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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 3, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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noon pacific, 3:00 eastern and back here for another fox report. but right now jon stewart and mr. bill. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> if everybody here turned ooff your cnn, your fox, your msnbc. the topic is constantly politics. that's part of what the american people are just sick of. >> bill: once again, president obama tells the american people that cable news is not helping the country. karl rove and dick morris will have some comments. >> oh my god! they have lost jon stewart and as stewart goes, so goes an incredibly small yet for some reason demographically valuable segment of our population. >> bill: jon stewart enters the no spin zone. >> you have alley's reach. did you see the arms? >> bill: you have no idea. what does he really think about president obama and fox news? >> this is going to be awesome. [ laughter ] >> bill: also, dennis miller will react to my conversation
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with stewart and is have some academy award observations. >> i'm going to stay the course. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. did you know that republicans are stupid and evil? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the radical loon web site the daily kos has a new poll out. don't get too excited. their polls had the senate race too close to call. apparently the leader of the cos bre brigade is comparing conservatives to the taliban. this is to back up his insane point of view. the survey says 39% of self-identified republicans say president obama should be impeached. 63% believe is he a socialist. only 42% of g.o.p.ers think the president was actually born in the united states.
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and 31% believe he hates white people. now, if you believe that poll, you also believe nancy pelosi once dated dick cheney. the poll is a fraud as is the web site. but what is serious is the hatred that ideological internet nuts continue to spew out there. they have enablers on tv and radio as we all know. in fact president obama himself is very annoyed by the continuing intrusion that cable news has on his administration. earlier today he said this while addressing democratic senators. >> if everybody here turned off your cnn, your fox, your, you know, just turn off the tv, msnbc, blogs, and just go talk to folks out there, instead of being in this echo chamber, where the topic is constantly politics. >> bill: now, talking points understands the president's peak but when you consider that the mainstream media has been very friendly to mr. obama, his concern about cable tv news
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rings somewhat hollow. just about every major urban newspaper in america loves the president. so i don't know why he is so annoyed that there are a few verbal snipers on the tube. what mr. obama should be concerned about is the growing acceptance of lies by some americans on both the left and the right. for example, by investigating the birth announcements in two honolulu newspapers in august of 1961, the factor has proven that barack obama was indeed born in america. it would have been impossible for anyone to get bogus birth announcements into two newspapers and why would anyone bother unless they knew baby barack would some day become president barack. the birther deal is just madness. on the left, we already told you about the crazy cos people but somehow folks like arianna huffington are now considered legitimate news sources. that's what the president should be worried about. it is never easy to demonize anyone in america to libel and
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slander them all day long. no question the president has been treated unfairly in both pre60's but the garbage flows both ways and mr. obama should point that out. analysis from washington, fox news political guy karl rove a lifelong republican. the president seems almost obsessed with cable tv or am i wrong? >> i think he has got a thin skin so i think he is not only obsessed with cable tv but also talk radio and anyone who is a critic or finds fault in his otherwise sterling performance over the last year. >> bill: but he did mention cnn and msnbc which have been friendly to him. you know, he seems to believe that the punditry and the bloviating that you do, i do, and all that has made it more difficult for him to do his job. do you think that's true? >> no. look, you know, what's odd was he was basically saying two things. first of all, he was saying turn off your television, members of congress, he was talking to democratic senators. turn off your television, don't
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watch cable tv and just go talk to the folks. we saw what happened when he went and talked to the folks in august during the break last year when they went home to their districts and their states, they found out people were irritated and upset and angry about what they had been learning through the media, cable tv and newspapers about the health care bill. so, you know, appreciate the advice, mr. president, but they have already done that and they didn't like it. the second thing that's interesting is he said basically you are spending -- the american people are spending too much time on politics. well, i remember last friday when he was in front of the house republican conference and its meeting in baltimore and he was telling them isn't it great that in a democracy we have a political opposition who fulfill as vital role because in politics we need to have debate and argument so by doing so we make things better a bit of a disconnect. we ought to encourage more people to be involved in politics. he did a lot of that himself as a candidate in 2008. >> bill: now, the daily kos, it's interesting. it's not a real power in america but it does get picked up by
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powerful people which is usually the way this game works, these far-out web sites on the left and on the right a little bit but not so much. filter their little garbage into the "new york times" and other people and then it gets mainstreamed out. they are presenting a picture of the republican party as a bunch of extreme loons. you know, they want obama impeached. they think he is not born here, or he is a racist, he hates white people. you know, what i'm trying to get at is this: there is no doubt there is an extreme element of the republican party in the conservative movement. there is no doubt. they are there. but how much do you think that is? >> you know, look, i think first of all, remember this polling firm was the firm that said martha coakley was going to beat scott brown. and daily cost, you are right about this. there was a study done several years ago in which someone went and counted the profane words on liberal blogs and blogs.
