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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 6, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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now you know the news for this january 6, 2010. i'm shepard smith. nice to be in your place tonight. mr. bill not happy about it at all. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> the system has failed and it's my responsibility to find out why and to correct that failure. >> but what happens if terrorism does occur again on mr. obama's watch? would that be the end of his administration? we'll analyze. >> he was directed to carry out the attack from al-qaeda. >> dennis miller wants in on that. >> please forgive me because i'm a little bit. >> is mariah carey intoxicated on this award show? we'll show you the tape and you make the call. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, "the factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will al-qaeda destroy the obama administration? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. some conservatives are saying the president does not take terrorism seriously enough. but that's not the case any longer. yesterday the president was deadly serious about stopping any more terrorist attacks against americans. mr. obama is a smart guy. he knows that he's got three strikes against him now, but he's not out. he is, however, to therring. when a muslim terrorist killed one soldier, wounded another in arkansas, the press pretty much ignored it. then fort hood, the president never called it an act of terrorism. then the underwear bomber struck on christmas day. initially the president called him an isolated extremist. that's three strikes in six months. now there is trouble in the air.
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most americans will not stand for poor security. the obama administration has dismantled so many of the bush-cheney anti-terror programs, ones that worked, that the president finds himself in a very precarious situation. perception in many quarters that the obama administration cares more about the rights of terrorists than protecting the american people. that may not be fair, but the perception is out there. if al-qaeda manages another terror strike again the usa in the upcoming months, president obama will be in serious trouble. he knows it. that's why he looked so grim yesterday. al-qaeda also knows it. those killers understand the chaos they're causing. of course, they want to build on that. politic social security a foolish game. trying to demean people with opposing points of view. but killing 3,000 people on 9-11 and coming close to killing 300 people on christmas day. that trumps politics. the president is making a big mistake by trying foreign terrorists in civilian courts,
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outlawing interrogation and giving the world perception that america's war on terror is not a noble undertaking. we are not the problem. al-qaeda is. by the way, they have no rights, none. if they did, why is president obama shooting drones at them without a trial? think about it. the president is dropping bombs on suspected terrorists. no trial. no interrogation. but then he turns around and gives khalid shaikh mohammed, who admits planning the murder of 3,000 people lawyers and a civilian trial. that make any sense to you? issue of terrorism could well bring down the obama administration. one more, one more successful attack on this country and all hell will break loose. that's a memo. the top story, the president's approval ratings entering his second year in office. rasmussen poll says 49% of americans approving his job
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performance. 51% disapprove. the gallup poll has 44% disapproving. 50% approving. they say that's among the lowest approval ever for a president entering his second year. interesting footnote, ronald reagan had a similar number during his second year. dick morris, one of the finest political web sites in the country. you disagree with me on this. i was going to throw you out of the studio. >> no. >> i said, you know, i tease morris and i can't throw him out. >> my shading is a little different than yours. >> let me hear the shading. >> it's not one more attack and he's out. >> come on. come on. >> it's not. a series of attacks, if al-qaeda keeps doing this. >> three times in six months. >> yeah. we keep having more of these. it's going to be very, very serious for him. and the reason is not just the perception that he's weak on terror. and not just the perception that he doesn't give it the importance that it deserves and
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affords them too many rights. a perception can and will grow that obama is too weak and that he's incompetent. >> it's already there. let me stop you. here is why you're wrong. morris is desperately wrong. you're cheney, hammering them. sarah palin on her facebook page, chews them yesterday. here are the two strongest voices right now on the gop side. cheney because he's speaking out and palin on the ascent. they're both saying the same thing. this guy has no clue how to protect american asks you're telling me it's an anisse i can't form? huh-uh. it's there. >> let me try to explain what i mean here. you have the series of issues against obama that are the right fighting the left. >> health care, stimulus, all that, right. >> this is an issue where when it's dealing with civil rights and guantanamo bay is a right-left issue. when it's dealing with things
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like imcompetence and keeping people off airplanes or not having the no fly list be comprehensive or the kinds of mistakes that took place here, it's not ideological. it affects all americans. >> right. >> therefore, it represents a kind of blanket attack on mr. obama, which i think could be very, very effective and very devastating. i may not be as far as you are in terms of its effect right now. bear in mind, those approval ratings are up for him. >> it's christmas and people are feeling better. next week they'll be down again. here is what you're missing and you are missing it and you usually don't. americans and you're right, this is not an ideological issue. protecting americans from killers is not ideological. it's life and death. we now have three in six months. >> the first one was in afghanistan. >> that's different. that's not on american soil. okay? arkansas was two soldiers, media didn't cover it. then it blew up at fort hood.
