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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 19, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EST

1:00 am i'm looking forward to seeing you out on the road but i'm convinced this is a prescription for victory, conservative victory. more tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. greta takes it over as she goes on the record. >> greta: fox news alert. fbi confirming two bodies recovered from the site of the austin, texas plane crash that massive crash that started with a tany ing government -- started with an anti-government manifest toe. we have eyewitnesses at the scene was this pilot? why would he do this? a close friend guess on the record. what he says about -- goes on the record. what he says about the pilot is nothing short of stunning. it began tuesday 7:24, the 53-year-old pilot posted a ranting suicide manifesto on the web, the note ends with
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mr. big brother irs man take my pound of flesh and sleep well. within 2 1/2 hours by 9 a.m. the pilot had lit his house on fire. >> fox news alert, take a look at this this just happened in austin, texas. it is believed that a single engine plane plowed into that building. >> you are going to see debris fall, continue to see those guys working inside and outside. >> this person set his own house on fire got in his plane and flew it into that building which houses the irs. >> we hear the fire is contained we have a few spot fires out. >> he did have a manifesto that he posted online that would be read as a long think suicide note, detailing his beef, his alleged beef with the irs and other government authority. >> we know much more this hour
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than we have in recent minutes about a man name joseph andrew stack. >> looks like he pulled up but as soon as it cleared our line of sight, a ball of flames shot up higher than the apartments. >> greta: chris gutierrez is live on the scene. we have heard that the pilot's body has been recovered and another body recovered, is that right? >> reporter: you are right. we just learned that within the last 30 minutes. apparently, the second body was recovered a few minutes ago. authorities are not releasing the identity. we did know as of an hour ago one man was still unaccounted for. we are assuming that was the body just recovered that man's wife, actually worked inside the building behind me. again, two bodies, we believe one was that man unaccounted for. we also under the impression the second would have been the pilot joe stack. look behind me it is amazing when you see what is left of
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this building behind me. you can see the game gaming hole that stack's plane -- you can see the gaping hole that stack's plane created. witnesses say around 9:45 this morning a single engine plane was in full dive mode as it raised overhead at nearly 200 miles per hour, barely cheering powerlines and slammed into the building between the first and second floors, roughly 200 irs employees work here. here's how one described what happened next. >> since my manager and you are on the top floor, we ran through the top floor yelling peep to evacuate and trying to hurry people along. we opened most of the doors yelling and looking to see if anyone was there. >> reporter: greta, you can see this office building is just beyond a major thoroughfare in north austin, research boulevard known as 183.
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when stack's plane was approaching that building it was less than 15 feet above the ground. you can see that it plowed into that building on the other side of that building there are apartment homes on this side of the freeway, several offices and other department and retail stores this could have been greta, much, much worse. >> greta: indeed it could have, chris, thank you. our next guest climbed into the burning building and saved five people. where were you when the plane hit? >> talking to me, greta? >> greta: yes. did you see the plane hit the building? >> i saw the plane go down. my view was obstructed by a hill. i was heading north, kind of west of the location of the building, behind me. i was heading up towards this area, towards 183 in my work truck going to a job to
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replace a window today. i saw the plane flying. >> greta: what did you do? >> when i saw the plane start going down i saw the smoke rise and i knew it crashed. i started driving in that direction immediately i exited 360 and headed towards the smoke i saw the building, a lot of smoke billowing out not seen flames yet. i was on the phone with 911. i got off the phone with 911. a gentleman said you have lighters and we need your assist tense people on the second floor need out. he hopped in my truck and we drove over by the building and took my ladder off the truck and placed it near the building trying to find a safe place to carry all the adults. five people, one female and five men i found out once i climbed up into the building myself to try to render the ladder safe for those people to evacuate.