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we are being lectured to about what's appropriate and not appropriate by people who generate four-letter words on their blog all the time. but, look, here is a point about daily kos. they are trying to make an argument. the argument falls flat on its face when you begin to look inside the numbers and methodology. they simply said do you think president obama was born in the united states in only 36 percent said no, he wasn't. but by saying your choices are yes, he was, no, he wasn't, or i don't know. i mean they sort of drove things to these numbers that can be taken -- >> bill: look, as you point out, this polling is not what you would rely upon. but you, yourself, are a republican. and have worked in republican administrations, and you know the system. and i'm trying to figure out, i'm trying to calibrate the extreme wing of the republican party and the conservative movement. is it 20%? 15%? what would it be? >> you know, it's hard to put a number on it.
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but, look, part of what we get in this poll is there is no cost to saying, yeah, i don't like what the president is doing. there is no cost. particularly when you start putting a whole series of these negative comments in there that allow people to just bloviate. look, as i move around the country, i see a lot of angst by people who are ordinary, normal, middle of the road, you know, middle america, they range from the very conservative to the somewhat liberal who are concerned about what this president is doing and i don't find them particularly dangerous. >> bill: the game is to demonize the tea party people. >> absolutely. >> bill: people like you and me and anybody who isn't a liberal as a kook. i do it, too. i have to admit. i have got to be fair. i think these cos people are insane. i don't think there is anything fair about them. i think they are dangerous. i don't respect them. so i traffic in that a little bit, too. but to say democrats are that way, i would never do that. >> let me defend you. you don't spend your time
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obsessing over them. >> bill: no. i don't care with -- about them. >> some in the democratic party are obsessing over the protests that they are seeing coming from people though ho they would like to have sit down and shut up. and those are these people who are looked over the last year. i mean, this has not happened because of the president's personality. many of these people like him personally. what people are being driven into politics and being driven into this movement by is a concern over spending, debt, and the power of the government and seemingly the unwillingness of our leaders in washington to be responsive to the people. >> bill: all right. mr. rove, thanks as always. next on the run down mr. morris will take a look at obama and the tv comments and possible detaunt with the g.o.p. later, big interview with our pal jon stewart. what does he think of president obama's job performance so far? stewart ahead. need a lift?
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story, president obama remains skeptical about cable tv news coverage in his administration. joining us from atlanta dick morris the purveyor of the very fine political web site dick all right, you heard rove and i bloviate. what say you? >> well, i think that you're correct, but i think where you are not covering why obama is doing this. obama got 52% of the vote. and his job approval is now down around 45%, 46%, 47%. that means he has lost all of
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the mccain voters and he is beginning to lose the obama voters. so he is trying to staunch that bleeding and to do that he is attacking the republican party. he is becoming more partisan. and he is becoming more populist. and it's to widen the gulf between the parties so that he keeps at least his own people in line and he doesn't go where bush went down to 30% approval. >> bill: but why does he use cable tv news, including two networks that are basically friendly to him, to make that kind of a point? >> well, nobody much is watching those two networks so that's not important. the point was to attack fox news and he threw in the other two because he didn't want to, you know, appear biased. the point that he is missing here is that fox news is reflecting what the people are saying. it's not as if this is an echo chamber. he says we shouldn't watch the networks because all they talk about is politics. okay, what are we supposed to watch?