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now this guy in detroit coming in. okay. we haven't had an outcry where you haven't had tea party people screaming and i'll tell you what, one more, if they blow up a mall and you got dead american children, you're going to sit there and tell me that's not going to ruin the obama administration with all the other things he dismantled? you're wrong. >> i may be converted. >> i like to see you keep an open mind. we got hill coming up behind you. i hope he's watching because just picture out -- and i don't like to use you and know me, i do not like to use hypotheticals. i don't. but you're going too tell me that al-qaeda doesn't think it's got an advantage right now? and they want to hear this. >> the fascinating thing is that it takes place at a time when he has made such a big deal over talking to the muslim street, opening up america to islam, and being effective to the arab community and it's being shown as being completely ineffectual.
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>> one thing he has done and the best point i had on my talking points memo is he is shooting drones at people without a trial. the whole village gets killed. everybody is dead. he's shooting drones at them. that's just the toughest thing he's doing. number one, he doesn't talk about it very much. he doesn't talk that up. but number two, there is no trial. he's just bang, you're dead. >> but why he's allowing this nigerian to be prosecuted -- >> it's crazy! that's my point. >> i mean, if there was ever a case for water boarding, this is it. >> right. 52% of americans want him water boarded. and you wouldn't have to water board him. you show him the water board and this guy would give it up. you see the hat on him. you show him the water board he gives it up. you don't have to dunk him. >> the other point is the stuff that he says after we dunk him should not be admissible against him in criminal court. we still have a -- >> i didn't hear about that. >> we just want to know how he
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got 3,000 bucks, who sent him to amsterdam, what cell trained him in yemen, who the guys are. >> that's right. >> look, to be fair, they may have already gotten that from him. >> but the point i'm making is that you have a cheney and you have sarah palin attacking him for being weak on terror. >> yes. killer. >> a lot of americans are not prepared to say that, but what they are prepared to say is he's weak and incompetent. >> that's a good point. i won't even go that far. a lot of americans aren't going to say that he's weak on terrorism, but -- >> he's a weak person. >> there is doubt now. unless you're a hard core nb -- >> this is a second front in the war on obama. >> listen to me for a minute. unless you are a kool-aid drinking, i don't care, as long as liberal, i'm going to support him, there is doubt in your mind now. am i safe? is my family safe? you get hit one more time, particularly if there are children or women killed, innocent civilians killed, you don't think that's going to
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backlash on him? >> sure, it will. >> so i've converted you? >> you have. o'reilley is right. >> i love those words. >> too bad you didn't bet a dinner. >> now, can the president, in his current position, turn it around? can he do something to be a tough guy? >> yes. and you just saw him do that. this failure, it was terrible. he starts during that, that's why his ratings are up three or four points right now, because he was doing that. but over the long haul, there are three things that could bring him down. one is his failure in the war on terror. number two is his failure in the economy. and number three, his success in passing that health care bill because it takes effect, is going to turn people off. >> next week we're going to go into the health care. we want to see what they come up with. >> and, by the way, the greatest disease next to the h1n1 virus
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that's sweeping washington is democratic retirement. that send has message to the voters that the democrats know they're in trouble. >> all right. go to dick later, reports on the underwear bomber. can't wait to hear that.
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will terrorism bring down the obama administration? with us now, professor marco month hill teaches at columbia university. you hear us and you read my talking points memo. >> you converted him. >> because we're logical people here. >> you ran right over him. >> if you're not going to agree with me, you better have a powerful argument because this is all about emotion. this is all about emotion. >> there are some issues i think you're right about and some you're way wrong.
