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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 18, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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fair, balanced, and unafraid. ♪ >> shepard: three big stories developing now. reports of an attempt to poison a u.s. military food supply. a brand new warning that iran may be plotting to build a nuclear war head. and a suicide plane crashner austin, texas. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. >> came actually right over top of us. >> he was coming in and kind of swooping in. >> we heard the crash. >> a ball of flames shot up like higher than the apartment. [sirens] >> shepard: the impact blowing out wintd does and sending debris raining to the ground. tonight, breaking developments in the office building crash and what we now know about the man who was at the controls. and the details are now starting to come together on a man who
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reportedly wrapped up an online rant against the united auto workers union, the government, and especially the ition and set his home on fire with his family inside, jumped into a small plane and flew it dive bomber style as witnesses describe it into an office building with 200 irs employees work. the man was joe stack. internet posting updated this very morning he declared violence not only is the answer, it's the only answer. hours later he used his plane to punctuate that statement. in the wake of the crash, one person is still missing. 13 others are hurt. investigators say they have not yet recovered the pilot's body. [sirens] >> shepard: amateur video, one man took just minutes after the impact shows the smoke pouring from the echelon office building. a flight instructor who saw the plane hit said the plane's engine was clearly at full power during its dive. another witness says the plane got so low she could actually
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see that pilot. and, to her, he looked perfectly relaxed. >> the only word i can think of was just in a comatose state that, you know, just leaning back and going on in. >> it went around the side of the billing and we heard the crash and saw the explosion and that was it. >> shepard: and that was it. we are learning more about the man police say is responsible. his name again joe stack. four of his friends tell fox news, four of them, that this is a photo of him. he was a software engineer who was apparently furious about his tax situation. that internet posting i mentioned that seems to come from his computer includes this i saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. he goes on to say i'm finally ready to stop this insanity. well, mr. big brother irs man, let's try something different. take my pound of flesh and sleep well. remember the building he hit there in austin contains irs offices. offices which one reporter described as the place of last
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resort. where you go to see the irs before you go to jail. we have team fox coverage, our senior correspondent rick leventhal on the suspect and that internet rant. first to kris gutierrez at the crash scene. chris, officials say this wasn't terrorism but it was clearly criminal. >> yeah, the white house is reporting this does not rise to the level of an al qaeda-like attack. but take a look here behind me. can you see what's left or what we can make out as believed to be the tail end of that aircraft, shepard. and we should point out that the investigators are still here on the scene, austin authorities really stressing the fact that they do not believe, again, this is terrorism. this is more of an isolated incident. and they had this to say just a short time ago. >> the fire is primarily extinguished. there are a few small remaining pockets of fire in there that may be filed cabinets, some collapsed areas. but fire is extinguished. the conditions now allow us to we are thoroughly doing a search for victims or people unaccounted for. >> and tonight, shepard, we know that at least one person is
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still unaccounted for. >> shepard: what do we know about the plane, chris? >> yeah, we're told that it's a piper aircraft of some sort. we know that those pipers usually tend to hold anywhere from 40 to 50 to 70 gallons of fuel. you can imagine the explosion that occurred out here when that thing hit the building here behind me. after leaving an airport up in gorge town, texas, witnesses say around 9:45 this morning stack had that plane, again, in a full dive mode, racing overhead at nearly 200 miles per hour. barely clearing power lines and slamming it into the echelon office building between the first and second floor. shepard, it's amazing only 13 people were injured. and we only know of one death at this hour. and, again, that is of joe stack himself. >> shepard: it really is they were telling us earlier some people work in shifts and some people had not arrived for work yet. describe this area. pretty busy spot, right? >> i'm going to point it out to you because research boulevard behind me is a major thoroughfare on the north side of austin. can you see that the cars are coming to and from the east side of town.