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>> greta: when you got inside, were there flames in the building? what was the condition of the people who you came upon? >> no, there was confusion, panic, a little bit. no flames. the building -- the room was filling with smoke. the top couple feet of the room was filled with smoke. the people told me not to exit the door. i asked about other people in the building after they out, if there was anyone else? they said i couldn't go in the hall it was filled with smoke. then we proceeded down the ladder that's when most of the rescue people start add rifing at that point. >> -- started arriving at that point. >> greta: how old -- how long were you inside that building? >> maybe five minutes. it was pretty quick. >> greta: the ladder goes up one floor? >> it is an extension ladder it extends up 20 feet. i probably had it 17 feet in
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the air not the full length but almost. arrived to the crash 30 seconds after the plane hit. >> greta: it is extraordinary robin what you did. you probably, no doubt you saved those lives. extraordinary what you did and i'm sure they are eternally grateful. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> greta: reporter for the austin american statesman joins us. tony, let's back up a little. what can you tell me about the pilot's family? was his wife and stepdaughter inside the house this morning when his house went up in flames? >> reporter: our understanding is that they were away from the home at the time and pulled up soon after the fire started. our information is that they were then taken to a neighbor's house where they were meeting with the red cross representatives, then the fbi. >> greta: what is the information whether this was intentionally set or not? it seems likely it was
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intentionally set. what are police saying the -- saying about the fire at the home? >> reporter: fire investigators haven't issued a final determination of the cause of the fire. they described the house as a total loss. which frankly is rare for them to characterize a house fire in that way. >> greta: do you know why the wife wasn't home at 9:00 in the morning? is she not living at the family home? >> reporter: i don't have information about that clearly the neighbors that we spoke to today were just so distraught and in the moment. i don't think they had information about why the wife may not have been home at that time. >> greta: did the neighbors tell you anything about the pilot? whether he was employed? whether he acted strange? whether they saw him around the neighborhood? >> reporter: no. but certainly his letter that he left behind certainly discusses sort of, i guess,
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his frame of behind. clearly he was disgruntled at the u.s. tax system and had been for some time. >> greta: was it up until today was he employed some place? working with people, so other people might have information about him? >> reporter: as far as i can tell, he was not employed currently. but again, i -- those facts are still just coming in. i don't think we've been able to conclusively say much about his employment. his current employment status. >> greta: what can you tell me about him? >> reporter: well, according to his own words and this six-page letter that he left behind, as i said earlier, he clearly was disgruntled by the u.s. tax system. he talked about moving to austin, he does not give an exact date of when he moved to austin. he apparently was working as a software engineer at various times and describes kind of
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his inability to find engineering work in austin and how it was, you know not easy to come by. >> greta: reading that manifesto, apparently he posted it for the first time tuesday. we are now obviously on thursday night. there were 27 revisions between tuesday night and 6:30 this morning. do you know anything about those revisions? i understand the fbi is pouring over it. do you know anything about how often he revised whether it was early on or whether this was something he was doing all night? do you know anything about the revisions? >> reporter: the fbi officials we've been able to speak with as well as local law enforcement are not saying much about that letter. he says in his own words that he had been writing this for sometime. frankly, his writing started as therapy. >> greta: of course we know where this has ended up tonight. of course there's been a body that has been taken out of
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that building so he has managed to murder at least one person. tony, thank you. coming up, who was this pilot? a close friend describes him, as ready for this, a fun, normal guy. how does a pilot go from being a fun, normal guy to a violent suicidal man who lights his house on fire and then crashes his plane into a building? maybe his friend can help explain. later, for those who think the tea party activists are just a passing fancy think again. you will hear a tea party activist who just won a special election. he says he's first but not the he says he's first but not the last he's gonna tell you why. [ male announcer ] when it comes to reaching your big lestones,