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first of all, his poll numbers aren't low because of his treatment of the war on terror. >> i would agree with that. >> but they're going to go down further if there is another attack big time. >> perhaps. it depends on his response to it. i think over the last week, he's gotten more and more intense. >> no doubt about that. >> you saw the numbers go up. you say it's because of christmas, but i think it's because people like his response. >> maybe. >> it's absolutely the case. >> but they don't like the fact that the underwear bomber is in civilian court. all the polls show that. >> then you're rejecting the scientific information, you as a professor should be ashamed. >> no, no. i think people are reactionary and at the moment may say, you know what, i want him water boarded. i want him getting a military court. they may want that right now, but in the long-term, a big chunk will appreciate the civilian court process. when mohammed was found guilty and they're executed, the american people will be fine with it. >> that will be in ten years when you'll be president or something like that.
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now, look, do you think president obama has been tough enough on al-qaeda, because al-qaeda has momentum now. no doubt they do. has he been tough enough on them? >> i think he has been tough enough. i think the question is has he been projecting toughness sufficiently? that's two different issues. i think he's doing the right things in terms of toughness. the thing is, you wait until monday to speak out. when you have people like napolitano saying the system worked properly, those are public relations gap to make him seem soft. >> you think he's doing the right thing in policy, but doesn't look tough. >> he doesn't look tough. >> now. you have to answer this question and don't dodge it. >> it's the no spin zone. >> that's right. he's ordering drones dropped on people who have not been convicted of anything, have not been read their rights, don't have is a lawyer, maybe innocent and he kills other people sitting at the table with them. with drones. that's what he's doing. >> absolutely. >> how can you square that with a guy like khalid shaikh mohammed, being dragged in to a $100 million dog and pony show in new york city?
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why don't you just drop a drone on him? >> bill, bill, bill. i can see there is a contradiction between some of his military actions abroad and what he's doing here domestically. >> you concede that. >> i do. as a leftist, i always had a problem with what he's doing abroad. >> you wouldn't drop the drones? >> absolutely not. war is necessary sometimes. remember, i had a very different stance on iran. but with this particular issue with afghanistan, i think it's different. with terrorism, it's different. >> we're talking al-qaeda. >> i'm saying the response is dictated by the circumstance. i'm saying in this particular circumstance, civilian trials make sense, but there is a contradiction. if anything, you'll see his polls go down because those on the left, antiwar, will continue to see him sending drones, continue to see him ramping up troops in afghanistan. >> how can you be antiwar when someone is attacking you? i don't get how you can be antiwar when al-qaeda is continually attacking us. how do you square that? >> i'm not antiwar of necessity,
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i'm antiwar of choice. >> we're talk being this war, against al-qaeda. >> that's what antiwar means. it. >> so you're pro-war against al-qaeda? >> i'm absolutely for that. >> you're for that? >> i have no problem with that. i think obama has been stern about saying he has no problems with that. >> dropping drones on them. >> but the question is, do the american people perceive him as being sufficiently tough? >> no, they don't. >> those of us on the left they he may be overreacting. >> you guys don't have the numbers. again, i'm sorry to use the hypothetical. we usually don't do that, but we are basing it on facts. al-qaeda knows it has an advantage now. it knows it has disrupted world wide commerce because of this. >> you think al-qaeda has an advantage on the united states government and military right now? >> i think al-qaeda has an advantage because this stupid thing where this guy couldn't ignite the little bomb in his underpants has caused a massive
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disruption of commerce all over the world. that's a victory for al-qaeda. >> they have a victory. they have momentum, but they do not have an advantage on the united states. >> they have an advantage that our massive bureaucracy has not caught every -- is not capable of catching every guy with a bomb in his underwear. >> even with the underwear guy, it wasn't -- >> the point is, these guys are sitting in pakistan and yemen saying, we got to do this again and do it fast. you agree with that? >> absolutely. >> so say they do do it again and are successful, obama is done. >> but he has a -- if we learn anything in politics, is people have nine lives. but it will be a major hit if he does not respond appropriately. >> what is he going to do? >> he has to be more hawkish than george bush was on 9-12. >> if we get hit again, he will not get lengthed again --
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elected. bush was elected again because of his response to 9-11. >> there is no doubt about that. >> and the converse will be true. >> why can't we say that obama has the same capacity to respond to a crisis? >> he has to do something unbelievably aggressive, which would make you break out in hives. >> you're absolutely right. that's what he did in afghanistan. >> i have no idea what he said in the last 12 seconds, but it's great to see you. >> you have to rewind the tape. >> here is the first poll question of the year for you. do you support airport security the way it is now? as chaotic as it is now, do you support it? is it good for your security, yes or no? directly ahead, what's the best place to live, where is the best place to live in the world? the country may surprise you. what's up with mariah carey? [ laughter ]
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oh, my goodness. >> that's the way i feel. those reports after these messages. 
