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tv   America Live  FOX News  February 4, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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this is "america live." live pictures coming in from the house floor. a historic vote that opens the door for the united states to sink almost $2 trillion deeper into debt. like you and me our country has a credit limit, you see, about $12 trillion right now. lawmakers want to raise it by 2 trillion bucks. that is an unprecedented increase. we have never raised it that much at a time now when we are supposed to be tightening our belts. for some perspective we are joined by senior vice president of business news neil cavuto. >> reporter: hello. this is beautiful. megyn: thank you very much. never been done before. they usually raise it. >> reporter: yes.
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the thing that the government do that we cannot do is just willy-nilly increase the credit limit. we want to raise our credit limit to keep the spending up. megyn: the senate already approved. >> reporter: exactly. in the alternative you have a freeze. megyn: if they don't approve it we can't pay our debts. that's the problem. >> reporter: republicans have learned and democrats have learned that they can freeze this stuff. they keep perpetuating. it. megyn: all right. you have got the deficit which we talked about. then you have got the debt. this speaks to debt. if i make $100,000 a year, but i spent 200, then i amass $100,000 that year in deficit. if that carries over to the next year then that becomes my debt. . >> reporter: a year in and
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year out if you spend more than you take in which is typical of the governments and a lot of americans, every year you do it that extra money that you have been piling on, that that he had been piling on gets added. so every year the deficit and spending gets added to the debt. we are now at a point where our debt is almost equal to the entire output of our country. in other words we talk about trying to get the deficit down to size. right now the deficit this year is about 10% of our gdp. i say that for my show. i say that to get to this point. when it comes to all of the debt we piled up as a result of all of these deficits that have piled up we are now dollar-for-dollar owing as much as we make. megyn: we can't get out of the red. >> reporter: i talked to ronald reagan's first budget director. he says, well, you know, steep spending cuts.
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you keep saying we're going to do that. we don't do it. discretionary spending cuts are like saying you're going to eat four cannolis instead of five cannolis and think you're a d ieting. we are not only trying to have taxes on the rich, but everyone. what he is saying is you keep piling up these debt. you're going to have to find a way to pay for it. megyn: on the heels of all this, the united states, you better watch it. we are about to lower your credit rating. >> reporter: the singular most important thing that happened. i think the moody's investors folks who great credit around the world, it is the highest rating you can have, the gold standard. when you have a gold standard rating like that, people invest in you. it is a great confidence builder. if that notches down just to
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attract the same people you're going to have to raise interest rates. it keeps going down. your going to have to raise interest rates a lot more. this has happened in the past in countries like argentina and brazil and third-world countries who did not make a big deal of it until they defaulted on their debt and had to pay sky-high interest rates. they went belly up. i am not saying that would happen to the new states. but when a prestigious ratings firm is saying it could and very likely will if you don't change, that is a big deal. megyn: would this mean to the folks watching? >> reporter: the biggest lesson here is that if you argue with scott brown being sworn into the senate today and those voters sent a message, the tea party has sent a message, a town hall has sent a message. this isn't a right or left issues, conservative or liberal issue.
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in the prior president's administration, promoting spending. about, you have got to stop it. you have got to stop it now. it is out of control. politicians ignored that. the american people are telling you we are scared. megyn: we are about to watch them probably not stop it. neil cavuto, thanks for being here. spent a little money in here. >> reporter: hello. a couple of family members and some old hoagies on my set. megyn: maybe something. >> reporter: i'm going to stay here. megyn: thanks. as neil just mentioned republican scott brown is expected to officially become our newest u.s. senator. the man from massachusetts will be sworn in about a week earlier than planned. with some confirmation votes
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brown post-election officials to certify his victory right away. that will be steaming live on "fox news". well, it is motto is moving forward. but the toyota motor company can't seem to put bad news behind it. first it was the gas pedal, and now it's the anti-lock brake system. toyota says the flaw has been fixed in the models that have been sold since january. meantime there are new questions about toyota's proposed fix for the last problem, that was, of course, its recall of millions of vehicles that might have issues with their gas pedals. the gas pedal can stick causing a car to accelerate uncontrollably. try to solve that problem by using a small steel bar called a shim, but is that a fix? trace gallagher live. a shim? how is that going to fix a
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sticky gas pedal problem? trace: the whole theory is they take that chance to get behind the gas pedal. reduce the friction. many take your foot off the panel, then that spring will pop the gas pedal out. now there is a whole new dynamic. driving his prius, and he is in cruise control, and all of a sudden the prius starts speed up. since my foot never touches the pedal the problem cannot be a sticky accelerator. there might be some bad software in there. so now, megyn, they are looking at these electronics sensors in the gas pedal. megyn: if it is the electronic sensor and not the actual pedal, how does that work? trace: and we are not saying it is because this is a very early stage. remember, it was attached to something called a throttle cable. now all the cars are computerized.
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what happens is you press the gas pedal and a sensor sends a signal to the computer. now there is this fear that maybe there is something getting in the way of the signal. you look at your blackberry when you put it a radio or microphone and you get. that is electronic interference. something is actually getting in the way, they believe. that is what they're now focusing on. megyn: what a mystery and run a difficult thing to solve if it really is electronic interference. this day and age it could be so many things. we would like to hear from you. have the toyota recall changed your opinion about buying an american car? you can check out how other people feel about it. i know folks are split pretty evenly. 50% say this is just a blip.
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well, vacationing in the middle east just a few months ago. today he is sitting in a jail in a wrong without being able to talk to anyone including a lawyer. his brother joins us live in three minutes about how the iranian president is now trying to use this american, josh, as a political pawn. and a show about some rowdy teens is one of the hottest things on television. he will talk to the man who wants to pull the plug on the jersey shore. more wings ! no way he'll be in first thing tomorrow. only alka-seltzer relieves your upset stomach, heartburn, indigestion and headache... so you're good to go in the morning. you're late. alka-seltzer brings you back.
