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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> neil: don't look now but toyota would be driving off a cliff. welcome, everything. i'm cavuto. forget don't ask, don't tell, for toyota, toyota risk, don't drive. ray lahood urging owners to stop driving them then saying that's not exactly what i meant, just be careful. that's millions of owners and already for toyota, hundreds of millions of dollars. to address a problem that started with floor mats, then faulty gas pedals, then full-blown fault scandal. secretary lahood demanding to talk to toyota to keep the pressure on as if toyota needed
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reminding. it's stocks plummeted, sales careening, dealers are screaming and many are wondering, never mind if they survive the crisis, will she survive at all? jeff flock is gauging the situation from chicago. >> when i heard that i thought is that i don't overstated but t think it is. we haven't seen the bottom of the barrel and the least of the worries were today and the secretary's statements which he said he misspoke about. listen to what he said this morning that set off a firestorm across the country. take a listen. >> my advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take to a toyota dealer because they believe they have the fix. >> stop driving it? should i pull over? that's not what he meant and
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he's a standup guy, a old republican congressman from illinois and said i misspoke but obviously it's a serious problem. the reason i don't think -- well i should point out the stock immediately went into the tank. we have the final stock board, below $72 after his statement. finished at 73 1/2 and this is stock that was $91 just a few weeks ago. incredible fall for the stock but u.s. automakers know what that's like. i don't think we're at the bottom of the barrel because not only do we have the gas pedals, we have the dot investigating the possibility it's electronic, not the fix they're putting in. in addition, we got word there's a problem with 2010 prius brake pedals. 100 plus complaints about that. i don't know where the end is but no good news anytime soon.
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>> you and i have reported on this over the years and normally what happens is it gets to a question of what does the company know, when did it know it. they go back in the record, when were they apprised of the danger. you know how that's going. it's already happening here. >> here's the issue, los angeles times report as far back at 2003, sienna minivans had a problem with pedals. in 2006, the tundra, same issue. no word about it then. that could come back and bite them. >> always does, the memos and emails. jeff flock in chicago. >> is all this about getting to the bottom of the car crisis or getting americans' bottoms into american union-made cars. someone smells a r jim, you're saying the protesters in the white house are curious. what do you mean?
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>> it's interesting that toyota has this problem and it seems this m administration is using it as an excuse to prop up the uaw and teamsters. >> i'm not sure about that. >> they do this all the time. any excuse they have, they're going to use a crisis to -- to enhance the unions or forward their agenda. >> nothing they said today enhanced the unions as much as don't drive a toyota -- >> if you don't drive a toyota -- >> they took that back. the point is they're urging them to put their fannies in the american cars. >> the damage is done. great to say pull your car over, do not drive it. it's unsafe. great, then recant later on. >> people hearing that midstream on the highway, what do they do? >> exactly. that's a not right. >> but the timing, bad news for toyota not withstanding, good
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timing for the bailed out american companies, a perverse gift from heaven, right? >> it is, like ronnie manual said, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. this is a serious crisis. to they're making the most of t. >> neil: why haven't chrysler -- chrysler was very successful and they were shut down. >> chrysler was in total at the mostly. i question if they'll be around a year from now. they're burning this cash. marchony doesn't have a include. that guy, after both houses of congress passed the arbitration bill and obama signed it and this guy makes a statement he may file a federal lawsuit on constitutional grounds? who the hell is this guy to oppose the will of the american people, both houses of congress and president of the united states after he walks away with
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$8 billion in taxpayer funds. that's not right. >> neil: what is he upset about? >> he's upset that he thinks to put the dealers back in business originally -- >> o. >> neil: that would be a bad move. >> it would create turmoil. >> oh that's why you're whining about it. i love you dearly but you'll never get the dealerships back. >> you're the same guy that said we'll never get the arbitration passed. >> neil: did i put money on it? >> you should have. >> neil: i was worried. now the way it looks for you guys, if chrysler keeps doing poorly that might help you because they would say the losers were left with aren't firing on all cylinders so we might as well -- >> have you seen ford and general motors? ford is knocking them dead. >> neil: they got no bailout money.