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last year the united states was ranked the third best place to live on the planet. this year we've slipped to number seven. so what is the most attractive country? wait for it. france. according to the international living magazine people. can you believe it? the cone hides are thrilled. joining us now from london, by the way of the uk did not even break into the top ten, neil sean, syndicated columnist right across the sea from france. france? why is france the best place on earth in which to live?
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>> well, the thing is, anybody who has ever been to france, particularly paris, the way it's sold to you as a country is very much of elegance, fast indication. for those americans who have visited, they obviously do enjoy that particular country. and plus the fact you've also had in the last year this sort of emergence, if you like, of a relatively good looking president and a very stunning ex-model wife, of course. which is possibly helped along to keep it going for the last five years. >> let's talk lifestyle rather than pr. they cite the great health care in france. france is a quasi socialistic country, provides intelligencements, like most nation there is do. is the health care great there? if i get a cold there, will i be thrilled with the way they treat me? >> it is. on those factors you're spot on because they really look after their people and obviously
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visitors and people who are wanting to go live in their country. >> all right. let's give france credit. they have a good health care system. their transportation system is pretty good, although the chunnel thing collapsed and people were stranded in there. but the perception and i think i'm right on this, not only among americans b among the british, but they're a bunch of rude people and we really don't like to go there that much and if we have to talk to them. so i don't know. are the french rude? are they unhappy people? >> i'm glad you brought that up. here in britain, we do have this love-hate relationship with them. we all perceive that french people are slightly, shall we say, up in the air. they're not warm and friendly like americans. but i was in paris a couple weeks ago, just prior to christmas, and there was a difference of attitude. i think the younger generation are more westernized and see a warmth and a sort of -- >> that's good to hear. i haven't been there in a while. >> i blame the american force that. you've had too many americans
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over there. >> i hope so. i hope we're making them nicer folks. the usa slips to number 7 from 3 and the magazine says it's because of our economic woes. but our unemployment rate is lower than france. so why do you think we're slipping? >> over here, sort of dramatic note, we kind of feel that when your president, the lovely mr. obama, took office over a year ago, there were so many great things expected, you know, i was sort of saying to one of the producers, it was almost like his superman and he's going to save the world and he'll solve the green problem right now. when that doesn't happen, of course, you face anti-climbs. i feel no matter what the poor guy did, it was never going to be enough. >> isn't it ironic that the united states scored higher in best place to live under president bush who was loathed by many in europe than under obama? isn't it ironic that we slipped four points?
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>> i think only time will tell. the president over in england was very well liked, so i think that was -- but i think president obama is going to do great things for you and i think eventually, he's had a year. the only down side, we saw recently some pictures of the president enjoying ice cream. he was without the tie and he was very playing it down. then when he was talking about the bomber situation on the airplane recently, he wasn't wearing a tie then. that doesn't go down well over here. >> but he's in hawaii. that's against the law in hawaii to wear a tie. i think everybody should explain that. i want to run down real quick, the best place, france, australia second. switzerland third. love there. everything works. germany fourth. new zealand i haven't been to. luxembourg is like one mile wide. you can't get too many people in
8:27 pm
there. belgium, eight. canada nine, italy ten. u.k., 25. i lived in london for a year. but britain, the 25th? i -- what's going on? what's happening? >> as i say, we love you americans. i'm blaming gordon brown. >> that's good. >> let's just blame him. >> i'm blaming that singer with all the tattoos, that crazy woman, what's her name? tell me in my ear. >> winehouse. >> i'm blaming her. we get one look at her and we go, we don't want to live where she lives. that's her fault. >> if you don't behave, i'm going to send her to live next door to you. we've had a bad rap. but like the united states, we've got a mountain to climb. next time this year, we'll be.