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megyn: welcome back, everybody. the stories we are watching for you today, longer lines at the unemployment office. the u.s. labor department reported 408,000 americans filed for jobless benefits a week ago. about 20,000 higher than
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predicted. and the man who charged $9,000 a pop to attend his spiritual retreat is now facing three counts of manslaughter. james arthur ray expected in court today facing prison time after three people died during a cleansing ceremony inside the sweat lodge. eighteen others were injured in that incident. well, imagine not seeing or speaking to your loved ones for six months. that is the your deal facing the family members of the shane bauer, nora shourd, and josh fattal. arrested on july 31st after crossing interferon from iraq. now the state department is rejecting a deal offered by iranian president mahmud.
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a lot of our viewers who are not up-to-date. what was your brother doing vacationing in iraq? >> living in syria for nearly a year. they went to enjoy the waterfalls and mountains. it is a really beautiful part of the world that is increasingly popular with western tourists and vacationers of all sorts. their is a waterfall that is particularly close to the border area. the richest around that waterfall. megyn: they crossed over the border not knowing that they were doing that and more rested and have been sitting in prison for six months. now we learn something more about the conditions that they have been held in. the lack of access to anybody. tell us about that.
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>> well, there were a few belgians, also tourists, who were in iran, who were picked up and held for about three months. they were released in early december. they had some contact with some of the hikers. they said they were in solitary confinement, extremely difficult circumstances. as you noted, this has been going on for over six months now. the 16th february will be 200 days. we have not received to have not one phone call. we have been granted to consular visits where swiss diplomats go in and see them. for over three months we don't have any independent verification about their health and well-being. we are just tremendously concerned. megyn: alex, we have heard rhetoric along these lines from ahmadinejad before. well, they may have been spies.
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we are conducting an investigation before we that these guys loose. that in the context of him saying, we are willing to swap them for 11 iranian prisoners being held in the united states leads many to say these guys are, your brother and the others are just political pawns. do you feel that way? >> well, this is not a political issue. it is a humanitarian issue. that is what we have been saying. they don't have anything to do with the u.s. government, and that is abundantly clear. on the day that president ahmadinejad's statement hit the wires and the news that same day earlier in the day a nobel laureate released a statement in which he said, and i quote, "it is difficult to escape the conclusion that these three young people are being held because they are americans and not for any legal reason." and it certainly feels that way. it feels like they are being held totally unnecessarily. we need them home. these are not, you know,
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baseball cards or pieces of furniture. these are human beings with mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and cousins and friends and people who love them and want them back and arms. we just hope that the iranian authorities will show compassion and allow that to happen as soon as possible. megyn: it has got to be incredibly hard for you to see your brother in this situation. here he is, especially vacationing. makes a mistake and crosses over into territory where obviously he should not have been. now we have to wonder whether you will ever hear from him again. with mahmoud ahmadinejad saying, yeah, we will release them if you release 11 prisoners and the united states, people, by the way, people who are defectors or have been convicted of being illegal arms dealers. if that is the only prize that he will accept for releasing your brother and his two friends it has that to be very hard on
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you. >> president ahmadinejad said before that he was going to ask them to seek an expeditious treatment. we hold on to those words. we continue to hope that he will follow through on that, and he has said he wants a resolution. i think everybody wants a resolution at this point. it has gone on way, way, way too long already. megyn: alex, for those who would say, it's your brother is ball coming should have been more careful, he should have known not to cross over into that territory and now he has to deal with the consequences, how would you respond? >> if he crossed into iran, it was a total accident. we are all human. we are all capable of making mistakes. this border region is particularly unmarked. this isn't like one of those borders where it is very clear. an unmarked border area. again, it is an increasingly
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popular place. megyn: that is the fact that we have confirmed. all the best to you. we will be monitoring this. >> thank you. megyn: welcoming he was a teenage heartthrob with a golden guitar and a handful of blond hair. you know him. after the break good luck identified him from his latest mug shot. and what in the world, this is my favorite story, what in the world would make this maxim pin-up model on the left want to go out with this high school kid on the right? coming up next one of the most successful first-date campaigns ever. you will love this. so, doc...
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megyn: a teen sensation from yesteryear looking more like a homeless drug addict. you know you had a life-size poster of them. 1970 child star and singer leif garrett. the 48-year-old was spotted shaking and sweating. a history of drug abuse, including a similar subway a rrest for heroin back in 2006. well, from former teen heartthrob to a new team hero. you are going to love the story. setting an example for american boys everywhere. high-school senior shot for the
1:24 pm
stars when he decided to try and convince a maxim magazine model to join him at the prom. our fox affiliate has the story of a young man who just would not quit trying. >> reporter: at worst it is humiliating. at best genius. conner cordova really doesn't care. >> i think shame is overrated anyway. i have that much shame. >> reporter: mission impossible for 17-year-old high school senior. arianny celeste to come to a dance. >> did not think one in a million years. >> super hotty ms. arianny celeste. >> he had an idea. conner is a big fan. what better way to share your love than three youtube videos.
1:25 pm
a new haircut and, of course, showing off his dance moves. >> some girls are just too pretty to get asked. they don't, they would never say yes to me. no shame. >> kind of sweet. >> reporter: then came a video response. >> if you think i'm going alone you really are stupid. >> reporter: you can forget the date for the best friend. >> less of a wing man and more of a, how do i put this correctly, he is going to be my servant. >> reporter: selected his buddy tyler for the role. >> distract her while i put the moves on her. >> reporter: that embarrassing videos seems slightly more unbearable. >> go to a dance, i am surprised more people don't do it. >> . megyn: i need to know him. shane shame is overrated. words to live by.