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>> no bailout money. >> neil: what i said is the toyota thing is going to help the losers. >> you would think it would. >> neil: you have your doubts about chrysler. >> in the long run. thing with toyota is devastating. >> neil: you're saying the administration -- >> they're exploiting the issue, another bone thrown to the union, just like healthcare. remember healthcare? the cadillac healthcare? they don't have to pay the tax. only -- >> neil: the union guys are exempt? >> right. >> good to see you. i'm glad i didn't put money on the bet. it doesn't stop there. democrats are rushing, rushing right now, to get this guy in. his name is craig becker a union lawyer. he's the president's nominee to head the national labor relations board. the senate is set to vote tomorrow hours before scott brown takes the oath of office. the fear is if becker gets in,
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car check is all but in. it will allow unions to bypass secret ballot elections. the u.s. chamber the commerce ain't happy. mark, lay this out. what happened? >> well, it's looking like they're just reporting in the last 20 minutes, half an hour, scott brown may be seated tomorrow so that may have a damming consequence for becker's nomination to the national labor relation board. what people are worried about with becker is that he has been council for the afl/cio for the last several years and is cozy the american unions to be on the national labor relation board and giving a fair shake to businesses. in addition he wrote a paper in 1993 when he was a law professor and laid out the case for how the national labor relation board could use authority to do
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a sweeping overhaul of labor laws in ways that benefit unions dramatically. doing this without the approval of congress. >> neil: a lot of people are upset about that and i'm thinking here's a guy saying we can be a gate a contract and i'm thinking self, we have an administration that abrogates contracts. the talk is, as you've heard, he'll be sworn in at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, scott brown at 5:00 p.m. and is in the interim, you could do a lot. >> they've already rushed through the nomination of patricia smith in the labor department on a straight party line vote. that was after a republican senator from wyoming produced a damming report that showed she had a -- evidence showed she had lied during her senate testimony about her role in a program when she was labor commissioner in new york that allowed union members to enforce wage and hour laws in new york. talk about the fox guarding the
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henhouse. >> neil: your argument is if you were to read from massachusetts that unions were on the ropes or big spending -- deals might be on the ropes, do not count these guys out. they're resourceful. >> that's exactly right. they're -- they don't have the votes for card check sweeping in congress so they're trying to do everything they can in a back doorway to pay back unions before they lose the super majority and make sure big labor is behind them in november, especially since they're unhappy over the healthcare bill. >> mark, you were on this before anybody. hat's off to you. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> this guy, $50,000 for pointing a certain finger up in the air. is it any less offensive than when this guy points a finger in the air? >> inherited $1.3 trillion
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deficit. >> the past eight years, i inherited a $1.23 trillion deficit thanks to the bad regulatory policies of the previous administration. we inherited a big mess. >> a 1 point $3 trillion deficit. >> we can't change the past but we can change the future. >> neil: so, can you play the blame game and still be a great president, on the right or the left? with us a presidential historian, doug brinkley. you hear observe obama backers and supporters say presidents do this all the time. i come back saying he might have a legitimate case. i'm not here to judge but it doesn't sound presidential. >> it's a mistake in policy at this juncture. it used to be, for example ronald reagan could beat up on
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jimmy carter's leg say in the '80s because the news cycle wasn't so fast. but to be this far into 2010 and president obama is evoking george bush -- he made campaign promises on iraq, gitmo, going into new york with the terrorist bomber, and then there's a renege. part of it is a fear of using executive power and a constant desire to tell people how tough he has it. people want a harry true man president. if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. it's a mistake to take the malaise approach. stop putting blame on others and inspire the country with optimism. yesterday he criticized las vegas. don't spend your money in las vegas. don't buy a new boat. it was like carter saying keep