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he is changing our healthcare system. cutting half a trillion from medicare. we are supposed to watch sponge bob and hannah montana? >> bill: all right. so you think this is an argument that is supposed to galvanize democrats to his support so he doesn't lose more voters? >> what's going to go on now is that he is worried that he has already lost the right but he is worried the left is going to come over and eat his lunch, saying he is ineffective. hasn't lowered unemployment. too close to golden sak's. didn't close guantanamo. he has to get nominated before he gets elected. >> bill: if you are saying that he wants to throw the republican party's party to the wolves so the democrats rally around him, then why is he saying publicly he wants detente with the g.o.p.? >> because that's what the public wants him to say and he has to give the appearance he is doing it. >> bill: it wouldn't be better for the president if the
8:15 pm
republicans would cooperate on some level? >> look, bill, when i worked for president clinton, we cooperated with the republicans in '96. what that meant is that i sat down with trent lott and i took his welfare reform bill and our welfare reform bill and we negotiated a bill that the majority of both parties could support. his idea of negotiating with the republicans is to kidnap olympia snowe in the middle of the night, feed her drugs and to get her to vote yes the next day. >> bill: i would stick up for senator snowe if that were to happen. if you were advising the republican party would you tell them just rope a dope it for the next seven months? don't do anything because you are going to make big, big gains? because politically that might be sound. i don't think it's good for the country to do that. i would like to see some health care reform, that really means something. not bankrupts the country. would you advise them for shear politics not just to cooperate? >> well, i think it depends on the issue.
8:16 pm
>> bill: whoa, whoa, tell the truth. you know and i know it would be good politics, it's a risk but a small one for them to do nothing. for the g.o.p. to do nothing and wait it out for seven months and hope there is a catastrophe. >> hello? i like the choice of word "catastrophe." obviously on some issues you do cooperate and obviously on the government spending cuts you want to let him do it although not cut medicare. when it comes to the fundamental premise of the obama administration, which is that you can spend your way into prosperity, it's a little bit like the mid evil doctors who said you can bleed the patient so much he will lose enough blood the evil spirits will go away and he will be healthy again. we all know that's counter productive. the spending is causing the deficit, which is causing the unemployment. and even if you are spending the money on creating jobs, you are going to get fewer jobs because you are doing it. so the republicans would be wrong to go along with half a loaf of something that's bad for the country.
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>> bill: all right. finally the tea party convention coming up in nashville. is this an important deal, do you think? >> yeah, i think it is. there is a key question though. the wonderful thing about the republican renaissance over this year is that it was accomplished without leaders. it was from the bottom. it was a grass roots thing. nobody summoned it. in fact, the leaders are struggling to catch up with it. as long as it stays within the republican party and helps them nominate good, conservative candidates and defeat democratic candidates, it's good. but if it starts getting into its head to be a third party, it could be the republican equivalent of ralph nader and hand congress back to obama. >> bill: perot is a better example because if the tea party did mount an independent challenge like sarah palin that would put obama back into the white house. no doubt about it. go to dick morris's web site dick jon stewart enters the no spin zone. and then another sage dennis
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miller will have some conversations on my conversation with stewart. miller has some thoughts on those and those reports after these messages. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. seems like just yesterday but it was 2004 when comedy central guy
8:21 pm
jon stewart last entered the no spin zone. well, this afternoon mr. stewart somehow got lost in midtown manhattan and wound up here. you know when i notice when i do your program guy over and the audience, they love president obama. your audience, the guys who sit in the little bleachers, for them it's like going to lords to go on your show because they know -- >> -- many have been healed. there is no question. >> bill: obama -- it's perceived that you are a big fan of the president. >> all right. >> bill: how is president obama doing so far? >> you know, i'm torn. for me, i feel like i can't tell if is he a jed i do has ter playing jess on a board or if this is kicking his ass. >> bill: you really don't know. >> for one thing, those type of broad analysis, how is he doing? it doesn't lend itself to a very easy answer. i think there are certain areas that he seems to have made progress or stabilized certain areas.