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i'm told that when stack had his plane over research boulevard, he was probably only 15 feet above the ground when he plowed probably most likely into that retaining wall here behind me and then most of that smoke in the fire and everything else went up inside that building. behind that office building, shepard, there are apartment homes on this side of the freeway there are tons of shops. this could have been much, much worse, shep. >> shepard: kris gutierrez live in the texas capital. joe stack lived because few miles from the site of that crash. just about 40 minutes before his apparent death dive, his home caught fire. investigators say it looks like stack himself set the thing. we have heard conflicting reports about whether the family was inside at the time. but one neighbor says stack's wife and her teenage daughter drove up to the house minutes after the flames erupted. >> i just saw the little girl go into the neighbor's house, my neighbor's house, and she was crying like his takerly. that was it. she didn't say anything. she just was crying. >> shepard: many reports though say they were inside at the time and that teenage girl may have
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just been as stunned as the rest of us. and perhaps one of the strangest elements of all of this deals with the internet rant i mentioned earlier. this man's online diatribe that begins with the line "if you are reading this, you are no doubt asking yourself why did this have to happen?" and we were. rick leventhal our senior correspondent in the new york newsroom on that internet posting. >> it's really something, shepard. he rales against the government closings of air force bases. bust of the 1990s andnd the effects 9/11 had on his business but most anger directed at the internal revenue service. the man who authorities believe intentionally flew his plane into bailing targeting an irs office had a long-running beef with the government agency. in a 3200 word posting online, joseph andrew stack said he had a quote, storm rage are aking in his head writing i know i'm hardly the first one to decide i have had all i can stand. i choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at big brother
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while he strips my carcass. i choose not to ignore what is going on all around me. i choose not to pretend that business as usual won't continue. i have just had enough. the 53-year-old software engineer says he went to school in hairsburg, pennsylvania where he lived on peanut butter and crackers. he said he spent thousands of dollars battles government officials in california and continued his tax code disputes after moving to texas where he was apparently audited by the irs. that little lesson in patriotism cost me 40,000 plus, 10 years of my life, and set my retire plans back to zero, he wrote. divorced once, he was remarried to a musician with a 12-year-old daughter. before climbing into his own plane this morning, computer records show stack spent much of the past two days revising his so-called rant. saving out of it 27 times before posting it to his site in bedded and bringing his quote real american nightmare to an end. nothing changes unless there is a body count, he wrote. in a government full of
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hypocrites from top to bottom, life is as cheap as their lies and their self-serving laws. >> the irs commission doug showman released a statement this afternoon saying he was shocked by the tragic events in austin. that his thoughts and prayers are with the people who work in the building. agency will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure that irs employees are safe. shepard. >> shepard: rick leventhal in the newsroom. we're also told that the suspect played in a band according to a woman we spoke with today on "studio b." stack played in the billie ellie band. there is some of their music. though we are not certain if stack took part in this recording. ♪ >> shepard: the woman who told us about the band connection was a photographer who claims to have taken the pictures of the billie eli band for album cover. on "studio b" i asked her about working with this guy joe stack. here you go. >> he seemed like a pretty mild-mannered, pretty kind of low-key guy. i didn't get any sort of vibes
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from him that he was upset -- granted, this was in 2006. it was about four years ago now. so, unfortunately, it's a horrible event. i don't know what has led up to it at this point, obviously. >> shepard: we will talk to a man who said he played with stack as well. that's coming up inside fox report. before that, the two other big stories developing right now, iran, for the very first time, the nuclear watchdog agency now warns iran may be trying to build nuclear missiles. that's new today. fox reports from the white house and the other big developing story. new information out of a united states military base here in the u.s. where investigators say a group of people tried to poison the food supply. from the journalists of fox news, that's next on "the fox report." award-winning cc. ite one! [ chuckles ] or the fuel-efficient jetta.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent now. allegations that army translater attempted to poison the food
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supply at fort jackson army base in south carolina. catherine herridge with these breaking details live from washington. what do we know here, cat. >> thanks. a spokesman for army criminal which is like the army's version of the fbi confirms to fox late today that there is an ongoing investigation at fort jackson in south carolina. we are still gathering information at this hour. but a cid spokesman says there are allegations that soldiers were attempting to poison the food supply at fort jackson which is home to more than 2200 soldiers in basic combat training. separately a military source tells fox they believe the soldiers may be muslim, but cid would not confirm or comment. the allegations are being taken extremely seriously according to cid spokesman chris grey adding there is no credible information to support the allegations at this time. two sources at fort jackson told fox news tonight that five individuals were detained before christmas, part of arabic translation program called 09 lima which is a reference to their status as army translater.