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and all your little mile-pebbles ameriprise financial can help. weave over ten-thousand advisors rey to listen to your dreams and help you plan for them. because the first step towards reaching what you want is reaching the person who can help you get there. our advisors. your dreams. more within reach. meet us at . fun, normal and regular that is how pilot joe stack's good friend describes him. think about it, that same normal guy within a couple hours posting ranting
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anti-government manifesto lights his house on fire and flies his plane into a building filled with federal workers who is pilot joe stack? billy eli has known him for years. bill joins us live in. how meet the pilot? >> he showed up at a audition we were looking for a bass player and a from of mine said i know somebody want to give him a try? i said sure. >> greta: how many years have you known him? >> about 5 1/2, maybe 6. >> greta: how did you learn about what happened today in austin? >> my wife called me and said hey there was a plane crash. at first she didn't know it was joe. i started to get telephone calls from people that knew i knew him and said did you hear? i called home and you know the things kind of snowballed
1:15 am
since this morning obviously. that was how i found out. >> greta: obviously, one of the things that developed this afternoon was the fact that he posted on the internet this manifesto that was a rant against the u.s. government, the irs. is that the joe you knew? >> the joe stack that i knew was mostly apolitical. i never heard him take a political stance either side, left right. as far as i know he didn't have a party affiliation. my relationship with him was mostly based on us being band mates. and we socialized from time to time but like i wasn't one of his regular co-workers or somebody that i didn't see him everyday just band functions. i considered him a friend, but i didn't know that much about,
1:16 am
you know his political life or anything like that >> greta: in searching your mind now going back over your relationship with him is there anything that stands out that boy that was weird about that guy or that was a sign? anything strange about him >> well, that's the thing about in that has been so shocking, no. i mean he was like a normal right down the middle kind of guy. i mean his personality he want -- he wasn't introverted, he wasn't extroverted engaged he knew about a lot of stuff, fun to work with, i played with him three years, we made a number of recordings together. so, yeah, this -- i'm still in kind of a state of shock. i'm trying to kind of compartmentalize this and process it. >> greta: do you know his wife and the child? >> i do.
1:17 am
>> greta: how long has he been married? this is a stepchild, right in is not his child? >> that's correct. they've been married a couple of years. i hadn't seen the manifesto or anything. i have no idea what it says. i've heard about it of course. when i knew joe, he was genuinely happy being married and being a father. >> greta: what does his wife do for a living? is she a stay at home mother? do you know anything about the wife? >> she's a musician. and a music teacher. >> greta: any idea why she wasn't home at 9:00 this morning? had split up, was she going through a broken relationship? >> no. i couldn't -- i can't speak to that, i don't really know. >> greta: there's nothing sort of as you search your mine there's nothing peculiar about this guy? this is a normal, regular guy
1:18 am
and one day you hear he's run a plane into a building? >> right. exactly right. this was obviously a fast set of him that he had, but i knew -- a fay set of him that he -- but i never saw this. >> greta: billy, thank you. >> coming up if you thought news about iran's enrichment program was bad, think again that was only the beginning. things have now just gotten worse. ambassador bolton is here. president's press secretary accused eric cantor of being a hypocrite. what does the congressman say? you will fan out the congre@2
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. >> greta: everyone needs to listen up on this. last week we her the news rocking the world that iran an enriching uranium. the president of iran announced iran has reached a 20% enrichment point. the news just got worse the iaea says iran has been doing secret research on a nuclear weapon warhead. john bolton joins us. disturbing news obviously. the 20% is not enough for a nuclear weapon getting from 20 to 90 is not that sophisticated or difficult. now we got this news. >> the most amazing thing is this is not new news. the iaea report their conclusions new and important. out in the iaea is more concerned about iran than the american intelligence community. the basic facts that underly this report were known to the u.s. government five or six years ago and provided to the iaea some years later. the point being that our
1:22 am