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your lights off. people aren't looking for a scold at president. they're looking for an optimist. >> if you're going to vilify someone, your predecessor, be legitimately and pupulist about it. he was rallying against big american industry and corporations and he felt it in his bones. you could agree or disagree but it was the real deal w this president, it might be in doubt. he doesn't feel like the real pupulist. >> if you're going to do what tr did, lay it out after him. roosevelt had the press set aside because roosevelt, they're dorr roosevelt was a writer. he had the newspapers on his side. the divided now. the country is in the center, center right. while some media is sticking with obama, others are drifting away and i think the main thing the president needs to do is not
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point fingers at the american people but inspire new leadership. >> douglas, great seeing, khalid sheik mohammed, to gitmo or not? n host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
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>> neil: if the white house wants 9/11 suspect khalid sheik mohammed to get a civilian trial, it has a funny way of showing it. >> i think mohammed will be executed for the crimes he committed. >> i don't think it will be offensive when he's convicted and death penalty is applied to him. >> neil: i guess he's guilty. the next guest says after all that talk, khalid sheik mohammed will get a trial. presumably you go in innocent. it's a gitmo in the end she says. dana perino joining me. what is weird, if you are going to go the american trial route you might as well play the game and say someone's innocent until
4:18 pm
proven guilty. that's just me i guess. >> it's not just you. i think it's everyone across the board. you think in your earliest civics class what you learn. when they announced the plan to have him tried in new york they said fall file you're is not -- failure is not an option but the foundation of a fair trial is failure is on option. i believe at the end of the day khalid sheik mohammed will get a trial but it will be at guantanamo bay. >> it leeks like you're going to be right because we discovered in new york they don't want it. no other town outside this crazy mayor we had on -- was it newburgh, new york? he wanted it there. >> right. >> neil: he was a lovely man but i'm thinking you're nuts if you are think your voters will be
4:19 pm
keen on this but they discovered, no, not in our yard. at what point and how did they say all right, it's back to gitmo? >> you know, i've been waiting, sort of trying to get my postings out on line because i've been thinking it's going to happen any minute now. remember, president obama last fall put an arms length distance between the attorney generals's announcement saying it was the attorney generals decision and that gives him the ability to say we're going to move forward with a military commission. what's interesting, you might not have seen, congressman lamar alexander noted in the budget monday there's $200 million allocated for a salt civilian tl for ksm and his cohorts in the fema budget, the agency that cleans up disasters. >> i didn't know know that. i didn't know that. >> the american people think
4:20 pm
it's not worth $200 million on these four to have civilian trials in the united states when they'll have military commissionings continuing in guantanamo bay for lesser terrorist. >> neil: my point is if you are going through the civilian trial, you have to presume innocence and don't talk about executing a guy. because you're saying our justice system will prevail and if he's guilty, bad things happen, if he's not, good things happen. >> we're playing into the terrorist's lawyers hands because they'll walk in and say my client can't get a fair trial and i can't imagine a judge who couldn't agree. >> thank you very much. >> hours ahead of scott brown's swearing in, the president tell telling them to go all out.
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we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today. if anybody is searching for a lesson from massachusetts, i promise you the answer is not to do nothing. >> neil: hours before scott brown's swearing in, the president swearing democrats are not going to reign it in. is that the message that the massachusetts voters sent? we have house majority leader. >> good to be here. >> neil: it's full throttle on the spending, less so on healthcare, but certainly if not more so on other measures. what do you make of that? >> actions speak louder than words.