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all of the individuals used arabic as their first language. sources said we don't know tonight if the soldiers are still being held. and to emphasize at this point they are only allegations. shep? >> shepard: catherine herridge live in washington tonight. catherine, thanks. -- opening new developments in a growing nuclear stand offwith iran. the international atomic energy agency publicly announced today and for the first time that is t. is now officially concerned that iran may be working on a nuclear war head. in other words, iran may not only be trying to develop a bomb, but also working on a way to mount it on top of a missile. the iaea says it has been reviewing various western intelligence reports for five years. and from those reports it concludes that iran either recently resumed its pursuit of nuclear weapons or never stopped at all. but the islamic republic still maintains its atomic research is for peaceful purposes. the a short time ago the administration briefed reporters
7:15 pm
off camera on this situation. our major garrett was there for the briefing. what's the bottom line here, major. >> shepard, it's a 10 page report the iaea published today. on page 8 you can find under the heading possible military dimensions, description of that intelligence you referred, to which the iaea says is extensive, credible, and consistent with many sources from many different parts of the world. and the most important part of that assessment can be found here, shepard. let me read it to you. all together the iaea says this raises concerns about the possible existence of iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload payload. [lost audio] >> shepard: we clearly lost the feed from major garrett i will read it now if they will leave it up. this raises concerns about the possible existence in iran of past or current undisclosed activities related to the development of a nuclear payload for a missile. now, this is not to say that they have the bomb or about to get the bomb.
7:16 pm
the what the international atomic energy agency is reporting tonight is that it believes iran never stopped trying, that it is still trying today. and it confirmed western intelligence reports that iran is now further enriching uranium to 20% now, which is higher than it ever has before, as far as we know. not to the some 90% necessary to make a nuclear bomb. again a developing story with more we will get back to major garrett as warranted. toyota's president has now agreed to testify before the u.s. congress next week about his company's car troubles. this is new today. his name is toyoda. he says he looks forward to addressing toyota's recall crisis before congress and the american people for that matter. just as as late as yesterday he said he wasn't planning to attend next week's hearings but sending under ling. the number one automaker has recalled 8.5 million vehicles over faulty gas pedals and brakes. the company is looking into complaints about a steering problem with its corolla model, the most popular in all the world.
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the government in haiti charged them with kidnapping. a group of american missionaries has spent nearly a month in jail there. now most of them are back on u.s. soil. if you thought this case is over and done, think again. the new details are coming up. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at. as we're finishing up, i mention i'm going to the bathroom more often. he checks it out. good thing. turns out... my urinary symptoms -- such as going frequently,
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>> shepard: president obama says these are tough times and we cannot keep spending like they are not tough times. the president creating a bipartisan panel to recommend ways to reduce the deficit. he signed the executive order saying republicans and democrats need to work together to get the country out of the red ink. >> america's fiscal problems won't be solved overnight. they have been growing for years. they will take time to wind down. with the commission that i'm establishing today, and the other steps we're pursuing, i believe we are finally putting america on the path towards
7:21 pm
fiscal reform and fiscal responsibility. >> shepard: take a look at what we are up against. the amount the government spends versus what it takes in has surged over the past couple of years. the office of management and budget estimates the deficit will hit more than $1.5 trillion this year. peter barnes from the fox business network live in washington. peter, how is this panel supposed to work? >> well, shep, the president charged the commission with coming up with a plan to reduce the deficit by december 1st to cut it to 3% of g.d.p. by 2015 from 10% this year. the commission will be made up of 18 members. six appointed by the president. six appointed by congressional democrats and six appointed by congressional republicans. so bipartisan. but there would be no plan unless 14 members approve it, which will take some republican votes. the president said today, quote everything is on the table. that sounds like it includes medicare, social security, and even tax increases for the middle class, shep. >> shepard: that is not what the president really wanted though is it, peter?
