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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 19, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> gretchen: something tells me he would know the answers. we'll join him along with ally and peter johnson junior, it will be great. >> have a great weekend. >> let's just rewind the tape a little bit for you, here's a quick recap of what what brought us to this appearance today.
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as you remember, in the early hours right after midnight on day after thanksgiving, he crashed his car into a tree outside his florida home. that, of course, got a lot of attention. it was a strange incident, everybody wondered what happened, and then there was the question of involvement by his why, elin, and that unleashed a sue nameny of -- tsunami of speculation. in the statement two days later, he said, quote, i'm not perfect. didn't explain what he was referring to. then the following days, oh, boy. we started to hear all these stories from women about their supposed affairs and encounters with tiger woods, and it just felt like the hits kept on coming in that case. now, in january we heard that tiger woods had checked into some kind of therapy session, some sort of rehab reportedly for, and we knew this was coming, sex addiction, and he is still in that process. bill: so we're seeing, beginning to see the expected and core yo
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graphed effort to rebuild the life that is tiger woods. phil keating, why this announcement today? good morning there. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the reports coming outside of jacksonville, florida, that tiger woods indicated the reason for the timing of his reemergence into the public atmosphere today is that he has got a break in his rehabilitation ask that he is going to return to rehabilitation after he makes today's, what is expected to be just a very short statement. maybe only take a matter of minutes from beginning to end. that is the first confirmation we have had from anyone other than the national inquirer which first broke this story a few weeks back with a photograph allegedly showing tiger woods leaving a mississippi sex addiction therapy facility. so that is what is now being stated by the pga tour this morning. accenture is one of the big corporate sponsors that dropped
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tiger woods in the outcome of all of these mistresses coming forward and the implosion of his public persona. they are currently the corporate sponsor of the ongoing pga tour right now this week. ernie els, a famous golfer from the past, criticizing tiger saying this was a bit selfish for him to take the spotlight away from that particular tour today to make this announcement, it should have been done on a monday, but according to insiders with the pga tour, this was simply because the timing regarding tiger woods' therapy facilitated him doing this today. how will it go down? well, it's scheduled to begin at 11:00, however, we're being told by one of the media pool persons inside the clubhouse a mile down the road from us is that tiger woods will actually walk out into the room at 11:01 and 30 seconds after that. this is a tightly, tightly controlled event. the cbs reporter inside the room there indicating it was somewhat
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to a president coming out. no one's allowed to show any shots of the room before a specific time, and at 20 minutes until 11, they will all have to go out for a security sweep. we expect family members in the front row, 30-40 people in the room. exactly what tiger woods will say, of course, we do not know, but he's expected to talk about his fall from grace as well as his future, and we expect an announcement as to when he may return to professional golf. bill: got it, phil keating. we like to know what you think at home. do you think tiger woods should be forgiven? head to and take our poll. it appears right now people are split. 24% say is, yes, he's human, he made a mistake, 27% say it's up to his family to decide, 7% say, no -- 27% say, no, he wronged his family and sponsors. keep it right here, we'll watch it for you right now on the fox
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news channel. i'm curious to see what he looks like. martha: yeah, has he changed is my big question this morning after this dramatic event. will we see a different tiger? that's what we're going to stick around to find out in less than a couple of hours from right now. now turning to the words of former vice president dick cheney made a surprise appearance at the conservative political action conference going on right now. the former number two received a standing ovation from the crowd yesterday after he was introduced by his daughter, liz, and he rallied the gop base with this prediction. take a look. [applause] >> the sky's the limit here. i think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year. [cheers and applause] for the conservative cause. and i think barack obama is a one-term president. [cheers and applause] martha: all right. coming up we're going to hear from congressman mike pence of
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indiana, he's the number three republican in the house, and he's set to speak at c pac later this morning. we'll get a preview of this health care reform bill. bill: also, yeah, developments on the drive for health care. president obama said to be working on legislation that could possibly evade a republican filibuster in the senate. "the new york times" reporting that mr. obama is drafting a compromise that both the house and the senate democrats could get behind and could be attached to a bill on the budget that could be passed by democrats with a simple majority vote. the president's proposal is expected to be posted online by monday morning, three days ahead of the white house summit that's supposed to find a bipartisan compromise. martha: investigators are still piecing together the clues in that deadly plane crash. look at the smoke pouring out of that building in austin, texas, many the afternoon. police spent the night combing through that now-destroy canned office complex where less than
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24 hours ago a pilot apparently with a grudge against the government slammed his plane into a building packed full of irs employees. now, amazingly, aside from the dead pilot, one other person, we understand at this point, was killed. thirteen were injured which is just incredible when you look at the devastation of this building, and the witnesses described what they saw. >> it's right across the road, hit that building across the street with a massive boom. big fireball came out. you could feel everything shake. the people are inside said they felt the whole building shake, then fire spread everywhere. windows flew out, blinds went up, insulation's flying everywhere. i've never seen anything like that. >> i saw the plane come in at an angle under full power, it seemed like, you know, 150, 160 miles an hour. slammed into the side of the building. a lot of flame and everything blew out into the street, and just glass everywhere.
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martha: before flying his single-engine plane into that building, accused pilot joseph stack had apparently left behind a rambling and irate anti-government manifesto. brian wilson's joining us life from washington. -- live from washington with. what are we learning today about how this investigation is going? >> reporter: well, you've laid out a lot of the basic facts we know. joseph stack was angry at the federal government, particularly the irs, so much so that he wrote a 3,000-word manifesto, set a house on fire, took his plane and flew it into a building in austin where irs offices were located. the ntsb is on the scene at the crash site, but remember, this was an intentional act, not an accident. that means it's a crime, and the fbi's in charge of the investigation. they are digging into the past of software engineer joseph andrew stack. of key interest, what were the facts surrounding his long-running feud with the irs. was he assisted in any way?
