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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 4, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. >> sean: terrorists are at war with america. does the president believe we are fighting war on terror? some of his dirks in recent months indicate that -- of his decisions in recent months indicate that no he does not. eric holder in november corey saban h and his 9/11 co-conspirators would be tried in civilian court in the u.s.. fast forward about a month to the aftermath of the christmas day bombing when the so-called underwear bomber was questioned by agents from a local fbi field office for only 50 minutes. after that, as with the petty criminal the bomber was read his miranda rights and he clammed up. the administration has justify been criticized over its decision to try this terrorist in a criminal court which holder says was his decision
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greeted with no objection from other departments in the government. wouldn't you know it, when mr. holder and the administration started to feel the heat the white house leaked to the world that all of a sudden the christmas day bomber is once again cooperating with the fbi. how convenient. deputy white house press secretary bill burton was asked about this coincidence earlier today. >> ideally this information would not have necessarily come out. but in order for the american people to know that we are doing everything possible to keep them safe and in order for our continued success in this effort we made a determination that it was a good idea to make sure that people knew that our sources and our methods here were working. >> sean: politics and public opinion trump national security for this administration. this concern appeared to have been voiced by senator mccain yesterday. he noted that the decisions relating to the war on terror are being made by law
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enforcement officials, the attorney general, eric holder not the department of defense. here's what senator mccain had to say to secretary of defense robert gates. >> i hope you will come to a conclusion, as to how enemy combatants should be treated, as far as their trials are concerned and our ability to ensure the american people, assure the american people they will not be returning to the battlefield. and whether they should be tried and incarcerated in the united states rather than began tan know. -- than guantanamo bay. we look forward to your viewses i not the attorney general who has official botched this one very badly. >> sean: with all critical mistakes made by the obama administration listen to what the intelligence community has to say about when the next terror attack can happen here on american soil. >> what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted
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attack on the u.s. homeland in the next three to six months? high or low? director blair? >> an attempted attack the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. panetta? >> i would agree. >> mr. mueller? >> agree. >> sean: by july? here with reaction to all of this, the host of the jerry and fred show jerry thompson and fred thompson are back with us. why don't you put your wife's name in the name of the show, i don't get that? >> she is holding out for ceo now, thanks to you. >> sean: good to see you both. >> good to see you too. >> sean: we only for 50 minutes interrogate the christmas day bomber. he says more are coming, i trained with them. then we allow miranda rights and allow him to clam up. what are we thinking? >> bill burton said the
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american people need to know sources and methods. we don't, he's supposed to be protecting sources and methods. we have friends at the department of justice not one time did they give a background or a press conference on what it was they were doing. how they were doing it. look at security operations here. do these people know what they are doing? . >> you saw two things in that clip i don't think have happened before in this country not to my knowledge. our top intelligence official saying an attack is certain in their opinion, next three to six months. the other is what jeri is talking about an ongoing discussion of the progress making and talking to a national security-related suspect. >> we know more about what is going on with farouk than health care. we had an open ended white house conversation last night with reporters which we don't have about health care. >> sean: i say god forbid because i lost kids i
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graduated high school with on 9/11. we all knew barbara olsen. what if the bomber who said others are coming what if the ones come in that three month period? you would think just for political purposes if they didn't realize the dingers they would understand this is serious. >> the fbi agents on the ground who made this decision apparently, initially, are reading the tea leaves. they know what is expected of 'em. they look at their boss ultimately in this case the attorney general of the united states, and the decisions he's made. first thing out he decided to reopen cases against our own cia agents. right now we've got open cases against cia agents being investigated, navy seals, because of interrogation tactics. another decision with regard to the christmas day bomber and trying khalid sheikh mohammed in
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new york. all of those decisions and all of the statements made indicate that we are more interested in what international opinion thinks than protecting this country. these guys know what they are supposed to do. treat it like an ordinary criminal case or we're gonna have somebody to answer to in the justice department. >> sean: i want eric holder fired. >> he's in witness protection, where is he? napolitano checking out security at the super bowl, i guess holder must be up in vancouver. where are these people. >> sean: let me look ahead to 2010. i think national security in the end is going -- those decisions are far more dangerous than the quadrupling of the debt and deficit. do you realize that blanche lincoln is down 23 points said to the president today no one in your administration knows how to make payroll? >> 40 lobbyists, three are cabinet members.