7:22 pm
>> no. the president really supported a commission created by congress, with the legal authority, the power to force actual cuts in spending or tax increases. but the senate, as you recall, shot that down a few weeks ago. so because the president created this commission by executive order, it really doesn't have much power, no power really. but some critics say the commission could provide something else. >> i'm sure there are people that are taking it seriously because it's a great political exercise potentially, you know. it could be cover for a lot of people. >> as in political cover for congress in case it actually decides to act on the commission's recommendations. and, others note, political cover for the president, if congress doesn't do anything, he will be the one who can tell voters he tried to do something about these titanic deficits. shep? >> shepard: peter barnes live for us in washington tonight. peter, thank you. eight american missionaries are back on u.s. soil this evening as they spent nearly three weeks
7:23 pm
at a jail in haiti accused of child trafficking after last month's devastating earthquake. the charges against them still stand. but the judge says they could return home, at least for now, while two others remain in haiti for further questioning. the group is accused of trying to take 33 children out of haiti, without the proper documents, they said that they meant to rescue the kids but haitian officials question their intentions from the very beginning and said many of the children were not orphans at all. the judge freed the eight after parents testified that they voluntarily gave some of the kids to the missionaries home they said promised to give the kids a better life. we are learning new details now about the man investigators say piloted that plane into the building in austin, texas. we'll talk with someone who has played in a band with the pilot and asked whether there were any warning signs. that's coming up. ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors
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a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. >> shepard: a man goes on a rampage at a school killing a teacher and attacking another. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. germany, prosecutors say the 23-year-old stabbed to death a teacher at a vocational school in a city in the southwest. they say the former student confessed to the attack saying the teacher had given him bad grades. iraq. a car bomb killing more than a dozen people, including four police officers. happened outside the gate of the main government compound in the capital of the on bar province.
7:28 pm
the area has seen a rise in attacks against security forces and government officials. australia: a freak twister tearing through a farmer's field in the north of cleveland state. the family catching the thing on tape. >> oh my gosh! look what it's doing to my corn! >> shepard: the twister crashing equipment worth some $90,000. >> get the dog inside. [inaudible] >> coming straight toward the house. >> shepard: the twister broke up before it reached their home. united kingdom, ted ingraham is 90 years old and he has the same paper route in dorchester that he has had for some 68 years. so long he says he can't remember exactly when he started started. >> it was either 1942 or '43. i'm not quite sure. it's too far back. >> shepard: in all that time, he only missed delivering papers twice and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
7:29 pm
i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and breaking news now. investigators in austin, texas say a man who apparently had a beef with the irs crashed his small plane today into an office building where some 200 irs employees work. the associated press has just reported in the last minute that emergency crews have now found a body in the wreckage. they won't tell us whether it's the pilot. in fact, if they even know. the impact and the explosion which followed blew out windows and sparked a fire. billowing clouds of black smoke sent into the air. here is how witnesses to the crash described what they saw. >> it came actually right over top of us. probably only reason we noticed it because it was flying so low. >> it looked like he was just flying. as smooth as it can be. >> i have flight instructed almost 400 hours in that type of plane. that engine wag goods full blast. >> thinking where is he going to land? >> swooping in and getting closer and closer to the
7:30 pm
apartments. but it was like it's going to crash. >> the next thing you hear is this really loud explosion. >> just from the explosion we knew that people on the plane didn't make it or how many people were in there. but it hit an office building. >> we heard a loud sound. and felt a thud. and we just thought, wow, a big bird must have hit our building. sure enough, i could see the tail sticking out. laying on the ground. and the building was engulfed. >> everybody was pulling over on the side of the road. there was people running out of the building. >> we thought it was a completely random occurrence. though we just -- assumed that there were people working in the building. all of a sudden plane lost control and crashed into bailing and there was nothing that anyone could have done about it. >> shepard: of course that's not what happened at all. investigators are saying they are now looking at a web site linked to the pilot joe stack on which he apparently wrote about his problems with the irs and concluded violence is the only answer. and law enforcement officials say joe stack apparently set fire to his house shortly before that plane crash. tonight the red cross reports it's helping two people who
7:31 pm
lived with him. nancy of our fox affiliate ktbc fox 7 for austin in the area joins us live outside that home tonight. nancy, what do we know about what happened there? >> well, shep, we know that it was about 9:25 in the morning when austin firefighters were dispatched to this house you see behind me. they said when they arrived they saw the house was engulfed in flames. the windows have all about shattered. they said that when they first got here they couldn't actually get in the home because that fire was so aggressive at that point. they said also when they arrived they did see a woman and a 12-year-old girl who are now believed to be stack's wife and 12-year-old daughter. they said no one here was injured. they have not told us yet the cause of the fire or where it originated. but as we now know, after reportedly setting the fire here, he then crashed into that building. not too far from here. about six miles from here. >> shepard: folks who live
7:32 pm