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more on that tomorrow. well, they have been called crazies and cooks. one democrat described them as the howling mob. carl cameron live at the tea party convention next. plus there is this. yeah. if you don't watch it you have at least had to pause is the dial around it. "jersey shore" is the mtv show some folks find pretty funny. joining us this hour, a man who is not laughing at all. why he is trying to pull the upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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megyn: well, right now, the people who work for you down on capitol hill are weighing a big decision on the future of your tax dollars. are your public servants listening to their bosses? house lawmakers plan to vote on a historic measure to raise uncle sam's credit limit by an unprecedented $1.9 trillion. that would open the door to more u.s. debt. this thing already passed the senate with not one republican vote. it passed on party lines and now it adds to s to the house. if we don't pass it be will not be able to o pay our bills. on the other hand if we do we will have an unprecedented debt limit in this country. we will bring you updates as we get them on exactly where the
1:31 pm
votes stand and what it means. well, what began as a grass-roots effort to fight big government is now so big it is holding its own national convention. as the tea party grows larger it is having some growing pains. carl cameron is at the tea party convention in nashville, tennessee. what problems are there? >> reporter: well, it is an organization that is just getting started. they have been on the scene since last summer's famous raucus townhall meetings against health care reform. they matured and recognized more of their political muscle in upstate new york. came to pass in a big way in the massachusetts miracle two weeks ago. they recognize that as they grow there are issues. they have made it very clear they're unhappy with the way things are going in washington, not just with the democratic majorities in washington and the white house, but with the republicans. this is a working series of seminars and workshops to do
1:32 pm
with the political mechanics and a megaphone to tell the rest of the country they are tired of being ignored. justin phillips, the key organizer of this convention. >> there is a lot of frustration, and some anger. you saw that lost in august that the townhall meetings. so people are frustrated. what is the big underlying message? i can tell you, it is this. government is not listening to us. >> reporter: that has been a combined for a long, long time with all sorts of independent and outside political movements beyond just democratic and republican politics for years, megyn. most of them have not taken off. this one has tremendous potential. it has gotten accolades from the liberal democrats and conservative republicans alike with the enthusiasm it has brought from people who have not been politically active in the past. what they do with it next may very well be shaped by what happens here in the next couple
1:33 pm
days. they have a lot of big announcements, but it is all about their plans to further advance their political muscle and flex it. megyn: they feel that government has awaken the sleeping giant. weeks ago there was criticism. is that why, and is that still out there? >> reporter: well, there are probably thousands of tea party groups around the country. tea party folks don't really know because they pop up and are small and don't communicate particularly well. they wanted to do workshops to talk about political organizing. how do you develope phone lists and canvas the neighborhood? how do you mailing. so they did have a place to do the workshops. they had to put people up in hotels. some people in the movement think that it should not be run by self-appointed leaders it through a convention. so it is internal stuff. the left would call it controversy. here they call it growing pains and a sign of success. megyn: all right. thanks so much.
1:34 pm
now, one of the issues that really helps the tea party come together was the president's massive health care overhaul plan. despite the showing a strong majority the american people are against the health care bill and now sits in congress one core group of democrats is still pushing to get this thing approved. some think they can make it happen. joining us the former chairperson of the virginia republican party. and susan estrich. good afternoon, ladies. >> good afternoon. >> hello. congratulations on the new show. megyn: thank you. i am surprised to hear more and more democrats rallying behind the idea of pushing health care reform through because after scott brown's victory we heard it is dead. now more and more we are hearing it is not dead by a long shot. do the democrats have any momentum? >> momentum may not be the right
1:35 pm
word. you know me. i am always honest. it is hard to say you have momentum and led light the massachusetts. they have two problems. one is what was to match in new hampshire earlier this week when the president went there. a lot of people still have a lot of problems with health care. people who were uninsured, people who can't afford the premiums. the second problem which came out of this consumer headlining is the structural deficit that this country faces will probably never be addressed and less heat gets some kind of reform. the report was saying by next year the government could be paying half of all expenditures. frankly he can't afford it. megyn: there is a government report estimating that health care consumed a record 173% of all spending in the u.s. economy last year. 20 percent of our government
1:36 pm
spending was on health care. they are saying it is going to go up without, without that health care reform plan. when you look at that, you are talking almost 20 percent of expenditures. does the president have a pretty good point that we need to do something about that? >> he has a point that we need to do something about the rising cost of health care. the problem is the president's takeover of health care by the government, two out of all americans, two out of every -- i can even get my numbers right. everybody knows this is going to drive the health care up. it is estimated to cost somewhere between 200,200 billion and 2 trillion additional dollars. susan talked about the rising cost of medicaid and medicare. that is absolutely a huge
1:37 pm
problem. the problem with this government takeover is that 18 million new people are going to be put into medicaid. that does not do anything to control the cost. the problem that we need to be looking at is how to lower cost, not just how to increase government influence. it is actually the conservatives are the ones who have come out with some pretty substantive solutions about how to go about bringing down that cost. the amount of gdp that goes to health care costs will be more reasonable. we have to look at medicaid and medicare. we also want to look at job creation. that is the number one thing. >> let me ask you this. as a practical matter does it the of democrats to do something, came out with something really interesting marriage and the democrats to do something, you may think it is a kiss of death. now you are in contact your constituents. political suicide. your thoughts. >> i think it is a rock and a
1:38 pm
hard place, making. most democrats have already, virtually all of them voted once and gone on the line on this. nothing has happened. if you go back to your constituents and say, i heard you. we dropped it. we did nothing, i'm not sure that helps you. on the other hand, the scott brown experience is, you know, so fresh in everyone's mind that you have got very nervous democrats. at the end of the day it would be much better for president obama to get something through. he is not up for election in a long time. without reform he will have huge deficits. the truth, megyn, as you know, you have all these members of congress who are up in november scared to death. megyn: do they have the guts to do it? the house democrats in particular, the blue dogs you came on board with this health care plan, do they have the guts to do this in light of what we saw? >> i don't know that it's guts.
1:39 pm
it is wisdom that is pulling them back. the overwhelming consensus of the american people, they do not want to go in this direction of expanded government control and increased cost. what you are going to see the blue dogs coming out and saying that we need to look at some incremental reforms. that would be, if i am going to give democrats advice i was a promise suggest that they come out with some open hearings. working across the aisle, some of these reforms such as tort reform, which i know is a tough one. they need to look at some of these ideas that will actually bring down the cost, and then they can go back. >> really, the bottom line. you can agree on this. the trial lawyer's fault. >> no, it isn't. . megyn: i got i got to run.