8:22 pm
i'm appreciative of the fact that he has tried to reengage the regulatory mechanism of the government. >> bill: wow. that's way over my head. what is that? >> and you are 6'5". >> bill: i have no idea what you just said. >> that was like i was throwing a marxist colson. that was jumping out there. >> bill: what is that? >> the idea that we would have people there checking if there was lead in our toys. that kind of stuff. >> bill: protecting the folk using the federal government's power, he has made strides in doing that? you know, that's a pretty smart analysis. a lot of people don't think you are smart. >> thank you very much. >> bill: did your writers come up with that? >> no. they are in my pocket. >> bill: you think he is doing okay in some areas. >> certain jobs. >> bill: not okay in others. give me a not okay. >> he has decided that congress is an equal branch of government. huge mistake. you can't walk in in there as the next guy and say let's go back to three equal branches. >> bill: no good. >> no. you have got to go in there my
8:23 pm
friends. sign a statement. here is how we are going to do health care, boom, boom, boom. you don't like it? get in line. >> bill: too much of a team player. >> allows too much room for different narratives to take hold. for instance a narrative that might emanate from. >> bill: the no spin zone. >> a news organization. >> bill: that's another astute point you have shocked me twice here. >> did you notice i used the word ild? >> bill: did i but i ignored it you say president obama, instead of driving home a few pieces of legislation so that everybody can understand what he is doing. >> that's right. using the bully pulpit for mistake. >> bill: too many people under the tent too much discussion and leading to too much sniping and you don't get anything done. >> if you allow too much nitpicking on the edges of legislation, it will be necessarily turned into a type of lobbyist gruel. >> bill: excellent.
8:24 pm
>> without making a strong case to the public you have no leverage because the real power takes place behind -- can we get the table? what i'm doing? that's what is going on here. >> bill: it's very impressive. >> now i'm a spider. >> bill: you want some crayons? what about evil republicans doing everything he does. the republicans don't want anything. why do we put up with these people? >> i would think you put up with them because this allows you to consolidate your power. >> bill: my power personally you mean? >> and the fox organization. >> bill: you think it's just republicans? >> no. the shadow government. you know how all this works. >> bill: no, i really don't. >> let me get a chalkboard. is glenn here? can i get a chalkboard? >> bill: you believe the republicans are blocking this because they want to embarrass obama and get him out of there. >> i don't know what their motivation is but it seems pretty clear that they would prefer not to do anything unless it's the thing they would like to do. >> bill: but the president won't give the g.o.p. anything. >> i disagree with that. >> bill: what did the president give them? >> well, when he had -- i don't
8:25 pm
know if you saw there was a press conference that he did with the republicans. >> bill: yes, i saw it. >> he was talking about tax credits. >> bill: tax credits. >> then he was talking about tort reform. he said, look, i would like to put tort reform on the table but even the cbo says that's only about 5 billion a year. not 2 percentage points off of what medical costs are. >> bill: why not just put it in like you said he is talking about it too much just put it in. >> he hasn't put anything. in that's what i'm saying. >> bill: that's why the republicans don't like it. they say give us something. >> that's not why the republicans don't like it. he has given them different angles. even in the stimulus plan a full third of that was tax cuts which you would think -- just like at the state of the union when he said we cut taxes for 95% of middle class americans and everybody clapped and the republicans sat there like this. tax cuts, that sounds vaguely familiar. >> bill: "the washington post," howard kurtz says that you are now being too tough on barack obama. stewart is clearly become an important cultural arbiter, all right? he has pulled off the trick of being taken seriously when he
8:26 pm
wants to be and taken frivolously when he wants to be. the statement that you have become an horn cultural arby -- arbiter. do you understand the extend extent of you being important in any context. >> my family loves me. if that's what you are saying. listen, mr. o., i'm happy to be in the major leagues here. thanks for calling me up to the show. [ laughter ] >> listen, i don't take any of that stuff seriously. >> bill: when you deliver your stuff are you cognizant of the fact that your audience are primarily stone slackers who love obama. when you criticize obama, all right? you may be turning on them. >> we don't think about who is receiving it. we think about thousand feels to us. we have internal barometer or if it feels like a valid piece of absurdity to put out there, we vet things interminally. i -- internally. whatever you say, someone is not going to like. >> bill: coming up next, stewart has been tough on fox news.