around there must be having a hard time wrapping their heads around all of this. >> that's correct. and if you were in this neighborhood, you see people jogging, walking their dogs, mothers with their strollers. it's a very tight nit community and quiet community is what we understand from neighbors. in fact, through the day, they have been walking around here just wondering what was going on. and very shocked about the fact that their neighbor has created all of this today. >> shepard: all right. thanks very much for the live report from the scene. nancy from station in austin. beyond the headlines and a look at the recent attacks against other government offices and buildings, not counting, of course, the attacks of 9/11. most notable the bombing of the federal building in oklahoma city. tim tim mcmcveigh used a rental truck full of explosives killed people and children in day care. student pilot tried to crash a plane into the white house. he died in the crash just feet from the target. that incident became an
7:33 pm
embarrassment to the secret service and the f.a.a. and even though it wasn't a government building a 5-year-old boy crashed a single engine plane in office building in tampa in 2002 after leaving a note indicating that he supported osama bin laden. with us now to talk about the suspect in the plane crash today is patrick beach. patrick says he played in a pickup band with joe stack. also a feature writer for the statesman newspaper and good to talk to you, thank you. >> good evening, shep. >> shepard: what do you know about this guy? what was he like? >> i played in a band that was put together to play one specific gig. joe was in the band called the billie eli band with a mutual friend of ours. that mutual friend recruited me to play guitar and joe to play base and joe's wife to play keyboard in this band that was put together for my friend. >> shepard: what were they like? >> what was the band like? >> shepard: no. what was this guy like, come on. >> absolutely the most mild
7:34 pm
mannered quintessential stair row typical respectful sort of software engineer you could imagine. i had spent the entire day trying to get my mind around how this guy who apparently loved his wife very much. loved his stepdaughter very much. had a nice house and a nice life could be the same person who decided to take himself out. had this dull drop of -- cull drop of rage in him. >> shepard: you have talked to anyone who said we saw warning signs? >> i have talked to people who knew him better than i did. nobody saw anything like this coming. you have to remember when musicians get together, you get together on song. you are not there to kind of like drag the lake of one of their souls or talk politics necessarily or anything like that. everybody that i have spoken with is just completely shocked that this is the same guy. >> shepard: patrick beach who played in a pickup band with him at one time. thank you. texas governor rick perry paused while campaigning for
7:35 pm
re-election earlier today to talk with reporters about the crash. >> our hope is that the days of flying aircraft into buildings or other structures is over. but you always have some exposure in a free society. so, the balance is finding how to protect the people and also protect their freedoms and liberty. >> we're told the texas government is getting updates from emergency preparedness officials tonight. >> shepard: coincidentally today the international airport safety administration released airport or airline crashes. fewer planes went down around the world in 2009. more people died in those wrecks. this report indicates plane crashes caused 685 deaths last year. up from 502 in 2008. the number of deadly accidents dropped to 18 in 2009 from 23 the year before. a safety expert says better warning systems have played or
7:36 pm
have helped to reduce the accident rate over the past decade. the iata's report indicates three crashes accounted for most of last year's 685 deaths. a jet liner that went down in iran killed 168 people. you are looking at that wreck now. a flight from yemen that crashed into the indian ocean killed 152. and an air france flight that disappeared off the atlantic in brazil killed 228. a qantas jet with nearly 200 passengers on board making emergency landing at international airport in sydney, australia after landing gear failed to retract following takeoff. a statement from that airline says the air bus 330 jet circled over sydney in an attempt to burn fuel off before making the emergency landing. that's a standard safety measure. the flight originally headed to shanghai and china. no formal emergency ever declared during that incident. qantas officials say it just wasn't necessary. new concern tonight that the economy might not be recovering as quickly as many had hoped. that's after a surprise increase in the number of people filing
7:37 pm
for jobless benefits. the u.s. department of labor reports there were 31,000 more initial jobless claims last week than there were in the previous week. it appears as if those were already looking for work were not finding it. the labor department reporting the number of people continuing to receive unemployment benefits was unchanged at 4.5 million. even as many americans continue to struggle in this great recession across the country. health insurance companies are asking people to pay more and more for their coverage. the obama administration releasing reports showing double digit premium increases which insurers have requested over the past year. the report says blue cross and blue shield of michigan sought to raise premiums 56%. and anthem blue cross of california recently made headlines when it proposed and then postponed rate increases up to 39%. you can see the other plans for double digit premium hikes in michigan, california connecticut maine and rhode island. she doesn't want insurance
7:38 pm
providers to go ininsolvent but reports their earnings are strong. >> they have made 250% profits over the last 8 or 9 years. these profits are wildly excessive. >> shepard: but the insurers claim they are profit margins or the difference between when they spend and what they make are low compared with drugmakers and hospitals. insurance company well point says in a statement health insurance costs reflect health costs. to lower them the nation has to get at the underlying driver, which, of course, is the cost of health care. today's report comes as the president prepares to host a bipartisan summit on the issue next week. some analysts are indicating the administration is trying to tap into public anger to help rereceive support for health care reform. we're learning that computer hackers have been attacking thousands of companies. what they stole and how it could effect you coming up. plus, she was at the center of a racially charged sex scandal after she claimed three duke lacrosse players raped her. she lied about that.
