> for expert opinion with dave's hot temper. let's check with rick. >> i thought you were going to call my wife. >> has dave yelled less. >> dave has yelled a few times. >> i know, i am working on it. >> i think it is because of more booze in the office. >> maybe. >> geraldo's office. >> alyson's what was yours last year. >> i don't think i make them. i never fulfill them. i am hope to suggestions. i think.
8:42 am
what i should work on this year. >> oh, yes, do. >> rick, you want to weigh in. >> a lot of time to work on. >> tell alyson's what she should do. and theny will do it. >> i am a slave to the blogs. >> rick? >> i almost never make a resolution . this year, i need to drop pounds. >> you and me. >> and actually one of those years it has to happen. >> that's it. >> weight loss challenge. and we'll hear this next year at this time and see how you have done. >> right now we'll look at double chin compare them next year >> take a look at the weather you guys. we have cold weather out there. >> you can see the cold air. in the northern plains . cold temperatures all the way down to the south. relatively cold. 40 in tamp tatamp and minus 14 in minneapolis . facor in the wind in the area.
8:43 am
this is what it feels like. extremely cold in the far northern plains and 32 in new orleans. that is going to be the story for this week. cold air firmly trenched in the country. system that brought all of this cold air . clearing down in florida, and deep south. that is cold dely care that is sitting there. not so dry in parts of new england. the system that is going to pull back to the west a bit and bring more snow and wind in much of new england. especially northern new england. that's the bull's eye and focus and then the lake-effect snow as well back to you inside. >> i think you should drop a few lb's next year. and homeowner and thinking about buying a home, important information to know about interest rates . how they are change what it means for you. >> is being married real better for a man's health than being single.
8:44 am
yes, it is. we'll explain [ male announcer ] let's talk about putting our best square foot forward. then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms. your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®,
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>> hoar are the top three stories for your health. turns out calorie counts on restaurant mens really do curb eating. diners consume far less when it is listed. advantage adults should get 2000 calories a day. >> next, it is never is too late to stop smoking. heart attack survivor who is kick the habit live longer than those who puff away . single guy and your girlfriend is pressuring you to get married this year.
8:47 am
new research suggest that having a spouse protect against health problems. emotional support from your wife helps men get through the tough time. men go ahead and tell your wives thank you this morning. for more information go to fox and and the recent spike in interest rates has american home buyers worried about plans for the future. is there a way to avoid getting slam how to take advantage of the first time home buyer credit extension. joining us with sound advice and good news. rodney anderson plending services in texas. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> you have more time to use the first time home buyer tax credit and you also can make more money. >> give us the good news. >> absolutely. good news is, it is extended and you have to be under
8:48 am
contract by april 30th. but you are under contract at april 30th. you don't have to close until before june 30th. that is news in the extension am not only for first-time home buyers, but repeat home buyers. if you have owned a home for five years, you are eligible for a 6500 tax credit, dave and then on top raised the income limits and caps. if you are a single individual. taxable under 125,000, you qualified . married couple under $225,000. then you can qualify for the tax credit >> nice to start the new year with good news. >> armed forces have an extra year to take advantage of that. i know a lot of members of the military watching this morning. interest rate concerns people should buy now, why? >> morgan stanly came out last
8:49 am
week and they expect the 10 year bond to go from 3.5 to 5.5 . bill gross seeing interest rates rising. you can see the numbers coming out. these people predicting it. they are predicting mortgage rates up 1.75 percent. get out there and buy. here's what is going to happen. there is a mortoorium on foreclosure. fan yefreedy have seven million hitting the market. there is good buying opportunities. don't just put yourself in the market where you feel you have to go out and buy because of the tax credit. be careful. it is a tough market right now. >> interest rates and the neighborhood of five could go north of eight. some why? >> the government is stopped by mortgage backed securities and they keep printing money and printing money . so what is going to happen. pretty soon we have to pay
8:50 am
back all of the debt and all of the debt comes in the market. one thing i want to point out to everybody. there needs to be an assteric by the average interest rate. what is your credit score in lending continue to tighten. this housing market is not going to recovery soon because of the credit scores. and all right. we appreciate it rodney anderson from rodney anderson lending services. great information. >> and allie what is coming up. >> former vice-president cheney said the obama administration is soft on terror and the white house is hitting back. karl rove is here to weigh in . a mother and her baby literally come back to life after dying in labor. what many are calling a true christmas miracle. we'll talk to the doctor about how this could have happened. that's coming up.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> on christmas eve, a colorado woman went in labor. there is no reason why it should happen. miracle mom doctor. >> dr. stephanie martin in colorado joins us live to talk about good morning, doctor, happy new year.