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they have to investigate. finally, was anyone aware that this guy was on the verge of losing it? had he leveled any previous threats against the irs or government? martha: talk to me about the faa response and the military response we saw yesterday because, of course, when it started happening, we all looked at the tvs and thought, this could be something terror-related. >> reporter: well, remember, a commercial united airlines jet was diverted because of a threatening note found in the galley of the plane. out of an abundance of caution, fighter jets were scrambled. now, that was probably the right thing to do. you scramble first, and then you figure out later if the austin thing and united airlines thing were related, but i think, martha, the real lesson for military officials is they've got to think again about how they should respond in such incidents. in a society that has a vibrant and free aviation system, is there really anything you can do
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to protect against a lone nut who makes a kamikaze run? there are solutions for private pilots that would be an onerous burden on private pilots, and there is really no easy answer to that particular problem. march that: you're absolutely right, nothing to stop a certified pilot to go for a fly. it raises a lot of questions. brian, thank you. good to see you as always, brian wilson in washington. bill: what a day it was to watch that and get the developments hour by hour. clearly, a twisted man who chose the wrong way to go out. martha: it's unbelievable there wasn't more loss of life. bill: about ten minutes past the hour. troops on a military base right here on u.s. soil, why are investigators looking into the safety and security of the food supply on that post? we'll check that out for you today. martha: yeah, that's a strange one. and it's the largest gathering of conservatives anywhere the
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conservative political action conference, it's called, firing up the gop base and one former vice president. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] knock it off. [laughter] a welcome like that almost enough to make me want to run for office. [cheers and applause] martha: dick cheney clearly having a good time yesterday. we're going to talk to mike pence, the number three republican. he will address cpac this morning. we're going to see what's lying ahead with the indiana republican next. [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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bill: all right. right now you will find the largest gathering of conservatives at a big event in washington d.c. the conservative political action committee, conference, rather, known as cpac draws the
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biggest names in the party, but it was words from a last-minute surprise guest yesterday, dick cheney, that fired up the crowd most. >> sky's the limit here. i think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year. [cheers and applause] for the conservative cause. and i think barack obama is a one-term president. [cheers and applause] >> as many of you know, i was called the cardiff cial lamb, the longest of long shots, a one in a million chance to win this race, and one democrat that i will never forget, this one democrat said that, and i quote, there was no way in hell a republican was going to get elected to the seat once held by ted kennedy. [laughter] well, here i am. [cheers and applause] >> he began by saying he hadn't failed at all. you remember he gave himself that b plus for his first year in office? [laughter] yeah. tell that to the four million
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americans who lost their jobs last year and to the millions more who stopped looking for work. barack obama's self-proclaimed b plus will go down in history as the biggest exaggeration since al gore's invention of the internet. [cheers and applause] bill: lots of political red meat thrown to the crowd in d.c. we're joined by the congressman out of indiana, number three in the house, mike pence. sir, welcome back to america's newsroom, good morning to you. >> the energy in the room, the crowd's bigger this year than ever in the past. how do you make sure that support you're hearing behind you is not taken for granted next november? >> well, yeah, what a difference a year makes, you know? when i was here at cpac a year ago, you know, there was this juggernaut of liberal democratic government had taken over wide majorities on capitol hill and the white house. and a year later conservatives have demonstrated their mettle,
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house republicans have been in the fight on we half of limited -- behalf of limited government, and the challenge now going forward is to recognize this is just halftime in the locker room. when i speak to the crowd today, bill, i'm going to say the key is we need to be focused, we need to back conservatives, and we need to offer solutions that are grounded in the timeless principles that made this country great. bill: a lot of people today are talking about the winds being at your back. on your screen we found approval numbers for the president right now, 47%, frankly, disapprove of what's happening in the white house. marco rubio said november's a referendum on our very identity as a nation. sir, are the stakes that high? >> well, i think, i think the debate in 2010 is over who we are as a nation, whether or not we believe that america is great because its government is great, or america's great because of the character, the ingenuity, the entrepreneurism of the
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american people. i really think this is going to be a political battle along the fault lines of limitless government and limited government. and everybody in this room, the folks you heard yesterday are committed to offering the american people a limited government vision of fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and i don't, you know, i think, bill, it's not so much that republicans have the wind at their back, i think the american people have the wind at their back, and the american people are going to take back the american congress. bill: it appears that sometimes the biggest applause come when you use a line of humor. you heard a little bit of that as we introduced you, listen to mitt romney yesterday after he was introduced by scott brown of massachusetts. >> the gold medal that was won last night by american lindsay vo, this n has been stripped. it was determined that president obama has been going downhill faster than she has. [laughter] bill: plenty of humor, i guess relative to what's happening in
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vancouver. others were in that room and i was not, so go ahead and defend this point. what they're saying is there was too much anger because there should be a sense of enthusiasm right now and optimism. would you agree with that assessment? >> well, i don't know, you know, i just flew in from indiana last night, so i wasn't with here although it didn't sound like a whole lot of anger to me. i like to tell people i'm a conservative, but i'm not in a bad mood about it. we ought to be carrying our message, our values of a strong defense, limited government, traditional moral values to every community in this country regardless of race, creed or color and, yeah, you know, the punches get thrown pretty hard in these political rallies, but people here are upbeat, and i think the american people are going to see an upbeat, positive agenda. bill: we await your speech, thanks. mike pence out of indiana. nice to see you, sir. >> thanks, bill. martha: have you heard the news?
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health care reform is back in a big way, and the president is reportedly fired up to get it passed. karl rove is here on that and also on his surprising take on the gop and the tea party. bill: you know, martha, we have seen wild police chases here. [laughter] and we have seen this. >> reporter: it really was simply an accident. the enclosures, you know, are very well fortified, but there was a place as he was running that he was able to separate that gate and, unfortunately, he got through the gate. >> basically, i heard it over the gate, and the animal actually ran by my office. upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪ ♪ i know i know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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bill: quickly back to the story that everyone's going to be talking about later today. we're waiting to see and hear
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from tiger woods. first time in three months since that sex scandal rocked him and the golfing world. tiger's address will come out of florida about 90 minutes from now. what will he say? how much will he say, will he say enough? martha: that is the question. all right. this story is disturbing. there's an investigation that is now underway at the largest army basic training base in our country. there are allegations that soldiers may have been trying to poison the food supply at fort jackson in south carolina. so this raises a lot of concerns, of course, so what's really going on there? steve centanni joins us live in washington, he's been looking into all this. steve, what do we know about this situation? >> reporter: well, first of all, martha, it doesn't appear there was ever any actual danger to the food supply at fort jackson, but there was talk about such a threat, and that's what the criminal investigation division and the army's looking into. second, the five suspects who
9:25 am
were detained in december were part of an arabic translation program. it's a reference to their job designation. it's a program that puts speakers of arabic, par tiew, farsi and kurdish in uniform to serve alongside our troops in the field. all five use arabic as their first language. the fbi says it's aware of the investigation, but it's not involved, and one source says it all started when at least one of the subjects made a threat to poison the food fly -- supply. martha: so if there was no actual danger, which is good news, steve, what are the authorities looking into? what do they want to find out? >> reporter: well, where this came from. they want to make absolutely sure they get to the bottom of this. according to law enforcement officials quoted by the christian broadcasting network, this whole thing began when several disgruntled soldiers shot their mouths off late last year. the fact that the fbi is not
9:26 am
actively investigating is a fair indication it's not an extremist plot. martha: given what happened at fort hood, i guess they cannot be too careful, and they're trying to look into everything that might be suspicious at all, and i think everybody can feel good about that. steve centanni, thanks so much. bill: that's what makes it so difficult, how do you tell between a random comment and something more serious? martha: right. bill: in the mean chime, the president and democrats could be hatching a plan to get health care through without a single republican vote. can that be done, should it be done? karl rove's on deck with that and more in a heart of minutes. martha: and iran is bragging about a new warship they have, but this destroyer is actually different from anything we have with seen before out of tehran. there are
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martha: and there's a big developing story today out of the white house. there are reports that rahm ma is -- president obama is refired up and ready to finally put his own mark on a health care bill. and that bill is expected to come out on monday morning so that it can be looked at for three days before this summit on thursday. it's going to be on the internet, everyone can take a look at it. and it could, this bill could be pushed through with reconciliation, which means without a single gop vote. so there is a renewed effort to
9:31 am
make this happen, and all of this comes ahead of the summit on thursday. and that was supposed to be all about finding common ground between republicans. they could bring their ideas to the table and democrats on this matter. so is the president giving the signal that he wants democrats to push this through with or without the gop votes, and will wary democrats right now, will they do it? let's bring in karl rove on this the, former senior adviser to president george w. bush. welcome, always good to talk to you. >> thanks, martha. martha: so what do you think? this was sort of back burnerred, now it's rising from the dead, and the president has his own plan. >> well, this is high stakes pause the president is going to lay out this package three days before this highly-publicized, highly-visible meeting with republicans and democrats at the blair house to discuss health care, and we're now seeing discussion that they're going to have a plan that they could pass through the senate with 51 votes.