4:25 pm
while the president came to the retreat to talk about fiscal responsibility, trying to find ways to curb spending, two days later the budget comes out. we have a budget that it spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much from the kids and grand kids. now, and while they haven't talked a lot about healthcare, nancy pelosi and harry reid are still scheming and plotting trying to find some way to pass the massive government take-over of the healthcare system. >> neil: what did you make when nancy pelosi said, congressman -- but essentially the climate events will nosedive -- if i'm getting this through, even healthcare. she is not giving up. >> no, she is not giving up at all! it's the policies that are coming out of this administration and the liberals here in congress that i think are holding back employers. they don't know what to do. they don't know whether the healthcare plan is going to pass with the new tax increases that are in that
4:26 pm
plan. they don't know what the tax rates are going to be come the end of this year. until there is some certainty out there in the marketplace, until employers feel more comfortable about what the future looks like and what washington is going to do, i expect to continue to sit on their hands. >> neil: you know, the argument the president has is that is what your republicans are doing. remember he talked about the spon s c-span thing. they don't need marketers, by the way, washington is providing it. he said we'll have a c-span sit-down on healthcare. if the republicans come and give us a measure of their own i'm paraphrasing, but that is the gist of it. what do you make of that? >> neil, listen, you know as well as a lot of people that the republicans offer a number of plans. but when they had the bill on the floor in the house, we offered our plan, which are eight or nine common sense steps we can take to make our current healthcare system work better. allow people to buy health insurance across state lines.
4:27 pm
dealing with junk lawsuits. helping those with preexisting conditions. these are common sense ideas that we could work together on. but what we don't have are the other 100 boards, commissions, mandates that will set up as you bureaucracy in the federal government so the government can take over all of the decisions about our healthcare. which is what the american people are saying no to. massachusetts, it's not just healthcare they said no to. they said no to all the job-killing policies. >> neil: let's say there is the sentiment that is building against congress, the power that be. i have could speak now to the next speaker of the house. it's not unquestionable for the house to turn. so the pressure then would be on republicans if not now down the road to how much will you share power when you get the chance? will you have closed door meetings? will you keep the democrats out and ignore their points? back and forth we go. any promises you want to make ahead of you becoming speaker, i guess? >> neil, the american people
4:28 pm
sent us here to deal with the problems we face in our country. over the last year the republicans stood on principle against the policieses we disagree coming out of the administration and congress. each time we offered what we thought were the bert solution. solutions ruined in the republican principles of empowering people and making sure we keep freedom in america. we do have big problems that we have to resolve. if you take the spending commission that the president wants to put together, he doesn't want to put it together in a bipartisan way. he wants to stack a deck -- >> neil: you call it a spending initiative, which is what ticks them off. you have call it a spending commission. they call it de deficit commission. >> it's a cover for raising taxes. the last thing that the economy needs are tax increases. when we got the budget balanced in the late '90s, we
4:29 pm
did it by holding the line in spending on washington. making sure that there was enough money left in the economy so that the economy could grow. when you look at the number of jobs created in the late '90s and the new employees it created as a result, federal revenues swelled. we were able to balance a budget. we need a plan to bring fiscal responsibility to washington. the only way it will happen is if we work together in bipartisan way to make it happen. >> neil: easier said than done. thank you for the definitely avoiding the speaker thing with me. still sharp as a tack. appreciate that. but congressman, good to see you. thank you very much. >> nice to see you. >> neil: john boehner. well p mr. president, don't be expecting any dancesheim from wayne newton. it ain't winning thank you very much from him. the king of las vegas, nevada, well, he isn't talking. but the governor of nevada
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♪ what i didn't expect was the fun. [ male announcer ] the subaru legacy. feel the love. >> neil: as you know, we're in the middle of earning seasons and we don't go over