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>> 25th in the u.k. happy new year. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves ahead. nancy pelosi takes a verbal shot at president obama. dennis miller on how president obama is handling the terror threat and miller wants to address the underway bomber. we hope you'll stay tuned for those reports.
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body language segment. yesterday nancy pelosi was caught in a very tough spot. as you may know, she's holding secret hearings about the health care bill. secret hearings. people are not allowed to hear the debate, even though cspan wants to broadcast it. but during the campaign for presidency, barak obama said is this about health care reform. >> we'll have the negotiations televised on cspan. the people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or their insurance companyies.
8:31 pm
and so that approach, i think, is what is going to allow people to stay involved in this process. >> un, un, un. mindful of that. a reporter asked miss pelosi about it. >> wrote a letter to you guys to be transparent regarding the conference committee. your response on that? >> no decision -- >> really? well, there are a number of things he was thrown on the campaign trail. >> now the queen of body language. that's a got you moment if there ever was one. let's take the pelosi tango first. she hears the question, obviously knows where it's going. and then she moves to the left. it's like a rolling stones and harlem shuffle. >> she loses composure completely and that -- >> how do you know that?
8:32 pm
>> you know it because two things happened. she's touching her neck right here. and then she kind of pretends she's looking around. but she hears what's going on. as she gets to the question, she goes, um, yeah. and once you hear that -- >> what's touching the neck mean? >> that's a nervous gesture. >> she looks back, is she trying to get help? >> this is a distraction to helps take your eyes off the may question. whenever you can break eye contact, you're going to be ahead of the game. once the question is fully asked, she pulls away. when you pull away from the question, you recognize automatically that you're uncomfortable. then there is the extended eye closure, which is not normal for her. see here? >> what does that mean? >> regret, almost as if she doesn't want to answer it. >> regret she's even there in front of the microphone? >> she's not happy. >> then she takes a shot at obama and says, well, he said a lot of things on the campaign trail. yuck, yuck, yuck. >> that was all sarcasm. that's her way of trying to come
8:33 pm
across as -- it's like mock superiority. we have this under control. >> she's rocking back and forth. >> yes. that's nervousness. she perpetuates this constant feeling of disconnect between verbal and nonverbal. we talked about this before. when you see her in moments like this where nowyou see rocking on top of everything else, you really see she's not in control. >> this was not a good body language performance? >> not for her. what a surprise. >> i know we have this nut, alan grayson. he's a congressman from orlando, florida and he goes on the left wing programs and says nasty stuff. this one is nasty stuff about dick cheney. roll the tape. >> honestly, i think he's just trying to prime his book tour, his upcoming book tour. he got $2 million to write about his memories and he's trying to stay in the public eye in order to push sales for his book. that's what i think. i'm wondering who is doing the introduction to his book. maybe it's satan. >> okay. now, i don't know whether you
8:34 pm
know this, but we went to visit this guy and he wouldn't come on the program. we've asked him a million times. but the question is, is this guy intentionally putting on a show or does he really believe the nutty stuff he says? >> this is what i saw. when they talk about $2 million when he brings out $2 million, i see a real look of anger. the anger is in the forehead. there is like -- >> he really doesn't like cheney? >> right. you'll see it in a second when he brings up the $2 million. you'll see the eyebrows get low and tight. >> aren't the eyebrows always low? >> no. look at how his eyebrow is right now. >> i see it. >> this is a normal state. when he talks about the 2 million, both brows come down. >> what does that mean? >> that's when you express that anger. >> when your eyebrows come down, you're angry? >> down and then you see a line. >> labella line. >> right. your eyebrows come down. >> you're saying he's not faking it. >> i love that look. a blend of disgust, contempt. >> he's a real zealot this guy.