decision makers for a long time had known this and not acted on it effectively. >> greta: will this light the u.n. on fire? >> oh come on. >> greta: the united states is trying to get a fourth round of sanctions. we've got russia saying they will go along. china, a huge problem. at least now it does seem that this has been escalated. each day we are getting a step closer to this bomb. >> it takes away the cover that countries like russia and china would like to hide behind. and signals a change to the agency. the previous director elbaradei repressed some of these conclusions the new director general has allowed come out i think it is important. when you contrast this with the 2007 national intelligence estimate that said iran had given that stupid -- that
1:23 am
stuff up. look at the highlighting this report gives for the inaccurate highly politicizeed u.s. intelligence community conclusions. >> greta: where does this leave us? we can say the iaea we have a new head maybe that's why the announcement now. the u.s. knew before. as much as we say nothing is happening the fact is, iran is moving forward. >> absolutely. they are closer to a nuclear weapons capability. it is further evidence that the most likely outcome is they will get nuclear weapons. a lot of this was known to the u.s., classified, but one thing that was public in september of 2004 jonathan karl of abc reported on the work being done at the facility in iran to shape high explosive charges for a nuclear weapon that was a year after our intelligence community believed iran had
1:24 am
stopped its weaponization efforts. >> greta: going from 20% to 90% to enriched uranium to make a bomb -- >> it is from y'all. >> the warhead delivers the system so you can take the 90% and deliver it some place. >> that work that the iaea is looking at is the engineering to go from having highly enriched uranium to fabricating it into a weapon and fitting that weapon on to the top of a ballistic missile. these are all important steps obviously. but not that hard to do. >> greta: where are we? how far away are we from this? certainly israel is watching with enormous interest because of what ahmadinejad has said about wiping israel off the map, what is the timetable? >> i think they are close to getting a nuclear weapon. there's much that we don't know that shouldn't make us feel better. what we don't know probably
1:25 am
takes them closer to that capability. one reason that prime minister netanyahu of israel was in moscow this week was to try and persuade the russians of the seriousness of the situation to have the russians continue to withhold delivery of sophisticated new air defenses that the iranians need. >> secretary of state clinton uses tough words seems to be hawkish on this. president obama, how do you characterize his approach to this? >> i think he still wants to try to negotiate with iran. i had higher hopes for secretary clinton earlier in the week. i see in the past days she has apparently taken off the table the possibility of u.s. military action. which is something that at least rhetorical the administration kept on before. i do think given the proclivities of the obama administration the possibility of military force is limited to a decision by israel that's where the pressure now rests. >> greta: iran is going nuclear? >> that is the most likely
1:26 am
outcome. i don't like coming to that conclusion i don't see the obama administration or the united nations doing anything to stop them. >> greta: that starts the whole arms race. >> it doesn't end with iran if they get nuclear weapons, saudi arabia, egypt, turkey other countries will as well. >> thanks. >> greta: meet a tea party activist just elected to public office. he says he's the first to be elected. is he one of a kind or is this just the beginning? plus griff jen kin at cpac big named surprise guests and the press get -- and the president gets a smack down. what happened to the president? stand by. ♪ eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... just got better. even tter nutrition -- high in vitamins d, e, and b12. a good source of vitamin a and b2. plus omega 3's. and, 25% less saturated fat than ordinary eggs.
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>> greta: cpac kicks off today with two tries gifts our own griff jenkins checked it out. >> reporter: cpac in 1973 first speaker ronald reagan. today, a lot of energy in the hall. a lot of speakers have taken to the stage this is a place where most of the republican presidential hopefuls come to speak. you've got mitt romney, tim pawlenty, mike huckabee. absent? sarah palin. we'll see whether she makes a vice visit as vice president cheney did today. we were able to catch up and speak with some of the biggest stars to take that stage
1:30 am
today. >> i look to the future now i think the developments that we've seen over the last several months are enormously encouraging. i think when we can achieve the kinds of results that we've achieved in places like virginia and new jersey and massachusetts -- [ applause ] >> the skies the limit here. i think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year for the conservative cause. [ applause ] >> and i think barack obama is a one-term president. [ cheering ] >> there's an energy a real understanding of the need for those of us who love liberty and understand the miracle of america to congregate, mobilize in defense of our freedoms our liberties and a
1:31 am