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>> sean: she should be on the jeri and fred show. >> i left the show one day and our ratings went up, so i'm -- blanche lincoln was literally correct. there is no one in their cabinet who came from the private sector. and she is right. and what blanche is doing is reflecting the concern that democrats running for office the next time have. she takes on the president before a national audience that's how desperate some of these democrats up for election are. >> sean: i think it is too little, too late. there wasn't one democrat brave enough to stand up to the president. what do you expect in 2010? what are some of the pitfalls and dangers for the republicans? never understatement -- never underestimate a republican's ability to blow. >> look at illinois. one thing not being reported it should be, the republican
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turn out was heavy for illinois. there was seven million people came out. that is good for illinois because there's not that many republicans. what we have to understand there's an anti-incumbency. there's a lot of polls out now, a website is talking about the fact that most people who normally would have said i like my guy, i don't like their guy, for the first time in his history he's saying they want to throw their own guy out, republican or democrat. >> sean: isn't this mostly a backlash against corrupt, buying of the votes in louisiana, buying of votes in nebraska. >> people have no control over their lives. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i think it is a rejection of obama more than anything else. >> no question there's uncertainty with regard to the substance of these issues like health care. people are against it, it is clear. they are trying to give the president a little signal on that elect after election
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after election, poll after poll after poll. the procedure that you were talking about and the corruption yet the democrats in the administration are doubling down. still talking about health care and rushing it through and trying to get it in by reconciliation process, which is a ization of the normal process that -- -- if they douz it. i was telling her i heard people digging their own grave i never heard of digging the grave, jumping in it and trying to throw the dirt on themselves. >> sean: you are catching up to her. working hard. we to run. >> i'm on probation. >> sean: good to see you. jeri and fred show coast-to-coast. i am so dead after this interview. much more to come here is a sneak peek straight ahead on hannity. >> there was a special relationship between the two of them.
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>> sean: former edwards' aide here with another bombshell. >> americans across the country losing their jobs. the number of government employees is ballooning before our eyes. >> don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you are trying to pay for college. >> sean: the anointed one dises vegas again. >> this president is a real slow learner. >> i think one of the odds on favorite is this new program that i looked at it and wished i was seeing it in 3-d. >> sean: i think it is called avatar, mr. vice president. >> did blanche lincoln's health care vote doom her reelection? reelection? and dr. phil. host: could switco really save you
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charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. . >> sean: president obama telling americans to stay away from vegas again. >> the president: when times are tough you tighten your belt. don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you are trying to save for college. >> sean: causing mayor good man to explode. >> an apology won't be acceptable this time this president is a real slow learner. >> sean: ouch. andrew young,
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>> sean: big government is back. according to the washington times this year the number of government employees will top two million for the first time since president clinton declared the era of big government is over. something tells me that is a stack that president obama is not going to9g4 be talking about publicly. then again in president's track record on transparency is less than impressive. at a white house orchestrated town hall event he was confronted over his broken c-span promise. here's what he had to say. >> yep, i made that commitment and i probably should have put it on c-span. although, one of the tricky things trying to figure out if it is on c-span are people going to be saying what they think about trying to get the bill done or is everybody going to be pros ing to say things that sound good for camera? i think it is a legitimate criticism to say if you say all is going to be on c-span all of it is going to be on c-span. >> sean: where was it?