8:54 am
>> good morn happy new year to you. >> immediate question. certainly the e-mails from the fox newers when it unfolded it was a christmas miracle and the mom coming to life and the baby coming back to life. what went wrong in there something specific that we know of that went wrong in the whole thing? >> we haven't been able to explain why tracey had cardiac. we created a list of different possibilities that we considered that are evaluation afterwards so far has not given us a devinate answer. >> go through the possibilities. some wondered whether it was result of the epidural that we know that the mom had just received m. >> yeah, an thesia complications in labor and surgery can led to cardiac arrest . stopped the influshion of medication and evaluated whether or not it could have caused it. but the way tracey developed
8:55 am
cardiac arrest didn't jive with the possibility of an thesia issue. >> preclamp sia. was that a possibility? >> well, the top three causes for moms to have cardiac arrest and die during pregnancy or hemorage. and blot clot to the lungs and high blood pressure complications . that is unique to pregnancy is prechampsia. and develop proteen in the urine and. >> tracey never had high blood pressure issue and no seizure. now the baby as we understand also not breathing when he was delivered. did that gave you a clue as to perhaps it was a medication that went through both of their systems. >> and when mom has cardiac
8:56 am
arrest all of the blood flow to the uturous stops. it preserves the mom's vital organs and brain and heart and the uterous is low on the list of priorities so it is not unusual for the baby to be suffering distress or stop breathing or have their heart beat stopped. but the treatment is delivery and paying attention to the baby. unfortunately his response doesn't give us clues as to why it happened. is just confirmed what we recognized clinical that tracey was sick and heart not beat not giving blood. ree r thevla
8:57 am
8:58 am
wos inge o ats te dee s d foe t , ew cal thly% raeer swes ne llll ju caesac tuav thci usve n suyo rand tuswne swta™
8:59 am
>> good morning everyone it's january 2nd, 2010. we have a fox news alert. there's new information about the attempted bombing of flight 253 christmas day, a
9:00 am
crust tomorrows official is reversing his story and now saying this a second man on that flight was searched, detained, and then released. so what's that story all about? >> what was that noise, your stomach. >> crayon and watercolors are being used not in kindergarten classes, but a terrorist rehab center, are we getting too soft on those who want to hurt america? >> sounded like you're hungry like for four days. >> listen to the story, they went to a funeral home to mourn of loss of beloved grandmother, but when they looked into the casket they saw another body and the story only gets worse from there. our slogan this hour comes from mark in rochester hills, michigan, when i wake up and stop my snoring i watch "fox & friends" 'cause it's not boring. >> never. >> never. >> hey, this is peter chris from kiss and you're watching
9:01 am
"fox & friends" and all i can say i give a big kiss and god bless to everyone out there. >> wonderful, love peter chris from kiss. >> and that's right up dave's alley. coming up here on the show we're having a wonderful new year, clayton morris, dave briggs, alisyn camerota to for you, we put together funiest 2009 from here on "fox & friends." >> we did? i don't remember signing off. >> our editors. >> aly in the hamster ball. >> i think that makes the cut. >> there's plenty of other moments through the year, what a ridiculous moment. it's funny when you look back, did i really do that. >> i'm alarmed. >> first we start with a very serious story. it appears there may have been something more to the story on the christmas day terror plot aboard northwestern flight 253. it appears there was a second suspicious man aboard this flight.
9:02 am
what happened, it appears another man, not abdul mutallab was handcuffed, someone suspicious, we have two guests on earlier in the week, two toerattorneys aboard e flight who saw something and denied by government officials, here is what they saw. >> the dog found something in one individual's bag and they took this individual away into a room and then about 45 minutes or an hour later they brought him back out, put him in handcuffs and took him away, so, we don't know if it was just to take him to another area to question him further, if he was arrested, we're not really sure. >> not arrested. he was not arrested he was released. >> that's what they're federal agents are saying. >> shortly there of. >> anything they're saying is slightly suspect, it took this many days, that was a week ago this happened and took them this many days to come out and confirm lori haskell's story she told on tuesday they had seen the other man taken away
9:03 am
in handcuffs. interestingly, they told us another part of the story, back at check-in in abbimsterda, they saw mutallab accompanied by a well-dressed man, they thought of indian address, arguing whether they had the proper passport. >> and arguing and he was a sudanese refugee and would not have a passport and you should put him on this plane, and a lot of questions where this guy went, he's been released and federal officials were quiet about it so long and i found it interesting it wasn't the tsa that came forward or anybody else or the fbi admitting to this, what they did with mutallab, it was the u.s. customs and border protection agency that came forward and finally admitted to this detention of this man of indian decent. >> maybe because their sniffer
9:04 am
dogs detected it. >> perhaps. so many other questions about security and how these guys were able to get on a flight in the first place and a lot of people scrambling to figure out ways to make our airports safer. a lot of the people throwing out different ideas, in fact, patdowns, you know the patdowns that people go up and occasionally they'll get them. very rarely do people get them in the first place, now, we know that they don't work at all. they're deemed ineffective by those doing it in the first place. those side patdowns. as you would imagine there are rules, privacy rules that suggest you cannot go close in certain areas and needless to say this was an underwear bomber. even if abdul mutallab would have had a patdown they would not have found the petn stitched in the underwear. what is the point of giving it. there is none. the body scalpers, 119 airports. if you decline the body scanner. the method of screening is a