1:40 pm
>> no, i am a practicing lawyer. i wish it were. if you could solve the health care cost problem by tort reform even i would be for tort reform. megyn: got to go ladies. all the best. well, at the top of the hour you saw neil cavuto here. unprecedented. they have never raise the debt limit by this amount, another 2 trillion at once. still ahead we have got chris wallace, brett, and senator arlen fester who is going to weigh in. also coming up senator mitch mcconnell. he will be our guest on "america live." the senate majority leader here to weigh in on where we stand on health care, debt limit, and breaking news in the war on terror. also drifting majorly in tv reality show about a group of rowdy italian team's is s is beg
1:41 pm
blasted as ethnic stereotyping of the worst sort. the man who wants to pull the plug on "jersey shore" when we come back.
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get your lifelock protection started immediately. call now. megyn: okay. i did not get that. he was saying she has got them. in any event all set for a season two. that is what they do on the set of "jersey shore." ready to act out every italian-american stereotyped in the book. showing america the fun-loving side of what they call, what they call the guido culture.
1:45 pm
some americans are not happy. one of them is joseph. he wants this share of the air. hi. >> hi, megyn. megyn: even though my last name is kelly, i am 25% italian. i don't have a problem with this. what do they do that is so awful? >> the nature of the show has struck a chord with the number of italian americans around the country. the stereotypes, the other thing that we are concerned about as a community, too, is a responsibility in programming and this idea of reality shows and where they are going, whether it was the balloon boy incident or breaching security at the white house or now even this show with young people behaving in a way that really we do not think represents the broader spectrum of italian-americans, or for that
1:46 pm
matter young people throughout the united states. megyn: but, you know, what moron does not know that? who out there is taking a look at snooky and thinking, that is the italians. you have to watch out for them. >> it goes a little deeper than that. we have raised a lot of money and spent a lot of money on mentoring and education and scholarship. i would say that if you have an impressionable 13, 14, or 15-year-old and they're watching these shows, i think you have got to be careful to not make an impression upon them that this is what it takes to be cool and this is what it takes to be, you know, in with the in-crowd. megyn: that is a separate issue. that is up to parents. it may stereotype them. this is not the first show to take a shot at italians. one of the most famous movies of
1:47 pm
all time is "the godfather." you know, that movie doesn't reflect that well on italians it. most people accept that is one faction, look at the violence in this movie, and does it represent all italians? >> over the course of the last several years there have been a number of shows that have brought anger the community. but it is just not acceptable. and i think that staking the stereotypes of the guido culture is offensive. any person who does not agree with the use of a stereotype, especially for commercial promotion would agree with us. megyn: why isn't it just to turn the channel? i confess i have seen parts of this show. there is something about it that you cannot take your eyes away from. it is like a train wreck that
1:48 pm
you have to take in for two minutes. then i try to move on. it does not cause me to think any particular way. these kids are morons. what is wrong with that? >> believe me. i agree in the free expression and the first amendment. but i think the call here is to have people pay attention. there has to become i think, some responsibility at the programming level. again, with all respect to free expression, but i think in america today if you see a lack of or decline in civility and good manners and things that, especially for foreigners, we keep sensing repetitive messages on behavior that a lot of people do not find acceptable. megyn: your problem may not be with "jersey shore." it may be with mtv in general.
1:49 pm
you know, you are not alone on this. a lot of folks, "jersey shore," the local government does not think it reflects well on them. forge forward. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. megyn: well, just ahead a closer look on where some of that $780 billion in stimulus dough is now going. how about paying one group of new yorkers to keep up their pot smoking? at least cheech and chong might at least cheech and chong might be happy. eating healthy is important, but only vegetables can give you vegetable nutrition. one of these will get you more than half way to your five daily servings. v8. what's your number?
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megyn: welcome back, everybody. we are watching the house floor right now for this vote on a motion, essentially, that would raise our nation's debt limit up by $2 trillion. that is an unprecedented number there were serious questions about whether this would pass. finally get the numbers now look like it may have. we're going to get an update from our capitol hill producer. the last word we got was that it might not. it could be in jeopardy. we are watching it carefully just to see. that number, 2 trillion, they routinely do this. they raise it by 200 billion, 280 billion. we have to pay our bills. if they don't we will be able to. this passed in the senate. went to the house, and they were expected to pass it. a bit of drama because the number is so very big. we will have a live update on the way. so of that massive federal
1:54 pm
borrowing going to the newest projects remember the stimulus projects? forget the debt-limit. they passed a $787 billion. supposed to be shovel-ready stuff. well, some people had questions. now there are questions about how exactly that money is being used. william here to explain live in los angeles. william, what are some of these projects we are hearing about? are they creating jobs? >> reporter: as you know, it all comes from the same place, which is your pocketbook. federal agencies spending $196 million in stimulus money every hour, and they will do that every hour for the next eight months until the september deadline. it either goes to people who should not get it or don't deserve it. you be the judge. $233,000 to study why africans
1:55 pm
vote the way they do. twelve jobs. seven of those are for africans in africa. $2 million for a fire station in nevada. the county doesn't have any money for the firefighters to staff it. $1.5 million to study of plan fossils in argentina. two of these belonging to argentinas. $400,000 the study malt liquor consumption and marijuana use with buffalians. over here we are spending $5 billion. that turns out to be 78 grams per house. $1 million going to arizona on how ants work. $300,000 for grants and jobs.
1:56 pm
the administration says any job is a good job. that is not true. some agencies are spending only a million dollars to pleas of billion dollars. pay-now chase-later mentality is a recipe for fraud and waste. back to you. megyn: all right. on how ants work, i'm sorry. you will have to follow up on that. thank you. coming up we will show you in a little of mr. john stuwart entering the no spin zone and breaking news. that vote in the house. is it a done deal? senator mitch mcconnell and senator mitch mcconnell and senator arlen specter up next.oe in the north of england to my new job at the refinery in the south. i'll never forget. it used one tank of petrol and i had to refill it twice with oil. a new car today has 95% lower emissions than in 1970.