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far cry from what we her on the campaign trail. joining us nicole wallace, sandra smith. good to see you that is a big deal. big deal they wouldn't have been able to be honest. >> how does that change from when he campaigned saying he was going to have c-span cameras in the room this is going to haunt him for a long time. he's going to wish he put one camera in one of those health care meetings. the moderator at the town hall meeting in new hampshire said the number one health care question fielded was pertaining to c-span cameras not being in the meetings. this is a huge problem for the american people. >> sean: it is like a read my lips moment. >> yeah. you know what it reminds me of, john kerry, i voted for it, before i voted against it. barack obama was for putting health care negotiations on tv before he went to new hampshire and was against it because he wasn't sure how people would act when they
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though they are on tv this guy is the first ever made for television president. he has a gift in front of the cameras. he's a performer. for him to question how something would look in front of camera, really [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he met with the democratic leaders too. even blanche lincoln, no one in your administration understands how to make a payroll. what is interesting, she only made this comment when the poll came out the day before that shows she is down 23 points. too little too late. >> democrats are now using the president, a democratic president to campaign for reelection. six democrats up for reelection, calling into question what he's been doing. interesting that is how they are campaigning. >> sean: a lot of image stuff. report in the associated press
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that the president is bringing in some of the country's top gourmet chefs, the president. meanwhile, we've got more people hungry and on food stamps than we've ever had before. and he's jetting around to broadway on vacations on our dime. nancy pelosi taking everybody to copenhagen and spending $100,000 on booze. >> i worked in the white house almost six years. the president has to have a life. but a president has to understand his constituents. they have to understand what go -- what is going on out there. more serious than the optics of bringing in chefs from around the country is the fact that politically speaking, he is so far out of touch with what is going on, on the streets of this country. >> sean: i agree. and it's -- you wonder how you could be that far out of touch. he goes -- he trashes vegas again and in the process says, look we can't let people blowing their cash during tough times you got to tighten your belts. i'm like hello!
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you have quadrupled the deficit and telling people again not to go to s go. who gets hurt? let's see the people that deal cards. the people that waiters and waitresses and bartenders. the restaurants get hurt. >> the mayor of las vegas says he's not accepting an apology this time. i don't blame him. he's really speaking out against it. he's putting this guy's city at stake, the state at stake. >> sean: is it that he's out of touch or take away that teleprompter, unscripted moment he's in trouble? he might be a great communicator when he's reading. >> a joe biden in disguise. my parents are fulltime residents of the state of nevada hit hard by the economic downturn. housing crisis, they are counting on the tourism industry to bring that state back. >> sean: what is harry reid
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thinking now? not once, but twice telling people don't go gamble your money away. >> at the same time beefing up the number of government workers that we're paying. he's talking about cutting the deficit. all the spending frees for three years. yet, -- freezes for three years. yet millions of people on government payroll. >> sean: if last year's deficit was bad he's increasing it on this year's deficit. >> he's not doing the right things to get our economy growing again. if small businesses were hiring it wouldn't be as bad. >> sean: george bush who you worked for did not play golf while this country was at war. he didn't want families seeing him on a golf course. he seemed to be far more in touch. good to see it. thank you for being with us. coming up former john edwards' aide andrew young back. voice mail messages from john
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and elizabeth edwards. shocking details on the senator's affair. is edwards still seeing the woman who derailed his political career? he answers that question and breaks news, coming up
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>> sean: former john edwards'
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aide andrew young found himself at the center of one of the most shocking political scandals in american history. in part two of my interview young the author of the tell all book "the politician" veals a bombshell you have not heard -- reveals a bombshell you have not heard anywhere else. we discussed about the tapes and the relationship with john edwards last night. you have the sex tape you will never release it under any circumstances? >> unless somebody holds a gun to my head. >> sean: not for any financial amount. >>. >> sean: why do you hold it? >> it was corroboration. at the point when it started two years ago the senator promised me he was gonna come clean and tell the whole truth. that the point, elizabeth and john were still held in highest steam, elizabeth especially nobody would have believed our words we are peons. >> sean: after the interview we had last night it did not
12:25 am
end well. here you facilitated john edwards' affair. covered for edwards. spent money on john edwards. >> right. >> sean: he never paid you back. >> right. >> sean: made a lot of promises to you. >> he wrecked my car. >> sean: i was a little shocked after all you had done for him. tell everybody how the relationship ended and what said to you? >> there was a -- at the very end he had fred called me and sent me a text that said >> sean: the trial lawyer. >> right who wanted edwards to be the attorney general and has since passed. he sent me a message, the bizarre thing was at this point elizabeth had taken away all the senator's car keys and cell phone the most bizarre thing. he didn't have a cell phone or a car. >> sean: except for the batman to rielle hunter. >> yes. now he was caught, it was gone.