9:05 am
patdown. >> would you. >> you turn one down, a body patdown. >> and as you say, the tsa says they can take it a step further if they need to and they will go and check certain private parts of your body if they need to. >> male and female. >> they'll take to you a private room. >> that's secondary screening and hopefully they'll see it as necessary rather than hoisting grandmas out of their wheelchairs. i'm been at the airport when i've seen grandmothers or infirm people asked to stand up out of the wheelchairs, as well as babies out of strollers, when, come on, this is why people want profiling, you don't need a baby who's being lugged by both of his parents with toddlers in tow to get out of their stroller. you need somebody who has a strange stamp on the passport or acting strangely to go in and have the thorough secondary screening and also following the days on the 253
9:06 am
fleet we found that one of the master minds of the plot was a guantanamo bay detainee released in 2007 and sent to what you might call jihad or terrorist therapy in saudi arabia. we're finding out this morning exactly the cushy conditions that expect. apparently go from water boarding one day to watercolors the next? >> all in an effort they say at this terrorist reconditioning center to get in touch with your feelings, to get rid of the jihady feelings in your body, watercolor, painting, playing video games, perhaps racquetfall with your fellow friend, this is no joke. this is happening in saudi arabia. >> he think all of this-- i know you're going to jump on me for this, there's no problem as long as it's in prison. on your way out it to be released, nobody is watching them, they're just coloring and drawing and then we know that at least one of the guys, possibly two, did go on back
9:07 am
to yemen and become a leader in al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, there's no follow-up, when you're in prison at least they follow you. >> how does that deradicalize you. and on your anti-americanism. >> it's supposed to allow you, if you draw, this is what they have them do. draw a picture of the aftermath of a car bomb. >> i'm sorry, what world are you living in if you think that works? >> you will supposedly get in touch with the consequences of your actions and how it feels to have people-- >> some people have to get in touch. >> this is an awful methodology. >> they can do whatever they want in prison, this is the point, but don't then release them claiming they're cured which is what happened if i return to the battlefield as a leader. >> and putting them together in one school where they can commiserate with one another doesn't seem like a smart move. they have to receive secretive stealthy ways to communicate. get them together where they can draw and chore together.
9:08 am
>> 108 of them guantanamo bay detainees and graduated. >> our department of homeland security went to look at it and concluded it was no help whatsoever in fighting terrorism. in the meantime, your headlines. what's happening at this hour, we have a fox news alert. the death toll from the bombing at a volleyball game in northwest pakistan keeps going up. police say now that 96 people have been killed. they believe the bombing was in retaliation for village errs joining the fight against the taliban. they say it will not help to deter or defeat militants in their countries. a flagship is hijacked off somalia. there are no british nationals on board the ship called "the asian glory", forbes say 25 people on board including eight bulgarians and romanians and indians and ukraineups and reports show there have been repeated acts of piracy against shipping vessels in
9:09 am
that area in recent years. the white house granted a waiver to allow a top terrorism official for the attempted bombing of flight 253 on christmas day. jn brenen, the deputy advisor for homeland security and counterterrorism used to be the ceo of an intel against firm that helped create the terror watch list. the white house says that br brennan has no financial ties and in the review of his former firm. >> the miracle on the hudson instead of a disaster, because of this hero, you know him well. this year, captain sully sullenberger was honored at the roses parade in pasadena, the theme was everyday heroes, who more perfect to headline it. the parade was before the rose bowl and something happened yesterday that hadn't happened in ten years and we keep teasing that, dave, are we ever going to air that. >> we'll talk more about the big ten coming up, but can you
9:10 am
believe that was almost a year ago, january 15th. >> oh. >> sully sullenberger, unbelievable how time flies. >> here is another unbelievable story for you. officials in connecticut are trying to figure out how in the world did this happen. how did they accidentally cremate at a funeral home the wrong body. >> oh, goodness. >> this is unbelievable. a family goes into the funeral, going into the wake there to see their-- the funeral of their loved one, they look over the casket, turns out that's not grandma in the casket, that's somebody else and then oh, by the way, we accidentally cremated your grandmother. >> cremated her thinking it was someone else. here is what the funeral home is saying now. quote, the funeral home is working closely with the family to resolve the physical situation and extend our most sincere condolences to them te challenging time from the buck brothers funeral home in connecticut. what's also disturbing is frank, who is 95-year-old mother passed away he says that appeared that they tried
9:11 am
to make this other woman, who is named shirley hollis, look like his mom. so appeared they were trying to cover up the fact that they cremated the wrong person. maybe they realized their mistake before the funeral and maybe they did try to make it seem for the family as though it was still their 95-year-old beloved mother and grandmother. who wouldn't know that it was their relative? i mean, that part is ludicrous, but it's hardly tragic because as you point out there's no fixing it. this one is for good. yeah, police say they don't expect any critical charges to be filed, but the department of public health there in connecticut is still looking into it, seeing and deciding what the next step will be for that funeral home. >> the lawsuit and the lawsuit is a slam-dunk. let's get to rick reichmuth with more upbeat news we hope, rick or-- >> just a little bit negative. minus 40, that helps. >> such a beautiful morning, have you ever been in temps that cold? >> no. >> yes. >> i lived in montana and in montana we got the temperatures.