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megyn: fox news alert. passing the vote that could put america 2 trillion dollars deeper in debt. the house of representatives approved a mess sure by a hair
2:00 pm
that will raise this country's credit limit. the house has opened the door for the national debt to rise to $14 trillion. from $12 trillion to $14 trillion. that's trillion with a "t." moments away we'll be joined by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell on what this means to your wallet. chad, this is surprising this thing went by a hair. you were saying it might go down. was that surprising for you? >> for much of the vote it was going down. rarely do you bring an issue to the house floor unless you have the votes. but you have a lot of moderate to fiscally conservative blue dog democrats voting against this. they were able to put together the coalition and pass this by 5
2:01 pm
votes. you flip a handful of those and this goes down which is extraordinary. megyn: can that be a harbinger of things to come? >> you have started to see a lot of close votes like this. you saw a couple in late december in anything that spent money. you had moderates from conservative leaning states voting against these big programs. it's been a signal of things to come. but as long as they can go to the precise number of votes they need, which is what they did on this vote, they can pass it. megyn: was it all party line? the senate we saw no republican senators voted for it. what happened in the house? >> every democrat who voted for it. republicans voted nay. we don't have the official vote tally how many democrats voted
2:02 pm
against it, about it was 30-35, again, most those blue dogs. every yes vote came from the democratic side of the aisle. that's good politics for the republicans who say we want to bring down how much the government is spending. megyn: senator mitch mcconnell is joining me from capitol hill. you had all republicans voting against it. you had all republicans voting against it in the senate. if you don't vote for this thing, how are we going to pay our bills. is there an alternative to raising the debt limit? >> what we ought to do is get a handle on spending. we have been on a spending binge of astonishing proportions. our colleagues passed a budget to double the national debt in five years and triple in 10.
2:03 pm
they are not even discontinuing a process which which we'll have to come back and do this next year. megyn: they said yes, we spent some, but we inherited a huge debt. and deficit run up by those eight years that president bush was in office. there was only so much we can do when we have a nation in a recession to tamp down these numbers. >> the debt they ran up was bigger than the last four years of president bush combined. they have been on a spending spree of gargatuan proportions. the best way to deal with that is to get a handle on spending. you don't get there bypassing $800 billion stimulus packages. you don't get that by not discontinuing tarp, the fund that was set up to rescue the banks. that rescue ought to come to an end. give that money back to the
2:04 pm
deficit reduction. there is no evidence whatsoever that the majority or for that matter the administration is interested in getting a handle on spending. >> president obama * would beg to differ. he said this problem is one of the main reasons why we need healthcare reform in this country. there was a reported that came out today that said healthcare consumed 17.3% of all spending by the government in the u.s. economy. president obama * says that's why we need to overhaul the system. >> no one believes the healthcare bill is finished would have done anything about that. it's a $2.5 trillion federal program, starting a new entitlement program at a time of record and unsustainable deficits. it doesn't strike any of us as the right way to go. american people were
2:05 pm
overwhelmingly opposed to that in any event. >> one of the big things in the president's budget, even people on your side of the aisle credited. $160 billion in funding for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. you, however, have come out sharply criticizing president obama saying he has a blind spot when it comes to protecting this country. do you think that's fair? don't you think president obama is at least trying to protect us from another terror attack? >> i didn't say had a blind spot. what i have been critical of him for doing is -- he put the attorney jefnt united states in charge of the war on terror in the following way. they are mainstreaming foreign national terrorists into the u.s. court system. that's a big mistake. that was done a couple of times in the bush administration.
2:06 pm
we ought to learn from that. we have since set up the military trial commission to try foreign terrorists. what ought to happen is a foreign national terrorist captured no matter where in the united states like the christmas bomber or overseas ought to be sent to guantanamo, detained there, intear gate there, and -- in tear gaited there. and adjudicated there. they ought to be treated as military prisoners. >> bill burton house the deputy spokesperson at the white house says republican criticisms along this line are mere politics. that you are doing that, you are raising the concern for political gain, not because you have a legitimate beef with the president. your response? >> i think he's making a big mistake. the american people expect us to have a debate about these policies they have seen on full display the chaos as a result
2:07 pm
treating the christmas bomber as if he had robbed a convenience store. this is a person who was trying to blow a plane out of the air from nigeria. it's clearly a case for the military and our intelligence people. not for the u.s. court system. he was give up a 50-minute interrogation. probably larry king has interrogated people better and longer than that, after which he was assigned a lawyer who told him to shut up. that is not the way to deal with a person in the war on terror. megyn: thank you, we appreciate it. another knox newit. >> another fox news alert. the white house's decision with respect to abdulmutallab. this guy, abdulmutallab, now we know has been cooperating with authorities. remember, this is the guy who tried to take down the airliner
2:08 pm
over detroit. they arrested him. they intear gate him, then -- they interrogated him. then the white house says he started talking again. now a top senator is taking the administration to task for this week's admission. arguing this sensitive information about what abdulmutallab is doing this week in terms of speak towtion will help our even -- speaking to us will help our enemies. take a listen. >> the political dimension of what ought to be a national security issue has been quite high. i don't think it's been good from the inside in terms of us trying to get the right job done to protect the united states. megyn: bret baier, anchor of special report *. this is a big deal.