way of life that not only has been a great service to the american people but a blessing to the rest of the world. >> cpac is a critical mass of energy for the conservative movement has been for years this year it reflects a passion, energy we haven't seen in years. over 10,000 people here. folks are here knowing they've got millions of americans behind them. i think they feel like the whole tide is moving their way. >> feel some of the energy you felt in your campaign on a national level? >> i was fun, a nice reception. i'm thankful and pressure -- and appreciative for the warm welcome, being new here is always appreciated. >> reporter: is there a different energy than previous years because of the tea party movement? because of conservative gains in other races? >> i think it is always great to have energy and passion brought into a political movement we've seen that this year and we welcome that >> reporter: big surprise your
1:32 am
father showed up today? >> he did it was terrific we planned it and we had to work hard to get him in without being seen. greta almost blew the surprise she tweeted he was here movements before we walked out. i was a lot of fun. i was able to say usually i ask his advice before a big event like this but this time i brought him with me and he came out and i was a lot of fun. >> greta: more coverage tomorrow. i didn't know i blew it. the tea party movement is on a roll and it got started last april. now a tea party activist an elected official in new york state. dean murray just won a seat in long island. he says he's the first tea party activist elected to government. good evening dean and congratulations. >> hi greta, thank you for having me. >> greta: did you run as a
1:33 am
member of the tea party or a republican or democrat? >> i'm a proud member of the brook haven and suffolk county republican party and was on the conservative line as well. i was one of the original -- one of the organizers of one of many original tea parties on tax day in 2009. >> greta: are you a happy member of the republican party or are you branching off into the tea party -- i don't know it is not really a movement yet. whatever it is. >> i think it is a movement. yes, i am very happy to be in the republican party. i'll tell you why. it seems like while the democratic party is working so hard to tear down what the tea party movement is about and discredit them. it seems the republican party is embracing the tea party movement. the important thing with that is, the tea party movement is based on what the core republican values are based on.
1:34 am
tea party movement is based on smaller government, fiscal responsibility and most importantly and i think is the key word for this entire year, "accountability." >> greta: what is the difference for you, between being a part of the tea party movement and being a republican? why don't you just run as a straight republican and why are you organized as part of the tea party movement and go to the events. >> great question. because the frustration. tea party patriots, a lot of them are deep down i have to say they believe in the same core values at the republican party. but the frustration was the party seemed to be drifting away and getting an way. i think the people around the country and what we are seeing they want to get back to the basics to their core values of the smaller government, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and of course accountable to the voters. >> greta: rewind to last april 15th, were you part of the tea
1:35 am
parties, attend one? >> no i organized one on long island. there were a hand full in long island. i was the one that organized the medford tea party in suffolk county and was thrilled. we had several hundred people out there. the food was, they were angry. they wanted to be heard. they don't feel like the there's a disconnect between the elected officials and the taxpayers. they wanna be heard. and they want accountability. and they are demanding accountability. >> greta: what was your occupies before politics? >> i'm a small business owner i own an advertising agency that publishes several free publications. >> greta: had you ever gone to a protest or demonstration of any sort prior to the within you organized last april 15th, in new york? >> i can't say i have. i have been involved with the republican party in several races and helped and volunteered.
1:36 am
but i think it was the tea party movement that really spurred me on. because, it just again got back to the basics and the frustration. i was a way to let the elected officials know that you are going to be held accountable. and the best part is, election day is when the accountability is -- comes to roast. >> greta: do you think there will be a separate tea party like the democratic party do you think the tea party will be a subdivision of the republican party? >> i don't think it is going to be. it is interesting people say, do they back republicans? do they back democrats? we have a couple of local organizations conservative society for action and suffolk 912 project on long island. they don't look at party first. they look at the candidate and what they stanford. as i said before, it appears the republican party and candidates are embarrassing the values, where the democrats are trying to fight the tea party and discredit them. >> greta: dean, thank you and good luck. >> thank you very much.