8:27 pm
we will confront him with that then dennis miller has been listening to the chat. he will have comments about the stewart interview up ahead. hecks blowing up sky high ♪
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8:30 pm
and you were offended, personally offended. >> i wasn't offended. i thought it was funny. the president at times being a little bit combative. >> we are going to cut away because this is against the narrative that we present. [ laughter ] >> bill: but, stewart. >> oh, my god. >> bill: on election night. >> you have like ali's reach. >> bill: oh, you have no idea. >> it like dealing with -- trying to argue. you are giving me one of these, no, no, no, no. >> bill: on massachusetts vote night when we covered coakley's speech in the entirety, when we covered the winner's speech in the entirety, brown, and the other cnn and msnbc didn't cover brown, you didn't say a word, did you? >> you are absolutely right. >> bill: i rest my case. >> your case is rested. >> bill: now, are you shocked? shocked democratic poll operation shows that fox news is the most trusted news operation. >> no. >> bill: in the country? >> no. >> bill: 49% of americans trust us.
8:31 pm
>> no i'm not shocked at that are you shocked that a poll said i'm the most trusted newscaster. >> bill: yeah but this was like blinker did it. [ laughter ] >> bill: this was a big concern. somebody told me off the record that you were one of the 49%. you believe fox news is the most trusted news organization. >> here is what i believe fox news is the most passionate and sells the clearest narrative of any news organization if that's how you are still referring to it in that manner? >> bill: yes, it's a news organization. polls referred to it nobody had any problem. only you. only you have a problem. >> i think fox in and of yourself say you are not a news organization all day. isn't it now your news -- what was it your news from 9 to 11 and then your opinion and then your news again from like 1 to 2 3506r789d 0. >> bill: kind of like a newspaper. >> except jewish holidays and then you are not and alternate parking days you are news and christmas you are not? >> bill: think about the news pages and then you open another page and there is the opinion page. clearly labeled opinion page. >> yeah.
8:32 pm
>> bill: you have no problem with that, right? >> first of all, newspapers are a passionate piece of paper that you go to and you know where the opinion thing is television doesn't function that way and you know it. >> bill: you don't think that people think the factor is an opinion show. >> it's certainly not clear live labeled. you are part of the fair and balanced part. >> bill: but you don't think people know "the o'reilly factor" isn't an opinion show? that's like saying somebody watching your show doesn't know it's a comedy show. wise up, man. everybody knows. people watching in pakistan they have little direct tv. they say o'reilly is opinion show. they know. they are you are comic and i'm opinion guy. >> let me ask you a question. you truly believe that fox news is just a nonpartisan fair and balanced trust worthy. >> bill: our hard news operation is but of course your -- okay, now you are casting as -- aspersions, big word. people like shepard smith,
8:33 pm
people -- all of our white house people they report fairly. >> here is the brilliance of fox news. what you have been able to do, you and dr. ailes, have been able to mainstream conservative talk radio. >> bill: why wouldn't john mccain come on this program during the last campaign? why didn't he dodge us and not come on if you -- we are in business to help the g.o.p., he wouldn't come. >> in you are not in the business of john mccain. he is not g.o.p. enough for you. you are in the business of sarah palin. >> bill: dick cheney is to you mr. republican. wouldn't come on the program, stewart? >> not mr. republican. because dick cheney, again, this atmosphere, there is a lot of light which is he obviously allergic to. >> bill: stop. come on. i gave to you with examples that you can't refute with your propaganda outlook. >> that doesn't mean anything. let me explain what i mean. >> bill: two examples john mccain and dick cheney g.o.p. neither man would come in here because the questioning is too tough.
8:34 pm
don't give me i'm a republican shrill, that's bull. >> you are the most reasonable -- have become the most reasonable voice on fox. >> bill: greta is the most reasonable, comment on. >> she is different. she is not political. >> bill: she is not on the channel? >> kind of. >> bill: 10:00 to 11:00. >> she is kind of on it she is not the deal. let's go through this because i think this is important. >> bill: all right. go ahead. >> you have become in some ways the voice of sanity here which, as i said, is like being the thinnest kid at fat camp. so let's get that straight. here is what fox has done through their cycloneic perpetual emotion machine that is a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, they have taken reasonable concerns about this president and this economy and turned it into a full-fledged panic attack about the next coming of chairman maui. explain why that's the narrative of your network?