9:32 am
but, look, there's a lot of clarity that we need to have on this. for example, is this a bill that they're going to present to the senate that assumes that the house passes the senate health care bill, and then this bill merely makes modifications to that set of bill? or is this an entirely new bill that involves major changes from the house and the senate and is expected to pass the senate with 51 votes and then go to be passed by the house? this still is a very confusing situation. martha: and as you point out, you know, as has been the case throughout, we really don't know exactly what is in that bill. everybody's going to get a look at it on monday. but, carl, there's information coming out that says at least 1 democratic senators have signed on to push this bill through, basically through reconciliation. and, you know, privately that number may be as high as 40 democratic senators who say, yep, you know, let's ram it through. >> yeah. you cannot create a new program through reconciliation.
9:33 am
you can only change the dials, if you will, on existing programs. so if that's true, then 18 democrats have said we want a public option, and we're willing to support it through reconciliation. what that means is they would essentially say medicare is no longer only for people age 65 plus, but it is -- anybody in america's eligible for medicare, for example. or they could say, you know what? you know, everybody, you know, larger numbers of people are eligible for medicaid. now, medicare's going broke, and medicaid is bankrupting a lot of states, so neither one of them e are going to be attractive options that will get every democrat or maybe even enough to pass this bill. martha: aren't there a lot of democrats who would like this to go away, at least until they get through the next election who are not going to want their names associated with health care reform given the fact -- and i think we have numbers that we have recent polls of -- that the majority of americans don't seem to want it. >> absolutely. if you're a red state democrat from a republican area facing a
9:34 am
tough election, this is not necessarily an issue you want to have brought up, particularly when there are other big issues here. for example, abortion. the house language was very much pro-life, the senate was not. how are they going to reconcile that? the senate bill funded a lot of this health care reform by applying a 40% tax to so-called cadillac insurance plans which are up held not just by goldman sachs bankers, but also a lot of unions. the house plan didn't have it. so how are they going to reconcile that? the white house reached an agreement with the unions that said, we'll keep that in there, but only for nonunion workers. how's that going to pass? but if you strip it out, how are you going to pay for the bill? martha: if they have to reconcile too much, then they can't do reconciliation. >> that's right. martha: the president's going to have a lot of homework over the weekend if he's going to put his name to a bill that can
9:35 am
magically bring this together because you're pointing out major differences. >> and there's some parts of the bill that can't be moved to reconciliation, for example, the insurance forms requiring insurance companies to take anyone regardless of pre-existing conditions. both of these big insurance reforms that don't appear they could pass through reconciliation, they could be challenged and kicked out. martha: karl, i want to ask you about this very interesting piece that you wrote on the gop and the tea party. and when i sort of get into this and read between the lines a little bit, it looks like you're telling the gop that they want to keep this group in the fold to the extent they agree on things but at arm's length because there are some fringe elements that get involved with the tea party that maybe you don't want to see the gop involved with? >> that's one part, but the principle focus was the tea party movement should stay away from being co-opted by one political party or another. because it's a decentralized
9:36 am
movement, it's a problem for the republicans if they attempt to, you know, they can't control it, but they would become responsible for its excesses if they attempt to. martha: so it's better for the tea party to remain independent, and you feel they'll have a greater influence over the process, if they do. finish. >> absolutely. look at the pro-life movement and the second amendment pro-gun license movement. martha: all right, karl, it's always good to talk to you. you have a great weekend, okay? >> you too. bye-bye. bill: new developments on toyota today. in a reversal from the man in chang, toyota's president will appear before the congress next week. akio toyoda under fire for his handling of the sweeping recalls rocking that company. next beak he testifies on the hill -- week he testifies on the hill. that'll be interesting, huh? next week. martha: here's some news for you on a friday morning, iran is working on a nuclear warhead.
9:37 am
this comes from a brand new report from who else? the u.n.'s nuclear watch dog. they're saying, now, that the evidence points toward a warhead program. iran says that the documents used in that report are fabricated, just made up. meanwhile, iran has launched its fist locally-built destroyier. state tv is calling it a major technological leap for the country's naval industry as the destroyier is reportedly armed with anti-ship and surface to air missile as well as torpedoes. as we all know, the strait of hormuz is an extremely important area, and that naval destroyer may be with of use to iran. bill: news on a radioactive leak in vermont. officials are trying to pinpoint the source at a nuclear plant. the nearby river so far test thing clean. as you can imagine, folks there
9:38 am
are clean. molly line is live in vernon, vermont. what exactly is leaking and how dangerous is it? can we say, molly? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. vermont yankee began operating in 1972, and what's leaking is a substance called tritt yum. it's a by-product of the nuclear process, and essentially if you ingest it in a large enough amount, there's some evidence it could cause cancer. right now it's only in the groundwater on the plant grounds. a spokesman kind of giving some perspective on what this means. >> if you see exit sign in buildings that are illuminated, they typically have 15 courys of trity yum, but nonetheless, this is important for us to find the source of the leak and to stop it. >> reporter: what's concerning to everyone involved is that this is an unexpected,
9:39 am
unmonitored leak, so they want to find the source. the vermont health department has been active, they've been testing community wells, wells across the street at a middle school, cow's milk, vegetation, thus far no traces whatsoever. at the same time, this comes at bad timing for the plant because they're up for rerinsing in 2012, and right now this is the only state in the nation where legislators play a role in that process. and next week lawmakers in the senate are expected to vote, and essentially to vote no on moving that process forward. so it's not looking good for vermont yankee as they move towards reliancing. right now they're just focused on making sure the community is aware they're safe and healthy right now and there's nothing leaking into the community. bill: mollyline, thanks. martha? martha: tiger talking. just a short time from now tiger woods is going to speak publicly. there's the most recent picture anyone's seen of tight ther when
9:40 am
he went out for a jog just a couple of days ago. we're going to see what he looks like, what he sounds like. bill: yes, we are. from a tiger to a zebra. what in the world am i doing here and how did i get here? [laughter] we'll find out. ♪ everything about you is unique. including your skin. discover aveeno positively ageless. with shiitake complex, it helps speed... your skin's unique renewal process. 94% of women showed an improvement... in lines or wrinkles. for younger looking skin: aveeno positively ageless.
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9:44 am
you can also check out to keep up with developments. we will bring you a news conference on this as well. bill: this is a day made for television. tiger woods today emerges from seclusion about one hour from now when he speaks to the public for the first time in three months. many of his corporate sponsors began to drop him as the sex scandal broke, but is there anything he can say or do today to get his career back on track? who better to ask about tiger than a mad dog? we're joined by chris russo, nice to see you. >> good to be here, bill, thank you. bill: i see a big risk in this, frankly. no matter what he does or doesn't do or doesn't say, how is it going to be satisfactory? >> i understand that. yeah, the media's annoyed because they can't get a shot at him and ask him lots of questions, but if he comes out today and says, among other
9:45 am
things, i'm going back to rehab in hatties burg, mississippi, for sex addiction, that is -- bill: what does that do for him? >> that tells you that he's serious about getting his life back together again. he had to do it this week because this is his little gap. that takes care of the timing issues. everybody's annoyed he picked this day to do it when there's a golf tournament going on, that answers that, and you can't bug him for not answering questions because he's going back to sex rehab. bill: you're talking about this five hours a day on the radio. you believe this is a guy who will never be an icon again. >> oh, absolutely is. i do agree with that. when you talk to the fans around america right now, a lot of the guys say, hey, i don't care what he does, that's between him and his wife, i want to see him play golf. the other element says, oh, no, this is a man who made his legend by taking care of the public and marketing with gatorade and gillette and all the things that he does, and as a result, he owes us an
9:46 am
explanation. so there's two sides to the coin. bill: chris, you know, the image of this man prior to this was extraordinary -- >> robotic. bill: yeah. parents of mixed race, and he loves his father and los his -- loves his mother and go, man, go, tiger. >> he's never going to get that back. he is tarnished from that icon level. that's over with. but as far as his golf-playing ability is concerned, i think most of us expect him to come back and be a great golfer again. bill: he could be, right. listen, there's one camera today, selected invitations for certain friends, just a few reporters, it is carefully scripted. >> absolutely right. bill: and the pga's with him. what do you think of this setup? >> it's too core graphed, it's orchestrated, the ing group, they've had some issues with tiger. i hear jordan's going to show up today, too, which is interesting -- bill: whoa, whoa, whoa, michael
9:47 am
jordan? >> that's what i heard. two key elements today, is his wife there? it's going to bother me as a fan, we're not ready for him and his wife yet. lovey, dove i have husband and wife, i'm not ready for that. bill: standing off stage? >> whether her ring is on. nobody wants to see his wife today. that's one aspect that's interesting. the other aspect is mematically how is this going to work? is there going to be a moderator? is he going to face the -- bill: they're saying there is no moderator, there are no questions. >> it doesn't sound like it. thirty seconds or five minutes, it's a very weird situation. bill: okay, look, the statement is made on pga grounds in south central florida. it's in the middle of an ongoing tournament. ernie, -- ernie els calls the move selfish. >> i'm down on ernie els. there wouldn't be a pga tour if the there wasn't a tiger.