7:39 pm
but wait until you hear what she did last night. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: ever leave something behind in a public place and come back to realize it's gone like a pen or cell phone or a baby or something? what about a semiautomatic pistol? according to a new government report, that's exactly what happened almost 200 times. 200 times to homeland security officers over a three-year period. they each left their gun somewhere and lost them. the report goes on to say that more than a dozen of the firearms lost by federal officials ended up in the hands of gang members, drug users, or teenagers. rick folbaum is following this stunning report. you have some details on exactly how some of these guns disappeared, rick? >> it's unbelievable, shep. we should tell you not all of these guns were lost because of negligence. some of them according to the government report were lost in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. others were just flat out stolen. but the amazing headline from this department of homeland
7:43 pm
security internal audit is that between 2006 and 2008, d.h.s. officers lost almost 289 firearms. they lost them in bathrooms, in bowling alleys and unlocked cars. in at least one case, shep, an officer left a weapon on the bumper of his car and then drove away. >> shepard: wow. what kind of weapons are we talking about here? is it all over the place? >> big-time weapons. weapons used by two different homeland security agencies. the customs and border protection folks. the immigration and customs enforcement folks or ice. we are talking handguns, m-4 rifles. these are automatic and semiautomatic weapons. and shotguns as well. the audit found that 15% of them were lost due to circumstances beyond the officers' control. 11% were stolen from locked safes or lockers. and 74% were lost because the officers did not properly secure them. >> shepard: three out of four. what's the department of homeland security saying here, rick. >> they came out real quickly with a statement saying that the agency is committed to making
7:44 pm
sure that the agents work-related weapons are kept secure. a spokeswoman for the department says the department has taken immediate action to fix the problems outlined in the report. she goes on to say d.h.s. has been implementing new policies and procedures to ensure accurate and timely firearms properties records and systems are maintained. we have heard, shep, that a number of federal employees have been fined and in some cases suspended for losing these weapons. >> shepard: rick folbaum live from the newsroom in new york. rick, thanks. let's get to afghanistan. day 6 of that major offensive against a key taliban strong hold in the south of the country. officials sa u.s.-led forces now control the main roads, control the bridges, control the government centers all across the town of marjah in afghanistan's helmand province. all good news. but we are also told the insurgency in marjah is far from defeated. four nato troops killed today alone, cop commanders on the ground say several hundred taliban fighters are regrouping to fight back. and that it could take another
7:45 pm
month to secure the town again. that's from the leaders on the ground. about 15,000 nato and afghan troops are taking part in the operation, said to be the biggest since the afghan war began some nine years ago. security experts are calling it a coordinated global attack unfolding over a year and a half. the perpetrators are computer hackers. and they have been very successful. an internet security firm called net witness reports the hackers broke into computers at more than 2400 companies. once inside, they are said to have stolen information on everything from emails to credit card transactions. net witness reports the hackers hit about 74,000 computers around the world. using something called bot net. that's when hackers use a group of hijacked computers to do the dirty work for them. no word on who pulled off this giant attack. although they are believed to be based in china and across europe. well, do you remember this woman? crystal gail manningham.
7:46 pm
she is the one time exotic dancer who falsely accused duke lacrosse players of raping her. she had quite an evening last night. facing a list of charges including attempted murder and arson after what police describe as an all-out fight with her boyfriend. cops showed up to find her boyfriend and her arguing. they said they went into the bathroom and she set some of his clothes on fire. extensive damage to the apartment. we're told there were three children there at the time. some of the other charges she faces identity theft, making threats, and child abuse. at one point, according to the arrest affidavit, she stood over her boyfriend, held a knife in her hand and said repeatedly "i'm going to stab you." and now she is on n. jail on attempted murder charges. thousands of pieces of construction equipment up for sale on what organizers say is the large largest industrial auction. our fox trip across america. florida: more than 7,000 items on the block in davenport.