8:35 pm
>> bill: narrative of a couple of guys sean hannity and glenn beck who is basically every man. >> what do you mean he is every man? what do you mean he is every man? >> bill: he sits on a bar stool. >> every man has a show? >> bill: is he talented. >> he is a very talented man. where is every man? >> bill: he doesn't shill for every any party he. if you think he shills for the republican party, you are out of your mind. all right. there you go. tomorrow we have more with mr. stewart and a bizarre turn of events i will vet him as a possible vice presidential candidate. wait until you hear who is going to run for president. that's on thursday's factor. when we come right back, dennis miller on stewart. the khalid sheikh mohammed chaos and the oscars. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'll bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, let's get to the stage of southern california. he has been listening intently to my conversation with jon stewart. >> it's like the wright stuff. i'm in the brotherhood of comics. i think is he a great comic. i admire him immensely. he is a great man. i find his tv skills to be delaware garroaesque. i agree with him much in life and very little in politics.
8:39 pm
what does that matter. the overlap in politics never a given to me. i find people i love, like, various degrees in life that my politics aren't akin to them at all. i'm a big admire error. he is fun as hell. he is fun of the most compelling tv presences in the last 20 years. >> bill: can you tell as a viewer and professional, somebody who does a lot of satire, can you tell when somebody is performing to a crew, telling people what they want to hear rather than what they really believe and tailor a program -- because, you know, a lot of people do, this you are in radio now. a lot of radio people do this. look, air america, you know, they are not gonna get out of the liberals are great, conservatives are idiot january are a. they are just not going to do it. on the right you have some people like that. can you tell whether it's phony or not? >> well, bill, here is probably why i stand to straddle this cultural abyss in america. as ethical and as principled as
8:40 pm
you find you, and i don't agree with you on everything, you know when i talk to you sincerely believe you are one of the most principled men i have met. i feel the exact same thing about jon. i get both of you. there are parts of both of you i agree with. more with you than with jon. but what am i to do? start turning by back on people who don't sync up with me completely? that would be foolish. >> bill: i don't do that either. >> i believe jon believes every word he says to the extent that i believe you believe every word that you say. >> bill: i agree. i think that, look, those writers over there with stewart are basically liberal guys and they are coming at it from that sensibility. withwhen they see something absd on the left they will go after it and obama is in trouble. >> the two state of the art shows for information and entertainment in america right now are your show and jon's show. there is a reason. the guy hymning it helming it
8:41 pm
believes it. >> bill: when you heard the obama administration, you know, after three months now we might not do this, since everybody in the country, except nancy pelosi and harry reid don't want to do it, maybe we will change. and you say, what? >> i think it's too late. i think barack obama and steadman have jumped the sheik on this already. i don't care about the location of the trial. i care about the fact that he is getting the same trial that i got and i care -- or i would get. and i care about the fact that you have a harder grilling, if you try to buy a members only jacket than do you if you try to blow up your underwear on a plane nowadays. i just wish they would start to disparage the terrorists. that would be a good step for president obama. if they would start to disparage the terrorists in the same manner many of the people around
8:42 pm
him or one of the people around him and he have disparaged the developmentally disabled. we can't call them terrorists and yet i have got to hear the word with an f bomb no doubt in front of it retard about the development tally disabled from his camp? i do work with the developmentally disabled in santa barbara. they are a far greater group of people from what can i observe and the people that barack obama and the czars and the inner circle surrounds himself with. >> bill: all right. oscars, 10 best picture nominees that's because the industry wants people to see more movies and this thing is going down the drain anyway. what say you? >> well, i have to do a couple things that i think were missed. i thought tom ford did a brilliant job as a director. i find that film touching, uplifting, and very loving. >> bill: which film? >> tom ford, a single man. i think they missed that and i thought the stoledberg kid
8:43 pm
series breaks my heart. i thought that was brilliant. i thought biden was great in the simpleton, he didn't get it either. as far as awards go the waltz guy guy gets it for inglorious outside of jimmy mason or clawed reigns i can't imagine anybody doing it no better. monique seems like a right assistance "newsweek." i hope she gets it for precious. and i have to give it to my neighbor jeff bridges. he is due. great one for 40 years. it's his time. meryl streep is the best actress outside of marlon brando i have to go to sandra bullock. i did do a film with her. she is the sweetest human being. keep an eye out in l.a. for her and her husband's dog bin bon. look at them on the web if you see them call sandra and jesse. director -- i have known him since a teenager. great guy. as far as the films go, billie.