9:48 am
nobody watches golf except for tiger. all wrapped up in the at&t last week with dustin johnson? i mean, nobody cares. [laughter] tiger is the pga tour. bill: tv ratings go up two times when -- >> right. and how much money has he made for the pga tour and all these players? they shouldn't say anything at all. bill: what is the best outcome of this announcement? >> i think the best outcome is no wife, cries, tears, remorsefulness, we see sincerity, and if he announces i'm not done with my therapy yet, going back to hat tease burg. bill: check it out next hour, watch tiger woods live here on fox beginning at 11 eastern time. thank you, chris. martha? martha: all right. interesting conversation, and then there's this, a knockdown brawl right in front of the jailhouse, and it was all caught on tape. who was involved in what's going on here?
9:49 am
at least they didn't have too far to go to jail. [ male announcer ] mix it. blend it. sprinkle it. sweet! [ male announcer ] grilled. filled. chilled. sweet! [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. more ways than you ever imagined.
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bill: not your usual rush hour, downtown atlanta. oh, there are animals in that town, just kind of not like this. traffic coming to a crawl on i-85 when a zebra was -- a zebra. [laughter] martha: that happens. bill: what up with that? escaped there handlers from a ringling brothers circus. after a 40-minute chase in traffic, able to dodge cars on the highway, luckily he wasn't hurt, for crying out loud. suffered injuries to his hooves, it would be the star of the show this weekend if it happens. martha: poor little guy.
9:53 am
he needs to get right back to the circus. that circus is not for him. well, the most powerful member of the senate is facing a very tough race for his fifth term. majority leader harry reid is trailing both of his republican challengers right now ahead of the fall elections. the nevada democrat has been behind before, though, and he always seems to pull through in the end. but this is 2010, some are saying nevada is gripped in an economic crisis right now. voters are angry with the status quo in washington, so how will all of this come out for harry reid? anita vogel's live in las vegas with more. so, iowa anita, what did the ser have to say about an apparent slump he's experiencing in his numbers? >> reporter: hi there, martha. i did have a chance to talk with him yesterday, and we chatted about the polls. he seems relatively unfazed at this point. he knows there are polls out there that show him anywhere from four to eight points down behind some relatively unknown gop challengers.
9:54 am
also with unfavorable ratings above 50%, but he points out that poll is coming from the local newspaper that he says doesn't like him very much. he says his own internal polls show something else. >> a poll from a newspaper here that's not been supportive of me ever that i can remember at least. i'm going to continue being who i am. the people know me, those that don't i'm going to do my very best to make sure that they do understand my background. >> reporter: and the local newspaper he's talking about is "the las vegas review journal." however, they used a mason dixon poll which by all accounts is an independent polling firm which does polling for news organizations across the country. keep in mind, martha, it is very early, both primaries here don't take place until june. martha: people don't sit up and pay attention too much before early elections.
9:55 am
anita, he implies that his background will speak for itself. how is his record standing up there with the folks in nevada? >> reporter: well, you know, we have to keep in mind senator reid is a four-term senator here. over the years he's been able to secure millions of dollars for all kinds of projects across the state. most recently he stepped in to help save the $9 billion city center, he helped to secure loans that even some of the casino ceos couldn't get. so he's always known as putting nevada first. however, keep in mind now he is the senate majority leader, and part of his job now is to push the president's agenda. things like health care and economic packages and sometimes those issues are at odds here with nevada voters. now, it's going to be interesting today, he will be standing next to president obama when he comes to nevada, and so we're going to have to see how that plays with voters. martha? martha: all right. anita, thank you very much. whatever happens in vegas stays there, though, so we may never know.
9:56 am
bill will unless there's a camera there. martha: that mayor is not happy with the president. that's going to be interesting. bill: new worries about the future costs for your health care. financial squeeze that millions of americans will likely face. are you one of them? martha: and we're just about an hour away now from the appearance of one of the most famous people on this earth. tiger woods is going to step in front of the microphone for the first time since that sex scandal started to unfold, and what a story it is. we are one hour away. anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app... anncr vo: can get help with a flat tire... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information.
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martha: all right, "fox news alert," folks, let the tiger woods counts down in the, i'm martha maccallum, for the first time in three long months, probably for tiger woods we'll see how it affected the man who is known taes world's greatest golfer, is he the same guy now? or has it changed him?