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all of them but we talk about ones to keep an eye on, including cisco. it's really sort of the underbelly of the internet, technology, piping, the tube, to get this communication going back and forth between computers everywhere. anyway, it had blow-out earning information the latest quarterblat latest quarter. the revenues coming in shy of $10 million. better than expected. the company ceo on the wire saying he sees dramatic across-the-board improvement and a clear indication, this is from john chambers, we're in the second phase of an economic recovery. we shall see. >> when times are tough, you tighten your belts. you don't go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. you don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you are trying to save for college. you prioritize and make touch choices. >> neil: optihe did it again. president obama bashing vegas again. he's apologized to harry reid
4:35 pm
who is fromness, but he hasn't apologized to my next guest who i think he hates. he is sending a letter to president to tell him to cool attacks on the sin city. governor joins us now. man, oh, man, it's -- if there is any doubt of what the guy thinks of you, he proved it there. he didn't even apologize to you. >> he didn't. he needs to do more than just issue an apology. this is the second time he has dumped on las vegas. every time this president's words are spoken, people listen. we lost hundreds of millions of dollars over 400 convention and business meetings the first time. i have lost my sense of humor about this. it's no longer funny. it's not acceptable. i notice that there is 48 states in this country that have some form of gaming or lottery or whatever. he did not dis on any of those cities including chicago, illinois. so, when it comes to las
4:36 pm
vegas, this is disgraceful. it's tasteless, thoughtless, nevada has the second highest unemployment -- >> neil: you think he wasn't trying to slight you or his buddy harry reid, who he presumably likes more. he was just saying look, vegas, many people -- i know vegas has many draws but saying you don't want to blow money you don't have. that's what he's saying. >> well, the principle is okay. but don't single out las vegas. what bothers me is that, you know, this guy is a very, very articulate speaker. maybe he needed a teleprompter for what he was saying. but he insulted every nevadaen with what he said. we have jobs, families who live here, we have an economy struggling, second highest in the nation of unemployment. don't put an added burden on top of all of that by what you say. telling people not to show up. that's an insult.
4:37 pm
>> neil: did harry reid condemn him and say you did it again, mr. president? anything? >> basically, that's what a he said. he said stop picking on las vegas. believe me, stop picking on las vegas is innocent enough. but when this is not the first time. if this were the first time, i could understand that. this is not. we made a big deal and i made it on your show about the last time this president picked on las vegas. we have had it. we're done. this is a state suffering dramatical dramatically. families are hurting. do not add to the burden. >> neil: are things picking up, though? are you off the mat, i guess? i see the numbers and they're looking better than they were. >> they are, but this is not enough to get us out of the slump that we've been in.
4:38 pm
six months after the legislative session, we're $1 billion short, $900 million short of making the revenue for state needed expenditures. we'll call a special session and go in and cut the budget. it does not help this state to denigrate the tourism industry. it's our number one industry. i want the president to do more. i want him to do a commercial advertising las vegas, what a great place it is to come visit. yes, blee a great deal of mon -- blow a great deal of money on las vegas. we need that. >> neil: good to see you again. something the president seems to like dising more than vegas, us. hear what he said. i don't think you'll believe this. and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that dy?
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>> neil: the president's advice to democrats to get things done. stop watching cable. >> if everybody here turned off your cnn, your fox, your -- you know, just turn
4:42 pm
off the tv, msnbc, blogs, and just go talk to folks out there, instead of being in this echo chamber where the topic is constantly politics. sny've said this before and i'll say it again. how would you know what the topic constantly is with the cable chatter if you're not watching and listening to the cable chatter? that's another story for a whole nother show. now to a big rock star on cable, one of our rock stars i'm happy to say, john stossel. he has an important lesson for all of us, essentially to stop whining, stop complaining. >> we keep talking about the good old days and how terrible everything is. tomorrow night's business show i'll point out that's just not true. i think we have a little clip from that. >> wait a second. what about perspective? 100 years ago this area looked like this. the photo makes things look
4:43 pm