8:35 pm
>> all right. finally, janet napolitano made two statements, everybody knows. first she said the system worked after the underwear bomber was caught. and then she had to retract. roll the tape. >> what we're focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident had they travel and one thing i'd like to point out is that the system worked. >> you agree that was a failure of the security system? >> no, secretary of homeland security will sit here and say that a system worked prior to the incident which allowed this individual to get on this plane. >> you know, there are some things that were very interesting. one of the things i noticed is when she first is talking, you see the cocky head swagger. >> she's confident? >> right. >> but when she starts talking about people feel good about it, you see this pained expression. >> why would she say something that dopey? >> the scary thing is -- >> look how much i was going to say, look how high the brows are, the eyes are open wider.
8:36 pm
what does that mean? >> apprehension. she knows she's in the hot seat and loses the swagger in the second clip. >> much more hum be? >> absolutely. >> i don't know why she would run out there and say the first thing. maybe some day i'll be able to ask it. thank you. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, dennis miller has comments and they may not be pity. about the underwear bomber and how president obama is handling terrorism in general. miller time is next.
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bill o'reilly and the miller time segment tonight, the first miller ex pox of the year. let's bring in the stage of southern california's riled up over the underwear bomber. i find myself now, this is how demented i am, looking forward to hearing what you're going to say about -- this story is old, it happened on christmas day.
8:39 pm
but underwear bomber miller style. go. >> first off, i haven't seen you since christmas day. so nice to see you again. hope you had a happy holiday. i had a great christmas. my wife, i'm a history buff like you, my wife got me a documentary about the hindenburg called the system worked. so it was everything i wanted. you were asking about napolitano. can she say that the system worked. you said you hope to ask her some day. bill, i can give you the answer. what happens if she's just not that smart? you see that cock sure thing. imagine, uttering the words after a passenger had to tackle a guy who was trying to shoot is a syringe of explosives into his underwear over the city of detroit after flying from amsterdam where he didn't have to present proof of his identification to get on, guess what, i just don't think that she's that smart. i think you can take that up the ladder. president obama might be smart, but i'm not sure he's wise
8:40 pm
anymore, 'cause there is some stupid stuff going on here, billy. >> all right. now, when you say there is study stuff, you want to clarify that? what is offending you? >> yeah, sure. >> go ahead. >> hill saying they want a cang go radio court right now. he needs to be pancaked on something like that. we don't want a kangaroo court. we want a person who isn't a u.s. citizen tries to blow up american citizens over the city of detroit, why within a day is he into our court system getting all the rights accorded us as u.s. citizens? why is a military tribunal now thought to be a canada radio court? listen, we don't water board in this country. what we're going to do is act on your wishes. tell us what we want or we're going to put these indies back on and blow them up. nobody can quibble with that, can they? n okay. so you're basically mirroring my
8:41 pm
talking points in the sense that president obama's presented himself to you and to me and to the rest of the american people as a guy who is very, very concerned about the rights of the terrorists. i think that's absolutely true. i think the president would say that flat out. he's concerned about their rights. now we have three attacks in the last six months. three terrorist attacks. americans are starting to go, hmmm maybe we should not be so concerned about their rights and be more concerned about staying alive! i think that's the president's problem. >> you can't stop all these instances. what you have to do is put a look on your face up front, bush and cheney did this and this guy doesn't. he's a little soft on this. you have to put a look on your face that says, hey, don't screw with us. they think they can screw with us now. >> if you were osama bin laden, if miller, if you were running al-qaeda, would you have -- >> i'd be dead.