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he told me to drive a mile to the right of the driveway. so, he pulls up in this black suburban and we are driving out in the middle of country roads here and there. then he has me get in the car with him. acting like he's drunk, talking on the cell phone looking in the rear view mirror. all i could think of was vince foster. we were caught between billionaires and powerful people and a guy in viable contention for vice president or attorney general and nobody knew where i was. i was scared to death of him. we went through the whole thing. at the end of it, i just -- i told him, i said look, since you have asked me to do this, i didn't record conversations. i saved the voice mails that you left on my cell phone and the e-mail the. >> sean: and you told him you had the tape? >> and told him i had the tape. it wasn't a threat -- >> sean: he said? >> andrew you cannot hurt me. you cannot hurt me.
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>> sean: when did he stop seeing hunter or has he? >> i don't -- i don't think he has. i think he's very much -- >> sean: even now? >> yes. >> sean: and now they are separated. you did save some of the voice mails? >> right. >> sean: we got three of 'em. he says andrew it's john: . >> andrew it is john i'm going to leave you this message in case you get a call from me where i ask you what is going on? the reason we are calling is because elizabeth is standing there. if i'm calling saying what happened, how did this happen? what's going on that's because elizabeth is standing there with me. >> sean: remember that? >> very well that was either the day he asked me or the day off, i'm not sure which. >> sean: you said you don't think he has stopped seeing her? >> i don't think so. because rielle wouldn't wouldn't go along with it. >> sean: is this a real love
12:28 am
relationship? do you think they will get married? >> i don't think they will get mary. i haven't seen her since june. i can tell you there was a special relationship between the two of them. >> sean: why would she describe the specific details of their sexual relationship as you described in the book? >> it wasn't just her, both of them. >> sean: why would you sit and listen? >> i didn't i kept saying tmi. she is a different person. she is very open. new , very open about everything. way too open. it was shocking when she would start, for once they had a confidant that knew everything and they had something to talk to. the senator had not had close friends co-talk to. >> sean: we have a voice mail from elizabeth to you. your relationship with elizabeth was not good. >> this is completely crazy, desperate, pathetic woman with no skills and no possibility
12:29 am
of employment. you are going to have to take care of your baby. if you do that, she won't behave in this erratic way. and then you and your concubine and your entire family can stay out of our lives. >> sean: she believed edwards which was you were the father having the long term affair? >> right. that made sense doing the book for a long time he had been throwing me under the bus nicknamed him throw him under the bus young. he had been blaming stuff on me when he was suspicious. there are mails that i saved where elizabeth would call in the middle of the night put on the voice of a 14-year-old girl and threaten my wife's life and say this is not andrew's first woman or accuse me of stealing her dead son's baseball cards: >> sean: you will release these calls? >> that will be something my lawyer will determine.
12:30 am
>> sean: he did often tell you i love you, you are like family. here's one of those examples. >> 7:27 east coast time. i had a wonderful conversation long and wonderful conversation with bunny she will be there no matter what. i think we can completely count on her. i just wanted to you hear that and once again to tell you i love you. i really love you andrew. >> sean: if you had words to describe john edwards now the guy you once believed should be president, give me the adjectives, give me five. >> despicable. calculating. ambitious. this is more of a phrase, ambitious disregard of everyone else. and another phrase, loyalty runs two ways except for with him.
12:31 am
>> sean: avatar may be the number one movie in the world. apparently the vice president is not impressed. dr. phil makes a hannity house call. he will weigh in on the bombshells you just heard from former john edwards' aide andrew young and much more straight ahead. >> worst thing that can ever happen is when a victim gets victimized. you are clearly a victim.