pleasant, but that's only because you can't smell it. there was horse poop everywhere. and many years the city removed 15,000 dead horses. by the time i got to new york, the horses were gone, but movies like "taxi driver" depicted the sleaze and danger of times square. today, that's mostly gone. in fact, the area has become a tourist paradise. even the air has gotten cleaner. could it be when everybody says that the world is getting worse, they're wrong? could it be that the world is getting better? yes! >> neil: you're right, we do complain a lot and then go back a little bit. >> right. i have charts here to make the point. life expectancy. we have all this worry about people not getting good healthcare. let's not forget. life expectancy going straight up, almost to 80. we talk about income. incomes have been -- we have a terrible time now for some
4:44 pm
people, for 10% unemployed, but this is inflation adjusted per person income. >> neil: went up. >> over 100% since i was in college. you could say that's just bill gates and the billionaires distorting the numbers but look at it for the poorest fifth of americans. they didn't do as well. but their incomes went up, too. so many measures. workplace accidents down even before creation of osha, not all government doing. teen violence, despite the garbage on tv. steadily going down. >> neil: you're not talking about the garbage on fox, right? >> i was not for a moment. big news recently, the teen pregnancy rate went up 3%. but what about the years when it's been going down? >> neil: good point. >> enjoy the good news. i have more but i'll save those. >> neil: this bar one looks cool. >> you like this one? we're so worried about terrorism. this is airplane hijackers. >> neil: that can be
4:45 pm
misleading because of the notable ones in 2001. right? >> the point is well taken. i think about our generation before is that, they had big hardships. but it's like forget all that. >> a lot of stuff that's not reflected in the data. now even poor people have cell phones. 15 years ago, you had to be gordon gecko to have a cell phone and it was as big as a brick. those little improvements aren't measured by the graphs. >> do you think the trust to support more government spending, john, is make you think things are often. because unless they see these charts they think i don't need this stuff. >> that's true. that's one thing where the chart is going in the wrong direction is government spending, of course. if life is awful, then government must step in. and the environment is one area where they did step in to make things better. now we're getting to
4:46 pm
diminishing returns. gotten past the diminishing returns but always an excuse for more government. >> neil: good point. look forward to eseeing -- don't forget you can catch john each and every thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, fox business network. if you don't get, as john likes to remind people, he's much more calm about this, you should demand it. remember when ronald reagan took stockman to the wood shed for saying tax cuts do not work? good thing that ronnie -- [ inaudible ] you should hear what the budget chief is saying on fox and only on fox. geico says 15 minutes could save you money. but it takes less than 15 seconds to tell you this. drivers who switched from geico to allstate... saved an average of $473 a year. time to switch to allstate. ♪
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hiking taxes will raise revenue and it will do damage to the economy, too, but net it will raise revenue. the idea -- >> it will also slow the economy, so -- >> the economy will slow
4:50 pm
down, but on the other hand if we keep issuing bonds, sooner or hater we will have major financial turmoil and that is going to -- >> this is the lesser of the evils. >> if the interest rate goes up over time it will have a major effect on the economy as well. there is no free lunch. we have known that all along. >> neil: do you remember that guy? david stockman, ronald reagan first budget director, the guy ronnie called to the wood shed saying trickle down isn't adding up. last night, he gave the republicans and the democrat s the business saying that spending is now so out of control the only way to pay for this is raise taxes, a lot and for everybody. with me now, another former reagan economic advisor who has i think a somewhat slightly different view. art laffer. what did you make of that? he was persona non-gratta after he left and wrote a book on reagan but he he says it's out of control. >> he said it then, too. i remember when i saw his face on the film you were
4:51 pm
doing it was deja vu all over again. it scared me for a second because that's what he said back then. he didn't like the tax cut. he tried to delay them -- >> neil: to be fair, art, wasn't he saying i'm okay with the tax cut as long as you have spending cuts to match? that's where he said ronald reagan and tip o'neil, the speaker, dropped the ball? >> i don't think it was exactly that. to be really fair he didn't believe in the supply side response that the tax cuts would have on the economy. he thought back then in the greiter article it was a gift to the rich. >> neil: you talk about the famous atlantic story -- >> the "atlantic monthly" story. >> neil: why did reagan keep him on for years after that? >> reagan is a nice, nice man. his one comment p if you can believe this, is that where will he ever get a job? i can't do that to him and throw him in the street. that was reagan. fe felt sorry -- yeah, really was a softy!