10:00 am
we'll get some sense of that, when we hear from him, and we will, of course, take you there live, make sure you keep it here on fox news and we'll get there as soon as that very big statement, gets underway. first today, startling health care news for millions of insured americans, this morning, the study released today finds sharp spikes in the premiums for 8.5 million elderly and disabled americans enrolled in medicare advantage. get this: out-of-pocket costs are likely to jump more than 14%, on average, in 2010. now, last year, costs increased at a more modest 5.2%, and there are a lot of reasons why that number is going up and we'll talk about that in a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," good morning again, i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. many things coming back to the academy and the democrats health care plan is bogged down in congress and insured americans
10:01 am
are feeling the brunts of spiraling costs and looks like it may get worse. mark medicare advantage is a popular program, and it offers much needed prescription drug assistance and caroline shivley is live in washington, and in practical terms, what does it mean for the seniors who use the program and their monthly premiums? what will happen to them? >> reporter: it looks like they'll pay $5 more per month in 2010 than in 2009, according to the study by avalanche lear health, a consulting firm, here in d.c., and what they did is looked at the average premium for prescription drug plans under medicare advantage and roll back to 2008 and you can see the increases over the last two years, in 2008 the average monthly payment was $32.98 and jumped in '09 up to 34.69 and 2010, a big bounce, that is where the prediction for $39.61 and you said it best a 14% jump and $5 more per month than last
10:02 am
year, and $7 more than you paid just two years ago and it may not seem like a huge amount but it can certainly add up, especially if you are a senior, martha. martha: as you point out, it has been steadily growing over the past few years, and, that is the average payment and some people get hit harder than others, right. >> reporter: absolutely, and looking at the numbers, crunched by the private consulting firm, the folks with the private fee-for-service plans will get really hit hard by this and those are the plans, where you pay a little more and you have for choices, on who your doctor is going to be and what hospital you will be seen in and taking those numbers back to 2008, it was $30.81 a month and twa2009, 44.09 and 2010, $57.85, a 43% increase, absolutely huge, and those seniors are really getting hit. martha: they'll be talking about this from the white house, i'm sure, caroline shivley, thank you very much. bill: that's story continues, the crisis for the insured loans
10:03 am
and a plan to jump start the health care overhaul and officials saying the president is set to put forward his own plan bridging differences between democrats and the house and senate and designed to pass the senate by simple majority votes, 51 votes, and is not clear if the president's own party will unite behind the bill with one congressional democrat saying, there has note been a collaborative process, end quote. martha: and health care news, word of a controversial plan to revive the government run insurance option in the senate. get this: so far, as this is all kind of refired up, in washington, 18 senators including new york's chuck schumer and massachusetts john kerry, and, 119 house members, are now back onto the public option idea, pushing senate majority leader harry reid to reintroduce the government run option, and to pass it with a procedural move known as reconciliation, and that is a method that usually is reserved for budget related bills and requires a 51 vote
10:04 am
majority which the democrats still have and could push through. if they wanted to. they wouldn't need the 60 vote super majority which they lost with tleks of scott brown -- with the election of scott brown and it failed to win democratic support in previous attempts in the senate though the house passed a version that include aid public option and it is unclear whether supporters will get the 51 senators they need, though word is the number is increasing, of people signing on and you have the president's bill that he is supposed to come up with by monday. bill: a big deal next week and we'll see if they get anywhere. martha: new developments. bill: we're america's headquarters and covering the political landscape leading to the midterm elections and beyond and the cpac in washington, the conference, a live look at we thought government tim pawlenty addressing the crowd and is one of many republicans on hand and also on stand, our own star, carl cameron. good morning, if you want to be on the ballot or seeking or
10:05 am
thinking about what could happen in 2012, you are at this event, carl? >> reporter: absolutely, tim pawlenty is is thinking of running for president and jake, bring me a copy of the straw poll election ballot with the whole roster and what we have going on here is one of the first beauty contests of every presidential cycle, tim pawlenty, out going governor of minnesota is going to be speaking in a short time and he has been around the country, traveling to places like iowa and new hampshire and home of the first caucus of the primary and is not the only person on the ballot and i'll read the roster, we are going to hear from indiana congressman mike pence, shortly, the number 3 member of the house republican leadership, running for president and there are a series of additionsal, newt gingrich will be speaking at this convention in the next day, the former house speaker, one of the big idea guys in the g.o.p., noted conservative, intellectual and by many accounts is looking for running for president and
10:06 am
rick santorum, is seeking an eye to run and is making phone calls and talking to folks in iowa and new hampshire about the possibility of running and a lot of people don't take it seriously and here's the roster, on who is on the ballot here for potential 2012 republican nominees. mississippi governor haley barbour, newt gingrich, sarah palin, mitt romney who spoke here yesterday, john thune from south dakota and mitch daniels, the governor of indiana and mike huckabee, and ron paul, we mentioned mike pence and rick santorum and there is a space for others and maybe we'll put bill hemmer in there. bill: or maybe not, i'm quite happy where i am, beactually, carl. >> reporter: and i said arkansas governor sarah palin and i meant alaska. bill: stand by that correction there and maybe a question hit bore than anybody else, what tea party activists are doing in relation to cpac and it appears they have merged. is that a fair assessment?
10:07 am
or not? >> certainly here it is and we have tea party panelists, yesterday, taking part as part of the official program here and this afternoon, another tea party organization, called -- patriots and another group, the tea party express will try a rally in the lobby of the hotel, to show their presence, not a demonstration or a protest but want to be a bigger part of the choir and there is talk about whether or not tea party activists are willing to throw a conservative against a republican candidate, they think might be too moderate but this is the conservative political action conference, not republicans per se. and conservatives all agree what they want is conservative candidates who will stick to principles, and that is why the 2012 straw poll which will be tallied tomorrow, and so -- is so important and the question about the future of the movemenmovement conservative movement and they'll pick a nominee who they think the republican party will stand for. bill: we'll see you in iowa, and
10:08 am
check it out, streaming on-line now at, go to the home page and we'll find a link at -- martha: and carl would be thrilled. denials about the man behind the suicide plane crash, the man at the controls, was joe stack and in a chilling 3,000 word internet posting revealed anger at the government, especially the irs, declaring, quote, nothing changes unless there is a body count. and hours later, his rage turned deadly, and here's the pictures, to prove that. slammed his plane into a building that has 200 irs employees inside, yesterday. and he killed himself and myr miraculously only one other person and fox can firming the victim is an irs employee, veteran ton hunter, and kris gutierrez is live in austin with the latest on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you, martha, we spoke to vernon hunter's now widow, valerie and she did confirm to us that her
10:09 am
husband, 67-year-old vernon, was the second casualty in the case, tragically and late last night two bodies were pulled from the building behind me and one of which we are under the impression is that of joe stack, the alleged suicide pilot in this case and the other, now confirmed by the family, 67-year-old vernon hunter, i'm told that he was a revenue office manager, at the irs building, he was responsible for collections, and we have also learned that valerie, again, his now widow, also worked inside this building, with her husband, and i asked her, if she had ever seen or heard the name joe stack and she tells me that she has no idea who he was and as you can imagine, martha, i know you are a mother, a wife, and she is confused, she's hurting, angry, and obviously, at what is being reported, and, now, we know, you know, obviously learning more this morning, and, together, she and vernon have six children, all of whom she says are grown and living on their own but are on their way to austin this
10:10 am
morning. martha: what an incredible story and their lives are changed forever, when this man decided to plow his plane into that building out of anger against an agency that, you know, became the sort of, you know, thing for him that he attacked, apparently. according to the story and what about other witnesses? because, you know, we are starting to hear more of people who actually saw this. >> reporter: yes, you know, around 10:00 yesterday morning, witnesses say they saw stack's plane, literally on a b-line, barrelling toward the side of the building behind me, and they said it was barely clearing the power lines and you can see here behind me and again was on a b-line and here's how they described what happened next. >> you can see them, coming in, and, he was just so low, because by the time i got up close to the wall you could actually see him right before he hit the building. >> soon as it cleared our view, line of sight... a ball of flames shot up like higher than the apartments. but it did not look like he
10:11 am
didn't have control. it didn't look like -- it looked like he was just flying, smooth as can be. >> from the explosion we knew people in the plane didn't make it or how many people were in there but it hit an office building 10:00 in the morning on a weekday. >> reporter: a scary thing, martha, to think it could have been anybody's office building here in austin, texas, anywhere across the country. martha: indeed it could, thank you very much. bill: amazing amount of damage that small plane caused, too, to start the fire and burned the building literally throughout the day yesterday and in a moment the spat heating up, speaker of the house, nancy pelosi not mincing words, unveils a strategy for going after specific republicans on the hill. smart move? we'll debate that with two lawmakers on the hill, fair and balanced. martha: indeed we will and a terrifying ride, who was on board, and what they are saying about how this happened. bill: also we're waiting on tiger woods, 50 minutes away and counting. will his wife be with him?