2:09 pm
>> it's not surprising politics is factoring in in washington. however, this letter from kit b around, m is interesting. he says the senate intelligence committee was briefed on the fact that abdulmutallab started talking again last thursday. but they were told by the fbi according to bond that stressed the importance of not disclosing the fact of his cooperation to protect ongoing operations, to neutralize additionallal threats to the american people. he says bob mueller personally reached out to senator bond. he says abdulmutallab's cooperation should be kept quiet because it's vital to preventing future attacks against the united states. then 24 hours after this you
2:10 pm
have the white house holding a background briefing for reporters in which they talk about the cooperation. they add details about the family being flown in from nigeria to get th it all to hap. >> the information was released that clearly showed that mr. abdulmutallab was indeed talking again to interrogators. for those of you that participated in the background briefing, that was not something that was timed purposely. soon after that media reported -- we felt it important to context you'llize because many of you were emails what this testimony meant.
2:11 pm
>> he went on to say that bond owes an apology to intelligence officials for politicalizing this whole thing with this letter. it's getting messy. but it's interesting the white house is saying they neat to put in context what happened in a hearing. the fbi director saying this guy is talking. megyn: we just got this in our urgent cue. the respond from kit bond. the nor saying of gibbs, he keeps shoveling no matter what happens on this because they are talking about an -- they are taking an unwarranted indefensible position. there is going to be a question about whether they had a political motivation for disclosing the fact that abdulmutallab was talking because the administration was taking such criticism for having mirandaized him just 50 minutes into the investigation.
2:12 pm
>> it's hard to avoid that conclusion, that this is about the white house is on the wrong side of this issue publicly in public opinion polls. they felt it necessary to explain to reporters in particular that this guy was talking, despite the fact that he was mirandaized. gibbs said bond knew this information, yet in the hearing he talked about how he wasn't cooperating. bond was asking questions about not cooperating on christmas >> 10 american missionaries about to find out if they will face child smuggling charges. an update on the case.
2:13 pm
plus you will never believe house coming to their defense. >> the definition of orphan is someone without a mother and father. that is not thein case in haiti. things are not 100% accurate in haiti. the ocean offers, be it clams, camaraderie or heartache. wait, what? i hink that was a yes. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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2:16 pm
megyn: this is turning into a dustup on capitol hill when it comes to the war on terror. more specifically the questioning of abdulmutallab. the mans accused of trying to blow up an airplane over detroit on christmas day. he was questioned for 50 minutes, then he was mir ran dyemirandaizedmirandaized. the administration came out just this week and said we have a lot of information in that first 50 minutes. since then he has been talking.
2:17 pm
we were told not to disclose that fact. including by the fbi director bob mueller who said don't talk about it. now we hear from our capitol hill producer trish turner that others on the senate intel committee including diane feinstein say this is not the case at all. mule are did not say the information was not to be revealed. bond's spokesperson fired back saying bond was on a separate phone call with mueller and the director made clear that the information was not to be made public. joining us now is a man who used to be on that committee. arlen specter, the chair of the senate intel committee. thanks for being with us. >> congratulations on your new show, and on that fabulous "new
2:18 pm
york times" article about you. >> you are very sweet. thank you very much, senator. i have to ask you about this breaking news. somebody who was in the this current briefing, but somebody who ran that committee. extraordinary to see this public dustup between senators on it. >> we ought to take politics out of it and go back to square one. my view having been a prosecutor is the most important thing is to get the information. it is more important to avoid future terrorist attacks than it is to question a person. then the prosecutor can make a decision whether he wants to go into a civil court or into a military tribunal. if he has a case which will stand up in a civil court, then he could go there. that's preferable. it will show the world how good our criminal justice system is.
2:19 pm
but he can always go back to the military tribunal without having given him miranda warnings. what is going on back and forth is you are savory. megyn: independent of whether director mueller made that warning, do you see a problem with the administration coming out and telling americans that abdulmutallab is talking? are there inherent dangers in revealing such intelligence? >> i do not think there is if it's simply he's talking. the problem would arise if they said what it was that he has disclosed. the guy is in custody. the fact that he's talking is not a problem as long as they don't make disclosures of the specific facts of what he says. but this controversy is typical about what goes on on capitol hill today.
2:20 pm
any little thing is picked up and blown up as a political battle. and when you are talking about terrorism, i think it's bad because the american people would like to see some agreement, especially if you are talking about protecting americans from terrorists. megyn: i have got to get you to weigh in on this quickly. the healthcare bill. you were advocating pushing it through on reconciliation which is a 50-vote in the senate. >> reconciliation has to be taken up on matters which involve taxes. the big outstanding issues, both bills wants to take up insurance reform, eliminate preexisting condition, cover more americans, and reconciliation is appropriate for a tax issue like the cadillac plan tax. when you talk about the give-aways to some of the states, i think republicans would be glad to rescind those.
2:21 pm
so it's all being explored. we want to do it right. megyn: you voted for that senate bill even when is hat the cornhusker kickback and the louisiana purchase. now you are saying it's not such a good idea. >> i said it wasn't a good idea then. i have never voted for a bill that i agreed with everything. i thought those provisions were bad, and said so. but in my opinion the advantages far outweighed the provisions that were give aways. and i was confident then and still am that those giveaways will not be give up away. megyn: before i go i have to ask to you come back on. we didn't give enough time. i like having you on you and i have been talking for a long time. and i would be glad to come back. all you have to do is invite me. megyn: all the best to you. a massive storm is making its way across this country.
2:22 pm
rain, snow, ice on the way door. janice dean has the update for you on this bad weather and possible outages and maybe 20 inches of snow. 