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in an interview with andrea mitchell the vice president shared his oscar pick. >> i think one of the odds on favorite is this new program that i looked at it and wished i was seeing it in 3-d you sit and watch this science fiction thing unfold in front of you. >> sean: joe, it's called avatar. the number one grossing movie in box office hisisisis
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>> sean: joining me with reaction to the john edwards' scandal and more is the within and only dr. phil mcgraw. how are you good to see you again? >> good, good to talk to you. doing okay? >> sean: life is good. here's what i have a hard time understanding you can i assume help me out. john edwards has a chance to be president. his wife knows about it many
12:36 am
he knows, his agents know about this -- his aides know and yet he arrogantly thinks he can get away with this. i don't understand the psychology behind me and i want you to help me understand it? >> i think they get caught up in the moment. i also think probably in his mind, he societies the two. like the work he's -- he days societies the two. like the work he's doing heat passionate, focused on he believes that is what this is about. this stuff on the side he societies from that not realizing not everybody else is going to look at it that way. it is astounding to me that someone can think they are that invisable. we used to say in texas you start drinking beer early enough by midnight you are pretty invisable. i do think sometimes people think they are invisable. >> sean: it wasn't just a moment this was an ongoing affair he's flying her all
12:37 am
over the country and everybody knows. the next question, i asked andrew young, i understand i was never a big john edwards' fan but he was, he's a true believer. then he discovers that he's a phony when it comes to this two missions. he has a very elitist attitude. then he discovers the affair. then he facilitates the affair. then he takes the cover of acting like he's the father to cover for this guy. from the a psychological standpoint, what happened to him? >> well, i tell you i think you always have to -- i always look at these things and start at the end and work backwards. at the end he sold a book, right? he's out there selling the story. riding that wave. i always hate to see that happen. i think as the old saying goes, drink the kool-aid and get dysfunctional blindness going along. there's a lot of people
12:38 am
involved in keeping this going as long as it was and he was right in the middle. i saw your interview i thought you asked good questions. i didn't hear great answers. i think he said yeah, i did get caught up in it now i'm ashamed of that but, you know this -- he was very, very involved in this. i guess thought at some point that america's just stupid that they are going to believe the stories even though they know that people around them, 10, 20, 30 people maybe, know what's actually going on that's a lot of leaks in the dike, don't you think? >> sean: let me see if i can maybe probe a little more deeply. i don't understand how people can get caught up in cults. if we look -- i'm not comparing the two in any way. he was a believer and then became a facilitator then covered for him to a very high degree. something happens. if you look at images of nazi germany, what happens to the masses of people that they will kill their fellow human
12:39 am
beings? what happens people will wore shop at the alter of an ayatollah or dictator? i don't understand the sky that human beings allow themselves to cross these moral boundaries on an extreme level with hitler or on an individual level which is obviously less severe? >> i think you have to look at it in terms of the mass mentality of this. it is an old cliche but i think it is apt that the end justifies the means. if believe they are going is the ultimate moral high ground. if they believe that it is the great thing to do, then they begin to make compromises along the way in order to get there. that doesn't make sense. in retrospect it doesn't make sense to them afterwards. to people on the outside looking in, it never made sense. but at the same time, i think in the moment they say we're gonna do great things here. if there are sacrifices of our
12:40 am
boundaries an look the way and we get to do the great things i think they justify it to themselves in that way. in the moment that's to be what they are thinking. >> sean: by the way, congratulations i hear you are going to be a father. which means i assume your wife was over 13 when you married her. con garage s on that >> i was sure you were talking about me when you said should have been 12, instead of her. we've been married 33 years and she finally is going to get to be a grandmother and time going to get to be a grandfather. sean, i raised two boys now we have a granddaughter, i am so out of my element. i have no idea what to do with a little girl. >> sean: i got an 8-year-old little girl. she promised she would never leave me and date. i got the promise on paper. i got to applaud you. we saw this horrible devastation in haiti. your program has been active and you have been showing the doctors on your program.