10:12 am
we'll find out together, live here on the fox news channel. e
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10:15 am
bill: a routine bus ride taking a frightening twist, check this out from gilbert, arizona. a -- crashing into the brick wall of a home, the bus sideswiping a transformer box and, thankfully, the driver is okay. and the two kids on board were not hurt, either, wow. and we do not know how the driver lost control. yet. but the weather looks nice there. martha: one year anniversary of the record stimulus opening a whole new can of worms these days and now speaker of the how, nancy pelosi is teaming up with the white house, to call out republicans they think are being hypocritical, when it comes to their actions versus their words on the stimulus, president obama made a reference to these republicans, last night, listen to this: >> president barack obama: if you listen to those who are trying to score political points, by attacking me or attacking michael or what we
10:16 am
did, and despite the fact that a lot of these guys, when it comes to the ribbon-cutting for the projects, they show up... they are holding up those big checks! martha: there you have it, and even some of the president's own party, though, are questioning the effectiveness of the stimulus and democratic indiana senator evan byah who recently announced he will not run again gave this assessment and said if i could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than congress has created in these last six months. so, joining us now for a fair bellin and againsted debate, is scott garrett of new jersey and democratic congressman joe sestak of pennsylvania, thanks for being with us, scott garrett, first, on this. i want to pull up a quote from -- a e-mail sent out by nancy pelosi's office and quotes her spokesman and your name is mentioned in this e-mail on the list, congressman garrett, let's put this up there. the office says on the day the
10:17 am
g.o.p. with air rock cantor and other -- eric cantor and other republicans are planning to discuss the recovery act at the heritage foundation it is fair to remind them hundreds of thousands of families in their districts are benefiting from the largest and fastest middle class tax cut in history and for the president, first of all, you guys, republicans like to show up at the ribbon-cutting ceremony and hold up the check though you say you don't want the stimulus money. >> i hope you both will agree with me, that if anyone ig trying to score political points it seems to be the president on this one when he makes the comments. if you look at my record i have not been at any of the ribbon-cuttings from the stimulus dollars and i'm not sure what allegations, speaker pelosi is talking about and if she will make this charges she should have facts behind them and if she making charges as far that's stimulus is doing such a great job, you have to remember what the facts are and she promised us 100,000 new jobs would be created in our state in
10:18 am
new jersey. and what is the fact? we have actually lost 66,000 jobs. since the stimulus rolled out. so, things aren't going as they promised and if we want to get to the bipartisanship the president's rhetoric was a few weeks ago, maybe she and the president should put some of these charges away. martha: and did your district take any of the stimulus money. >> money came into the district, and if they did, the numbers were around $99 million, flowed from the federal government into the district and you know what? it created a total of 22 jobs and, if you do the math out, it comes out to around $5 million, per job, with -- and even on their numbers. martha: and we have looked into the numbers, congressman sestak, and according to what i read, there is $300 million given to pennsylvania in stimulus money that has not even been used yet. >> well, i'm a strong proponent of the economic stimulus bill. 12 months ago, as you know,
10:19 am
martha, we lost 850,000 jobs in one month. 12 months later we lost 20,000 jobs in a month, still intense, remember the last six months of the bush administration we had a minus 6% growth in gdp, last quarter it was positive, almost 6%, that is a 12% swing. no. this economic stimulus bill, which should have been called slow the hemorrhaging of jobs bill, did exactly what it had to do, if anything, it needed to be more bold and even more aggressive. and we have been torpedoed and the ship was sinking... martha: congressman, the reports from your state are that the money has not even been put to work yet and 267 jobs were created by the money that has been put to work. so, if the money has not been used yet, how is it this program, stimulus program, is changing anything in the state of pennsylvania. >> you are speaking about the construction money. the money given to governor rendell who had a shortage of money because he could not pay
10:20 am
the medicaid bill because people were being laid off and we were not subsidizing cobra, in my district the hospital laid off 482 people a year ago in january bus medicaid bills were not being paid by the governor and because of the money, the ceo laid off only 80 people and it was not job creation, it was slowing the damage, people being laid off and we did do that and now what we need is small business incentives to get us sustainable recovery going and let's get off the politics and get into the -- the jobs bill worked and now, let's go forward. martha: how does it translate into jobs and i want to give you an opportunity to address something i know came up in an interview for you and that was the question as to whether or not you were offered a federal job, white house administration job, so that you would not run against arlen specter in pennsylvania and your answer to that question was yes, i was and the white house now says on background, that that is not
10:21 am
true. and they have no further comment but it's not true. your response to that, sir? >> i was asked a direct question yesterday and i answered it honestly. there is nothing more to go into. i'm in this race now. and i'm in this race because we should never have had an economic stimulus bill, a requirement for it, if arlen specter and those who supported george bush had not given us the savage recession by their tax, failed tax and economic policies. and i want to be one of the strongest allies of the president and that is what i intend to do, work for the policies that have been neglected and helped the working family. martha: you stand by that claim that you were indeed offered a job in order not to run against arlen specter. >> i answered the direct question honestly. martha: gentlemen, thank you very much. scott garrett, thank you very much, good to have you with us. bill: in a moment, we'll tell you about next, how it happened and who started it and waiting on the tiger. three months of silence, breaks
10:22 am
it, 30 minutes from now. what is it about slow baking that makes cinnamon so enticing? how can something that comes to you frozen taste so fresh? does luscious, dark chocolate feed you or your soul? and why do cookies taste so good when nestled in fluted cups? pepperidge farm. good is in the details.
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martha: a huge fight exploded outside a california jail, all caught on tape, you can see it right here, and tensions you might say were running a little bit high, the murder victim's family and family of the accused, following a court appearance a brawl broke out between family and friends on both sides and obviously emotion running very high in the. several people ended up in handcuffs and police say the mother of the victim had to be hospitalized. bill: usually happens on the inside of a jail, right, a little bit of a jailbreak twist there. a battle, martha, happening between the federal government and private landowners, designating millions of acres of land as a national monument and in the past we heard the
10:26 am
argument and it is coming up again, effectively taking the property out of the hands of ranchers and developers, and william lajeunesse is live in l.a., out in the countryside checking this out, and good morning, what did you find? >> reporter: it isn't just what the administration is considering, that set off alarm bells in the western state, it is how they are doing it. it began with the document when it was leaked from the department of interior listing 14 sites, totaling 13 million acres, as possible new candidates for national monuments and congress which typically has a huge sane national parks and wilderness areas, some, there, are outraged. scenic rivers and indian ruins and across the weshgs environmentalists targeted thousands of miles of wilderness for protection, and the obama administration is on board. according to looked government documents, the interior department is laying the groundwork to bypass congress and lockup millions of acres of federal land. among the sites considered the wildlife rich great basin in nevada. as well as huge areas of utah
10:27 am
and new mexico and colorado. which, while naturally and historically significant, also contain vast reserves of oil and gas, which would be off limits. >> i don't have a problem with energy development. i have a problem with energy development at the expense and the risk of my health and that of this community, and of this land. >> reporter: arizona's desert, the mountains outside of sacramento are on the list but so are california's bodie hills, home to the richest gold deposits in the u.s. with the stroke of a pen in 1996 president clinton turned a million acres in utah, into a national monument. without even informing congress. western lawmakers vow not to let that happen again. >> we are taking it seriously, i think the pitch forks are ready and we'll do what we need to to make sure congress is fully informed and aware and a participant and not just simply an observer of this action.
10:28 am
>> reporter: now, the interior secretary ken salazar says these are up for review and no decisions are made, but it is consistent with the president, reports recently that he will be using executive power to advance his agenda with things tied up in congress. bill: watch it for us, i know you will, william lajeunesse, martha, what is coming up. martha: a bombshell allegation. against arabic translators at a us army base in the united states. was there a plot to poison the food at fort jackson? that is next. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
10:29 am
but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron.