1:37 am
>> greta: white house press secretary robert gibbs called congressman eric cantor a hypocrite, coupe! congressman
1:38 am
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1:40 am
>> from america's news headquarter, i'm marian raberty. tiger woods will talk about the sex scandal, breaking a three-month silence to apologize for marital infidelities, he will deliver a statement to a small group of reporters. some sportswriters are boycotting. reports say he will return to treatment for sex addiction right after the appearance. in the obama administration, changing the name of the war in iraq. operation iraqi freedom becoming
1:41 am
operation new dawn, meant to reflect the reduced role u.s. troops will play securing the country n. afghanistan, nato forces meeting stiffer resistance in marjah, the offensive now in its seventh day. now back to "on the record." whs secretary robert gibbs accused cantor of being a hypocrite what does cantor say to that accusation? nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> greta: press second tar gibbs say you are a hypocrite you oppose the stimulus bill but you want high rail in virginia, hypocrite? >> absolutely not. listen to what they are saying. there's 860 something billion dollars spent in the stimulus bill and it didn't work i was a failure. jobs weren't created. we now know over three million people lost their jobs since the passage of that bill.
1:42 am
the bill has projects in it that many members have worked on over the years. there's a issue of transportation in the state of virginia. i take it very seriously. ever since i've been in congress, we've worked on it. it doesn't mean because there may be a page of related to transportation in virginia, that i should then go and support an 860 billion dollar bill. i'm sure that the president is not expecting folks to buy that one. get i suppose it is awkward for many -- >> greta: i suppose it is automatic ford for many to oppose it for fiscal reasons and deny their state almost what senator nelson was attempting to say. >> that is a different issue there. you know, seniors all to be treated differently in nebraska than anywhere else that's not right. the public is rightfully turned off by that what you've got in the stimulus bill is hundreds of billions of
1:43 am
dollars of pork, intention and promises to stave off unemployment and grow jobs and it hasn't materialized. we've got a lot of work to do. it would behoove us all to not sit around and attacking instead we ought to get together to re some of the issues facing families in this country. >> greta: you outlined ways the stpeupl bill is being state in my home state of wisconsin someone who works in a casino was sent to a two day seminar so the staff could handle confrontations with customers. that doesn't create jobs. what's the rationalization for that? should we sort of -- >> unfortunately, this is emblemmatic of the type of spending in the bill that's what republicans said in the beginning. we need to focus the spending.
1:44 am
focus our attention on job growth, sustainable job growth. the way you do it, focus on small businesses and you give them incentive, you give them an opportunity to keep the lights on and grow payroll that's what we should have done. we find ourselves a year later with this kind of money having been spent. the vice president announcing yesterday, the second half is yet to come. it's -- we are going to get better. listen, if this is the kind of thing we are in store for what we ought to be doing is going ahead right now and rescinding the appropriations in bill and putting those monies back towards retiring the debt. >> greta: in looking at the philosophy of the democratic party in pushing this bill to be passed it seems the expenses to make payroll to keep people on the job, the so-called saved jobs in the expectation they would go out and buy food and clothes and sort of get the economy$>i-roll.
1:45 am
any objections to that? keeping the status quo so people can buy and create jobs. >> it is like tax credit in the bill nice to give everybody $400 once the money is gone it's spent and that was. what we need to be about is sustainable environment for job growth. we are seeing at the state level now budgets having huge holes in it. my state of virginia almost a four billion dollar shortfall. last year there wasn't a shortfall because the stimulus money arrived. those same jobs technically that may have been saved by the stimulus bill are now going to be cut. what do we have to show for it 800 billion dollars of debt. >> greta: cpac big meeting here in washington. you are going to participate tomorrow? >> yes. >> greta: what are you gonna do? >> we are going to meet with some young people there looking to sort of the hope
1:46 am
that america has offered to the world. i believe the gathering reflects people's concerns about where we're headed in this country. we have serious decisions to make. we are at at pivotal point in our country's history. are we going to be the country that we know or one that frankly goes more towards the style of european socialism? we don't want that in this country. we are a country of opportunity. one with that my mission in going to that meeting will be number one, to ask the president why it is that he supports this bill? because it is not a bill that will lower costs for it will cost a trillion dollars and put us on a path to a government replacing of our health care system. get he's looking for ideas he's not going to want to hear that >> sure we in the house have a plan. we put the plan out there. we are going to talk about why our plan has been judged by the congressional budget office as lowering insurance