8:44 pm
i didn't think they would come up with 10. i kind of like the ten they come up with. all of them would please me. if you are pressing me to pick a best film. i would have to go with the john edwards sex tape. again that might be in the short subject category ba boom. >> bill: is that nominated, miller? >> no. >> bill: i got confused there was so many i thought i might have missed it. >> bill: are you happy you did that, miller? are you happy? >> yeah, bill you and i talked about that guy two years ago. >> bill: it's done. it's over. >> he is slime. he is slime. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. there he is in a moment, body language on stewart and o'reilly. michelle obama and -- we have another one, another surprise. there is something. right back with pl.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, we have a very lively body language segment for you. we begin with first lady michelle obama appearing on "the today show" this morning. >> when your husband was running
8:48 pm
for president, you were out on the campaign trail, there was a lot of criticizing of president bush and his policies. >> um-huh. >> i'm just wondering now, 12 months later, being the family in the white house, if your perspective on that has changed, in that, perhaps maybe it would have been better to be less judgmental. >> you know, i think that on the campaign trail my husband, his goal was to be truthful and honest about the problems that we faced. >> bill: okay. we didn't see a lot of her because of that dopey thing there. but you did pick up the tone of it? >> not only the tone. i mean, if you watch the initial second, i want you to look at her mouth and the expression of contempt on her mouth when they bring a close up here. and it starts off with this look of contempt and then what happens is there. >> bill: that's the contempt look right there. >> the mouth pucker. it's when the mouth puckers up so what happens is she tries to look like she is smiling but she can't pull it off. >> bill: is that contempt for the question or just the topic of the bush administration?
8:49 pm
>> i can't answer that actually. but i can tell you that throughout this entire segment there is nothing but veiled frustration here. >> bill: she doesn't like the interview? >> well, maybe it is a frustrating topic. perhaps she doesn't like the interview, whatever it is, this is not her day. this is not a good interview for her. look at her posture. her posture is bad. her mouth is in a bad place. even her eyes. everything -- that look. >> bill: this whole deal is not making her happy? >> veiled frustration and maybe a little bit of disappointment. >> bill: okay. now, in another interview that was contentious, oprah winfrey talked with jay leno. >> you have talked to conan in person? >> i haven't talked to him since august, no i haven't. >> did you want to pick up the phone? >> yeah. but it didn't seem appropriate. >> why? >> i don't know. i think -- let things cool down and maybe we will talk, you know. >> were any of the things that he said about you hurtful? >> no.
8:50 pm
they were jokes. and that's okay. i mean,. >> so jokes don't hurt you? >> it's what we do. you know, you can't -- it's like being a fighter and say when you got punched in the head, did it hurt? but yeah, but you are a fighter, that's what do you. >> bill: what did you pick up from jay. >> if i had words to describe, humble, vulnerable, timid and sad. that all comes across. his eyes -- normally his eyes are wide open. the eyes are looking down a lot. eyes not fully open. sadness. not even looking at oprah even when she is directing questions at him he is looking away. uses hands here, defensive mechanism, keeping a distance, arms length. everything about this interview said i don't want to be here but he had to get out there. so his voice is really flat. >> bill: i can tell you this, i know him a little bit. he is not a confrontational person. >> right. >> bill: this is a confrontational person. ms. oprah did a nice.