12:41 am
i know people that really have stepped up and showed really the great side of humanity to help these people that are in terrible need. what was your thoughts when you were interviewing these doctors? i thought they were amazing. >> let me tell you, these guys don't see themselves as heroes. i don't see them as heroes. they are just americans that have a skill set that wanted to roll their sleeves up and go down there and do it. they will be back down there again. i just know they will. for example dr. orton goes to haiti and works on cleft lip and palate surgeries down there time and again. will be going down there soon for that they are guys like everybody else around the world that has stepped up. i think it is good we turn the cameras on 'em. i think people need to stay focused on this. i don't think we've seen the bottom yet. at this point they are dealing with the traumatic injuries. they are dealing with the crush injuries, amputations,
12:42 am
medical emergencies. but there's going to be a tremendous challenge, i fear, in terms of secondary infection and the problems of rebuilding this society after. i don't think this has anything but just begun. and i want people to write down on the beginning of their calendar each month to remember haiti if you can only send a dollar, two dollars, five dollars it makes a difference. i'm on the cabinet for the american red cross and we need money right now. if another disaster happens somewhere in the world right now we are going to a be in a lot of trouble. they are down there helping but it is not about those doctors it is about the people. i hope everybody remembers them, they are good people. >> sean: dr. phil, good work, appreciate you being with us. >> talk to you again soon. >> sean: when we come back the great, great, great, american panel, next. ♪ ♪ national car rental knows i'm always in a rush.
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there's a school for people like this. an online university where advanced degrees advance the quality of life. walden university. a higher degree. a higher purpose. i want to know why my hair is falling out. i don't even look like me anymore. how did this happen? announcer: for answers, ask your doctor the right question-- "could i have lupus?" . >> sean: tonight on our great american panel. dan henninger is here. worked at the "washington post" serving as a writer white house correspondent, juan williams is back. she is the director of the seven bar foundation renata black is with us. good to see you, welcome
12:47 am
aboard. blanche lincoln down 23 points then tries to go after the president. no one in your administration understands business. too little too late? >> no, gosh i don't think that fight started. i love the way you like to celebrate in february for a race taking place in november. >> sean: i to prepare. [ laughing ] >> you guys are on a roll you are happy, i'm happy for ya, wait until the democrats start to fight back. >> sean: i'm not celebrating and i agree. i think there's one thing to oppose the obama agenda. another thing, dan if you don't have better views that you articulate. they have views, have they articulated them? >> president keeps telling people he hasn't fully explained the health care bill and they have to do a better job. i has been on the table for a year if they can't slain it by now they will never be able to explain it. as far as blanche lincoln is 23 points behind the american
12:48 am
tea party candidate. >> sean: she is done. >> one of the most interesting numbers president obama's approval rating there is 33%. there is no wonder she is running again the president because he's very unpopular a lot of it has to do with that health care bill. >> sean: she should have seen this coming, don't you think? >> why is this happening? people are not happy. they are just not happy. >> sean: they are not happy with obama they are not happy with his broken promises. >> they are not happy with the stimulus package not having worked, not creating jobs. >> sean: he promised we would have a catastrophe if we didn't pass the stimulus unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. >> it is at 10% now. we need to focus on how we are going to create jobs, more through small businesses being able to create small businesses. >> sean: you to cut taxes. >> do you ever think gee that
12:49 am
last president he was a wonderful guy, george what was his name, bush? he cut a lot of taxes what happened? was it booming did he lead us out of the woods? no. >> sean: seven of the eight years he was good. >> when you get to the point where you have wonderful young people like renata talking about the stimulus didn't work and we should have only had 8% unemployment. wait a minute this situation was worse than what the president understand he was getting into. >> sean: he told us it was the worst economy. >> turns out it was even worse, you can't accept that? >> i'm willing to concede there are no big tax cuts coming. what is probably coming is the possibility of a monumental tax increase. you've got the current budget up to 25% of gdp. this commission the president is talking about is being put in place to prepare for a very large tax increase. >> sean: journal editorial said that the republicans if
12:50 am
they go along with this they are offering cover. >> he writes the editorial. >> sean: i'm praising him. >> let's talk about tangibles. cut taxes and do what? stimulating the economy, how do you stimulate the economy? cut taxes. how do you stimulate small businesses? >> sean: cut taxes and incentivize them. >> give small loans. >> sean: he dropped the rates from 70 to 28 . 21 million new jobs, do we need a better example? >> yeah, we need a better example. we've tried the reagan theory now we need something -- what we need is to make something happen to get it going. we don't need more obstructionism. >> sean: we'll tack a break and come back with more of our great, great american panel.