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10:32 am
martha: brand new developments in an investigation, into a possible poison plot at south carolina's fort jackson. the us army has been looking into allegation that a group of soldiers may have tried to poison the food supply at that base, and national correspondent catherine herridge has been investigating this from washington and, what do we know about all of this? >> martha, we broke the story here on fox last night, and we had confirmation from a spokesman, from the army's equivalent of the fbi they were investigating allegations that this group of soldiers at fort jackson attempted to poison the food supply, and he confirmed to us that the soldiers were members of an arabic translating unit, at fort jackson, and separately a military source said they believe the five soldiers were muslim, but, cid would not comment on that and, in the reporting an official
10:33 am
release aid statement an reads in part: in december, 2009, five soldiers were investigated for potential verbal threats against fellow soldiers, and the investigation continues and there is currently no credible evidence to substantiate the allegations, at no time was there any danger to the fort jackson community. separately, the cid spokesperson said last night it was a serious investigation, and they were taking the allegation, seriously, but also reiterated they have found no information that was substantiating the allegations at this time, martha. martha: is it thinking they were discussing something or were talking about something, that sort of perked up the ears of some folks on that base? >> i think for some context you have to look at the timeframe of when these events unfolded. these soldiers were in fact detained, in december, and it comes one month after the incident at fort hood in early november, where major nadal hasan killed 13 soldiers at the
10:34 am
base and in addition you have to look at the status of the case now, they have been investigating for two months, and they say publicly they found no credible evidence and we have been able to confirm separately the fbi is not a part of this investigation and should show you after two months the fbi is not involved and takes it down a inch. martha: all right, interesting story, thank you very much. catherine herridge from -- >> and he started reporting it last night and we are following up on it today and steve palmer, a former fbi assistant director and form chief of counterterrorism and catherine made great points in that reporting and how do you tell the difference between a random thought spoken out loud and something more sinister? >> you tell by conducting a thorough investigation. which it sound like the cid is doing here. i mean, you go and do all of the logical things that one does in these kinds of investigations and interview people and you look for evidence, you look tor other signs, of activity, that concerns you and you go
10:35 am
step-by-step and thoroughly and aggressively, and fort rightly looking for substantiation of an allegation like this. >> you are talking about tens of thousands of soldiers, on this base, in south carolina. and, you heard the question, martha asked, catherine, is it possible? is it likely? can you do it? >> all good question, bill. anything is possible. given the situation, when we are dealing with terrorism, some of the plots that we have seen, carried out, some that we know have been talked about and conspired about, and anything is possible. sure, it can happen, is it difficult to poison food? in that kind of a situation? yes, difficult. but, it's not impossible, so you have to take it seriously. that would be the biggest mistake and it sounds like a mistake that was not made here, would be not to take these kinds of allegations seriously. bill: former assistant director steve pomerantz and the fbi is
10:36 am
not involved after two months and maybe that tells us something, steve, thanks. >> good seeing you. martha: the bottom line on the tiger woods situation, you have to wonder what it is like to be tiger woods at this moment. sitting in a room somewhere, probably as he gets ready to go out and do something that he probably never thought he'd ever have to do, to talk about how he landed in rehab for a reported sex addiction, and how he's trying to put it all back together. after this.
10:37 am
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10:40 am
the country are waiting for that now and phil keating is down, live in florida and you are seeing and hearing what? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this particular golf course, the tpc sawgrass is in 1996 tiger woods as an amateur won and after that then went pro, and now returns here, nearly three months after his entire career and public persona imploded, after it started with a minor car accident, but then after all of these mistresses and affairs became known and he went public he rescindal himself from the public eye and, however, today in less than half an hour, for the first time, publicly, in front of the camera, rolling live, tiger woods is expected to apologize, for his past behavior,and talk about his future and again, will answer zero questions. and because of that, the golf writers association of america actually boycotted this reemergence of tiger woods today, saying, it goes and defies against everything that they believe in principle as far as journalism, and, what they do.
10:41 am
so, they will not be here, however, outside, there is the same amount of security. the same or just about the same amount of media personnel on hand, as would be here, on mother's day weekend, when the players' championship is annually held here, however, lacking today, as of course, tens of thousands of spectators and fans and all of the golf players, on the pga tour, is just simply tiger woods here and that is the interest level, because everyone wants to hear and see how he looks when he says what he has to say. >> stand by for us down there in florida, again, two big events coming up, 11:00, ton of the hour we hear from tiger woods and noon eastern time from the commissioner of the pga who helped put together the event, and, at the home of the pga there, in florida. martha has more now. martha: it is incredible when you look at the scope of this and the coverage is more like a presidential address than a statement from a sports star and in fact all three broadcast networks will break into scheduling programming today to cover this.
10:42 am
the top anchors doing play-by-play, james rosen is joining us live in washington. so, james, we have our top anchors here, working the story, too, as well and you in washington, sir, so, it is important to all of us, i guess. >> reporter: unmistakably it has taken on the transportation of a presidential news event, and what with the network anchor cut ins and the pool coverage by which it is shown to america and the security sweep taking place and even the arrival of mr. woods, on cue at precisely, we are told 1 minute, 30 seconds after the top of the hour. but it is important to note that tiger woods is not a politician. he's not -- does not depend on the good will of the american people, or the electorate, if you will, for his influence or livelihood, and i might be in a minority in believing that this is totally unnecessary for him to do. if he wants to continue playing golf, surely, the pga would have no objection to its most profitable enterprise of all time, or commodity resuming his golf career, the place where he has dhoenz do this, the home, of
10:43 am
the pga tour, tpc sawgrass suggests the motivation behind the statement include aspirations for him to resume his golf career sooner rather than later and his motivation are not entirely clear and it could be, speculating, his wife put him up to it or the pga did, in some sense and it will be a limited statement and we will not have the opportunity to question him and it is clear in doing all of this, mr. woods is probably going to be borrowing from the inventory of communications devices that politicians who have found themselves in similar straits have used, we understand that tiger will not be appearing alone at the podium or a setting where we'll see him today and we understand some members of his family are probably going to be there, similar to what bill clinton did for example after he finally belatedly admitted in discretions with monica lewinsky and we saw the clinton family and clinton dog strolling on the lawn of the white house and similar to what eliot spitzer did when he got into trouble
10:44 am
with his wife, appearing alongside him at his news conference, so, it should be interesting to watch, as this semi presidential event unfolds. martha: thank you so much. james rosen reporting, from washington, as we all sort of get ready to witness this events, whatever it turns out to be. and, what will come after this statement, many are wondering if he'll apologize to his fans, for his actions, return to the game any time soon as james is mentioning, and david ducek is the deputy editor of golf-come and has followed -- and there is sort of a -- an assumption that nothing changed about tiger and it is about the business, tiger is doing it because he has to and i cannot help but think that, this is a man who was raised playing golf, has been a golf machine his whole life and this is a catastrophic event and he's tarnished, right? has any of this had an impact on the man? on tiger woods? that is what i will look for
10:45 am
when i see him come out there. >> that is what he wants to convey to the american people and the people around the world, the number of media that have descended upon there is unprecedented for one individual to read a statement, no questionses and really not a press conference, a statement, reading more than anything else and we've never seen anything like it but you are not a human being without having and in undating of your priv -- inundating of your privacy, all over the place. martha: and i agree with james rosen, it is indignant, for the people to say, how dare he not questions, he's a private individual, i don't agree with the way he's living his life but he doesn't have to apologize to me. >> the people he has to look in the eye are his family, his wife, when they get older, his children and he has to explain himself to them and his close friends and his mom and has to explain himself to then and doesn't necessarily owe the sport fans, the public at large, anything, really.