9:12 am
didn't you when you lived in rapid city. >> not minus 40 my friend. >> this is wind chills, what it feels like, still, that's extreme. actual air temperatures around minus 10, minus 15 around the areas so brutally cold air here and it's going to stay that way for a lot of this coming week and we've got temperatures that are going to be moderate ago little bit and then the cold air comes back, but the front has moved down across the south and cold air even florida, you see 40's, if you've got minus 14 you think it's not that bad, but if you're in florida it doesn't feel that good. not a whole lot in the way of snow in the country except for across areas of new england where it's been a pretty dry time for much of this winter so far, but this is a big storm that's going to get blocked and not be able to move off towards the east and in fact, migrate towards the west and new england today and tomorrow and start on monday and the wind is really going to pick up across the great lakes and we'll see the lake effect snow and some cases up to about two feet of snow by the time this is done into the
9:13 am
day tuesday and cold air really comes in for a lot of the country this week. >> see you, rick. >> skiing. >> i'm ready. >> and polar plunging. a war of words between the white house and former vice-president dick cheney, he says the president is just pretending we are at war. we're going to ask cheney's former colleague karl rove about that ahead. >> apartment lit best of "fox & friends." i don't remember approving this. >> bacon suit approved. >> i would have liked to zoo some of these clips before we air them, but i won't get that option. >> and dave in a hamster ball. >> the clippers. >> oh, yeah, the clippers. >> and a lot of embarrassing stuff all morning. >> oh, good, it's coming up. try scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel.
9:14 am
stamp it in and for a whole week... it cleans and freshens. toilet cleaning gel. the freshest way to keep a toilet clean. and it lasts up to 6 weeks. now that's great value. sc johnson, a family company.
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>> >> welcome back here to "fox & friends."
9:16 am
former vice-president dick cheney is questioning president obama my suggestion-- suggesting, excuse me, that he's too soft on terror. we're joined this morning by former senior advisor to president george w. bush and fox news contributor charles rove, nice to see you. same to you, happy new year. >> now what vice-president cheney said this week, he said that president obama is quote, trying to pretend we are not at war and is making america less safe. he says, he seems to think that it's better to lawyer up and read them these criminals their miranda rights and we won't be at war referring to mutallab on christmas day on the northwest airlines flight. do you agree first of all, with what voip dick cheney is talking about? >> well, the white house immediately shot back and says that president says we're at war. i think that vice-president has a point. if you're at war you don't treat hims a criminal defendant, you treat him as a combatant. when you get somebody on the
9:17 am
battlefield you don't turn them over to a lawyer and say i'm not going to say anything. you put them in the hands of the cia and fbi and military interrogators and squeeze out information who they're associated with, who they know, what they know and what's coming next and try to get that information possible. but if you view it as a criminal justice matter, then you say well, we've got to urn it-- we've got to get them a lawyer and give him miranda rights and tell them they don't have to tell us anything. >> you know what democrats are saying about this of course, comparing what happened with richard reid the shoe bomber and says exactly what the bush administration did with him, treated him as a criminal and he's in a super max prison. how is that any different? >> remember, the time frame. the military tribunal act had just been passed by congress in 2002 or 2001. richard reid just got on the
9:18 am
scope and there was a law in which you could process and justice through the military tribunal. and the experience with richard reid helped convince the bush administration, high value targets anybody in this plot like this needed to be treated differently and as a combatant so the information can be gotten from them. every time we did that with a high value target, some of it is in the public record how valuable it is, we learned about other plots on individuals and actors from the high sal targets interrogated and it was the experience of richard reid and how unsatisfactory it was, we got him and convicted him and what we ought to be interested in this, all the connections and information we can glean that will lead us to others and keep other plots from being launched. >> vice-president cheney released and gave this statement to and they penned an op-ed piece and quoting, saying that dick cheney is wrong about this, i
9:19 am
want your take on this. obama, president obama had basically adopted the same general approach to homeland security that is similar to president bush's plan. there's been no huge increase in homeland security budget, no radical makeover of intelligence agencies, therefore that vice-president cheney's criticism of president obama might ab reflection of his own administration. what's your take on that? >> i think that politico is wrong on this. there have been several changes, they do treat the people at criminal defendants not combatants. they're taking them out of the military tribunal system and putting them into the criminal justice system in a high profile in new york which is going to cause all kinds of problems, we're going to reveal sources and methods and then we're going to give them a huge international platform to blast the united states and to inflame the islamic world. i mean, there are big changes. granted a lot of what they've-- a lot they've kept, but that highlights that the changes they've made and the changes they've made have been very, very bad.