12:51 am
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>> sean: we continue with our great,
12:55 am
>> sean: i don't care where republicans, democrats vacation. nancy pelosi took government jets to cope a again. >> of course no republican has ever done that and no republican president has ever done that >> sean: what republican is doing it now i will name names and tell them it is wrong. >> you don't think republican leadership gets anything? >> sean: i know the latest mantra is bush, bush. he's been gone a year. you miss him, don't you. >> he's a good man. >> sean: he is. >> democrats are trying to
12:56 am
change the conversation and spin coming out of the white house is to blame the republicans for not participating in the obama agenda and being obstructionists and saying the problem sean is that the republicans i think are faced with the biggest decision they've had to make in 25 years. because the obama agenda is so vast, so huge, involves such an enormous commitment of public money the republicans have to decide whether they are going to sign on the dotted line for the tax increase i was just talking about. i think if they do, they ought to close the party down. >> sean: i agree. but i don't anticipate they will do it. i think seven republicans are on the commission. >> seven republicans, co--- when it came time to vote, they took a right. >> sean: they knew what [ talking over each other ] >> what about this, i'm a responsible elected official, republican or democrat, i can see the deficit is going out
12:57 am
to the stratus fear and i think something should be -- stratosphere and i think something should be done. >> sean: how about submit a budget that is balanced? the president was lecturing americans yesterday about tightening their , why doesn't he tighten his? >> i think that that -- >> sean: come on why doesn't he submit a budget that is in balance and stop the reckless spending? >> i think that it could be reckless at the same time there are other issues we should be focusing on. >> sean: we are stealing from our children and ground children. we are breaking the piggy bank open. >> it's been broken. >> sean: bush last year was 480 billion in the deficit. >> without counting the cost of war. the cost of putting in prescription drug plan. >> sean: 1.3 trillion now up to 1.56 and the president telling us he's a fiscal hawk. >> did he save this economy
12:58 am
from going into expression? >> sean: no. >> didn't he save jobs? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we lost four million jobs, he didn't create two million jobs. >> he saved jobs. >> sean: where? >> talk to teachers, policemen would would have been out of work. he confirmed what i said. >> what he did was -- >> sean: we never used -- >> he didn't keep jobs from people losing jobs. he just didn't create many jobs. >> sean: he promised he would create four million jobs. he lost four millions jobs now we are at a deficit of eight million and he's lying to the american people. >> so speak the truth mr. hannity! the truth is we care about jobs and helping americans. you want him not to spend money -- >> sean: no, stop punishing small business. >> punishing? >> sean: yes with punitive tax
12:59 am
and bureaucracy and regulation and cap tan tax. >> he wants to take some of the money that was given to the banks and some of the stimulus spending and use it to help small business. >> sean: why don't we stop burdening them with regulation and high taxes? >> we won't that's the agenda to increase federal and public presence in our lives. that's the question in front of us. >> talk about tangibles. when you are able to get somebody a loan right now all the banks are frozen nobody is giving anybody a loan. do something that is proven. every time you give a loan you are able to create -- >> sean: you can't give loans to people who can't pay it back like we did with fannie and freddie while barack obama's friends were making tens of millions of dollars. >> are you going to [ talking over each other ] >> sean: we are out of time. >> republican lecture is over. >> sean: greta is up n