7:47 pm
they include cranes, large scale dump trucks, earth moverrers and lots more. the auctioneer says every piece will be sold to the highest bidder. texas: 22.
7:48 pm
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>> shepard: it's pep rally week for conservatives. the political action conference in washington you probably know it as cpac. traditionally a bit of a testing ground for potential republican candidates, local, national, whatever. this year we are seeing surprise appearsances.
7:52 pm
former vice president dick cheney saying president obama will be a one termer. scott brown telling them republicans making comeback. another group making imprint. tea partiers and other conservative activists are showing up by the thousandsment many of them say they won't vote for candidates just because they have r's next to their names. carl cameron live tonight at the cpac convention in washington. hey, karl. >> hi there, shep. just because they are republicans, you are right. the tea party movement and folks here at the conservative action -- political action conference want to elect candidates and politicians who will behave like conservatives. that's really the issue. cpac's drawn about 10,000 people registered for the three day conference. the tea party movement has now about 15 million across the country. to give you an idea of just how much they have come into scnc. dick armey the freedom works and credited with getting the tea party movement get going was part of the prepared remarks and talked about how the tea partiers now being courted by
7:53 pm
the republican party. not the other way around. listen to this. >> now let's look at the republicans sand say bless your tiny heart. there have been a time or two along the way when you really did get it, didn't you? you know again i'm from texas. in texas we don't call you a cowboy until we see you ride. [ laughter ] so let's say to the republicans whether you show us you know how to be you -- >> now dick armey is the former house majority leader, a republican congressman. and later in the day a great just position. the current republican minority leader on capitol hill john boehner talked about how the establishment of the g.o.p. looks at the tea party movement. >> the republican party should not attempt to co-opt the tea parties. i think that's the dumbest thing in the world. what we will do, as long as i'm the leader, is respect them, listen to them. and walk amongst them.
7:54 pm
the other party will never ever do that. >> this conference goes for a couple more days, shep. tomorrow afternoon a tea party group plans to hold a rally in the hotel lobby just to remind folks that they are everywhere. shep? >> shepard: carl cameron live in washington at the cpac. thank you. "american idol" got a rare silver in last night's ratings competition. the olympics on nbc beat the fox juggernaut for the first time. its first time any show has beaten idol in nearly six years. the nielsen company reports that the games attracted more than 30 million viewers compared to some 18 million for idol. one possible reason, the u.s. athletes made history last night. we won seven medals in one night. most ever in one day at any winter olympics. the charge led by the gold medalist lindsey vonn. shani davis and sean white on that half pike. what a night. tiger woods is expected to make an appearance. first confirmed new picture of the golfer whom we haven't seen
7:55 pm
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>> shepard: 15 hours or so to go when tiger woods steps in front of the cameras without his wife, we're told. first appearance since he admitted to infidelities, a parade of women came forward with raunchy claims. tiger will not answer a single question. it's basically a statement in front of the cameras. the beginning of a relaunch. he is facing criticism for timing. same day the major golf tournament acensure. it comes as we get our look at tiger decked out in nike. his loyal sponsor put this up and the word is it really killed the tabloids because the tabloids would have been able to get lots of money for the first picture, instead, he controlled that as well. go tiger. top story update now the u.s. army said to be investigating claims the soldiers at fort jackson in south carolina were attempting to poison that facility's food supply. investigators in texas now say they found a body during this newscast after a small plane crashed into a building there
7:59 pm
today. no word yet on the identity of the victim but could be the pilot. and for the first time the united nations nuclear watchdog reports iran may, indeed, be trying to develop a nuclear war head. the white house says there will be consequences if iran continues to stonewall the -- and on this day in 1979, snow fell in the sahara desert for the first time in recorded history. the is a it doesn't get much precipitation. the storm happened in rugged al gear i can't. off the beaten path. when the snow came down it stopped what vehicle traffic there was. the snow was gone almost as soon as it hit the ground. reportedly melting away in just a few hours. that's why we don't have any pictures. sand storms gave way to a snow storm 31 years ago today. and now you know the news or most of it. that's a zebra. it's


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