9:20 am
i mean, you know, this idea that if we get an enemy combatant we're going to treat them as somebody trying to knock off the 7-eleven and lawyer them up and tell them you have a right to remain silent. we ought to be taking that person and sending them to gitmo and saying now what, we want to know everything you can tell us and you know, we instead we're telling them, hey, now, here is the system, game it for your advantage. if you want to, if you want say, i'll give you a bit of information, but you have to take the death penalty off the table and then i'm going to force you to reveal sources a he methods and broadcast them to the world. >> you pen add piece for the wall street journal for new years resolutions for our political leaders, more with karl rove in a minute. including his own maybe new year's resolution, he's got one for joe biden, desiree rogers. over the past year we'll show some of the most embarrassing moments.
9:21 am
i don't think that karl is involved in this.
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> time for one of our favorite segments. karl rove unplugged. after 2009 we're looking for a blank slate. karl rove has new year's resolutions for lawmakers, you penned this in the wall street journal. vice-president joe biden, what's your resolution for him. >> stop speaking out publicly, every time he does so the obama white houses uses it to make the president look goodbye comparison and causes people to wonder why biden got picked in the first place. >> that's a good resolution. >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi, your resolution for her? >> start treating those pet blue dogs better or else she'll lose votes. we're in election year, a lot
9:24 am
of them will say i can't vote for a san francisco liberal and survive back home. and elections. janet napolitano secretary of homeland security. what should we do? >> resolve to be reassuring, how unnerving for her to go out and say the system worked on sunday, when on friday the system had clearly broken down. >> senate majority leader harry reid, a resolution for you as well. >> enjoy your last term in the united states senate, the only way he's going to win is if nevada republicans bust each other up so badly he can eradiate whoever dominates. his numbers in nevada are dreadful and deservedly so. >> and bell nelson as well. >> desiree rogers, perhaps the person responsible letting in the party crashers. >> yeah, follow santa claus, make a list and check it twice, preferably at the white house gates. >> good solution there. >> the dnc chairman tim kane what should he do, his
9:25 am
resolution? >> facetiously he should get prepared for a bad year, he's going to have one. he ought to focus on getting president obama to raise him a lot of money and focus on states where the democrats are in control of the reschool districting from cess, not only a bad 2010, a bad 2012 congressional election, we reapportion and the congressional seats in 2011. >> what about the republican party as whole, the g.o.p. as a whole for the new year? >> well, my resolution, my suggested resolution there was don't sit on your laurels. you've done a good job in winning the battle for public opinion, but they've got to be prepared to tell the american people what they want to do in 2010. they can't just surf to victory on the basis of dissatisfaction with president obama and congressional democrats. they've got to be prepared to take the next step which is to say here is what we do about spending and deficits and taxes and health care and the other issues and jobs, the other issues that the american people care about.
9:26 am
>> now, you picked on all the of these guys here, resolution for karl rove in 2010. what is karl rove's resolution? >> my resolution is to read a book a week in 2010. i've got-- i was writing my own in 2009 and so i got out of the habit, but i'm going to get back in the swing of it with a book a week in 2010. one for you. >> what's that? >> i've got some resolutions for you. clayton, first of all, i want you to get some therapy in order to stop picking on alisyn. >> thank you, karl. >> and while you're at it, take dave in there so that dave gets some therapy to help him stand up for alisyn when you come after her like you do all the time and alisyn, marb har shal arts class so next time he tries to stuff new a trunk. >> karl, you'll never get over that. >> one on my mind, what book are you going to start with, one of the oprah book club
9:27 am
books? >> paul johnson's short biography of winston churchi churchill, and now i'm reading a fantastic book, he i juggle a couple at the same time "age of wonder". you spent new year's eve, what did you do. >> went to west texas at the persimmon grant ranch and we were hunting and invited to hunt blue quail and pheasant and dove at the ranch in west texas. >> you shot quail, you shot a dove, karl? >> a christmas-- >> they're very tasty, very tasty. >> a beautiful white dove fluttered out of the bush and carl eight it f carl-- karl ate it for dinner. >> karl, happy new year to you, i appreciate you having my back.
9:28 am
>> she doesn't need you againeding you. >> happy new year, alisyn, happy new year everybody. >> a book a week. >> i might read a book a month. >> dave is going to start with "super fudge" this year. more controversy surrounding president obama-- >> super fudgements like nancy drew. >> this guy here who says he mischaracterized his km. >> we have our home depot, mike cartozza. >> i have some comics, the archies. >> we're going to talk about carpeting, if you're in the market for new carpet, the basics of what you choose and how you choose it and how you extend the life of that carpet. >> enough picking on me, i read to my kids every night. rick, what's going on with the weather? >> hey, you know what we've
9:29 am
got texas and louisiana out here, is it cold? >> a little colder than it is in louisiana. >> all right, there you go. we'll tell you how cold and how long it's going to be with us. be right back.