4:52 pm
felt sorry for david and worried about his future. >> neil: he did quite well on wall street and beyond. to the basic point and you'd agree to this, neither party showed resolve to control the spending. now we're so deep in this between the democrat and republican administration -- i know you're not a fan of raising taxes but it is kind of limiting a lot of options. >> i'm not against raising taxes. i'm against raising tax rate on the rich alone and pretend it will raise you a lot of money. it won't. >> neil: he wants to raise them on everybody. he wants to raise them on everybody. >> if you really wanted an efficient tax collection machine, you'd have a flat rate tax on everyone and every dollar earned and you wouldn't do the distortions. you could raise a lot more revenues. i don't think it's what the country needs, but you can raise taxes. i don't think the spending is worth it. i think the economy would suffer. bottom line, you can raise
4:53 pm
revenues. >> neil: bottom line, what you agree or disagree with the views, i think we're getting there. don't you? >> i don't know. i don't think that's where the battleground is to be honest. if you don't raise taxes, they will stop spending, i guarantee you, the checks will bounce. >> neil: no, you can just increase the credit line. keep increasing the credit line. >> some states the credit line, even zimbabwe has a problem with the credit line. i'm not saying we're near zimbabwe, but sooner or later the credit line will go down and interest rates will go up and people won't be able to borrow. they won't spend it. look at california. that is a classic case. >> neil: very good point. very good point. good to see you. you have a good book coming out. we have want to get into it next week and beyond. fun to have you. art laffer. >> neil >> i have a great introducer. the preface is written by a brilliant man. >> neil: that alone is why you want to get it.
4:54 pm
>> thank you. >> neil: art, thank you. one of the finest economic minds of the last century. by the way, it created such buzz on the fox business network, millions -- okay, hundreds of thousands. all right, thousands. okay, a lot of you. anyway said neil, we don't get fox business. we didn't hear what was the fuss was about. what did you say? can't you say it on fox news? 90 seconds i will. geico glovebo. anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at
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neil: all right, well i said it. i said it last night on fox business. i'm going to say it again on fox news, because so many of you have been e-mailing ask what the heck did you say on fox business last night, you got to sate it on fox news. we're all hearing about it. all right. for you unfortunates not lucky enough to have fox business, i simply gave a certain executive by stating the following and i quote -- iz give up. game over. the blame game is not over. try as i might to get the administration to move on and claim ownership for this economy, it's still, still blaming the prior administration for this economy. more than a year in, still copping out.
4:58 pm
the mess we inherited. the bail-outs we had to figure out. the banks that went bust, not on our watch but their watch, blah, blah, blah. i hope by thousand they'd be done with it and claim some responsibility for life now as we know it. i thought wrong. so here is what i'd like to offer the president. not another rear-view mirror, perhaps a better one. i have mean if you are going to say you can't control events thatp dropped on your lap, mr. president, at least give the guy your busy bashing some slack for events that dropped on his lap. things like a recession when he was coming in. not as serious as yours, mr. president, but a recession nonetheless. the clinton bubble was bursting in 2000 but we were much more focussed on bush-gore than slow-down snore, weren't we? i was covering it. like a market crash, a doozie. technology stock sue thatma that saw the nasdaq cut -- stock tsunami that saw the nasdaq cut in half. cut the predecessor a break on the cut in revenue and
4:59 pm
trillions that followed. things like 9/11, that little detail. huge personal and financial hit on the country that froze spending wherever in the country and the world. but that is not what you tell the country and the world when you're busy blaming that last president for everything you're not doing now that you are president. no. the events you demand we put in perspective, you nicely gloss over when presenting your own perspective. you say your opponents forget the past. even as you're apparently doing them one better, rewriting it. fair is fair. history is history. facts are facts. i'll help you with them. another reason you need to demand fbn, not just missing stuff like that and missing john stossel but one-on-one


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