1:47 am
costs? we do some things that promote competition that begin the process of reform, what the american people are looking for. not the expansion of a trillion dollar expenditure that we can't afford and ending up with a system that will collapse. >> greta: what's the procedure? makes a big difference whether you are sitting around a table, whether someone is up at the podium, five minutes, 10 minutes, any idea what the procedure is gonna be on 2/25? >> i don't. what i know is we are going to be at the blair house. the white house will be in charge of organizing the event. i'm just hopeful that the public will be able to see and listen to the negotiations that -- the discussions the take away for me is going to be if the president owns up to the fact that he cannot accept just as the american people cannot accept, the democrats' bill. i for the life of me
1:48 am
don't stand how the president can just ignore public opinion. so i'm gonna go in and listen and see why that is. because we have much better ideas. those are ideas shared with the bulk and majority of this country. >> greta: can you imagine snubbing the president of the united states? saying no to meeting with him? well someone just did. who is snubbing president obama? start guessing, we'll tell new a minute. grandma is not shovel ready! what does that mean? find out nextttt ahhh. time to get the latte budget under control. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? here goes the good old steam. [ pfffft! ] whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help... because it cleans the mess with less than the bargain brands. it's thick and absorbent... and really durable. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. [ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper.
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tdd: 800-487-4889. e u.s. department of health and human services.
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. senator scott brown was one of the surprise guests at cpac and at fox news.
1:52 am
he has a warning for president obama senator brown sat down with our own neil cavuto. >> you mentioned it a number of times, the president mentioned it almost condense enteringly, what -- condescendingly. what did you think about that? >> i said do you want me to bring the truck down? i remember campaigning, i said listen you can criticize my policies, criticize my votes, but don't criticize my truck. people loved it. it was a lot of fun. >> you scored a lot of points on that truck. you are also scoring points in some of these polls believe it or not, i guess it shouldn't be too surprising. some have you as high as third or fourth in the 2012 presidential race. what do you make of that? >> certainly flattering. as i said, i see the poll right there, i don't even have the business cards. the only people talking about
1:53 am
those types of polls are you? >> you would have more experience senator than the president occupy pan of the white house coming in. >> whatever. i'm not going to comment on that i'm anxious to get to work and look forward to working for massachusetts. i'll let you guys have fun with that. >> and i will. scott brown, thank you very much. >> greta: sin city, the the city that says yes to excess says no to president obama the president invited mayor goodman to meet with him while he's in nevada this week. the mayor's response no thanks. the mayor took offense after the president said that during a recession you don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas when you are trying to save for college. the mayor says an invitation is no substitute for an apology. perhaps the president needs to schedule another white house backyard beer summit. should the mayor of las vegas give it a rest? you decide. go to and vote.
1:54 am
grandma is not shovel ready. what is that about? the title of a new coffee table book. the book is going on sale friday with a big launch at cpac. if you want your own piece of tea party history you can buy the book at letfreedomrings website. >> in a matter of hours tiger woods will make his first public statement since getting caught for you know. famous women have strong thoughts for tiger woods. not his mistresses. not his mistresses. it what is it about slow baking that makes cinnamon so enticing? how can something that comes to you frozen taste so fresh?
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>> greta: sloek almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call.
1:58 am
it's time for tiger woods to talk. just in hours, the world famous golfer will speak out for the first time since his november car crash that led to the news he has been a serial cheater, during the statement will tiger woods' wife be by his side? ladies on "the view" have thoughts on that. >> it says she's going to stand with her hugs. >> it's hard to apologize and so forth with your wife standing next to you. i would be surprised. >> maybe it's a source of strength. >> does ve owe-to-say i'm sorry 14 times? or one big i'm sorry? >> for you would it have to be 14 times. >> no. i don't care. it's not my business. we're just here chatting. i'm not his wife. >> there are reports tiger's wife will not be there. and make sure to tune at friday at 11:00 lights are flicking and we're closing u


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