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> welcome back everybody. alisyn camerota here with dave briggs and clayton morris. senators have been rallying around president obama's pick to head the tsa even though we're learning that some senators may have known that this gentleman mischaracterized his testimony when they vote today advance his nomination. joining us to talk more about this from washington is caroline shively. tell us what the problem is here, caroline. >> alisyn, surely more controversy picking up. some senators knew before they voted to confirm errol
9:32 am
southers, that he mischaracterized an incident in his past, 20 years ago when he was a fbi agent and accessed confidential records about his ex-wife's boyfriend twice. he told a senate committee he asked a police officer to get those records, but a day after the vote southers admitted he was the one who did the searches. southers says the incorrect testimony was inadvertent. he couldn't remember what he had done back in 1988 even it got him a censure from the fbi. susan collins from maine, says she suspected it at the hearing, but approved it. now see says she's satisfied with the explanation. >> jim demint isn't. originally blocked over originally fearing he'd unionize tsa. now concerned he can't tell the truth. hair i reid pushed for a quick firm confirmation vote, but he
9:33 am
might have a fight on his hand. >> i always think of recess from elementary school. not the same thing. >> on the playground. i wish i got two or three weeks off for recess. >> that would be nice. in the meantime, your headlines. what's happening at this hour, start with a fox news alert, there's a new warning from iran. the country says the west has until the end of the month to accept tehran's counter proposal to u.n. drafted plan on nuclear exchange or iran will begin making its own nuclear fuel. the proposal says the west must sell tehran the fuel or swap it for iran's enriched uranium. if no deal is made. iran says it will enrich to a higher level. this sounds like a no win deal for the rest of us. the country miss-- dismissed i should say an end of 2009 deadline on the u.n. drafted deal to swap enriched uranium for nuclear fuel. the deal would have reduced iran's capabilities to make nuclear weapons. iraq says it will sue five blackwater security guards for
9:34 am
the deaths of 17 unarmed civilians. the u.s. federal judge dropped all charges against the men this week saying the prosecutors made numerous mistakes in the investigation and the iraqi government is urging prosecutors to appeal the ruling and news of the charges being dropped has angered many in the arab world. president obama is placing the blame for the failed bombing attempt on northwest flight 253 on an al-qaeda affiliate in yemen. in his weekly radio address the president promised to fix the security situation. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure our hard working men and women in our intelligence law enforcement and homeland security communities have the tools and resources they need to keep america safe, this includes making sure these communities and the people in them are coordinating effectively and are held accountable at every level. >> the president also says that the u.s. will continue its partnership with yemen to fight extremists there. the annual mummers parade in philadelphia goes off without
9:35 am
a hitch on new year's day. my cousins are always involved in this and love this spectacular parade. >> yes, there's my cousin right there. >> hey. >> and the parade is filled with caostumes and pageantry and best costumes in string bands, fancy brigades and the parade sun with of the longest running conditions in the country. ban in 1900 as an official event for the city and the parade has been going since the 1800's to celebrate the new year. the west parade in the countries. >> what is the mummers parade, they've got a mummers museum, my home city, i was born on new year's eve and got to see the next on new year's eve a parade. and my mom says that's why it's for you. >> ironically that's not why he dressed as 3 cp.
9:36 am
the king of talk was rushed to a hospital in hawaii, rush limbaugh was released yesterday. the good news his heart is feeling fine. he did not have a heart attack. he does not have heart disease although he did weigh in on the condition of our health care here in the united states. >> the treatment i received here was the best that the world has to offer. and based on what happened to me here, i don't think there's one thing wrong with the american health care system. it's working just fine, just dandy. >> and of course, he experienced pain in the upper left portion of his chest about a day or two after he was playing golf, playing golf in hawaii and rushed to the hospital and you've got to take this stuff seriously and had advice for somebody else who might start having chest pain. good advice. >> i'm 58, will be 59 in a couple of weeks and you start thinking about these kinds of things. don't mess with it. anytime you have heart pain or
9:37 am
chest pain and you have no idea what it is and it's something you've never experienced before, turn it over to professionals. right off the bat. . >> sure, he's breathing a sigh of relief because he says the doctors found no heart damage, no heart disease, no arterial disease, no blockage, but it still has to be pretty nerve wracking not to know what caused the chest pain though there are many, living proof how it could have been-- >> a similar situation. >> you had a spasm and i think i heard him say the doctors thought that was one theory, an esophageal spasm. >> yeah, the doctor was here earlier and quite frequently masks as her things and could be related to the diet or stress and not your heart at all. he's back on the air, run reporter are you still taking addictive pain killers he admitted a problem years ago. no he's not. he's taking prednisone for the pain in his back, not the pain
9:38 am