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
megyn: we'll get back to capitol hill in a moment. but first we have to update on this serious storm taking shape along the east coast. ice could take down power lines in the southeast and some place could see 20 inches of snow. 20 inches? >> maybe even more than that. 16-24 inches in the area of d.c. and baltimore. living in d.c., a couple inches
2:26 pm
is tripling. i want to show you the snowfall rates we have seen across areas that will get more snow. three types the amount of snow already on the ground for philadelphia, baltimore, washington, d.c. this could be a record-breaking winter. we are going to get a snow event now. we'll get another snow event tuesday and another storm possibly on valentine's day. flash flood watches and warnings are posted. this storm will become a nor'easter. that will shut travel down in some cases. you can see the snow line for philadelphia, washington, d.c., new york city you will be on the fringe of this, but we could see 4-8 inches for you. as we take a look at the ice heading into friday and saturday, anywhere from 1/4 inch to an inch of ice and that's
2:27 pm
crippling for these areas. as we head up towards the northeast, there is the snow amounts, anywhere from 16-24 inches. we have blizzard warnings for parts of new jersey and delaware. we'll see whiteout conditions. the good thing, it's happening on a weekend. bit will cause a lot of problems. it will cause flight delays for much of the country. >> the further north you go, the more they are equipped to handle it. they are in the red zone when it comes to snow removal equipment. megyn: thank you so much. back to this. fox news alert. we are getting reports a possible decision on the fate of those 10 american baptist mission airies accused of trying to kidnap children out of a haiti orphanage. word of a decision just coming
2:28 pm
out of the courtroom on the fate of these 10 americans. the final decision when we come back immediately after this break. stay with us. ♪
2:29 pm
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megyn: welcome back. we are tracking a growing dustup in washington, d.c. an intense back and forth between republican senator kit bond house on the senate intel committee and the white house.
2:32 pm
it's over the release of information concerning the so-called christmas day bomber. the man who tried to take down an airliner over detroit. joining us is chris wallace. this is rather extraordinary. this back and forth we have seen. to update our viewers. the white house said, he's talk. suspect, we got him, he's talking. kit bond said how could you have released that information. we were told not to release that information by the fbi director robert mueller. the white house says that's not true, you owe us an apology. kit bond says it is true and you are not getting an apology. i haven't seen anything like this in recent history. >> you have to go back even further. the white house and president obama was under heavy fire ever since the christmas day bomb was read his miranda rights after 50 minutes of i arer nation on -- f
2:33 pm
interrogation on christmas night. they put out the information in a late afternoon briefing to reporters. we may have given his his miranda rights, but abdulmutallab is talking. i can't think of any other reason they would put that out. parts of the it was pushback against the political attacks they were getting from republicans and even some democrats. at the time i have to say i was surprised the white house released that because i don't see the upside. if he is talking after all this talk about how he is not cooperating. that would seem to be an advantage to not let yemen and al qaeda know he is talking. i was surprised they released that information. now we have a dustup whether robert mueller told members of congress and you would think the white house not to release that information. i think any day, any moment that
2:34 pm
is spent discussing the abdulmutallab interrogation and the handling of this matter is a bad time for the democrats. they want to get off this issue. it doesn't look like they hand it properly. there are a lot of questions. they want to be talking about anything except this. megyn: there are questions about whether president obama's handling of the war on terror factors into this. this poll shows his approval ratings are falling. they are at 46%. that's down 4% just from january. you can see the disapproval rating is going up. how much do you think that the abdulmutallab situation, the ksm trial in new york factor into that. >> as the joke goes, it can't help. the thing that strikes me about it is between those two polls the president gave his state of the union speech in which he
2:35 pm
talked to the nation for 70 minutes on every broadcast and cable channel. a week or so after the fact he seems not to have gotten any bump whatsoever from the state of the union address. his approval numbers have gone down from a month ago. that would seem that the new agenda he laid out in the state of the union speech hasn't changed people's minds. megyn: the other thing we asked folks about is whether president obama is pentagon off responsibility on the bush administration too much. it appears people believe that. 45% of those polled says yes, he blames the bush administration too much. 17% says he's not doing it enough. is there a feeling now that he's at the helm and it's time to move on from blaming bush? >> i don't read as much into that number as some other people might. if you had the about right and not enough, 52%, that's about what obama won the last election
2:36 pm
over mccain. that's pretty much a partisan divide. but approval number certainly is an indication. the overall approval number. i think the time for speeches -- i'm not saying the president shouldn't give them and won't give them -- but people want results. they will decide on for example the unemployment numbers come out tomorrow. if the rates have dropped down, that will be good for him. how many people are being put to work. what are you going to do with healthcare. the average problems the average middle class person faces in this country. megyn: you have got a lot to talk about on fox news sunday *. somebody who will be in the hot seat for the first time is who? >> we are going to get be *. we are
2:37 pm
going to get sarah palin and the first sunday show interview sarah palin has ever done. i have been sitting here all day writing questions. to hear you talk about me as a cross-examiner is great. i'm not sure about the title. i think it should be called "megan." megyn: is anyone listening? thank you so much. you are such a gentlemen. it's such a pleasure having you on. >> my pleasure. megyn: we could be seeing senator he select scott brown moments from now. we have a live camera at the entrance where he is expected any time now. vice president biden will swear him in today. james rosen is live on capitol hill covering that story for us.
2:38 pm
even if this morning's official proceeding in boston, there was nonetheless some controversy. what was it? >> well, duval patrick, the governor of massachusetts and the secretary of state signed the necessary paperwork and certified cot brown as the winner of last month's massachusetts race. outside his home scott brown took the opportunity to explain why this swearing in is being sped up, and in so doing he paid a compliment to the secretary of state. but after signing the certificate of election, he took the opportunity to lecture him. >> he took a procedural vote because i should be there, i'm the elected senator. we have been patient. the secretary of state has done a nice job in getting the certifications and i'm looking forward to going down there. >> i hope we'll be able to see
2:39 pm
an up or down vote on all the nominations of president obama. >> not often the secretary of state offers an opinion on the conduct of the united states senate. scott brown will be sworn in by vice president biden around 5:00 eastern time tonight. megyn: thank you so much, james. time for a check on what's coming up at 3:00 p.m. eastern with shepherd smith. you have breaking news. >> a little bit of breaking news from the baptists who went over to haiti and said they were doing their best to save some children, but they didn't have paperwork and they didn't do what they were supposed to do. the thinking was nine of the 10 of them would be released. the leader would be taken to trial. what will happen then is another matter.