10:46 am
if he's willing to take his minute and forgo a lot of the corporate sponsorships an dollars you have to communicate, you have to sort of put things out there like this if you want the dollars in return and if you forgo that he doesn't owe anybody anything. martha: and i saw you shaking your head when we talked about the presser at noon and they announced they'll come out and have a statement, too, that will follow tiger's statement. >> to say what? i don't know, basically, all the eyes of the world are on tiger woods at this point. and, from what we are hearing, he may be basically announcing that he is going back into a rehabilitation or some type of a clinical situation, for an undetermined amount of time and we've received no details, from the get-go and -- martha: last week, was that misinformation and didn't he walk out and elin picked him up -- >> it may be a break in treatment and i was in arizona and flew back the new york and there was a scrum of media when he talked into the tent yesterday and he has been in rehab, as if the commissioner of
10:47 am
the pga tour is, supporting what has been said in the tabloids and now there is a letter that says he'll give the statement and go back and continue treatment. martha: david, you will be watching this along with us, thanks for being with us today, good to have you. bill: also in a moment, tiger woods, billion dollar brand, we'll talk about that with and marketing expert, laura reece and what we are learning about the staging or today's event, details, shall we say and will his wife be one of the few people in the room? we'll find out in a matter of minutes. know i know i shoulda gone to ♪ ♪ free credit report dot com! ♪ that's where i shoulda gone! coulda got my knowledge on! ♪ ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage.
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martha: all right, this is a big drum roll, folks, we're 10 minutes away, tiger woods is about to step out and show
10:51 am
everybody who he is, right now, who is tiger woods? after all of this? and it is quite a media event, tim down at the news desk is feeling us in on how it is working and it really does resemble, the kind of attention that a big, huge political events gets, tim. >> almost exactly, drum roll, please and i will not show you exactly, details, this is president obama's press note today, something that we work with all the time, this is the note for tiger woods' events today and they are eerily similar the way they are written, and, this is one of the most detailed set-ups i have ever seen outside of a presidential trip or a political trip, and james rosen did a good detailed report on it and looking here, we have -- this is our live location, down at the pga headquarters, and we aren't quite as far away and this is the picture of the press filing center where the reporters not allowed in that the room, which most people are not allowed into
10:52 am
the room have to watch from inside here and phil keating is standing there and this remote here is actually going to be what we'll call the primary remote. for this event, and this is so similar to a present deposition program event, we are not allowed to show you this before it happens, we will have a two-minute warning and they had a person doing a mic check and he was talking and confirming and we were saying we are not allowed to show it until the two-minute warning and we talked about that here and for orchestrated events and controlled environments, outside of a presidential news conference, or a political event, we don't actually remember an event that is the controlled, and has this much, what we'd call tip-top to it. martha: incredible. tim, thanks very much, interesting pictures, what the whole scene looks like down there. bill: we've scribed it as control with a capital "c" and what does he have to say to save husband assets an image and endorsements, down the road, laura reece, a marketing expert,
10:53 am
what do you think of the control of this, family members, couple of reporters, not many and one camera. wow. whoever did it like this before. >> wow! well, as has been said only presidents, and this is a big event, and tiger is one of the biggest celebrities and one of the biggest brands and businesses in the world and i'm not surprised and i do think it is a good idea to control the situation. to keep it under his control. because, this is really the first baby step in his come back and wants to put his message and his image out there, and that is exactly what he will do, in a few minutes. bill: if you were devising this and helping his agent plan this and plot it, what is the best outcome as of 11:05 this morning? when it is over? >> the best outcome is, he answers some of the question. he accepts responsibility, he apologizes and he tells us what the state us of his marriage, and, his career in golf, those are the two things we want to know and want to see if she is
10:54 am
there, and where she is seated and what her face looks like and whether or not she's there will be a determiner of the success. bill: when he will the process of reintroductions yourself to the public, and one of the most successful athletes on the planet, 10, $12 billion, over the course of his golfing and professional life, i still see risk in this and the risk is, does he go far enough or not? i mean, are you concerned about that right now, as you try and shape and mold the appearance or do you think, let's put it out there and break the ice and see how it falls saturdays from now. >> exactly, he's trying to break the ice. and because i'm not worried, because he's controlling it and is not going to let it get out of hand, his handlers are certainly not going to let it get out of hand remember, he makes 90% of his money from endorsements. tiger is a big begusiness and ne
10:55 am
wants him to get out there and address it and the nike golf brand is built entirely on tiger woods and it has become the number one golf apparel brand in the world and they are expected to lose $30 million in sales because of the problem with tiger and if he can come back and takes the first step, more importantly, if he can win a major soon, that is really what will make the difference, if he can get the swing, that is what will bring his brand back to what it was before, most likely. bill: stand by and we'll see if he shows up in augusta early in april and down in your town of augusta, and martha has more. martha: and the story has sold a lot of magazines and got a lot of attention and i can't to bring in dr. keith ablow, good to see you, welcome as always. >> hey, how are you. martha: fine, and looking at the picture of elin next to tiger woods and one can only imagine what the poor woman has been through with all of this and we
10:56 am
have seen incidences where the woman stand next to her husband at the podium or doesn't and in those situations, usually it's when the news is released and this is settled in american mindset and culture, if you will for the last three months and she walked out of rehab with him a week ago when he left for a while and do you think she's there and is she staying with him? >> that is a good question. i think she is going to be somewhere visible, because, her absence, perhaps, would raise more questions than her presence raises. i think that you don't get an answer by the fact that she is there, but her absence might be taken to mean something more than it should, perhaps. but the bottom line here, is, i think people will not get, perhaps, what they are clamoring for which they clamor for in my office which are answers to the question about what will we do about marriage in america? what will we do would you the fact that the majority of people, who come to my office,
10:57 am
list marriage not a source of strength but a stress in their lives and he will not tell us the answer to that and i wish he would. martha: i think people have been cheating on spouses, sadly since the beginning of time and this is another instance of that and people will be watching him to see what kind of impact it had on him, as a guy, a human being, and as a man. >> well, i'm sure this will and i don't think we'll get the answer to that, i think we'll get a political statement of sorts, a kind of a defensive posture and i would be flabbergasted, if he were to get up and say, what this has done is nearly shattered my marriage but we were having this kind of trouble before, and, these are the psychological reasons that had weakened me, and led me to look for comfort in so many women's arms. and, our marriage is still very fragile, and, by the way, she may have had her own dallianses, who knows. whee will not hear that. martha: keith, thank you very much, dr. keith ablow, and he'll be watching and dissect it, for
10:58 am
some time to come. bill: new information, james rosen working the story in washington. what do you have? >> reporter: two points, there was no indication here that the pga or any other major golfing organization was prepared on the basis of tiger woods' behavior or his silence to ban him from the golf tour and it was not a situation akin to muhammad ali when he refused induction the into vietnam war and the box, authorities revoked his license and at the peak of his career, sentenced him to three-and-a-half years of exile. and one thing to look for in this statement, we expect that tiger woods will address his marital in ffidelitieies about family life and it will be interesting see whether or not he addresses the car accident akin to the watergate break in, the concrete sweaty act aside from the infidelities, that accompanies this scandal, that started it off, will be interesting to see if he addresses the car accident and the involvement of the police
10:59 am
nearby his home in november. bill: thank you, we have been here before with other athletes and well known people across the country and world and never before with tiger woods, the blue drape of the background as our coverage continues here on the fox news channel. >> tiger woods about to break his silence, i'm jon scott along with jamie colby in for jane skinner and the world's greatest golfer speaking out for the first time, since the sex scandal that broke wide open, thanksgiving weekend. all began with that bizarre car crash, outside of his florida home, and reports a multiple -- of multiple extramarital affairs that forced him to step away from professional golf at least until now and the pga commissioner said he chose to spoke because he's taking a week off from therapy but comes when the match play championship is in arizona, sponsored by accenture, the first company to drop him as a pitch man and security is tight


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