killers reported about. >> and he's expected back on the air. >> wednesday. >> let's check with rick reichmuth with a check of your forecast. >> hey, guys, it's a little bit cold. are you cold? >> uh-huh. >> cold, how cold? >> cold like freezing like an ice pop. >> that's cold, she's right. take a look at the temperatures right now, cold air is settled in across the eastern two-thirds of the countries and this is your feels-like temperature. feels like minus 32 in minneapolis ands only feels like 17 here. better than minus 32 i've got to tell you and move forward, i think we've got, here we go the satellite radar picture and through cuba, colder air in florida and snow across parts of the north and headed towards northern nupping and one storm is going to continue to bring significant snow across much of new england for the next couple of days. all right, take a look at some video. it's this time of year, we've got the polar plunge. all of these people who are doing, look at this, austin,
9:39 am
texas not that bad if you're in austin or nashville doing the polar plunge and in colorado, in minnesota, would you do that? >> yeah, absolutely. >> maybe for about 12 seconds and then i'm out. >> all right, okay. we've got some takers. we're going to get a bucket of water out here and have you dive in in a second. there you go. >> thank you, rick, i'll join them. while we're ripping in the new year, why not give your home an upgrade and new carpet. mike cartozzo from home depot and my floor director will be bummed if i don't say cut a rug. >> all morning. >> first the style of carpet you're looking for? >> when you think about carpet, obviously, that's the first thing you think about is the style and color because those are the two most obvious choices you have. let's quickly review the types of carpet out there. there's texture, the smooth velvety look, probably the most popular, everybody had
9:40 am
that in their house one time or another. up one step from that is the twist carpet and you can see this is literally twisted a bit more, so it's got a bit more character to it. a bit of a pattern to it, over this. and then loop carpet, berber is a great example of that. goes with anything first of all and great at hiding traffic pattern and this is great for a high traffic kwar. >> and great if you have kids. >> kids, exactly. >> mopping up spills is a little easier. >> and the other thing is color, you mentioned color, it used to be that people that had kids and pets want add darker color to hide some accidents and things that happened, but these days carpets have come so far, technologically, that they're so much easier to clean, really not as much of an issue, it's a personal preference. >>, but the thicker, the more expensive. >> not necessarily, just depends on how it's put together and density of it, a lot of things determine that. >> okay. under that, don't save money here on the padding because it's important. you don't see it, but it's key, right? >> well, that's a mistake that people make, they think because you don't see it it doesn't matter. it does. any padding is going to do its
9:41 am
job, but the better the padding, the better he, not just the feel of the padding what people think of. >> it's nice on the feet when you're walking around in slippers and bare feet. >> it's thicker and protects the carpet from the floor because it's on the subflooring, the more you walk on it more wear and tear and going to extend the life of your carpet the better padding. >> how long might we get out of some of the carpets. >> depends, depends. >> you could get 20 years? >> a lot of the newer carpets you can get a 20 year warranty, made to last. >> innovations here, i mentioned it earlier, a lot of innovation in carpet and these carpets look like any other carpet which is great because you'd think they're advanced and do the special things they might look or feel different, they don't, but let's talk about this first. this is smart strand from dupo dupont. this has a lifetime warranty for stain warranty. the starn stain resistance is
9:42 am
built in the fiber of the carpet. much more resistent to the staining, it's not going to wear off wash off, is it's in there forever. very, very stain resistent. >> very kid friendly. >> this is amazing the purist collection, made to absorb odors out of the air. if you've got a smoker in the house, cook a lot, have pets. this chemically absorbs the odors out of the air and over time kind of decomposes the gases so it really cleans the air. so if you're sensitive to those things this is a great choice for you. >> perfect for those cat lovers out there. and this is not a simple test to install. you guys do that. >> we take care of it. a great deal unheard of. any kind of carpet, any manufacturer, any style, any number of rooms, it doesn't matter how big. $97 for basic installation, no matter how many rooms. >> six or seven bedroom home
9:43 am
still $97. >> still $97 and quickly the cleaning of the carpet, a lot of services to clean the carpet. we offer chem dry, a safer, drier cleaner way to dry the carpet. if you're sensitive to bleaches, cleansers and soaps. what they do they infuse the carpets with millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles and loosen the carpet. a great healthy way to clean your carpet. >> that's stuff i can use in my house. mike cartozza happy new year to you. home for information. a passenger snuffed out a flaming bomb with his hands on northwest flights 253. should your own safety be left in your hands? the former head of el al airlines on why terrorists didn't mess with his planes next. and also the best and worst of "fox & friends" from '09. not sure if that qualifies as
9:44 am
best or worst. we'll take a walk and a run down memory lane next. [ male announcer ] let's talk about putting our best square foot forward. then let's do more than talk about it. let's turn picturing it into planning it, thinking it over into making it happen. let's say out with the old and in with the new. let's create some wall-to-wall "wow." [ man ] ♪ oh! [ male announcer ] more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get any carpet installed for just 97 bucks -- any brand, any style, any number of rooms.