8:51 pm
>> the probing goes on. >> bill: why didn't you call him? what's this? what's that? and i didn't think leno's answers were bad. i thought he handled himself well. i agree with you that he looks as uncomfortable as mrs. obama looked. >> the interesting thing here is when oprah says why didn't you call? you see this look of skepticism on her face at all as to say that's a ridiculous answer. he fulfills his job of getting it across. >> bill: he didn't think it was an appropriate time to call. i think that's a valid answer. did you watch the whole jon stewart interview? >> i didn't see the clip. i wish i had -- >> bill: had to do your homework. go home and watch it. on the rerun you will have to watch it and stay up late tonight. roll this clip tonight. >> criticized fox news for the bailing out of the president's back and forth with the g.o.p. after we used an hour of it, an hour. >> um-huh. >> bill: and bailed out for about 12 minutes because we had other stuff to do and you were
8:52 pm
offend dollars, personally offended. >> i wasn't offended. i thought it was funny. >> bill: no, you criticized us. you mocked us for doing it? >> i mocked you. i mock things. >> bill: but, but, stewart. >> oh, my god. you got like ali's reach. >> bill: oh, you have no idea. >> it's like dealing with mckimbuy. give me one of those no, no, no, no. >> bill: i don't know what i'm doing out here but go ahead. >> of course, you are in your element, so you are taking up space. you are leaning forward. even when you use your hand movement. you use these very big open movements taking up space that's power gesture. the interesting thing about this though he is brazen and competent. he is always on and he comes across powerful. >> bill: you i didn't scare him. >> no you didn't scare him. even outside of his element in a place that's somewhat controversial to him. he is holding his own and doing so very, very well. >> bill: when he flinched back? >> here is the interesting
8:53 pm
thing. now he puts his hands protective gesture turns into a fighting gesture, watch? >> bill: isn't that a little sissy fied? >> thumb is up. power. watch this next thing. he moves right back towards you because i am authoritative and i'm confident and i won't let you get the upper hand. >> bill: look like a complete idiot. >> now had the power but he held his own. >> bill: all right. tonya reiman, everybody. pinheads and patriots up next mel gibson. that's a powerful guy. back in a moment. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place,
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bill: time for pinheads and patriots. in oklahoma a tough law on child predators proposed giving jurors the death penalty option in certain cases. news coverage is see if ing us. >> you don't give a child rapist when you are in prison in the of america. bill o'reilly's reaction to the suspended sentence for rape last year was shared by many in and outside of oklahoma. bill: the oklahoma state rep going after the predators is a patriot. we appreciate the mention on the local news. on the pinhead front ladies and gentlemen, mel gibson. >> do you think the public will perceive you any differently after all that has been in the news about you?
8:57 pm
>> what are you referring to specifically? >> referring to the drinking problems. referring to what has been call the anti-semitic rant. all those things. you know what i'm talking about. >> okay, so that's almost four years ago dude, i mean i've moved on. i guess you haven't. let's move on dude, come on. >> "edge of darkness" opens today. good to see you doing what you do best. thanks for joining us mel, take care. >> bye-bye. [ bleep ] bill: no need to do that mr. gibson is a pinhead. new no-spin news segment getting lots of comments. i run down stories we don't have time to cover on the factor. might want to check it out. now the mail. let me get this straight the guy who takes his kid to church may go to jail for
8:58 pm
contempt the -- for the guy who smokes pot with his teenager gets a slap on the wrist. sean: father and sounds only smoking a joint would you have been more understanding fit was beer? using illegal intoxicant with your children is wrong, sir. wise up. russ: bill, thank you for exposing the lie that is taxing corporations. they will pass any expense on to the consumers in the form of higher prices or lower shareholder earnings. ryan: we begin -- we cannot continue to spend like we are without disaster. the government must stop this bob: bill you don't get it. obama wants the country to go bankrupt so he can usher the u.s.a. into the new world order. scott: krauthheimer prize winning columnist at the massachusetts general hospital and you name
8:59 pm
his segment after a cookie sitcom starring chachie. that's the kind of people we are. our website o'reilly. everybody is a critic. talking points memo posted there. e-mail us with pithy comments. i'm sure we will be getting mail on the jon stewart interview. name a town if you wish to opine. when writing the factor do not be a a nebbish. it wouldn't be fair to name the nebbishes that is it for are us. i am bill o'reilly we hope to see you again the


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