8:42 pm
i'd be dead. >> we get you. but would you have sent a 23-year-old moron from nigeria to blow up the airliner with the explosives in his shorts? would you have gone that way? see, that tells me al-qaeda is pretty much downgraded here. if you compare that to 9-11, it's a pretty far fall. that's the only optimistic thing about this whole crazy incident. >> that kid is a beautiful mark for them. 23-year-old kid, child of the privileged, convinced that he's going to pay in peripetyity in eternity if he doesn't right his ship on this planet and there is only one way to do it and that's to prove his worth, that kid looks like a great mark to me. >> it's an amateurish deal? >> really? >> yeah. explosives in your shorts? >> billy, when you take a nigerian kid and send them to
8:43 pm
amsterdam and get him on a plane going to the united states in the exact seat you want him and the only thing that happens is you can't get the bomb off, imagine getting a bomb on the plane. if you're going to look at that and say it's amateur hour, i got to depart from you there. that's spooky close to pulling it off. >> okay. i just think that what has happened now is that they are incapable, they being al-qaeda, of launching the big describing and they have to do this kind of stuff. like small ball stuff. now, 300 people dead in the air if the thing went off. that's not small ball and they also accomplish chaotic all over the world in the airports. let's turn to the gallop poll, the most admired women in the united states in 2009. hillary clinton, your pal won. she won. she edged out sarah palin by 1 percentage point. what do you any? >> two things, hillary, as i've watched her over this year, i've dug what she's doing a lot more
8:44 pm
than i've dug a lot of other people in that administration. hillary looks competent to me, quite frankly. plus i told you in the past, there is the residual warm feeling for her because america realizes she's been cheated on more frequently than a blind woman playing scrabble with gypsies. but she doesn't look like the problem back there. she's in the public eye on a day-to-day basis. the fact that palin is only a point behind tells you that all this crap, for running this thing through on christmas eve, all these things are starting to catch up with this administration. you know something, it's an billiard shot here, if they keep up this craziness where we're not privy to this health care thing or they'll take this guy and try him in our court and you get one guy on the panel to get him off, i'm telling you, sarah palin could be the next president of the united states.
8:45 pm
>> look, she's definitely a player. no doubt. and the people who demean her on the other side are actually helping her. anybody who runs down sarah palin now is actually helping her. >> i think they're looking -- i think america is looking for a john deo in that office. >> i want to go on record and say -- i didn't get the gypsy line. but i'm going to rewind the tape and look at it and try to figure it out. >> like mark hill said, check the tape. it's a beauty. >> all right. dennis miller, everybody. did you see that? up next, another ad by carls, junior. does it matter anymore?
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
did you see that? we begin this evening with national public radio, mocking the tea party people on its web site. >> learn to speak. tea bag, finally, learning a new language doesn't have to be hard. don't get distracted by the confusing words of other languages. >> i think the public option would really -- socialist. >> use tea bags stronger, more descriptive words. >> nazis, nazis! >> try speaking tea bag in every day conversation. >> would you like fries with that? >> no. nazis, socialists. baby killer! >> that was a riot. internet analyzes. not only was that sophomoric, not funny, stupid, unnecessary. >> go on. >> why would they do it?
8:49 pm
why would national public radio funded by taxpayer dollars? >> it is clearly labeled as opinion on their web site. >> do they have any mocking the obama administration? >> they do. the one that's posted on the 31st of december, takes after the president pretty hard. this guy who does these is well-known for them. >> it's a fair and balanced web site? >> clearly he admits he's center of left. but he does take on the obama. >> i haven't been on the web site. perhaps i should have been for this segment. >> you're featured in one of his cartoons. >> of course i am. is it a fair and balanced thing or is it mostly mocking conservatives? >> no, but it's labeled as opinion. >> i got that. but the web site itself, is it fair and balanced? >> that depends on how you view their news coverage. i'm not sure that i'm necessarily qualified to make that judgment. but they're not attempting to be fair and balanced. >> more things mocking conservatives or liberals?
8:50 pm
>> i didn't weigh that. >> you're dancing. come on. >> what i can tell you is about this is it's clearly labeled as you are in as opinion. >> i have no problem with it. it's just in a -- >> what do you have a problem with? >> the only problem is my money, your money, some of it's going to npr. not a lot, but some of it. if it's going to be a left wing jihaddist deal, i think that's wrong. that's all. >> i'm not sure that we qualify as a jihaddest deal. but i think -- >> clearly mocking the tea party. >> they make fun of you in one. >> that's okay. >> you think that comes with the territory. you're an activist. >> do they make fun of axle rod? >> if you're an activist in this day and age, you should expect to be made fun of. >> is it >> that's what it is. i want all of you to go there and let me know if it's fair and balanced. now, carls, junior, did you ever have their burgers?