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just one dose, once a month. >> there were no air marshals on northwest flight 253 when a terror suspect tried to blow up the plane and our next guest says this would never be the case on el al airlines, that's an airline that takes a preemptive approach to safety. and the former head of el al airlines and member of israel's secret service. good to have you. >> thank you, thank you. >> before we get to the air marshal issue, i want to talk to you about profiling. we've been debating whether or not it could work here in the united states. let me play for you with a one
9:47 am
of our military experts has suggested about profiling and get your response? >> people aren't going to like it because it's not politically correct, but every muslim, male, age 18 to 28, 'cause that's the profile we've got to start profiling is going to have to be strip searched. >> does el al, which has such a success story, do you profile every young muslim male? >> no, we interview every passenger, man, woman, whatsoever that's come to take the flight and just to show you that we don't have anything specific against muslims and at least in two cases, non-muslims, one in zurich, switzerland, when german criminal guy was released from jail and he was found by the terrorists, they convinced him to smuggle drugs to tel aviv with el al flight. he believed them because they give him money, but they packed the luggage and they
9:48 am
towed him to the airport. the luggage went through the machine and nothing was identified. only through an interview he had and the questions of good qualified and well-trained guards, we stopped him on the ground. >> yes, and your point is you profile everybody, not just young muslim men, you know all of your your passengers. let's get to the air marshal issue. i think this was important. why was there no air marshal on this international flight from amsterdam. >> i wrote to the authorities the biggest mistake we make in this country, that we don't have air marshals on each flight. it's impossible that el al flight will leave without air marshals. now, we know that we are dealing with sophisticated enemy and my question is very simple, don't you understand they will learn which flight we have air marshals and which flight they don't. >> how will they learn that, through dry runs? >> sure, they can get
9:49 am
information, believe me, by flying regular passengers, to look where are they. i have to tell you that i found air marshals in two seconds, when i kept one of the flights. are we just trying to save money? why aren't we having air marshals on at least international flights. i don't know if we're trying to save money without air marshals, i can tell you from my experience, that this country, we-- the security system collapsed, simply collapsed. we don't take one more step ahead to find out what's wrong with our system. billions of dollars were spent for security system for september 11th. did we have security? definitely not. now, where is the money, billions of dollars, simply "gone with the wind." if you can answer this in a few words because we're out of time. what is the answer, how do we solve this problem in the united states? >> based security system similar to el al. sit with experts, they can explain to you that we must
9:50 am
cover every angle of any department that has connected with every flight. and with this, we cover everything that if something they with try to happen, we can stop them on the ground and to save life. >> i hope that the tsa and the homeland security department has your number. thanks for coming in and telling us all about this. >> thank you very much for having me. >> sure. all right, 2009 saw its share of highlights and, well, low lights. on "fox & friends" up next, a look back at some of our more, well, memorable moments. like clayton in a kilt. i've finally gotten a chance to go to the oscars, it's so thrilling. >> why, you're not-- >> what are you talking about? #ñ
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> well. >> i'm scared. >> you should be. '09 was quite a year here at
9:53 am
"fox & friends," especially on the weekend. you think we can raise the bar in 2010 in terms of. >> embarrassing moments. >> off the charts whackiness. >> raise the bar for rest embarrassing, i don't see how we could. >> more. >> that would be tough. >> best and worst moments of 2009. here it is, roll it. >> this is "fox & friends," your number one morning show for 2009. he's in a giant hamster ball. rick. >> no, no, no! >> don't spin me, i'm in a dress! >> i think this is pretty fun. >> got to get the legs out. >> and we're getting smoked. ♪ . >> this is not a popularity contest i was hoping to win by
9:54 am
the way. >> got it. >> i think i just did it. >> i'm a hunter alisyn and i want to give you a couple of points. you keep that barrel up even if the weapon is unloaded. don't be like this. >> that tease of abraham lincoln? >> oh, yes! >> no hugs on hugging news man dave. dave. >> hey, dave, i know you're a big fan of seinfeld. >> and reminds us of one of our favorite sign feldz. cramer. >> and later i will do the dance. well, she's got it down cold. >> oh, my gosh, better than i thought. >> no, actually you're better
9:55 am
than elaine. >> i really am. ♪ . >> out. >> and back 2, 3. >> my kneecap! >> back 2, 3, 4. >> don't look under my kilt alisyn. >> i've finally gotten a chance to go to the ors cars, it's thrilling. >> what are you talking about? what are you guys doing in l.a., wow na suit, yes, interesting, they're wearing a wet suit and a business suit. >> i love it. >> ♪
9:56 am
♪ >> i got so many e-mails you were wearing a snuggie on oprah. >> take a look. >> . >> this is going to do it for "fox & friends" this saturday and we have great stuff coming up for you tomorrow. >> oh, well done. >> i want to watch this show now, that was really good! >> that's the highest praise right there. >> that really is from himself. we did a lot of dance. >> i should be a lot thinner. >> for all of your activity. >> and dancing and wii fit. >> we didn't show the montage of you eating. >> that's next. rick's favorite moment was cut out the hug-a-news man across the street and randomly--
9:57 am
>> what happened. >> he got a nice firm grasp. >> yeah, somebody got a double feel. >> grabbed by behind, a random vagrant on the street. >> you tried to hug him to be nice and he copped a feel. >> if you do a youtube search, ail mind that moment. >> in a couple of minutes ewe can only hope. no doubt. >> i want to see the flippers.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> welcome back here to "fox & friends." >> hi, welcome back. >> do you have any tweets? >> you know, i threw out that karl rove mentioned he shot a dove on christmas. or, no, new year's eve when he went hunting and people say it's good eating. >> a dove is good eating. >> no another one said it tastes like flying rat. not something you want to eat. >> flying rat. >> quail is good. >> do you have anything about


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