2:40 pm
but there are conflicting reports about how many have been taken. we'll sort all that out for you. just nancy pelosi iyou -- judgeg to come on, too. we'll get to judge napolitano and that, too. you heard about the speaker who ran a sweat lodge and some people died? robert brown is one of those who will be with us. his sister died during this thing. and we'll talk about the charges that he faced. james a they are ray is a motivational speaker. we'll talk about that as well. megyn: we'll watch for that. thanks for coming on over. boys will be boys. and apparently girls will be girls. two cat fights posted online for
2:41 pm
the world to see. all fun and games until the police catch wind of it. this is horrifying. cracking down on backyard brawls as the parents egg them on in "kelly's court." host: could swo really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: does charlie daniels play a mean fiddle? ♪ fiddle music charlie:hat's how you do it son. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories?
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2:44 pm
megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. cat fights become a renegade spectator sport. hair pulling, two teen girls pummeling each other as the cameras roll. the most disgusting part, two adults who appear to be the parents stand by promoting the bout and force the younger girl to keep fighting. now these so-called parents have been arrested and are facing 10
2:45 pm
years in prison. but is that appropriate? now we have got several others, one in particular that's drawing attention online. let's figure out what is the appropriate penalty. hi, panel. >> this is disgusting. these two girls are going eight. somebody is filming it and you have these two moron parents. they are encouraging them. so let's just start there. and ask whether the parents -- they are facing 10 years in prison. >> i don't think it's too much. what you have here are two adults. the fact that they are charged with doesn't require that they be the parents. they are contributing to the
2:46 pm
deling queen i of a juvenile. one of the girls tried to go back in the house and stopped the fight. the mother blocked her from going in. what you have is a young girl who is forced to fight. these parents are as liable as the person throwing the punch. >megyn: you can see the mother try to shove the girl back out. the mother is in one corner. the father in the other corner watching it and encouraging it. 10 years in prison for the bystanders? >> absolutely not. janine, i disagree with you and thank god i haven't had to bring a client in front of you for sentencing. 10 years represents the statutory maximum you could get. assuming these people have never
2:47 pm
been arrested before, otherwise responsible parent. i don't think the statutory maximum of 10 years of incarceration is the best outcome. a stronger choice would be to hit them with a severe lengthy period of probation. have them undergo counseling. get to the bottom of why they did this. megyn: you have child molesters who don't go into prison for 10 years. that's not right. but to give the bystanders 10 years? >> we don't know if they are bystanders. these are people that brought these kids together for the purpose of taping the assault on camera who would not allow one girl to stop the fight. the statute allowing for 10 years, giving the judge's discretion to do it is appropriate. what if someone threw a punch and she fell against something else and ended up dying. >> but that didn't happen.
2:48 pm
what if, what if, what if. that didn't happen. if this is one of these characters had a record dating back to the disco crisis, the 10 years would be arguably appropriate. megyn: what about the person who films the whole thing which when understand from the reports is another teenager. can any charges be brought again them. >> it depends. if one was enticed to come there for the purpose of being victimized. good samaritan laws do not require people to get involved and stop a crime. if you are videotaping it unless you are an accomplice, you can't be charged. this is about reality television. this is about everybody thinking they will get on television and make a fortune. megyn: they want attention. there is a reason someone puts this on camera and posts it on
2:49 pm
youtube. should the shutter bugs get criminal attention for doing it? >> no. in the court of public opinion convicted, ridicule, scorn, but in the court of criminal law the answer is no. the law doesn't punish you for aiming a camera at something. a lonely tourist who happens to film something would find themselves a guest of the governmental hotel. megyn: it happened before where they charged the shutter bug with unlawful assembly. >> we don't have laws that cover this. we need to change the laws. megyn: thank you so much. one final word for our viewers. these parents should go to jail. but not for 10 years. as for those who put these things on their cell phone cameras? they, too, ought to be charged. listen, just because there is no duty to help doesn't mean you should encourage fighting like this. that shutter bug and those
2:50 pm
parents certainly did that. right back with breaking news out of haiti on these missionaries. alright. that's . i want to personally thank you for 100 calorie hearty chicken rotini. well, it'not just me. you're so funny. i like you. [ male annncer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol.
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just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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megyn: this is a fox news alert. you call those 10 american missionaries detained in haiti accused of child trafficking. accusation is they went in and stole dozens of children. their attorney is telling the associated press that all 10 have been charged with kidnapping. there was a question about whether that would happen. trace gallagher watching this. >> the first report said nine of the 10 were being released. now we know that's not the case. all 10 are being charged with kidnapping and criminal association. a deputy prosecutor says they
2:54 pm
will go before another judge, an investigative judge. he has the to free them or hold them. what we don't know is when they will go before the judge. they've been held six nights and it looks like they will be held a seventh night. we don't know the penalties of kidnapping in haiti. the congressional democrat gas station -- delegations working with the state department but for the time being, the ten missionaries will be held in haiti, now officially charged with kidnapping. >> if the charges look in haiti like they would in the united states, that would be a serious jail time. shepard will have judge napolitano with the legal opinion. thank you so much. >> did you ever hear pregnant women and new mothers have a bad new mothers have a bad memory? is that true?
2:55 pm
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>> megyn: when i was pregnant, like a lot of women, i had pregnantnesia, i went to the atm and forgot my pin. as it turned out i was justified. my friends say it happens to pregnant women. your memory comes back when you're a new mom. as it turns out, not so much. now we learn you can not blame pregnancy or motherhood for forgotfulness because a study says there's no such thing as baby brain. researchers stud idea 1200 women
2:59 pm
and found motherhood has no impact on memory but the physical and emotional stress of pregnancy makes a woman feel more tired than usual and makes the mothers and pregnant mothers lose their concentration. so in other words, get used to it. any thoughts on that or the stories we covered today, email me at or tweet me. i don't understand twitter. they made me get on so i i havea twitter page and i sent a tweet. twitter at megyn kelly, shepard smith is up. >> breaking news out of haiti, "the associated press" reports a prosecutor charged all ten american missionaries accused of trying to smuggle 33 children out of the country. the charge, kidnapping and criminal association. the ap cites and attorney involved with the case.


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