8:51 pm
>> no. seen their ads. >> they're good. but they do provocative ads to get attention. and they get it. you watch the ad and -- my question is, does this stuff matter anymore to anybody? roll it. >> i'm such a neat freak. ♪ >> everything's got to be clean, crisp, and tasty. while the best things in life are messy, it's fun to get clean. >> who said salads can't be hot? >> i helped them create the concept because you think of the burgers and sexy commercials and i was like, i'm down for the sexy commercial, but the burgers, i love them, but, you know, salads might be a little more appropriate with my fitness lifestyle right now. >> what a concept. >> can't you get electrocuted by
8:52 pm
eat ago salad in the bathtub? >> not in her bathtub you can't. >> do you eat salad in the bathtub? >> not always. >> do you eat it on the bed? >> she likes to have bed picnics. >> i want to know from carls, junior, who eats salad in a bathtub? i want to know that. that's just what i want to know. >> let's look at the tape again. few more times. they say their target audience is young, hungry guys. >> i think that's true. or dirty people who need a bath. she's eat ago salad in a bathtub. i think you can get electrocuted. >> this is good, but remember paris hilton with the bubbles? do we have it. >> no. does it matter? do you care? this is on tv in california. does it matter? >> it matters to the food chain because their sales were down this winter 9%. they claim with that paris hilton ad a few years ago, sales bumped up.
8:53 pm
>> the viewer kids watching, everybody hates chris and this comes on, do you care? >> i should be offended. as a woman and i have daughters, i should be. these ads, every time they put one out, they crack me up 'cause they're so over the top. >> you know what i would say if it came on, i would say oh, bath time. i forgot. get up to the tub. while you're up there, you got to eat a salad. >> you're not in the target audience perhaps. >> i don't know. i'm a hungry guy sometimes. tonight mariah carey, is she drunk? you make the call, moments away.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
time for pinheads and patriots. kevin bacon and his wife lost big money investing with bernie madoff. bernie madoff. that has not stopped mr. bacon from giving to charity. this year he's getting a
8:56 pm
humanitarian award. so, we believe mr. bacon is a patriot. you make the call. here's mariah carey at the palm springs film festival, >> oh, any goodness! >> for you, mariah kitten. >> i love you. i have to say this is -- and please forgive me because i'm a little bit... yeah. >> pinhead? up to you. finally tonight, we received a big response last night when i plugged the bold fresh tour gear. when the current shipment runs out, that's it. so get these items while we have them. beck, by the way, will have a nice announcement about the bold fresh tour on "the factor" this
8:57 pm
friday. so get in gear. the mayo clinic wrote stating it's the clinic in glendale, arizona that will no longer accept medicare patients. the other clinics will continue to do so. we're happy to get that message out. i don't know if monica crowley's ashearings of popo -- i was dis in virginia, your talking points are right on. we are reacting to terror rather than being on the offensive. from wisconsin, i know these judges who are lenient with child sexual predators are driving you crazy. maybe they sympathize with them. their actions speak louder than any words. it doesn't matter why judge brown in massachusetts gave an
8:58 pm
accused child rapist $10,000 bail. that doesn't matter. the judge did it and now the man is charged with raping a three-year-old girl. he should be impeached immediately. that's all that matters. actions. dave miller, benefitwood, california, the judge is disgusting. valerie, caramel, indiana, i admire how "the factor" team is confronting these judges. keep up the good work. jim, in ohio, i'm just 16, but could beat martha macallum in the news quiz. she won't like that. mark, pennsylvania. please hire the mexican weather lady to fill in for you when you go on vacation. and please go on vacation. jc in illinois. come on, mr. o'reilley. why is that mexican weather girl
8:59 pm
a patriot? some things are best left unexplained. holly, california. my sister a liberal will not give me bold fresh for christmas. she gave me a blender. you should have given her one and borrowed it. ross in kentucky. mr. bill, i was entering cancun, mexico, put my visa papers inside my copy of bold fresh. when i opened the book, the cuss toms buy said, great read. # how about our web site? talking points, good one this evening. if you came in late, you can access it there. comments from anywhere in the world. here is word of the day. all kinds of implications to that word. just don't do it. that is it for


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